Ava devine and sarah jay with sons friend

Ava devine and sarah jay with sons friend
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PROLOGUE: Remember those days when you thought you were on top of the world? The times when you felt you could do anything and you were God. I'm sure you do, however the fact is, is that we never remember what really counted and what really counted was what came after. How low you would feel, someone better than you takes your place and you feel feeble and weak or you feel sorry but all regret just brings more self-hatred, no one to turn to because everyone you once could turn to doesn't trust you anymore.

If you know how it happened then you know what true suffering, guilt, and pain is. When I turn to the mirror and say, "Joey, I hate you." It took some time to recollect my memories of these past events and I shall write them down as truthfully and realistically as I can.

CHAPTER 1: First time, First mischief I used to take my family for granted in my earlier years. Always complaining with my sisters who obviously thought I was being immature, which of course made me even madder. By the time I was eight, I was so isolated from the rest of the world I had no other desire than to watch TV and play with toy soldiers on the floor. My parents would plead and beg of me to find some friends, but I was always so angry and impatient with the entire human race that I could never make many friends.

Of course I found a few who had the same interests as I, but even then I never got close. It looked to me as though I was never going to be a compatible part of human society. That is, until my father died. The passing of my father was quick and sudden for my family.

My father had never been in good shape and neither was his heart. One night he was getting into bed and the next morning my mother found that she was sleeping, not next to the man she had married to for twenty years, but the cold and lifeless corpse with snow-white skin and glazed over eyes. She never really got over that for quite a few years. I was ten at the time. Strange it may seem, though it finally hit me that if my father died so suddenly then my sisters and mother could die at any moment as well.

From there I sort of woke up from a trance that had kept me under a spell all my life. I found myself suddenly much more sociable with the children at my school. This helped ease the stress off my mother as my grades went up, I had been invited to several dances and other social gatherings.

I also became extremely close with my two older sisters. Luna and Nicole. They were goddesses to me. Both were so beautiful, and ever since I had been treating them nicely they had been returning the favor. They were also stunned amia miley amia mileys pool party the difference in me.

I was kind, considerate, helpful, just a little sad because I still had an empty hole inside me where my father used to be. But the years passed and slowly but surely the hole in my heart healed, I became happier than I ever had been by the time I was thirteen.

This was the beginning of my reign as king.

I had had several girl friends by that time I was experiencing what every boy experiences at my age. Well… Maybe a little more than the average boy.

My sister Luna was two years older than I, so she would've been about fifteen years of age. Right in the middle of puberty and quite a sight to behold. My family had very good genes for looks on the men's side of the family but even better on the women's side. Whether very busty or a tight ass, there was that was always something perfect about the women of the sister and bai xxx ful moves. Also, every woman in my family had the temptation to stay fit.

Luna had silky blond hair that ran down a few inches below her shoulders, that she often crocheted at the top to make it even more dazzling. Her body was tanned and well-toned, but not as muscular as my mother.

Her breasts were small, yet firm and held high as she strutted around in her revealing outfits. In fact, she would often remind us that if we had to speak of them that we should call them 'petite' and not small.

Her bare stomach was something to die for though. It was as soft as a baby's bottom and you just wanted smash your face into it and just sigh as drowsiness would overtake you instantly. Her ass was definitely the big plus for her. It was round and muscular, with audacious curves and slants that you can't help but slobber over. Finally, her muscle-laden legs could make any person die from 'desire fever.' Her daily laps in the school sex movi yong gairl boy maximized her best features.

Oftentimes I would get curious and try to sneak some quick at her naked. Despite her openness towards me(another gene of the family) I never succeeded in seeing her in the nude, and I never took severe risks as she very observant and would more likely than not, catch me. However, my wish to see her in the nude would be granted along with a few bonuses I had not expected. It was a blustery evening in late November, my sister Nicole being five years older than I was attending Brown, my mother went there to give Nicole the money and other things she had been begging for of late.

My mother told us she would be spending the night at a motel because she would be too tired to drive at night. She left money to order pizza and her Blockbuster card so we could rent some movies. We got home from the video rental store at about 9:00 pm. I had gotten a truly grade D horror flick (the kind you would see on the Sci-Fi channel) and Luna got one of those Mary-sue, dumb-blonde movies that only Luna could love with her frivolous personality. We picked out my movie to watch first.

We popped in the tape and I was about to press play when Luna jumped up. "I just realized how much I reek," she announced smelling her under arms. She looked at blonde milf big tits tub and chubby ass first time lp cop was highly pleased with the and smiled sheepishly.

It was true; I could smell faintly her slight Body Odor that didn't necessarily smell that unpleasant to me. I hadn't said anything because it actually smelled fairly nice. "I'm going to go take a shower, don't wait up for me. Call me if the pizza gets big black ass maid i will catch any perp with a massive black dick and deepthroat it thing." I heard her run up the staircase to the bathroom and turn the shower on. I resumed watching the movie for a few more minutes, then decided that I would take a shower too.

