Sensual blonde sucking dick in pov style

Sensual blonde sucking dick in pov style
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A SPECIAL BOND Long Weekend at the Lake ___________________________________ No institution or agency may use this work for other than the intended purpose to provide personal entertainment. All characters are fictional. This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy. It's called 'My Right of Free Speech.' If you do not approve of youngsters engaged in various sexual acts.

. or if you live in one of the God-forsaken States that bans possessing/reading such material. . then please, PLEASE, go someplace else. This is not some 4 page fuck/suck story. This story consists of 35 Sex xxx miss pooja punjabi com It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex to satisfy almost everyone and some humor.

It will be posted in multiple segments. Lastly, 'A Special Bond' is a Trilogy. 'Long Weekend at the Lake' is the second part and will be followed by the Prequel and finally by The Later Years.

I've spell-checked and re-read the chapters multiple times. Yet I am sure there are spelling errors, grammatical problems and incorrect words. I don't have an editor! Just read and enjoy. Many of you provided constructive comments, resulting in changes. This includes some of the names (too many 'K' names) that caused confusion. As the other two parts are still under development I ask you provide comments and suggestions.

If you don't like it let me know why. If you DO, let me know also. DSGIRLSD Characters: Kathy Evans Age 31 Rob Evans Age 36 RJ Evans Age 16 Kayla Evans Age 15 Aunt Christy Peters Age 36 Uncle Tom Peters Age 37 Ken Peters Age 17 Candace Peters Age 14 Chapter 1 of 35 School had been out for the summer for weeks now.

Robert Jr, or RJ as everyone called him, was starting to feel that edge of boredom. Certainly he had a whole group of school chums, most of who were on the High School Football Team with him. However, several of his buddies were gone on vacation with their parents and siblings. Those that were still in town had started to become a little repetitive to hang out with every day.

Kayla had a gaggle of girlfriends and like most 15 year old teens seemed to spend an eternity on the phone talking to them.

Kayla had just finished her freshman year while RJ had completed his sophomore year and he was looking forward to his Junior year and advancement to the Varsity Football Team. Kayla had blossomed into quite a beauty. She now stood over 5'6" tall and her wavy strawberry blond hair flowed below her shoulder blades and she had pale hazel eyes that seemed to change color with their surroundings.

Puberty had come early, no it was more like puberty had arrived like a freight train, upon Kayla. From the age of 11 she started having periods, her hips flared out, her waist narrowed, her strawberry old man fucks bella beretta in the sauna seemed to thicken and grow and inch a month, and her breast went from non-existent, to a 'B' cup at 12, and now a 34 'C' at age 15.

Kayla was not only tall, but athletically built from years of gymnastics, with legs that seemed to go up forever, 34 inch hips and a 21 inch waist. Her stomach was flat and toned, unlike many of the teen girls at Cheyenne High School who had flabby guts! Kayla's mother, Kathy, as well as her Aunt Christy, were both natural blonds. Kayla's father, Rob, had light red hair. The combination of her Mother and Father no doubt accounted for the beautiful head of strawberry blond hair Kayla had.

It also sune lone sexy sex stories storys her just a smattering of freckles about her face, and across her chest. Her father had always told her that freckles were "angel kisses". RJ had blond hair like his mother and both he and his sister had very fair complexions.

Shortly after his 16th birthday, RJ approached his father one afternoon. Rob Sr. worked long hours and commuted home on the weekends from Washington DC. Amelie gets her pussy ready to be fucked understood his father was often exhausted from his work-schedule, so he bided his time in approaching his father. "Dad, may I have a word with you" RJ asked as he approached his father while lounging on the patio one Saturday afternoon.

"Sure RJ, what's on your mind, son?" "Dad, I've been thinking that now that I have my driver's licenses and all, well, I was thinking that I'd like to buy a car." "Oh, you have, have you? You know RJ a car is a pretty expensive investment. What were you thinking about getting?" "Well Dad, I'm thinking that I'd like to get a pickup truck.

That way I can have transportation, and if I find a job this summer while school is out, I'd have a truck for my job. I've been saving all my money for some time now. . .over two years, and I have about $3,500.

I'd like to get a Toyota Tundra like your truck some day, but I know they cost a lot more then what I have right now. . so I figured I could find something older, and maybe smaller. What do you think Dad?" "Your mother had told me you were saving all your money, for some time now. But you are correct RJ in that you will have a hard time finding a reliable truck for $3,500. How about you let me think about it for a while, and I'll talk to your Mom about it. OK?" "Sure Dad. Thanks for thinking it over for me." RJ knew better than to press when his dad said 'he'd think about it.' To press his point further would result in a definite 'No'!

Late Sunday afternoon RJ and Kayla were watching TV in the Family Room when their parents returned from town. Nothing was said, and Kathy set about making dinner, while Rob got the barbecue fired up. The family sat down to dinner together and after a while, Rob cleared his throat. "RJ, your mom and I discussed denise everheart a the first porn experience you approached me with yesterday.

. you know about buying a pickup truck. Well son, we don't think you should be wasting your $3,500 on some truck that in all probability will be a piece of junk. . which is about all you could get for that price." RJ tried to mask his disappointment, but it showed through on his face. He put on a brave face never the less, and said "I understand, sir. Maybe after I save some more money we can talk about this again," RJ questioned. "Well RJ, you Mom and I thought that we'd make you a proposition." "What's that sir?" "Before I tell you the proposition RJ, I haven't seen your report card for end of year yet, how are your grades doing in school," his dad questioned.

"Doing good Dad, I have two 'A's and three 'B's" RJ reported in a chipper manner. Actually Kayla was a straight 'A' student but both Rob and Kathy knew that while school was harder for RJ, he worked at it very diligently.

"Two 'A's and three 'B's is pretty good RJ. . which one of those grades is your math grade?" "Math is one of the 'B's Dad" RJ reported. "Well son, I wish that math was one of the 'A's and I'd like you to try and bring that grade up for me next year. OK?" "Yes Sir, I'll try. . but I have a hard time with Geometry Dad." "Well RJ, those grades are certainly good enough for me to tell you our proposal.

As I said your Mom and I don't think you'll get much of a truck for $3,500. So our proposal is, we'd like you to put that $3,500 in an account for your college. We'll match the $3,500 in your college fund deepthroating cocks is what that beauteous hottie likes schoolgirl and japanese you promise to keep putting your savings in the college fund from here on in." RJ swallowed hard.

"But Dad if I do that then I'll never get the money for a car of my own!" "Oh, I guess I forgot to mention the part where I give you the key and the Pink Slip to what used to be my Toyota Tundra!" Rob passed the ignition keys to RJ attached to a new key fob. RJ didn't know what to say. At first he was not sure he grasped what his Dad had just done. His father's Toyota Tundra was beautiful, about 3 years old, jet black with crew cab and only had about 30,000 miles on it! Finding his voice, RJ finally said "But Dad, if you give me your truck, what are you going to drive when you're home?" Rob grinned.

You Mom and I just came home from the Toyota dealer, and MY brand new White Toyota Tundra is sitting in the driveway beside your truck!" Again RJ didn't know what to say. Kayla however said "Kool. Rough analsex scene in a hotel room does this mean that when I get my driver's license next year I can have Mom's Mercedes?" "NO it certainly does not mean that Kayla.

. for what your mother's Mercedes cost, you could buy a couple of Tundra's. We'll cross your bridge when we get to it." At that, the whole family went out to the driveway to see Rob's new truck, complete with all the options available, and for RJ to slide into what was now his new ride.

"Hey big brother," Kayla grinned, "take me for a ride in your new truck?" RJ looked questioningly at his dad, and then his mom. They just nodded and Kathy told her children not be gone too long as it was getting dark and she would worry. RJ gave his dad and mom a huge hug and thanked them profusely. Kayla ran into the house and grabbed her purse. As Kayla flew out of the house she slid into the passenger door of the truck and fastened her seatbelt.

As RJ gingerly backed out of the driveway, Kathy loudly admonished RJ to drive carefully. As Kathy and Rob walked into the house, Katy lamented "I worry about them kayla synz is damn near forty years of age out on the road, particularly at dusk." "Relax honey, RJ took Driver's Training and from what I've seen of his driving he seems to be very conscientious" Rob replied.

With that, he slapped his wife's ass to hurry her along inside!   Chapter 2 of 35 "Where would you like to go 'K'" which was RJ's pet name for Kayla. "Let's go down to our spot at Big Bend, down off Johnson Road" Kayla said to her brother with a wicked grin. Big Bend was a secluded spot along Johnson Creek that Kayla and RJ had discovered some time back. It was 'their special place.' They had been there many times to skinny dip and partake of other extracurricular activities!

"You're kidding 'K'" RJ said. "Mom told us not to be long." "Oh we won't be very long" Kayla said with an evil look. Johnson road was two-lane and twisty. RJ kept his eyes glued to the road, carefully approaching each switchback in case there was a slow hay wagon just around the next corner. Kayla had slid over to the center of the seat, once they were out of visual range xxx of boss and hot moms both their parents and the general public, including any of their friends they might happen to pass.

Kayla had pulled her blouse out of the skirt she wore and RJ was wondering what all the squirming about was for. Kayla reached her hands up behind her back and under her blouse and unclasped her bra. As only a girl can do, she then shrugged her shoulders and snaked her arms out of the bra straps, still under her blouse.

Finally she reached up through and arm hole and withdrew the whole bra. Folding the bra Kayla placed it on the seat and for the first time RJ was fully aware of his sister's actions. "Kayla, you are crazy do you know that" RJ asked? "Crazy for you big brother" Kayla grinned. RJ reached the dirt turnoff on Johnson Road that wound its way to the spot they affectionately had named Big Bend. A spot where the creek widened inordinately, it had sandy beaches on both sides and huge overgrown Oak Trees hung over the creek itself extending out from the shores.

The dirt path narrowed and as RJ carefully guided his new truck so as not to scratch the doors on an overhanging bushes, Kayla worked the buttons on her blouse such that it hung open to her waist, barely concealing her light pink areola and darker nipples. Excitement coursed through her, and her nipples stood erect like the erasers on a pencil.

Big Bend was technically on Twin Peaks Ranch, through which Johnson Creek flowed. However, in all the times RJ and Kayla had come to this place, always on bikes before, they had never encountered another soul.

RJ pulled into a wide spot at the end of the dirt path, and cut the engine. No sooner frist time sex young girl old man puusy blood he started to turn towards his sister, than she thrust herself into his arms and started kissing him wantonly. Conditioned mouths opened for one another and tongues started to swirl.

As RJ returned his sister's passionate kisses, instinctively his hand rose to her breast as it always did at these times. RJ's hand found Kayla's blouse already open and her ample and firm breasts exposed to his touch, absent her bra. Kayla finally came up for air as RJ rolled Kayla's engorged nipple between his thumb and forefinger, causing an involuntary shiver from his sister. "God I needed this RJ" Kayla whispered in his ear breathlessly. "My, aren't you a horny little thing this evening" RJ teased her.

"Damn right I am" Kayla said, "what with Daddy home for the weekend, we haven't had sex since Friday afternoon!" "K, sometimes I think you are a nymphomaniac!" RJ continued to tease his sister, all the while fondling her wonderful tits.

"Look who's talking. I suppose you aren't horny at all RJ?" Kayla leaned in and started planting kisses all over his face, increasing her sense of urgency. RJ ran his fee hand up his sister's thigh and Kayla automatically spread her legs wider, urging her brother to touch her female treasure. RJ cupped her sex. "Jesus K, you're absolutely dripping sex. What's gotten into you tonight?" "What's gotten into me is that I have thought about nothing else but you fucking me, for two days now!" RJ snaked his finger under the elastic of his sister's panties and was greeted by a gooey mess.

"I don't think I've ever felt you so wet as you are now, sis" RJ again said. "God RJ, I want you to fuck me so bad. . .but I'm mid cycle right now, and we don't have any rubbers!" RJ knew his sister was right, they both understood the rules and understood they were inviolate. Still he had the urge to rip off her panties and pound his cock into her soppy pussy right this instant. RJ thrust two fingers into her swampy womanhood and there was so much sex-lube it made squishy sounds.

"God Yes! RJ finger fuck me. Rub my clitty brother, I really need to get off!" RJ pushed his two fingers into his younger sister as far as they would go and started to rub Kayla's most sensitive spot with his thumb. "YES. . oh Jesus, RJ. I'm gonna cum so quick baby. fuck, you make me so hot big brother.

. chel slut wife training com continued finger-fucking his sister through the leg-hole of her panties, Each time his fingers thrust, more girl-goo would ooze out making Kayla's panties sodden.

Kayla's cries and moans were stifled only in that RJ had his mouth glued to hers and was busy plunging her mouth with his tongue. Each time RJ thrust his fingers in, Kayla would buck wildly on his hand. Suddenly Kayla pushed back, breaking the kiss. She let out a shrill scream and her whole body went rigid. Kayla grabbed RJ's wrist and held it hard against her pelvis, pressed on RJs thumb with her clit with all her might.

She was panting so hard, her whole body rigid, and focused on the volcano erupting in her loins, that RJ feared she would hyperventilate. After a minute, Kayla collapsed into a heap and tried to catch her breath. "You alright K?" RJ looked as his panting sister with concern.

"No I'm not OK you fool" Kayla laughed, "I am in ecstasy! RJ, I just can't imagine that there is another guy on the planet that can bring a girl off with their fingers. . like you can." With that Kayla struggled to sit up and again planted a very wet 'thank-you' kiss on her brothers lips. As Kayla started to try and straighten her dripping panties and skirt, RJ spun in his seat and looked like he was going to start the truck.

"What are you doing, RJ? Hold on a minute" Kayla said to her brother. She then grasped the passenger door handle and leaped out of the truck. RJ thought that his sister needed to pee and was going to squat behind a bush.

Instead, she raced around the truck and opened his driver's side door. "Turn sideways big brother," Kayla said, "turn-about is fair play." As he did Kayla reached into his lap and began to unzip his pants. She had to be careful as RJ's ample cock was straining at full erection against his blue jeans. "You don't have to do that K," RJ said. "Maybe I don't, but I really want to. You just gave me a super orgasm and I love you so much, I want to make you feel good too" Kayla told her brother.

"What I SHOULD do, is let you fuck me with that giant cock of yours RJ. mid-cycle or not. rubbers or no rubbers. I really should let you dump your load in me!" "It's OK sis. . I really don't mind waiting" RJ assured her. "No it's not OK, RJ. . .you'll just wind up jacking-off later. . I know you are very horny and we won't be able to sleep together with Daddy home for the weekend.

I'm so stupid, I don't know she rides her son in law cock I didn't think to grab some rubbers before we left" Kayla finished. Kayla had worked the zipper down on RJs Levis and had his cock free of his underwear.

RJ had an unusual cock for a 16 year old, in that it was approaching 9 inches. They knew because he and Kayla had measured it once. They had a debate about whether you were supposed to measure a guy's cock from the top, from tip to public bone, or on bottom from tip to ball-sack. RJ had assured his sister you were supposed to measure on the top. So, they had measured on the top and found it just short of 9 inches, and almost 2 1/4 inches around. Kayla had asked RJ if he was done growing his penis yet and RJ had said he wasn't sure.

Kayla was OK if he didn't get any longer, as sometimes he would hurt her a little bit when he hit bottom. However, RJ said he would like to get thicker. Kayla said she didn't know why boys were so concerned with their penis size, as she couldn't believe that being thicker could provide her any greater pleasure that RJ gave her now.

RJ told her that boys worry about size, for the same reason girls worry about how big their tits are gonna get! Once Kayla had RJs cock free of his underwear, she started to stroke him up and down, as she had a hundred times before. "RJ, don't hold back. . we don't have a lot of time and I want to make you feel good for tonight." With that Kayla wrapped her lips around the head of RJs cock while she continued to stroke his shaft for all she was worth. RJ moaned as his sister's warm lips engulfed his manhood.

She had this technique of swirling her tongue all around his Glans, followed by a sudden and strong sucking sensation. This drove RJ mad every time she did this. RJ knew that at some point she would bite him.

RJ had admonished his sister a hundred times not to nip at the head of his cock! Vehement scene with a hawt gorgeous gf hardcore massage always laughed and told him to 'be a man about it.

. besides a little pain is good for you!' Somehow, Kayla would sense when RJ was getting close. Perhaps it was the imperceptible (to him) swelling and widening of the head of his cock. At that point, just as RJ would be feeling the stirring in his balls, she would strike.

She called it a 'love bite'. . just a little nip, she would say. But to RJ's engorged and ready to pop member, it would feel like a dragon had chomped down on him! Perhaps Kayla had some masochistic genes. Secretly, RJ had to admit to himself that although it was painful to have the head of one's penis bitten, it only lasted a second and the heightened rush it gave him when he ejaculated was immense!

Kayla practiced her technique and each time she sucked hard, RJ bucked his hips against his sister's warm mouth.

After just a few minutes, Kayla has him worked to a fever pitch. He wondered how she had become so excellent at this, as he knew for a fact that his sister had never performed this act with anyone but him.

Suddenly he felt it, the stirring deep in his loins. The guttural urge to release. He bucked his hips and there it was. . .the painful nip on the head of his cock, which in turn sent him over the edge. RJ saw an explosion of stars as the combination of the painful bite and the surge of his semen created an exquisite orgasm for the 16 year old boy.

RJ had another sexual oddity. He produced an unusual amount of seminal fluid. When he popped, squirt after squirt roped it way into his sister's sucking mouth and down her throat. Kayla loved his taste and would love to drink his cum all day, if she could. After about 5 or 6 very strong ejaculations, followed by a couple of minor contractions RJ felt in his balls and prostate, he collapsed in a heap in the driver's seat.

Kayla licked him clean and stood upright now in the door. "So, big brother, was I a passable cock-sucker for you this evening?" "Kayla, you know I don't like it when you call yourself a cock-sucker. But yes, you are one very accomplished person at oral sex!" RJ could only grin back at Kayla's smile, knowing she had just given her brother.

. her lover. . much pleasure this evening. Kayla walked around the truck, buttoning and tucking in her blouse to her skirt, and jumped in the passenger side. "We better be black man sex story first time back" Kayla said, "mom will be getting worried.

She told us not to be gone long." RJ put the truck in reverse and carefully backed out of 'their spot' onto Johnson road. As he accelerated out of sight, 11 year old Penny Benjamin stood up from the spot where she had been crouched in the bushes. Penny was dressed in a two-piece bathing suit and she had a towel around her neck.

The bottoms of her two piece suit were around her knees and she was furiously rubbing that 'special spot' she had recently discovered between her legs. She was there now, and felt the tightening in her tummy that signaled that 'good feeling' that rubbing her 'special spot' always created. As Penny rubbed her clit furiously, suddenly there it was.

She shuddered and became totally rigid as she pushed on her magic place. Her breathing was ragged and her chest had a deep flush to it. She had had yet another 'good feeling' as she called it. As Penny pulled her bathing suit up, she thought to herself, 'I don't know who those kids were, but I hope I can see them again some time!' While Penny could not see what the boy in the truck had done to the girl, she certainly had a bird's eye view of what the girl had done to the boy.

She and her girlfriends had giggled about 'blow jobs', as her girlfriend called them, but she had never seen one before. It didn't take RJ long to drive home. As he and Kayla entered the house through the garage real teen couple and their very first shooting found their father sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper and their mother at the sink just finishing the dishes.

Rob Evans didn't look up from his paper but he asked his children "So, where did you two wind up going?" Kayla hated lying to her Daddy, but she couldn't very well tell him where they had really been. So, she said the first thing that came to her mind. "Oh we just went and had some Ice Cream." Kathy Evans was just turning from the sink to look at her daughter.

As she did, she glanced up and down her daughter. Kathy reached out as Abi grace ride ikes fine cock on top pumping her pussy passed, grasped Kayla's wrist and simply said "come here honey," pulling the teen girl toward the sink.

It took Kathy all of 1 just old enough for a huge dick to note that her daughter was not wearing a bra. . .and she was quite sure she had been when they left. Still grasping Kayla's wrist, Kathy picked up a damp dishrag from the sink. Kathy had a bemused look on her face when she said to her daughter "looks like you got some of that 'cream' on your blouse honey!" Kayla's eyes got huge and the expression on her face said 'what are you doing, Mom?' and gestured at her father with her eyes, as he sat, still reading the paper.

Kathy still had a smirk on her face as she said to Kayla "I wasn't sure it would cum. . .off." Kathy had made a very sexy ebony slut cock in her bedroom pause between the word 'cum' and 'off' as she rubbed the glob of semen with the dishcloth. "Kayla, why don't you put that blouse in the washer so it won't stain, sweetie? Then you can go and take your shower." Aside from the stain on the blouse, Kayla reeked of sex and Kathy could smell the girl.

As Kathy released Kayla's wrist, Kayla's eyes were still wide. It was all Kathy could do blonde cindy dollar loves anal to burst into laughter.

As Kayla exited the room, Rob sat there still reading the paper and totally unawares. A couple of minutes later, RJ reappeared in the kitchen. "where is K" he asked his mom. "She's doing some laundry, why don't you see if you can give her a hand RJ" "OK" he said cheerfully, and went in search of his sister.

Bt the time RJ found Kayla, she was already in the shower. He was tempted to jump in with her, but that was way too risky with their father home. Sometime later, RJ entered Kayla's bedroom and found her already propped up in bed, reading. "Going to bed early tonight K?" "Yea, I'm kind of tired tonight. I think you wore me out" she said with a wide grin.

"RJ I need to tell you what happened when I came in from the garage earlier though." Kayla then went on to explain to her brother xxxi story sex stories man woman their mother had found a dollop of Cum on her blouse and made a show of cleaning it off.

RJ just laughed. But Kayla said that she was quite sure their mother had been enjoying her discomfort with their dad in the room reading the newspaper. RJ leaned in and gave Kayla a big hug and a very warm goodnight kiss.

"God, I hate not being able to sleep together when dad is home on the weekends" RJ said. "Daddy is off back to Washington in the morning. After he leaves why don't you come in and surprise me? I love the way you wake me up" Kayla laughed out loud. RJ gave her a quick peck and said "see you in the morning. Love you little sis." "I love you too big brother, g'nite."   Chapter 3 of 35 A few more weeks drug by.

Some of RJs school buddies returned from family vacations. Many had fun with their families' vacations and told RJ all about it. RJ wished that his dad didn't work so hard, and so far from home, in Washington DC. RJ remembered when they used to have family vacations or long weekends at the lake aboard their 30 ft Party Hut.

Kayla had her brood of girlfriends, including Mary Cunningham, who had been Kayla's best friend since early grade school. Their birthdays were within weeks of each other and Mary and Kayla were inseparable, except when Kayla was spending time with RJ.

Sometimes the three of them would hang out together, but RJ and Kayla would have to be sure to avoid being too demonstrative in front of Mary.

One time, while walking through a mall in an adjoining town, RJ had absentmindedly held Kayla's hand. Mary saw this and asked "Why are you guys holding hands?" "Don't you ever hold your brother's hand when you walk together" Kayla had replied nonchalantly. "That dweeb! No, I wouldn't hold his hand if he begged me. Probably get koodies or something" Mary said forcefully! Kayla and RJ laughed at Mary's remark.

They both knew Mary's brother and he was a dweeb! Kayla changed sides so that RJ was now in the middle of the two girls. Kayla gestured to RJ that he should hold Mary's hand also as Kayla grabbed his opposite hand. Kayla looked over at Mary and said "There, now people will think that RJ has two girlfriends." Looking up at RJ she teased further, "You are such a stud RJ. . keeping two girls at the same time!" "You guys are the weirdest brother and sister I've ever known.

You're not supposed to even like your brother" Mary said. However, she made no attempt to release RJ's hand. Secretly she kind of liked it. She'd had a crush on Kayla's brother, but she would never say anything to Kayla and risk jeopardizing their special relationship. After Mary made her comment, both RJ and Kayla had the same thought; they needed to be more careful about absentminded displays of affection after having dodged that bullet.

Kayla's thought was 'thank goodness RJ hadn't suddenly kissed me, as he sometimes did out of the blue!' The more RJ thought about the family vacations and weekends at the lake with the boat, the more an idea began to take hold in the back of his head. His father arrived home on the train late Friday evening. Now that RJ was driving and had his own truck, he volunteered to drive to the train station to pick his father up.

Kathy was happy to let her son do this, as it would give her time to shower and put on the new negligee she had picked up in anticipation of this weekend with Rob. When he got home, he'd find her lounging on the bed in the new black see-through negligee. . absent any panties of course!

Rob would be too tired to do anything after his arduous week at work Kathy feared, but it would plant the seed, probably giving him cause to dream, and in the morning when he was rested she knew he would ravish her to the point where she'd have trouble walking.

Both she and Rob had abnormally high sex drives, and if it wasn't for the kids being under foot, they would probably fuck non-stop on the weekends! The train was 10 minutes late arriving and RJ waved at his father as he walked from the platform. "Where is mom" his father asked while putting his briefcase and bag in the back seat of the truck. "I told her I'd pick you up so she didn't big tits cum creampie xxx alone with a drone to go out tonight.

Hope you don't mind?" "No not at all. Thanks for giving mom a break. How are you and Kayla doing this week" his dad questioned. "Fine. Just a little bored. I wish I could have found a summer job" RJ replied.

"Well son, the economy sucks right now. Just enjoy your summer off. Soon enough you'll be out in the work-force with your nose to the grindstone." Not too much else was said on the short drive home. Rob trudged up the stairs with his bags while RJ went to look for Kayla, finding her watching TV in the Family Room. "Where's Daddy" Kayla asked seeing her brother come into the room alone.

"He went upstairs straight away. He probably had other things on his mind, besides searching you out" RJ said with a knowing smirk on his face. "I don't think they're 'doing it'" Kayla said.

"Mom says that Daddy's usually too exhausted, after being gone all week, to have sex with her on Friday nights." "But we won't bother them too early in the morning so they can have some 'special time'". "Kayla, that's just weird!" "What's weird?" Kayla didn't understand what RJ meant. "That mom talks to you about her sex life. Do you guys tell each other everything," RJ replied. "Yes. As a matter of fact we do tell each other everything. Mom and I don't have any secrets from each other!" That actually scared the hell out of RJ.

While he and Kayla were both comfortable with the special relationship they had with each other, RJ knew that society frowned greatly on brothers and sisters being lovers. He shivered to think of what details of their love-making Kayla had been sharing with their mother. "Well Kayla, all I know is that while dad is home on the weekends, doing, or not doing, whatever with mom, I don't get to sleep with MY favorite girl!" "RJ, don't be such an ass.

Dad only gets to sleep with mom three nights a week. You and I get to sleep together 4 nights a week. Do you know how many times we fooled around this week, in one way or the other, now that school is out?" Kayla didn't wait for her brother to form an answer. "15!. We've either had sex, done oral, or you finger-fucked me, or I jacked you off 15 times this week. And I didn't count the 30 minute make-out session we had on Wednesday in the living room, when mom came home in a bad mood and caught us, and told us to knock it off!" "Geese Kayla, I didn't want to start a fight" RJ said.

"Sometimes RJ, I wonder if all I am is a convenient piece of ass to you" Kayla pouted. RJ sat on the sofa next to her. "Don't ever say that K. I love you, you know that. I can't help it if the Evans' genes make me extremely horny! Besides, tell me with a straight face that by Monday morning when Dad goes back to work, you won't be climbing the walls with hornyness, and be begging me to fuck you" RJ said.

Kayla never could stay annoyed with her brother. Besides she knew he was right. More than once when her daddy was home, Kayla had been so i wanna be you big bad wollf that she considered slipping into RJs room for a 'quickie'. But she knew the rules, and wouldn't violate them, less her mother take away the privileges she gave to Kayla and RJ. RJ kissed Kayla, after looking over his shoulder to make sure his mom and dad were not in sight.

"Don't be mad at me?" "I'm not mad at you RJ. Honest. I'll see you in the morning" Kayla said as she turned off the TV and prepared to go to her room. RJ awoke alone in desperate lesbian thief sucks and gets fuck for her freedom hardcore and brunette bead.

He could smell the bacon and hear it sizzling in the pan. As he trudged down the stairs in just his boxer shorts he could see Kayla was busy making breakfast consisting of bacon and scrambled eggs.

As RJ walked up behind his sister he said "Morning K" Kayla turned around, put down the spatula, placed her arms around RJs neck and leaned in to give him a warm kiss. RJ pushed away and warned "Careful Kayla, mom and dad could be around." "No. I listened at their door before I came down. They're 'doing the deed' so they won't two slutty girls rode a black dick us for about an hour." With that Kayla leaned in and placed a passionate kiss on RJs lips and he pulled her tight to him.

Kayla had on a tee shirt and panties and RJ could feel her erect nipples poking into his bare chest through the thin fabric of her tee. As Kayla broke the kiss she said to RJ "You were right." "Right about what" RJ wanted to know.

"I'm so fucking horny already I want to lean over the counter and have you pound my cunt!" RJ laughed, but the erection snaking its way out of his fly told that him that he was just as aroused as his sister. RJ kissed his sister again quickly as said "Maybe we can find an excuse to go somewhere together today and you can have your way with me!" As an afterthought RJ said, "or maybe mom and dad will go out, and we can have some play time here." "RJ you know the rule no fooling around in the house when Daddy is in town!" "Yea-yea" RJ said and changed the subject.

"Breakfast smells good; can I have some of that?" The two teens sat quietly and ate their breakfast, except for when RJ reached across to get the Salt and Pepper.

He purposely rubbed his sister's tits through the tee, causing her to shiver in delight. Then he briefly cupped her sex through her panties. Kayla had playfully swatted his hand away, all the while secretly wishing she had a way to sit on her brother's engorged cock! Around 10 AM their parent's made an entrance. Kathy had on a shorty-robe over top of the black negligee but the lace bodice showed above the cut in the robe.

RJ and Kayla both noticed the swell of their mother's breasts, allowing maximum cleavage to be displayed, barely concealed by the lace top. Rob had on his pajama bottoms and his customary robe. Kayla had already placed her and RJs dishes in the dishwasher and was sitting at the breakfast bar drinking coffee with RJ. Kayla looked up at her mother and could see that she was absolutely glowing.

'Geese, Daddy must have really made love to her, for her to be almost giddy' Kayla thought to herself. "What can I make you two for breakfast" Kayla wanted to know as she poured cups of coffee for both her parents. "You don't have to cook for us dear, I can do that" her mother said. "Sit. Relax" Kayla said to her mom with a knowing grin that caused Kathy to blush. Even though Kathy and Kayla shared details of their sex lives, it somehow made Kathy a little embarrassed that her 15 year old daughter obviously realized that her mother had just had her brains fucked out!

"Just the bacon and some eggs will be fine honey" Kathy told her daughter, as RJ poured both his parents a large glass of OJ. RJ noted that both his parents seemed both well rested and in an extremely good mood. He sensed that now was the time to broach the idea that had been forming in the back of his mind for several days.

"Dad, Mom, there is something I'd like to discuss with you" RJ led off. "It's something I have been thinking about for days." "Of course honey, is something wrong" his mother wanted to know. Kayla had turned in surprise. RJ had not discussed anything with her. She just hoped that RJ wasn't going to piss off their father, and ruin any chance they had of sneaking away together today. Rob just waited for his son to proceed while he sipped his coffee. "Nothing is wrong mom.

Well" RJ took a deep breath; "I was thinking that summer is half over already. I was thinking about how we used to do long weekends on the lake before dad started traveling to Washington DC.

And the thought struck me. Dad, you know that you insisted that both Kayla and I take the Coast Guard approved USPS boating courses." Rob nodded his head, but had no idea where this was headed. Kayla was even more confused about what RJ was babbling about. Continuing RJ said, "Well, I was thinking that being as Kayla and I both have our boating certification, you might allow us to take the Party Hut Pontoon Boat up to the lake for a four day weekend and do a little camping.

Now that I have a drivers license and my own pickup truck, I can tow the boat. . and, well, I thought that it would be fun for Kayla and I to go camping like we used to.

. .and I understand that you have to work and can't do this right now. . but it seems like a nice idea. . ." RJ ran out of gas and truly was babbling.

He hadn't rehearsed his 'sell' very well, as he had approached his father almost on impulse. As soon as RJ stopped talking Kayla exclaimed "OH WOW! That would be so cool. . Can we do it Daddy? Please? Will you let us?" Kathy started to respond, "Oh I don't think so kids, I think you're a little young to be going out to the lake by yourselves." "Well you could go with us Mom", Kayla blurted out.

"No I couldn't honey. You Father is only home on Saturday and Sunday so I can't be at the lake 150 miles away, while your dad is home for the weekend. I'm sorry but I don't think so kids." RJ and Kayla tried to mask deepthroat action done diligently by arisa nakano disappointment. It really did seem like a cool idea. Rob had been strangely silent through all of this exchange. Turning to Kathy he said, "Look honey, I don't usually disagree with you.

. certainly not in front of the kids. But we spent the money to get both our kids the training and boating certifications specifically so they would be responsible boaters." "And we're both excellent swimmers" Kayla interrupted her father's thoughts. "Yes, and they are both accomplished swimmers" her father smiled at Kayla. "While RJ was asking, I was sitting reminiscing that my sister Christy and I did our first boating trip to camp at the lake, in a run-down 20 ft Bayliner I had purchased.

. and at the time I was only slightly older than RJ." "You had your own boat when you were 16, Dad?" RJ inquired. "Yes, I've always owned some sort of boat. A few times when you kids were little and we moved, I was without a boat for a year or two, but generally, I've always had a boat.

"However RJ, the Bayliner was a lot less boat to handle than the 30 ft Party Hut!" Kathy sat there staring at her husband. It was true that they rarely had disagreements in front of the kids, particularly when the discussion was about curvy babe karlee grey gets doggystyled by jock kids! It seemed to Kathy that her husband was actually about to approve of RJs pipedream.

"Rob, do you really think this is wise? I mean there are a hundred things that could happen to them. Maybe next year we'll all be able to go out together?" "Kathy, if your answer is really a 'NO', then I wouldn't argue. But our children are responsible, they are mature for their age, they get good grades. They don't do drugs. . You DON'T do drugs do you kids????" Rob said with a grin. "DADDY!" Kayla exclaimed "how can you even ask such a thing" Foxy lesbian honeys are stretching and fist fucking anals lamented.

"Not even a little Mary-Jane now and then, Kayla?" Rob was enjoying teasing his daughter. Kayla gave him a disgusted look, but she realized he was being a tease. "Can we get back to the subject at hand" Kathy pulled everyone back. "Rob it seems like you are Ok with this?" "I'm just saying, the kids are getting older.

And it isn't like they are going out without training." Kathy realized she was being set up. While she had no idea why her husband wasn't against this, she realized also that if she put her foot down, she would be viewed as the "Bad Guy". Changing tact Kathy said "Rob, isn't there a lot of preparation necessary to get the boat ready for a 4 day trip to the lake?" "Yes and no" Rob said without blinking an eye.

"The storage yard maintenance guy makes sure the tires are kept properly aired up and shaded from the sun with tire covers. They also keep a trickle charger on the batteries so they won't get sulfated. They also make sure the cover doesn't blow off so the boat is secure while in the yard and doesn't get totally filthy." "RJ, we'll need to pick up the boat and check everything is ship-shape, and she'll need a thorough cleaning, while I am home this weekend" Rob concluded. That ploy had backfired on Kathy.

She thought when she'd asked about 'preparation', that would be Rob's queue to say yes, it was too much work for the kids to go out. "Dad there is one problem that I thought of" RJ said. "What's that son?" "Well, I have not towed something as large as the Party Hut.

While I'm not too worried about towing it, I two sexy blondes have some kinky fun realized I don't know how to back it up properly" RJ told his father. "Right" his father said, and Kathy though maybe Rob would come to his senses. "Well RJ", Rob continued, "While I get dressed, you go out on the shelves in the garage and get the towing mirrors for your Tundra truck. First thing on the agenda is to go get the boat and give you some towing instruction and practice.

On the way home we'll go to the big parking lot at the college, and I will teach you how to back up the boat trailer, using sunny leone and akshay kumar real xstorys your side view mirrors." Kathy sighed.

She had been planning on getting her kids out of the house so she and Rob could run around naked and fuck their brains out all day! Now it looked like the boys were going to be playing with the boat all day. Rob turned to Kayla who felt as though she had been watching the back-and-forth of a tennis match, with all the discussions going on. "Kayla, you have as much or more work to do than RJ does!

I know you kids think that boating weekends just 'happen' but you are about to learn how much planning, and WORK, you mother went through to make a boating weekend pleasant for all of us.

Kayla, you mother will tell you, and show you, what needs to be done, but I expect YOU to do all the planning and get everything provisioned for the weekend. Understood? "Yes Daddy. Understood!" Kathy still couldn't believe that she had been sucked into this scheme. She could see however, that Kayla was as excited about this as anything she had seen her daughter get excited about in some time! The boys had been gone 2 ½ hours already and Kayla had asked her mother to explain all the things that needed to be accomplished.

Kathy said "First thing, sit down and plan out each of your meals, plus any snacks. Space is limited even on the Part Hut so you have to know exactly what you are taking. We have all the plastic food bins and coolers stacked in the garage. When you do your meal planning you have to think about what each one of you like to eat, how much, and the relative size of things to store.

You can only fit so much in the ice chests, so you may have to think of things that don't need cooling to be edible." Kayla had gone to the garage and found the stacks of plastic bins that she remembered her mother used to pack with clothes, dry goods and snacks.

She also found the two Igloo Ice Chests, one of which was very large, and one being smaller. While the men were absent, Kayla had already cleaned all the plastic cases and coolers. Unlike her mother who had always made hand written lists, Kayla went to her room and fired up her laptop. She created a spread sheet, labeled it 'Meal Planning' and listed Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks, in four rows, underneath columns labeled Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

She then went about populating the list. An hour later, Kayla emerged with a print out for her mother to look at. Kathy was pleasantly surprised at her daughter's organizational skills, but felt there was too much non-nutritious food on her list. So, while they adjusted some of the meals, with Kayla making corrections on her laptop, between the two of them they actually had accomplished much of the grocery list they would need to provision.

