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If this goes well, I'll do this from the female side as well, I want to swap points of view, but until then I'll do the opposite sex I found it interesting writing from another person's point of view and wanted to see how it went.

I sat straddled over her naked body apart from her underwear, allowing my eyes to roam over her naked body… I felt her body shiver beneath me as my eyes drank her in. Her eyes closed and she rolled her head back gently as she exhaled softly, I brushed my fingertips over her raised nipples teasingly and smirked as I felt her raise her chest upwards.

I casually pulled my hands away from her breasts, waiting for the sweet sounds of her whimpers she didn't disappoint either, her sweet but quiet voice filled my ears. I groaned softly "mmm"' I watched intently as she opened her eyes looking up at me, her breathing heavy in her chest, lowering my eyes back down hungrily watching her breasts rise and fall practically hugging busty milf nikki capone blows well hung painter pornstars hardcore hard cock.

Grinning down as I look into her face, I took hold of her breasts, pulling them together between my cock and thrusting slightly into her breasts, a small gasp escaped her lips as she tugged at her bonds a poor attempt, but I closed my finger and thumb around her nipples and pressed sharply down on them.

Causing her to whimper and gasp once more, rolling my head back I moved my hips backward slowly until the tip was left between her C-cup breasts and gently rolled them and massaged them between my palms as I thrust forwards towards her mouth. I felt the head hit her soft lips, her breath warm against the shaft as I let out a small moan escape my lips, rolling my head back slowly as I moved my hips back until the head was encased in her pert breasts. I looked back down at her and opening my mouth to speak my desire 'open your mouth, make sure not to bite down… make me come and be sure to swallow, don't waste a drop… otherwise I won't be letting you come tonight'.

Smiling widely as her beautiful lips opened up on my command, thrusting my hips forward again, I rolled my head back as her warm mouth practically welcomed my 7 inch cock. Before I carry on with my story, I just want to mention how mine and this girls story began… It began through the internet, casually talking about the things that aroused us me I liked to watch my 'submissive' squirm beneath me as I brought her up to her peak, and keeping her there, never letting her able to orgasm until she's begging where as her?

She liked my fantasy amongst other things, however her worries about her medical condition worried her for ever finding someone mature enough to take care of her for many things as well as her body and mind.

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I was naturally willing to be open and as considerate as I could whilst keeping on the role as master, she mentioned her fantasy was to be laying down, restricted to the bed… she enjoyed the idea of toys being used on her amongst other things that I'll talk about as I carry on with this story.

I need to add that I'm older, not older but older by around 10 years, I'm in my 30's and she's 20 years old, my name's Kyan and her name's Paige… We decided to meet, she had only one request no anal or very light anal play this was much of a surprise but she insisted that she was surprised as well but wanted to try it! Man I would have loved to have kissed that beautiful woman right there, I hope that everything that happened met her desires and more, I sure as hell enjoyed myself.

She did state that she didn't like cruelty, scat, water sport which is understandable of course, I can kind of see the reasons as to why she wanted to see a very small romantic / sweet side to me, we met up at my house, I'd ordered some things to make our weekend a little more fun only they weren't due till the Saturday.

She knocked on my front door and I opened it to find a tall girl she looked quite young compared to how old she said she was, I guess that was due to her dislike of over-doing the make-up, she had green eyes, light pink lips and mousey brown hair that went down to half way across her chest, I reckon it just about covered her nipples.

She looked at me really shyly, it was quite cute actually… and nor can I deny that she teens orgasm on cam watch part on suzcamcom pretty, she had the face that if you were looking for a cute girlfriend for a long term relationship. she was that standards pretty I would have said but that's my opinion I guess, I can't say about yours.

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I welcomed her into my house, with a warm smile, she walked in through the doorway, we sat and talked for a while for one I wanted to make sure she really wanted to commit to a submissive role, despite it wasn't hard core like most of you would expect to take on… another I wanted to make her feel comfortable with me, I didn't want to scare her off.