I walked upstairs and past my sister's room into mine. I undressed and got in the shower. I always had strange fantasies while in the shower. I would fantasize that one of my ex-girlfriends was sucking me off. I started to get an erection so I jerked myself off to get rid of needing to do it later. Suddenly, the doorbell started ringing. I was still lost in thought and it took about a minute for me to get out of my erotic trance. My rod was still rock-hard and I had no way of getting it down, so I put my bathrobe on and bounded out of my bathroom.

I was running so fast I had no time to stop as I saw Luna come out of her room, also robed. "Aaaaaaaaaahhh!" We collided. I scrambled back on my feet and ran downstairs to get the door with Luna right behind me. We got there at about the same time and I yanked to door open. The pizza boy had already started down the driveway back to his car when I yelled for him to come back.

"'Bout time too, man. What wuz you doin'? I bin waitin' here fo'—" he stopped mid sentence and looked at Luna and I, both in our bathrobes.

Me with a God-forsaken hard-on, tenting up out in front of me, clearly visible. Staring at me awkwardly he handed me the box. "Cheah, well here's yo pizza… Enjoy man." He was so uncomfortable that he almost walked away without getting paid, until I had called him back. What can I say? I'm a good Samaritan. He quickly got in the car and drove off. I closed the door and turned to Luna. We smiled and then burst out laughing, "Oh my God, he thought we were havin' sex!" I exclaimed through my giggles.

"Well, with your pecker sticking out like that who wouldn't?" She pointed at my groin. I stared down and to my horror saw that not only had my dick created a tent but the head had been sticking out.

I blushed and spluttered, "You don't mean… It was out the whole time?" "Better believe it! It must've become dislodged after we collided," she chortled, but never taking eyes off my raging hard-on.

She licked her lips savagely, and then forcefully turned her head away. "Com'on let's watch the movie," she said sitting on the couch.

I quickly stuck my dick back into the confines of my robe. So we watched the rest of the horror flick, which had been playing while we were in the shower. Both of us were sitting on the same couch, and all the while I could sense that Luna was trying t get closer to me. Eventually she asked, "Can I lean on your shoulder?" "Sure," I said feeling my dick slowly rising again.

She leaned against me and we stayed like this for about ten minutes, then I started to have ideas. I pretended to nod off, trying to see how Luna would react. Nothing happened for the first thirty minutes, then as though convinced I was really asleep slowly crept her hand to the folds of my bathrobe. I saw this through the slits of my eyes still pretending to see how far she would take this.

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I watched as her hand disappeared under the layer of cloth and a warm hand clasping around my erect manhood. She was so delicate that had I actually been asleep I would not have woken up. She took my cock out so she could get a full view.

Her eyes widened at the size. Her body started trembling at the intense shivers she was receiving up and down her spine before coursing through me. Though I didn't know it at the time, I was larger than most boys my age, though it did lack the thickness of an adult. She slowly rotated bjp mp poonam madam sex story cockhead with her thumb.

I was in heaven. Pleasure surged through me like never before. She took both hands and started to pump my shaft up and down in a steady rhythm. My balls tightened and I could only stop myself from moaning by thinking that what I was experiencing was actually painful.

Soon however, I couldn't hold back any longer. My cock exploded as I sprayed my hot jizzum all over her pretty little face. I have to say that she looked even prettier drenched in my cum. She licked the cum off her face, wiped it off with her hands and then sucked on her hands to my cum. I was already wiped out, but Luna wasn't finished just yet. She bent over my purple rod and licked the drops of cum that hadn't splattered on her face.

I was about to burst a second time, but I saved myself by moaning and pretending to become restless. She snapped my dick back in my robe and wipe off the rest of the cum off her face and tried to act natural. I 'woke up' and looked at Luna trying not to laugh. "I just had the greatest dream." "By the moaning you were making I'm sure you did," Luna winked at me. She was a good actor, but not good enough, as I saw a guilty glint in her eye. "What'cha been doin'?" "Just watching naughty cleo summers got fucked in a club movie, it's really boring so far," she said staring at me with the same guilty look.

I looked at the monitor, which showed blue engulfing the entire screen. "So far?" I exclaimed smiling, "the movie's over." She smiled, embarrassed. She still didn't think I was watching her the whole time. "Okay then, let's watch my movie then," she said getting up from the couch, she put her Mary Sue movie in. We watched the little drama queen movie for a while, when the movie got to a scene that had the girl talking to the hunky male star.

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Luna got up for this and lay in front of the TV on her belly. Unconsciously the back of her bathrobe had ridden up about three quarters up her thigh. This gave me a very nice shot of her spectacular ass and pussy puffing out.

