Sunny lenoy xxx story sex

Sunny lenoy xxx story sex
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A Cockhold Adventure p1&2 Peg and Jim were pretty much your average couple Jim worked in a big box warehouse as a platform supervisor.

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Peg pretty much was a stay at home mom with 2 kids. She was 36 years old five foot one with long red hair 38 c tits a great booty.

Over the past three years her and Jim had done some swinging when her parents took the kids. That was when she realized Jim needed to be cockhold, she was just the girl to do it. On three separate occasions, she had gotten men to come over fuck her for hours leaving cum in all her holes while Jim took video.

On all three occasions the men had slept over so she could get morning sex before they left. Jim would clean her up and then they would watch the video together. Her first two lovers were Latina, they had average size cocks and for the most part were ok in bed but nothing great.

She and Jim would joke because she never let any cum go to waste it either got pumped into her pussy or down her throat. She loved the taste and feel of cum and as Jim said she was a cum slut. This was fine with her as her response was always but I love it! One Tuesday as she was shopping she noticed one of the guys who worked at the store checking her out. She was flattered as she had not worn anything which could have been sexy.

Once she realized he was watching her she wiggled her ass (her best asset as Jim said) a bit more than normal to insure he kept watching. Finally, she had all she had come for, she checked out looked around but alas her new friend had disappeared. She was disappointed but headed to her car. Half way across the parking lot he pulled up to her in a red pickup, the window came down he smiled "hello there, my names Elrid what yours"?

She gave him a big smile, "I'm Peggy nice to meet you". He looked her over again then said, "I was checking you out in the store you're a very pretty lady". Still smiling she flipped her head back a bit and stuck her chest out a bit more than normal.

"Thanks I saw checking me out truth be known I'd rather be considered Hot then pretty". A big smiled appeared on his face "would you mind if I pulled over and we chat"?

"not at all". He pulled into the spot next to her car shut off the engine, getting out she realized he wasn't much taller than she was. "How tall are you El"? "I'm five eight I'm 170 lbs. Porto Rican and Jamaican and I'm really well endowed". Wow was the first thing that went through her head he doesn't waste any time. "I'm mostly Irish and German I'm married have two kids and a husband these are blonde pigtailed teen fucks and sucks her boyfriend and love to fuck"!

It was his turn to be taken back but only for a few seconds She turned and started loading the bags in her car "let me help" as he brushed against her left tit. In a few minutes the car was loaded. "So, Peg would you like to have coffee or something"? "Not at the moment as I have a couple of other things to do, would it be ok to meet at the bar in the plaza today around 2"? "I'll be early babe". He leaned in to kiss her his hand cupped her left tit, she just smiled at him then said see you later hon.

At 1:30 he was in the bar waiting she came in dressed exactly as she tubidy free porn story download been hours earlier, she did however have makeup, lipstick and perfume on now.

She sat down, a waitress came over and took her drink order. They made small talk for about ten minutes finally she looked at him "El is it ok to call you El"? "My friends call me E but yeah sure".

"I would love to get to know you my husband is a cockhold so every encounter I have we video. If we get to know each other and get very well acquainted those are the only rules".

He sat there for a long moment a smile flashed across his face "do I get to watch the videos with you the next time I come back"? "Oh, god yes frankly I've always wanted a boyfriend who would sit in bed with me and watch us preforming".

"You've got orgy swinging babes blowjob group sex fucking guy babe". She moved forward opened her mouth wide their tongues intertwined just then the waitress showed up with their drinks.

They pulled apart as the drinks were on the table and the waitress left. "So now what Peg"? "Well let's exchange phone numbers so we can talk privately I'll tell my husband what's going on.

Then we'll arrange to get the kids to their grandparents you show up and it's party time". They finished their drinks, he walked her to her car his hand on her butt the entire walk. They kissed for a long time he held both her tits the entire tile.

He was surprised as she groped his cock through his jeans. He really liked her and could think of nothing else but fucking her. She drove home very wet with the anticipation of a new lover. That night after dinner while the kids were watching TV she told Jim of her day the plans she wanted to make, naturally he was all up for it. At around 8:30 her cell rang, she smiled at Jim "it's him I may be on for a while make sure the kids go to bed".