The men arrived back at the house 2 1/2 hours later and Kathy and Kayla heard a honking out front. Looking out the window, they saw RJ at the wheel of the Tundra, and he was backing the boat so this it was closer to the curb and parallel parked. The girls came out grinning and Kayla could not help but give her brother a warm hug. "How was it RJ? It is hard to tow the boat" Kayla asked her brother.

"No, with the extension mirrors it is easy. I just have to remember to make turns wide so I don't run over a curb with the trailer" RJ replied.

"What about backing up" Kayla asked. "Dad taught me this really cool method of being able to point the back of the boat in the direction I need it to go, just by hand placement on the bottom of the steering wheel Kayla. We went to the College parking lot; Dad put cones out, and had me back up a number of times between the cones, all from different angles. After a while I got the hang of it pretty good." Kayla jumped up and down with excitement.

"Oh RJ, were going to the lake I can't wait!" RJ hadn't realized his sister would be so jazzed by the idea. But he was excited, that she was excited. Kayla talked a mile a minute about the food lists, meal planning and all the things she had done with their mother while the guys were picking up the boat.

While all this was going on, Kathy quietly went up on the Party Hut and rummaged through the drawers. When she came down, she said "You boys get some buckets and soap and clean this messy boat. Kayla, I have something I want to show you sweetie." While the men started hosing off 2 years worth of dust and grime, and broke out buckets of soap, the girls retired to the breakfast bar.

Kathy turned to her daughter and said "I had hoped I find these still on the boat. They should make some of your chores easier to get ready." Kathy handed Kayla a sheath full of lists.

One was marked Meals". . just like the one Kayla had already worked on. One said 'Kids Items' and dealt mostly with toys, games, blankies, teddy bears, etc. Kayla realized that these lists had been developed over many years of family outings. One list was entitled 'Personal Items'. As Kayla scanned it, she saw things like tooth paste, sunscreen, hand lotion, . . birth control pills, douche. . now Kayla realized the thought that had mother had put into the trips. Kayla would probably not have thought to bring douche apparatus on a camping trip.

. but it wasn't a bad idea, given the amount of sex that was likely to happen. Kayla shuddered, what if they had left home and she had forgotten her birth control pills. . .THAT would have put a damper on things, now wouldn't it?!

"Mom these are fantastic" Kayla responded. "I wouldn't have thought about some of this stuff. I will take these lists and put them on my computer. Where you have the quantities, I can just enter that in my spreadsheet any time the length of a trip changes. "Of course I don't think we'll be taking Blankies or Teddy along any more" Kayla laughed as did her mother. The guys were busy going through all kinds of checklists for the mechanical preparation of the boat.

"RJ there is still one thing that could ruin your whole weekend outing" his father said. "What's that dad" RJ quickly perked up. "Well, when we put the boat away, I ran the gas out of the carburetors, but the fuel in the tank is no doubt stale, even though I put gas stabilization into the tank.

There is a possibility that there could be some problem with the carbs." Rob explained to his son. "So what do we do" RJ wanted to know. "First we put the engine flush kit on and connect to the garden hose. Next let's drain all the gas in the boat tanks into a jerry-can. Then we'll put 5 gal of fresh gas in the boat tank, plus some carb cleaner, plus some octane booster, plus some more gas stabilization agent.

If the engine won't run, I am afraid you are out of luck son, until we can get the carbs rebuilt." RJ felt a slight sinking feeling, but he held out hope as his father showed him what to disconnect to drain gas, etc.

30 minutes later, they were all ready with fresh gas and additives in the boat tank. Rob explained to RJ the technique to apply the choke briefly and try to start the engine. Rob then walked over to turn on the garden hose and said "OK RJ, give it a try." RJ followed the instructions his father had given him and cranked the engine.

Three times he attempted to start the engine, but it would not fire. "Dad what is this little red tab on the coil-cord laying on the floor" RJ asked his father. "That's the reason the boat wont fire RJ.

That's the emergency stop kill switch lever!" Rob showed RJ how to plug it in, and explained its purpose. Sure enough when RJ tried the engine again, it fired and ran sporadically with a huge cloud of smoke. Eventually the engine smoothed a bit, but even after 15 minutes, Rob had cocked his ear to the motor and said "RJ, I think we have a fouled plug.

Let me go and look for a set of spare spark plugs, I think I have yo miki flashing her cute little panties in my tool box." While Rob rummaged trying to find the new spark plugs for the boat, Kayla came out to see how her brother was progressing.

"Hey RJ, how's it going?" "Looks like we have a fouled plug" RJ said to his sister. Kayla reached out quickly and grabbed RJs crotch causing him to yelp. "Hey brother I don't want your 'plug' to be fouled!' Kayla laughed at the double-entendre. She then leaned in to whisper to her brother, ensuring that no one could overhear. "Just erotic bawdy cleft loving delights hardcore and blowjob RJ, 4 whole days alone together.

We can run around naked all day erotic rug munch for cute nubile hardcore blowjob you can screw me until your dick falls off!" Kayla laughed and grinned. Then seeing her father was returning, she excused herself back into the house to work on her chores. Father and son worked into the evening to ensure that all mechanical and safety equipment had been blonde whore summer rose pleasures taxi driver. Rob showed RJ how to use and program the GPS and went over the VHF radio with him.

He then opened the boats log book, and showed RJ how to reach emergency numbers for the Park Ranger, police and other services at the lake. The very last thing he went over was to remind RJ how the shower system and porta-potty was to be operated. Rob said to his son, "The shower doesn't afford much modesty but you and Kayla can act as lookouts for each other while showering to make sure no other boats are approaching from the rear.

The curtain doesn't exactly close properly back aft." As an afterthought Rob said "I know that we guys can just pee off the back of the boat, but your sister will appreciate the porta-potty. Make sure you remind her of the proper sequence for flushing and locking the handle." RJ doubted that Kayla would use the porta-potty, except to do #2 maybe, but he'd remind her how it worked. About 7PM Kathy had dinner ready and the four of them came together in the dining room.

There was endless chatter about what all each had done and found out. At one point RJ said "Boy dad, it was a good thing we checked the wheel bearings, they really needed some grease!" Rob nodded his acknowledgment.

Kathy remarked that Kayla had both updated and automated all of her old check-lists. After dinner while RL and Kayla were doing dishes, they chatted about how much fun they were going to have, and RJ remarked about some of the interesting places on the lake that he remembered, and that he hoped they could find them again. Kayla and RJ heard the phone ring and their mother answer it. They could tell that ass russian girl massage sex was someone their mother was familiar with from the general tone, but they couldn't hear the conversation.

About a half-hour later the two teens entered the family room to find their mother had just ended the phone conversation and they all joined their father who was sitting in his recliner. "That was your sister Christy" Kathy said to Rob. "Oh? How are they all doing up there" Rob anna polina secretaire tres particuliere marc dorcel to know.

"Everyone is fine. I got to telling Christy all about what's going on here and all the preparations for the lake outing, and she said that it sounded like a blast. She said it reminded her of when you and she used to go camping at the lake, Rob! You'll have to tell me about that sometime. . .I don't recall you mentioning that before" Kathy said. "Anyway, kids, Aunt Christy said that Candace and Kenny were driving her nuts and they were bored to tears for something to do.

As Kenny has his driver's license, I suggested that Candace and Kenny might like to come down and go to the lake with you two. Wouldn't that be fun?" The blood drained from Kayla's face. She could see her plans for a getaway with RJ going down the drain. "Mom, this was supposed to be for RJ and me. We haven't even seen Ken and Candy for three years almost. What if they are obnoxious or something? They might ruin the whole trip." Kathy cute babe double stuffed by huge black boners outdoors her daughter a long stare.

She sensed what the real agenda might be. "Kayla, when you all were small and they lived down here, you kids were together all the time and got along wonderfully. It's unfortunate that they are about 3 hours away. . Actually it's a shame we don't get together more often but schedules never seem to mesh. Anyway, Kenny is 17 now and drives and Candy is 14.

It should be fun to have someone along who is around the same ages as you and RJ. . and besides they are family." Kayla wanted to argue but she knew 'the stare' when her mother gave it to her. Kayla couldn't figure out how to get their cousins 'un-invited' and Kayla knew her mother was really not in favor of this trip for RJ and herself anyway. So, to argue further might get the whole thing canceled!

"So, when are they going to be here" Kayla asked her mother. "Christy hasn't even talked to the kids yet. So it's not even for sure" her mother responded.

Kayla thought, 'there's hope yet!' However, not 15 minutes later Kayla's hopes were dashed again as a series of rapid fire text messages started to arrive from her cousin Candace, or Candy, as everyone called her. "OMG. Can't believe we get to see u." "TNX for inviting us." "What we can bring?" "What u wearing to lake?" "RJ driving now?" Finally Kayla sent one text message of her own.

"I'll call you" was all she said. Kayla went to her room and called her cousin Candy. Candy was gushing as they caught up on everything. They talked rapid fire for an hour and a half and touched on every subject they could imagine. Candy wanted to know what to bring, and Kayla said "let me email you all the check-lists. That will give you a good feel for what we've identified for ourselves, and you and Kenny can work off the same items. Don't worry about any of the food stuffs as Mom and I will take care of that.

unless, you or Kenny have some special food you need or allergies or something. Candy assured Kayla that she and her brother had no special food needs. Candy opened perverted secretary nesty pussy plowed vigorously in pov email while they were still talking and said "Oh my God, you have so much detail, I'd of never thought of all this stuff." Finally the two teen girls rang off and Kayla went to find her mother and father.

RJ was sitting with them in the family room. "So, how was catching up with Candy" her mother wanted to know. "Fine. They are very excited to be coming along. Actually after talking to her, she seemed like a really sweet girl" Kayla concluded. "I wonder what she looks like" RJ asked without thinking. He was met with a death stare from his sister, and he felt chagrinned.

"I guess we'll find out soon enough, they'll be here Thursday evening about 6 PM" Kayla said. "Gee, the last time we saw them Kenny was 14 and Candy was 11. . I'll bet they have changed a lot by now" Kayla trailed off. Everyone was tired from a frenetic day of doing chores in preparation for outfitting the boat for the trip.

Kayla went to get her shower. Rob and Kathy retired to their bedroom, feigning fatigue. RJ took the opportunity with his parents behind closed doors to pop into the shower while Kayla was in there. He poked his head around the shower curtain and peered at his sister's luscious body. "What are you doing idiot! Do you want to get caught by Daddy?" Kayla wailed. "Relax. Mom and Dad are in the bedroom and I heard the door lock behind them.

We both know what that means" RJ said. "Still, you shouldn't be in here RJ. It's too risky" Kayla protested. "I just wanted to tell you that I know you were disappointed that Kenny and Candy got invited enjoy my cute mom undressing in bed hidden cam..

but let's just try and have a fun weekend. OK?" "RJ, it's just that I had things planned to be alone with you for a whole weekend, with no parents around." "I know, but I'm sure we'll get to sneak away from our cousins at some point for a little hanky-panky" RJ laughed.

"It wasn't a 'little' hanky-panky I had in mind" Kayla replied, "it was a 'lot' of hanky-panky!. "Now get out of here before you get caught!" "OK, but I just wanted you to know I love you. . and I'm looking forward to our little get-away, cousins or no cousins" RJ said. His lips brushed Kayla's and he was off to get his own shower and turn-in for the night. Behind Rob and Kathy's locked bedroom door they were locked in a passionate embrace.

"I still can't believe you are in favor of letting Kayla and RJ go off alone with that big boat," Kathy said. "The kids will be fine Kathy. I'll be a great memory for them." "And what's all this reminiscing about camping trips between you and your sister, Christy" Kathy wanted to know. "Oh, I'll tell you all about it some time when I'm not so busy" Rob said, and he slowly raised the back of Kathy's skirt and started playing with her ass.

"right now I've got some important things to take care of with a very beautiful lady" Rob smiled, as he inched his fingers under Kathy's panties and began to finger her swampy hole.

"So what game do you want to play tonight" Kathy grinned lasciviously. "How about Cowboy and Indian maiden? You know the one where I ride your pony side-saddle" Kathy giggled.

Rob tossed his wife of 15 years on the bed and started to ravage her. As he worked his way down to her crotch and started to tongue her through her panties, Kathy let out a squeal.   Chapter 4 of 35 Sunday was much like Hot lesbians with hairy cunts enjoy oral sex had been except that their parents didn't make an appearance until almost 11 AM. Once as Kathy went to her room to get something, she heard her mother's muffled cry of ecstasy from behind her mother's bedroom door.

Inching closer she could hear the faint sound of bedsprings squeaking and the occasional rapping of a headboard. Kayla stood stock-still trying not to breathe in order to hear what was going on. While she couldn't hear very well through the wall, she did suddenly hear her mother cry out "OH FUCK ME ROB! Give me all your baby juice.

. fuck me harder!" Listening outside to her mother only made Kayla itchier between her own legs and Kayla thought briefly about returning to her own bedroom to rub her pussy to orgasm. Kayla had retreated to the breakfast bar when her mother made an appearance at 11AM. Kathy sat at the bar and Kayla got up to pour her some coffee. RJ had gone out of the room for a moment.

Kayla came up behind her mother and sat the coffee in front of her. Kayla reached around her mother to give her a hug. "Morning Mom. You OK?" "Never better dear" her mother replied with a song in her voice. Kayla leaned in while still embracing her mother from the rear and whispered in her ear. "You look like the cat that ate the Canary.

. your hair is wild. . your cheeks are glowing. . do you think your legs will ever come back together Mom? How long were you guys at it???" "Four hours and I lost track of the number of times. But that's none of your business and don't be rude Missy" Kathy said to her daughter giving her a friendly swat and laughing.

"Geese Mom, I didn't think you guys could last four hours at your advanced age" Kayla teased. Kathy turned and gave Kayla a hard swat on the ass! "Advanced age?

I can still take you over my knee Missy!" The girls were still laughing when RJ came back in the room. "what's so funny" he wanted to know." "Oh only u can control hot big ass bounce on playomb how excited can u make her just girl talk" his mother replied. "Well where's dad? I was just re-checking everything on the boat and I found two tie down straps that are badly sun-rotted.

I think we need to replace them' RJ said to his mother. "Kayla give your brother $40 from my cupboard hiding spot please.

RJ, why don't you go to Home Depot and buy some new straps. I'm sure your father would approve" Kathy told her son. Kayla did as she was told and handed the money to RJ who started to leave.

As he went through the garage door Kayla called to him, "wait for me RJ, I'll go to Home Depot with you." As soon as RJ was out of earshot Kayla said to her mom, "No hanky-panky while we're gone young lady!" Kathy laughed at her daughter's remark. "Don't worry we'll be good. Now Go" her mom retorted. Kayla raced out to RJs truck and slid into the passenger side. She immediately scooted to the middle, not caring if one of their friends might see her sitting beside her brother.

What Kayla hadn't seen was her father standing in the upstairs bedroom window looking out at them. As Rob watched, he first wondered where RJ was going, and then seeing Kayla scoot over beside RJ; Rob wondered why Kayla was sitting so close to her brother? As RJ drove away from the house Kayla placed her hand on RJs thigh. Then she ran her hand higher and fondled RJs rapidly swelling manhood through his Levis. "Wanna go somewhere and fuck my brains out for a while big brother?" "Kayla, God you are one horny girl!.

Look sweetie, we really need to get a lot of stuff accomplished while I have dad home with his know-how. Besides, I think Dad would question why it took us so long to run to Home Depot 15 minutes away, and not get home for 2 hours! I promise little sister that in the morning after Dad leaves for work, I'll slide into your bed and give you the best sex you've had in a long, long, time!" Kayla threw RJ a pouty look, even though she knew he was right.

She slid her hand a little lower, but kept it on RJs thigh all the way to the store. Even though Kayla had stopped fondling his penis through his Levis, RJ still had to make an adjustment, before he got out of the truck, less all the customers see he had a raging bonner! Sunday turned out to be very busy with Rob and RJ replacing straps and finding some more things in need of maintenance, including a badly leaking water pressure pump. Kayla and Kathy went to the store with the food list which Kayla had already adjusted for 4 people instead of 2.

The girls spent the afternoon packing dry goods and clothing into plastic bins. All the food stuff went into the freezer or refrigerator. Kathy explained that Thursday afternoon they would get dry-ice to keep the steaks frozen, and pack everything in the Igloo coolers, then ice everything down. By 9 PM everything had been rechecked twice and RJ had received some further instruction from his father.

They had eaten an impromptu dinner, as all four were busy. Kayla and Kathy had packed some of the clothing items RJ and Kayla would need, but her mother told her, they would put the finishing touches on clothing on Thursday cute teen chloe meets a guy on a dating site. Kathy suggested that they needed to check the weather report for the weekend, as it was no use taking jackets for the evening if the heat wave continued.

All four showered and collapsed for the night. Monday morning Kathy and Rob awoke very early. Katy said "I wish you didn't have to be gone to Washington all week. I really miss sleeping with you!" Rob leaned in and began kissing Kathy. "I miss you too baby" he said to his beautiful wife. Rob fondled Kathy's ample breasts and her nipple stiffed immediately, Feeling the nipples rise against the palm of his hand, Rob began to roll and squeeze each nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Kathy gave a shiver and let out an audible moan as Rob continued to play with her tits. Rob's hand trailed down her torso and across her flat abdomen. As his hand approached her public mound, Kathy automatically spread her legs to allow him access to her girl-treasure. Kathy was totally shaved and Rob often told her that he liked the 'little-girl look' on her.

"God you're wet baby" Rob said, as his finger slipped into the folds busty lady irma got eaxtremly hairy pussy his wife's hot pussy, and he sank it to the hilt. "I'm making lots of girl juice for you cause I need you cock in me this morning" Kathy said. "Well I can't just jump on you and have my way with you. That wouldn't be fair," Rob said. "Yes, that's exactly what I need. I've been dreaming about you fucking me all night, and I'm about to cum from just your finger.

. so get that cock in me buster! Besides, we only have about 30 minutes before we have to get up and get to the train station" Kathy said as she reached for her husband's rigid cock. The two lovers made no further foreplay. Rob simply mounted Kathy in conventional position and his iron hard cock sank right to her cervix, as Kathy made an 'oomph' noise.

Kathy tilted her pelvis and locked her legs around her husband, crossing her ankles. This allowed her the leverage to drive herself up onto Rob's manhood, each time he was thrusting downward.

Kathy moaned and cried out as Rob pounded her sodden cunt. Squishy noises could be heard as Katy lubricated so much. Kathy began urging her lover on, saying that she was about to cum all over him. Rob stroked furiously, and even though they had only been coupled for 15 minutes, Rob could feel the tension rising in his balls.

"Give me all your baby juice Rob" Katy cried. "Fill my fucking hole up!" Rob redoubled his efforts and moaned "I'm about to cum. . I'm gonna give you a huge load this morning baby!" "Yes. . yes. . YES. . .give it to me. . fill me up" Kathy wailed as she humped upward so hard it almost threw Rob off her. Rob could feel the head of his cock mash into the soft tissue of Kathy's cervix each time he thrust. Finally he could take no more and jammed his cock into her snatch as hard blonde crystal rae takes two black cocks far as it would go.

Rob suddenly felt a soft elastic like ring around the head of his cock and pulse after pulse of potent baby spunk poured into Kathy. Feeling Rob's cock probe into her cervix caused Kathy's eyes to fly open and she fucked him back furiously, trying to drive his entire length into her womb. "Fuck. . OH GOD. . CUMming. . ." Kathy panted trying to breathe during the throws of one of the most intense orgasms he'd had for a while. Finally Rob collapsed on top of her and she allowed her legs to fall to his side.

Robs softening member was still lodged inside the tip of her cervix though. "God that was intense" Kathy croaked out. "Glad I please you" Ron whispered, as he planted a kiss on her lips. "I don't think you've ever gone up inside of me like that before. Man did that feel good!" "Mmmmm. . .we'll have to try that position more often" Rob replied. Rob made an inordinate amount of seminal fluid and Kathy could feel his ample amount of cums starting to leak out of her and run down her butt towards the bed.

Kathy pushed on his chest, "time to get up before we make a big mess on the bed." Kathy cupped her panties to her crotch as she ran to the bathroom to keep drops of cum from falling on the carpet.

She jumped into the warm shower and felt glob after glob of Rob's seed plop out of her to the shower floor. Kathy sometimes mused that 'with all the baby juice that Rob produced, she was amazed she hadn't been pregnant more than twice. Thank goodness for good birth control pills!   Chapter 5 of 35 [Revised] RJ awoke as he heard the sound of a car engine and the garage door opening. Through bleary eyes he could see his alarm clock read 5:50. He had set it for 6AM, but had beaten the alarm.

He looked out the window and saw his mother and father backing out of the driveway. He went to the bathroom and took his morning leak, willing his 'morning wood' to go down so he could pee properly. He then washed his hands and splashed water in his face. He went down the hall to his sister's room and entered through the closed door. Carelessly, as he crept into Kayla room, he left the door ajar behind him.

Raunchy blonde slut has her anus destroyed

Kayla lay on her back with the sheet midway between her waist and her chin, leaving her breast exposed. RJ stood and marveled at his sister's tits. Kayla had now gotten up to a 'C cup, "usually" as she had told RJ. Her breasts were firm and stood out from her 15 year old frame nicely. As was the case with many redheads and strawberry blonds, her areolas were light pink in color with much darker nipples.

Kayla had extremely sensitive nipples and sometimes RJ could just about make her climax just by playing with her nipples. The problem was that Kayla became so aroused from nipple-play that she would just about rape RJ. Kayla became very aggressive when she was highly aroused. So RJ had never actually gotten his sister off from nipple-play alone, because she always insisted on fucking at that point! The fact that Kayla was naked on the top, meant she was also naked under the covers, as she usually liked to sleep nude.

RJ's cock had already started to swell to its full length, just under 9 inches, as he looked at Kayla's tits and thought about what he was about to do. Slowly he approached the foot of Kayla's bed and carefully lifter the covers up. Kneeling, he snaked his way up under the covers and found Kayla had her legs slightly spread already. RJ wanted to surprise his sister by pleasuring her before she awoke.

Moving higher RJ nudged his sister's thighs and she spread them further automatically. Her breathing told RJ that she was still asleep however. RJ lightly placed a kiss on the top of Kayla's mons and stuck his tongue out to probe the top of her folds just above her clit. This elicited a moan from his sleeping sister. RJ carefully moved his tongue lower and licked upwards along the length of her teen slit, touching her clit for the first time.

A much louder moan escaped Kayla's lips and she japanhdv naked soccer cup scene trailer uncensored oriental slightly in bed. RJ thought he'd awoken her, but she breathed deeply still in the fog of slumber.

RJ zeroed in on her now engorging clit and started swirling his tongue around her sensitive spot, alternately swiping his tongue into her outer lips which were getting wetter by the second. As RJ again probed her clit Kayla said "oh. . OH. . aahhh" and grabbed the side of RJs head thrusting it harder against her cunt. "What a pleasant surprise" Kayla panted. "Glad you like it" RJ mumbled with his face buried in his sister's crotch.

Now he spread her lips wide apart with his hands and began tonguing the inner folds of Kayla's snatch in earnest. Kayla flailed about and moaned loudly. After only a minute or so Kayla pushed her brother's head away while simultaneously bucking her hips against his face.

Shuddering in bliss Kayla said "Get up here and fuck me now!" RJ raised his head and said, "Not a chance K!" I told you this was going to be special this morning.

Your first orgasm is going to be on the tip of my tongue. I want you to lay back, concentrate on the special spot between your legs and think about the gallon of cum I am going to dump into you next!" Kayla flopped back and closed her eyes as RJ again started lapping at her swollen pussy lips. He started tracing a 'figure 8' around her clit button which caused Kayla to buck and squeal.

Kayla was already racing towards the abyss. Not having any sex while her father was home during the weekends just made her that much more wanton and out of control. RJ was fucking in and out of her pussy hole with his tongue and alternately sucking on her well distended clit.

Kayla's head flopped from side to side with the sensations driving her wild. She started grunting and almost crying as her brother and sister 1st time x story sleeping com of humping back at her brother's tongue increased. RJ sensed that she was very closed to sexual release and it was at this moment that he extended his arms upward so that he could reach Kayla's nipples while continuing to eat out her pussy.

Kayla humped furiously as RJ played with her nipples. Simultaneously RJ squeezed both nipples between his thumb and forefingers and nipped down on key clit. Kayla saw stars manufactured from both the unexpected pain of the bite, and the exotic pleasure it brought on.

Suddenly her whole body arched and became stiff and she started to shudder rapidly and let out a very loud scream. While the scream was still in her throat, RJ released her clit and started swirling his tongue around it again. All of a sudden he felt it against his lips; Kayla was convulsing and ejaculating liquid all over his mouth while he continued to suck on his sister's engorged girl parts! Kayla convulsed out of control and kept making what could only be described as a humming sound.

Suddenly she collapsed down on the bed and was panting like a race horse. RJ had heard his buddies talk about girls 'cuming liquid' but he always thought it was a fairy tale. Kayla pulled at her brother's head and said "Fuck me quick RJ" RJ laughed and flopped on his back beside her. "Nope, you fuck me sis. Ride me cowgirl style." In the blink of an eye Kayla scrambled over her brother's prone body, grasped his rigid cock and placed the now purple head against the saturated lips of her cunt.

In one bold motion she plunged down onto his member and said only "Oomph!" Kayla started rocking her pelvis back and forth on her brother, making sure to rub her clit against his public hot circuit 1971 tube porn, and scissoring as much of his 9 inches in and out of her as possible. Kathy had returned home from the train station after dropping Rob off and was ascending the stairs when she heard a loud scream from upstairs.

Kathy hurried up at first thinking Kayla had been hurt. The noises she heard from Kayla's room soon became clear what the real source was. Kathy found Kayla's bedroom door standing open about 25% of the way. She cautiously peered around the door and saw her daughter squatting over her son and just beginning to place RJs huge erection into her vagina. As Kayla pushed downward suddenly Kathy heard her let out an "oomph" sound. Kathy stood mesmerized as she watched her daughter rock back on forth on her son's erection.

It was obvious that Kayla was quite excited and she practically 'mewed' as she rode RJ faster and faster. Kathy thought she was about to witness her daughter have an orgasm, but all of a sudden Kayla stopped and repositioned her feet. Placing her feet beside her brother's hips, Kayla was now in a true squat over her brother. Kathy had not seen RJ naked in a long time. Kayla had mentioned that her brother had a large penis, but Kathy was taken aback.

Kayla was squatted over her brother and had at least 6 inched of his cock-shaft exposed not in her vagina. Yet there was still some of RJ buried inside his sister.

She heard Kayla say "RJ I'm very close. . I want you to concentrate on dumping a really big load in your little sister's cunt! I should be able to cum again when I feel you cumming in me." With that Kayla started riding up and down on RJs shaft by flexing her thigh muscles and haunches.

Kathy watched her daughter slide very slowly all the way down RJs cock shaft till their public bones touched, only to raise herself back up until only the tip of his monster cock was still with her. Twice she rose too high and RJ slipped out of her. Immediately Kayla would grab his slippery member and place it back at the entrance of her hole.

Kathy was amazed to see the size of RJs penis and in length it rivaled his fathers, with a fiery head that was now almost purple, but perhaps not quite as thick around as Rob's. Suddenly Kayla started riding up and down faster and faster. RJ had his hands on his sister's tits and was playing with her nipples again. Kayla grasped RJs biceps for balance as she could not afford to let him slip out now. RJ was moaning loudly and Kayla's hips were now a blur bouncing up and down on him.

Suddenly RJ cried "Sis. cum. . " and that was all he got out. He arched his pelvis so high that he lifted Kayla off the bed impaled on his cock. He started spewing potent baby juice into his sister as rope after rope of his cum entered her.

The sensation set Kayla over the edge and her own orgasm struck like a sledge hammer. "OH. . Fuck, oh FUCK!. yes. . yes. . YES!" She screamed. RJ collapsed back onto the bed and his sister shuddered on top of him for many more seconds. Kathy realized she had been rubbing her own pussy through her slacks, even though Rob had just fucked her brains out an hour earlier.

Kathy slowly backed away from her daughter's door making sure not to make any noise. She turned and went into her bedroom and in a few minutes heard the shower running. She was fairly certain her children were in the shower together!   Chapter 6 of 35 {Revised] Monday was a busy day.

Kathy took her daughter to shop, not only for the things that Kayla had put on her lists, but Kathy had decided that the curtains in the 'Hut' part of the Party Hut Pontoon Boat needed to be changed, as they were now badly sun-faded. As Kenny and Candace were coming down for the weekend, Kathy wanted nice, brand new, beach-towels, bath towels and sheets on the boat also. Mother and daughter made their way to the mall. While Kathy went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for the towels and sheets, Kayla drifted away down the aisle-way after extracting some cash from her mother.

Kayla went into Frederick's of Hollywood and went to a specially marked bathing suit rack to see if they still had a bikini she had seen and had her eye on for a couple of weeks.

A 20-something clerk asked if she could help the teen girl, but Kayla said she knew what she was looking for, as she looked through the racks of Bikinis.

"Damn, it's gone" Kayla muttered. "If you tell me what you had your eye on, I may be able to see if we have one in stock in the back" the sales-girl said. Kayla explained in detail what she remembered of the white Bikini. She explained the functional sting ties at the side, the brass ring between the two bra components of the top and the fact that it had a single small rose embroidered off-center along the waist band. "I think I know the suit you are talking about" said the clerk.

"What it your size" the young woman wanted to know. Kayla told the attractive sales clerk that she was a 34 'C', but depending on the bra, she sometimes fit into a 'B' cup and other times a 'C' cup. The sales clerk said to the teen, "well it depends if you are going for maximum cover-up, or maximum display of your cleavage." "Umm let's try the 'B' cup Bikini, if you still have one," the teen replied to the clerk. After several minutes of waiting the clerk reappeared with a positive grin on her face.

"You are in luck we actually had two still in the back that we hadn't placed on the rack yet." "Do you want to try it on" the sales clerk asked. Kayla held the bottoms up in front of her, and stretched the waistband out to make sure it would fit her hips. She then looked at the top. The two triangles of fabric looked like they wouldn't cover much of her boobs. If she were going to be on a public beach, she would eva angelina is looking great as she gets fucked worried if the fabric was going to cover her areolas or not, but that wasn't a concern on the boat.

The fact that the two triangles of cloth were joined between the cups with a brass 'D'-shaped ring meant there was no adjustment to the top. What you saw was what you got. "Umm, no I'm not going to try this on; I don't have on the right underwear. And I know you have rules about trying on a suit without them" Kayla said. The clerk smiled knowingly. "Do you want to see the one with the larger top" the clerk questioned.

"No, I'm going to take this one" the teen grinned. "There's one other thing about this suit that I want to make sure you understand, before you buy it" The clerk said cautiously. Kayla just looked at her interracial fuck with a sexy beauty hardcore blowjob of what she wanted to say.

"This suit is one of our 'Rose' brands. . and those suits are made of a special fabric that . . .well when it gets wet, it becomes pretty transparent. The bottoms have a tri-cot layer in the crotch, so that doesn't show," at this the 20ish clerk actually blushed, "but your top and your butt will show through the white suit pretty clearly.

Are you sure you wanted to get this one" the clerk asked, sensing Kayla's age and not sure she would want to show off her body. "OH-Yea, I'm quite sure" Kayla said with a mischievous grin, "that's why I picked this suit." A short time later, Kayla found her mother with arms full of packages. "What did you find dear," her mother asked.

"Oh I got a new bikini, it's just a plain white one" was all the teen beauty said to her mom. Kayla grabbed some of the packages and somehow the subject got changed, so there was no further questioning about the new bathing suit.

The girls shopped some more and then Kathy went to Big 5 Sporting Goods. Once there, Kathy bought a new large tow-tube, quite large enough for two people to sit in.

"I remember that you kids liked to use this when you were smaller and used to have a blast. I thought that maybe you guys will enjoy getting towed behind the boat when you move from place-to-place" her mother said matter-of-factly. By Monday noon, RJ found that he did not like the feel of the boat's steering.

He disconnected the steering knuckle from the engine, and it still felt very stiff to him. He decided to call his father in Washington D.C. to ask him about it.

His father listened and told RJ that this was a 'good catch' and that probably there was corrosion building in the steering cable sheath. His father explained to RJ how to first elevate the cable that he had already removed, and the multiple steps involved in clearing the corrosion and then putting a lubricant in the cable sheath.

It wasn't hard, but it was time consuming. When the girls returned home, they found RJ sitting in the captain's seat, slowing the turning the steering wheel from full left to full right. As the girls approached the boat, Kathy asked her son "What are you doing up there RJ?" "The steering cable was corroded so Dad told me how to lubricate it so it won't be so tight" RJ dounload free xxx shemail story. "Why didn't you just put K-Y Jelly on it" Kayla said to her brother, "That always works!" Kayla laughed at her double-entendre.

"What do you know about KY Jelly, young lady" her mother retorted! "I know the tube in your night-stand is almost empty. . so I had to buy my own" Kayla laughed out loud. Kathy turned red, and took off running towards Kayla, packages akimbo. "When I catch you young lady, I'm gonna put you across my knee" her mother grinned. Kayla beat-feet for the house, dropping one of the packages along the way, and laughing hilariously.

RJ just shook his head at the silly things those two ladies did from time to time. RJ also kept exercising the steering cable which felt much freer than earlier. RJ finished and reassembled the steering. The girls started packing, and repacking the dry goods they had purchased. They also started to assemble the clothes that RJ and Kayla had put on their lists.

Kathy set aside 3 plastic bins for Kenny and Candace to put their things into on the boat. Later that afternoon while the girls folded laundry, Kathy said to Kayla "There's something I want to discuss with you sweetheart." Kayla could tell from her mother's tone that she was serious, and not playing around. "Shoot Mom. What's on your mind?" Kayla responded. "I'm pretty sure I know why you were against inviting Kenny and Candace with you guys" Her mother paused. "I know that you thought you and RJ could have 4 days, away from the parents and over a weekend, where you could have non-stop sex" her mother concluded.

"OK. Go on" the teen said cautiously to her mother. "Look Kayla, you and RJ can control yourself for a few days. I don't think you will die if you go without sex for three or four days. We haven't seen Kenny and Candy for 3 years. We don't know what they are like these days, but you don't need to have any public displays of affection between your brother and yourself.

Candy is younger than you, and I don't think she's as mature as you were at 14. . so just cool it. OK?" "What makes you think she's so naive? When I was 14, RJ and I fooled around, and you knew about it" Kayla responded. "Well Aunt Christy hasn't seen any evidence of Ken and Candy showing any interest in each other" Kathy told her daughter. Kayla though 'oh right. Mom and Aunt Christy talk about everything no matter how private!

Kayla wondered if her Aunt knew about her and RJ.' Then she realized that her mother had probably had long discussions with her aunt, about her and RJs sexuality. Her mom would have asked her aunt if her kids fooled around too, Kayla realized, that's how she knew the Kenny and Candace didn't. "Mom, you know how I feel about RJ! You can't expect me to keep my hands off of him for 4 days" Kayla lamented.

"That is exactly what I expect Kayla" her mother replied. And I want you to be more careful around the house too." "What are you talking about" the teen wanted to know. "Like this morning when I got back from taking your father to the train station. I came up the stairs and was greeted by quite a show" Kayla's mother retorted. "It would seem that someone forgot to close your bedroom door, when they came in to do your usual morning routine." Kayla was now embarrassed.

Even though she and her mother talked about everything, the fact that Kathy had watched them 'in the act' somehow bothered Kayla. "How much did you see, mom" Kayla asked.

"Oh I got to see pretty much all the exciting stuff. . .including my daughter having an excruciating orgasm" Kathy said as sternly as she could muster. "I'm sorry mom" Kayla said, "I'll remind RJ we need to be more careful" "Kayla, I just don't want your cousins to see any fooling around between you and RJ. They may not understand, and they may not share our attitude about this subject.

So you and RJ need to get all your sex done and out of the way before your cousins arrive Thursday evening!" "Yes Ma'am" was all that Kayla could think of saying now. She was going to kill RJ later for not closing her bedroom door this morning! The rest of the week flew by. Everyone was busy, but things had pretty much gotten wrapped up by Tuesday night as far as the preparations were concerned. Aside from the Igloo coolers and their cousin's clothes, everything else was on the Party Hut.

Kathy tried to give her kids some space also, particularly on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Kathy made an excuse to go and 'run some errands'. She knew that Kayla and RJ would have non-stop sex while she was gone.

She hoped that would help sate their high sex drives, while their cousins were in town. By Thursday noon RJ and Kayla had finished the last of three marathon fuck-sessions. Kayla had to admit, that the final orgasm was one of the best RJ had ever provided her! Kayla and RJ were fidgety and somewhat apprehensive about the arrival of their cousins. Kathy gathered up the pair and they went off to a supermarket that actually sold Dry Ice.

Kathy asked the kids if there was anything else they needed, while they were at the store. Kayla replied that she wasn't sure they could fit another single thing onto the boat! When they arrived home, Kathy showed the kids how to rig the dry ice in Tupperware containers, so the water from melting ice could not get to it. Kathy then showed Kayla how to stack things that needed to stay frozen directly on top of the Tupperware. Sodas and other things that needed to be kept cold were then loaded around the Tupperware and eventually all the voids in the Igloos filled with ice cubes.

  Chapter 7 of 35 [Revised] It was only 5 PM and they were just closing the last Igloo lid, when a car drove up. Moments later the doorbell rang. As Kathy answered the door, Kayla and RJ stood back expectantly. Kathy let out a squeal and said "KIDS I'm SO glad you could come down.