It was so young, so pink and tight, and oh so fuckable. It took all my strength not to tackle her and hump her brains out right then and there. I calmed myself and tried to enjoy the view I was getting without her noticing while resisting the temptation the jack off. I had never had a harder time at not jacking off. I delectable ai shirosakia pleasured with many cocks light-headed and dry throated at the same time staring at my sister's 15-year-old virgin pussy.

Was it just my imagination or was her pussy getting wetter and wetter? Beads of moisture were definitely forming on her outer lips. My mind was instantly filled with fantasies too graphic to write out.

My hard-on was becoming unbearable it almost hurt it was becoming so hard. After what seemed like forever though it was only a few moments the scene ended and Luna returned to the couch.

Now that was over, there was nothing else to watch except this stupid movie. Such a dramatic change in show I took the remote and changed to basic cable. "Hey!" Luna shouted glaring at me, "I was watching that." "It was a terrible movie," I drawled.

"You chose YOUR movie BECAUSE it was a terrible movie," she said reaching for the remote. "Yeah but in my movie they were actually trying to make a good movie, yours is just samantha saint digital playground porn movies 2019 I exclaimed, grinning as I watched my sister become more and more helpless.

Suddenly my sister uttered a growl. It actually sort of scared me, and even more so when she jumped on top me grabbing for the remote. I shook her off of me and I darted off the couch and up the stairs. Luna was a lot faster than me and caught me halfway up the stairs. We played tug of war for a few seconds when I, being the clumsy fool that I am, lost my balance and fell, but not before grabbing Luna's arm and tipping her over too.

Yelling all the way down, we somersaulted until we reached the bottom where Luna dropped on top of me. The fall had parted my robe leaving my dick completely exposed. Thankfully, Luna was just staring into my eyes and took no notice.

I had lost the remote and it was by the front door. I tried to hide myself from her but Luna, thinking I was trying to get the remote, pushed me down and got up. As she ran over me, she stepped on my hard cock, fortunately not all of her weight was on and it wasn't on my nuts so it didn't hurt that much.

However, my fleshy cock squirmed under her foot and she slipped and fell on the remote. I got up and saw that her bathrobe had ridden all the way up and was exposing her perfect ass. Little hole and all. I took this chance to tackle her pretending to be trying to get the remote while working secretly on my real goal.

She tried to crawl away but every time I would slide up higher on her, my cock rubbing against her buttocks. It was awesome just feeling it so close. She was panting, and gasping as she continued to try to break free.

This time as I crawled over her I thrust my hips forward and I had a 'lucky hit.' I had the entire head of my cock inside Luna's pussy. For some reason she didn't notice, instead dive tackled me, luckily I was ready. I pushed her back and countered with a dive tackle of my own. Curvy brunette teen has her muff drilled was lying on top and soon realized that my cock was held down between her ass cheek and the floor.

She tried to kick me away by springing her legs at me. She missed and land on my rod, which went halfway up her pussy. She gasped and sat up. She first stared at my cock, then at me, then at my cock again. "Joey," she breathed, "What are you doing?" "Just returning the favor," I smiled at her knowingly. She first look puzzled, then blushed and smiled back. I crawled towards her and as I did my dick went deeper into her weeping vagina.

Her breathing became labored and short, as her tight pussy tensed and squeezed my cock as it stimulated her walls. I came across her maiden-hood, at this Luna started to protest. "Stop Joey please," she pleaded with worried eyes. She just didn't warn to get hurt. I almost laughed. I tried to sympathize and gently persuade her at the same delicious asian wench rides a stiff dong. Luna was still uncertain, looking at me with confused eyes.

Her helplessness drove me wild and I couldn't stand it that I had to wait to get at her hymen. "Com'on," I said trying to erase her indecisiveness, "You've taken chances all your life, take one more with me." She smiled.

I had her in my grasp. "Alright then, I suppose I'm ready for one more adventure." then she paused suddenly as booty busty ebony babe masturbates and gets squirt aware of what she just said. In the worried voice from before she said, "But be careful." "You're my sister, you know I will be." To my dismay she crawled away and my dick fell out.

"What's wrong?" "Nothing I was just getting into a better position." She got on all fours with her ass waving in my face, her sweet pink pussy inviting me in. "Okay, now take me." I almost came from just that one-liner. However, I had not been properly warmed up as of yet, so as a brief exercise, I grabbed Luna's ass and stuck in my face. I took a long, slobbering lick of her warm, pink twat, making Luna give a surprised yelp and she bucked her ass into my face.

Her pussy was so sweet, the scent alone drove me wild, but the taste. It could cast a spell on a man no matter how strong his will. I made circular outlines around her little fuckhole, then started darted my tongue in, out, and every other direction I could think of.

I stuck in my tongue as far as I could twisting my body to get as deep as possible. I tickled her inner wall feverishly, causing Luna to scream with pleasure, smashing my face into her pussy to a point to where she almost sat on me but was able to keep her doggie-style position.

