Mom and son wrestling fuk

Mom and son wrestling fuk
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Fbailey story number 645 She Stood There Speechless I walked into the house and climbed the stairs to the second floor. Our bedrooms and the bathroom were on the second floor.

I had an unusually hard day at work and I needed to soak in a tub with a six-pack of Coors beer. I just happened to have two ice-cold six-packs of bottles in my hands. The house was silent so I figured that Elizabeth was with her friend Heather. I walked slowly down the hall. I passed my daughter's bedroom, the door was open, and it was a mess as usual.

I passed my bedroom door.

It was closed as usual. I kept my room perfectly clean but I also kept it locked to keep my daughter's grubby little paws off my dress shirts. She had a habit of helping herself to them, especially since she recently became a teenager. However, I must admit that she looks damn good in my dress shirts without a bra and with just her panties on.

She is the sexiest teenager I know…other than Heather that is. My wife didn't know how good she had it when she left us. That no hot floozy likes her daddys meaty rod hardcore creampie son of a bitch that took her away had promised her the moon. A mutual friend had recently run into my ex-wife. He said that she looked terrible.

She had told him about her man treating her like shit, beating her when he was drunk, and prostituting her out for the rent. Then he said that he couldn't believe it when she offered him sex for fifty dollars. He also said that he had a very hard time turning her down…but then again he didn't want to bring a disease home to his own wife. He told me that he did give her the fifty dollars before he left her.

I told him that he probably did the right thing because another friend had told me that she was nothing but a crack whore and I certainly believed that too.

Of course I never told any of that to Elizabeth. I was just a few feet away from the bathroom when it opened and Heather stepped out into the hallway in front of me and stopped dead in her tracks. Heather was completely naked, she had a head set on with the music up so loud that I could hear it faintly. That explained why I had not heard them and they had not heard me.

As for Heather's nudity, she was facing me and she was not covering anything up. Her hands were behind her back and a long pink dildo was hanging out of her shaved pussy.

I remembered buying that dildo for my wife a few years back. It was double ended, about eighteen inches long, and I could put it in both her pussy and in her asshole.

Apparently Elizabeth had found it. Elizabeth screamed, "Heather stay right there. I'm not done with you yet." I then realized that my daughter also had her headset on with her music cranked up too.

Heather did not move a muscle as I stared at her. She stood there speechless. Her eyes went to the beer I was holding, then she looked at my face and smiled. Then her eyes went to my growing crotch and her cute teen emma watson lookalike deepthroat broadened even more. It seemed like a very long time but in reality only a minute of two before my daughter came out of the bathroom and grabbed a hole of the long pink dildo and forced it up into Heather as far as it would go.

Her back was turned toward me so she was not aware of my presence. In a loud voice she said, "Turn around and bend over." I watched as Heather turned and bent over.

I then watched as my daughter shoved the other end of the dildo into Heather's asshole. I also saw that Heather's hands were tied together with a pair of Elizabeth's panties. I do the laundry. After another minute Elizabeth turned around to face me. She went white as a ghost and stood there in shock. She too stood there speechless.

Heather stood up and turned to face me too. I took a minute to admire my daughter's cute little body. Her breasts were very good size for her frame. They were slightly larger than Heather's breasts and her nipples and areolas were slightly darker than Heather's nipples and areolas. Both girls had nice hard nipples. Both girls had shaved pussies. Elizabeth lifted her headset and said, "Your home! We were just…we were just…" I smiled at her and said, "You were just having fun.

Continue! I don't mind. I'll just be lying in the tub drinking. I'll leave the door open and you can come in for beer if you wish. Oh by the way…you two girls look absolutely wonderful." Elizabeth then lifted up Heather's headset and asked, "Want a beer Bitch?" Heather answered, "Yes, Mistress." Then I had to smile as my daughter said, "I might just shake up one of those bottles and stick it in your pussy.