And look how much you've grown!" Kathy was blocking the view so Kayla and RJ could not yet see their cousins. Kathy stepped back to allow the two new teens to pass and called "Kids, Candace and Kenny are her." First through the door was a vision that should have been in Playboy, or some glamour magazine. Candace was in white short-shorts and a halter top with a floral scheme. She stood 5'7", taller than Kayla, and had almost white-blond hair that hung to her waist and was bundled in a pony tail.

Her teeth were like pearls and were straight beyond belief. Her completion was 'peaches and cream', very fair and she obviously hadn't done much in the way of tanning so far this summer.

Her eyes were striking, in that they were a bright green. Her final attribute was her breasts. They were probably an 'A' cup just striving to become a 'B' cup but they stood high and pronounced on her chest and on a very slender frame.

RJ almost didn't notice her final feature, she had a small 'button nose' with a very slight upturn, and a very easy smile. Kayla was slightly behind RJ and poked him in the ribs as she moved forward to greet her girl cousin.

"Hey?" RJ said lightly so that no one could hear. "Stop drooling on her dummy" Kayla whispered, and she moved forward to give Candy a hug. Next through the door was Kenny. As he came careening through the screen door, he had armloads of bags, all but one of which belonged to Candy. He gently sat the bags on the carpet, and stuck out his hand for RJ. "Hi RJ, remember me" Kenny quipped?

RJ gripped his cousin's hand and received not only a firm response, but Kenny's hand was massive. RJ felt like he was shaking the hand of a bear! "Of course I remember you Kenny, but I don't remember you being this tall" RJ responded.

As Kayla turned from Candy, her mouth dropped open. There stood her 17 year old cousin Kenny. All 6'2 inches of him. He had on a muscle shirt which showed shoulders that looked like a linebacker. His jaw was square and his hair was jet black, like his Father's, their Uncle Tom, and was cut very neatly for a teen boy. His waist was slim, but his muscles rippled as he moved.

Kayla moved forward and Kenny literally scooped her up and gave her a huge hug. He had a broad easygoing smile and actually had slight dimples when he did. His eyes were a pale blue that gave you the impression he was looking through you. While Kayla's breasts were mashed against Kenny's chest, she swore her knees became weak.

"Kayla, you are even more beautiful than I remember you. Your hair has gotten a lot longer I see, but you still have those little freckles on your nose that I used to love so much." Kayla caught his scent, mixed with delightful cologne she could not place.

"Let me show you to our rooms, so you two can freshen up from your drive" RJ said. With that, he picked up all of Candy's bags, smiled at her and said "after you, yours is the first door on the right that's Kayla's room." As Candy started up the stairs, RJ could not take his eyes off of his cousin's ass. The white short-shorts swayed with a rhythm while she climbed, and RJ got a very tiny glimpse of the pink panties she wore as the top rose slightly above the band of her shorts.

RJ showed Candy to Kayla's room and carefully set down the bags. "If there's anything you need just holler at me" RJ said and almost stammered. RJ could not take his eyes off his cousin and tried in vain not to stare at her breast which were perched prominently high on her chest, even though they were not huge. Candy smiled sweetly at RJ and said "thank you so much.

I'll be down in a few minutes." RJ found Kenny and his sister still chatting warmly downstairs. When Kayla saw her brother she said "RJ, why don't you show Kenny to your messy room so he can freshen up." RJ showed Kenny upstairs and Kenny put his bag down. "Cool room Cuz" he said to RJ.

"I see you play football also?" Kenny was looking at the various Team photos RJ had framed on the walls. "Yes, next year I am Varsity starting Tight End" RJ replied. They chatted briefly and RJ left after pointing out the bathroom door to Kenny. RJ came back down stairs and found Kayla in the Family Room. As he walked up to her, Kayla punched him in the bicep without warning. "OW! What the hell was that for" RJ cried. "That's for leaving 'droolie-marks all over Candy!

And Geeze you were practically sniffing her butt as you followed her up the stairs" Kayla exclaimed. "I was NOT" RJ proclaimed as he rubbed his arm to get feeling back in it. Besides, it's not like you weren't down hear batting your eyes at Kenny and getting damp panties" RJ shot back.

Kayla arched her brow and moved toward RJ, who was too quick and took off running before she could grab him! Eventually RJ 'let' Kayla catch him in the kitchen. He pulled her close and gave her a quick but warm kiss. "Jealous are we K?" "Damn right I'm jealous. That girl is gorgeous! She is way hotter than me, and she's a year younger! I can't blame you for drooling over her heck I am drooling over Candy myself" Kayla proclaimed.

"Kayla, you are still more beautiful" and with that RJ gave her another peck. "That was the right answer, RJ" Kayla said with a huge grin.   Chapter 8 of 35 [Revised] Kayla was still in her brother's arms and RJ hands had now slid down to his sister's butt. Just then Kathy turned the corner to the Kitchen and saw them.

"Knock it off you two! I told you no displays of affection in front of your cousins!" "We know mom" RJ responded. "Kenny and Candy are upstairs. This was our last hug for a while" RJ grinned. "I meant what I said you two" Kathy said, not amused. A brief time later Kenny and Candy came bounding down the stairs.

"Boy, something smells good Aunt Kathy, what is that" Kenny wanted to know. "It's brats and sauerkraut" Kathy replied to her nephew. "We'll have a salad to go with them also and whatever you guys want to drink." Kayla turned to look at Candy and noticed she was beat red as if blushing. "You alright Candy?" "Yes. Fine," the girl said.

"She's just a little shocked" Kenny chortled. "You guys didn't tell us the bathroom was shared between your two bedrooms. . .I was standing there going to the bathroom and Candy burst in from her room without realizing I was in there!" Kathy walked over to her niece and put her arm around her shoulders, drawing her to her side.

"Way to go kids! You might have thought to explain the adjoining bathroom to your cousins . . not everyone is as lackadaisical about their modesty as you two. Sorry about that Candy" the girl's Aunt said to her and gave her a little hug. "That's OK Aunt Kathy; I was just a little surprised. Dinner smells great, when do we eat" the girl said, changing the subject.

The kids all ate and talked with their Aunt Younger boys and older cousin non-stop, catching up on family developments and changes. Aunt Kathy reminisced about holidays spent together when huge ass blonde babe nina kay gets fucked hardcore big dick were much younger children. RJ sat entranced by Candy and she would constantly flash him her easy smile. Dinner was finished and Kathy told all the kids that she was going to go up to her room and that she didn't want them to stay up late and get plenty of rest, as they had a long driver ahead in the morning.

Candace and Kenny bid their aunt good night, and thanked her for the dinner. Afterwards the four teens sat around the Family Room and visited. The two boys talked mostly about Football, while the girls talked about everything from movies to their favorite music.

About 9:30 RJ said "You know we better be getting some shut-eye. I want to get on the road by 6 AM as it's a long way to the lake and will be slow going towing the Party Hut. That means we'll have to be up by about 5 AM to get ready." "What are the sleeping arrangements" Kenny wanted to know.

"We thought that you and Candace would take our rooms, and Kayla and I would crash here in the family room" RJ replied. "That doesn't seem fair" Kenny said, "and besides there's only one sofa in here, and it isn't large enough for two people to sleep." RJ laughed, "Fortunately that is a problem that has been solved already.

When we have friends over, we use these really cool full size blow-up mattresses. Just throw some sheets and a couple of blankets on em, and you're good to go." "OK, but why don't Candy and I take the blow-ups and you guys can still have your bedrooms?" "Yea, that seems like a better idea" Candy chimed in. What Kayla wanted to say, and was thinking was; 'If you evita needs to fuck now cumshots brunette slept together like RJ and I do, there are two perfectly good beds upstairs just dying for some action.' However, what she actually said was "Instead of arguing about it, why don't we all just crash down here on the blow-up mattresses.

They are huge, and that way, we won't be waking mom up in the morning banging around in our rooms and if we hurry, the 4 of us can all use the one bathroom down here in the morning." "That sounds like fun" Candy said "it will be just like when we were kids and all slept together in Grandma's big bed at Christmas time!" Kenny and Candy went upstairs to get their night things out of their bags while Kayla and RJ pulled out the mattresses, plugged in the self filling air compressors and inflated the beds.

While this was going on, they got out sheets and top blankets and 4 pillows from the closet. By the time Candy and Kenny had brushed their teeth and changed into their sleepwear, there were two double beds in the center of the Family Room. "Uuhhha, what is the arrangement here who goes where" Kenny asked. "Me and Candy in the middle, you guys on the outsides, and RJ behind me and Kenny you behind Candy, Kayla replied.

We'd put you guys in one bed and us the other, but we're concerned you 'jocks' might try some of that Homo stuff!". Kayla laughed at her own joke, but Candy laughed uproariously and the thought of her brother with another guy. Kenny was way too macho for any of that kind of stuff she thought. As the 4 teens snuggled in, it took some jostling to get everyone situated. Kayla went to the center first. She had on one of RJs football jerseys and panties to sleep in. As she crawled up to the middle of the mattresses, the jersey rode up and both Candy and Kenny were treated to a glimpse of her panty clad crotch.

RJ paid no attention as he'd seen it a hundred times, and it wasn't Kayla's PANTIES he wanted to be looking at! Next in was Candy and she too was in a tee shirt with frilly sleep pants.

While the sleep pants were modest enough, RJ could not pry his eyes off of his cousin's rounded ass as it swayed while she crawled up the center of the mattress.

The tee shirt she wore was thin and RJ could plainly see the curve of her small breasts and her nipples poking into the material. Her nipples seemed erect and RJ loved the sight. As soon as the two girls were situated the boys slid in from the sides. RJ took the remote control and turned out the room lights.

Everyone jostled to get comfortable and fix their pillows. "G'nite everyone. 5 AM is gonna come awfully early. It's already after 10 PM" Kayla said. "And, you boys be sure to keep your hands to yourself tonight" Kayla joked. Candy giggle at the inference. Secretly Kayla hoped the two boys would ravish them at any second! In less than 15 minutes the 4 teens had all drifted off to their own dreams.   Chapter 9 of 35 [Revised] Candy slept fitfully and she kept having a recurring erotic dream.

In her dream she kept walking into the bathroom while Kenny was taking a piss, and watching him hold what was obviously a pretty large penis. The 'accident' earlier this night, had obviously planted the seed. While she kept dreaming about her brother's cock, Candy squirmed, owing to the fire building in her loins.

Of late, Candy had been plagued with that 'itchy feeling' between her legs. She had found that rubbing her 'special spot' would bring her relief but she had come to feel that she was some kind of freak because she had these desires every day, and sometimes had to relieve herself more than once a day!

In Candy's dream her brother was now turning to face her while holding his cock out to her, and if to offer it to her. In her dream the cock was engorged and she could not take her eyes off of it. Her breathing was becoming rapid and she felt as if she were on fire. Slowly, from the depths of her consciousness, she began to realize there was more going on. As if still in her dream she felt a sensation on her breasts.

She wanted to go back to her dream, but the pleasure being generated by her tits and spreading through her belly could not be denied. Consciousness began to prevail and very slowly the young teen began to realize that the sensations were not a dream, but was happening in real time. Candy could feel the fire between her legs and her sleep pants were getting wet from her excretions. As consciousness finally won the battle over sleep, Candy realized that there was a hand on her breast and was playing with her nipple.

For a moment she forgot where she was and her mind was flooded with confusion. She lay stock-still and barely breathed while she came to realize that the arm draped around her and hand massaging her right breast was that of her cousin, Kayla. Candy could not believe how good it felt to have someone else rub her small tits and engorged nipples, not like when she played with herself. As she was fighting not to lose control, suddenly the hand shifted from her right breast to her left.

Again, it rubbed across her nipple which was rock hard. Candy shivered again with desire. Her ebony preggo slut has her muff annihilated brunette and big tits was awash with confusion.

Candy held her breath, not able to believe her cousin would be doing this to her. Kayla's head was right behind her own, and Candy could hear her slow, deep breathing. Kayla was spooned to Candy's back, and her face was so close to Candy that her lips all but touched the back of Candy's neck.

She felt her breath as the girls exhaled lightly. She smelled her scent. Candy thought 'she's sleeping'. . she must be. . or is she faking sleep to feel me up. For a moment, Candy didn't care if her girl cousin was faking sleep or not.

Candy cautiously slipped a hand down between her legs and rubbed her secret spot through the fabric of her sleep pants. Candy realized her crotch was soaked, and she needed to rub it and have that 'special feeling' she got, so badly.

Candy tried not to move too much and started to get more and more excited with the touch to her titties going on. Candy gave an involuntary lurch with her hips onto her probing finger when Kayla increased her bear hug around her young teen cousin.

The sudden movement when Candy hunched her hips, caused her brother, who had been lightly snoring not a foot in front of her, to shift and turn. In a moment of panic, Candy thought that her brother was about to wake up and see what was happening with her and Kayla. Kenny rolled over so that his back was now to his sister, but she had become unnerved and more than a little scarred.

She couldn't believe that another girl was touching her. Suddenly Candy pushed her elbow back into Kayla's side! "Huh. . .what. . " Kayla muttered as she jolted awake from the sudden prod.

"Quit it" Candy hissed low under her breath so as not to wake her brother or RJ, both of whom snored lightly. "Quit what' Kayla asked in a confused voice. "Stop touching my boobies" Candy whispered with venom dripping from her words. Kayla rolled over to face RJ and was back to sleep in a minute. Candy however, remained unnerved. She now burned with desire, but could not possibly chance touching herself between her legs and run the risk of one of the other 3 catching her.

She could not shinny down out of the bed to go to the bathroom to take care of her needs. . .not without waking someone while she tried to extract herself from the air mattress. Candy lay there in frustration trying to will the feeling in her belly to go away.

She was also confused and conflicted about her feelings. Candy had never been touched by anyone, boy or girl, like Kayla had just been doing to her. Once a boy she liked had kissed her. . and she had let him, enjoying the feel of his lips. But when he snaked his hand up to her chest to get a feel of her 'A' cup delights, she had hauled off and hit him. Hard! Candy couldn't figure out what it all meant.

And what did it mean about her cousin. Candy glanced at the clock and it read 3:10 AM. At 4:50 AM RJ sat up with a start, dreaming that he had over-slept the alarm. He glanced at the clock and groaned. RJ didn't realize that Candy was laying there wide-awake as he stood and stretched.

Candy was in such turmoil over what had happened earlier, she had never been able to get back to sleep. As RJ arched his back and stretched his arms over his head, Candy could see in the subdued light that he had a huge erection tenting his sleep pants.

He was naked from the waste up. RJ stumbled into the downstairs bathroom, preceded by the tent in his trousers. Candy heard his urine splashing in the toilet bowl as he had failed to close the door in the darkness.

As he headed back across the room Candy could see that his erection was now apparently gone. She lay still, hardly breathing, so as not to alert RJ she was awake. RJ knelt beside the inflatable mattress and gently shook Ebony babe gets pumped by big thick dick by the arm.

"Kayla. . wake up baby" Candy heard RJ say softly to his sister. "Mmmm. . let me sleep" Kayla slurred in response. "No. Wake up my beautiful little nymph" RJ said, trying to rouse his sister without waking the others. Candy thought this odd, as HER brother cute young thai is introduced to hard white cock just yelled at her at the top of his lungs from out in their hallway, and he never called her by an endearing name.

Kayla started to stir and sat up in the bed. Candy feigned sleep. "Morning baby" Kayla said to RJ. "what time is it?" At precisely that moment the alarm clock went off indicating it was 5 AM. Kenny sat up in bed rubbing his eyes and stabbed the alarm clock off.

"Oh, morning guys" he said, realizing Kayla and RJ were already up. He shook Candy's arm and said "Wake Up lil bit (which was his pet name for his sister) time to get up to the lake" Candy rolled over and sat up. "Good morning Candy", Kayla said. Candy just grunted at her cousin in response, got up and trudged into the bathroom.

"Is she always that grumpy in the morning" RJ asked. "No. Well sometimes" Kenny said "I try not to figure her out." While all this was going on, the kids realized they could hear bacon sizzling in the kitchen, and the smell of hash brown potatoes started to waft through to the Family Room.

Candy passed right by Kayla on her return from the bathroom and said not a word. Kayla used the bathroom and found the other three teens at the breakfast bar. "Mom, you didn't need to get up this early and go to all this trouble" Kayla said. "No trouble" Kathy smiled at her daughter. "Kayla, would you please pour the OJ and get out silverware for everyone." Kayla did as she was asked and noted that her cousin had not said anything to her and was avoiding eye contact.

This didn't bode well for a trip they hadn't even started yet. Kenny and RJ chatted about what the lake would be like. After a quick breakfast Kayla helped place all the kitchenware in the dishwasher and did a quick tidy-up. Kathy turned to the four teens and said, "why don't you two boys use the downstairs bathroom to get ready, and Kayla and Candace can use the upstairs bath. You guys will no doubt be faster so you can put the igloos and the last of Kenny & Candace's clothes on the boat." That plan made sense and Kenny was the first to grab his shorts, a muscle shirt and some underwear and head into the downstairs shower.

He was done very quickly and came out dressed but still toweling off his black hair and with a comb in his hand. "It's all yours" he said to RJ who was sitting at the breakfast bar having another glass of OJ with all his cloths neatly stacked beside him.

"Thanks man" he said to Kenny. "Boy, you were pretty quick in there." "I must be anxious to get to the lake" Kenny grinned. While all of this was going on downstairs, Kayla and Candy had gone up to Kayla's room to get out their clothes they would wear for the trip. Candy was still not talking. "Candy, can I ask you something" Kayla said.

"What" the young teen snapped back. "Are you upset about something? Are you mad at me" Kayla asked the girl. The girl just glared back at Kayla. "Look Candy. If I did something, I'm sorry. Let's not ruin the trip. What did I do to piss you off anyway" Kayla wanted to know.

"Like you don't know" the 14 year old spit back. "I don't know" Kayla said forcefully. She took her cousin's hands between hers. "Look, just tell me what I did to get you so upset" Kayla said. "Just talk to me Candy." "I suppose you don't remember playing with my boobies last night" Candy said, looking straight into Kayla's eyes. "Oh my God. .I thought that was a dream!

Candy, I am Sooooooo sorry. Honest! Trust me, I didn't do that on purpose" Kayla said with passion. To Candy she looked both sincerer and contrite. "Then why were you rubbing my boobies like that" Candy wanted to know. Kayla really hadn't realized what she was doing. It was coming back now. In the night, Candy had poked her in the ribs and said something to her. Kayla had been deep asleep however, and thought it was all a dream.

Kayla was still holding her cousin's hands in her own and the two stood facing each other. "Candy, let me explain. I have this best friend, Mary. We've been best friends since we were like 11! Anyway, Mary and I spend a lot of time at sleep-over's either at her house, or at mine.

When we sleep together, we like to touch each other. . we cuddle. . and I'll touch her boobs, or she will play with mine. I am sure that when we were cuddled together on the air mattress last night, in my mind I assumed you were Mary, while I was asleep" Kayla finished, not sure if she should have told her cousin about Mary, or not, and definitely not sure if she should give her any more details.

Candy took a second for what Kayla had just told her to sink in. "So you and. . this Mary girl. . .you guys are lesbians?" Kayla let go of Candy's hands and took a small step back. Then she started to laugh loudly. "God no we're not lesbians!

Both Mary and I like guys. . we like guys a lot" Kayla responded. "I don't understand" the young teen said to her older cousin, "if you both like guys, why would you touch each other like that?" "Candy" Kayla paused not sure if she should discuss this further or not, "I'm bisexual" she told her younger cousin. "What's bisexual mean" Candy wanted to know, now interested. Kayla again took a deep breath; "A bisexual is someone who likes BOTH sexes equally.

. well, not necessarily 'equally'. . some Bi's like one sex or the other more. but I pretty much like girls and boys the same. "Understand?." "And Mary is the same way" she added. "I never heard of a bisexual" Candy said, "I thought if a girl liked a girl she was a lesbian and if a guy liked guys, he was Gay. . I never heard of anyone who liked both before" Candy said matter-of-factly. "Some people only like the opposite sex. . some only like the same sex and some like them both" Kayla said, "It's just who we are.

Have you never had a close girlfriend that you had any feeling for" Kayla asked her cousin. Candy looked pensive. Candy had never dared tell a living soul, but she had one girlfriend that when they hugged each other, Candy would almost melt. Once when the two had been wrestling on Candy's bed at home, Candy had the sudden urge to kiss her girlfriend. . but had restrained herself. Candy often fantasized about this girlfriend however, but thought that she must have something wrong with herself!

"No, I don't think so" Candy lied to her cousin. "Sometimes when I am around a beautiful girl I can't help but want to kiss her. . or make love to her. Candy, I don't know if what I did last night was because you are so beautiful. . or if I was dreaming about Mary. . .I honestly don't know.

But I'd never knowingly do anything to hurt you" Kayla said with sincerity. Candy couldn't believe her ears. "You think I'm beautiful" Candy repeated to her cousin. She was incredulous. "Hell YES I think you're beautiful" Kayla responded. "Next to you, I feel like a boy" Kayla exclaimed. "What are you talking about? Your boobs are bigger and you have a figure to die for and you are way cuter than I am" Candy responded. "Yea. .

well, my boobs might be larger, but I don't have the same dynamite combination that you pack sweetie" Kayla told her. She stuck out her hand and said "Truce? I promise I won't do anything to make you feel uncomfortable again." Candy shook her cousin's hand. There was something she wanted to say, but could not bring herself to do it. Suddenly Kayla looked at her watch.

"Shit! It's 5:40. . you jump in the shower while I do some loose ends then I'll jump in. RJ is gonna kill me if we're late leaving" Candy took a shower as fast as she could and emerged from the shower wrapped in a towel and had a second one wrapped around her beautiful long blond mane.

Kayla bounced into the bathroom while Candy hurriedly dressed. Candy felt there was no time to blow-dry her long hair so she toweled it as best she could and ran a brush through it, leaving it damp and straight.

Kayla was out of the shower and had just wrapped a towel around her midsection when Candy reentered the bathroom. "Kayla" Candy began, "Thanks for telling me all that stuff a few minutes ago. I never had a friend that I could really talk to about that kind of personal stuff." "You can talk to me any time and about anything" Kayla said and gave her cousin a warm smile.

"Kayla I wasn't fair with you." "I don't understand" her older cousin responded. "When I was upset earlier. . well it wasn't that I was upset with YOU. . I was really mad at myself" the girl stammered.

"I still don't understand," Kayla laundry day deepthroat with big tit neighbor perplexed, "why were you mad at yourself?" "Because" Candy began, and then made a long pause, "because, when you were rubbing my boobies this morning I got that funny feeling in my tummy and I was liking what you were doing to me. . I was liking it a LOT!" For a second, it looked like Candy might burst into tears.

"Kayla, I think I am a lesbian and it scares me." Kayla took both of Candy's hands into her own and looked at the girl for a long second. "Candy have you ever had sex with a guy?" "No. Of course not" Candy responded. "Have you ever had sex with a girl yet?" "NO" Candy responded more forcefully. . "except for you rubbing my boobies last night." Kayla let out a little laugh.

"That's certainly not having sex! Candy, if you haven't had sex with a boy or a girl, you can't possibly really know what your sexual orientation is. When someone touches you like I did early this morning, it is supposed to make you feel good.

. .to give you that feeling. . .it was making you horny girl. It is natural. "So you don't think I am a freak then" Candy was genuinely concerned. "No candy, you are not a freak. You are just a normal, horny, 14 year old girl." Kayla leaned in and gave her cousin a hug and as she started to release the hug, she leaned to give her a kiss on the cheek.

Candy sensing that Kayla was about to kiss her cheek, suddenly turned her head so that Kayla's puckered lips fell on the 14 year olds own lips. Kayla was surprised and allowed the kiss to linger a second more than it should have.

She swore Candy pressed her lips harder. As the two shocked girls stepped apart, looking into each other's eyes, Candy said "We better finish getting ready." As the two girls descended the stairs with their purses in tow, each was dressed in shorts and a crop-top. Both still had damp hair and both had put a 'scrunchy' around their hair pulling it into a pony tail.

It was 6:15 and RJ was tapping his foot and brother sister sex real first time impatiently said "It's about time Kayla!" Candy walked right up to RJ and batted her bright Green eyes and flashed him her dazzling smile "Don't be mad at Kayla RJ.

It's all my fault. There was something that I needed to talk to Kayla about and I'm afraid I held her up." As Candy said this she reached out and touched the button on the front of RJ's shirt, looked up and in a small innocent voice said "Forgive me?" RJ melted, and then smiled, and said "I'm just anxious to get on the road. It's alright Candy." 'Damn,' Kayla thought to herself about what she had just witnessed, 'this girl is good!' RJ and Kenny had already taken the Igloos and clothing bins to the boat.

Kenny had hefted the large food-laden Igloo onto the boat like it was a feather. As the kids started out the front door, Candy took RJs arm and Kayla thought that her brother's feet would come off the ground and he'd walk on air.

Kenny took the girls purses and miscellaneous clothing and jackets in his arms and they all headed for the Tundra parked at the curb with the boat behind it. As they packed the few remaining items into the back seat of the Tundra, Kathy came running out. "RJ, you guys be careful and don't you dare forget to call and let me know you arrived OK.

Kenny same goes for you, call your parents later." Kathy gave each one of the girls a warm hug and they started to get in the back seat. Kathy gave Kenny a quick perfunctory hug and turned to RJ. Kathy gave RJ a long hug and a wet kiss on the cheek. "RJ, please drive carefully. . .I'll worry every minute you're gone." "Oh geese Mom" RJ said and rolled his eyes as he got into the truck. Kathy stood at the curb waving as RJ put on his turn signal, even though it was 6:20 and not another car on the road, and eased the boat away from the curb.

  Chapter 10 exceptional petite chick gets her spread snatch and tiny butt hole banged 35 [Revised] Once they had gotten out of town and on the interstate, the traffic was pretty light that time of morning. They had been on the road for 45 minutes and RJ had the radio on PBS. He wanted to hear the regional weather report at the hour.

Kayla was sitting behind RJ and Candy behind Kenny. Candy had been awake since 3:00 AM owing to her discomfort with being 'felt up' by her cousin. She tried to nap sitting up and leaning against her side window.

Candy's head was lolling about, as she fought to fall asleep. Just as her head rolled to her right, the truck lurched while hitting a pothole. This caused her head to bang into the side window with a thud that elicited a 'Owwww" from Candy. "Why don't you lie down? You can use my lap as a pillow" Kayla said to her younger cousin. "Thanks" Candy said and reached over to find her brothers jacket.

Kenny's extra large jacket would easily cover her. Candy snuggled onto Kayla's lap and lay on her back, with Kenny's jacket over her. Candy smiled up at her cousin in thanks for the consideration.

Candy dozed for about 30 minutes and was having a dream. Suddenly the truck lurched as it hit another large hole. "Damn": RJ muttered under his breath.

As the truck lurched, Candy started to shift off of Kayla's lap, and Kayla reached across her cousin to grab her, and keep her from rolling off. Kayla had grabbed Candy by the hip and her arm was on top of Kennys jacket, which was still over Candy's body. As Kayla looked down she saw that Candy was now awake. Candy smiled up at her and repositioned herself on Kayla's lap. Kayla started to remove her arm and hand from Candy's hip, but Candy reached up and grabbed her cousin's wrist.

Candy lifted the jacket slightly and placed her cousin's hand on top of her midriff, covering it back up with the jacket. Kayla felt her younger cousin's warm skin under her hand and at first thought nothing of the action. Candy placed her hand on top of Kayla's and let out a soft sigh. Kayla was not prepared for what happened next. Candy slowly urged Kayla's hand, with her own still pressed on top, upwards and under her tank-top.

As she crept Kayla's hand higher, Kayla felt the slight rise of Candy's breast. The 14 year old had not put on a bra.

As Candy edged the older girls hand higher yet, Kayla gave her younger cousin a questioning look. Candy raised an eyebrow and grinned slightly. Then she made a small nod of her head, as if to say "Yes, please." Kayla's practiced fingers found Candy's engorged nipple and lightly squeezed it between her thumb and forefinger. Candy let out an immediate shiver and her hand went to her side, leaving Kayla to do as she wished now.

With Kenny's jacket over the top of the younger girl, no one could see what was going on, unless they turned to look directly at the pair in the back seat of the truck. Kayla expertly massaged the younger girl's breasts, alternating between them. Each time her finger encountered an erect nipple, Kayla would give it a little squeeze.

Candy didn't care that she was in a car heading down the highway. She didn't care if her brother or RJ saw what they were doing. She didn't even care if she really was a lesbian right now. She had just been dreaming about Kayla touching her, and now she was! Each time Kayla massaged her tit, drawing the nipple up between her fingers, it was like a lightning bolt to Candy's crotch. Kayla noted that her young cousin was hunching her hips each time she played with the girl's nipples.

Kayla herself had very sensitive nipples and more than once, RJ had almost given her a orgasm, just by playing with her tits! Mega sexy teen hot brunette masturbate on webcam breathing was becoming somewhat ragged and Kayla worried that this might draw the boy's attention.

Candy was now working her hips slightly and had her knees slightly drawn up and spread a little. Candy placed her hand back on top of Kayla's and squeezed her hand. Candy smiled up at Kayla and Kayla returned the warm gesture. Candy suddenly moved Kayla's hand away from her breasts, down over her midriff, over her jeans and placed it on her over-heated crotch. Candy pushed Kayla's finger down onto her most sensitive spot.

Candy had on denim shorts and wished that she were naked right now. Kayla could feel the warmth of her cousin's secretion emanating through her shorts.

Candy had pushed her fingers down into the place that made her feel best. Kayla watcher her cousin's face and Candy's eyes pleaded. . 'make me feel good cousin!' Candy's hand rode with Kayla's. Kayla wished that the leg-hole of Candy's shorts was larger. Had it been, she would have snaked her finger up naughty babe gets cum load on her face gulping all the jizm shorts and pleasured her cousin better.

Kayla though about unsnapping the denim shorts, but realized they would be way too tight to get her hand down the front and attack her target properly! As Kayla rotated her hand, pressing her fingers into her cousin's moist shorts, Candy would buck her hips upward. Kayla was sure that one of the guys would look around, and see them playing, at any second now. RJ would not have cared, as he knew all about Kayla and Mary. But Kenny might be in for the shock of his life!

Kayla wanted to give the girl the release she had been begging for with all of her queues. Kayla was certain she could get the younger teen off is she wasn't wearing pants. She did that to Mary all the time. But she wasn't certain Candy could achieve her goal wearing Denim shorts. Kayla rubbed particularly hard and suddenly Candy bucked up harder Kayla pressed harder. . Candy's legs clamped shut on Kayla's hand so tightly she thought her wrist would break, and Candy began to shudder all over her body.

Kayla looked down at her cousin and saw that she had her eyes tightly shut and a hairbrush handle clenched between her teeth so that she would not cry out. Kayla didn't know where Candy got the hairbrush, but thought it an excellent idea, as one sexual expletive would certainly alert the boys. Candy shuddered for several more seconds and then the rigidity went out of her spine and she collapsed back down to the seat.

When Candy opened her eyes, she had tears in them. She looked up at Kayla, puller her cousin's hand out from under the jacket and kissed Kayla's finger tips. As she did so, the smell of her own pussy was plain on her cousin's fingers. The Tundra rumbled down the highway and when Kayla looked down 5 minutes later, Candy was sound asleep.

A little over an hour later, RJ prepared to turn off the interstate to the mountain road that would lead them to the lake. As he exited the freeway, he turned into a gas station and came to a stop. "Anyone beside me need to pee" RJ asked? All of the teens got out of the truck and headed to the restrooms.

As the girls entered the Ladies Room, a woman was just leaving. Each girl dashed into a stall and went about the business at hand. They rejoined each other at the sink. Candy looked up at Kayla as she dried her hands. "Kayla, are you mad at me?" "Why would I be made at you, silly girl?" "Because of what I made you do in the truck" Candy blushed slightly as she said it.

"Candy, you didn't MAKE me do anything. If I didn't want to do it, I would have simply taken my hand away.

I liked doing that for you" Kayla grinned, a toothy smile. "Besides, beautiful one now you OWE me one!" Candy was relieved she hadn't made her cousin angry and said as much to Kayla.

Kayla turned to face Candy closely. "That was very gutsy of you to do in the car. You are definitely one naughty pretty gal is sucking schlong hardcore massage bitch! I like that in a cousin!" Kayla laughed. Candy started to blush as Kayla grabbed the 14 year old beauty, and pressed her lips to Candy's.

This time there was no mistaking that both girls wanted this and both parted their lips to invite the other's tongue. Candy had never French kissed anyone before, but she knew the rudiments of it, and now she knew she liked it. A lot! After a lengthy embrace Kayla broke the kiss and looked at Candy. Candy was now very, very, red and blushing. "I can't believe how much I liked that" Candy remarked. Just then another woman entered the restroom. The two teen girls set about losing the Pony tails and brushing out their manes.

The speed at which they prepare this morning didn't exactly help their grooming. Candy's long blond hair was like silk. Kayla just could not get over the girl's natural beauty. Her charm with the boys was self evident, as she had proved in handling RJ earlier in the morning. Kayla decided to return her strawberry locks back into a pony tail, but Candy allowed her hair to flow down over her shoulders for now.

As the two girls exited the restroom the boys were leaning against the truck looking at them. Kayla reached into her purse and pulled out a spare napkin. She handed it to Candy who said "What is this for?" "It's to wipe my brother's drool off of you" Kayla said. "I don't know what's with RJ staring at you all the time I'll kill him later!" "I think he's kind of cute" Candy said, smiling to no one in particular.

As the girls approached, RJ handed Candy a Sprite and Kenny handed Kayla a Dr. Pepper. Each of the boys had a Coke in their hands. "I see you two are sharing information about us," Kayla said, "getting each of us our favorite drinks.

Very smooth guys." Both she and Candy giggled as they got back in the truck. "RJ checked the tires and hubs on the trailer as his father had taught him. As he started the truck he said "It's about another hour. It looks like we'll be on the water by 10 AM, barring any surprises." At 9:30 they entered the Lake and pulled up in front of the Marina store. As RJ exited the truck, he again checked the tires and wheels on the trailer.

"Kayla is there anything you can think of that we need, before we launch the boat" RJ asked his sister. "Let's check the Igloos and see if we need to top up the ice. God, it's hot here" Kayla concluded. Kenny found that the large Igloo cooler, containing the frozen meats, was virtually a solid block of ice owing to the 'Dry Ice in the Tupperware trick' his Aunt Kathy had come up with.

The other Igloo cooler was badly depleted of ice however. "Maybe we should have had Dry Ice in both coolers" he teen hottie ivy winters is banging an older dude to no one in particular.

"Not unless you wanted your Cokes to be a block of ice," Kayla responded. Kayla asked RJ to get 20 lbs of ice, while Kenny drained the water from the drinks cooler.

30 minutes later, they were in the water and at the dock. RJ took his truck and trailer and parked it at the Marina lot, ensuring all their personal valuables were removed. As RJ arrived at the Party Hut Pontoon Boat, the girls were busy in the kitchen, putting things away and making sure nothing was amiss before they set out for 4 days.

RJ plopped into the Captains Seat and pulled his cell phone from his pocket. Sweeties ride lovers butthole with big strapons and splatter sperm first number he dialed was his father in Washington DC. "RJ, what's up son" his father said as he came on line, "is everything alright?" "I was just calling to tell you we are at the Lake, the towing went fine and that there was nothing to report." His dad chuckled.

"No problems at all huh?" "Except that someone really needs to fix the potholes on the Interstate" RJ lamented. "Anyway, the boat is at the dock, we rechecked everything about a dozen times, and we'll be checking in regularly.

. .or at least as regularly as cell phone coverage will allow" the teen said. "Very good RJ, I trust you. Now go and have a good time" his father rang off. Next RJ called his mother with virtually the same message. She asked basically all the same questions as his father did. His mom wanted to talk to Kayla, so he put her on. Kathy asked how everything was going and Kayla said fine. "Is Candy alright, she seemed a little quite this morning" Kayla's mother quizzed.

"Yea, she's fine Mom. I don't think she's a morning person" Kayla fibbed, "but we're getting along fine. She's a very sweet girl" Kayla said, which was true. Five minutes later, Kathy was still talking to Kayla, who finally said, "Mom, we'll call you.

Everyone is waiting to get away from the dock!" After Kayla finally got off the line with her mother, she joined the other 3 at the table. RJ had a chart of the Lake out looking at it. He pointed to a location that showed a stream flowing into the Lake.

"Kayla, I THINK this is the spot you and I were trying to remember the other night. What do you say we try and find it and see?" "Aye-Aye Captain" she saluted. "How far away is that" she queried. "About 10 miles upstream. It will take a while to get there" RJ replied. RJ maneuvered the 30 foot pontoon away from the dock and crawled out of the Marina. Visibility on the Party Hut was not great down the sides, because of the enclosed Galley, sitting room and sleeping area.

This made RJ nervous in tight places within the Marina, but once on the open lake, it was a non issue. For the first 30 minutes everyone pretty much sat and took in the beauty of the lake. Its tree-lined shore broke open in places exposing white sandy beaches. The shore line was irregular and RJ maneuvered in and out of coves so that they could scout out locations. Kayla turned to Candy and said "Let's get our bathing suits on, so we can work on our tans while RJ tries to find this spot." Candy went into the enclosure first and put on a Black two-piece suit.

The bottom half was modestly cut but showed off her curvaceous butt. . which didn't escape RJs attention. The top was overly modest for the girl sporting an 'A' Cup top. The cups slid on the tie-string so that you could adjust the amount of cleavage showing.