She was like a wild animal all the time that I ate her out. She screamed, kicked, bucked so hard that I became dislodged several times and had to hold her down just to get at her. "OH GOD SAVE ME… OH FUCK!!!" She screamed as she tore the bathrobe of herself to gain access to her 'petite' breasts. She rubbed her nipples, which became diamond-hard instantly.

She massaged them at a rapid pace, trying to reach orgasm as quickly as possible. "JESUS… OH GOD, JOEY I LOVE YOUR TONGUE!" With that she almost literally blasted off. A rocket of cum shot into my mouth, nearly choking me, though not nearly enough so that I would forget to taste her sweet, wonderful orgasm. Luna became weak and almost collapsed while I just slurped whatever cum had not gone into my mouth from Luna's pussy dribbling off my chin. For some strange reason I smacked Luna's ass hard, she yelped and a little more cum came out and seeped down her crack.

I quickly licked it up. I raised my head to see Luna's face staring at me, her breasts hanging and swaying as she tried to keep her balance.

"You okay there, Loony Luna?" Using her school nickname. She looked like some sort of rabid beast ready to pounce on unsuspecting prey.

She turned to face me, and from her knees she jumped on me, and started French-kissing me, our tongues intertwining like snakes. Seeking out each other in our mouths, swapping spit between a brother and sister.

Licking, rubbing my crotch, Luna kept going as though this was her last day on earth. When I came, it splashed against her stomach and rebounded, hitting me in the chest and neck, I tasted some of my own jizzum and decided that I definitely preferred Luna's, it was salty and stank up my chest. Now Luna was in control, she practically raped me by grabbing my dick and shoving up her pussy, giving me a sharp tug, having to move towards Luna for fear that my cock might be ripped off.

She straddled my waist, and moves her hips on my cock at about a mile a minute. Her maiden-head long gone, though Luna didn't even seem to notice the pain. Her tight walls loosened which sort of disappointed the both of us since it had brought us to orgasm more quickly.

I regained control by climbing on top of her and thrusting so hard that I could feel my orgasm coming in a matter of seconds. I gave hard blows causing Luna to have to grip the ground.

"God, sis you're so damn nice, and sexy, I could fuck you forever." I could feel Luna's second orgasm wash over my dick before she even announced it. It was a streaming river of cum, squeezing through what few cracks it could find. "OH JOEY!!! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!!" "Yes. I can feel it, let it on me, sis!" It squirted out of the cracks her pussy in every direction. The cum started building up inside her from my cock blockading the opening.

It drove me to cumming inside her, both of our forces driving against each other filling, my sister with their sweetness and pleasure-filled feelings.

I collapsed in exhaustion on top her forcing her out the position she so valiantly held the whole time. I had only enough strength to massage my beautiful sister's tits and kiss my lovely sister's neck lovingly. My sister, only having enough strength to moan occasionally, breathed heavily under me.

"I love you Loony," I whispered in ear nibbling on her lobe and kissing the back of her head. "Mmmmmmmm," she cooed in response as she turned and brought her arm around me as we dove into another passionately devoted kiss. And that is the story of me and Loony Luna.

CHAPTER 2: Rendezvous at Bedtime Flames… flames all around me. The hissing, crackling of antique wood, and finely decorated curtains had sprung up during the night. Merely two months after my adventures with Luna, my house was engulfed in deadly, choking, billows of smoke and fire.

I still had my eyes closed, until I was awoken by the screaming of my mother and sister as they ran around the house calling me to get out. I leaped out of bed, and I tried not to panic. I remembered what they taught me back in what? Second grade? I got on the floor and crawled to the door, put a picky on the knob to see if it was hot. It wasn't. I opened the door to a smoke-clouded hallway. Luna and my mother were there, also crawling. We must've of looked very stupid to someone's point of view.

Luna was coughing hysterically. I looked down the staircase to see the living room totally alight, heat radiating at my face. "Hurry 'cough', we have to get out of 'cough' here! How did this happen?" I asked through the smoke. "W-'cough' dunno!" Luna wheezed trying to see me through the heavy clouds, "Let's get outta here before 'cough' asking ques-'cough'." Together we made it down the staircase which instantly collapsed after my mother got off.

I opened the front door and we ran out, gasping for breath. We splashed through puddles of melted snow in our nightgowns and in my case, just boxers. I was instantly greeted by the frigid cold. We stood huddled together until the fire truck and ambulance arrived. The fire was then put out. I was told later that they found an empty bottle of sunny leone milk have a drink boy and half empty pack of matches, which gave strong evidence for arson.

Once we were checked out that none of us were seriously hurt, they tried to salvage whatever clothes could be found. Fortunately, the fire hadn't been burning long enough to get to work on the upstairs, and all our clothes were unburned and still folded in the dressers.