Jim got up and went to check on the kids as he came back into the kitchen for a beer her heard her reply "baby I swallow every drop, your nut sack will be dry before you leave".

She gave Jim a thumbs up as he opened his beer and headed back to the den. She talked to him for 45 minutes before the call ended and she headed for bed completely horny.

They all agreed to meet in the little bar her and E had first had a drink three weeks later. After they had received there drinks the conversation turned to sex, work and the videoing. An hour later they left the bar and went back to the house, Peg excused herself so the two men went out on the porch. As they stood E turned to Jim "does she really swallow every drop"? "Most definitely soon you will be getting firsthand experience". They both looked at each xxx jabardasti cheeting sucking in mouth sex story, the silence was broken by Peg knocking on the glass door.

She awesome girl and lad in oral sex on a pink half bra matching pink boy shorts and pink 5" heels. Drinks in had they headed for the bedroom as Jim went to the kitchen. Once in the room E took a long swig of his drink, he placed the glass on a table pulled her to him.

While their tongues were locked together he removed her bra, she stepped back letting it fall to the floor. Her nipples were standing straight out rock hard. His eyes roamed up and down her body, he smiled as he noticed a small but steadily growing wet spot between her legs. They kissed again, he hooked his thumbs in the waist band of her panties and slowly pulled them down. As they got to her ankles she stepped out of them. He dropped to his knees and started to lick and suck her clit gently, she sat down on the bed spreading her leg wide to give him better access.

After several minutes and two small orgasms he stood up and removed his pants and underwear. Smiling widely, he looks down at her "babe your clit is standing straight up".

With a coy look, she replied "she's very happy already and is anticipating a big cock"! Getting between her legs he takes his cock head and slides it up and down her pussy. She is very wet and hot, she thrusts upward as his cock head slips in. "Oh yes E fuck me, fuck me good I need it"! As he pumps he feels the walls of her pussy milking his cock. After several minutes, she feels his cock stiffen, he pushes deep the next feeling is hot cum coating the walls of her pussy.

The feeling is intense she orgasms for the fourth time. His cock plops out as he rolls to the side taking time to catch his breath. Beside him she is catching her breath she smiles at him and rolls over so she is half on him "babe you really have a great cock".

"Thanks, your pussy is fantastic". "Well I'm very glad you like it. You do realize you cum in quarts because it flowing out of me, we've already got a good size wet spot". He looks down and realizes she's right, the next thing she does shocks him.

She moves lower and licks all the cum off the bed and swallows it. "You really like my cum don't you". "I told you I like cum, now lay back and let me suck that beautiful cock clean". About so minutes later she was still sucking his cock, he was getting ready to blow another load, "babe do you want to see it in my mouth before I swallow it"? "Damn you know I do girl"! He grabbed the sides of her head, cum started flowing into her mouth.

After at least six large spurts he started going soft, opening her mouth wide she smiled and showed him his load then she swallowed it down. They laid in bed talking for a while, he was getting tired she started rubbing his nut sack. "Honey any juice left for me"? "I actually think there is another load, want to try"? Without another word, she rolled over and spread he legs.

He gently rubbed her clit until once again it was standing up rock hard he rolled her over on all fours and took her doggie style. She was moaning uncontrollably as she loved this position, that and his cock was getting all the right places as he pounded away she moaned "baby shoot your load in me please I want it bad".

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He just kept pounding as her second orgasm ripped through her. She felt him trying to push deeper and knew a load of cum was coming.

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It did take very long until she felt the eruption as the walls of her pussy were coated with cum for the second time. Afterwards they both lay there catching their breath it was getting late and they needed to sleep. At 7:30 she awoke she had slept in a pool of cum, she was sticky from dried cum.

She got out of bed and headed to their bathroom. Jim was up brushing his teeth, "well how's the new cock"? Not bad at all, he certainly has lots of cum which as you know is great for me".

Jim smiled "I heard you moaning three times". "No he actually fucked me 5 times we did it twice after we fell asleep he woke me up and fucked me good, the camera went into infa red mode so I'm sure you got it all". As she was brushing her teeth Jim asked "does he have morning wood"?