. .assuming you had cleavage to show. However, Candy had a feature, which had not eluded either Kayla or RJ. Her nipples were prominent. Prominent in that they seemed to be always sticking out of any fabric she wore over them.

Kayla went into the enclosed area next and put on the new 'Rose Collection' suit she had purchased for the trip. Both RJ's and Kenny's jaws dropped when she stepped out the enclosure. The suit was all white except for a small pink rose embroidered just below the waistband. The suit rode low on the teen's hips and from the front you could see the muscles emanating from her totally flat abdomen heading south to form the 'V' of her most treasured place.

The waistband tented over the girls protruding hip bones. From the rear, the suit was an abbreviated triangle that covered most, but not all, of the teen's ass cheeks. The front and rear fabric was joined at the hips by a very small string, strategically tied over Kayla's hips above the thigh. The top was another matter. The triangles of cloth forming the cups were small. So small that they seemed to barely cover the girl's areola, let alone the entirety of her 'B' cup breasts [or 'C cup, as Kayla couldn't seem to decide].

The cups were connected in the middle by a brass 'D'-shaped ring. At the sides were two strings that went around her back, and another that went around her neck. When Kayla walked into the sunlight, both RJ and Kenny swore they could see through the fabric and make out Kayla's nipples. Candy had gone forward to sit on the lounge chairs up there. As Kayla sashayed towards her cousin, Candy could not believe Kayla would wear such a reveling suit in front of the boys.

As Kayla sat on the lounge chair beside Candy, her younger teen cousin whispered "Hey cuz. . .your suit is sort of 'riding up'. . if you know what I mean." Kayla chortled, and replied "Candy, it took me about an hour to pick out the threads holding the damn lining in the crotch and make it so it would do that." "You're Kidding" Candy asked incredulously.

"No I'm not kidding at all" Kayla replied. "Look Candy, the guys know we have pussy's. . and they know we have a slit down there. . so why not show them what they are always trying to see anyway. Besides, I'm covered. . technically" Kayla grinned.

Candy blushed, but she realized that her cousin was a lot bolder than herself, or even more so than she realized previously. "Do you think the guys noticed" Candy asked. What neither of the girls had heard when Kayla exited the enclosure was RJ say under his breath "HO-LY SHIT!" and Kenny's reply to RJ of "You can say that again!" "God I hope so" Kayla replied to Candy in a hushed tone, "Look and see if they have bonners." Kayla laughed as Candy blushed even deeper.

"I'm not gonna look back at them to see if they have bonners" Candy exclaimed. "OK. But you're gonna die wondering. By the way, 1st time porn video tube porn of the guys got an eyeful of your nipples poking through your top" Kayla said. "I hate them" Candy moaned. "They are always standing up. I wear a padded bra, not just to make my boobies look bigger, but to hide these darn nipples." "They're one of your best attributes.

. actually, they're TWO of your best attributes" Kayla laughed at her own joke. "You shouldn't hide them, you should be proud to show those babies off!" "The only down side is that my brother may stroke-out looking at them" Kayla grinned again. The two teen girls lay face down on the lounges and took in the sun. Neither said much, but Candy's mind was awash thinking of the things Kayla had just said to her.

After about 15 minutes, Kayla realized how hot it was, and that neither of the fair-skinned girls had yet put on sun block. She got up and went to the enclosed sleeping area where the plastic bins with clothes and personal items had been placed.

She looked for the Bin labeled personal items, which was where she and her mother had placed the sun block. As Kayla rummaged through the container a gold box caught her eye, which she knew she had not placed in there.

When she flipped the box over she was surprised to find a brand new, 24-pack of Trojan Condoms. They said 'lubricated,' 'Reservoir Tip' on the box. Then Kayla saw the post-it note on the face of the box. The note read "Open In Case of Emergency Love Mom." Kayla was totally confused. Her isis love logan pierce my dads hot girlfriend hard-rule was that Kayla and RJ only had to use condoms when she was in mid-cycle and experiencing ovulation.

At other times she was free to rely on the birth control pills she had been taking for over a year and a half now. What really confused Kayla, was that her mother had expressly forbidden her and RJ to show any signs of affection in front of their cousins.

Kayla's thought was that perhaps this was some kind of cruel joke her mother was playing. Kayla knew that the other kids might be going through the Personal Container, so she decided to put the Condoms on the top shelf of the pantry, where no one would see them. Kayla returned with the sun block and lay on the forward lounge beside Candy.

"Want me to put sun block on your back" Kayla asked. "Please" Candy said, "and could you put some on the back of my legs." Kayla started to smear the sun lotion on her cousins back. She slowly worked in the lotion starting at the waist of her cousin's two-piece suit and worked upwards. Kayla untied the string in the back of the bra so she could rub the lotion in unobstructed.

Candy pushed herself into the lounge and yelped "Hey, what are you doing? The boys will see" "Yea? What are they gonna see with your boobs pressed into the cushion!" Kayla finished Candy's back and moved to her calves, slathering the liquid on. As she smoothed out the liquid, her hands moved higher on her thighs. As Kayla spread the lotion on Candy she moved to the inside of her thighs. As she did this she allowed her fingers to touch the gusset of her cousin's bathing suit, putting pressure on the young teen's crotch.

"Jesus Kayla," Candy whispered under her breath. "Don't touch me there, the boys will see." As she rebuffed Kayla, Candy again blushed deep red. "What's a matter you don't like me touching you anymore. . down there" Kayla asked with a grin. "It's not like in the truck. . .the boys will see what you're doing to me" Candy exclaimed! "So. . .we'll just give em a show" Kayla was now teasing her younger cousin. "Stop teasing Kayla, you know we can't do anything. And, I don't want to get worked up either!" Kayla finished and lay on her stomach next to her cousin again.

"OK" Kayla said, "time for you to put sun block on my back." "How am I supposed to do that" Candy whined, "You untied my top!" "Just sit up, I'm sure the guys won't look at your tits" Kayla teased.

Candy 'humphed' and reached behind her back to re-tie the bikini top. She performed much the same ritual, as Kayla had just done to her. Candy didn't have to untie the back of Kayla's top, as the older girl had already done that. When Candy moved to her cousins thighs and started smearing on the lotion, Kayla spread her legs perceptibly.

As Candy moved her hand to the inside of Kayla's thighs, she was careful not to venture too high up. "Aren't you going to touch my pussy" Kayla said to younger girl. "NO" Candy said forcefully.

The boys will see me do that. "I think they are watching us" Candy said, speaking softly so they could not hear. "OK" Kayla said, "but, if you're not gonna touch my pussy, then 'that's two' that you owe me. Those IOUs are piling up" Kayla said and smiled to herself. Kayla knew her cousin was totally inexperienced, but it was so much fun to tease her.

The two teen girls continued to sun themselves for another 15 to 20 minutes, while RJ plowed the boat up the lake. Kayla spotted a sandy beach off to the side as they traveled along.

"RJ, we're sweltering up here, please pull over to that beach so we can swim for a bit." "OK K, just give me a minute to swing around" RJ replied to his sister. They had not seen another boat or another person since leaving the dock.

In a few minutes RJ had pushed the front 10class sex girl and boy the pontoons onto the soft sand and cut the engine. The two boys walked forward past the girls and opened the boarding gate. Both boys jumped down to the sand.

Kayla sat up and had the boys been looking back, they would have gotten an excellent view of the teen's exposed tits. Candy had seen and she gasped. Kayla calmly re-tied the back of her bikini top and the two girls walked to the rear of the Party Hut. Behind the enclosed cabin where the Galley, sleeping area and so forth was, there was a wide sun deck on the rear, which overhung the engine. Kayla climbed up on the sun deck, looked carefully into the water, and did a perfect dive into the lake, barely making a ripple.

Candy followed her cousin into the water and they both came up treading water in about 8 feet of water. Both girls swam about and remarked how good the 80 degree water felt. They played and splashed for a while. Kayla swam up in front of Candy and stopped, treading water. "Wanna touch my pussy now?" "NO" Candy exclaimed, "the boys could come around here at any moment." "OK but now you owe me three" Kayla was so enjoying teasing her cousin. Suddenly Candy reached down between them and cupped Kayla's sex with her hand.

She held her hand there in place, with her middle finger laid over her cousin's slit but made no attempt to do anything else for a few seconds. "There I hope you're happy" the younger girl said, "now I only owe you two!" Kayla was caught off guard as she didn't expect Candy to actually touch her.

Kayla just wanted to tease the younger relative. Kayla looked at the girl and said "that's a start. But, you're gonna need a lot of practice to get it right." Just at that moment the two boys swam around to the back of the boat. Candy looked at the boys, motioned towards them with her eyes, and raised an eyebrow to Kayla as if to say, 'see I told you they could catch us!' The 4 teens swam for about 15 minutes until they were cooled off. Kayla and Candy had stayed neck deep in the water and were now standing on the sandy bottom.

The two boys climbed back up on the boat, found two large beach towels in a bin, and started drying off. The girls decided to get out of the water also. Candy went up the boarding ladder in the front of the boat first and walked to the rear of the boat to get the towel Kenny offered to her. From Kayla's vantage point in the water, she swore Candy purposely added a wiggle to that cute little ass of hers as she walked.

Kayla climbed up onto the boat ascending the boarding ladder. Candy was looking at the boys and had her back to Kayla as she dried herself. The boys had a look of astonishment on their faces and Kenny said "Holy fucking Christ!" Candy turned and looked at her cousin and she too was astonished. Kayla's bathing suit had become all but invisible. The small top patches clung to her erect nipples and showed her areola and nipples as though covered with wet tissue paper.

The bottoms were just as see-through as the top was and the fabric was riding way up into the crack that formed her vagina. For all intent and purposes Kayla was naked. Naked, except that the wet, clinging bikini, made her look even more erotic, than had she actually been in the buff. Candy was speechless, as Kayla wrung out her strawberry mane up at the front of the boat.

Candy grabbed the beach towel from RJ and rushed it up to Kayla. "Jesus Kayla! You can see right through that bathing stupid skank loves having her juicy fat ass destroyed hard. It looks like you are nude" her young cousin exclaimed. Kayla just grinned and looked knowingly at Candy. "That's what the 'rose collection' suits are known for.

They become transparent when wet" Kayla said, as she wrapped the large beach towel around herself. Kayla was facing the boys in the rear, the whole time she spoke, and Candy had her back to the boys. "Look at them" Kayla said to Candy. Candy glanced over her shoulder at her brother and her male cousin back charlee chase puffy jacket pov cock sucker cumshot the rear of the boat.

"Lower" was all Kayla said to her cousin. Candy glanced downward, her head snapped back around and she looked at Kayla.

"Oh my God Kayla, you gave them both bonners" Candy said and she started to laugh. Both girls lay down on the forward lounges, Kayla still wrapped in the now wet beach towel. Both girls chuckled at the condition of the boys, but tried to be quiet about it.

As they lay beside each other Kayla said softly to her cousin beside her, "Don't think I didn't notice that your bikini bottom is now 'riding up' on you. Just how did that happen?" Candy just grinned as she replied "it's really hard to get it wedged up in there, while in the water. . particularly with the lining still in the crotch of the suit!" Candy blushed yet again as she made this confession to Kayla.

"Way to go girl" Kayla said to her, "I'm pretty sure it was looking at your crack that gave the boys their bonners!" "SHUT UP, Kayla. I'm already horny enough without you egging me on all the time" the girl said as she lay down and turned her head away from Kayla. Just then RJ started the boat and backed away from the beach.

  Chapter 11 of 35 [Revised] While the girls dozed, RJ continued following the Chart of the lake and looking at the GPS. After about an hour, RJ made a turn into what appeared to be a large cove. In actuality it was the mouth of a large stream that emptied into the lake. As he cautiously walked the boat into the cove-like area he had his eyes glued to the depth finder and noted that the large Oak trees were starting to crowd into the narrowing stream.

The depth under the pontoons remained alright, but RJ worried about catching a tree branch on the enclosure of the boat. A slight turn to the right appeared and as RJ cleared the turn, the depth finder read 2 feet, in a widened area pool. "Kayla I think this is where dad used to bring us, but it looks a lot different as the tress have gotten a lot bigger over the years.

Anyway, it's too shallow to go any further." RJ cut the engine and asked Kenny to drop the anchor in the shallow water so the boat would not drift back down stream. "I think you're right RJ, this does look like the place we used to come. And if you're right, then up around that next bend is where the tire swing is tied to the tree limb over the creek and about a half mile further up is where that little water fall is." "A water fall?" Candy questioned, "Oh, I want to see that!

How big is it? Can we swim there?" Kayla suggested that they make lunch as it was almost noon. Kenny and his sister set about putting the table up, between the two lounges up forward and getting paper plates out.

Kayla and RJ had gone into the enclosed area for access to the Galley and to make sandwiches. RJ angled his sister into a corner of the Galley where their cousins could not see them from outside. RJ pinned Kayla against the counter and looked into the eyes of the only girl he had ever loved.

"What's with the see-thru bathing suit? I almost blew my load looking at you in that suit!" As he said this, he added "And I'm getting a hard-on rachel roxxx with nothing but my heels on thinking about it," he said and pushed his rapidly inflating erection into Kayla's towel-wrapped lower half.

"Kayla swatted at the front of RJ's board shorts and said "Down boy, you know we can't do anything with them around" Kayla said, nodding towards the two cousins 20 feet forward of them. However, RJ pressed his lips to his sister, instinctively they both opened their lips and tongues swirled in a passionate French kiss.

The two held the kiss savoring each other's tongues. RJ drifted his hand up to Kayla's right breast and toyed with the nipple making it stand tall against the fabric. Out at the table in front, Candy was putting down plastic forks and knives while Kenny put napkins at each place setting. Just then a puff of wind caught two of the plates and started to move them off the table. Both Kenny and Candy made a dash to grab for the plates and in doing so; Kenny's hand had landed on Candy's right boob as she moved in front of his reach.

It was an accident, but Kenny made no immediate move to remove his hand. "Sorry 'lil bit'" Kenny said to his sister with genuine embarrassment. "It's alright Kenny" Candy said softly, "sometimes accidents will happen" the young teen said somewhat seductively. Kenny just stared at his sister for a moment, before she broke away.

Candy went to the Galley to get condiments, and as she entered the door, she caught out of the corner of her eye Kayla and RJ's sudden movement. As Candy announced what she had come for, the two cousins seemed to purposely spread apart and acted somewhat 'guilty' to Candy.

For the life of her she couldn't figure out what they would be guilty about, and just dismissed it as her imagination.

The teens all ate and enjoyed lunch and the camaraderie. Afterward RJ removed all the plates and deposited the trash. From the Galley RJ shouted "Kayla, can I get you something to drink?" "No thanks sweetie, I'm fine" Kayla responded to her brother. Candy raised an eyebrow at the response.

As the four lounged after lunch RJ announced that it was way too hot and they needed to put up the forward-half Biminis Top to shade them. Kenny and RJ had that up in pussy ass feet soles red toes sucking porn few minutes and everyone lounged about while lunch settled. RJ and Kenny announced they were 'going exploring' and to look for the old tire-swing. The girls decided to stay behind and work on their tans.

With the Biminis up, the girls retreated to the sun deck on the rear of the boat. Both applied more sun block to themselves and to each other. However, this time there was no 'touchy-feely' between the two.

As the boys departed on their exploration RJ had called back and said, "Hey Kayla, if you're going in the water in that suit again, be sure and holler for us!" "SHUT UP, you perv!

Get out of her and have fun" Kayla responded. And then under her breath said to Candy, "well, I guess my bikini was a hit then?" The girls sunned and all Candy could think about was all the things that had happened in the last 18 hours. Candy felt that both Kayla and RJ were really cool.

RJ was very cute and very sweet. Candy had this thought forming somewhere in the back of her mind, but couldn't draw it together. Candy felt she had a new best friend in Kayla. Candy realized that while Kayla was only a year older than her, Kayla was much more open. . .particularly about her body. . than Candy was. To Candy, Kayla seemed to have the maturity of a 25 year old, not a 15 year old.

Candy had noted that RJ was always very polite and sweet to his sister whenever they interacted. Candy chalked that dongs for a horny legal age teenager attractive nymph to his being a 'gentlemen' and the fact he was just naturally a really sweet guy. Candy and Kenny on the other hand, seemed to have this constant tension between them all the time over the last year.

"Kayla, you told me earlier that I could always talk to you. . and ask you anything, right?" Kayla sat up on her elbow, which caused her breast to be exposed to Candy's eyes. "Yes, and I meant what I said." Is there something you want to talk about?" "Ummm yea. . " the teen stammered, "but it kind of embarrassing." "Don't be embarrassed" Kayla said, "I'm pretty sure I've been where you are right now at one point." "Well, ummmm. . ." the girl still stammered, "I know you told me that you and Mary do stuff.

. ." "NO, I said we make love. . we have sex. . I didn't say we did 'stuff' Kayla interrupted her cousin. Candy started over. "Ok, you and Mary make love, but what I wanted to know is what is it like to have sex with a girl?" Kayla looked at Candy and she was three sheets of red in blushing.

Kayla looked at her younger cousin for a long minute. "Candy, it's hard to explain. If you like someone, I mean care for them, then it is wonderful. Girls are soft, and they go slow and unlike guys who fumble around, another girl just seems to know what you want and what to do to make you feel sexy.

. and well, just wonderful!" "You keep saying that I owe you two" Candy said, "but I don't know what to do" the youngster said almost pleadingly.

"Candy, I shouldn't have been teasing you like that. You don't need to feel like you have to do anything. . .I told you before I would never do anything to you to make you uneasy. I was just kind of playing with you" Kayla concluded. "But what if I wanted to do something" Candy replied.

"But maybe you wouldn't want me!" "Oh Candy" Kayla said as she put her hands on each side of her cousin's face "You have no idea how much I want you! You are so fucking hot I can barely keep myself from ripping your clothes off!" "Really? I don't think I'm very pretty" Candy said softly. Kayla just laughed. "Everyone thinks you're beautiful. And RJ is going to burn a hole through you if he keeps teen uses a vibrator to make herself cum at you.

Candy, you just need to relax and enjoy who you ARE. Really, you shouldn't give a shit about what anybody else thinks anyway, just enjoy being you" the older teen said sternly. Candy steered the conversation and asked 'How did you and Mary learn how to make love with other girls?" "We actually learned together.

It was a slow process. . .it didn't just happen one day" Kayla said. "We kind of grew into it together. We explored and figured out what we liked." "How old were you and Mary when you guys were experimenting" Candy asked "11" Kayla replied Candy sat up on her elbow, her breasts now exposed to Kayla's view, "You're kidding!

You guys have been fooling around since you were 11? "Yea, 11 ½ actually. It all started when we were doing two horny girls having sexing on red couch pantyhose and lesbians at each other's houses." "WOW. . .11 1/2" Candy mused. . "man, I'm 14 ½ already!" "There's no set time. . anal of legal age teenager is nailed. you'll know when it's time.

. maybe you'll never want to be intimate with a girl" Kayla said. Both teens lay back down on their stomachs. Candy turned her head to the side, away from Kayla, and looked out over the beautiful lake. After a very long period of time Candy had something else she wanted to ask the older girl. "Kayla. . you said you've had sex with guys.

. .what's it like." Kayla again pushed herself up to look at Candy, who was now looking back at her. "Wow inquisitive little thing today, aren't we" Kayla smiled warmly. "Wow that's a hard one to answer Candy. With the right guy, if you really care for each other, it is a feeling of love you just can't imagine" Kayla said honestly.

"Physically, I really don't know how to explain it to you. . when a guy has his cock in you, it is such a wonderful feeling, but there is nothing else to compare it to.

There is this tremendous feeling of fullness inside you. . and these urges to move and do things. . and oh, the pleasure it provides you!" "Is it better than with another girl" Candy asked, now seemingly not embarrassed to ask Kayla anything.

"Not necessarily better, but entirely different. Man it's hard to give you examples. For me I love both ways. . .but remember I told you that some people like one sex or the other better.

. and some women would never do it with another female on a bet!" "Kayla, were the boys you had sex with all nice, and did you love each of them" Candy asked next.

"Whoa there girl" Shy oriental whore poses for the cam japanese hardcore said, "I never said I had sex with multiple guys there has only been one guy" Kayla concluded. "Oh, sorry" Candy said, "it just that you seemed so experienced, I thought you must have done it with more guys." "Kayla, was he nice?

Did you love him? How did you know he was the one to be your first?" Candy fired all these questions at her cousin. "Yes he's the nicest guy a girl could ever meet. We didn't rush into anything and it just seemed right to start having sex.

And Lastly, I really can't explain to you how I feel about this guy. . but it is some kind of love that most girls will never know, I think" Kayla concluded in a very honest fashion. "You said 'is' not 'was' when you mentioned him Kayla so he's still around?" "Oh yes Candy he's still around" Kayla responded, the alarms in her mind starting to go off now.

"Are you still seeing him? Are you guys still being intimate? Can I meet him some time?" Candy fired back. "Yes I still see him from time to time" Kayla tried to act more nonchalant. "Maybe you'll meet him some day, we'll see" Kayla concluded. "Kayla, you know this morning when you said I wasn't a freak, and that I was just a normal horny 14 year old?" "Yes," Kayla replied. "Do you really think it's normal to be horny all the time" Candy said with a worried look. "Candy I can tell you I think it is in our genes.

In our family everyone seems to have a high sex drive. And yes I think it's perfectly nasty adorable nymph likes riding on schlongs hardcore and creampie to be horny all the time. . Because I know I am!" Both girls were propped on an elbow, looking at each other, their faces not far apart. The tops the spider caught himself a sexy latin playgirl their bikinis lay on the sundeck under them, and the girls were now perfectly at ease with seeing each other's tits.

Candy's eyes were moist. "Thanks for talking about everything with me, Kayla. I've never had anybody to talk to like this before." "What about your mom" Kayla said to her "You can talk to her, can't you?" "NO.

I could never talk with my mom about sex" Candy said. "You don't talk to your mom about this stuff, do you???" "Candy I know your mom.

You can talk to her about anything trust me on this. And YES, of course I talk to my mom about sex and anything else that's on my mind. Mom and I don't have any secrets from each other!" Candy's eyes were now even moister. Impulsively she leaned forward and placed her warm lips against her cousin's. Kayla leaned forward and embraced the girl. The kissing started in earnest and now the two had their naked breasts mashed together. The feel of her cousin's breast against her own, sent electric shocks through Candy's body.

The two girls instinctively tried to rub their bodies together and Kayla grabbed Candy's cute ass to pull her tighter. The girls broke the kiss and paced their breathing, still embracing but looking into each other's eyes. "Can we make love Kayla, I want you to teach me" Candy said suddenly. Kayla kissed the girl lightly and said, "there is nothing I'd like more, but the guys will be back any second, so unless you want to let two horny brothers have the show of their lives, we need to cool it until we have lots of time and a place.

Boy. . oh I want you though baby girl!" The two kissed again and as if on cue, they heard the guys voices approaching. Each girl replaced her top and tied it behind her back so they could greet their returning brothers. RJ and Kenny went directly to a locker and started looking for a specific long line.

"What are you guys doing" the girls wanted to know. Kenny made one swing on the tire and the rope was rotten. He fell into the water" RJ replied. "We're looking for a new line and we're going to repair that old swing," he said with his usual pleasant smile. The girls went with the guys to repair the swing, which was about a ¼ mile up the creek.

As the four walked along Kayla and RJ were in the lead walking side-by-side. As they walked Kayla would exaggerate the sway of her hips and bump into RJ's hip knocking him off balance. He's purposely would bump into her in return. As the bumping and pushing became more vigorous, all of a sudden RJ reached down and swatted Kayla's ass hard!

The 'swack' sound surprised even Kenny and Candy walking behind. "OW" Kayla cried out. "That HURT." "OK you know you like it, K" RJ remarked off color. Candy laughed and said "Kayla you have a red hand print on your ass." "RJ's gonna have more than a hand print on his ass, next time I see it," Kayla spat! As they continued walking, Candy said to her brother, "poor Kayla." Kenny put his arm around his sister's shoulder and pulled her closer.

Secretly Candy instantly got butterflies in her tummy. Her brother had not pulled her into his arms in a long time. Kenny remarked, "Oh, I don't know, Kayla got what she deserved. Maybe I should use a little of that corporal punishment on your ass, when you get out of line?" Kenny made no attempt to remove his arm from around his sister's shoulders and Candy reached up, interlocked her fingers with his, and held his hand.

"What are you thinking about" Kenny asked after she was quiet for a full minute. "I was thinking about whether I should be a good girl. . or a bad one" Candy said, again Kenny thought somewhat seductively. The mental image of Kenny putting her over his knee and spanking her panty-covered bottom, made Candy weak in the knees. It was also making her bikini bottom moist!

The girls watched as Kenny climbed up the tree with the rope, while he and RJ re-rigged the tire swing. The girls were terrified that Kenny would fall and break his neck and Candy pleaded with him to be careful, as she bit on her fingernails out of concern. But his strength and agility, made the task look easier.

Afterward the teens played on the swing, except that the girls didn't want to sit on the filthy tire and damage their suits. Later the boys waited with anticipation as the girls went swimming. They knew that Kayla's suit would be see-through once more and they each secretly wanted to see the beautiful teen in all her glory.

However when the guys turned away and were behind her, Kayla walked out of the stream to her towel lying on the beach. The boys got a view of her ass through the see through suit bottom, but Kayla quickly wrapped the towel around herself putting an end to the show. Only Candy had seen the full frontal view of Candy's tits, nipples and shaved pussy. This only added to the constant sexual tension building in the 14 year old. The teens walked back to the boat and the afternoon sun was getting low in the sky.

They rested and chatted for a while. The boys decided that they would go look for fire wood, so that they could make a fire on shore tonight. The girls said they would work on a nice dinner for everyone.

Kayla pulled out a couple of steaks, corn on the cob, vegetable sticks and chips and dip. She also took a small plastic bucket and partially filled it with melted ice water and some ice cubes stolen from the Igloo.

Kayla then produced two bottles of wine from the box she and her mother had put aboard. Candy looked at the food and said "Wow, this is going to be a cool dinner.

We don't usually drink wine at our house." "Mom made me promise that we'd only drink it when we were at anchor for the night. . and then only in moderation" Kayla said. Candy was standing facing the sink in the Galley and husking the corn on the cob.

The steak was almost thawed and Kayla had put marinade on it. Kayla walked up behind Candy and put her arms around her cousin's waist. Kayla leaned down and nuzzled the younger girl's neck and lightly placed her lips on the side of Candy's neck behind her ear. Candy sighed and cocked her head to the side to allow Kayla to move her blonde mane out of the way and get better access to her neck.

Kayla kissed her neck twice more and then gave the girl a love-bite on the neck. "Hey, no hickeys" the young girl admonished, "I'd have to explain to my mother how that got there!" Kayla ran her hands up her cousin's torso and right under her bikini top.

Kayla softly kneaded the girls 'A' cup breasts noting her nipples were again rock hard. "Wanna fool around Baby girl" Kayla asked her younger cousin? "God yes" Candy cooed. "Do you think we have time before the guys get back" the girl asked hopefully. "No I think they will catch us" Kayla said.

"But I don't care if they watch us make loveif you don't." Candy came to her senses. "Kayla, you have me so horny after teasing me all day. . I want to. . I really do, but I don't know what Kenny would think, or what he'd say. And he might tell my mom!" Then as an afterthought she said "and what about RJ if he sees us" Candy wanted to know. "Don't worry about RJ, he once watched Mary and I go at it!" What Kayla didn't tell her girl-cousin, what she couldn't say, was that after RJ watched she and Mary get each other off, RJ then fucked Kayla's brains out for about an hour while Mary watched the two of them fuck, and fingered herself to another orgasm!

Kayla gave her cousin a soft kiss and said "It's OK, you're probably right, we need to cool it right now. . at least until we have more time alone." The girls reluctantly separated and finished preparations while Kayla lit the barbecue.

The boys returned with armloads of wood and set about making a fire ring out of rocks on the beach. About dusk dinner was finally served. The crickets serenaded the four kids and the boys complimented how good the steak tasted and how Kayla had kept the corn on the cob so tender while barbecuing it.

They were about half way through dinner before Kayla remembered she had wine cooling in a bucket. She poured each of the others a glass and sat down with them. The four teens toasted. "To friendship" Kayla said "No, to new best friends" Candy said and clinked her glass. Kenny thought for a long moment and said "to long lives and lots of loving". The four teens laughed and clinked glasses together.

After dinner Candy and Kenny insisted they would take care of all the clean up and do what little dishes there were. Kayla and RJ went to the forward lounge. While they were cleaning up Kenny said "Fun day Huh? Did you enjoy yourself lil bit?" "Gosh yes, I had so much fun today. I think I got a little sunburned though" Candy said as she pushed on the skin of her forearm.

"Yep gonna be sore tomorrow" the girl said as she flinched a little. As Candy spoke she slurred her words a little. "Geese I think I got a buzz from one glass of wine." "What do you think of Kayla and RJ?" Kenny and Candy had been worried they might be snotty or standoffish.

"I think they are great. They are really down to earth. There is something 'different' about them though" Candy said. Something that she couldn't bring to the front of her mind had been kicking around in there all day.

"What do you mean Different" Kenny said. "What did you think of that bikini she had on" Kenny wanted to know. "Well it was quite a shock at first" Candy admitted. "But Kayla is very at ease with her body. . she might be a bit of an exhibitionist. . but she is comfortable with who she is and doesn't mind showing a little skin. "I wish I had the guts to be like that" Candy said absentmindedly. . hell I wish I had a body like that to show off." asian hottie gets fucked by a friend Then she caught herself at what she had just said.

"Please don't think I'm some kind of a slut because of what I just said Kenny." "Candy I would never think you are a slut! And by the way, stop worrying about looking like Kayla, I think your body is hot" Kenny said before he could catch himself.

"Errr, well you know what I mean" he mumbled. "Do you really think I'm ok looking. . or are you just saying that because you're my brother" Candy wanted to know. Kenny took one look at his sister with her long blond hair, and pixie nose.

He looked into her eyes, simulated touching his finger to his tongue and placed his extended finger on her shoulder. He made a sizzling sound and said "HOT. . smoking in fact!" Candy turned into his arms and gave him a tight hug. "Thank you for making me feel good" she said as she lay her head on Kenny's chest. As they turned to look forward out of the Galley, Kayla and RJ were sitting on the front lounge, with a candle burning. They were holding hands and Kayla had her head laying on RJ's left shoulder.

They were both staring over at the beach watching the fire flies come out and doing their dance. "See, that's what I mean. . they're 'different' . . they're close. . ."Candy trailed off. "Let's go join them" Kenny said. The girls changed out xxx lov xnxx sex hot their bikinis and cover-ups into shorts and a loose fitting crop top arrangement.

While they had on different colors, they both had on very similar outfits. While they were doing this, the boys got the fire started on shore. Kayla brought down the open bottle of wine and the second bottle still sitting in the ice water bucket. She had 4 glasses in her other hand.

The 4 teens made themselves comfortable on a large blanket and talked about all the fun they had today, what they would do tomorrow and drank more wine. When they finished the first bottle Kayla open the other, and poured Candy what would be her third glass. "What was your favorite part of today, Candy" her brother asked her. As Candy spoke she was starting to slur her words more. "My fav o rite thing was talking to Kayla.

. and doing stuff with her" She told her brother. Kayla just smiled. "What did you guys talk about that was so interesting" Kenny asked. All the alarm bells started going off in Kayla's head. "Well. . .girl kind of stuff. And she told me to stop worrying about everything and just be happy being me. Oh, and I found out she is a multi sexual" as Candy said this, she really slurred.

Kayla reached out and took the half empty wine glass away from the 14 year old. "I think she's had enough!" "What the heck is a multi sexual" Kenny wanted to know. Kayla took a deep breath and said "She means Bi-Sexual, Kenny. I'm a bi-sexual." Kayla said it she wasn't ashamed of it, but she didn't know how Kenny would react to it. "That means she likes guys and girls the same" Candy still slurred. "Yes Candy, I know what it means" Kenny said. RJ had been quiet this whole time, he wasn't gonna open his mouth and get in any deeper.

Then Kenny added "That's very cool." "And me and Kayla kissed and she sneaks away at party to suck and fuck you pov. . and I liked it, so I might be a lesbian Kenny. . we're not sure because I haven't had sex with a guy yet.

. well, I haven't had sex with a girl yet. . .so we're really not sure. . but your sister could be a lesbian" she said as she looked as Kenny with doe eyes. "I don't think you're a lesbian Candy, but even if you were asexual I would still love you" Kenny said as he pulled her closer and put his arm around her. "An 'A what' Candy said. "Man, she's a regular 'chatty Kathy' when she drinks, isn't she" Kayla said.

"Don't know, I've never seen her drink before" Kenny replied, "but I kind of like her this way!" "Oh brother" Kayla said out loud and thought to herself, what WILL she say next. Actually nothing more was said for a long time. Kayla cuddled up next to her brother and sat in his arms watching the fire. Candy did the same with her brother. Neither couple thought anything of it. Kayla would gaze up at RJ lovingly when she thought Kenny and Candy were not watching.

Had RJ and she been there alone, they would have already had sex several times that day, and be making love next to the fire right now. Kayla felt a fleeting anger aimed at the intruders.   Chapter 12 of 35 [Revised] Candy was not blotto-drunk, but 3 glasses of wine had proved more than she should drink. Candy was both happy and very drowsy from the combination of a long day of travel, the hot sun all day and the wine of course.

Kenny nudged his sister who was still cuddled in his arms facing the fire and said "Hey 'lil bit' I think we better be getting to bed. "OK" Candy said very dreamily, while Kenny helped her get to her feet. "Good night everybody" the young girl said as she turned to leave for the boat. When they got to the boat Kenny put both lounges down. They made into a somewhat narrow double-bed on each side with a slight aisle way down the middle between them, but could be shifted so they were side-by-side.

Kenny was thinking 'damn, I should have asked how the sleeping arrangements were to be tonight.' As he angel is pounded by my big cock on my taxi to see what Candy was doing, he saw that she had retrieved her football jersey out of her bag and was shimmying out of her clothes in the dim light. However, the light was not that dim, he could plainly see her standing there in pink panties and nude from the waist up.

Kenny should have turned away, but he could not take his eyes off of Candy's ever-present erect nipples. As he stared at her without her knowing, Candy shucked the jersey over her head and stumbled toward the lounge. She plopped down on one side and grabbed Kenny's hand pulling him down beside her. "Sleep with me big brother. .

like we used to when we were small." She gave Kenny a brief kiss on the lips and flopped back on the pillow and smiled up at him. Kenny slipped off his pants and shirt quickly sliding up beside Candy, hoping that she could not see the erection tenting his shorts.

He quickly rolled on his side, so that Candy was at his back. She threw an arm over him, scrunched up close against his back and gave him a little kiss on the back of the head.

"G'nite. Love you" she said and started to drift off to sleep. Kenny lay there for a long time, wishing he would stop having thoughts about his young sister, and willing his erection to go away!

When Kayla and RJ came up to the boat they saw their two sleeping teen cousins in the starboard lounge together. Kayla looked at the couple for a long minute, noting that Candy's pink panties were on display for her and RJ to see, and finally said "They are a cute couple lying there all cuddled up like that." As she turned away, she placed a light blanket over the two sleeping teens.

Kayla pulled off her clothes and unsnapped her bra as she walked aft to get her jersey from her bag. She placed her clothes in her bag and walked back to RJ as seductively as possible, while pulling on her football jersey over her naked torso. As she and RJ settled into the Port side lounge, Kayla whispered to him "Wanna fool around a little. . they are asleep so they'll never know." "I don't think that when mom swore us to 'no displays of affection' in front of our cousins, that meant is was OK to make love when they were asleep 18 inches away from us.

. particularly as vocal as you get during sex, K," RJ whispered back to his sister. "But they are asleep. . .they probably won't wake up" Kayla pixiee little taking mammoth load of cum her brother. "And if they did hear or see, and told Aunt Karla, or mom, it would be our butts, and then mom would revoke our privileges" RJ said more forcefully, but still under his breath so as not to wake his cousins.

"Christ RJ, I'm so horny I could climb the walls! Aren't you the least bit horny for me" Kayla pleaded. "Kayla, you have no fucking idea how hard it is for me.

I've got a bonner like steel, just talking to you about it. But we have a really good deal at home. . and I don't want to chance loosing that by violating Mom's trust just because we couldn't go a couple of days without sex. . I want to continue to be able to make love with you next week and all the weeks after that" RJ said to his sister.

"Kayla if you're that horny, why don't you go into the Head and relieve yourself just be quiet about it!" In utter frustration Kayla rolled over with her back to her brother, punched her pillow, pulled up the light blanket and huffily said "Fine, good night then." About 3 AM Candy had been having a major erotic dream. This time it was with her brother again but in this dream they were not just showing each other their bodies, but Candy had mounted him and they were having sex.

The dream made Candy hot and restless under the blanked and she tossed it off. In her sleep she was still hot, so she sat up and pulled off her pickedup teen pov cocksucking in the bathroom european and reality jersey, not waking and certainly not thinking about the ramification.

Candy kept having the same dream, each time where she mounted her brother, but each time she was about to insert his penis into her vagina, she would stir and the dream would rewind to the beginning where they were just making out on the boat. As Candy continued the restlessness in her dream at some point she swung herself on top of her brother, lay down on his chest and snuggled in to him.

Kenny, also still asleep, instinctively wrapped his arms around his sister, pulling her into a tight embrace and mashing her now exposed tits into his chest. Kenny was having his own erotic dream.

He had been dreaming about his sister for the last 2 years. When Kenny had been 15 years old he started having sexual dreams about his then 12 year old sister, this was deeply disturbing to him, as he wondered how depraved he was to be thinking about having sex with a child of 12 let alone his own sister.

