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Slutty teen nia nixon wraps her mouth around a bigcock
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The time arrived, it was the end of the school year, and maybe the last time they would see each other for a long time. Slowly Hermione crawled up into the boys dormitories, Neville wasn't in the dorm, because his parents were showing promising signs of improvement, my wife sucks my dick and swallows could now talk freely without forgetting who there talking to and what they've already said, This meant that Neville finally had his parents back after 16 years of miserable living, rather like Harry.

Hermione steadied herself at the entrance to the 3 of there beds, hopefully lying there would be Harry and Ron. As the door opened, nothing could be seen, it looked as if the boys had already gone to sleep, as it was pitch dark, with a new tint to Hermione's eyes, she crawled into the dorm and found Harry's bed.

As she lunged to grab his shoulder, a bright light appeared followed by the distinct words "Lumos" Harry shouted. Adrenaline rushing, Harry dropped back into his bed. "hermyoonay" Harry grunted "What the heck are you doing?

You scared me out of my pyjamas" A slight ruffle came from over where Ron was sleeping, "No! No!

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Get away. Get away I don't like spiders! You dani daniyel with alli gazii that" Ron squirmed around whispering his nightmare, reinacting it as if it was really happening.

Hermione raised her hand and guided it over Harry's lips. Then she took a position on his bed, lying gracefully next to him, "Harry, it's been going on too long, we've agreed its wrong, not telling you that is" Hermione whispered shakily Harry drifting from being asleep and awake cumsly listened on.

"Harry!" Hermione aggressively whispered "Uh, what? Oh yeh, yeh something to tell me? What is it?" mumbled Harry. "Well me, me and ginny, we've been well doing things. Things together." Hermione told Harry unknowingly what was going to happen. "Oh, that! That's fine, it's natural for girls to have sleepovers and talk all the time, your friends, But why'd you come up here to ell me that." Harry annoyingly told Hermione.

Hermione was know starting to get tears in her eyes, "No Harry, we've been, doing intimate things, things couples do" hermione croaked unaware of how Harry would take it. Suddenly laugher erupted from two origins in the room, confused, Hermione spun around on the bed to see Ron laughing to himself, during the time Harry had settled down.

"Hermione, me and Ron have known for ages, like two years. We eased dropped, using the extendable ears that Fred and George gave us, we wanted to see if Ginny still liked me.

But we, well we heard moaning and then you both screaming and talking in a low voice. We tried to open the door to see what was happening. But well, we couldn't open your door, we tried olhamora, But it didn't seem to work" Explained Harry. Hermione just looked confused, bewilded that they both already knew, she opened her mouth to talk, but closed it soon after, unsure how to reply.

She thought back to the time when Hermione and Ginny first started doing things together, 2 years ago, they must be talking about the first time me and Ginny, well did it.

"If you knew, why didn't you say something?" trembled Hermione They did not talk for about a mother and son full sex stories sexy movi, and then they both turned to each other, and nodded signalling for the events to unfold.

Ron spoke up for the first time that night, "Well, Hermione, I didn't know how you'd take it if we told you, I mean, well if you can tell us about that I spose, I can tell you about me. Hermione I really like you. I know you knew it but I could never muster the courage to tell you. There is more as well, we didn't tell you incase you got more protective about it, so we couldn't see what you and Ginny got upto.

Ron mustered Within seconds a third voice appeared, giggling gently, Hermione glanced sasha grey old glenn ends the job the room but could not see anyone. Then in the corner of the room, a foot was visible, Hermione rushed over to the corner and snatched at thin air, Grabbing hold of something, that she knew must be the invisibility cloak, Hermione slung the cloak off, revealing Ginny as naked as the day she was born.

"Hi Hermione" Ginny smiled Hermione just looked closely at Ginny, she was simply stunning, and Hermione thought that maybe someone stupefied her, because she was literally stunning, Hermione looked her up and down looking at her sleek straight ginger hair, unlike the rest of the families' hair, which was more tangled and curly than straight and slender.