"I'm not sure I wanted to brush my teeth". "Well go see if his sack has anything else for you". Within five minutes Jim heard moaning he knew her pussy was milking sweeties penetrate men butthole with oversized strap on dildos and bla cock for the last time today. Heading for the kitchen he heard her yelling "I want every drop of cum you've got in my pussy, please babe shoot it in me now"!

Then came a loud wale as he knew she was orgasming. It took about 20 minutes but finally they both emerged from the bedroom. She had the look of a well fucked woman. E left about an hour later, her and Jim set off to get the kids. In the car on the she looked at Jim "I really hope he calls soon my pussy could really get accustomed to being soaked in cum. They both laughed. One Pissed Off Bitch: It had been nine weeks since she heard from E, she was horny.

She had tried numerous times to contact him without any success. She sent emails and text messages and still no response. Finally, she got pissed and decided to move on.

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Jim was in the garage when her phone rang about 4:30 on Saturday, she answered and realized it was E. "Well were the fuck have you been"? was the way she greeted him. "Please Peg it's been hell for me, my cousin is in the hospital had to move and find a new apartment car trouble". She cut him off "listen E you could have at least texted me to let me know your alive, now what the fuck do you want"?

"You babe I want you". "Well I'm not in the mood and besides the kids are here". After a long pause, she said "call me tomorrow and I'll see how I feel" and hung up. Jim came in she cute teen striptease xxx orange you glad im so tiny him what had happened "well Peg from what I lovely aiza fucks for a messy creampie you guys had a good time but it's up to you".

It was two weeks before she heard from him again, now she was really pissed, he was trying to explain but she wasn't having it. She hung up on him three times.

Over the next week, he sent her several text messages and emails until she finally answered him. They talked for almost two hours, when she hung up she was still pissed. He had asked her if they could get together the coming weekend she immediately said no but before they ended the call she told him she would think about it. Two days later on Saturday afternoon he called, he told her he was in the area he really would like to see her.

She was working on her third glass of wine so her response was "call me at 8:30 if I'm in the mood the kids cooperate and Jim is ok with it you can stop by". She went into the bathroom to fix herself up she had bought a green thong and matching bra with black 6" heels.

She had finished her wine and started on vodka, Jim entered the bathroom hon better go easy on that stuff the kids are eating their pizza, I'll get them in their rooms and watch a movie with them but you're going to have to be very quiet or they'll hear. She was a little tipsy but she understood the need for quiet. At 8:30 the phone rang "ok E you can come by pull into the driveway and be quiet until you're in the house". At 9:05 a black Caddy pulled into the driveway, she ran to the door in her robe and waited.

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One small knock she opened the door there was E and a big black guy she had never seen before. He leaned over kissed her and whispered "this is Larry". She gave him a look but hurried them into the den which was at the other end of the house.

Once in the den she asked "anyone want a drink"? Larry smiled "I'd like a vodka and water", E said "I'll have the same". She made the drinks and brought them into the room. Larry looked at E "man you weren't kidding she is fucken gorgeous". Peg smiled at Larry E spoke "she's everything I said right"? Larry nodded. In the next half hour, the conversation went from casual to sex talk, E told Larry about the night they had spent and the fun they both had. Peg was getting wet and horny. Finally, Larry asked "could I see what the robe is covering"?

Peg needed to be careful she had never had two men at the same time, she wasn't sure she was willing to try. Larry was big about 6'6" and had to weigh 260. All she could think about was the cock he was packing.

"Ok a quick look see". She opened her robe revealing the green panties and bra. Before she knew what was happening Larry pulled her close and planted a slow deliberate kiss on her panty covered clit.

She offered no resistance as his hands were on her ass holding her there. He released her, E grabbed her hips and pulling her to him planted a kiss on outdoor banging of brazilian wench hardcore and blowjob clit but lingered a bit as he realized it was getting hard. She wanted to be mad but her nipples and clit were betraying her. Larry pulled her back to him and repeated the process.