Kenny knew incest was wrong. It had worried him deeply that he had continued to have these terrible thoughts about his sister. She was bright, she was articulate and she was beautiful. . he just knew he shouldn't be having these thoughts about her. . she deserved better. Sometime shortly after Candy had rolled on top of her brother, and he had embraced her both of them still asleep, Kenny's erotic dream caused him to grow a huge erection, With his sister sleeping on top of him, his large, thick, penis crept out of the fly of his shorts, and trapped itself between the two sleeping teens.

Kenny slept more lightly than Candy and he stirred as his dream became ever so much more vivid. Now he and his sister were enjoying the sex games they were playing and Kenny was free of worry, and enjoying his play with his naked sister.

He felt his sister gently rocking her hips and rubbing her pussy on his engorged cock while she lay on top of him. Kenny came to semi-consciousness and realized that Candy was in fact slowly humping her panty-clad crotch along the length of his erect cock. With her weight, and the fact she was pressing amateur european couple bondage blowjob deepthroat bdsm, his cock was trapped between his sister and his belly.

Kenny was uncertain if his sister was truly still sleeping and in a state of dream, or if she was being brazen and had awoken like him. For a moment he lay frozen, not sure what to do. Candy was moving very slowly up and down his cock, pausing when his engorged head reached a certain spot. Candy's breathing was slow like she was still sleeping. The sensation coursing through Kenny was one of pure lust. He had a fleeting thought that if he placed his cock at the entrance of her vagina she might push down on him, if he could just get her panties out of the way!

As quickly as he had that thought, he realized what a terrible brother he was, it was just wrong to want to have sex with your sister, he reasoned with himself. As he fought this internal battle, Candy's humping motion was starting to increase in pace. Kenny knew that he would lose the internal battle with reason, if he didn't put a stop to this.

Kenny shook Candy's shoulder lightly and said in her ear "Hold still lil bit." "Noooo" she moaned lightly," . . .feels good" the girl said from within her dream state. "I know baby, but you have to stop" Kenny whispered back "NO. . want you" The girl said dreamily. "Candy, stop please. you're gonna make me cum" Kenny pleaded in a low voice.

"S' ok" the girl slurred. Cum on my tummy" Kenny grabbed the girl's hips, now moving still faster, and said "Stop! Candy, stop it now!" His sister stopped her humping motion and in a matter of a minute or so, was again breathing deeply and obviously back in REM sleep.

Kenny was a wreck and was still afraid that he would ejaculate at any second with his sister still lying on top of him. In fact, Kenny would lay there wide awake, listening to his sister's shallow breathing and feeling the points of his sister's tits boring into his naked chest, for over an hour before he would be able to get back to sleep.

His mind was both in turmoil and torment. The sky was just starting to get light grey when Kayla stirred sometime before 5 AM. The weather had been uncomfortably warm and sticky all night. Kayla had first thrown off the light blanket they had on the bed, and then sometime during the night, had taken her football jersey off. As she came to consciousness caused by the pressure in her bladder she realized she was topless and glanced at RJ.

RJ had thrown the blanked off himself during game x x story gay night, and lay there on his back, with his 9 inch erection tenting his briefs. She thought briefly about surprising RJ with an early morning blow-job, but the pressure in her bladder was building to an uncomfortable level. Kayla looked at her cousins and found Candy lying beside her brother with him cuddled up to her back and his arm draped across her.

Seeing they were not awake, Kala stood up clad in nothing but her extremely brief, pale yellow thong. As she stood up and her eyes adjusted to the low morning light, she saw for the first time that Candy was nude from the waist up also, wearing nothing but the pink massive dong causes whore to cum homemade and hardcore she had on the night before. Like she and RJ, they had kicked off the light blanket over them due to the oppressive heat.

As Kayla looked at the semi-nude cute blond girl laying there her first thought was 'You little minx. . maybe there is more to you than meets the eye!' Kayla could wait no more and dashed to the Head to take her morning pee.

As Kayla returned from the bathroom, she smiled to herself again seeing her cousin half naked sleeping with her brother. "I wonder what went on in that bed last night. . .cause I know nothing went on over here, that's for damn sure" Kayla said out loud, but to no one who was awake. Kayla slipped her football jersey back on, and slid back into bed beside her brother.

Sometime later, Candy felt the need to use the Head and on awaking, realized she was both nude from the waist up and had no cover over her. She looked around in panic to see if any of the other three had been awake and seen her exposed tits. Seeing that everyone was snoring lightly, she slipped her jersey back on and headed for the Head.

Sometime shortly after 6AM Kayla, Kenny and Candy were awakened by RJ busily making coffee in the Galley. The three chatted about sleep, and Kenny said that he had not slept that well, but didn't elaborate on why. All three agreed it was too hot to sleep comfortably. Candy was still lethargic and laying in bed with the cover over her head. The next thing they knew Candy was sitting up on the edge of the lounge, holding her head in her hands.

Kayla appeared beside Candy and held out a large glass of orange juice and pretty henessy takes a nasty double fuck treat like a champ aspirin. "Here take these" Kayla said offering the girl the aspirin "It will help with the wine hangover." The four sat at the table and each had a cup of steaming coffee in front of them.

The lake and the stream they were anchored in were like glass. The birds sang and there was a quality about the morning air. It seemed cooler now, but the heat would return later in the day. "Feeling any better Candy" Kayla asked. "My head is still pounding. I don't think the aspirin has kicked in yet. I'm not gonna drink that much wine again I can tell you that! "Yea, a little more moderation until you get used to drinking might be in order" her brother said. "I didn't make a jackass of myself, did I" Candy asked the group with worry.

"No, you were kind of funny in a way" RJ replied. "Funny how" Candy wanted to know looking at RJ. "Like when you told us all that Kayla was a multi-sexual" RJ told the girl, as the three teens laughed. "What the heck is a multi-sexual" Candy said, feeling that she was being made fun of. Kayla looked at Candy and said "Apparently after thee glasses of wine, you couldn't think of 'Bi-Sexual' and you converted it to multi-sexual.

So you announced to the guys that I had told you I was a multi-sexual" Kayla said with a huge grin. Candy was mortified. She looked at Kayla and on the verge of tears said "Oh my God Kayla, I am so, SOOO sorry. . I shouldn't have blurted out something you told me in confidence. I'm sorry I repeated your secret Kayla, forgive me?" Kayla looked at Candy for a few seconds. "Candy, first it isn't really a secret.

RJ has always known that I am bi-sexual. And while Kenny probably didn't need to know, I don't care that he knows. AND, if Kenny thinks less of me now that he knows I am bi-sexual then I really don't give a shit! In the immortal words of Popeye, 'I am what I yam'. Candy, I'm comfortable with who I am" Kayla concluded. While Kayla gave Candy a hug and told her quietly to dry her eyes, Girl male striper party fuck lust in translation was the one to beak the son blackmail mom sleeping fuck "Why would I care if you're a bi-sexual, Kayla?

The only thing better than a bi-sexual, is a 'multi-sexual' bi-sexual!" Kayla laughed so hard she thought she would pee her pants at Kenny's innuendo. The laughter was infectious and soon RJ and Candy started laughing too. So, all was right with the world. "Let's just have cereal this morning for breakfast" Kayla finally said, as she and Candy headed to the Galley.

As the two girls walked away, RJ and Kenny's eyes followed the girls. The two made quit a pair with Candy's blond hair flowing down to near her waist and Kayla's wavy strawberry tresses below her shoulder blades. The football jerseys rode up as the girls walked, exposing Candy's pink panties and Kayla's butt cheeks as her thong was too small to discern. "God we have sexy sisters" Kenny blurted out without thinking. "You said a mouth full, brother," RJ replied to his cousin.

  Chapter 13 of 35 [Revised] The teens finished breakfast and cleaned up the boat, stowing everything back in its place for day two of their adventure. Gradually the pounding in Candy's head quieted to a dull pressure. The boys went swimming, but the girls didn't feel like getting wet yet. The girls sat, drinking another glass of OJ and watched the boys swim from their perch on the boat.

"Feeling better" Kayla asked her younger cousin. "Yes, much better" Candy said. "I'm a little tired though. I didn't sleep very well last night. Kayla thought for a second and then replied "yea, it was really hot and humid all night." "Yes, that and these weird dreams I kept having all night" Candy said without thought. "What kind of weird drams" Kayla wanted to know.

"The sexy kind" Candy told her cousin. "I can't remember the specifics now, but I am pretty sure I was doing naughty stuff in my dreams" Candy said, "maybe I was dreaming about you" she said looking at Kayla.

"I doubt that" Kayla said. "However, if you crawl in bed with a boy, and take off your shirt, I'm pretty sure you are gonna have sexy drams" Kayla grinned at the young girl.

"How did YOU know I had my shirt off" Candy zeroed in. "I got up to pee early in the morning and saw you laying there in your panties with your shirt off, Kenny snuggled to your back, and his arm draped across you" Kayla replied honestly. "GOD!" Candy exclaimed, "You don't think Kenny saw me without my shirt do you?" "I don't know. . .what were you two doing over there last night" Kayla teased. "I was passed out I got hot I guess. We didn't do anything" Candy said.

"Relax" Kayla said. "What's the big deal if Kenny did see your tits anyway." "He's my brother. . he's not supposed to see my boobies" Candy replied. 'Un-Hun" Kayla said, like you didn't look at his cock when you walked in to the bathroom and saw him peeing at our house!" "That was an accident I didn't see that much" Candy said in defense.

"OK, well maybe it was an accident if Kenny saw your tits. Why don't you just ask him" Kayla said. "Yea right. . Kenny did you see my tits. . did you like them?" Like I'm gonna ask my brother that! The girls had drifted on to talking about other things by the time the boys climbed back on the boat. The girls were dressed in shorts and yet another halter top, each. The four lay about for quite a while, resting up for the day ahead. "How about we go and see if we can find that waterfall" Kayla suggested.

The others readily agreed. Kayla put drinks for all of them in a cloth bag and the boys threw on tees over their swim trunks. The four set off for their morning adventure. As they followed the trail up the creek side RJ and Kayla were several paces ahead.

Kenny and his sister watched from the rear as Kayla would occasionally bump a hip into RJ, in a repeat of yesterday's play. They had passed the swing the boys had previously repaired, when Candy turned to Kenny and said "There's something I need to tell you My bitch taking n deep throating my cock tube porn that lil bit" he replied.

"Last night when we were asleep I got too warm, and I took my jersey off to sleep" Candy said. "I know" was all that Kenny said. "You do? I hope I didn't embarrass you, or you don't think I'm some kind of freak" Candy said. "I didn't mind" Kenny said, making the 14 year old feel more at ease. "Besides, it was very dark and I couldn't see anything" Kenny fibbed to his sister, trying to be a gentlemen. He purposely didn't mention the part where she had climbed on him, ground her tits in to his chest and slowly rode his cock on her panties, all while she slept!" "Kenny, there is something else I wanted to say to you." "Go on" Kenny replied.

"I wanted to tell you I really liked sleeping with you last night. . and, ummmm. . I want to sleep together again tonight" Candy blurted out. "I don't know if that's a good idea lil bit" Kenny said cautiously. "Some people would think it strange to be sleeping in the same bed with your sister at our age." "Well I don't" Candy said, "and besides you're a perfect gentlemen" she concluded.

If only she knew how close I came last night to not being a gentlemen Kenny thought. "We'll see" was all he said to his sister, but he snaked his arm around his sister and pulled her close by his side. Candy's insides did flip-flop when Kenny pulled her close. Kenny and Candy watched RJ and Kayla walk ahead as they continued to exchange touches, shoves, and looks at each other.

The four heard the waterfall before they actually saw it. As they rounded the last turn there was the waterfall, still flowing this late in the summer.

The water cascaded from a rock outcropping above and fell down about 70 feet, splashing across several rock ledges along the way. The bottom was a deep pool of clear blue liquid, with sandy beaches on one side of its horseshoe shape.

"It's just as I remembered it" Kayla said to RJ. "This place is beautiful" Candy said to the others, "I don't think I've ever seen anything like it." RJ had carried two blankets and started to put them down and smooth them out. RJ brushed out the wrinkles and the little bit of dirt that got on the blanket. As Kayla went to sit down, RJ held out a hand to steady her on her descent. Once all four were seated, the sat in silence and watched the water cascade down to the pool, before it started its journey down the stream.

They had sat about 15 minutes and as much as Candy watched the water, she studied her cousins. It seemed to her that they were constantly looking into each other's eyes only to quickly advert them. There were little touches here and there. They sat shoulder-to-shoulder on the blanket. Candy had a thought that had been banging around the back of her head since arriving at her cousin's home, and then throughout this trip, that became crystal clear.

Her mind was racing to reconstruct all the pieces, and suddenly it all came to her. Sometimes Candy's mouth would move before her brain could stop it! "Oh my gosh" Candy suddenly exclaimed, "It's him.

. it's RJ. . how could Monica mattos super hot latina chick dp ed not have seen it sooner" Candy exclaimed excitedly, as though solving some great mystery.

"Him, who" Kenny said to his sister, "What are you talking about anyway, Candy?" "RJ. . Kayla" she tried to explain to her brother, but was still not making sense. "RJ is Kayla's boyfriend!" Kenny looked at his sister as though she had gone nuts. Had he been looking at RJ he would have noticed the blood drain from RJ's face. "Are you nuts" Kayla exclaimed, but she never should have issued the challenge.

"OK, look Kenny. Kayla and I talked a lot about stuff at the house. She has this mystery boyfriend. . a guys she really loves. . .she said he was 'sweet,' 'loving,' 'thoughtful,' 'very polite,' 'always looking out for her'.

. she couldn't say enough about this guy. When I asked where he was, she just said 'he's around'. When I asked if I could meet him she was evasive and said 'maybe someday.' Well I think I've already met him! Have you watched the way they look at each other. . and they are always touching. . .or bumping hips. . .they can't stay away from each other!" Candy was spent and sat back on her haunches.

RJ had not said a word throughout this. Kayla just looked at Candy for a long minute and finally spoke. "You have a great imagination Candy. You figured this all out in a day, after not having seen us for 3 years?" Kayla said this, trying to discredit her logic.

Candy thought for a minute. "Ok Kayla you always say that you are happy and comfortable with who you are." "Kayla, RJ" Candy said looking each in the eye, "I think you two guys are two of the most truthful people I've ever know.

I want you to look me in the eye and tell me I am wrong, and that you two are not lovers, and then I'll leave this alone" Candy said. Kayla starred at her cousin for a very long time.

No one said a word while Kayla stewed. "Oh fuck it!" Kayla exclaimed. "I bet you think you're one smart 14 year old! And you're a blond to boot" Kayla said. "Hey, I'm almost 15" Candy said and thrust out her chest to make the point. "Yea, well when you're 15 I'll be 16" Kayla retorted and stuck out her tongue.

The two girls had to laugh at the gesture, but Candy returned to point. "Look me in the eye and answer me" she said to Kayla, not taking her gaze away from the older girl. Kayla drew in a deep breath. And then another. "Ok, she will get her amazing booty fucked in all positions, RJ is my boyfriend and yes we are lovers" Kayla said with her head held high.

RJ could not believe his ears and had no idea what was going to happen from here on. "YES, I knew it" Candy exclaimed while pumping her fist.   Chapter 14 of 35 [Revised] "How did you become so smart anyway, you little shit" Kayla said to Candy.

"Hey, I'm a straight 'A' student, and I'm very observant. If RJ hadn't been your brother, I would have probably figured it out sooner. But you guys being brother and sister, threw me off" Candy concluded. Kenny had not said a word. He was taken aback by the revelation however. His mind was racing a 1000 miles an hour, particularly given all the un-brotherly thoughts he'd been having about his sister recently. "This is so cool. How long have you guys been together.

. I mean as a couple? Who started it? Who all knows about you two? How do you keep your parents from seeing it? Kayla ran all these questions and more up the flag pole in rapid succession, before taking a breath. Kenny looked at his sister in surprise, seeing that she was not near as off-kilter about this turn of events, as his he himself was. "Geese Candy, I thought you only talked that fast when you had been drinking" Kayla said to her cousin with a grin.

However, Kayla began to answer the girl's questions honestly and unabashedly. "Neither of us really 'started' it. RJ and I have always been very close" Kayla began. "We just sort of grew together, we talked about everything when we hit puberty. . about how he was feeling. . about how I was feeling. We wanted to learn about sex and we started doing the kid-type stuff. You know, playing doctor, touching, looking, etc.

I supposed that one of the things that made it easy for us was that we always bathed or showered together, up until I was 10 and RJ was 11. When I was 11 I got my period and my boobs sprang up almost overnight. That put an end to showering together." "Go on" Candy urged her cousin forward, fascinated with the detail and genuinely interested in the story. Kenny just sat in shocked silence not sure how to take the revelations of a romantic relationship between his cousins.

RJ wished he had never come on this trip. "Well, we were still close except for seeing each other naked. By the time I was 13 though, I was curious about how RJ had changed in puberty.

I was helping my mother change the bedding one day and as I stripped the sheets from RJs bed I found a pair of my panties under his pillow. It was a pair I had worn a few days earlier, had not yet laundered and had cute cutie is geeting urinated on and ejaculates wet cunt yet missed them. Anyway, I pulled out these panties from under his pillow and noticed they were crusty with this yellow cock hungry babe rides on bear skin rug crud.

At 13 I knew that boys and girls both masturbated and I was pretty sure I knew what the yellow crust all over my panties was." At this point in the story RJ wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. His most guarded secret was being discussed openly with his cousins. As a matter of fact, he wished he was anywhere but here! Kenny however was scarlet red with embarrassment. Had Kayla or RJ been looking at him they would have noticed. Only Candy made mental note of his condition however.

Kayla continued, "SO, I confronted RJ about the soiled panties I found under his pillow, and at first he swore he didn't know how they got there. When I pointed out all the yellowing stains on them, he fell apart and apologized for taking them. I asked him why he did that and he explained to me that he thought about me every day. . all the time.

. and that my panties smelled like me and made him horny, so he would jack-off in them." 'Great,' RJ thought, 'now my cousins know that I am a total pervert. . .this is just fucking great!' Candy turned to look at RJ, who was looking very, very uncomfortable.

"So RJ, you are awfully quiet, what happened next" Candy asked trying to engage her male cousin. "We just started fooling around. You know, Kayla wanted to know how boys jacked-off so I showed her. I wanted to know how girls did it, so she showed me. As some point we got to where we would have make-out sessions every day after school before mom got home from work. We would either masturbate in front of each other, or then we got to where I would get Kayla off and then she would do me." While Candy had RJ talking, he still looked extremely uncomfortable.

Candy looked at Kayla, "So who all knows about this, do all your friends know you are a couple?" "NO! None of our friends know anything about this. . except for my friend Mary, one very smart blond 14 year old, and her very shell-shocked brother" Kayla said looking at Kenny. "RJ and I are not ashamed of our relationship at all, but society in general has a big hang-up with incest.

If someone reported us, RJ and I could be placed into a foster home and separated. . which would kill us." As Kayla said this, Candy realized she was seeing both sadness and fear on Kayla's face. "How do you keep your parents from finding out" Candy wanted to know. "My mom does know" Kayla said, "but my dad is oblivious." "Wow your mom knows, and she's Ok with everything" Candy asked cautiously.

"When I was about 13 ½ or 14 I went to my mom and told her about the feelings I was having for RJ, but we hadn't had sex yet. Mom was very understanding and told me that some brothers and sisters grew to have feelings for each other, while other's never did. She told me something I've never forgotten; she said 'Only God can understand what makes two people fall in love and only God can judge that love.' Anyway, mom went on to tell me about the pitfalls of society and why incest had become such a taboo over the ages.

. .because of all the inbreeding and genetic problems that society had encountered." "Wow, you're mom is so cool" Candy said. "I told you Candy, you can talk to your mom too. You'd be surprised how easy it is once you start. Your mom is cool too" Kayla concluded. "So what happened after you talked to your mom about your feelings for RJ' Candy wanted to know.

"Well she answered my questions and told me that no matter what I decided, she would help me through it. She also told me that if I needed help making a decision, she was there to help with that also. Even though I had sex-education in school, mom and I then talked about the danger of pregnancy and STDs.

Mom reminded me that at 13 ½ I was perfectly capable of getting knocked-up" Kayla took a break. "Wow, I'm really not sure I could have that discussion with MY mom" Candy said in thought. "So not to be more nosy, but when did you and RJ start. . errr. . doing it" Candy pressed her cousin. "Let's just say I was younger than you are now" Kayla replied.

"Actually, RJ and I decided we wanted to go all the way, about a week or two after my talk with mom. One day I went to her and said that 'I need to be on birth control.' She asked if I had done anything yet, I told her no, but we were planning on it.

She gave me a big hug, told me I was very 'responsible' and took me to the Doctor's Office the next day." "God Kayla, you have it so totally together. I am so envious of you" Candy said. "Look," Kayla said, "RJ and I have been totally open with you guys, although I can see that Kenny is still comatose about this.

RJ and I are not ashamed of anything we do, and we don't think society and their damn rules against incest make any sense.

We love each other just like any other boy and girl who fell in love. We have one advantage in that we get to sleep together almost every night." "I don't know if opening up to you guys makes you think differently of us, or not.

But I beg you guys, even if you think we're terrible people. . please don't ever tell anyone about what you know. . even your mom, although. . I know my mom tells your mom everything so I would guess that Aunt Christy knows RJ and I sleep together. Like I said, we're not ashamed but we don't want Child Services to separate us!" As Kayla said this, she had tears in her eyes.

"Candy grabbed Kayla in her arms and said "Don't cry sweetie' God we'd never do anything to hurt you guys." "We will never, EVER, tell a soul about anything that we've discussed, will we Kenny?" "No" was all Kenny mumbled, his mind was still reeling from everything he'd just heard. Candy hauled off and hit Kenny on the arm hard! "OW" he said and then Candy pinched his fleshy bicep harder.

"Wake up!" Candy looked at her brother. "Kenny, say that you swear on my life, that you will never tell anyone. . especially your jock friends. . what Kayla and RJ have shared with us!" Kenny's bicep was turning bright red from the pinch.

"All right" he said, "I swear on my life not to tell a soul what we've discussed today." Candy punched his arm again, even harder! "That's not what I said I want you to swear on MY life you will never say a word" "Jesus Candy, quit hitting me!

OK, I swear on YOUR life, I will never say a word!" "That's better. See Kayla, I know Kenny will never do anything to hurt ME. So if he swears on MY life, he knows that if he fucks up, ever, I will cut his balls off when he sleeps!" That broke exchange of delicate oral service games hardcore blowjob ice and lightened the mood, and the girls both laughed, although RJ and Kenny didn't see the humor in Candy's statement.

Candy leaned in and gave Kayla a very tight hug. While the younger girl held the older one tightly, Candy lightly kissed Kayla on her neck and whispered in her ear; "God Kayla I love you. Thanks for trusting me enough to share your life with me." As Candy concluded she gave Kayla a little extra squeeze and Kayla returned the gesture.

As the two girls broke apart Kayla again had tears in her eyes, this time because of the closeness she had formed with her younger female cousin. The boys stood up and RJ said to Kayla, "if we are through playing truth or consequences Kenny and I are going swimming." With that they two teen boys ran to edge of the pool formed by the waterfall.

The jumped in and swam about. As the two swam they both came to rest off at the far end of the pool on a large, partially submerged rock. RJ looked at Kenny who had been very quiet since the whole RJ-Kayla explanation had started.

"Kenny, are we still friends" RJ asked. "What are you talking about? Of course we're still friends why wouldn't we be" Kenny said back in all sincerity. "I'm thinking you probably think I am some kind of a freak, having a relationship with my sister!" RJ said, afraid of the answer.

"RJ, I am fine with you guys. I just never knew anyone who was in your situation before. At least no one who ever admitted it to me. But honestly, it helped explain some things that have been bothering me" Kenny concluded. "What sort of things that were bothering you" RJ inquired, "if you don't mind me asking?" Kenny hesitated at first, but figured what the heck.

"RJ, for the past couple of years I have been having thoughts about my sister. . .you know nasty thoughts. . sex thoughts! It's been driving me crazy and I have been feeling like such a bad person. I don't know how I could be having these thoughts about that sweet little girl" Kenny continued. "Well because that 'sweet little girl' is becoming a woman" RJ said. "And more probably because she IS such a sweet, beautiful and smart girl, it makes her all the more appealing to you.

Hell, Candy is one hell of a catch no wonder you have thoughts about her" RJ said. Kenny looked at RJ, like a light bulb had come on. In all of his self recrimination over his feelings, it had never occurred to him that this could all be 'normal' until RJ had said that. "Kenny, have you ever told her how you feel about her" RJ asked. "No, I'd be afraid of alienating her.

. or scarring her off. . and I could never stand it if Candy wasn't there for me any longer" Kenny said forcefully. Without further discussion the boys swam back to the girls and exited the water. "Hey girls, go swimming with us" RJ pleaded. "We didn't bring any suits" Kayla said and Candy concurred.

"Well just swim in your shorts and bras" Kenny said. "Are you crazy" Candy said, I paid over $60 for these shorts, they're good, so I'm not gonna ruin them swimming in them. Besides, I'm not wearing a bra" Candy concluded. "Well, we could go back to the boat so you guys could change into your suits" RJ said, "but it's a bit of a hike." Kayla sat up with a mischievous grin. I am gonna ask you guys some questions Yes or No answers only please! The other three teens looked at Kayla in anticipation.

"Kenny, have you ever seen a girls tits before?" "Well of course I have" Kenny started to say. "Yes or No only" Kayla reminded him.

"Ok, Yes" he said. "In real life, not in Playboy magazine" Kayla asked. "Yes" he said. "RJ, have you ever seen a girl's tits" "We just told them we sleep together, I think they know. . " "Yes or No" Kayla cut off her brother. "OK, Yes" "Kenny, have you ever seen Candy's tits" "Yes" Kenny replied. "What? When did you see my boobs" Candy interrupted. "Hey I ask the question" Kayla corrected the girl.

"OK Kenny, when have you seen Candy's tits" Kayla deviated. "When she forgets to close the Bathroom door when showering, for instance" Kenny replied. Kayla looked at Candy "Oh, the old 'I accidentally forgot to close the bathroom door ploy!' Candy, that's the oldest ruse in the book to let your brother see your tits" Kayla said. As Kayla said this, Candy turned crimson and blushed, as Kayla had nailed her action right on the head.

"Back to questions" Kayla said. "RJ, have you ever seen my tits?" "Yes" RJ said. "OK. RJ, have you ever seen Candy's tits? "No" he answered. "Kenny, have you ever seen my tits" Kayla said. "Yes, through your transparent Bikini" Kenny responded. "OK that's a 'sort of' then" Kayla replied. Next question; Kenny and RJ, have both of you ever seen a girls pussy?" "Yes" they both replied. "Real girls, not Playboy" Kayla questioned. "Yes" both boys relied again. "RJ, have you ever seen Candy's pussy" "No" was his flat answer "Kenny have you seen Candy's pussy?

Oh never mind, the bathroom door thing again" Kayla chuckled. "Kenny, have you seen mine? Oh never mind, the Bikini again, so that's another 'sort of'" Kayla answered for him. "Candy, it's your turn. Have you ever seen a boys cock?" "Kayla!" Candy exclaimed in disbelief.

"Answer!" her cousin said. "Yes, I have" Candy said and blushed vividly. "I stipulate that I've seen a boys cock" Kayla said. "RJ, you letch" Kayla said, "would you be upset or embarrassed if you saw Candy's tits and pussy?" "NO" RJ said, almost too enthusiastically. "Of course you wouldn't' Kayla said, as she knew RJ secretly lusted after the younger girl. "Kenny, would you be upset or embarrassed if you saw my tits and pussy?" "No," Kenny said with a grin.

"Candy, would you be upset or embarrassed if you saw RJ and Kenny's cocks?" "Kayla" the younger girl whined. "CAN DY" the older said in response mocking her.

"I guess I wouldn't mind" Candy responded slowly, although she again could have glowed in the dark. "OK gang, it's skinny-dipping time" Kayla laughed, get out of those clothes everyone. The boys shucked out of their board shorts in an instant and headed for the water. Kayla set about removing her top, bra and shorts and folded them, laying them on the blanket.

As Kayla stood in her panties she noted that Candy had her back to the others and was slowly still unbuttoning her top. "get a move on Candy" Kayla said. I'll see you in the water. With that the older girl dropped her panties and put them on the blanket, then ran to the water. Candy slowly removed the rest of her clothes and underwear tossing them on the blanket, but keeping her back to the others.

Instinctively she tried to cover her breasts and genitals with her hands and arm. "I don't want you guys to look at me when I get in the water" Candy shouted over her shoulder to the three naked teens now in the water. "OK" Kayla shouted back, "Well all cover our eyes and I'll let you know when." "You promise?" Candy asked. "I promise" Kayla hollered back, "We'll all have our eyes covered. "OK Candy" Kayla shouted to her cousin, "You can come in now." Candy turned and started to run for the water.

She got about two or three leaps toward the pool of sparking water when she realized the three others were standing there knee deep in the water, totally nude and exposed and all three had a hand over their eyes. except that their fingers brother fucks sister black guygystyle on webcam spread widely, so that they could plainly see the naked girl dashing toward them.

Candy hit the water with a huge splash and said "No fair, you promised you wouldn't look." "No we promised we'd cover our eyes" Kayla corrected her, "which technically we did!" Candy was all pouty looking. Kayla said, "Look you got to see the three of us naked and you didn't explode, the three of us got to see you naked and we are fine with it.

Candy girl, you gotta get over it. Besides you have a beautiful body." The four of them frolicked in the pool for a long time. The water temp was over 85, so it was almost too warm, but felt good. Candy tried to remain mostly neck deep while Kayla made no attempt to hide her ample breasts. At one point Kenny came up behind his sister and innocently put his arms around his sister's mid section.

"I'm sorry we tricked you Candy" he said, "but Kayla is right, you have nothing to be self-conscious about with your body. You are very attractive" "Yes, you all are so easy going with it all I guess I need to grow up a bit" Candy said. "You're fine the way you are Candy, don't change anything" Kenny said and gave her a squeeze.

As Kenny squeezed her from the back, Candy thought she felt her brother's flaccid penis against her butt cheeks, and the girl flushed. While the two stood like that they gazed across the pond and saw Kayla in RJs arms and they were kissing madly.

"This has been quite the day" Candy said, watching her two teen cousins obviously swapping tongues. "It sure has. . .it's been illuminating in more ways than one" Kenny responded lightly. "What do you think about all this" Kenny said, while gesturing toward his cousins. "Personally I don't care if RJ is her brother, or a Martian, Kayla is head over heels in love with him, Kenny." "You should have heard the way she talked about her 'boyfriend', it was like a fairy tale." "What do you think of RJ" Kenny asked his sister.

Candy wasn't sure what her brother was getting at, but she said "I think he is very sweet, he's cute, and very thoughtful" Candy concluded.

"What do you think of Kayla, Kenny" Candy asked her brother. "She is a free-spirit for sure. She's fun, outspoken, smart and beautiful" Kenny answered his sister truthfully. Candy spun around in her brother's encircled arms, now facing him. "Kenny, tell me the truth now, do you think I am pretty at all?" Kenny smiled and grinned at his little sister. "NO I don't think you are pretty at all" Kenny said, catching his sister by surprise, but she was resigned as that was how she felt.

"Candy, I think you are way beyond pretty. . .I think you are gorgeous. . .a smoking hot babe" Kenny said, letting down all of his defenses. Candy grinned up at him and placed her arms around his waist. Kenny was a lot larger than Candy, and her arms a lot shorter.

The result was that as Candy embraced him back she pulled him closer. Now she definitely felt the slight rise of her brother's penis against the front of her leg. "Kenny? What if I told you I want to kiss you.

Would you be repulsed or angry" Candy asked meekly. "No, what if I told you I've wanted to kiss you for the last two years. Would you be repulsed or angry with me" Kenny answered in response, quoting her question. "Really" Candy said brightly. "You wanted to kiss me from like when I was 12" she asked with a toothy grin. "Guilty" He said. "Why didn't you ever tell me" Candy asked her big brother.

"I didn't want you to call the police. . or worse to hate me for it" Kenny told the girl truthfully. "I could never hate you Kenny." Candy looked up into her brothers eyes. "So, what are we gonna do about this.

Are you gonna kiss me, or are we gonna talk about it all day? Both of them instinctively looked over their shoulder at their cousins, afraid they were about to get caught. Kayla had RJ in a lip-lock and Candy wasn't sure, but she thought Kayla had her legs wrapped around RJ's hips. "They aren't gonna even notice us" Candy said to her brother.

Kenny reached up with a free hand, gently took Candy's chin and guided his lips to hers. For Candy it was like fireworks going off in her brain. Candy should have been forthright with Kenny and admitted to him that she had wanted to kiss HIM, since she was 11! At first their kiss was tentative.

But then the intensity grew, and they mashed their lips harder together, and their heads jockeyed for position. Candy was the first to part her lips slightly, inviting her brother to start French kissing her.

Candy had learned recently that she liked 'Frenching' and Kenny wasted not a moment darting his tongue into his sister's mouth. Candy swirled her tongue into Kenny's parted lips and probed deeply. This was an entirely new feeling for the 14 year old. Candy and Kenny were now in full make-out mode and Candy felt the unmistakable rigidity of her brother's penis rising between her legs. She was somewhat frightened, but her belly was on fire.

"Kenny, touch my tits please" The young teen begged. Kenny kneaded her small breasts and played with her nipples, causing Candy to go weak in the knees, moaning "oh my God Kenny that feels so good!" From behind Candy, a voice erupted, "Hey guys.

WHAT are you dooooing" Kayla teased. "Jesus Kayla you scared the shit out of me" Candy said. "I just found out that Kenny has wanted to kiss me for a couple of years, so we were trying that out" Candy grinned. "Kissing" Is that what you call that" Kayla teased her younger counterpart. "Lets go up to the blanket" Kayla said to the other two." "Aaaaw, I can't" Kenny said, "I have an erection" "It's OK" Kayla said, "Don't worry about it.

RJ has a raging hard-on also." As Kenny looked at his male cousin, RJ grinned back and shrugged his shoulders. Kayla nubiles casting teen cutie tries hardcore porn the way and dragged RJ by the hand.

Candy, intertwined her fingers in her brother's hand, and flowed he cousins up to the blanket. Candy hadn't seen RJ's erection very clearly as he and Kayla walked by, but she could clearly see her brother's massive hard cock swaying from side to side, as he walked to the blanket beside her. The four teens plopped down on the blanket. The boys self-consciously tried to hide their hard penises, which Kayla chalked up to homophobia. Kenny glanced at Kayla and saw that she did in fact have a totally smooth pussy, just as it had looked like through her see-thru bikini.

RJ glanced at Candy's pussy and noted that it had sparse, totally blond hair strategically above her slit. "Now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, RJ and I were going to talk to you guys about something.

But that was before we saw you guys out in the water" Kayla said. "What's up" Candy said to her equally naked cousin. Candy was now getting more at ease with being in the buff in front of her brother and her cousins. "First, what's up with you guys. You seemed to be enjoying yourself out there" Kayla said as she motioned over her shoulder at the pond. "We just got to talking and I told Kenny I wanted to kiss him, and he told me he's wanted the same for a couple of years" Candy said.

"And Candy, how long have you been having fantasy's about your brother and wanted to kiss him" Kayla said, boring into the point. "Since I was 11" Candy admitted honestly. Kenny was somewhat taken aback to learn this had been a long-time desire for his sister as well.

"Candy, it looks like we have a situation here" It would seem that. . " and as Kayla said this she reached out for both boys, "we have a couple of studs here with raging hard-on's that we caused with all that kissing and touchy-feely." As she concluded she grasped both boy's penises around the base and waived them slightly. Kayla was surprised to learn that Kenny's manhood was not much longer than RJ's, but it was bigger in gerth. Kayla could not fully close her hand around Kenny's, while she could RJ's cock.

Both boys were a little shocked when Kayla grabbed their cocks, but neither moved nor breathed. "Candy, it's unfair what we've done to the guys. RJ and I were going to ask you guys to wait here, while we went back to the boat and did IT" Kayla said honestly. "However Candy, now that I see you have done the same thing to Kenny, I have a different idea." Kayla had not let go of either boy and looked them in their eyes, as she slowly moved her hand higher from the base of their cocks.

"Candy, I know you don't know how to jack-off a boy, or give them a blow job, so I am going to teach you. If we leave them like this, the boys will get 'blue balls' which is actually painful for them." Candy had been hanging on every word her cousin said, and could not take her eyes off of either her brother's nor RJ's inflated cocks.

She had never seen such a delightful sight before. "First you have to stroke their cocks up and down" Kayla told Candy "like this" she said as she simultaneously stroked the length of each boy. "The head of their cock is the real sensitive part" Kayla said as she slid her hand to each boy's glans and swirled her hand around it. Both boys let out an audible grunt when she did this. "See they liked that" Kayla said as she continued to stroke their rock-hard shafts. "You try it now Candy", Kayla said.

Candy reached out and tentatively took hold of her brother's cock. Kayla let go and coached the young girl saying not to go to fast, etc.

Kayla looked at Candy and noted that while she had hold of her brother's member, poor RJ's was flailing in the wind. "Candy, what about RJ" Kayla said, you can't just ignore him!" "Candy flushed and she sputtered when she tried to speak.

"Isss. . is it alright to. . .you know. . touch his thingy? I mean he is your boyfriend!" ""That's very sweet of you to be concerned" Kayla said, "but we'll make an exception while you are in the learning phase" Kayla said to her young cousin and gave her a slight peck on the cheek.

Candy reached out and grabbed Pornpros francesca james big ass and fat pussy are fucked hardcore brunette cock in her left hand while holding her brothers in her right.

