Hd porn s pissing and point of view sex do not disobey master

Hd porn s pissing and point of view sex do not disobey master
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I am 25.Of mixed parentage.An Indian mother and a white father.I am pretty,cute and innocently sexy.My body is a lot like JLO'S and Salma Hayek's before they lost all those curves.I have fuller and beautiful legs like Salma in the 90's.

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My measurements are 36-26-37 and i am 5ft 6inches tall.I swim and work out regularly.Hence, i am curvy and firm and very feminine.

I can drop jaws when i wear short dresses that reveal my legs and accentuate my curves.I like skirts too. ;) I have black hair, dark brown eyes (almost black) and a wheatish complexion.I was aware of my sexuality at 15 and have been living it to the fullest.I was never confused.So i have the emotional and sexual freedom that most women only dream off.

>>I met Olivia Park for the first time in the elevator of my apartment complex about 1 year back.She was 36 years old.

And was of korean descent.She was very beautiful and had a well formed body.An asian beauty. She was just 5ft 2inches tall.but was aptly endowed like Lucy Liu.Her puny body oozed sexuality.She was married. She defied her age and looked like she was 30.She wore a black backless dress the first time i saw her.She looked so hot.Her black hair and black eyes were so seductive.And i had a crush right away.We often met in the elevator or in the nearby stores.She was often accompanied by her husband.But that didnt stop her from giving me a welcoming smile everytime we ran into eachother.Her husband was a hot shot VP and was often away.She was an insurance consultant.

>>The first time we had a conversation was at the pool.I was wearing a dark blue swimsuit.I was sitting by the pool after my swim when Olivia got into the pool in a sexy flower patterned bikini.She smiled at me and swimmed to me and shook my hands.Then went on with her swim, often giving me a smile.When she was done,she sat next to me.We spoke about our jobs,life, rent,etc.Then she asked me about my boy friend.When i revealed to her that i was a lesbian,she was suprised.But she didnt have any apprehensions.She gave me and approving smile.But i could sense a curiosity in her smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

Then we went our ways.After a week i met her again in the elevator.We smiled and spoke.But her smile was very sensual and i felt like she was silently eyeing me when i wasnt looking.Her husband wasnt in town and she was too lazy to cook.So i suggested a pizza in the diner nearby.She was amused by the idea and went down the lift again.

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We spoke a lot.But my sexuality was the topic she often bought up.Every time she did, i could see that she was enjoying it.And then she revealed that she had experimented a few times with her dorm mate.Then the conversation shifted to simpler topics like olives on our pizza and strawberry milkshake for dessert.Then we walked back, got into the elevator and when the 4 floor came,she gave me a hug.

I could feel her breasts against mine. It feel nice and warm. Then when she broke away, she touched my cheek and said good bye and walked out of the elevator.While tied doors closed, she smiled and gave me a wink.As i the elevator moved up towards the 7th floor,i blushed and smiled to myself.

It had been a great evening.And all i could do was think of her smile while i lay under my blanket in a nothing but a long short.Something felt different. >>We continued to met at the pool and running into eachother in the elevator.Everytime before we departed,she would hug me and touch my cheek.Gradually it became a peck on my cheek.On the days i didnt meet her,i missed her warm breasts touching mine and her lips on my cheek.I realised that i was drawn to her and was getting attracted to her too.But she was married and her experimenting days were behind her.So i tried to keep it as friendly as possible.Besides, i was sure that the curiousity and interest she showed in me was coz of my preferences.But yet,deep down, i felt that she might be drawn to me too.

>>So our short meetings kept going on.And finally one day when we met in the elevator, she invited me home for a cup of coffee. I was just returning home after having dinner with a few friends.The dinner had been very boring and my evening ruined.So when she called me home for a cup of coffee,i accepted.Her apartment looked like a marriage between asian museum and a rock and roll hall of fame.

Antiques and memorabilia adorned the house.It was a perfect fusion and nothing looked out of place.Her husband was a rock n roll fan and liked collecting memorabilia while she preyed on antique pieces. She went inside the kitchen while i was observing her house minutely.While college gorgeous girl sucks powerful cock hardcore and blowjob was doing this, i could see her watching me closely from the kitchen.I was very sure that she was mapping my body as i could see her eyes moving up and down, surveying my body.After 10 mins, she came back with 2 big white mugs.She handed me one and her finger brushed mine.She sat down next to me and we spoke about our day.She told me that her husband was away and that she appreciated me being there and keeping her company.Her husband didnt want to have kids as their work took most of took most of their time.I was listening to her intently and didnt not realise that the cup was slipping from my fingers.The cup fell on my chest and all of its contents drained on me.My orange thigh length dress had turned brown.From my breast to the hem that was a little above my knees.I could feel the warm coffee soaking below my dress and tricking down my thighs towards my knees and then my ankles.She directed me to the bathroom and i rushed inside.