This went on for almost ten minutes, her slit was wet, her clit and nipples were rock hard. Larry looked up in her face, "would you pull your panties down enough for me to suck that hard nub a little"? She didn't hesitate she pulled her panties down enough to expose her rock-hard clit. Larry went to work on it. It wasn't too long before she let out a low moan shuttered and came. She covered his face with her juice. E now repeated the process and again her legs wobbled as yet another more powerful orgasm racked her body.

Larry stood up looking down at her he asked "is their someplace we can get more comfortable"? She smiled "follow me but for haven sake be quiet until we get in the room". Once in the room Larry removed her robe while her tongue was in E mouth.

Now Larry removed the bra while E tugged her panties down. Both guys stepped back and quickly removed their clothes, Larry had an enormous cock. As the three of them got on the bed Larry pulled her on top of him, she felt the head of his big cock slipping between her pussy lips.

With a slight push the head went in, "baby your cock feels wonderful" she told Larry in a few minutes her and Larry had begun to get a rhythm going. "Oh babe I want every bit of your 9 inch cock" Larry looked at her "it's a 10 inch cock and it's all for you Peg".

Suddenly she felt E's cock at her butt hole, it was well lubed surprisingly enough it slipped past her sphincter easily. She froze for a moment as the cock went deep into her bowels. She could feel both cocks rubbing between the fine membrane separating her two cavities. Her pussy was now milking the cock in it while her bowels were milking the cock in them as well.

It was the most intense feeling she had ever had sexually in her life. She was building up to an orgasm the likes of which she had never dreamed. "Oh god whatever you guys are doing don't stop please this is wonderful". After a little more pumping E grabbed her hips she felt him stiffen hot cum started flowing into her bowels, the orgasm that had been building deep inside her burst forward "oh my G"!

was all she said as she felt the cock in pussy stiffen it poured hot cum deep in her pussy, all she could do was moan AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG until finally she actually pasted out for a few seconds. As she regained her senses the guy's cocks plopped out of her, she suddenly had a very empty feeling.

It didn't last long as Larry and E switched positions. E's cock slipped in her soaking wet pussy with ease and before she could beg Larry not to violate her ass he was deep in her bowels. The feeling of these two cocks rubbing inside her was more then she could handle "AGGGGGGGGGG come for me I need all your cum please AGGGGGGGGGG Larry's cock exploded first filling her bowels she orgasmed twice as he unloads a large load of cum in her, just as she was coming down E's cock blasted her pussy walls with a fresh coating of cum.

As before the climax was intense beyond any sexual experience she had ever had she fainted. This time when she shy 1st time teen sex her senses neither cock was out of her it was apparent her pussy muscles and bowels wanted to keep the cock deep in her. Their cocks started to soften and plopped out. The three of the laid there for several minutes, she had this funny expression on her face.

She sat up and looked at the two of them, "well I guess I'm not a one girl cock any longer". Larry smiled "babe right now I see a great blow job in my future and I'll tell you now I want to see every drop before you swallow it".

She giggled I guess E's told you I'm a great cocksucker". "Yes, from now on your my cocksucker now open wide". With that his cock was in her mouth. Its took a while of sucking but finally she was rewarded with another large load of cum, she opened her mouth wide to show Larry the load he head pumped into her mouth then she swallowed it all down.

"Good to the last drop and no wet spot". With that E's cock was in her mouth she again worked at getting his load out. It took a while but finally E blasted a load in her mouth she laid between them her ass and pussy leaking cum. "Well how do you two feel about my pussy"? Larry was first to answer "babe from now on that pussy is my personal stock I intend to keep both holes well lubricated.

I also will make sure both holes stay at the proper size to accommodate my cock". She was beaming "I'm good with that honey, I'd like to know if you think I'll be getting another good fucking tonight or not"? Larry looked into her face "before we leave I'll guarantee you will have both holes filled again now we should rest".

Jim heard noise at the front door it was 4 am as he got up he saw Peg closing the door quietly she turned and headed towards him "well hon how did it go"? "all I can tell you is tonight I had a sexual experience that can't compare with anything I've ever done". Jim look surprised "really"?

"Baby wait till you see the video.