Mia li horny and hungry for the cock pornstars and hardcore

Mia li horny and hungry for the cock pornstars and hardcore
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That night, we all had supper at our house, Mom, Nancy, cousin Kathy, and aunt Jessie came over, too. Lots of questions about my finishing school, what was I gonna' do now, etc., etc.

Finally I asked again "So what is this graduation surprise you've talking about for me, Mom, a new car?" She replied, "Yeah right, Hut. Dream on." But then smiled and continued, "I've reserved a houseboat up on Lake Roosevelt. It's a 62 footer, plenty big enough for all of us. We can have a full week on the water, sunbathing, swimming, fishing teen girl with deephtroat for pink dildo you want." I wasn't much of a fisherman - that was Dad's thing and I used go with him when he was alive, but I did it more for the time together than the fishing.

"All of us means?" I inquired. Mom replied "All of us at this table, you, your sister Nancy, your cousin Kathy, me, and aunt Jessie. All five of us. Just you and all us women, Hut." She gave me an odd look as she said that last part.

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Under the table I felt Kathy's hand on my thigh. Mom continued, "The boat is just like one of those fancy motorhomes inside only bigger and it even has a slide for when you're swimming, a second deck that's all clear for sunbathing, and you can drive it from the top deck or the bottom." Kathy's hand was creeping up my bare thigh.

I had dressed in my old gym shorts and a T-shirt for dinner and the legs of my shorts were well known for gaping open which showed everything I had since I wore no underwear under them. "When are we going?" I asked. Kathy's hand was in the leg hole of my shorts, touching my penis and scrotum and I felt like I was probably getting semi erect. "Two weeks, on Monday." She replied. Done with dinner, we all helped clean up, me trying to conceal my partial erection behind plates and stuff I carried, then Kathy and I went outside in the warm evening air.

After we cleared the house and strolled across the back yard, she was all over me with questions. "What did your mom see?

Nancy just said she caught you or saw you or something like that. What's this about you and your mom - you guys are doing it?" "First off, yes Mom saw us. We weren't fucking but were just hugging, naked in the shower and when she surprised us and I turned toward her, I had a big ole hard on.

She just gave us a real good looking over then said I don't want to know and left." I answered. "What about you and your mom?" She pressed on. "Yes, I've been taking care of her for a while." I answered.

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"It all started with her being so lonely since Dad died." "Sheesh, I wonder if my mom knows." Kathy said, thinking out loud. "I figure she probably does." I answered. "Why do you figure that, Hut? Wouldn't your mom keep something like that quiet, don't ya' think?" She pressed on further. "I doubt that Mom has talked to her about.

I'm just certain your mom has it figured out." I replied. "Why, Hut?" She asked, then she stopped and looked at me wide eyed. "You're not." "Yes Kathy, I am." I admitted. She gave me a very odd look then said "Maybe that's why she's been in a better mood this year." "Maybe so." I offered.

"But this is gonna' be weird on that houseboat with all of us there. Did you hear how Mom said 'us women' when she was talking at the table?" "Yeah, she definitely put some inflection on that one." "I mean, you and me, and Nancy, we have a arrangement, you know what I mean? We keep it on an even keel. I don't know how it's gonna' be with Mom and your mom there, too." I said. "Oh shit, you don't think that your mom has told my cherishing an ultra hot dong hardcore blowjob, do you?" She jumped.

"She'd figure if you and Nancy were doing it, it might be logical that I would be, too. What the hell is Mom gonna' do if she knows I'm fucking the family stud service. Oh God, I can't believe this, Mom and I are both fucking you.

This is nuts, it's crazy. Oh ick!" "Well Kathy. You don't think it's icky when you're have several good orgasms in a row, do you?" I asked. "Not before, but now I'm gonna' be thinking about you pokin' Mom." She answered. "Oh ick!" We were headed toward our shed, which was really an old barn, a small barn, but a barn none the less.

It had a large loft area used at one time to store straw, hay, and feed for the yard animals. As kids we'd played up there a lot but our use of late was for a more mature form of playing. We'd gradually outfitted it with a decent mattress and even bed linens of a sort, along with a couple of lamps and a radio. When we got to the shed, Kathy climbed up the ladder to the loft with me behind her. Once on the decking up there, I turned on the radio. There was no need for a lamp since the sun was just setting and there was just a perfect amount of ambiant light drifting up there.

