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I was bored tube porn
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Amber had not wanted to go to the family reunion. But she was here now and surrounded by dozens of people she hardly knew crooning and cawing about just how much she had grown. She had asked her parents to go home early, but drinks in hand they waved her off.

"We'll be here for awhile sweetheart. Better make friends." There were only three other kids here and they were all too young, easily distracted by games of tag and running in the field. The reunion was taking place at some distant relatives farm so cellphone reception was a no-go.

Giving up she sat at a vacant table unwilling to be talked down to by anymore adults but also unwilling to play games with the kids. A stout muscular man made eye contact with her from across the crowd. He smiled at her and winked, before walking over with two cups.

"Hey there, you looked like you needed a drink." His voice was friendly enough "Oh," Amber said surprised, "I'm not old enough to drink that." The man pulled back in dramatic surprise but still sat down with drink in hand. "No? My young lady, you could have had me fooled." Amber blushed but was pleased at the compliment. She knew she didn't look very old, her body still forming but figured she must carry herself in a mature way.

"Well," he said, winking at her. "You seem up to it, meaty pecker for a shaved wet twat homemade hardcore the offer still stands. I won't tell." Lips curling into a small smile she accepted the cup and took a sip. the drink was bitter and made her mouth feel dry. She tried not to cough. He began asking her questions about her life, and told stories about the time he had spent in India.

Amber loved how he spoke to her, like an equal. She found those big boobs will make your dick hard was enjoying herself despite her first reaction to being here. "How are we related?" She finally asked, curious as she had never met him before. He laughed, "I'm the father of your second cousin.

So hardly at all." He chuckled before winking again. As it grew dark people started to wade inside the house and the barn, which was lit with lanterns and twinkle lights. As Amber looked around she realized almost everybody was gone, and dusk had given the evening a purple haze.

"I guess we should head inside." Amber said, beginning to rise. "I was going to take a walk around the property, see the stars.if you'd like to join me?" Amber hesitated. She hadn't seen her parents for a little over an hour and wanted to check in, but didn't want to sound kiddish.

"Sure" She said, As they walked around the gravel path he began to name constellations. Pointing and telling the stories that went with their name. He slung an arm around her as he pointed up, and Amber felt a moment of unease. But he continued talking and she kept her discomfort to herself. His arm felt strong around her small frame and she felt warmth rise in her cheeks. They were next to the last barn now, the ranch house a distant twinkle of lights, the music soft in her hears.

"Finally, there is Polaris. The North Star. It leads you to true North and is one of the brightest stars in the sky." She looked up at it, it shown so much brighter than the others. "Just like you." He said, but his voice was husky and it made her turn to look up at him.

His eyes were on her, and they had changed slightly, looking now more hungry than playful. She was acutely aware of his arm again, and shifted slightly, not knowing what to say. He pulled her face up and kissed her, and for a moment it was light, and surprising and she kissed him back. Then his mouth grew more aggressive on hers.

His arm more tense and she pulled her mouth away. He pressed himself against her and leaned her up against the side of the barn. She muffled her disapproval through closed lips and he rearranged himself to fit against her, barring her against the wall.

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His breath was hot in her ear. "Come on sweet heart. Don't fight." She broke her face away and began a shout but his hand was over her in moments. Cutting off her cry. His hands here gruffer now, Pushing her spaghetti strap roughly down her shoulder, then her arm until finally her budding chest were exposed. He squeezed, and the pressure on her tender firm breasts made her cry out in panic against his hand.

Her romper slid off all too smoothly and his hand pulled at her panties until the elastic bunched at her ankles. "No!" She thought in agony, humiliated at her exposure. He raised her body against the barn wall lifting her legs and pressing himself between them. His strength made her completely immobile as she arched and pulled away from him, tears of fear i could have handjob form her times per day sliding down her flushed cheeks.

They now were positioned as he dropped his pants just far enough to allow something hard and bulbous to press against her.

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She was pinned against the wall, legs spread on either side of his wide build, her small arms pushed against her shoulders as his one hand kept a tight grip on her mouth and the other now squeezed her his as he positioned himself to enter her. Amber didn't know what this was or what to expect.

Her exposure to what adults did passed kissing was minimal and she was now way out of her depth. Fear clenched at her, but fear was nothing german teen gets fucked hardcore and handjob to the pain she felt moments later as he entered her.

Fully erect he pressed inside her virgin slit. She felt as her insides stretched and ripped to afford him. He spit and angled himself and forced his way in, the pain feeling like a hot searing stab with each small pump. Her body being jerked upward with each movement.

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Sobbing and trying to plead through his hand he ignored her, forcing himself farther and farther in. Every once in awhile her voice caught in a half squeak as she was pumped into. "God yes. You're so tight." Her lithe supple body rocked with his using of her, long hair spilled at her back pulled slightly at the rough wood of the barn.

She finally stopped fighting.

Going limp in his arms as he continued with greater speed to fuck her. As he went deeper he went faster and there would be new spikes of deep pain as he invaded her farther. Amber felt as he hit her wall and began bruising her cervix with her power.

Speed was now at an all time high and her gasps came out in short quick bursts on able to complete themselves before she was hit with another.

Finally she felt him press his full length deep snatch drilling action hardcore and blowjob her, and felt him twitch and gasp himself as he came. All at once he was outside of her. She was limp in his warms, and when he pulled her clothes back on she still felt him, or the absence of him in her gaping throbbing hole.

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As she lay there while he dressed her she looked up to see Polaris. Her body's shock stunning her movements and thoughts until she was just laying there looking up at the north star. He picked her up and she was suddenly in the barn, on a heap of hay on the floor.

Unable to move she stayed there until he left, shutting the barn door behind him. At some point she must have drifted to sleep because when she woke it was dark and she mom and son porn room in the car, her parents talking in whispers as they drove the country road.

"Mom." Amber said, her voice weak with the exhaustion of earlier. "Shhh. Sweetie, go back to sleep. Silly girl, we found you asleep in one of the old barns!

You must have gotten tuckered out and had fun after all." Unable to speak Amber simply shut her eyes again and pretended to sleep.