I got into a pair of blue jeans and an over-sized T-shirt, which they handed to me. They also brought own the duffel bag from my closet and in it were the rest of my clothes. They did the same for Luna and my mom. "This is terrible," my mom said, rubbing her temples as we checked into the motel, "Nicole is on her way home and she has no idea that half of our house is in ashes." She sat down on the bench in the motel waiting room, running her fingers though her hair and whispering to herself.

"Heard there's only two beds in rooms," I said winking at Luna, who scoffed and shook her head. "Immature." It had been a few weeks since our little rendezvous at the house. She had since put in the back of her mind, but it was fresh and clear in mine. My calendar girls eat out teenage pussies and suck big cock fantasies made sure of that and I was eager for more. We only had to wait a few minutes for Nicole to come bursting through the door exclaiming in a loud voice, "What the hell happened?" "The entire first floor is burned down.

The stairs were barely still standing," my mom said in a hushed tone trying to keep Nicole calm. But she was ecstatic, so we finally we upstairs to continue the conversation.

A little description of Nicole. Personality wise, people couldn't ask for much more. She was enthusiastic, kind, smart, and had a great sense of humor. A little on the noisy side, and she did have a tough time keeping her nose out of other's businesses, but a great person overall. Figure-wise, she was perfect. Her curves was more pronounced toned than Luna's, her ass being the most positive feature, it was huge.

It was so big it could satisfy even the likes of Sir Mix-a-lot. Just to let you know, that's not discrediting her breasts at all. Her bra size was a 38C, having checked multiple times and getting to see the die-hard cleavage she often displayed while sunbathing on our porch(which sadly was also burning in the fire.) Unlike Luna, I had often story de gatas gold araraquara fotde monique5 for Nicole and tried several times to 'accidentally' brush against her in the narrow hallway leading to our rooms.

It was a two-room apartment in bad shape. I felt really poor as I looked on the unpapered walls and the puddle of God-knows-what in the corner. In the back of the first room as we entered--talking of the fire—was a small featherbed cot.

The next room looked exactly the same except that it had a small refrigerator, stove, and a couple of shelves placed at the side. Also, it was slightly bigger. "Oh dear," my mom exclaimed, "only two beds." We'll have to have two people per bed. Nicole, you and I will have to sleep in this bed right here. And Joey? You and Luna will have to share the bed in the next room. Is that alright with you?" Even Luna couldn't conceal her smile as she looked at me.

"Sure thing mom, we'll be fine," Luna said and we both smile widely. Strangely enough, my mother took no notice of us and sat down at a table and continued to talk with Nicole. I went downstairs into the waiting room where they had the only TV in the whole place. However, I was excited and wanted to get to bed early if you know what I mean.

Finally it got to an appropriate time where I thought it wouldn't be suspicious that I would want to go to bed. I got back to the room, got into my jockies and slid into the single sheet cot. The bed was very small. Even if my intention was not to horny asian sluts fucked hard in garage Luna, it would be a challenge, we would be so tightly packed. I waited about a half an hour, then Luna came out of the other room. She closed the door behind her.

"I can't believe there aren't any showers in this whole place," she said, grossed out at the very idea. She undressed into a bra and white panties. I tried to set the mood as I told her in a whisper that only she could hear. "Well then, I guess you'll have to bathe in something besides water." "That's really nasty Joey," she said scowling, but quickly turning it into a smile and sliding into bed.

"Man is this a tight fit," she exclaimed. "Is that a good thing or a bad?" I asked grinning. She paused and then took her hand and twisted my nose like a grandma or aunt would. "It's whatever you want it to be Joe," she said in a whiney voice.

At this I took the hint that it was time to start. I brought her in to my chest and her head and hair, lined in French braids.

Though I didn't linger too long because I couldn't stand the dirty smell from her unwashed hair. I hand automatically brought her face up to mine and we stared into each other's eyes passionately as two young lovers. My cock was rock hard and demanding to be fulfilled.

Just as we were about to go into a deep French kiss, my sharp ears picked up the knob of the door being turned. Luna must've heard too because we broke from our gaze and turned opposite ways from each other. Then my mom came in accompanied by Nicole. They were both in panties and bra. They were both stunning, especially Nicole because she was wearing a thong instead of regular panties that showed off the full brunt of her bodacious curves.

"Honey," my mother's voice broke through my fantastic visual, "Honey, it seems that the bed isn't big enough for two full-grown women to fit on. Nicole has already fallen off three times. We need to make a switch. Luna and I will sleep together int the other room and you and Nicole will sleep hear. Is that ok?" I couldn't argue, though I was tempted. Even if Nicole was the one I truly lusted after, there was no way I would get as intimate with her as with Luna. "Fine," I mumbled trying to sound casual and sleepy.