Eventually I lay my hand on her thigh and slowly began to run my hand up and down her thigh gently, eager to get us both into the zone. I let my hand roam her thigh, simply letting my hand travel to her inner thigh as I leant forward to kiss her neck gently, my lips pressed against the soft, smooth curve of her neck, whilst my hand gently pressed against her crotch and I let two of my fingers run along where I imagined her slit would be, I was rewarded with a slight squirm and a gasp from her lips and I pressed against her crotch a little harder.

I ran my arm around the back of her body and curled it around her side as I manoeuvred myself over her body, I felt her arms run up and down my sides as I kept kissing the skin of her neck moving my hand from her crotch I huge juggs babe sucks off and banged by fraud driver handjob and blowjob towards the cabinet where I'd placed some restraints earlier today in preparation.

I moved my lips upwards instantly to try and keep her attention on what I was doing to her, not what I was about to do, I moved my hand away from her back and fumbled for her hand to which she let me take I led it towards my jeans as I moved my head away and looked into her eyes.

The intention of what I wanted her to do was obvious and she a little shyly moved her palm against my crotch, I waited patiently for her webcam masturbation with bigtits chick big tits and amateur this being her second time in having sex as I felt her hand press against my crotch a little harder I pulled out a length of rope.

She'd managed to unzip my jeans by this time I took her wrists in mine and wound the rope around her wrists and secured them tightly but allowed her some comfort in order for the rope to not cut into her skin.

"You have a choice, you use your teeth to do the rest…" as I motioned towards my jeans and boxers "or you can use your hands still bound of course… but if you use your hands, you risk some form of punishment later." I smiled down at her as I let my tongue run across my upper lip, I didn't mind which one she chose, both looked appealing to me, she exhaled a little shakily I feigned impatience "the longer you take, the worse the punishment will be".

My daddy thinks am mom and fun playfellow bosss daughter with father xxx seducing my looked up nervously, her big green eyes bore into mine, another moment passed "… Well?" I carried on making out that the ball was in her court, but her uncertainty will cost her.

She lowered her hands down and leant forward and took the zipper of my jeans and tugged down on them, struggling a little as she looked up at me, lifting my hand up to glance at my watch.

Eventually my jeans lay at my knees, pressing down on her thighs and holding them into place though quite loosely. I felt her nose press against the aching bulge in my boxers as she took the material and she tugged down again, once more she let the boxers slide down my thighs, I stood up and knelt down between her legs and tugged her jeans and panties down her legs, removing her shoes along with her jeans I left her socks on her feet and her underwear at her ankles as I leant forward and pulled out another length of rope and a vibrating dildo and a really small vibrating butt plug both controlled saucy young filly fucks for a creampie remote.

I lubricated the butt plug and sat down next to her, motioning for her to bend over my lap eyeing the butt plug a little warily, I warned her "any hesitation will result in more torture for you later on" with this she laid down over my lap, running my hand over her cheeks softly and very gently teased the plug against her rose bud, squirming slightly it only stretched her arse up for the plug, having only gone less than half way.

I firmly pressed my hand over the small of her back to keep her still, she whimpered slightly, smirking I pushed the butt plug in fully into her arse, resisting the urge to spank her then this would come later, I promised myself I lifted the dildo up to her slit and gently ran it up and down in between her pussy lips, once satisfied with it being lubricated I slid it deep inside her pussy. I pulled her panties back up, securing the dildo and plug into both holes.

Pulling the back of her panties into her arse crack not quite a thong but near enough for what I wanted, I removed the restraints and had her kneel infront of me, I watched her as she carefully knelt down on the floor noting how she tried to not squirm, trying to get used to the plug. Leaning back, I watched her with hungry eyes, "Finish stripping for me, make it sexy, leave the panties on and socks… but be sure to wriggle those hips infact… do anything you can to make it sexy a lap dance if you like remember… your performance and behaviour depends on if I'll punish you or reward you." I smirked down at her, my cock standing to attention "Oh and… Paige?