I sat down on the side of the mattress and patted it next to me. "Come on, sit down. Whatever's gonna' happen is gonna' happen. We can't change it. Besides, what can she say about you when she's gettin' pretty regular service from me, too. I mean, everytime I was home from school it was hey boy, I need a massage. She doesn't have any problem having her nephew, her sister's son, come over and stick it to her on a regular basis. What can she say about a little pleasure between cousins, huh?" "I don't know what she might say.

You know she says what she thinks. There's not much of a governor on what she's thinking between her brain and her mouth." Kathy replied. We sat there, leaning up against one another with my arm around her on her shoulder until Kathy turned her head, raised her chin to my face, biggest boobs mom teach in urdu language kissed me. We flopped back on the mattress, rolled face to face, and kissed deeply.

I felt Kathy's hand in my shorts grasping for my penis which was rising rapidly to meet her grasp. I reached up under her T-shirt seeking her unfettered breasts. They were just about a perfect size - large enough to sag a nice bit, but not extraordinarily large. She had pushed my gym shorts out of the way, so I just grabbed'em, raised my legs, and pulled them off. While I was doing that Kathy lost the T-shirt and short shorts she was wearing. Damn, she had a beautiful body.

Still does to this day, too. I leaned over her and suckled on both breasts, alternating back and forth. Although I was fully erect and Kathy was pumping on my penis, I wasn't getting much from it for some reason. I reality kings riley reid loves licking puss simply, "Sit on my face." Kathy didn't wait to be told twice. She jumped up to her knees, pushed me onto my back, and sat on my chest with her knees up beside my head as she wiggled her way to jamming her pussy in my mouth.

Target found she ground it lightly into my mouth as I began to patrol it with my tongue. Around and around her lips I went, pausing at her clit to give it a little extra tongue lashing before doing another lap.

She started moving her hips, grinding harder and I started probing as deep as I could with my tongue. With her beginning to murmur softly under her breath, I withdrew my tongue, found her clit with my lips and started sucking on it. That action seemed to be one of her favorites and I could feel her getting more and more turned on. From my vantage point I could just see that she had her head back as she continued to grind her pussy on my mouth.

Reaching up, I found her breasts with my hands and used my fingertips to lightly caress her nipples and she began to move in a more jerky fashion as she started whispering "Oh yeah, oh yeah." over and over. I knew she was almost over the top. I continued to suck on her clit, massaging it with my lips and tongue and she blasted off with "Oh damn, Hut. Oh damn. I don't give a shit who knows. This is just too good.

Oh damn. I'm cumming!" She jerked ravishing starlet hunter bryce rides a cock rocked on my face until she slowed to a stop and just sat there for a moment. I had slowed my tongue to just a light touch around her lips as she came down from her orgasmic high. She hopped up off me and slid down to lie full length on me and kiss me deeply.

"Now for you, Hut." She slid down and began to pump my penis slowly before taking it in her mouth and sucking. I felt myself losing my erection - a very uncommon thing for me at that age. She felt it, too, and dropped it out of her mouth to ask "What's wrong?" I said "Nothing" as I pulled her up to lie on me again.

"Maybe I've got too much on my mind. Let's just lie here together." "OK," she said and she began to kiss me again. It was beginning to get dark in the shed and I worried that someone might come looking for us.

I told her, "We better get going. They'll be looking for us." "You're right," as she began to pull her short shorts and T-shirt on.

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I pulled on my shorts and stood up. She joined me then I headed down the ladder with Kathy following me down. When we came out of the shed, there was nobody in sight, so we walked across the yard to the loungers and began to put them away, up against the house. Kathy helped me then we went inside where the others were. "I put away the loungers, Mom," I told her. "Thanks, honey," she replied. Aunt Jessie asked Kathy "You ready to head home? I'm gettin' tired." Kathy said "Sure, Mom," as she gathered up her few things and said goodbye to us.

They left and I headed down to my room. "I'm gonna' go take a shower," I said to nobody in particular as I went down the steps.