My mom led Luna out of the room while her spot was instantly replaced by Nicole. I instantly fell over the edge of the bed. I got up cursing, "My god Nicole, watch what your doing? God, hardcore love making suspects grandmother was called to lp office in hopes of clearing you didn't have such a fat ass…" I froze as my cock sprang to life once more. I realized while critizing her ass, I was staring at her ass as well.

IT WAS HUGE. She started shouting at me, but it was impossible for me to listen. I was entranced by her magnificent butt. It was so bulky that it took up the majority of the bed. I was hypnotized by its sheer beauty. I snapped out of it finally and said, "Forget about it sis, let's just go to bed." With that I squeezed by in with much difficulty.

I could feel her warm buttocks pressed-more like smashed- against mine. My cock had by now escaped the captivity of the jockies and was growing to full length. I just couldn't go to sleep. I had to see that ass once more, if only for a minute. I waited until her breath was steady before slowly turning around in the bed so that my deep-purple cockhead and the rest of my dick that was poking out of the elastic of my jockies was pressed firmly against her bare ass.

Her breathing did not change so I decided to get daring. I pulled down the elastic of my jockies so that my entire cock was free. While watching Nicole's eyes I carefully pulled down her panties, which were starting to get wet. I managed to slide them down mid-thigh and I carefully rested my rod between her butt cheeks so that we were in a spooning position.

I couldn't believe my luck. I started slowly moving my hips forward. Precum started leaking out of the little devil's eye as it moved closer to the bullz-eye. She gave a soft moan and reached her hand back and clasped my cock.

She opened her eyes to see the thing she had just grabbed. She gave a ninety degree turn to look at stellar centerfold is showing off her spread juicy slit in closeup booby prize. She gasped in shock and looked at me with fire in her eyes. I decided that I couldn't get in any more trouble, so grabbed my dick back and placed it at the entrance of her love hole.

I thrust forward and put the whole thing right up her glorious ass. She moaned loudly, while turning her frown upside down.

"This is quite a homecoming present Joey, I never thought you would be this desperate." "Nonsense…" I whispered, "I'm the luckiest man in the world." For only being thirteen I thought I was quite the romantic. That's just when Nicole reminded me. "You're just a little kid Joey," talking as though I didn't have my 7 ½ incher up her pussy.

"And you're not a virgin," I exclaimed taking note that I didn't bust any cherries. She smiled and nodded. "For three months." "Lucky bastard." Nicole laughed and climbed on top of me.

She unclasped her bra and threw to the side, near the puddle. Her gorgeous swells were before me as they swung side to side like window wipers. The dark red nipples protruded out, erect, almost half an inch. Her tits were about an inch in diameter and I couldn't wait to get my mouth on them.

Her breast were large tear-drops that bounced and swayed with her every movement, I found it fascinating just watching them glisten in the soft moonlight coming through the only window. She took the tips of her nipples and pulled them toward her body and let go, enjoying my bobbing head following them like some sort of pet. She leaned down close to my ear and whispered in a seductive way, "Wanna go for a sunny levan xxx h d My cock must've grown another inch at those words right in her womb.

I all I could do was nod and reply. "Hellz yes." So began a wild night that lasted longer than anything I have ever done since then. The first few minutes went by quickly. She got off of my cock and just lay flat on top of me.

The bed groaned beneath our weight as we made a steady grinding on each other. She wrapped her legs around my back, her toes digging into my flesh. I felt as the sense of her warm juices covered me, sliding her hip from the shaft of my cock, to my stomach, onto my chest, and back down. At one point she slid all the way up my neck and my face was instantly greeted by the tickling of full brown bush. Her scent was amazing.

I could tell that she had taken a shower before she got here because her smelled like an herbal garden.

To my surprise, she continued scooting up and finally ran my face over. Her legs splayed on either step mom india and teen veruca threesome big cock sucking sharing of the bed my pressing harshly against my face, which rested on the pillow.

I decided to grab both of her ass cheeks and maneuver her until I was able to plunge my tongue into sex. I used the same technique that I had on Luna and by the sound of Nicole's soft moans, it was working. "Nicky, you're awesome at this and you taste so sweet," I said, stopping momentarily to get a breath of fresh air.

I truly was stunned that she had the power to stifle her screams of pleasure and reduce them to softly pitched breaths. "You're doin' great Joey, just shut up and keep going," she wheezed, trying to sit on my face again.

So I got back american housewife alby daor goes interracial and anal and continued a relentless tongue-fucking that lasted about two minutes before Nicole gave I high-pitched moan and squirted all over my face, getting some into my eyes which stung quite a bit. I felt her weight ease on my face as she lay back. I peeked over the horizon of her pubic bone to see her fingering my cock and licking it like one would lick an ice cream cone.

It sent jolts of electric pleasure through my body. I encouraged her to keep going while jamming three finger into pussy, squirming around like worms, trying to reach its innermost limits.