You're not allowed to give yourself any pleasure until I say so… get too it!" I watched as her chest rose and fell a little shakily as she stood up slowly unsure of how to strip sexily without wriggling I knew that by merely wriggling that aroused her, something she confided with me before we met.

She chose not to move her hips and lifted her top up slowly, revealing every inch of skin on her body a bit at a time.

As soon as she pulled her top off from her head, she reached around and unclipped her bra and knelt down over my lap, letting her bra fall down over my achingly hard cock, she looked at me nervously awaiting my approval, I wrapped my fingers around my dick and moved my hand up and down my length. I leant forward and pressed my lips against hers, wrapping my arms around her body and before she knew what I was doing I restrained her arms behind her back, motioning for her to kneel down on the floor with a nod of my head, she complied and swallowed.

Finally bringing the length of rope with me as I stood up, kneeling down behind her and securing her ankles.

I smirked as she toppled a little and struggled to keep her balance. Walking over to the arm chair over latina maid anal toy watch more of her at ulacamcom other side of the room, taking her bra with me.

Once I had settled myself back into the chair, I motioned for her to make her way over to me "Hurry, my cock is aching right now…" I watched as she struggled to make her way over without falling over, eventually she made her way to me, kneeling between my legs. She kept eye contact with me as her lips closed around the head of my cock, I let out an approving groan, pushing my hips up slightly I waited to see what she'd do she replied with her bobbing her head up and down my shaft and started rolling her tongue around the head.

Keeping this up, I gradually started reaching my peak "You can either swallow, or let me come in the cups of your bra you won't always be given the choice on where I come…" Paige looked up at brrazzer and nauty america fuck questioningly, but I guess decided the latter wasn't as bad as the first.

I took her bra and rubbed my shaft until I came, trying to distribute my come into both cups equally, I layed the bra in my lap and looked at her, "Did you think I was just going to come in the cups of your bra…?" she whimpered and nodded meekly. Smirking down at her I got up and removed her wrist restraints again "are you sure you don't want to swallow?" I raised my eyebrow at her, she swallowed but didn't reply, too which I smirked and put my hand on her shoulder and made her lean forward towards the chair.

I took a moment to admire how her breasts drooped hot blonde gets a titty cream pie the ground and lifted the bra up towards her chest, she gasped as the cold cum touched her skin, finally clasping it into place and attaching her bra to her body once more. Paige squirmed out of discomfort but didn't say anything in protest, swallowing slightly and sitting obediently to me.

I tucked her hair behind her ear as I looked at her, staring back at me I asked her "You remember the safety word, yes?" She nodded to me "Hungry?" Again, she nodded, I smiled and bound her wrists again, standing up to the draw again, I pulled out a lead and collar. I walked back over to her and wrapped the collar around her neck, softly stroking her neck with my little finger, I looked her in the eye and said "Once I close the clasp on the collar, Paige.

you'll be agreeing to be my submissive. Once it's closed you'll be agreeing to anything I do and say for you to do of course I'll take your medical condition into consideration… but I want you to be sure that I. this is what you want." She swallowed but didn't make a move.

Closing the clasp on her collar, it was official she was mine. I tugged on the lead, as I watched her crawl through my house towards the kitchen. I made us both something to eat, however, I made her kneel beneath the table and hooked the collar to a ring at the edge of the table that secured her into place, I sat down at the table and shuffled into her between my legs again.

I brushed her hair back as I dipped a chip into a sauce, moving my hand down to feed her, I carried this on until there wasn't any chips left but the sauce, I lowered the sauce down to run it along the shaft of my cock, looking at her intently. She didn't disappoint when she run her tongue shyly along the trail of sauce, eventually I had her whole head on my cock, I let her carry on working on my cock as I gradually reached my peak again.

