Horny kittens pound the biggest belt cocks and spray jizz everywhere

Horny kittens pound the biggest belt cocks and spray jizz everywhere
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It's been a while, a very long time since my 14-year-old self has been "sexually active" as to what the elders call it. But that last time was my first, but unfortunately all I did was finger the horny bitch. But nevermind that, I'm going to Ryan's house. Ever since I saw that ridiculously hot bitch bend over to the point where I could see that pair of nice, big Double D's. i've been using tissue box after tissue box, hoping that one day I could get a chance to make her mine, and own her pussy, and that day, that day has come.

Every step to her house seemed slower and slower with every one. I almost came on spot thinking of lathering up her big floppy breasts and slapping her tits with my large, 8-inch cock.

Ooh how I'd love to- and then I tripped, "God dammit!", I screamed, realizing I was on her doorstep.

And also realizing that saw me trip. "You coming in or not.?", she questions, "Apparently we have the house to ourselves." As soon as those words left that mouth, I was up and inside her house within a heartbeat. "This place is. roomy," I say. "I guess so, considering that I have 3 sisters and parents. Good thing my room, is the basement.", she says. As she said that, I russian feet femdom part 2 sure if she was teasing me, due to the wink she gave me.

Or if she was just a hot little babe just waiting without knowing for someone to come along an own that ass. Ooh, if she knew what I'd do to her. Did I mention that I masturbate everyday, every week? Well, now you know. Oh, but Ryan here, I'm not sure about what she wants.

Hell, I'm not even sure why she wants me over here!

But, I'm developing a plan, maybe if she was turned away from me, I could use my beanie that I wore over here to cover her mouth with and force her down to her basement room. And after seeing her bend over again, actually seeing her huge nipples due to her baggy ass t-shirt. But anyways, that's exactly what I did.

I said something stupid, "Holy crap! Hah! Look outside, Ryan!", an like that I had her inaudible and lying on her bed, passed out. And I sat, waiting for whatever it was I was going to do. And it hit me. Any retard with rape fetishes would obviously take her clothes off when the victim is passed out. So that's what I do, pants first. I want her nice jugs out last. So I unbutton and pull her pants down and off of her feet, revealing a pink thong.

What a whore, I thought. She needs to learn her lesson. So instead of seeing pussy first, I climbed onto of her unconscious body, ripping off her shirt. Also revealing another whorish piece of clothing, just a simple little small triangle to cover each nipple.

But the thing that got my dick even harder is that those little triangles can't cover most of her big nipples. I rip off all of her shirt. And leave her there. I take a quick glance around the room to look for a - Ah, an office chair. I pull it to the side Ryan's laying on. And 1 minute goes by.

Then 10 minutes. Only about a minute after that I get bored. Ooh, I'll eat her pussy out while she dreams. So I get up push the chair more towards the bed, and sit back down.

Then i grab her by mature guy fucks this sizzling hot babe masturbation and tight pussy waist and pull her pussy more towards my face, and I look at the glorious work of art. How it's almost unshaven, a small rectangle above her vag. And what gets my cock really throbbing, is how one of her pussy lips is overlapping her thong, so I rip the thong off, letting the light shine down on her vag.

I pull my head in, then softly dipping my tongue into her soft pussy.

I pull out, then I lick every fold to her pink little pussy, and she's tight, but not that tight. Which is- "Oh, Joe!", she says in her sleep, "Stop that! Haha! Joe I said stop- oh, I'm coming!!", and with that she squirted - or pissed all on my mouth. And I swallowed, almost all of it. But that's when she woke up, "*Yawn* Joel what.-JOEL?!", she screams.

She tries to back away and off the bed, but I'm already up and on top of her.

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"Joel! Oh, Joel stop!", she almost cries. And before she can shred a tear, I kiss her. I make sure she stops bitching, and then I add a little tongue, a little as in her throat. And as soon as that she goes along with it. I stop. And look at her. She needs to be fucked. I slap on of her tits.

The I rip that whorish thing off. Now shes completely naked. And she's whimpering, covering herself as I grope all of her. Then she says, "If you're going to do anything else to me, you dick face!

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You better show me what I'm dealing with. I immediately know what she's talking about. So I get up and off of her, And Take my shirt off, showing my skinny body, then I undo my pants, they drop don't and I step out of them. Then my undies. My cock is raging so hard at this point, it probably broke the barrier and grew to 9-inches. So I pull them down, and the expression on her face is priceless. Her jaw drops, and her eyes open wide.

"That's gotta be at least 4 inches!", she implies! "Ryan, sweetie," I say as I climb back on to her, "I don't know how big Joe was, but I'm 8 inches." "But! It's not gonna fit! You'll break me!", she yelps! "That's the fun part." And with that I slam my cock deep inside her drenched pussy. She screams, and doesn't stop. Her pussy feels so tight on my cock I could just explode now. Her vagina is clenching on to my cock, it feels, too good. So instead of slowing, I entered the rest of my cock deep in her.

Which means probably only half of it was in her before. I thrust in and hawt tits japaneses wicked toying hardcore blowjob continuously, her big jugs bounce around which only makes my cock throb harder inside of her. But then, I stop and say, "Lets break that Hymen." And then I get off of her, pick her up and push her face forward towards the wall.

And I wrap my arms around her waist and bang her fucking brains out, with each thrust her body rattles and she squeals louder each times, about what could be the fiftieth thrust, I here a pop, and blood slowly drips out of her now deflowered pussy.

I take my cock out and shove it back in to lubricate it hot brunette schoolgirl rides a thick dong something else. "i hope you like anal.", then I bend her over to where she is using her hands to push against the wall so she can stay up. I thrust all the way into her.

I know it must've hurt for her because her ass is clenched on my cock almost three times as hard as her pussy. But I don't care. She deserves a big cock and a nice forced fuck for being a little tease to me all this time. I thrust in and out repetitively. She screams like a wild animal. So I just put on arm right under her breasts so they just lay on my arm, and the other one to cover her mouth. She screams even louder as my cock reenters her big white ass.

"You've been a bad little tease haven't you, huh?", I say as I make one big thrust. And she begins to shed a tear. And throughout the mumbling and screaming I here her say, "I'm gonna come!!", and to that, I thrust, faster, harder.

I slap her giant floppy tits as they swing back and forth. blue eyes girl fuck and spanking her boyfriend tube porn. Joel. Ohhh! JOEEL!", and her whole body freezes and shakes ad twitters, and she begins to piss hard all over her floor as she shakes and goes cross eyed over it all.

And that was enough for me to burst several loads deep in her giant meaty ass, she came even harder after that. A few minutes later, I'm dressed, about to leave while I look at Ryan lying on the floor covering in whatever came out of her pussy when she squirted and cum still leaking out of her. I pull my phone out of my pocket, I walk around her taking several pictures of her. Naked, and deflowered, what a whore. I send all of those pictures to her phone along with a message.

"Think of that as a daily thing." I heard her phone vibrate. And just as that, I step out of her room, and outside to walk back home.