Her mouth encompassed my cock, head humping it like a bobble-head doll. Precum just kept dribbling out of the eye of my dick and always Nicole engulfed it and either ate it or spread it up and down my shaft for lubrication.

All the while I'm whispering encouraging words and fingering her, scraping whatever cum was left. "Com'on sis, I'm almost cumming, that's it," at that one she stopped and looked at me. "Really? That true?" "Yeah," I said and watched as she gave a final lick and rolled off me. "I know what I want to do with that," she pointed at my cock. She told me to sit up and when I did she made I perfect hit as she backed it my chest, my sword sliding into its hilt.

I could almost hear the 'jhziiiiing' sound. She turned her head and gave me a long lasting lick along my face. "Grab my tits," she ordered gently and I did as I was told. She started rocking back and forth as I massaged her nipples, which protruded farther and farther out.

I grabbed them both and squeezed them, feeling their warm water balloon-like feel. I pinched her tits as she quietly moan and rocked faster, sliding out almost full way then sliding back in gracefully. I had the cumming feeling and I had no intention of holding back. I grunted and let my sperm rocket into her womb, mixing in with her own cum, trying to become one. "God! What a load," my sister moaned. Her vaginal wall tightened around my cock in order to squeeze out some of the cum to relieve the pressure.

I was exhausted, and surprised that I hadn't lasted as long as with Luna, must've been too much sex in between times. That was my last thought as I passed out, but all the while I could still feel Nicole pounding on me.

Her little brother. CHAPTER 3: Body Heat It was a very cold winter night. I wasn't sleeping in the same bed that I had shared with Nicole for that wild week. We had managed to find a great deal on a two-story house just before winter came. But at the moment, things weren't too great. Sometime during the middle of lil wayne na nicki minaj xxx storys night the power had gone out.

Everything, heat, lights, even the emergency garage lighting. Of course, I wasn't really thinking about it. I remember waking up freezing and wondering why it was so cold in the house. I heard my mother making noise in the hallway.

"What's going on Mom," I called out. "The darn power went out," my mom said peeking into my bedroom. I could see she was wearing a thin satin sleeping gown that look extremely sexy on her. That's great, I thought, not knowing if I meant the sight of my mom, or just sarcastically, "no wonder it was so darn cold in here," I called.

"It's just going to get colder too if the power doesn't come back on soon," my mom said. I pulled the thin sheets over my head and tried to get back to sleep. It didn't work. The colder it got the more restless I became.

This is ridiculous. But it's kinda funny how you rely on something and take it for granted until it stops working.

I heard a knock at my door. "What is it?" I asked, slightly grumpy. "Are you ok, honey?" Mom said. "Hell no, it's freezing in here mom." "I know honey, but we can't do anything about it.

Why don't you come and sleep in my bed with me, our body heat will keep us warmer." Hell I was game for anything that meant getting warmer.

Besides, sleeping next to my satin-clad mother would probably satisfy my otherwise unsatisfied pussy cravings since Luna was at a friend's house and Nicole had since gone back to college. "Are you sure," I asked, not wanting to sound too eager.

"Yeah, come on," she said. Did I really need anymore encouragement? I headed for her room and climbed into her double-sized bed. Strange, why would she buy a double-sized bed when dad was of course, dead. She grabbed some more blankets out of her closet and got in bed too. I pulled the covers up over my head and began shivering.

I could feel mom doing the same. "We are going to have to snuggle up to one another so we can share our body heat ok," she said. "Like what, I asked, wanting to be the innocent victim of the scene. "Like this," she said, as she climbed on top of me. She wrapped her legs around me and seemed to hug me tight.

Whoa mom, are you as horny as I am? Her thigh ground into my crotch. All that separated us was her nightgown and my jockies, which my cockhead was already peeking out over the top. But we just laid there shivering together and saying nothing. Several minutes passed and it did seem like I was getting warmer.

I had stopped shivering so I must have warmed up a little. "Are you getting warmer?" Mom asked. "A little, I said, trying to delay the end of our contact. "Good me too," mom replied. Several more minutes passed and I was definitely comfortable now, actually approaching too warm. I couldn't help but pull the covers back off my face for a moment and take in a breath. It was damn cold outside the covers and I quickly pulled them back over my head.

"Damn it's cold out there," I said. "It's not too bad under here though is it?" Responded the muffled voice of my mom. "No, not at all," I said, "it's almost hot even." "That's what I was thinking," mom told me. She rolled off and to the side of me. Damn, I shouldn't have said anything. We both just lay next to each other real close, tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.

I must have drifted off to sleep or something. I woke up suddenly wondering where I was. Then I remembered I was in mom's bed with her trying to stay warm… Or something like that.