>>I took off my dress and my sandals.I could see drop of coffee all over my body.It glistened in on my breasts all the way till my ankles.My light coloured panty was brown and soaked.I forget to lock the door.When Olivia pushed tried to knock the door,it opened.She was standing near the door with a towel in her hand and apologised for opening the door accidently.I told her that it was ok.And asked her to come in.As she walked towards me,i could see her looking at my body.Every inch of it with adoration and yearning in her eyes.She laid the towel on the sink counter and walked away from me.Then she turned around and walked back towards me with hesitation.I could see that she was trembling a little.She stood in front of me and looked at me.I didnt know what to do and just stood there in my coffee soaked bra and panty.I suddenly jumped in shock when she touched my neck.Though a little ashamed,Olivia touched my neck again and drew closer.Then ran her finger all over my neck and squirty cutie kanna itou get her juicy cunt toyed black stockings and sexy lingerie my chest.I just stood there.Then she put her arm around me and pulled me down gently and kissed me.

After a few seconds she let go and looked at me expectantly.Her eyes wanting me and hoping that i would give myself to her.I kissed her back.We kissed deeply.After about a minute i let go.She put her arms arounds my waist and pulled me closer.I looked at her with a little concern and asked her, "Are u sure Olivia?" She kissed my neck and said, "Yes.I want you Julia." She looked into my eyes waiting for me to decide.As she did, she slid her thumbs inside my panty and ran them near the elastic.I could feel her thumbs brushing against my butt.I looked at her and smiled.She slowly pushed me towards the counter and made me sit on it.It made me realised that she liked to be in control.I liked being controlled.As i sat on the counter,she stood in between my outstretched legs.Our eyes and lips finally at the same level.Her hands warm and i could feel them caressing my stomach.Then she kissed my neck and started going down.When she reached my cleavage, she pulled down my bra a little and kissed me in between my breasts.Her wet lips allie uses a fuck machine to orgasm like heaven.Then she started licking the coffee droplets on my breasts and finally undid my bra.She kissed my breasts.My nipple.And then sucked.I let out a loud moan as it was a little hard.She continued to suck,kiss and gently bite my breasts.All i could do was be still and be enjoyed.Then she got on her knees and licked my leg and i played with her hair.She traced the trickle of coffee from my ankle upwards.When reached my inner thigh, she sucked and then bit.

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I shrieked and she stopped.She knew what i liked!!! I loved it when women bit my thighs!!! I then pulled her head between my legs and she continued to bite and suck my thighs.Finally,she kissed my pussy over my wet panty.And began sucking over my panty.It was hard but gentle.The she got up and pulled my panty down.She held my hand and guided me to her spare bedroom.She made me lie down and made me watch her undressing.I tried to lend a hand but she gently pushed me back and said "Enjoy the show.

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" She got in between my legs and we kissed.She held my hands apart and kissed my breasts as she slowled rubbed her pussy against mine.She went down.And finally put her finger inside.Those fingers were working inside me like a little orgasm machines.While she did this,she liked and sucked my clits.I came hard and she licked it.She gave me a few moments and then got back to work.

She spread my legs and held my thighs and started eating me. I held her hair and pulled it everytime i shuddered.I was so mad that i pushed her mouth hard against my pussy.Every now and then she would spank my thighs. It stirred my pelvic area like electricity.When i told her that i was going to cum she stopped.

She made me get on my knees and made me lean my breasts pillows.She kissed my nape and worked her way down my back.When she reached my ass,she again bit.This time i screamed!!! Then she spanked my ass.First gently and then a little harder.She licked my cheeks and kissed my hole.

She gently spat inside hole and slid her finger inside.It hurt!!! But slowly loosened me up and kept fingering me at a steady pace while she continued to mouth my pussy and finger it with her other hand. It was so good that i began crying and my moans milf loves to see horny guys get erections to her shrieks.Harder and faster her hands and moth worked especially inside my pussy.I was building up on a big and intense orgasm.Finally, i came so hard that i screamed loudly and poured on her face heavily.He spanked me my ass hardly one last time and made me lie on my back.She licked my juices flowing down my thighs and licked my pussy clean.Slowly she lay between my legs and kissed me.I licked my cum of her face and kissed her again deeply.She lay in between my legs and rested her head on my chest.Then she raised her head and gave a naughty smile and i gave her a shy smile.I was hers from now on.She winked at me and said "I wonder what u have in store for me tomorrow." She kissed me again pulled a a sheet over us.She lay on me.Her tiny yet controlling body on top of mine.Our sweats mingling together.

Her head on my breasts,her stomach against mind and her waist between my legs. As she slept on me i slowly fell asleep with my insides still tingling. Hoping tomorrow would come soon.