He takes posession of the family estate and the stepsis

He takes posession of the family estate and the stepsis
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For the next couple of weeks, Brian and I was having sex several times a day to increase our chances of making a baby. I knew there was a short window for conception, but if he wanted to use that as an excuse to have sex daily, I definately wasnt going to rough pounding for a ravishing awesome hottie. He started introducing toys into our daily fucking, which definately made things more interesting.

I loved when he sat between my legs and fucked me with a dildo. When he watched my pussy, I always got so wet. He took his time with me, always made sure I was more than satisfied. He pushed the issue of having anal sex again, knowing I wasnt thrilled about the idea. He was fingering my ass every time we would have sex, saying it kept it opened for him. After the second week, he had me taking daily pregancy tests.

Always meeting me in the bathroom in the mornings and having me pee in a cup. I had to do it in front of him, I started to get the feeling he didnt trust me. It was like he was taking control over everything, He never told me if it was positive or negative. I always assumed the tests came back negative cause he would have me peeing in a cup the next morning. It was like he was shutting down on me, the talks we used to have, didnt exist anymore.

His attitude toward me was slowly changing. When I noticed my perod didnt come as scheduled, I didnt think to much into it. It was never on time anyway. I did notice that my breasts were alittle sore, which told me I would be starting anytime. I didnt tell Brian anything, I figured he already knew since he was the one seeing the results of the pregnancy tests. After the 5th week, he told me I needed to make an appt at the OB/GYN, and that he was coming with me. He said we needed a second opinion, and that he would be there to hear it for himself.

I questioned if I tested positive or negative, but he just told me not to worry about it. My appt was scheduled for friday, all during the week I was nervous. I even thought of going out an buying a preg test without him knowing it, just to see what the results was.

But I knew if he found out, he would be really upset.

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I tried putting it out of my mind, trying to focus on what was going on with him. He was acting so different, I questioned everything in my mind, if he was regreting being with me, or has he realized he dont feel that strongly about me.

I started keeping my distance from him, only talking to him when I needed to. I guess I was trying to give him a good dose of what he was doing to me. Come Friday morning, he was ready for the appt before I was. Still not saying to much to me, but I wasnt expecting it to change. I figured after our drs appt, he would go back to normal. Boy, was I wrong. While we both sat in the examination room, waiting for the dr, I could tell that Brian was nervous.

All the doubts kept flooding my mind, sexy big boobs hd and evil angel blowjob compilation eveline getting nailed on camping the "what ifs".

I know I wanted a child, but not sure if Brian was the right person for that, I wish he would have told me what the other pregnancy tests showed. Least I could better prepare myself for this. When the dr came in, she introduced herself to both of us, and then quickly turned her attention to me. Asked how I was doing and what was the reason for my visit. Just as I was getting ready to talk, Brian interrupted me saying that my period was late and we needed a pregnancy test.

That instant my blood started boiling, I couldn't believe he done that. Any doubts I had about him being the right person for me quickly went into positive reinforcement. I started hoping and praying that this pregnancy test comes back negative, I wanted to leave him tonight!

The dr asked me to follow her to the restroom where I'd leave a urine sample. Brian quickly got up and followed, I could tell by his big puppy dog eyes that he was scared.

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The dr asked me if I felt comfortable with him being in the restroom with me, I nodded yes xxnxx sister and badruoom zabardasti com we continued walking. Once in the restroom, she explained to us how to use the towelettss to clean myself before urinating in the cup, then she shut the door on her way out.

Brian quickly took his jacket off, grabbed the package of towelletts, and told me to take my pants off. I was so pissed at him, telling him I could do this myself wasn't going to make a bit of difference. I done what he asked, I removed my pants and leaned over the toilet. He pushed my feet farther apart and squatted between my legs.

He inserted 2 fingers in my pussy, spreading them open right at the opening. Using the towelette, he gently wiped around my hole, making sure not to miss any area. The towelette was cold and moist; I started pushing downward with my bottom, wanting his fingers deeper inside of me.

All of a sudden I felt a smack on my ass, he said NO! Then he told me to turn around and sit. While I was on the toilet, he pushed my legs apart and held the cup to my pee hole. I filled the cup, and got dressed, without saying a word to him. Once we were back in the examination room, we both sat in silence, not even looking at each other. I knew for sure this isn't the person I wanted to spend my life with. I was thinking of different ways to tell him, but it kept going back to that damn pregnancy test.

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Why did I even open my mouth about wanting a child to him? I shouldn't of let my feelings get in the way of this; I can still leave him and be a single parent. People do it all the time, but would he allow that? The dr walks in, looking at us both, said "Congratulations" the test came he finds his girlfriend with old man older man younger woman cheating girlfriend positive.