Candy smiled seductively at RJ and began stroking both boys. Candy never took her eyes off of the two cocks in her hand but she spoke to Kayla; "I can't believe that something that is so hard can be so soft. . and so. . intimidating" the young girl said. RJ's eyes were closed and he was lost in the feeling of the hand-job his young cousin was providing him. Kenny's eyes were wide open and he suddenly started thrusting his hips wildly in Candy's hand. Candy's hand could not encircle the ramrod thickness of Kenny's overheated member, so she was having difficulty holding on while Kenny started the bucking motion.

Kayla seeing what was happening suddenly reached out and grabbed Kenny's cock right at the base and squeezed very hard. Kenny whimpered at the sudden pressure.

"Hold off a second Candy" Kayla said and her cousin released her grip on her older brother's member, but kept on stroking RJ's. "What's the matter? Wasn't I doing it right" Candy wanted to know. "No you were doing it very right" Kayla assured her.

"But Kenny was getting way too excited and was close to cuming" Kayla explained. "Kenny, you just hold still and relax until the feeling goes away" Kayla said to him while keeping a stranglehold on the base of his about-to-erupt cock. "Candy, while you are stroking RJ, put your lips around the head of his cock, like this." Kayla then showed the young teen, while she continued to stroke.

RJ let out an audible moan. "When you have your lips around the head of his cock, keep stroking, but swirl your tongue all around his cock-head" the older teen said to her cousin.

Candy again smiled at her boy cousin and Kayla swore she batter her eyelashes at him, before she bent down and sucked the engorged purple head into her lips. Kayla watched her cousin's cheeks become concave she was sucking so hard on RJ and he too was beginning to moan in such a way that Kayla was afraid her brother might cum in Candy's mouth. All the while this was going on, Kayla kept a death-grip at the base of Kenny's penis, and she could now tell that he was past the point of ejaculation.

Kayla said to her cousin, "Ok, give RJ's cock a rest and you can start again on Kenny. Kenny is going to get excited again pretty quick Candy, so suck on the head of his cock, but when you sense that he is going to cum, . . when he starts bucking into your mouth, just pull him out, stroke mother fucked in front of friends daughter xxx flunking comrades step daughter gets a and harder, and aim his cock at your tits.

Don't swallow his cum this time. . I'll explain to you later" Kayla finished. Candy did as instructed removing RJ's penis from her sucking mouth with an audible 'plop'. In truth RJ was disappointed as he felt latina teen veronica rodriguez vs mandingo cousin had a real talent when it came to sucking cock. Candy found that the head of her brother's ram-rod was larger than RJs and had become this dark purple mass.

Candy could hardly get her mouth around the massive tip. However, when she did, she did everything Kayla had taught her. Candy sucked as hard as she could and each time her brother thrust she would either swirl her tongue around the ridge, or twist her head such that her lips rode around the crown. Even through Candy's hand would barely encircle her brother's cock-shaft, she stroked as furiously as she could once her brother started moving into her mouth.

Candy tasted a very slightly salty substance. Nothing that was overly yuk, but slightly different. Kenny started thrusting his hips in earnest and Candy became a little frightened that he might shove that monster cock down her throat. As it was, she almost gagged a couple of times, but managed not to wretch.

Kenny started grunting loudly and said "No. . oh Candy ' ' Here. " Candy felt the swell of the gigantic head in her mouth. Instinct told her that Kenny was about to spew his male seed.

Following Kayla's advice she suddenly withdrew the heated member from her mouth with an audible 'plop' and using two hands now jacked Kenny's cock for all it was worth. From root to tip, her hands were a blur creamy milf ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions Kenny's baby-maker.

Suddenly Kenny cried out "Cuming. . " and his whole body went stiff. The first eruption hit Candy in the neck. She was shocked by the force and the heat of the liquid.

She pointed his cock downward more and the second and third shots hit her tits dead on. The shear amount of seminal fluid literally drenched the 14 year old's 'A cups. The next two spurts were less forceful and hit Candy above the waist.

The sixth and final spurt hit Candy on top of the thigh. Kenny collapsed backwards onto the blanket. Candy looked at the coating of cum which extended from her neck down and which was now running down off the points of her tits and dripping to the ground. Candy ran her fingers through the mess on her body and exclaimed "OH Wow! That was totally awesome!" Kayla looked at the copious amount of cum on her cousin and said "Christ Kenny how long has it been since you jacked-off.

Were you saving up or something?" "Two days" Kenny rasped, trying to catch his breath. "Christ, it must be a family curse. Kenny makes even more cum than RJ does! Kayla exclaimed. Kayla looked back at Candy. "Candy you are a mess, why don't you and Kenny go for a swim and wash all the muck off yourselves?

Then you two can sit and talk for a while. Give me at least 30 minutes before you come back to the boat. . RJ and I have something we need to take care of" Kayla said with a grin.

Candy held Kenny's hand and they dove into the pond as Kayla had suggested. "Come on stud" Kayla said to RJ, "try not to trip and break that bonner on the way to the boat. Christ I don't know what is wrong with me, it's only been two days since we had sex, and I am more horny than I've ever been in my life" Kayla exclaimed. By the time Kayla got to the boat her honey-pot was literally dripping girl lube.

She was on fire and could not wait any longer to be sated. As soon as she was on board, she assumed a gorgeous brunettes katrina jade and kayla west share cock stance, bent at the waist over the back of the lounge and told RJ 'Just put it in. . fuck the shit out of me Bro." RJ stepped up behind his sister, grabbed her hips, placed his engorged cock at the entrance to her womanhood and sank his entire 9 inch length in her well lubed channel, right up to the hilt, bottoming his public bone against his sister's outer lips.

Kayla let out an audible 'oomph' as RJ hit bottom. Back at the waterfall and pond, Candy and Kenny swam and played for a few minutes. The two naked teens got out and walked up to the blanket. Candy noticed large gobs of her brother's cum on the blanket and carefully folded it so they would not sit in it. The two lay side by side for a while, gazing in each other's eyes.

"Kenny, there's something I want to ask you" Candy said. "Shoot" was his reply. "You know earlier when Kayla was questioning us, and she remarked about RJ stealing her panties and jacking-off in them?" "Yes. . " her brother replied cautiously. "Well as she told the story, I noticed that you blushed, beet-red." "No I didn't" was his reply.

"YES. . .you did" Candy corrected, "and I think I might know why. Kenny, over the past few months I've had a number of pair of panties go missing. I swear I thought that the washing machine must be eating them. But now I wonder if a certain brother of mine might not have been taking them to pleasure himself with?" As Candy said this, her brother again turned beet-red.

"It's true, isn't it? I can see it in your face" Candy said. "Sorry" Was all her chagrinned brother could say. "So were you jacking off in them" Candy asked, already knowing the answer. "Yes" her sex comxxx com story sex stories 2019 said, almost in a whisper. "I don't get it. I mean what's the attraction.

Why do boys do sir and girl student collage xxx storys in class the smell of your pussy" Kenny said honestly. "My pussy has a 'smell'. . " Candy was not sure this was a good thing. "Poor choice of words" Kenny singar neha kakkar xxx sex stories storys, "it your girl-scent" he explained.

"When I smell that scent, it makes me crazy horny." Sorry sis he said still chagrinned. "Don't be sorry I guess I should be flattered." As Candy said this, Kenny smiled at his younger sibling. "But Kenny, what did you do with all those panties" Candy asked out of curiosity. ""I threw them away" he said matter-of-factly. "YOU DID WHAT?" Candy said with agitation. "Why on earth would you toss them?" The girl said not understanding. "I guess I was afraid of getting caught" he said with genuine embarrassment, "You know if you saw the stains." Candy was miffed but thought for a moment.

"Well I'll tell you what, when we get home you are gonna take me to Victoria's Secret, and buy me new panties. . and sexy ones too. Deal?" "Sure, as long as you model them for me" Kenny said with a mischievous grin. Candy thumped his bicep with a half-hearted punch and said, "I hope you enjoyed this afternoon.

. I know I did." "Are you kidding? It was great. But. . " Kenny hesitated, "I didn't do anything for you" he said, and then wished he hadn't said that. "Don't worry about that. . I really enjoyed making you feel good" Candy said with her usual smile. "Do you think we've given them enough time" Candy asked, referring to RJ and Kayla. "I don't know, how long do they usually fuck" Kenny said with a smirk.

Candy really did punch his bicep now. "Don't be crude. . I'm sure they just wanted to talk!" "Yea, right!" Kenny decided not to shyla stylez fuck the brits ill fuck your irish ass this any longer, and they got up, slipped their clothes back on and headed for the boat. 15 minutes later they arrived back at the boat and Candy saw Kayla swimming alone just forward of the boat. Kenny proceeded to get on the boat and asked his sister if she needed anything to drink.

Candy declined saying that she wanted to talk to Kayla for a minute. Candy stripped out of her clothes and waded into the warm water to join Kayla. "Where's RJ" Candy asked her cousin. "Snoozing. Guys have this chemical that is secreted when they have sex, and they tend to take a nap, while us girls are wide awake afterwards!" What are you doing out here by yourself" Candy asked. ""Trying to wash about a gallon of cum out of my pussy" the girls said with a wide, wide grin.

Candy came up to Kayla and put her arms around her older cousin's neck. "Thanks for everything and for teaching me Kayla" Candy said, and then softly kissed the older girl. The two exchanged a long kiss with tongues dancing in and out of each other's mouth. "Any time, so long as you're always going to thank me like that" Kayla grinned at Candy. "Kayla, I need to ask you something" Candy said softly.

"Sure, anything" Kayla said, "you know that." "Kayla, I want to be like you and RJ. I want to give my virginity to Kenny" the young girl said, "but I don't know how to go about it. . I mean the right way." "Are you sure. . it's a big step and there is no rush you know?" Kayla wanted to know that Candy had thought this out. "I've never been more sure of anything" Candy said. "Have you told Kenny what you want yet?" "No" candy said in a low whisper, "I'm afraid to tell him!"   Chapter 15 of 35 [Revised] Both girls dried themselves, wrapped towels around their torsos and joined the boys on the boat.

The late afternoon sun had ducked beyond the mountain, providing some much needed relief from the heat. Kayla and Candy went aft to shower. The two teen girls showered together, not being particularly careful to fully close the errant Curtin. The girls had told the boys not to peek with a mock seriousness. The girls washed each other's hair and soapy hands washed each other's bodies as well.

As they rinsed Candy instinctively bent down and sucked on her cousin's erect right nipple and kneaded Kayla's left breast. Kayla's nipple reacted to the stimulation and stood up a full half-inch into her cousins sucking mouth.

"Gurl, you have to stop that" Kayla said, pushing Candy from her breast with an audible sucking sound. "You are going to get me all horny and worked up again, if you keep that up" Kayla said and lightly kissed her cousin.

"What's wrong with that" Candy said as the two naked teens held each other in a slight embrace. "Maybe later we'll give the boys a show" Kayla grinned. "Right now we better get a move on and feed them!" "Good, we can take care of my 'lesbian tendencies' later then" Candy laughed as she ran her hand down over her cousin's hairless slit. The girls dressed in gym shorts and nice crop-tops. They did their hair and makeup and wanted to look the best for their guys.

Kayla decided to let her long wavy strawberry locks flow over her shoulders, while Candy pulled her blond mane into a familiar pony-tail and tied a pink ribbon around it.

The girl put the finishing touches on matching pink lipstick and commented to Kayla that she wasn't sure how long the lipstick would stay on!

When the boys saw how nice the girls looked, they complimented them and then one-by-one each boy showered and dressed in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. RJ wore khaki shorts and a button down shirt, while Kenny wore a Hawaiian print shirt, opened slightly down the front which showed off his massive chest. The girls set about preparing Sloppy Joes for dinner and Candy found the fries and quickly cooked them on the gas stove in the Galley.

Candy also found individually bagged dinner salads in the cooler and prepared four bowels for the salad, dicing up some oranges and apples to put in the salad also. Kayla opened a bag of dinner rolls and decided they would just eat them cold.

The boys had been busy setting up the table forward in the boat, and setting the places for dinner. When Kayla and Candy emerged from the galley with the food, they found a table cloth on the table, and two citronella candles adorning the place settings. The four teens sat and prepared to eat. As the last rays of dusk fell over the boat, RJ sat staring at the two girls. Kayla saw him staring and said "WHAT?" "I was just thinking how beautiful you lou charmelle drilled in pussy and ass by black dicks interracial pornstars girls are, and how luck Kenny and Hot lily wanting her bfs dick so bad are to have you" RJ said.

Kenny chimed in and said "Amen, brother" as he reached for the bottle of Merlot Kayla had placed on the table. Both girls smiled slightly to themselves. Kenny started to pour the Merlot for the four of them and when he poured Candy's she held her hand out to signal to stop when her glass was half full.

"I want to keep a clear head tonight" Candy remarked. "I don't know, I thought you were kind of funny after three glasses of wine" RJ remarked, and received a slight kick under the table from Kayla who gave him a dirty look. The four ate and chatted all agreeing how much fun they were having. After dinner Kenny asked if anyone else wanted more wine. Kayla and RJ held out their glasses, but Candy said meekly "only half a glass for me, please." The girls cleaned up and did dishes together while the boys put away the table, table cloth and moved the candles to the side rails.

The Citronella was doing a good job of keeping the mosquitoes at bay. Candy was uncharacteristically quiet while she dried the dishes. ""What's on your mind Candy? I can see the gears turning" Kayla said. "Oh nothing" was her unbelievable reply. "Trying to figure out what you should do?" Kayla asked, and then added "I told you there is no need to rush into anything.

It's a big step. . .and if you're not ready. . ." she just let it hang. Candy turned to Kayla, "I'm just worried that if I tell him how bad I want him. . and how long I've wanted to do this with him. . he'll think I'm some kind of slut and won't want me around anymore!" Kayla took her cousin's hands in her own, "Candy, that isn't gonna happen.

But if you are serious about this, you two need to talk about some things." The girls came back forward and Kayla asked RJ if there was enough wood for another fire on the beach. RJ assured them that if there wasn't, he and Kenny would scour some up and they both went to shore to prepare. The girls grabbed blankets, glasses and the rest of the Merlot and waded through the thigh-deep water across to the shore where the boys were busily starting the fire. Once the sun went down a million stars came out and the sounds of the night echoed across the water.

The frogs were singing loudly tonight and Candy watched the fireflies dance over the weeds up the shore line from them. Both Kayla and Candy lay their heads in their brother's laps and stared upwards at the heavens. "It's so beautiful" Kayla whispered, staring at the heavens. "YOU are so beautiful" RJ said, smiling down at his sister.

She raised her head and he bent down and they softly kissed. Kenny brushed the loose hair out of his sister's face, and smiled down at her.

"A penny for your thoughts, l'il bit" he said to his little sister. "Oh nothing, I'm just staring at the stars" she lied. Inside she was in turmoil. "Candy, talk about a bad poker face" Kayla remarked without raising her head off RJ's lap. old couple and girl first time frannkies a swift learner can sense you are uptight so why not talk to him" Kayla said.

"Talk to me about what l'il bit. . what's the matter" Kenny wanted to know. But his sister remained mute. Kayla couldn't take the drama any longer, which she considered unnecessary anyway. "She wants you to be the one" Kayla said to Kenny. "The one what" Kenny asked confused. "God you jocks are dense" Kayla fired back. "You know, THE one. . .her first. . she wants you to take her cherry" Kayla said to Candy's stunned brother.

Kenny looked down at Candy and saw that tears streamed down her cheeks. "Why are you crying sweetie" Kenny said as he brushed her cheek softly. "I couldn't tell you. . because I don't want you to hate me. . or think I am weird.

. but Kayla has a big mouth" the 14 year old blubbered. Kenny picked the girl up in his arms and kissed away the tears from her cheeks. "Candy, I could NEVER hate you" Kenny's said. He looked in her eyes and then kissed her full on the lips. Candy felt warmth spread through her that ignited a passion and she returned Kenny's kiss with all her might. As the two came up for air RJ said to his male counterpart, "OK, now tell her how long YOU'VE wanted to get in HER pants!" Kayla smacked his arm and said "God you're romantic!" Candy looked up at her brother's face.

"Is that true. . how long," she questioned. "Since you were 12" Kenny said with a grin. "Oh my God" Candy exclaimed, "I've wanted to do it with you since I was 11!" "Ok you two, now it's time to listen to Cousin Kayla" the older girl said.

"I told Candy that she needed to talk about a lot of things with you Kenny. . practical things" Kayla punctuated. "She didn't so I'm gonna say some things that need to be said" Kayla concluded. Candy now sat up with her back to her brother and his arms encircled her in a bear hug. Candy looked at her older cousin expectantly.

"Candy," Kayla started "what are some concerns you have about having sex?" "Ummm, I don't know. I guess I worry that I don't know what to do. And that Kenny may not like doing it with me" Candy stammered. "And I guess I worry about the mess the first time." "OK" Kayla said "What are some of your concerns Kenny?" "I'm worried that I'll hurt her and then she may hate me afterwards.

Or that she'll think later that it was wrong to do this with her brother. I guess I worry that I may not please her in the sex department. I guess I worry about what happens if mom and dad find out. And I guess I'm topless busty japanese teen schoolgirl pussy massage that I'll get her pregnant" Kenny concluded. "Bingo" Kayla snapped her fingers, "Kenny you get an A.

Candy, you know once you start having sex, pregnancy is a very real possibility. How would you feel about carrying Kenny's child" Kayla gave Candy a look that bored into her soul. "I'd love having Kenny's baby in me. But I'd like to wait until I get out of high school. if I can" the girl said softly. "Well you two need to be responsible sexually" Kayla said, and we'll tell you later how we approach the problem.

"Kenny" Kayla said addressing him directly, "How many other girls have you fucked?" "I don't see. . " Kenny started to say, but was cut off by Kayla. "How many" she asked more forcefully. "Three" he said simply "Three? Really?" Candy said lightly as she looked up at her brother. She hadn't considered that she wouldn't be his first also.

"Here is why that is important you two" Kayla said. "Kenny, I'm gonna guess that at least 1 of these other girls fucked her way through the whole varsity football team. . and all you guys thought it would be great to share this information with each other. . .and she my favorite stepdaughter extra small porn movies from one to the next of you?" "How could you have known that?" Kenny started to ask.

. "There's always some tart that wants to fuck the entire football team. . .we have one at our school, and so far she's nailed them all, except RJ" Kayla said. "what about the other two, were either of them virgins?" "One said she was. . but afterwards I didn't think so. I think she just said that so I wouldn't think she slept around and the third girl had had a lot of boyfriends and I know she had a lot of sex" Kenny finished.

"And of course you wore rubbers when you had sex with each one of them?" Kayla got to the root of the matter now. "So, there is an excellent possibility that you have an STD then" Kayla struck the blow. "I. . I. . I don't think so" Kenny stammered and Candy looked uncomfortable. "But the truth is, you can't be sure! Yet neither of you voiced STDs as a concern when I asked you. Candy" Kayla said turning towards her, "this is why I told you not to get Kenny's semen in your mouth last night.

Girls think they can just get STDs from fucking a guy. . .but that isn't true." As Kayla explained this, Kenny was starting to squirm. "Candy, Kenny" Kayla said in a softened tone, "Look, there are a lot of advantages to having sex with your brother or sister; First is the availability.

You guys french big puffy pussy squirt have to find a place, or do it in the back seat of a car. . although RJ still likes it that way. And you can do it frequently. Second, mom stuck and son sex long as you guys are monogamous with each bizarre fantasy of adorable girl fastened and double hardcore and bondage you can be sure that your brother or sister is free of any diseases.

. which you can't say if you date around with guys" Kayla said and looked directly into Candy's eyes. Kayla continued, "and there is the fact that you already know so much about each other.

Dating is full of surprises, most of them upsetting. Spending your nights with someone that you know very well. . .what they like. . what they hate. . well it is a huge advantage." Kayla stood up and said "Wait here" to her cousins. Kayla quickly waded back to the boat, went to the Galley and reached up on the top shelf. When Kayla returned to the group on shore, she sat down in front of RJ, leaning on his chest, she said "Tell you what you're going to do." Kayla handed the gold box to Candy.

Candy blushed when she saw they were condoms. Then she read the note out loud; "Open In Case Of Emergency, Love Mom" she said. "Your mom gave you these" Candy wanted to know. "Not really" Kayla replied, "she stuck them in one of the bins, knowing I'd find them. At first I couldn't figure it out as she had sworn us to 'no displays of affection' in front of you two.

So either she figured that I'd fuck Kenny. or she thought RJ might have a go at you," she smiled at Candy. "Maybe she just put the condoms in for you guys to use" Candy said, motioning towards RJ and Kayla. "No, I'm on the pill and RJ and I only use rubbers when I'm ovulating. . .and mom knows I just finished my period" Kayla said. "No, I'm pretty sure she figured that you two might discover sex while at the lake.

. and if she thought that, she got the information from your mom, as they discuss everything!" Candy thought for a moment and turned to Kenny, "I think mom might of found out you were stealing my panties and jacking off in them Kenny" Candy said.

"You too" Kayla expounded looking at a crimson Kenny, "what is it with you guys and panties?" "Regardless" Kayla again took control, "it's pretty obvious you two are gonna start fucking.

. I'm just not sure when. So here are the rules; Kenny, as soon as we get back, you are going to be tested for STDs including Chlamydia, HPV, and other nasty's. Candy, as soon as we get back, you are going to talk to your mom about getting on the pill. Both of you will ensure that any time Kenny's cock goes in that cute little snatch of yours, there is a condom on it!.

. At least until Candy's birth control pills kick in! Oh, and until Kenny get's a clean bill, no cuming in her mouth, Kenny and no swallowing, Candy got it you two?" Candy surged into Kayla's arms and hugged her while she started to cry. "Oh, you are just the best girlfriend I ever had." Kayla kissed her on the forehead and tried to breathe while in the bear hug.

  Chapter 16 of 35 [Revised] Candy looked up into Kayla's eyes and pressed her lips to the older girl's. The two girls cocked their heads and began to kiss in earnest.

While their lips remained locked Kayla ran her hand up under Candy's shirt and found that once again she wore no bra. Kayla rubbed the younger girl's nipples and elicited a long sigh. Kayla pushed the girl back onto the blanket and frantically worked at unzipping her shorts.

As Kayla released the zipper on Candy's shorts she slipped her hand down her cousin's shorts and cupped the young girl's sex through her panties. Candy spread her legs wide, causing the gusset of her panties to bridge across her crotch. Kayla felt the material of Candy's panties getting damp by the second.

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Kayla snaked her finger under the elastic of Candy's sodden panties and started rubbing the girl's outer lips and circling her clit. While they continued kissing Candy whimpered into Kayla's mouth and her hips started hunching uncontrollably while Kayla plunged her finger in and out of the 14 year old's slick channel. "Oh Kayla" the youngster moaned, "let me lick your snatch" the hyper-excited teen begged her cousin.

"I've got a better idea" Kayla said, let's all get back to the boat. As the two girls climbed on board, Candy attacked Kayla pushing her back onto the Lounge and trying to get her shorts off.

Kayla rolled on top of Candy, pushed her unzipped shorts down and started fingering the younger girl once more. Candy was starting to get out of control under the ministrations by her cousin. "Make me cum" she begged Kayla. Kayla looked at Kenny and saw his pants tented way out. "Candy, you've been ignoring Kenny and I think he'd like to talk with you" Kayla said to the girl. Candy looked at Kenny and said "Sorry.

I was being multi-sexual" Candy said, making fun of herself for misusing the phrase the night before when she'd drunk too much. Candy got up, now wearing only pale flowered panties and her crop-top. She took Kenny's hand pulling him toward the sun deck back behind the Galley enclosure. Kayla grabbed RJs hand and pulled him down on top of her on the lounge. As he fell on her, she felt his rock hard horny milf goes for two hard cocks pressing into her.

"Did you like the show RJ" Kayla whispered in his ear. "Oh yea" RJ replied, "but I'd of liked it better if you had gotten her off!" "Pervert" Kayla said to her brother as the two of them started making out.

RJ had Kayla's blouse off and was fumbling with her bra snap when they heard Candy's voice behind them. "Kayla" Candy said in a loud forced whisper. "I need your help". "RJ I need to borrow your sister" Candy said again whispering. As Kayla turned to look and RJ spun around, there stood Candy in her panties, but nude from the waist up. Candy grabbed Kayla's hand and started pulling her to the rear of the boat. As they entered the Galley door to the enclosure, Candy turned to RJ and story de gatas gold araraquara fotde monique5 "RJ, please stay here.

Sorry." Inside the Galley Candy said to her cousin, "I need you to help me. . I want you there when I lose my virginity. . please?" "Candy, I'm not sure what I can do to help you" Kayla said. "Just hold my hand. . .tell me what I'm supposed to do.

. I'm kind of scared" Candy ran on. As Candy dragged Kayla to the rear sun deck, Kayla saw Kenny laying there with a huge erection. "Kayla, I don't know how to put a condom on a guy, and I want to do it for Kenny" Candy said.

Kayla opened one of the condom packets and handed it to her younger cousin. Kayla explained to Candy how to do it and Candy carefully unrolled the latex sheath onto her brother, being careful to leave the tip hanging lose as Kayla told her this was important.

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Kayla grabbed a beach towel, folded it, and placed it on the sun deck. "Candy lay down with your butt on the towel. . and loose those panties if you're seriously going to do this." Candy slid the panties down and plopped onto the sun deck, while Kenny stood there watching.

"I have an idea that may help you" Kayla said to Candy. "And Kenny" she said turning to him, "Candy may be uncomfortable and tell you to pull out. . no matter what, do not remove your penis once you start got it?" Kenny just nodded. "Kenny, get between Candy's legs and Candy spread those thighs as far as you can." Both did as they were told.

Kenny supported himself on his outstretched arms. Candy's slit oozed girl-nectar in anticipation. Kayla took hold of Kenny's condom-clad cock and touched it gently to the widely stretched lips of the young girl's cunt. "Kenny, do not thrust into her, until I tell you" Kayla said. Kayla knew how sensitive Candy's clit was, having brought her to orgasm through her jeans in the car. Kayla began to rub Kenny's ample cock head up and down Candy's slit, smearing the girl juice all about her gaping love tunnel and all over the rubber.

Candy's hips began to buck as she became more aroused and was grunting each time Kenny's cock-head bumped into her clit. Candy was moaning and starting to whimper. Kayla redoubled her effort pushing Kenny's cock hard against the young girl's engorged clit and swirling it about. Suddenly Candy went rigid and cried out with a massive orgasm pushing her over the edge.

At this instant, Kayla put Kenny's cock head at the entrance of Stimulating group fucking for oriental japanese hardcore love-tunnel and said forcefully to him "Push, HARD." Kenny thrust forward and forced about 2 inches of his monster into his sister.

Encountering resistance he instantly shoved harder and the resistance snapped and about half his 9 inch penis lodged into his sister. As this happened, Candy went crazy and started to scream and cry. "Get it out. get it out of me Kenny. it burns like crazy" Candy was crying and trying to push her brother off of her. Kenny panicked and started to back his man-tool out of her vagina.

Kayla caught the movement and put her hand on his butt, and pushed hard. "Stop" Kayla shouted at him. "Just hold still!" Candy cried and whined about it hurting like crazy. "Candy, just look in my eyes" Kayla said. "It will start to feel better in a couple of minutes." "No, it's too big" the girl whined.

Kenny had tears in his eyes as he was hurting his little sister, whom he loved dearly. Kayla squeezed her hand and Candy looked into her cousins eyes. "Just try to relax" Kayla said to Candy.

Kenny held stock still for what seemed like an eternity. Every fiber of his body wanted to ram the rest of his cock into this warm, tight, receptacle. After a few minutes, Candy stopped hurting, although she could feel a trickle of blood running down her butt cheek. While the pain was gone, the feeling of being very full was still there. Candy felt new warmth spreading through her tummy.

After another minute or two, Candy shifted slightly and tentatively thrust her pelvis up. While she probably only moved a quarter inch on Kenny's engorged member, the sensation was overwhelming. Kenny's younger sister thrust again, moving outward, and then pushing more of her brother in.

As she did so she let out a satisfied hum. Kenny, sensing his sister was OK now, tentatively started to move his hips inward, lodging more of himself into her.

Candy was starting to say incoherent things as Kenny worked to impale the entire 9 inches of his manhood into his sister. Candy pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him madly and he humped into her. Kayla released her cousin's hand, and said softly "have fun kids" as she turned to leave. As Kayla ducked into the Galley enclosure she literally bumped into RJ.

"What are you doing, Candy didn't want you to watch you know?" "Sorry" RJ step brother walking while sleep, "but I just had to see." "Come on, you horn dog" Kayla said to RJ "I need you to fuck me bad" she said as she gripped his obvious hard-on and led him to the forward lounge.   Chapter 17 of 35 [Revised] Kayla and RJ almost ripped off their clothes and RJ pushed his sister down on the Lounge.

He gazed in her eyes and started sucking on her engorged nipples. Kayla let out an audible moan as she felt the suction on her sensitive tits. "Did you like seeing Candy loose her cherry, RJ" Kayla asked as RJ sucked on her and thrust a finger into her sloppy-wet pussy. "Yea it was hot, K" RJ said. "She really seemed to be hurting though." "Well, both you and Kenny are far bigger than the average teen male.

Once her vagina gets used to the size, she'll be fine" Kayla said. "I'll bet you wish it had been you that got to take her cherry" Kayla said baiting her brother. RJ stopped what he was doing and looked in his sister's eyes. "Kayla, you know that I only have eyes. . and a cock. . for you alone" RJ said earnestly. "Yea right!".

As Kayla said this, RJ started a 'come hither' motion with his middle finger and forced sex mia khalifa cry his sister's 'G Spot'. The moment he manipulated the fleshy mound within her special channel, Kayla let out a loud squeal as he whole body vibrated.

"RJ quit teasing and fuck me as hard as you can. I'm not gonna last very long. . and don't hold back, I want you to fill me with your baby-juice" Kayla panted, starting to lose control. While RJ pounded Kayla with his rock hard cock as hard as he had ever fucked her, in the background they heard various grunts and Candy cry out in what sounded like ecstasy. The events of the evening had gotten Kayla so worked up, that she would have fucked a door-knob if RJ hadn't been available.

Kayla loved it when RJ pounded her with all his might and as she swung her legs up into the air, the ample head of RJ's manhood would smash into her cervix. As RJ pushed into the teen girl's cervix, this sent Kayla over the edge!

"Oh my God. . Oh my God" Kayla panted. "God Yes RJ, fill me up" she cried. Kayla locked her ankles around RJ's back and humped her pelvis up harder to get as much of his manhood to penetrate her spongy cervix as possible. As the head of his cock pushed into his sister's womb, he started to spew his heated sperm into her.

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Kayla felt the heat of the ejaculate splashing within her insides, and went crazy becoming so rigid that RJ thought she would break his back.

After a few minutes of both teens gasping for breath, Kayla finally said "OH MY GOD RJ. . that was such a hard cum you gave me. My head is still swimming" the girl rasped out.

At the rear of the boat Kenny lay still coupled with his sister. Candy was pretty well out of it, but as she seemed to come back to reality, she started to cry softly.

"What's wrong l'il bit" Kenny asked with great concern. "Are you hurt, baby girl. . am I hurting you?" Kenny was starting to freak out. Candy grabbed his face and brought her lips back to his.

As she sobbed she managed to say "No you fool, I'm crying because I am so happy!" Candy had no idea sex would be this good. Even though it had hurt like hell at first, Kenny had slowly made love to her, and she had managed to have two orgasms. The first was earth shattering and she felt like her insides were being torn out.

The second had been less intense, but went on, and on, and on. . until her toes curled. Shortly after her second orgasm Kenny grunted and shoved into her as hard as he could. Candy had felt the waves of cum filling the rubber to overflowing deep within her. The two had collapsed and now Kenny was nuzzling her neck and whispered in her ear "God, I love you l'il bit." Several minutes later Kayla had put her underwear and bra back on, and she staggered to the back of the boat and cautiously peered around the Galley enclosure.

Kayla saw her cousins laying in each other's arms and cuddling. Walking up to the sun deck, she tapped Kenny on the shoulder and said "Hey stud, why don't you grab a bar of soap and wash in the lake. I'm gonna take my girlfriend here, and get her into the shower." As Kayla led Candy to the shower she asked the girl softly, "Are you OK Candy?" "I'm Fine. . just very sore" her cousin replied in a dreamy voice. "Yea, well you could have chosen a boy with a dinky-winky to lose your cherry too.

But you chose a guy with a horse-cock, so yea, you're gonna be sore" Kayla said. "But what I was really asking is if you're OK with having lost your virginity, and done the deed with Kenny?" Candy thought for a brief moment and then replied "My only regret is that I waited so long.

. I should have jumped Kenny's bod when I was 11 and first started thinking about it." Kayla looked at her young cousin and said "man you unusual kittens penetrate the biggest strapons and spray cream all over the place a mess.

You bled like a stuck-pig." Kayla got Candy into the shower, took off her own clothes and climbed in with her. Kayla took the hand-held pal relaxes with his gorgeous gf hardcore blowjob and doused her cousin with it and washed the blood from her buttocks and groin. Kayla soaped both of them up and started to rinse herself, as a large glob of semen suddenly dropped from her shaved cunt onto the shower pan.

Kayla stepped out and told Candy to stay under the hot water as long as she wished. Kayla dried herself and put on fresh panties and her football jersey she slept in. Candy took advantage and let the hot water stream over her body and then took that hand-held shower and pointed it at her vagina.

The only impetus she had to get out was that after 15 minutes the water finally turned cold. Candy came and sat on the Lounge which Kayla had reclined into the wide double bed. RJ lay on one side snoring lightly. Candy slipped on her jersey but opted out of wearing panties, so the football jersey hung just barely below her crotch. Candy had another towel wrapped around her long blond hair and was patting it dry. Kayla looked at her watch and said "Wow, it's only 8:45 in the evening.

Hard to believe all that happened already tonight" she said referring to the fact that she herself had just received a real hammering in the sex department and of course Candy had just lost her virginity to her brother! Kenny had returned and donned a pair of shorts. He crawled onto the far side of the lounge and was out like a light in 2 minutes.

Kayla brushed out Candy's long blond hair and helped her dry it. As soon as they were through the two teen girls flopped down in the toilet slave japan femdom scat of the lounge-bed between their respective brothers. Kayla pulled a light weight blanket over the four teens now all laying together on the lounge.

Candy snuggled face to face with Kayla and let out a contented sigh. In minutes her breathing had become shallow, indicating to Kayla that her cousin was also asleep. Kayla was lost in thought about how cool her cousins were, and about how differently this trip was turning out than she had feared.

At first Kayla thought she was hearing things; it sounded like the low rumble of a boat engine. Then Kayla saw a very bright light, moving from side to side, coming up the creek toward their spot. When the boat was closer, its spot light eventually fell across the Pontoon Boat. It stopped and illuminated the Party Hut brightly for a second, and then the operator diverted it off of the boat.

Kayla sat up and watched a 24 ½ foot Four Winns bow-rider crawl up the shallow creek. Its beefy inboard rumbled lowly while its outdrive clawed at the water just barely making idle. When the new boat was about 50 ft to their side, the operator cut the engine and allowed the boat to drift while a female voice carried across the water. "Ahoy there" the girl said, "Do you mind if we drop anchor and share your cove tonight?" The female on the other boat held a bright hand-held spotlight, which was still illuminated, but aimed away from the Pontoon Boat so as to not blind the inhabitants.

Kayla could see the girl but not very well in the reflected light within the cockpit. Kayla could not see the Operator of the boat at all, as he was hidden in shadow. Kayla hollered back across the water "Sure, knock yourself out. We have two anchors out, one fore and one aft, but if you stay there you shouldn't foul them." "OK. Sorry to have disturbed you" the female voice from across the water said. "No problem" Kayla hollered back. "Everyone is asleep but me over here." "OK, we'll keep the party down then" the other voice responded.

"Good night." "G'Nite" Kayla responded. The searchlight was extinguished on the other boat and she heard a loud splash as the anchor was dropped into the cove from the Four Winns. Kayla could now see the subdued light emanating up from the cuddy cabin below the forward deck and two shadows moving around up on deck. She could not see well, but had the sense that the girl on the other boat had long, dark, hair. The second person on the other boat remained a mystery.

  Chapter 18 of 35 [Revised] Kayla awoke and looked at her watch. 3:00 AM she saw. 'Shit' she thought as she did not want to be awake. But she realized she had to pee ferociously. As she started to scoot down the lounge-bed in the middle she suddenly realized Candy and Kenny were no longer in the bed with her.

'What the hell' she thought as she padded toward the Head. She went into the Galley enclosure and went into the head compartment. As she sat there tinkling, she heard first the low groan, and then felt slight motion on the boat. She flushed the Head, and heard the groan again; she exited out the aft door from the enclosure, towards the sun deck.

There before her she could see Candy laying on the sun deck on her back with her knees drawn up forming a large vee for her brother. And, she saw Kenny with his massive hard-on slowly sawing in and out of his sister. The girl's long blond hair lay fanned out on the cushion and Kenny suspended himself above her by keeping his arms extended. Kayla watched as he slowly withdrew all 9 inches until the head of his cock exited the younger girl's soppy hole.

He paused with the tip push just slightly against her opening, and ever so slowly pushed the entire length back into the girl's tight vagina until their public bones meshed. As he hit bottom, Candy would let out the subtle groan of pleasure. Kayla walked up to their side and poked Candy on the shoulder.

"Candy. . Really? Are you kidding? Aren't you sore? What are you doing?" she said in a forced whisper, realizing there was now another boat 50 to 75 feet away. Candy turned her head towards her cousin and forced her eyes to focus. "yea. . .I'm a little sore. but I woke up and I was way more horny than I was sore. . so I woke Kenny up and asked him to do me again!" "Man, I can tell you're a part of THIS family, Candy. . any other girl wouldn't want a cock in her for a week!" Then Kayla smacked Kenny on the arm, "and as for you stud, I can't see in this light; do you have a rubber on the nasty cock of yours?" "Yes Maam, just the way you told us it had to be" Kenny grinned.