How about a beer douche, Heather?" Heather answered, "I would like that very much, Mistress." I expected the girls to go to Elizabeth's bedroom while I got ready but they followed me into the bathroom. I was slightly hesitant about stripping in front of them but then again they were both naked, so why not.

They stood off to the side as I sat the beer down on the counter and twisted the top off one.

I took a big swallow and then I undressed slowly as they watched me. I was looking at their nice breasts, their shaved pussies, and then my cock was fully erect when I let them see him. Both girls opened their mouths and Heather said, "You're a lot bigger than my brother." Elizabeth said, "He is as big as that dildo sticking in your holes." That caused a giggle as I removed the rest of my clothes and got in the bathtub.

It was still filling with water when the girls came over closer and handed me two beer bottles to open up for them. They did not seem to like the taste but they drank it anyway. Then my daughter pulled mom and son after party drinking sex dildo out of Heather and handed it to me.

I smelled both ends and I liked the pussy end the best but I must say that even the other end was nice. The beer bottles were stood up on the floor and both girls squatted down on them. It became a contest to see who could get it in them the furthest. I never in my life expected them to get their virgin pussies down onto the fullest part of the bottles but they did. I was elected the judge so I reached over and grabbed the first bottle placing my thumbnail up tightly to my daughter's pussy just slightly under her clit.

I moved my thumbnail back and forth to mark the label. I then did the same thing to Heather's bottle.

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The girls stood up handing me the bottles to inspect. Heather won by just a slight bit. I asked, "Can you put these bottles over there for me. I want to keep them. I was very impressed." Heather said, "Now my pussy is too stretched out for your penis." I laughed and said, "No it's not. Pussy's are a remarkable thing. They can stretch to let a baby's head come out and then close up so their husbands can enjoy sex with them." My daughter said, "Prove it! Heather sit on Dad's cock and tell me how if feels." Heather looked at her and then she looked at me before coming in and sitting down on my erection.

I could not believe how good it felt to be inside a woman again. I had not dated in the past couple of years. Heather said, "Oh Elizabeth, this feels good.

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You have to try it too." Elizabeth said, "I'll let Daddy cum in you first. Then I can get a longer ride.

Remember what your mother told us about hair triggers?" Heather laughed and said, "But we don't have hair down there." Elizabeth said, "No matter what, a guy always lasts longer the second time…remember." She was right because I was ready to fire long before I wanted too.

I had never had sex before with a thirteen-year-old…not even when I was thirteen. Heather got up and then my daughter sat down on my still hard cock.

She was absolutely right I did last longer. It was still not as long as I had hoped. I had been holding Heather's cute ass but with my daughter I rubbed her clit with my thumb, I rubbed one of her nipples with my thumb, and I shoved my cock up into her pussy. I was pleased when Elizabeth had an orgasm with my cock inside her. Heather was impressed too and a little jealous.

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After I had cum in Elizabeth she got out and then I watched the two girls lay on the floor in a sixty-nine and enjoy the fruits of their labor. By the time I got out of that tub I felt the best that I had in over a year. I had soaked in the nice hot water, I had cum in both girls, and I had drunk my six-pack. Of course the two girls drank the other one. Heather got permission to sleepover so none of us bothered to get dressed. I had sex with each of them one more time before we all went to bed.

In the morning both girls were in bed with me, one on each side. I awoke with my morning wood and again Elizabeth insisted that Heather go first. I had sex with them both before breakfast and after lunch. That night Heather's mother came over and said, "We have to talk." I just about shit my pants. Heather's mother Amanda was an old friend of my ex-wife and I.

We had all gone to high school together. She and my ex were freshmen when her ex-husband and I were seniors. We were married the in the same summer after college about a month apart. I was his Best Man and he was mine. My wife was her Maid of Honor and she was for my ex too. Even our daughters were born a month apart. Lost teen cummie the painal cum cat I was braced for the worst when Amanda said, "If you can have sex with our daughters, then you can have sex with me.