Hermione grasped Ginny and bought her closer into a passionate kiss, Harry and Ron looked flabbergasted at the way Hermione reacted, they were thinking more of a full scale war, rather than a peace treaty sealed by a kiss, As they kissed, they traced around each others bodies exploring all of the parts which shouldn't be spoiled before marriage, As Hermione reached down in-between Ginny's legs, she felt that she was moist, she must have seen or done something that she really enjoyed.

They broke apart from the kiss to see that Harry was now standing up, fully naked with a raging hard on.

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Hermione simply gasped, this was mainly because that Harry's penis was the first she ever saw outside of a textbook, Ginny trailed over Harry and knelt beside him, grabbing his dick, she slowly started precious babe layla london sucking large massive dick hardcore and brunette toy around, making Harry, hornier than he had been in a long time, this all started with Ginny around a year back, when Harry had caught her in the shower by accident, And to his surprise Ron was sharing it with her.

Ron know gaining consciousness from his sleep, walked over to Hermione, "I meant what I said Hermione, Ginny has told me your still a virgin, if it's alright with you, id love to start our relationship tonight". Nervously asked Ron, though somehow he knew it was the right time to ask this. Hermione stood up, as thoughts rushed to her head, she'd always liked Ron since the third year. Something made Hermione melt when she thought about Ron, this partly is why she started her fondling with Ginny, as an excuse to get abit closer to Ron, but eventually true feelings came though for Ginny, and Hermione liked them both just as much, There was just something fascinating about the weasleys that made Hermione melt, and orgasm as hard as her body could muster.

Finally, when Hermione came out of this daydream, she heard moaning coming from the other side of the room, Harry now had his head buried in Ginny's thick ginger pubic hair, Rampantly attacking Ginny's clit just as Hermione had done on many occasions, But something made Ginny scream and moan harder than Hermione had ever heard.

Hermione was getting extremely agitated. She could feel a trickle starting in her pussy, and seconds later the trickle reached her pants that she was wearing. This sent her over the edge, as ravishing thoughts came over her mind, as fast as she could think of doing them to Ron, Harry and Ginny.

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"Ron, take me now, right here. In front of the 2 people I love most in this world" moaned Hermione With this lead she started undressing, fast and clumsily, Ginny and harry had now stopped what they were doing, with an excited expression in there faces, they glanced at her and then at Ron. They walked over to Hermione who had fell onto the floor whilst she was trying to pull her pants off, Ginny pounced onto her and started kissing her with more lust than previously.

Harry had now come over, silently had entrancing orall service enjoyment hardcore and blowjob his wand at the girls, seconds later both Ginny and Hermione had dropped onto the bed, Ron pointing his own wand At the girls, he silently came out with the engorgio spell, instantly blood flowed faster to both of there clits, causing them to moan simultaneously and there clits to grow considerably. Ron knelt down in front of Hermione, looking into her eyes, they were connected into a gaze so furious and erotic, neither could stand turning away, to help the process Ron, attacked her clit, encircling it, teasing it, seconds seemed like minutes and Hermione moaned, groaned and squirmed every time.

Ron left the repetition of encircling and brutally made her squirm more aggressively with passion growing everytime this occured, as she fondled herself, with enough passion to start an orgy. Eventually Ron could feel and hear her breathing becoming to much for her to handle, As Hermione clenched her torso up, she gushed her juices all over Ron, she couldn't either keep the strength to tense up any part of her body.

She lay there twitching, screaming and moaning all in one process. This in turn seem't to take Ginny and Harry over the edge. Ginny was on all fours, taking the brunt of Harry's cock, Ginny was pounding and grinding furiously away at Harry's member. Making Ginny scream in pleasure, and to make things unbearable, Harry grabbed his wand and slowly pushed it into Ginny's anus. This made Ginny moan in a high-pitched manor.

Which alternatively made her orgasm, as she fell off of Harry's cock, onto the bed, Harry's cum mixed with Ginny's own dribbled out, and then she just lay there rubbing herself slowly.

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Making the orgasm subdue so that she could once again be ready for another fucking by her brother, Ron.