Taking her face into my hands and holding her head into place, the feel of her mouth gagging and flexing over my cock was enough to bring me over the edge, her squirming to get away only heightened my excitement, I kept her head on shaft as I came into her mouth, exhaling heavily, I looked down at her and I watched as she swallowed instantly.

Stroking her hair back in approval, I detached the lead and motioned for her to lay on my lap, she complied as I leant back to admire her behind, pulling down the back of her panties I softly ran my hands against her firm cheeks gently, letting my fingers squeeze them, she squirmed in slight delight at the feel of my hands on her arse. I smirked as I lifted my hand away, I saw her turn her head as soon as my hand thwacked her arse cheeks, a red hand print remained where I slapped her left cheek, she whimpered and gasped - in an attempt to escape from my lap, I held her down again by laying my hand firmly on the small of her back again.

"This is what you'll be expecting each time after dinner. if you dare try and get away when I'm at my peak, if I hold you down then stay down!" I smacked her right cheek a little bit harder, she moved her bound hands to cover her arse cheeks, I impatiently removed them, bending them upwards and smacked her arse a few more times, matching each cheek, fully satisfied when her arse was red raw.

I lead her upstairs once upstairs I laid her down on the bed and once up there I removed her bra and let my eyes roam over her come covered tits, and attached her bonds to each end of the bedposts so that she was starfishing on my bed. I let my eyes drink her in as I pulled out the remotes for the butt plug and dildo, turning them onto the middle setting and said "You're not allowed to come, you'll be watching me pleasure myself if you feel you can't hold back you need to beg me to come, if I approve you can come.

If not, you're to hold it in… If you mom and soon chuda chude story without my permission there'll be a punishment".

I smirked down at her squirming body, I reached down to run my hand up and down my length, "Do you understand?" I groaned, being sure to milk it for all its worth I wanted to tease her, to see how much she'd allow me to control her. She whimpered slightly and nodded, "I asked you a question, I expect you to answer" I frowned at her "Yes, M-m-master, I understand". I nodded in approval and carried on rubbing my cock infront bigass amateur rides agents bbc at casting her, keeping eye contact with her she kept going between rolling her head back, whimpering, squirming and watching me pleasure myself whilst she was restricted.

I smiled as I watched her squirm beneath me "Where do you think I should come next as soon as I hit my peak for a third time then, Paige?" I watched her carry on squirming as she clenched her eyes shut, her body started to shudder underneath me.

I frowned at her and waited the orgasm to subside, she looked up at me with fear in her eyes "I'm s. sorry, m-master! I didn't mean-" I cut her off "Did I tell you to come?" She shook her head, looking down in unmistakable shame. I shuffled down, still rubbing my cock faster as I came close, pulling her panties down I aimed down at her pussy that was glistening with her juices, "If you'd kept yourself under control I'd have been licking that pussy as a reward but you've disobeyed me" as I reached nesty in freaky blonde demand sex outside peak, squirt after squirt of my sticky come hit her pussy and she gasped at the sensation, I noticed her tense up and she held her breathe.

Pulling her panties back up I looked up at her, her eyes were tight shut again, I clambered up onto her stomach and let my cock rest between her breasts covered in my now dry, come. Running my hands up and down her stomach gently, I looked down at her again "If you need to come, all you have to do is beg me" She gasped and squirmed beneath me as she stuttered to me "… P-ple-eas-se le-et m-m-me c-co-ome-e…" I smirked down at her and leant forward to free porn movie downloads for psp controls and turned them down to level one, I felt her body stiffen and then relax, as soon as I heard her whimper, I chuckled.

"Mm. I think you've forgotten what to address me as that is your punishment for coming earlier. I don't forget remember that". I just want to say that the reason why I said about the condition is because I have a family member who has this condition I wish to raise awareness of it and as this kind of has a large audience ;P it would be seen I hope the mentioning of it hasn't put you off from the story!

I promise you that the condition doesn't interfere with it in any other way other than to raise awareness for Ulcerative Colitis. If you liked this story then let me know what you'd like to see in the next chapter, ideas would be nice.