"Well don't be fucking all night, we are gonna move the boat up the lake in the morning, so get some sleep" Kayla admonished as she turned to leave. Kayla had gone back to bed and was having her own erotic dream when she thought she heard Candy cry out. She thought it must have been in her dream, and rolled over to go back to sleep. A short time later Candy crawled up into the middle of the bed, cuddled tightly to Kayla's back, ran her hand up under her cousin's night shirt shesnew busty latina teen first ever sex tape cupped her ample breast under the sleep-jersey.

  Chapter 19 of 35 [Revised] Kayla best sloppy bj ive ever seen blo up early and prepping the boat trying to get everything back in its place.

The other three teens were still sleeping. RJ was being his usual sleepy-head self, and Kayla had no idea how late the newest lovers had stayed up last night doing their imitation of mating bunnies.

Kayla started coffee and went about making scrambled eggs, bacon and hash brown potatoes. The moment RJ smelled the coffee he sprang from bed and wandered into the Head. Shortly behind him were Kenny and Candy. RJ walked up behind his sister in the Galley and hugged her around the waist and nuzzled her neck. "Know why I love you" he whispered. "NO, why" Kayla whispered back. "Because you make me coffee in the morning" RJ joked.

Kayla turned around and swatted his ass, only to be encircled by his arms and drawn in against him. "Morning everyone" Kenny and Candy chimed. "Something smells delicious." Just then RJ turned and saw for the first time that there was another boat not 4 or 5 boat-lengths off their Port side. "Where did they come from" RJ said to Kayla.

"Oh they came in last night, while you all were asleep. I told them it was OK to anchor there." As Kayla answered her brother, she saw that the boys were staring at the boat and her eyes followed their gaze.

There in the cockpit of the Four Winns stood a stunning brunette who looked to be about 5'8" or 5'9" tall with her dark hair cascading down her back to about shoulder-blade height. She had olive skin. Beside her was a taller, ruggedly handsome guy who must have been approaching 6 ft.

He too was dark haired and had a terrific physic. His skin also had an olive tone to it and Kayla noticed he had a dark stubble on his face. But it was not that these two were handsome that had drawn everyone's attention. The girl appeared to be every bit of a 'D' cup and had on the world's smallest bikini.

Two triangles barely covered her nipples and her ample roundness flowed out the sides of the suit with abandon. While large, her boobs did not seem to droop, but were pushed together in the tiny suit forming a lovely cleavage. The bottom triangles appeared to be only slightly larger, barely covering her public area and showing off most of her butt-cheeks.

While the guys ogled the female neighbor, the two teen girls noted immediately that the guy had dark hair but was cut neatly to collar length, and HE was cut. He had a six pack that would have put the late-night exercise infomercial guy to shame! But what really got the girls attention was that he had on only the tiniest of Speedo's and his ample package was plainly on display. Had the girls been a few feet closer they could have told if this guy was circumcised or not!

"Good morning. Something smells good" the raven haired beauty called across the water to the teens. Kayla hadn't noticed the night before, but the dark haired girl had a distinctive accent.

Italian, Kayla thought. Without hesitation Kayla responded "Good Morning. Why don't you bring your boat alongside and join us for breakfast?" "Oh, we couldn't intrude" the girl responded. "It was nice of you to share your anchorage last night." "It's no intrusion. Come over, we have lots of food and won't take no for an answer" Kayla responded. The heard a discussion going on between the girl and her dark haired friend.

Definitely Italian, Kayla thought to herself. "We are coming" the girl said in her deep accent and the boys just stared as the nearly naked neighbor pulled up the anchor so they could maneuver close to the Party Hut to tie off.

"RJ, Kenny!" Kayla barked. "Stop staring at that girl's tits and fold up the Lounge bed and stow everything. Kenny, you might want to put that box of rubbers away" Kayla said pointing at the carton that had been carelessly left beside the Lounge the night before.

As the two stepped from the Four Winns onto the Party Hut the four teens introduced themselves. The dark beauty said "my name is Gina, and this is Carlo." The male just about made the two teen females melt he was so handsome. Carlo was quiet but gave the two guys a firm handshake and said "Thank you for inviting us." Kayla asked everyone to be seated and told them that breakfast would be ready in a minute.

Kayla could not take her eyes off Carlo's Speedos. It looked like he had a snake coiled up in there! Kayla noted that there was no distinctive ridge around the head of his cock like her brother's. Kayla wondered what an uncircumcised boy's cock would look like, as she'd never seen one before! RJ poured everyone coffee and fresh orange juice and then the six chatted over breakfast. After Kayla asked, Gina told her that she was 17 and that Carlo was 19.

Gina asked if the four teens came here frequently and Kayla explained that they had come with their parents as younger children, but hadn't been here in years. Kayla asked Gina and Carlo if they came here often.

"Often? Yes. When the weather is hot, Carlo and I try to come every weekend. . it is our little" she paused looking for the right word. . ."our little get away." Gina went on to explain that 'they lived near' in her darling Italian accent.

The boys were eyeing Carlo's boat and he was proudly explaining that it had a large V-8 inboard/outboard in it and although 24 feet long it would do almost 60 miles an hour on the water! And in answer to the boys other question, 'Yes, the boat belonged to Carlo', although RJ and Kenny never thought to question how a 19 year old could afford to buy such an expensive boat.

Kayla noted that the handsome Italian boy kept looking at Candy. Her light blond hair, fair complexion and green eyes made quite a contrast to the olive skinned hunk sitting opposite her. 'Opposites" Kayla though. . they're supposed to 'attract' aren't they? Chick sheri vi gets her pussy pleasured by masseur noted that Carlo kept glancing at Candy's tits when he thought Gina would not catch him.

As usual, Candy's nipples stood at full attention. However, Kayla thought it odd the Italian boy would be interested in Candy's 'A' cups with the voluptuous 'D' cup beauty sitting beside him. Gina explained to the girls that she was in fact Italian and had come over when she was 7 years old.

She laughed and said that 'she probably retained her accent so much, because her parents spoke only Italian to her'. While the 6 teens sat sipping their second cup of coffee Gina gazed out at the wide pool in which they were anchored. She said casually "We love it here. . it's one of our favorite spots on the aniko jacqueline perfect babe fucking over the north sea pussy licking vintage porn. Did you know there is a small water fall further up the creek?" "Yes.

We came here because RJ and I could remember the falls and the rope swing there" Kayla said pointing toward the tire swing hanging from the large oak tree. "Oh, but I see someone has finally fixed that old swing" Gina said in her accented English. "Yea, RJ and my brother replaced the rotted rope and re-did the swing when we first got here" Candy replied to the dark skinned beauty.

"Have you been to the falls then" Russian teen nikky perry rides her sugardaddys old hard cock asked. "Yes we were the audition tomi taylor real tits and pornstars there in the pool under the falls yesterday" Kayla responded. "I think there is something magic about that place, no?" The Italian girl asked looking at the two younger teen girls. "Yea. . I saw some magic there yesterday" Kayla said, but the double-entendre was lost on the Italian girl.

While the boys discussed boats and engines endlessly, the three girls cleared the table and went to the galley to clean up, wash dishes and put everything away. "So you leave this morning" Gina said to the other two. "Yes, we're going to head up the lake and possibly go to Sand Point Marina tonight" Kayla said.

"Sand Point is beautiful, no?" Gina said. "I think Carlo and I will go to the falls and swim today. Maybe we'll stay here again tonight." "I hope you're not going swimming in that suit" Kayla said, motioning to the tiny string bikini the girl wore. "Why not" Gina asked, perplexed at the meaning of what Kayla had said. "Because, if that thing gets wet and it shrinks any, you are in big trouble" Kayla said with a toothy grin, causing Candy to chuckle. Gina got the joke and smiled. Her reply was simply, "I don't swim in the bikini, so es not a problem." Gina kind of left the sentence hanging.

"I wear this suit because Carlo likes it" Gina added. "Yea, so do our brothers, just don't ask them to stand up" Candy said, but Gina didn't get her drift. Kayla noted that Gina said she was not going to swim in "the bikini' not "this bikini" and was mulling over what the girl had really said. . or meant. While they finished drying the dishes Candy, who had been uncharacteristically quiet for a long time, turned to Gina and said "Gina, may I ask you a question.

. a personal question?" "But of course Candy" the Italian beauty said. "Look, we'll probably never see each other again. . and I am dying to know. we'll my question is. . .do you sleep with your brother? You know, have sex with him" Candy blurted out. Kayla's eyes flew open and the Italian girl looked taken aback.

Looking at Kayla, Gina said "is she always so direct" motioning toward Candy. "Sometimes her mouth just blurts out whatever is running around inside that pretty little head of hers" Kayla replied giving Candy the 'what the hell are you doing eyes'. "I never said Carlo was my brother, Candy. Why do you think this" the Italian girl said with confidence. "Well. . genetics for one. You two have the same hair color, the same bone structure in your face, you're both pretty tall, you pronounce some words with the same peculiar inflections and you have some of the same mannerisms in your body.

If you hadn't told us your age difference, I might have guessed you two were fraternal twins" Candy concluded. "OK" Gina said, "but how did you make this leap to ask if I was having sex with my brother" she wanted to know. "Well, I think your boat only has a small vee-birth under the forward deck. . .so you two either slept together, or one of you was on deck all night. And then there is the way you two are dressed. . not much room for changing or modesty.

. so I got the impression you two are comfortable with each other's bodies. Candy finished and just smiled at the Italian girl. There was a very long pregnant pause before Gina spoke.

"OK, I will answer your questions if you answer one for me first" Gina said, looking from girl to girl. "Seems fair to me" Candy said, "shoot." "Gina smiled slyly and said "Ok then, which one of you two girls was making the moaning sounds in the middle of the night, and then cried out in sexual ecstasy?" Without hesitation Kayla pointed over her shoulder with her thumb in the direction of Candy.

"That would be little missy bunny-rabbit here that you heard last night. out on the aft sun deck having sex with her brother!" Candy turned red at the revelation from her cousin but Gina formed a wide smile. "OK, yes Candy, Carlo is my brother. And yes we have sex together. In fact we have sex as often as we can. Our parents do not approve of our. Unconventional relationship. . so this causes much friction. Carlo and I try to get out onto the lake as much as possible for a little get away.

If we are out for three nights, we can make love as much as we want and not get the parents riled up." Candy looked at Kayla and said "So there are others like us?" "Us?" Gina said.

She looked to Kayla and said "So you and RJ. . also?" "RJ and I have been a couple for a long time. Candy and Kenny just got together" Kayla informed the third girl. They discussed their situations a little more between them and then rejoined the boys, who were still engaged in boating discussions.

"Carlo, we must be going" Gina said, "these nice people need to get under way." As Carlo stood up to leave he shook hands all around but purposely embraced both Kayla first, and then Candy.

As Carlo embraced Candy he leaned in and whispered into her ear so that the others could not hear. Candy immediately turned bright red and gave Carlo a mock smack on his over-developed bicep. The two newcomers departed and stepped back on their boat. The four teens on the Party Hut heard Gina say something to Carlo in Italian. In just a moment he returned to the cockpit and handed Gina two cards. Gina handed them across to Kayla, who immediately read them.

The first said 'Sand Point Marina Boat Repair'. It had the address and telephone number on it, and Said Carlo Gianinni on it in bold print.

The second card read 'Sand Point Marina Restaurant' and then said 'Dinner Party Guest Pass' "What are these" Kayla asked her new friend, not sure of the significance. "The first is Carlo's Business Card" Gina replied. "Carlo owns Sand Point Boat Repair" kayla synz is damn near forty years of age said. If you ever need anything at all for your boat, just come in and Carlo will take care of it.

"The second card is for the restaurant at the Marina. Just present this card to the Hostess when you arrive and your dinner will be free for the four of you." "Thank you but we can't accept that. This is way too generous" Kayla said somewhat embarrassed. "Think nothing of it" Gina replied, "Our parents own Sand Point Marina" she said and laughed. "It was very nice to have gotten to know you all" Gina concluded. As she said this she leaned across the rail, gave Kayla a kiss on each cheek and said "Chao" as she pushed off.

The two boys walked to the front of the Pontoon Boat and waived as Carlo and Gina crept away and pointed the Four Winns up the pond to a sandy beach area. The boys continued to ogle Gina's sparsely clad ass in the micro bikini.

Back aft, Kayla turned to Candy and asked "What did Carlo say to you when he kissed your cheek that caused you to blush so?" "He kissed my cheek and whispered 'I see your boobies standing up for me. Maybe next time I get to see more of them, yes?' " Candy grinned and laughed. "When an Italian says that to you, in that delightful accent, it hardly seems like you've been propositioned at all" Candy grinned widely.

'Sure makes a girl think about the possibilities though!" The four teens got under way and as the Party Hut turned to leave RJ blasted his horn in two short bursts to say goodbye to their new friends. The Party Hut slowly crept along on its way down the creek and back to the main body of the lake.

Kayla looked at the two cards she held in her hand and said to the others; "Well, this has been one hell of a trip so far. . I wonder what will happen next?"   Chapter 20 of 35 [Revised Sunday was again hot as the four teens crawled up the lake on the pontoon boat. Candy had put on a pale yellow two piece suit that was actually better suited to her body than the one she wore the day before.

The bra cups were slightly padded giving her breasts a more rounded look, but hiding her best attribute the perpetually erect nipples. The bottoms were a high cut over the hips which accentuated her very cute and rounded ass.

The yellow color went well with her long blond hair and green eyes. Kayla had switched to a flowered string-bikini. The suit didn't cover much more of her body than the white one, but the boys would be disappointed as this suit did not become see-through when wet. Both girls had taken the time to brush-out each other's hair. Because of the heat, they both decided on the ubiquitous pony-tail though, as it was just too warm to wear their hair down.

The forward Biminis top was open while they motored so the girls were able to sun themselves. Each time one of them became too warm RJ would pull into a local cove and they would swim. All of them were starting to develop deep tans, which meant the girls were developing contrasting 'tan-lines' where they wore bikinis.

Kayla voiced her concern about getting excessive tan lines and in no time Candy shucked off her top and walked seductively back to get the sun block out of the Galley. As she walked past RJ and Kenny she gave them a wide smile and locked bright green eyes with RJ.

As she walked past, she held his eyes with her own. When she returned back to the front of the boat, sun block in hand, RJ said out loud "what the hell was that all about?" "I think it is fair to say that my sister has become more comfortable with being nude. . or at least topless. . in front of us" Kenny replied.

When Candy returned to the forward lounge Kayla lay already topless, facing up. "Kayla would you like me to put some sun-block on you" Candy offered. "Sure, if you don't mind" Kayla said and smiled at her cousin.

Candy squeezed some of the cream onto her hands and sat down beside Kayla. Initially she started by rubbing the sun-block onto her cousins abdomen and up her sides. She squeezes more cream from the tube and rubbed it onto her neck and shoulders.

She put still more of the lotion on her hands, rubbed the two hands together and looked down at Kayla with a crooked smile. "We can't leave these lovely boobies to sunburn, now can we" Candy questioned as she placed her hands over each of Kayla's breasts.

She rubbed the sun-block down the sides of her cousin's tits and all sunny leone pron film storys with man the upper mound of the boobs. Then she took hold of the nipples and slowly stroked each nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

"We can't forget about these puffy nipples of yours and get them all burned" Candy said with a wide grin as she continued to slowly fondly Kayla's ample mounds with their now erect nipples. Kayla shuddered. She looked up at Candy through gorgeous cutie disrobes on camera girlfriend and homemade that were becoming glazed. "Aren't you afraid of the boys seeing us" Kayla asked. "Naw, they already know I'm a lesbian" Candy smiled down at the girl.

"I don't think you can be a lesbian. . as much as you wanted Kenny's cock in you yesterday" Kayla replied. Candy watched her cousin's eyes and could see that the breast-play was getting her excited. "OH that's right, I'm a 'multi-sexual' not a lesbian" Candy said laughing and referring back to her gaff Friday evening.

Kayla moaned loudly as Candy rolled her nipples and her hips started a slow rhythmic motion. "You are going to make me cum if you keep doing that baby" Kayla hissed at Candy.

"Really? Promise you'll cum for me?" "Yessssss" Kayla hissed. "Harder. pinch my nipples harder" she purred Candy didn't exactly pinch them harder, instead she cupped the mound of her cousin's breast with her hand and as she squeezed the breast, allowed the nipple to slip between two of her fingers while lifting her hand upwards. The combination of Kayla's nipples being both pulled outward and squeezed at the same time was driving her to ecstasy.

Kayla was moaning louder now which had definitely gotten the boys attention. "So close. Candy. . I'm so close" Kayla whimpered.

Cum for me gurl" Candy whispered back. "Cum all over my hands". Candy twisted her cousin's nipples even harder, afraid she might hurt the 15 year old. But Kayla just bucked her hips harder with the new effort and bit down on her lip.

Kayla was now wild-eyed, desperately trying to gain sexual release. "Candy. please. . " her cousin pleaded breathlessly. "Please what, baby" Candy whispered. "Please. I. . need. ." Kayla rasped out as Candy worked her large tits and nipples furiously. "I need. touch. . my. . .pussy. . " Kayla managed to croak out. Candy released Kayla's right breast while she kept working the left one.

Reaching down between Kayla's bucking hips, Candy quickly snaked a finger under the crotch of Kayla's bikini bottom and thrust a finger in her swampy hole as far as it would go. She quickly worked it in and out of her cousin, concentrating on trying to hit her clit with her knuckle.

Candy pinched down on the teen's nipple and thrust her finger up Kayla's cunt hard once more. Kayla cried out and thrust her pelvis up into Candy's hand as hard as she could and became as rigid as stone. Her pelvis vibrated against the palm of the 14 year old's hand.

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After a few seconds, which seemed like a lifetime to Kayla, she collapsed and Candy withdrew her finger from inside her cousin's bathing suit. Candy bent down and Kayla kissed the younger girl passionately. Back aft, at the control console, RJ and Kenny sat slack-jawed after watching the girls.

Kenny spoke first, still in disbelief; "God your sister is hot" he uttered to RJ "That's odd" RJ replied, "I was just thinking about how hot YOUR sister is." About that time Candy walked by the boys with a grin like a Cheshire Cat on her face. She said not a word however, as she walked by the boys and entered the Galley to wash her hands. After Candy went back forward things settled down and both girls sunbathed topless, although, this new situation did little to ease the hormones raging within their brothers.

After about 30 minutes Kayla rolled over, put her bikini top back on, said "I need to go talk to RJ" and she got up and walked back aft. Candy was worried about sunburn on her fair-skinned breasts, so she also put her bikini top back on. As Kayla approached the two boys she tapped Kenny on the shoulder and said "Why don't you go talk to your sister for a while. . I need to talk to RJ" Kenny went forward and found his sister standing with her back to him and peering out at the beautiful scenery up the lake.

He placed his arms around her waist from the rear and stood and looked out with her. As Kayla sat beside RJ she turned toward him. "RJ, are you mad at me?" "No, why would I be upset with you" he responded. "Because of what I did with Candy just a while ago" she said. "Kayla it's certainly no secret that you like girls. You and Mary have been fooling around for years" RJ responded. "That's different" Kayla said, "Mary and I were fooling around before you and I got together, and you knew about her, and you knew that she and I would continue after we became a couple.

But you and I always told each other that if we ever rough strap on hd poor lil latina teen gina valentina is indeed not having a supreme to have sex with someone else, we'd talk to each other first, before we did anything RJ, I am really sorry I didn't talk to you about my desire to have sex with Candy. . I apologize" Kayla concluded. RJ looked at his sister for a long minute. While it was true that they had sworn to each other that if either one of them every wanted to stray from their monogamous relationship, they would first discuss it with each other and get each other's permission, RJ had always felt that in Kayla's case that meant if she wanted to have sex with another guy!

RJ hadn't really considered her fooling around with another girl. As Kayla was bisexual, RJ just always assumed that she would be with other girls from time to time. Perhaps he was OK with other girls, as that posed no threat to him he reasoned. "Kayla, look you really don't owe me an apology. After all you did it right in front of me. But if it makes you feel better, apology accepted. How about if I give you retroactive permission to fool around with Candy all that you want.

My only stipulation is that if you two hook-up again, Kenny and I get to watch!" Kayla laughed and gave him a kiss. "RJ do try to not be such a pervert all the time" she joked. Then she looked in his eyes and said "You're the best!" After a long minute Kayla asked "RJ, I've seen the way you look at Candy, and I've seen the way she flirts with you. RJ I think that maybe you'd like to sleep with Candy. . " and Kayla let the question linger open ended. "I think you are letting your imagination run away Kayla.

. I don't look at Candy any special way" RJ defended himself. "Are you kidding" Kayla fired back, "I went to all the trouble to grow these nice 'C' cups for you, and you can't take your eyes off of her perky little tits" Kayla said with a mock pout.

"Kayla look, I am not dead, and I am not queer, you and Candy have run around half naked, or all the way naked, since we started the trip, so yea I'm gonna look. But that doesn't mean I want to do anything with her" RJ retorted. "All I'm saying is that I would understand if you wanted to sleep with her. Hell, she's so damn cute that half the time I'm thinking about fucking you, and the other half the time I'm thinking about what it would be like to eat her pussy!" "Let's just talk about the part where you want to fuck me" RJ said in order to defuse the conversation about him and Candy.

Somewhere deep in the back of his mind, he realized there was some level of truth in what his sister had just said. As he said this to Kayla, he leaned in and the two started to seriously make out.

As was the norm when RJ and Kayla started foreplay with each other, it rapidly escalated and they could not get enough of each other. RJ was trying to keep one eye on steering the boat, and the other eye on Kayla's bikin top which he was fumbling with to get off of his sister.   Chapter 21 of 35 [Revised] RJ had throttled back the boat to a slow walk as he was having trouble concentrating on navigating and making out with his sister at the same time.

Kayla had gotten supper heated in her lust and had taken control, as was often the case. The two teens in front were lost in their private world and not paying any attention to what was going on 15 feet behind them. Kenny still stood behind Candy with his arms around her and the two appeared to be gazing out the front of the boat.

Candy had leaned back into Kenny's chest and had her head resting on his shoulder. Kayla was not so far gone in her lust for her brother that she didn't notice something peculiar with her cousins up front. Kenny stood still with his arms seemingly around Candy, but Kayla noticed his right arm was flexing and moving slightly.

More curiously, Candy had her left leg out almost at 90 degrees and her foot was propped up on the Lounge cushion. Kenny seened to be rubbing her tummy. . or perhaps somewhat lower. "Hey you two, what are you doing up there" Kayla called. From their position, Candy and Kenny couldn't really turn their heads back to see Kayla and RJ clearly.

Candy replied "Right now Kenny is finger fucking me through my bikini and playing with my tits!" "Turn around. . we wanna see" Kayla said. "No way" Candy replied, we're not gonna put on a show for you guys." "If you turn around, you can watch RJ and me while we watch you" Kayla said.

"Why, what are you guys doing back there" Candy asked, now curious. "Right now I'm sitting on RJ's hard cock" was the response from her cousin.

"You guys turn around so we can see you, and you can watch what we are doing back here" Kayla again said to the pair up forward. Candy and Kenny disengaged briefly and turned around. This meant that Kenny had to stop what he was doing and remove his finger from his sister's now soaking wet hole. Candy turned around 180 degrees. In order to facilitate the fingering she was getting from her brother, she put her right foot up on the Lounge seat and held her nicole aniston tonight girlfriend sex stories at 90 degrees to her body.

Kenny again stood behind her and ran his left hand up her torso and under the biking top, slowly massaging her breasts. His right hand snaked under the elastic of the bikini leg hole, found its target in the swampy confines and plunged back into her vagina. "Hey not fair" Candy called to her cousins. "We can't really see what you guys are doing when you are hidden behind the control station!" Kayla stood up and had Candy and Kenny been closer to the other couple they would have heard the audible 'plop' as the head of RJ's cock pulled out of his sister's tight pussy ring, allowing the air he had compressed within her womb to suddenly escape.

Kayla's bikini bottoms were around her sex rajwep sex storys com gril sleeping in home funking and she had to kick them off to move. RJ placed the boat in neutral, and then killed the engine, allowing the Party Hut to drift on the lake.

RJ's engorged penis stood out through the fly in his shorts to its almost 9" length. RJ unbuckled his shorts and allowed them to drop, after having his erection briefly tangled up in his shorts. Kayla and RJ moved over to the port-side rear lounger, so now they were directly facing their cousins on the forward lounge.

With RJ seated now devoid of clothing, and his erection pointing straight up, Kayla straddled his legs, with her back to RJ, gripped his rigid cock, placed it at the entrance of her womanhood and slowly sat down forcing RJ's entire length into her soaking wet love channel.

Kayla moaned as RJ's hard cock again invaded her tight pussy. She never got tired of the sublime feeling of RJs penis invading her depths. Candy and Kenny watched Kayla and RJ again start their coupling. Candy was taken aback at how erotic it was to watch RJ's member slowly disappear into her girl-cousin's cunny. Candy didn't consciously realize how much watching was turning her on. Or, was it that she herself was being watched in such an intimate act that was driving her to a new and heightened sexual frenzy.

It seemed almost impossible to fathom that such a short while ago she had never know the intimacy of a man, but now sex was all consuming. It was all just. . so naughty!! Kenny was now running his finger in circles around Candy's clit, and occasionally dipping his finger into her well lubricated love box. This action was driving Candy up the wall as she needed to cum so badly.

Although Kayla could see the motion of Kenny's hand moving under the material of his sister's bikini bottoms, and his other hand rubbing both of her tits, she asked "how are you guys doing up there" as she slowly foxy hotties get naughty at the club and then descended again, using her leg muscles to piston RJ's cock in and out of her hole. "Kenny's playing with my clit and driving me crazy with wanting to cum" Candy responded, somewhat breathlessly.

"Where is his cock" Kayla wanted to know. "Right now his hard-on is wedged between my butt-crack and his tummy" Candy replied.

"But in about a minute I'm going to sit on him like you guys and get his cock in my little pussy." True to her word, a couple of minutes later Candy reached up and pulled on both the side-ties of her bikini bottom, allowing the garment to drop to the floor between her legs. As she became fully exposed, RJ and Kayla could see the copious amount of pussy lube smeared about her outer lips of her naked pussy, and on Kenny's fingers. Candy's eyes were locked on RJ's and his were on her.

It was as if her eyes were asking 'do you like what you see?' Then Candy smiled openly at RJ. The gesture did not go unnoticed by Kayla who whispered to RJ, "God she is hot. . no wonder you'd like to fuck her!" "Yes she is hot. but I never said I'd like to fuck her Kayla!" "It's OK RJ. . I can understand why you would want to. . hell anyone would want to, she is so beautiful.

I'll bet her pussy would be tighter on your cock than mine. . I mean she is younger. . and smaller . . and hasn't been fucked but a couple of times" Kayla pointed out. When Kayla started talking about how Candy's cunt would feel to RJ, that was it.

The mental picture did him in and he suddenly started slamming into Kayla's cunt. Kayla caught his urgency and started slamming down as hard on him as he was driving upwards. Both knew it would be but a moment before that fell into sexual bliss. RJ had gotten totally out of control and Kayla knew it. Sensing he was close she said, "I'll bet if you suck on her pointy little nipples while you fuck her tight cunt, you could really get her off RJ!" RJ felt the contractions and saw white stars in his eyes.

He could not dislodge the thought of what it would be like to put his cock into his cousin. She was so beautiful and just so hot! "GOD DAMN IT Kayla" RJ said as his cock flowed large amounts of cum into his sister, "Why did you do that, I didn't want to cum yet, and I haven't given you your orgasm yet!" "It's OK RJ. It was fun fantasizing about you fucking Candy and I enjoyed making you feel good this time.

I know you'll please me later" Kayla said. Kayla sat down on RJ, his cock still lodged in her, his semen oozing out around the seal between his cock and her hole, and his cock starting to become much softer. The two looked forward at their cousins and found that Kenny had taken his shorts off, sat down and rolled a condom morgana pendragon dark queen of camelot asmr hands free orgasm session his 9" monster.

Candy emulated what she had seen Kayla do and grabbing Kenny's erection, placed it at the entrance of her vagina and slowly started to push. Regardless of the large amount of lube she had disgorged, Kenny's large cock-head had much difficulty pushing its way back past the elastic ring of his sister's recently deflowered entrance.

RJ and Kayla watched Kenny's penis start to ascend into his sister's recently invaded womanhood. As Candy pushed more and more downward onto his cock, the other two noted that lots of lube was being sister brother bed wop sexc around the rubber Kenny wore. "God she's wet" Kayla said.

"She certainly is" RJ answered, "maybe wetter than you get K" "I think that means she really likes to fuck" Kayla said with a huge smile. RJ was thinking about Candy constantly. .

. in sexual terms, now that Kayla had planted the seed in his mind, but he said nothing more. Candy and Kenny had only been at it for about 5 minutes. However, Candy was already hyper-excited and she was very rapidly humping up and down on her brother's large cock. She only could take about two-thirds of the monster into her womb in this sitting position, but she was riding that 6" for all se was worth.

Kenny too was getting way too excited. Each time his sister would rapidly slide down his pole, giving off a satisfied grunt each time she became too full to take any more penis in her, he would fight the urge to let go and ejaculate. At about this instant Candy started over the abyss however, her hips became a blur riding her brother's boy tool and she was chanting 'Yes.

. yes . oh fuck &hellip.YES' as she rode in a frenzy. This frenetic action was more than Kenny had the strength to hold-off on any longer. As Candy cried out and humped for all she was worth, Kenny suddenly reached around, rubbed her clit and thrust upwards with all his might, impaling the 14 year old girl on his entire 9" rod. Candy thought she was already in orgasm, but having her brother drive three more inches into her channel while stimulating her clit, caused her to see stars and scream out in ecstasy!

Rope after rope of semen filled the condom and stretched it to its limit. Candy had collapsed and was sitting on Kenny's manhood. It was probably for the best that his penis began to soften immediately as that prevented the rubber from breaking and eased some of the immense pressure Candy felt in her cunt.

After regaining her breathing pattern, Candy stood up on wobbly legs, walked back to Kayla, grabbed her hand pulling her up and said "Shower." As Kayla followed Candy she looked over her shoulder and said "you guys. . in the lake. . and wash off those sticky penises real good."   Chapter 22 of 35 [Revised] After the girls showered, and clean up in the lake for the boys, the four teens made a light lunch and headed back towards the marina at Sand Point.

"Kayla, it will be about 3 o'clock when we get to the Marina and I really need a nap" RJ said. "Can you take the boat for a while?" Kayla slid behind the control console as RJ stood up and went to the aft sun lounge to nap. "I didn't know that you knew how to run the boat" Candy said to her cousin. "Yep both RJ and I got the same USPS boat operations certification." As Kayla advanced the throttle from the setting RJ had them at, she added "We'll be fine as long as we don't hit any of those submerged rocks!" She said this just to screw with Candy who was standing beside her watching.

"OH dear" Candy said, having never thought about what would happen if they hit a rock under the water. "Relax" Kayla chuckled and tapped the Depth Finder on the dash. "This little baby here says were in a 100 feet of water. . I was just messing with you!" Kenny went forward to lay down also and the girls chatted about how much fun they had so far on the trip, including all the sex.

At 2:30 Kayla rounded the final bend and saw the opulent Marina complex laid out in front of her high on a hill. "Candy, please go back and wake RJ for me. I don't know where I am supposed to dock this beast." Candy went back and saw RJ lying on his back with his arm folded over his eyes to fend off the sun.

He was lightly snoring. She shook his shoulder softly and said "RJ, wake up." "MMmmmm. . leave me sleep some more Kayla he said in a slur." Candy didn't know exactly what made her do it, but after looking over her shoulder to make sure she could not be observed, she bent down and kissed RJ deeply, sticking her tongue into his mouth while mashing his lisps.

RJ instinctively put his arm around her neck, pulled her closer and kissed her back, still trying to rouse from slumber.

Candy pulled back slightly and said "I'm not Kayla, but you need to get up as we are at the marina." RJ awoke with a start hearing Candy's voice and realizing it was her he had been kissing. RJ had been having an erotic dream about his 14 year old cousin, and could not seem to get her out of his minds, since Kayla had made the earlier comment about him wanting to get in Candy's pants!

RJ sat up quickly, said simply "Thanks" and went forward to assist Kayla. RJ didn't know where to dock either so he picked up the microphone and turned on the VHF radio. "Sand Point Marina, Sand Point Marina, this is 30 foot Party Hut over." A minute went bay with nothing but silence. "Party Hut, this is Sand Point Marina. Go ahead over." "Sand Point this is 30 ft Party Hut. We are inbound at the break water. Can you give us directions to your fuel dock and advise how to get to your Courtesy dock, over." The marina operator advised RJ where to get fuel and advised that the long straight dock on his Port side was the courtesy dock.

The operator signed off with "Welcome to Sand Point Skipper. Sand Point out." "RJ, I'd prefer that you dock the boat and Candy and I will put out the fenders and prepare the dock lines." In short order RJ found the fuel dock and fueled the boat. He was quite surprised at how much fuel they had burned and decided that he needed to carry an extra 5 gallons in a jerry-can on the way back, as they would be motoring much more briskly on the way back down the lake tomorrow.

When they approached the Courtesy Dock they found that it was extremely long, but had very few boats tied up. It was surprising that it wasn't busier. They found a spot quite near the head of the dock, tied off and prepared to explore the Marina. First however, RJ sent text messages to his Father and Mother's cell phones telling them they had been out of cell range the previous day, were now at San Point Marina, and all was OK. He ended by saying 'having a blast LOL Love ya' 5 minutes later Kayla's cell phone rang and it was her mother.

Kathy started out by saying that she was so worried when the kids hadn't reported in on Saturday. "Mom, we went to that old inlet where the tire swing and water fall was. Remember from when we used to come up here as kids? Anyway, there was no cell service until we got here." Kathy just said she was relieved and asked again if they were having fun. Kayla mentioned that they had met another teen couple who were really cool while at their anchorage.

After chatting for a few more minutes Kayla heard her father in the background say "for God's sake Kathy, let the kids have their fun and come back to the pool." Kathy said goodbye saying "Got to go. Have fun and drive safely tomorrow." The four spent the next couple of hours exploring the Marina and buying some things at the store.

They all purchased Sand Point Marina tee shirts as a memento of their trip. They also had a passer-by take their picture in front of the Marina sign. Candy said that this trip would always remain in her mind as it had brought so many firsts and fond things.

Kayla just laughed thinking 'well most girls always remember where they were when they lost their virginity!' Getting back to the courtesy dock, RJ instructed Kenny how to put up the privacy curtains all around the forward and aft sections of the boat. The girls pitched-in holding sections and snapping snaps in place.

"Why are you doing this RJ" Kayla asked. "I just thought it would be good to have some additional privacy as there could be a lot of people walking past us on the Courtesy Dock" was his reply.

The four decided that they would all go to dinner at the Marina Restaurant at about 7 PM and decided that they all needed to take a nap first. Three days in the sun and water. . plus all the extracurricular activities had taken its toll on them. At 6 PM the alarm went off and Kayla and Candy jumped up. By the time RJ and Kenny regained consciousness, they saw the two girls getting ready to depart the boat. Each had a makeup bag and was carrying a dress over their shoulder on a hanger.

"Where the heck are you two going" Kenny said, echoing what RJ was thinking. "And where did you get the dresses" RJ added on. Kayla turned to the fellows; "We're going to the Ladies Room at the Marina. They have showers with plenty of hot water, electricity for our blow driers and lockers for our stuff. You two will find dress-slacks and sport shirts in the very bottom of your clothes bins wrapped in the dry cleaning plastic. Unfortunately we forgot to bring Sport Coats for you guys.

Get cleaned up and meet us at 7 PM in the lobby of the restaurant. Don't be late!" she admonished the two guys. As the girls left RJ muttered "it won't be us that's late Kayla has never been on time in her life!" Chapter 23 of 35 [Revised] The girls loved taking a shower without fear of running out of hot water. The Ladies Room in the Marina was beautiful, complete not only with Showers and lockers, but dressing tables with makeup mirrors, proper lighting and was exceedingly clean.

The girls could have stayed under the hot water for hours, but they only had an hour until they were to meet their men for dinner. After they showered, both girls, still wrapped in large towels started drying and taking care of each other's long hair.

Kayla's dried fairly quickly under the blow dryer, but Candy's blond mane took much more work as it was so long, and so thick. While they were primping and doing each other's hair Kayla decided to broach a subject that was on her mind. "Candy, what do you think of RJ" she asked casually. "I think he's very sweet. and a real gentlemen. . and very cute. . and I think you are very lucky to have him" Candy replied and then asked Kayla why she asked the question.

"Well because my brother has a major crush on you. . in case you hadn't noticed. Also, I've noticed that you often are trading glances with him or smiling at him." "Kayla, I think you are imagining things. RJ is YOUR boyfriend. . and I told you before, I would never. . .EVER. . do anything to hurt you. I'm certainly not trying to steal your boyfriend. Besides, are you forgetting that I have a relationship with MY brother now. . my own boyfriend?" "Jesus, don't go all defensive on me.

I'm not accusing you of anything. I was talking to RJ and told him that I thought he'd really like to get in your panties! Well he denied it, but only half-heatedly. When he does that I know that he is just trying to be careful not to hurt me. . but he doesn't always tell me the truth. . sometimes he says what he thinks I WANT to hear" Kayla explained. "Candy let me ask you a different question" Kayla said cautiously. "If the situation was right. . and NO ONE was going to get hurt. . would you make love with RJ?" "Geeze Kayla, I don't know, I've never thought about it" Candy lied to her cousin.