She explained that she needs to perform a pelvic exam to feel my uterus, and to check for other things. She handed me a gown, and left the room. I didn't say anything, I didn't even move, I was shocked. I could see the tears filling up in my eyes, I wanted to run out of there and never look back.

Brian came over to me, grabbed my arm and helped me stand up, took my clothes off and put the gown on me. I sat on the edge of the exam table, still in such disbelief.

When the dr walks in, she starts explaining what a pelvic exam is, how its done and what tests they check for. Brian told her he wanted to know everything about my body, what he needs to watch for and what he should be expecting. She looked at me and asked if I was okay with it, I nodded yes. The dr started with the breast exam, pulling my right breasts out of the gown, she started massaging it in a circular motion, while explaining what she was looking for.

Brian was on the other side, pulled out my other breast and followed her steps. It was relaxing, I was getting a bit turned on by this, I couldn't believe my body was even responding after I had gotten the shocking news. I felt them both pinching and moving my nipples, the dr explained to him that if the nipples are stimulated on a regular basis, the babies milk will flow and I won't have clogged ducts., which can be very painful.

Once they were done, they covered my chest and moved down to the foot of the bed. I could feel the wetness in my pussy, I knew Brian would know I was turned on once he seen it.

The dr asked me to put my feet in the stirrups and to scoot my bottom to the edge of the table. After she got what she needed she told me to open my knees and to let them fall back. I did, I knew that Brian would be viewing every inch of me. The dr inserted her fingers in my pussy, using the other hands to press on my tummy, while she was explaining to Brian what she was feeling for.

Brian mentioned wanting to feel my uterus, so she gave him a pair of gloves and lube, he slid his fingers in my pussy; his were much bigger than the doctors. I could swear he was using a circular motion while they were in me, he knows I love it when he plays with my cervix. Once he was done exploring my insides, she explained that she was inserting a speculum in my vagina to open me up a little more. I heard Brian asking all kinds of questions while he was watching her; I felt her moving my skin away from the clit, as she explained my private area to him.

I was trying to shut them out and focus on the bigger problem, having a baby by a man I can't stand to be around.

How do I tell him, if I wait will he change? All kinds of thoughts, of course them all being negative wasn't helping me. I felt a finger by my bum hole, applying some kind of lube, and then it slid in.

I knew it wasn't Brian's, his was much bigger. When the dr was done, she told me to schedule my monthly appts, eat healthy, avoid stress and no rough sex. As soon as she closed the door I jumped off the table and made my way to get my clothes.

I wanted to get dressed and get out of there. Brian came up to me, asked me to get back on the table and open myself up for him. I knew what he meant, I was worried about someone walking in on us, but I knew saying no to him would cause an argument. I got back on the table, feet in the stirrups; bottom scooted to the edge, knees and gown open.

I heard him putting gloves on, seen him grab the lube. Then I felt his finger sliding around my bum, I tensed up knowing his finger hurts going on. He told me to relax, then I felt his fingers at the entrance of my pussy, rubbing everywhere on the outer edge, making me want them inside of me. As soon as I relaxed, I felt his finger slid in my ass, he had his other hand still working my pussy. Before I knew it he was fucking me hard in the hot and naughty babe nikky dream fucked hard from behind with his finger, pushing it in as far as it would go.

He knows anal sex isn't my first choice, in my opinion he was just way to big for that. He took his finger out, and then I felt something bigger and hard push on my bum.

I felt it "plop" past my muscle, he was still pushing it in when I told him it hurt, that he needed to stop. He wouldn't stop, couple more pushes and it was in.

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I could feel my pussy twitching; I wanted his dick in me. I asked him to put himself in me, that I needed to feel it. Using his hand, he grabbed his dick, rubbing the head all around my opening. My pussy was so wet I storys grabados en hotel la conquista en la piedad michoacan hear the sounds his dick made when rubbing around.

He finally put his cock at the entrance, I could feel it sitting there, I tried pushing against it, wanting it in me so bad.

My ass was adjusting to whatever he put in there; I knew I would be as full as I possibly could be once his dick was buried in my pussy. His let the head of his cock enter inside of me, He wouldn't move it to much, just kinda let it sit there. I was thinking he was teasing me, or was he waiting till I said something. I looked at him, told him to give it all to me, he told me he couldn't, that this was the farthest he could go in. What??? I had no clue what he was talking about, I told him he was teasing me, I started unleashing my anger on him; I was fed up with being treated like this.

Him making all the rules won't work with me, I told him I was going to leave him that I'd raise this baby without him. He stood above me by my head, looked directly in my eyes, told me that I wasn't going anywhere with his baby, to get that idea out of my head.

Then he told me to get off the table and get dressed and to make sure I left the butt plug in.