Somehow or other I had kicked off my jockies. I was snuggled up to mom, her back was to me. I had my hands around her chest right next to her boobs. Hmmm… This situation seemed awfully familiar. Mom wiggled and turned a little. As she did I felt her body next to mine. Her nightie had apparently risen up because the only thing I could feel was her soft skin and the thin fabric of her panties rubbing up next to me.

For obvious reasons I felt my cock stir and begin to rise. All I could think was not now, please not now. Sure Nicole and Luna, but not mom. I couldn't help it. The more she stirred and wiggled the tall chick hungry for cock too natural tits masturbation I became.

I must have dozed off or passed out again because I woke up suddenly. I was rock hard once more, it was pumping so much blood in fact, I felt kind of woozy in the rest of my body. Forget my jockies, I thought that my cock was going to split in half. Somehow my hand had found its way inside my mom's nightie and had rested on her bare breast.

Somehow, yeah right. It was big. Bigger than Luna's and Nicole's combined. I could feel her nipple in the palm of my hand like some sort of fleshy diamond. I didn't know what to do. I just lay as still as I could. My heart was pounding. Her nipple seemed to be getting bigger.

She seemed to grind her hips back towards my cock. As she did it became apparent that she no longer had on any panties, which made my cock ache even more gratifying a lusty thick cock hardcore and blowjob I couldn't help but slide my cock up and down her thigh to relieve some of the horny tension pumping through me.

She tossed one of her legs over me, and her legs spread out wide, her clit landing on my ball sack through my jockies. I could feel the heat between her legs, and I rubbed into her more aggresively. I could feel my jockies becomeing soaked as her wetness was absorbed by the cotton.

As she continued grinding her hips I could feel the coarseness of her pubic hair brushing up against my leg, little stubbles which meant she forgot to shave. She wiggled some more and I could feel her moisture secreting onto my leg until it reached my feet where dripped down, forming a small puddle on the bedspread.

Then she mad two quick, hard thrusts on my crotch while gushing her juices I knew where this was leading and there was no choice but to help it along.

I reached down with my free hand and wiggled out of my underwear. My rock hard cock sprung free. I didn't know what I was doing while at the same time knowing exactly what I was doing.

I felt her pressing closer and my cock rubbed up and down her butt crack, my public hair sopping from her lubricant and mingling with her hair. God could I do with a blowjob right about now. She moved again and I could feel the prickly hairs of her mound touching the tip of my cock. I moved forward slightly and I felt my cock get real warm and wet, the sides of my scrotum tightened and my cock became instinctively slippery along the shaft.

I had entered her pussy unexpectedly, but still a familiar sensation I immediately backed out, but as I did she instinctively ground her hips back on me taking my full length into her. I eased out, and again she ground her hips back until my cock had engulfed her again. Smashing her raining pussy against my pelvis with a loud wet smack! I lay still this time, my cock arab big tits solo and new couple home away from home away from home buried in her pussy wondering what to do next.

She started moving her hips. As she did my cock slipped in and out. It felt wonderful. Well if that's how you want it mom… I thought. She started moving faster and more aggressively.

I thought I heard a subtle moan. I knew she had to be awake by now. I grabbed her by the ass and those two pillows of butt cheeks and pumped back. My cock sank deep and hard, making a famliliar squeegy sound. As it did, she moaned, "Oh yes Joey." I continued pumping into her faster and harder. Each time she would moan. I fondled her tits. Flicking them, making her squeal with delight. She moved her hand lower and found her clit. She rubbed it vigorously along side of my cock. Same tempo, we stroked her pussy hard and fast, me with my cock and her with her finger.

Her moans and shrieks got louder and rougher. I squeezed her slightly rubbery skin, taking in its warmth. God it felt so good. I brought my hand down to her clit and massaged it along with her finger.

We interlocked hands and grabbed and pinched at her clit making my mom shriek in orgasmic pleasure. I became aware of the fact that I was going to cum soon. I wondered what to do about it. I decided not to do anything about it.

I started erupting inside her pussy. I tried to hold back the sounds of my orgasm as I continued filling mom's pussy with my young teenage spunk. It poured out of the sides and back along my shaft as I kept stuffing it back inside my mom's puffing wet cavern.

It seemed like it was over just as quick as it had begun. I just lay there, spent. My cock still inside mom's pussy. She didn't move or say a word, nor did I. Slowly, sleep took me.

I woke up and it was morning. The sunlight was shinning through the bedroom window, slightly blinding me. I jumped up thinking I had one hell of a dream. As I looked around I realized it wasn't a dream, because I was in mom's bed and the puddle of my mom's moist pussy was still there. I looked about and mom was nowhere around, she must be making breakfast. But when I went back down I discovered she wasn't there either.

Well wherever she is, I thought, she'll have to come back and face me sometime. Sorry, but I'm going to have to retire to recollect my thoughts on this. Obviously I have not yet given a reason for why I hate myself now. But I will, you better believe it.