I want my fair share! I believe you owe me four and I'm here to collect." I said, "I might be able to give you one but I'm afraid that four is out of the question." Amanda said, "We'll see.

You can't fuck the girls until I've had mine. I'm willing to help get you hard. Even the girls said that they will help out too." Soon the two girls mom and baby xxxx story in behind her. Heather had her school clothes in her arms for the next day. It looked like they were having another sleepover. Hell, it looked like I was having my own sleepover.

I took Amanda up to my bedroom. I undressed first and turned to face her. She stood there speechless. I was not exceptional in size but her husband had been exceptionally small…in the penis department that is.

His nickname wasn't tiny because of his body. I decided to help Amanda out of her clothes. I had always wanted to see her naked. Oh I had seen her in tight tops with miniskirts, I had see her in skimpy bikinis, but I had never seen her completely naked.

She smiled as I lifted her top up over her head. She gasped as I pushed her shorts and her panties to her ankles. But when I pushed her back onto my bed and slipped my head in between her panties and her pussy she just sighed.

I kissed her pussy, I fingered her pussy, and then I tasted of her pussy. There it was one orgasm, two orgasms, and then three full Earth shaking orgasms.

I pushed my head back and felt one of her feet releases her shorts and panties. I reached out to pull them the rest of the way off. I pulled Amanda's legs up and shoved my cock in. I draped her ankles over my shoulders, I placed my hands palm down next to her small breasts, and then I leaned into her with all of my weight. I kissed her, I shoved my tongue into her mouth, and I played tonsil hockey until I felt her having her forth orgasm. I pulled back and said, "That's four.

Send Heather in next." Amanda looked at me seriously then I started laughing. After that I just fucked into her as if we had been lovers for years. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, Amanda enjoyed herself too, and then we got under the covers and cuddle until we fell redhead babe emily eve gets fucked by bbc. When my alarm went off in the morning Amanda was awake and looking at me.

She said, "The girls were just in here. They are getting ready for school and then they are going to make us breakfast in bed. You have about twenty minutes. Get going." I felt her hand on my morning erection, I felt her soft lips kiss the head, and then I watched as Amanda threw her leg over my hips and sank down on my cock. Her small breasts looked amazing to me. They seemed to hang down slightly but her nipples were turned up. Her areolas were much darker than the girl's areolas or even my ex-wife's areolas.

Her nipples stuck out further that I had ever seen. Then she bent over and stuck one in my mouth. She rode me until we were both engrossed in our orgasms. That was when the girls opened the door and said, "Your breakfast is here." Amanda rolled off from me and said, "Connie was right. You are great in bed. Why to hell did she ever dump you for that jerk?" Connie was my ex.

Breakfast was served racy doggy style sex for busty oriental the girls watched us eat. When we were done Elizabeth asked, "Can we all play hooky and stay home?" I said, "No! You may not skip school for sex. Get going.

I'll be right behind you just as soon as I get dressed." I told Amanda, "You have three more coming. I'll see you after work." Amanda said, "I can meet you for lunch if you want. There is a cheap motel near where I work." She looked at me and said, "They charge by the hour.

Shall we make it noon?" I replied, "Noon it is." I kissed her and went to my car. The two girls were in the back seat. Elizabeth said, "If you didn't come out soon, we were going back in." I took the girls to school, I went to work, and I met Amanda for lunch. The following morning I made love to Amanda for the forth time, I made love to Elizabeth before dinner, and then I made love to Heather before bed. I slept with Amanda though. I really had missed cuddling up to a woman in my sleep. For the next couple of months we settled into a sexual routine.

I married Amanda that summer and we sold both of our homes. We moved out into the country a ways and started a small business that we could run from our home. The girls graduated from high school and went on to college. Our Internet business paid for everything. One day we heard that Connie had died in an unfortunate accident. The following year we heard that Amanda's ex had been shot by a disgruntled husband.

Things were looking up. The End She Stood There Speechless 645