Since she had watched RJ making love to his sister earlier, she kept wondering what it would feel like to have his magnificent manhood buried within her. "Besides" Candy continued, "that's a silly question as I can't imagine that if I did that with RJ, neither you or Kenny wouldn't feel hurt" Candy finished.

"I was just wondering was all" Kayla said and let the conversation die. By 6:40 the girls were in their dresses with hair brushed, styled and in place. Kayla wore a wrap-around skirt that was above the knee and a white frilly blouse with high collar and pearl buttons down the front. Candy wore a 'little black dress' that came half way up her thigh and had spaghetti straps.

The silky dress fit her tightly across the bodice, but flared at the hips, coming only half way down her thigh. Under the dress she had on a sexy black lace camisole. She wore her padded bra and it rounded out her boobs and made them look every bit of a 'B' cup. Both the bra and panties were a demure white and the panties were a sort of low-rise Boy Cut with layered ruffles.

Kayla had finished her makeup and Candy said she looked like a million dollars. Candy had only put on some lipstick and was not planning on anything else, as her mother really didn't like her wearing a lot of makeup at 14.

Kayla looked at her younger cousin and said "We need to do a little more with your makeup." "I don't know what did you have in mind" Candy said. "Just leave it to me" Kayla said as she spun her younger counterpart around to face her. Kayla started with eyeliner and the eyebrows, then very light eye shadow.

She chose a pale shade with green in it to accentuate Candy's eyes. Then she added a little Blush to accentuate her high cheek bones, different lipstick, lip liner and a light lip-gloss. "All done" Kayla said as she spun her cousin back toward the mirror.

"What do you think?" Candy could not believe the girl staring back at her was herself. "I don't know" She replied. Is it too much? What do you think?" "I think you look about 24" Kayla said with a huge grin. At 6:55 the two young women walked into the Restaurant lobby. The receptionist asked if they were "2 for dinner?" "No we're waiting for two more" Candy said. "For our 'Dates'" Kayla corrected. The two girls waited on the sofa in the lobby for the boys to arrive. Just then two twenty-something guys walked in and immediately smiled at the girls and said "hello." The two guys were definitely hunks and both had collar length blond hair with deep tans.

It appeared that they could have just walked off of a Southern California beach. "Would you ladies like to join us for a drink at the bar" one of the guys asked as he introduced himself and his partner.

"NO thank you" Kayla responded, "our dates will be here any moment. But thanks for the offer." "It is our loss" the hunk said to them.

He handed Kayla a business card and told them that if they ever got up this way again, to be sure and call him. He said he'd be happy to show them around. The two departed and walked into the bar. At 7:00 o'clock the front door opened and Kenny came in followed by RJ. Both boys let their mouths drop open when they saw the beautiful girls. Kenny in particular could not believe that his 14 ½ year-old sister could be transformed into Cinderella.

She took his breath away, with her long blond hair cascading down over the short black dress. RJ was also bowled over by the girls. Kayla looked magnificent with her strawberry hair down her back and the beautiful wave back in it after a day on the water.

He noticed the frilly white blouse immediately as her breasts strained the front of it. The pearl buttons looked so delicate that he half expected her ample breasts to overtax the buttons and spring free at any second.

Perhaps the best thing about the blouse was that it allowed just enough see-through that he could make out the outline of her Victoria's Secret push up bra.

RJs eyes turned to Candy and he had to fight the thoughts that were forming inside his head. She was drop dead gorgeous and her green eyes absolutely sparkled as she displayed her easy smile. He'd never seen her with makeup and the drastic change floored him. He felt a wave of lust for his cousin. The girls stood up to greet them. Each girl had a shoulder wrap draped over her caiu na net fudendo a namorada rabuda and held a clutch-bag.

The girls approached the boys and gave them each a peck on the cheek. "Right on time" Kayla said, "we'll have to give you a prize," and as she said this she had a knowing grin on her face. Now the boys wished that they had thought to bring dinner jackets on the trip as, while neatly dressed, the boys did not measure up to the beautiful women they escorted. Kayla reached in her clutch-bag and produced the card that Gina and Carlo had given them before they had gone their separate ways.

Approaching the Hostess, a tall woman in her thirties, Kayla said "excuse me." "Yes? All ready for dinner?" The hostess was attractive with dark hair. For the first time Kayla noted that she also had a slight Italian accent and wondered what her connection was with the new friends they had met yesterday. "We were given this card by some new friends and told to present it to you when we arrived. However, I'm not sure what it means" Kayla smiled at the Hostess.

The Hostess took one look at the card and gushed; "Signor Evans. . Signorina Evans, I'm so sorry I did not recognize you. Signor Carlo called in earlier today and told us you might be in for dinner. . but he did not tell me you were movie stars" The woman said with a smile and a little laugh, glancing at the girls as she said this in her delightful Italian accent.

"Right this way, your table is waiting" the Hostess said and picked up four menus and started to walk through the bar area. As the four spizoo sensual jane is fucked by a huge cock big boobs amp big booty the Hostess through the bar, Kayla and Candy saw the two blond hunks sitting at the bar holding drinks and made eye contact with them.

Each of the hunks raised a finger while holding the glass and smiled, saying in essence a discrete 'hello again.' The Hostess took the four to the far rear of the restaurant where there was a single well cushioned leather booth complete with high back.

Across the opening of the booth there was a velvet curtain on a high brass rod that could be closed to afford the occupants of the booth privacy, if they so wished. Opposite the booth was a large plate glass window that had shaded one-way protective film on it so that you could see out from inside, but those outside could not intrude on the diners.

The window overlooked a gorgeous pool and deck where a dozen or so girls in very small Bikinis lounged with drinks. . some with the lovely playgirl gets wild licking smalltits and hardcore hunk beside them, and some solo.

The large booth was separated by some distance from the rest of the booths in the area with a large ornate desk, complete with a vase containing fresh Red roses and a large oil painting of an Italian village hung over the desk. As the two girls prepared to slide into the middle of the booth, Kayla noticed the sign on the stand in the middle of the table that said all internal brunette gets big load cum and it drips back out Gold guilt letters, "Reserved." "Oh dear, this table seems to be reserved" Kayla said without thinking it through.

"Si Signorina" The hostess said smiling at the couples, "this table is reserved only for you." The girls blushed slightly, and slid into the middle of the booth followed by their respective guys. The Hostess excused herself and said she'd be right back. "What in the world is going on" Kenny was the first to voice the question on everyone's submitting to honeys hardcore needs blowjob and amateur. "I don't know" Kayla responded, "but apparently Gina and Carlo hooked us up!" "What I want to know" RJ said, "is who were those two guys in the bar giving you the eye and waiving at you two?" Kayla handed RJ the business card the two hunks had presented, RJ read it and promptly passed it to Kenny to read.

"Those were just a couple of guys that tried to pick Candy and I up while we were waiting for you guys" Kayla explained with a mischievous smile.

Kenny read the business card aloud; "Edwin A Foxworthy, Attorney at Law" he read. "Geese you'd think an attorney would be a little more concerned about statutory rape" he chuckled. "Are you kidding" RJ interrupted, "just look at these two. . " as RJ said this he caught Candy's eye and smile, "those two guys probably took them for mid 20's.

. no way they look their actual ages!" That comment elicited a smile and slight blush from each girl, both of whom gave their respective brothers a slight squeeze on his thigh for the compliment.

At that moment the Hostess reappeared with a waiter in tow. "John will be your server tonight. John this is Signor and Signorina Evans and this is.

. " the Hostess suddenly realized she didn't know the name of the other couple. "Just call me Kenny and this is Candace" he said. Somehow calling the mature looking exotic beauty at his side 'Candy' just did not seem fitting. Signor and Signorina's very pleased to meet you all. Welcome to Sand Point Restaurant. We are very pleased to have you as our guests" the waiter said as the hostess drifted away.

While a busboy filled their water glasses John asked if they would like wine with dinner. "Oh, but we're. . " Candy started to say they weren't old enough to drink at a restaurant. However, Kenny placed a hand on top of hers, interrupting her.

"What this beautiful young lady was about to say was that we don't know too much about the wines from this area. But, if you could recommend your favorite local wine, we'd certainly like to try it" Kenny smiled at the waiter. "But of course Signor. . " The waiter suggested a light local wine that he felt would go with whatever the four wanted to eat. In a flash he returned with the selection and did the 'wine tasting ritual' with Kenny. "That's wonderful John" Kenny said after breathing in the wine and taking a slight taste.

"Thank you, this is a very good recommendation." The waiter poured four glasses of wine and prepared to make his leave saying that he would return shortly. As he turned he said, almost as an afterthought, "Signor Evans, would you like me to close the curtain?" "No thank you John, the scenery is too beautiful to close it off just now" RJ replied.

Candy's eyes were the size of saucers at what had just transpired. "Kenny, are you sure we should be drinking in public" she asked in genuine concern. "Relax" Kenny said, I think there is more to our new friends Gina and Carlo then we realized.

"I am pretty sure, boys and girls, that we have been seated at the Owners Table! I just can't imagine what you two girls said to Gina to make such an impression to warrant all of this" Kenny concluded spreading out his hands in the direction of the restaurant and scenery. 'If only they knew what we discussed with Gina. . and the common secret they shared with Carlo and Gina, the boys would die' Kayla thought to herself.

Thinking back on the questions her cousin had asked Gina, Kayla looked at Candy and the younger girl just raised her eyes in a shrug, as if to say 'hey I just asked Gina a question!' RJ proposed a toast. As the four clinked glasses and sipped their wine Kenny said to Candy; "Enjoy the wine, but take it easy. We don't want to have any loud discussions in here about being 'Multi-Sexual'." Kenny, RJ and Kayla could not help but laugh and probably would never let the youngest amongst them live down the gaff she made on Friday night.

Candy just flashed a mock pout and said she would be good. The four looked at the menu and were taken aback at the prices. "Man if we were paying for this I think all we could afford was the BLT sandwich" Kenny said. The four could tell that virtually everything on the menu was al-a-cart.

The waiter returned and the four said that they had not yet decided on a main course, but they did order salads which the waiter produced in record time along with bread. He took a moment and topped up each of their wine glasses. "John, if I may ask" Kayla started, "what is the significance of the oil painting over the desk there" she said pointing. "Ah, that is the village of our owners, Signor and Signora Gianinni. It was painted by Signor Gianinni's father, Giuseppe." "Is that where Gina and Carlo were born then" Candy asked with interest.

"Oh yes, but they came to Los Angeles when they were very young, after the family came to this country and eventually they moved here." The waiter said he would give them some additional time to decide on their order and left once more. The four ate their salads and shared the bread, occasionally taking a sip of their wine.

Eventually the four decided on what each of them wanted for a main course and ordered. While they waited, an older Italian couple approached their table.

The four teens immediately recognized them as Gina and Carlo's parents, the resemblance was so striking. "Signor Evans" the older gentleman stuck out his hand and spoke with a thick Italian accent. He introduced himself and his wife, Signora Gianinni. "We are so pleased that you came by our humble establishment" Signor Gianinni told the four.

"Our daughter Gina called and told us about you" his wife said. "The Marina is beautiful" Kayla told the couple. "It's even more beautiful than we remember it as children." "Signor, I understand your father painted the village painting over there" Candy said pointing, "Please tell us a little about your homeland." The older couple briefly told the four the name of the village and its location in Italy, pointing out that they still had 'much family living there'.

The elder gentlemen explained that John would be bringing their dinner monetarily. "Signor Evans, we'd like you four to be our guests at the hotel this evening. . .it would be our honor" Gina and Carlo's father told them. RJ looked at the Italian elder and said "Signor Gianinni, you are much too gracious. I am afraid we cannot accept your offer however. You see our parents would not approve of us taking advantage. . particularly when we are supposed to be camping out on the boat.

I want to thank you for the offer. Perhaps we'll be able to come and visit you again some time. . .we'd really like that sir" RJ said with sincerity. The four teens shook hands with the elder Gianinni's as they took their leave. As the two adults left, the remaining teens just blinked at each other.

They had never encountered such a nice, and gracious, family before. As the four sat chatting Kenny casually placed his hand on Candy's thigh, just above her skirt hem which had now ridden up her leg higher than normal. A hard item pressed back through the fabric into the palm of his hand. The feel of the object confused him as he could not figure out what was causing the hard lump he was feeling. He fingered the object and asked his sister "What is that thingy under your dress that I am feeling." Candy smiled coyly and replied "It's one of the snaps on the garter belt I am wearing.

See. . " As she said this, she rode the hem up displaying the top of her nylons and the clasp holding them up. Kenny could see the white strap descending from above that was part of the garment. "I didn't know you wore a garter-belt" Kenny said, fighting the mental picture of his sister in nylons held up by such a device and starting to get aroused in the process. "I never have worn one before, but Kayla and I coordinated and she convinced me to get one. She is wearing one also" Candy volunteered.

"You are?" RJ asked incredulously of his sister. "I've never seen you wear one of those either". "Sure" Kayla said grinning at RJ. She slightly unfolded the overlap on her wrap-around skirt displaying a lot of thigh, the long white strap on her garter and the snap affixed to the nylon that had a pretty pink bow attached.

"GOD! That is hot looking" RJ said, getting aroused himself. "Maybe I should close the curtain on the booth" he joked. Just about that time the waiter and a busboy appeared with their meals, so the four teens had to cool their jets.

The four ate the scrumptious meal and complained that if they ate another bite they might explode. As the busboy cleared the dishes, the teens sat and carefully sipped their wine. Before the waiter could appear and ask if they would like desert, the band struck up and the girls wanted to dance.

" Kayla, you know I don't know how to dance" RJ whined. "Of course you do. Come on, it'll be fun" Kayla chided the lad. "Kenny doesn't like to dance very much either" Candy said, but she was pushing him out of the booth to follow Kayla and RJ.

The boys did their best and tried not to look too geeky. The band did two fast and modern pop songs, and then switched to an old ballad. Kenny was going to make a run for the table when the second fast song stopped, but as soon as Candy heard the slow song start she grabbed his hand and said "come on I know you can slow dance." Kayla did the same thing and both girls had their brother's trapped to dance at least one more song with them. As they danced, RJ put both arms around his sister's waist and she had both arms around his neck.

They looked into each other's eyes and RJ smiled at her. Candy and Kenny were doing much the same thing and Kenny was doing his best imitation of the Box-Step.

"Having fun" Kenny asked his sister. Her response was a simple "Of course." After the song ended the four sat and rested, again chatting amongst themselves. John the waiter reappeared and insisted that the four simply must try the Tiramisu which he said was 'Chef's specialty and was to die for.' The four declined the waiter's offer of another bottle of wine explaining that they had to be up at 5 AM to leave. None of them wanted to wind up blotto on their last night together!

They ate the Tiramisu which was every bit as good as the waiter had said, and sipped on the remaining wine. The girls told their respective guys that they didn't know why the guys were so reluctant to dance, when both of them 'did very well.' The Band was back to playing slow songs again, and Candy looked at Kayla saying "Can I borrow your boyfriend to dance with me?" "Sure, if I can borrow yours, to dance with me." The four got up and joined the other diners on the dance floor.

Kenny held Kayla at a respectful distance, but she pulled in closer and actually lay her head on Kenny's chest, mashing her ample breasts against his chest. After a few minutes, Kenny seemed to relax his posture and held his cousin close to him as they traveled around the floor. On the other side of the dance floor Candy had placed her arms around RJ's neck and his arms were around her waist as the danced and chatted.

Each had said how much fun they had with the other couple. Candy expressed her regret that it was almost over, saying how fast things had gone. As the second slow song started RJ allowed his hands to drift south over Candy's rounded ass. Candy said not as word as she was enjoying the touch and secretly hoped RJ would be bold enough to go further. While they danced Candy laid her head on his shoulder during a lull in their conversation.

RJ was enjoying the feel of his youngest cousin pressed tightly up against him as they danced. Absentmindedly his fingers sensed the lace texture of the garter belt that rode low on Candy's hips and traversed across her butt. His fingers slowly traced the delicate outline of the garment below her dress bbw momma luvs fucking slurping bbc monster dick redzilla reality amateur felt the roundness of her ass.

Without raising her head off his shoulder Candy said lightly "RJ. . and you playing with my garter belt?" RJ jerked his hand back up to his cousin's waist, like a child being caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Candy looked up and into RJs eyes. "I never said I didn't like you playing with my garter belt, I just wanted you to tell me you were." "OK.

. yes I guess I was" RJ said sheepishly. "It feels very sexy" he said. "That's good. It feels very sexy to me too" the teen girl said as she laid her head back on his shoulder. "So, why don't you do it some more?" RJ overcame his embarrassment and allowed his hands to drift south again, this time slightly further and actually cupped the roundness of Candy rounded cheeks. As he did so he discovered the attachment point for the straps that connected to the belt and descended down to her nylons.

The whole concept, coupled with the mental picture of his very sexy cousin wearing a garter belt, was seriously getting to him. RJ wanted to stop but he could not prevent himself from fingering the garter strap and moaned slightly. Candy could feel his labored breathing on her neck. He was so close to her, she felt each breath. "Why don't you do it.

you know you want to" she said to him. "Do what, Candy?" "Kiss my neck. I know you want to. . and you know you want to. . " RJ bridged that last millimeter and allowed his lips to softly kiss Candy on her neck. The kiss and each subsequent one, was so tender it caused Candy to shudder. RJ was emboldened and now openly played with the garter strap secreted under her dress. He allowed his finger to trace its path that formed a bridge from the top of the garment on her rounded butt, down to her thigh.

They were on the third slow song and Candy was becoming aroused from the touches and light kisses on her neck. As they danced she felt the rise in his trousers. Candy carefully and unobtrusively pressed her vulva forward to make stronger contact with RJ.

Candy swore she felt his penis jump. Looking up into RJ's eyes she said. "RJ?" "Yes?" "Is that erection for me?" As she said the word she thrust her crotch even harder into the boy. "Oh Jesus . . Candy. .

I am SO sorry" RJ stammered as he pulled back from her. "God you are jumpy RJ" Candy said. "All I wanted to know was if I was the cause of you becoming aroused. . or if you were thinking of someone else.

. maybe you were thinking about the Playboy Model in last month's issue for all I know." "NO. . I mean YES. . of course it was you who gave me. er, caused me to. . well, you know what I mean" the very embarrassed RJ stammered. "RJ, you are just the sweetest. . nicest. . most gentlemanly guy I have ever known. For the record, I want you to know that you playing with my ass, and kissing my neck. . got me all excited too!" Just then the music ended and the four teens found their way back to their both from opposite sides of the dance floor.

As they all sat Kayla noted that RJ was flushed. "Candy, why don't we go and power our noses" Kayla asked, repeating the ritual that no woman ever goes to the Ladies Room alone.

  Chapter 24 of 35 [Revised] Kayla and Candy got to the Ladies Room and they did both have to pee. When they emerged from their stalls, and were standing washing their hands, Kayla caught Candy's eyes in the mirror. "Candy, I have something to tell you.

. " and after a lengthy pause, "I kissed your brother. . I'm sorry" Kayla said softly. Candy turned to look directly at her. "Kayla, it's OK. Did you kiss him on the lips or what?" "Yes. . more than once I'm afraid." "That's OK, Kayla, you brother kissed me. . on the neck several times. . but I encouraged him to do it! I'm sorry I didn't talk to you about it first Kayla." "Well, let's make a deal then. Candy, you can kiss my brother all you want without getting my permission first, if I can kiss Kenny all I want to." Candy stuck out her hand to shake on it and as the two teen girls shook hands they said "Deal." The two applied lipstick and freshened up their makeup.

Suddenly Kayla turned to look at Candy. "I think I need to become more like you Candy. . .and say what is on my mind straight out." "Why what's on your mind, Kayla?" "It's not just kissing Candy. " Kayla scrunched up her face as though it was really hard so say what she wanted to. "What I'm trying to tell you. . is that I want to sleep with Kenny.

Please don't be mad at me." Candy looked at Kayla for a long minute and smiled. "This is absolutely crazy." What's crazy" Kayla wanted to know, "that I want to sleep with Kenny?" "NO. That I want to sleep with your brother too! I'm sorry Kayla. . I just can't help it." The two teen girls talked in rapid fire.

Candy said that she didn't think the boys would go along with it, even if they agreed it was OK amongst the two of them. "What worries me more is that even if we say it is ok to share each other's brother. . later you might change your mind and get mad at me" Candy explained. "And, I just would be real concerned about losing your friendship.

Reconnecting with you has been very important to me" Candy stated. "I can see your point Candy, but I think you and I are mature enough, and close enough, that we would not get mad after the fact once we agreed." Candy thought for a minute and felt that her cousin was probably correct.

"I still don't think the boys will go for it. Both of them are real straight-shooters" Candy reiterated. "Well, I think I have a plan, if you are game to play along. Let me explain." Kayla spent a couple of minutes explaining her thoughts to her cousin.

When the girls came back to the table, RJ said "God, we thought your girls fell in or something!" When the girls were reseated they saw a new bottle of wine on the table and gave a questioning look. "John insisted" Kenny explained. "He said that as we are at the marina dock, and not driving, we can take whatever we don't drink to the boat with us." RJ poured Kayla, Kenny and himself another glass of wine, but Candy held her hand over her glass, explaining that she really did need to keep a clear head tonight.

John came by to make sure the four didn't want anything more and told them what a pleasure it was to serve them. RJ and Kenny had each placed $35 on the table and handed John the $70 tip, telling him how much they had enjoyed themselves. Kayla asked the waiter if he could bring her a paper lunch-bag before he left, which he did promptly The waiter then took his leave, telling them to feel free and stay as long as they liked. "Guys" Kayla said, directing her gaze at the two boys, "there is something we need to talk to you two about.

It's a little hard for me, but Candy and I discussed this and I need to be more outspoken like her so here goes." "Tonight is our last night together, and we don't know when we'll see each other again. I hope it isn't another 3 years black guyging wifes and girlfriends blackpool who knows?" Anyway, as I said, Candy and I talked and I had to be honest with her.

Kenny, I told your sister that I wanted to sleep with you tonight. And RJ, Candy told me that she really wanted to sleep with you tonight. So we wanted to be straight with you guys and see what you had to say" There was a long, pregnant pause and finally RJ said "Kayla, you know I'd never cheat on you." Then Kenny added "and now that I've finally gotten together with you Candy, I hope you understand that I'd never cheat on you either!" "When we talked about it" Candy said, "the thing is, 'cheating' on someone is when you go behind their back and as a result of sneaking around, hurt them badly.

In this case, we've been very open in front of both of you guys. . and Kayla and I gave each other permission to have sex with the other's boy friend. So we don't consider this cheating. Kayla and I think we're grown up enough that we won't have any problem with this afterwards either. However, we agreed that if you two really are not comfortable with this, or if you just say 'No'. . well then that will be the end of it." The two teen boys looked shell-shocked. Neither of them knew what to say, although both of them understood they had gotten pretty horny when dancing with the other's sister!

RJ finally spoke and said "man, I don't know. I wouldn't be upset with Kayla for being with Kenny, but I damn sure don't want to take a chance on pissing him off with me!" "I feel the same Bro" Kenny said. "Candy can have sex with whomever she decides, but I don't want to alienate you because I had sex with your sister." "As everything is in the open, do you think you two guys would have any second thoughts after the fact" Kayla asked. Both of the boys mumbled a 'No' as Kayla looked at each of them.

"Well as everyone is so concerned about hurting someone else's feelings, but is ok with the idea for themselves, why don't we let 'chance' make the decision for us?" The boys looked confused. All Kayla said next was "Candy?" then she gestured at the brown lunch bag with her eyes. In unison both girls raised their butts off the cushion, discretely reached up under their skirts, hooked their thumbs in the side of their panties and lowered them down their legs.

Once they had the panties in their hand, they quickly balled them up so the boys could not see details of the panties, and each girl placed her panties in the brown paper bag. Kayla reached out, pinched the bag closed and shook it briskly, turning the bag upside down and rotating it. Candy grabbed the bag and gave it one last vigorous shake. She sat the bag back down on the table.

The boys looked at the girls like they were crazy. Neither could believe his sister had just removed her underwear in a public restaurant. "So, here is the deal you guys" Kayla explained.

"Chance is going to decide who sleeps with whom tonight. We are going to have you guys place your hands in the paper bag. You will then swish the panties around and after ten seconds you will grab a pair and when we say 'now', you will pull a pair out. If both of you have a hold of the same pair, then both you guys will sleep with just that girl. If you both have different pairs of panties, then you will sleep with whoever owns them." "But what about the girl who didn't have her panties chosen, if we both have a hold on the same pair?" RJ asked.

"We talked about it and Kayla and I are Ok with chance. If you guys are both holding one pair, then the other girl simply goes without tonight" Candy answered. "You guys understand? Ready?" Kayla was smiling. When the girls said to 'go', both boys placed their hands in the paper bag. They thought this was the craziest thing they had ever heard of. It was certainly the craziest thing Kayla had ever had RJ do.

After swishing nylon fabric around, and constantly bumping into each other's hands in the bag, the boys could not help but laugh at this zany exercise. The girls egged them on saying, just think who's ever panties you get, she's yours until we get home tomorrow night! Suddenly Kayla said "Ready?" and Candy said "OK NOW!"   Chapter 25 of 35 [Revised] Both boys nodded and grabbed onto a piece of fabric raising their prizes out of the bag.

The boys looked at the prize in their hands and then at each other. They grinned as each had a different pair of panties in their hands. Then they realized they had no idea which pair belonged to which girl!

The boys looked at the girls and said "Aaaahhha, you wanna tell us who got who here?" "I don't know, shall we tell them Candy?" Candy looked at Kayla in the eyes and she swore she saw the girl nod her head ever so slightly.

"OK, I guess we better, before they die of curiosity on us" Candy said. "Kenny, the pair of panties you are holding belongs to. . " and she paused for effect. . "Kenny those are Kayla's! RJ, I'm afraid you're stuck with me until we get home tomorrow evening." "OK boys, time to switch places then" Kayla said. While the boys got up and changed sides of the booth, Kayla locked eyes with Candy and grinned approvingly.

Only the two girls knew that Candy had just lied through her teeth! The white French cut panties RJ held in fact were his sister's and the white frilly boy-cut panties Kenny held were in fact Candy's own. But Candy had made a 'management decision' on the fly, and noted that Kayla was obviously in agreement with the outcome. As the two guys sat down next to their new partner for the next day, the two girls leaned in to give their new respective guy a deep kiss.

As it was getting late, and as the Band was again playing slow songs, the teens decided to have one last dance with their new mate for the evening. Kayla and Kenny snuggled on the dance floor, and RJ and Candy assumed their now familiar position with Candy's arms around his neck, and RJ's hands draped around her waist and over her curvaceous ass. As they danced Candy decided to ask him a question. "RJ, I feel your hand back there. Are you playing with my Garter Belt again?" "You bet I am" was his quick response.

Candy thrust her crotch against his, held it there briefly and ground it slightly, feeling the swell of his manhood. "RJ, is that erection because of me?" "You can bet it is, young lady" he smiled.

"RJ, would you like to see me in my bra and Garter Belt when we get to the boat?" Oh boy would I" was his response. "RJ, would you be upset if I wanted to leave now, and you took me to bed?" Kayla and Kenny saw the other two heading toward the table to get their things, and joined them. As the four teens exited through hot milf rubs her pussy outdoors before getting banged bar, carrying a half full bottle of $100 wine, the two lawyer-hunks were still sitting alone at the bar and looked perplexed seeing Candy now glued to RJ and Kayla arm-in-arm with Kenny opposite the way they had arrived.

The four walked down to the courtesy dock to the boat, unzipped the door and stepped aboard. To everyone's surprise, RJ asked them to cast off the lines, which they did, and RJ very cautiously moved the boat down to the very far end of the tee-dock and asked them to retie the boat.

Answering the question on everyone's mind RJ explained "I thought it might be good to get the boat down where people are not walking by it all night, and any 'noises' won't be heard!" Once everything settled down RJ zipped up the forward wrap-around enclosure and Kayla poured each of them a half-glass of wine from the bottle. "Our last toast of the trip she said who wants to say?" Candy stood glued at the hip next to RJ with her arm around his waist. Kenny extended his glass out and said "to exciting changes, with some pretty wonderful people." The four clinked their glasses together and drank.

Shortly RJ said "Candy and I are going to take the Sun deck in back. You guys can take the forward lounge." The four started saying goodnight to each other one at a time and Kenny burst into laughter, "this sounds like the end of a Walton's episode!" "Goodnight ALL' Kayla concluded, taking Kenny's hand in her own and walking forward.

  Chapter 26 of 35 [Revised] At the forward lounge Kayla looked into Kenny's eyes as she stood in front of him. Kenny moved forward tentatively and started to kiss Kayla, but pulled back. "Kayla, if you're not totally OK with this, I would.

" "Shut the fuck up" was her brash reply. She pulled his mouth into her own and the two started kissing like the world was going to end at any second. Tongues were thrust into each other's mouths and there was much pawing amid a tight embrace.

Kayla thrust her pelvis forward and could already feel the strain of Kenny's huge erection against the front of his trousers. Kenny fumbled with the buttons on Kayla's blouse which was complicated by the fact that Kayla had all the buttons on his shirt undone already and was trying to pull it off his shoulders and down his arms at the same time. Kenny stopped what he was doing and allowed Kayla to strip him of his shirt and then held his arms over his head, so she could get his tee shirt off.

Having accomplished her goal, Kayla held still while Kenny carefully undid the last of the pearl buttons and let the blouse slide from her shoulders. Kayla quickly stunning teen janice griffith takes big cock her blouse and laid it aside, facing Kenny again in her bra. The two started kissing again madly and Kenny was cupping her bra-clad breast with his hands.

"Take it off. . my bra. . .take it off Kenny." Kenny's hands shook so badly he was fumbling with the three-hook clasp of Kayla's white sheer bra. Kayla reached behind herself and in one quick motion unclasped the fastener letting the bra slip down her arms. Her firm breasts stood out like two sentinels and her nipples were hard as rock from the sexual excitement. Kayla stepped back, released the fastener on the side of her wrap-around skirt and let it drop to the floor.

Kayla stood in front of her cousin in her white garter-belt and stockings having never put her panties back on after their little 'panty game' with the boys back at the restaurant. Finally she said to Kenny who was just standing there, "WELL?" "OH WOW" the boy exclaimed. 'I've never seen anything like it. . so hot.

. so beautiful. Kayla knelt and undid the snap on the front of Kenny's trousers. As she peeled them down his hips, his erection sprung through the fly in his boxers and actually hit Kayla on the side of the head. Quickly she shucked his shorts down his legs and Kenny stepped out of the pile of clothes about his feet.

Kayla gripped the massive penis about the base with two hands. Without hesitation she started fellating Kenny. As she worked the nasty cutie exposes her boobies hardcore blowjob head of his 9" cock into her mouth, Kenny let out a long groan. Kayla jacked the length of his penis with both hands and each time she arched up with her hands she would suck on his glans as hard as she could.

Predictably Kenny started to get way over-excited. Kayla stopped what she was doing and had Kenny sit on the edge of the lounge. Kayla took one of the rubbers she had picked up teen is fucked by agent at casting audition massage started to carefully roll it onto Kenny's penis, being careful not to put her fingernail through it. "Look Kenny, I really want your horse-cock in me. I know you won't last too long.

. the first time. Just fuck me for all you are worth and let-er-rip. Once you've cum, we'll take off your rubber and put on a second one. Don't worry I'll have you hard again in no time. Then we can take more time. and you can get me off about a dozen times" Kayla grinned at the boy. Kayla crawled up on the Lounge and spread her thighs in an inviting vee. Girl lube rough step daddy and pregnant baby proving papa wrong from the lips of her vagina in anticipation of what was to come.

Kenny stared at the beautiful site before him. Bending down he started to suck as hard as he could on the blood-filled erect nipples above Kayla's large tits. While Kayla groaned as he pulled upwards on her nippes with his lips, she stopped him after just a minute. "You can do that during the second round lover, right now I need your cock in me!" Kenny positioned himself between her thighs and Kayla grabbed his cock-base from underneath. She swiped the head of the rubber clad dick up and down her slit, forcing her outer petals open.

Kenny was fighting the urge to just ram his cock into the girl to the hilt. Kayla fed the tip harder against her opening and her hole slowly started to yield to the pressure. Feeling his cock making progress, Kenny started inching his penis back, calia qadehsfemaleagent fake casting luis creampie anal sex then pushing forward again, little by little.

After a minute or two of this Kayla let go of the base of his cock and pushed her pelvis upwards onto the cock trying to invade her vaginal special place. All of a sudden the head of the monster seemed to get past the elastic outer ring and he was suddenly in the girls pussy about two or 3 inches.

Kenny froze, as did Kayla momentarily. "Hold Still Kenny" Kayla asked while waiting for her pussy to adjust to the pressure within it. After a minute or so, Kayla started humping up and down to ingest more of his horse-cock. It only took a half dozen thrust and Kayla had about 6 inches in her womanhood. Suddenly Kenny quit fighting the urge and as Kayla moved her hips upward Kenny thrust downwards as hard as he could.

The ram hard meat sank until their public bones meshed and Kayla let out a startled yelp. Kayla felt the force of his cock-head mashing into her cervix and she literally started to see stars from the sensation. Kenny was going to try and hold off his ejaculation as long as he could. This would prove to be a losing battle. However, he backed his cock out of Kayla's wanton hole about half way and suddenly plunged back into the girl's womb as fast and hard as he could.

As he hit bottom, Kayla cried out "Oh my God!" At the back of the boat Candy had walked back with RJ, holding hands. Each time she looked into his eyes she smiled. There was just something about this guy that made her happy.

As they reached the sun deck, Candy turned to face him, took both of his hands in her own and they stared into each other's eyes. RJ could not help but wonder what caused the constant sparkle in her green eyes. As the two stood facing each other, Candy said "Well. . are you going to kiss me. . or what?" RJ leaned in to kiss his young cousin and as he tenderly kissed the girl, she felt his hands trembling in her own.

"RJ, relax. I'm not going to bite you. . Well, I might bite you a little. . but you'll like it: She said with a wide grin. When she laughed, RJ could not help but chuckle too. "Candy, I'm sorry" RJ said, "it's just that I've never been with another girl beside Kayla and I'm just a little nervous." "I understand" Candy said.

"I've never been with anybody but Kenny. . obviously. But look at it this way, you and I have known each other all of our lives. . so it's not like we're going to do the deed with somebody we hardly know!

Let's just enjoy being with each other?" Feeling more at ease with the situation, RJ made the move to kiss Candy passionately. It was like electricity flew between their lips. They could not get enough of each other and each time RJ kissed her again, it was like there was a direct jolt to her pussy. Actually, Candy had the sensation of her vaginal muscles contracting each time he pressed his lips to hers. RJ leaned into her and pushed her back onto the cushion on the sun deck. As he did so he fell on top of the girl and started not only mashing his lips to hers, but running his hands over the front of her dress feeling her petite breasts.

Both of them were rolling around pretty actively and thrusting their pelvises against the other. "Hold on RJ" Candy said as she gently pushed the boy off the top of her. He obliged not knowing what the matter was. Candy smiled at him and explained "this was a really expensive dress. If I damage it, my mom will kill me. Give me a minute." Candy ducked into the Galley area, took off the dress and hung it up.

As she walked back to the sundeck area she exaggerated the sway of her hips. RJ could not take his eyes off of the vision before him. He saw the white garter belt with its small pink flowers. The garter was affixed to white stockings with a pattern up the sides.

His cousin wore an abbreviated Camisole top. The Camisole did little to hide the erect nipples poking through the restraining bra below. As she walked up in front of him she stood with her legs slightly parted and her hand on one hip. "Like what you see RJ?" RJ's mind raced a million miles an hour. He inhaled the light scent of her Jasmine body spray and there was something else.

He inhaled the scent of her arousal. His penis was instantly ram-rod stiff. Something was wrong, and he could not bring it to the front of his mind. Then he saw it. Candy stood before him in all her beauty wearing white ruffled panties under which passed the garter straps holding fast to her nylons.

The straps caused the panties to tent slightly where they exited the leg hole causing his vision to be ambitious cutie cant live without to have casual sex adventures all day to the hint of her mons veneris. RJ pointed to the multi-tiered ruffled panties as he said "Why are you wearing Kayla's panties?" 'OH SHIT' Candy though.

Back at the restaurant, when Kenny had pulled the ruffled panties, and RJ had pulled the small bikini panties out of the bag, they had told the boys that the ruffled panties were Kayla's.

The girls had started a web of lies, and now Candy was caught in it. She hated lying, it went against her grain. But she was not going to mess up this opportunity now! "Kayla and I both bought the same panties and garter-belts RJ" she lied. "Don't you like them?" The teen boy just stared at the vision before him. "Well, DO you like what you see RJ" she asked again with emphasis.

"No! I LOVE what I see. Candy you are beautiful" RJ said. Candy stepped forward and RJ wrapped his arms around her while he remained seated. He laid his head against her midriff feeling the silk of the camisole on his cheek. His right hand cupped Candy's sex through the fabric of the ruffled panties and Candy let out an audible moan as he pushed the panty fabric into her moist slit.

RJ kissed the girl's midriff through the fabric of her Camisole while his finger continued to rub her overheated crotch, causing Candy to buck each time he did. RJ looked up into her eyes. Her long blond hair was flowing over her shoulders and spilling down in front of her tits. As Candy locked eyes with RJ, she grasped the hem of the Camisole and in one motion pulled it over her head.

She tossed her head, again causing her mane to fall down in front of her small breasts. Eyes locked, she reached up behind her, and unfastened the clasp of her bra, allowing it to fall off her shoulders and tossed it to the ground.

"RJ" Candy said in a whisper, "I wish my boobies were bigger for you." "Candy. . I love your boobs just the way they are. Even if you ever grow bigger tits, I want you to promise me that you'll keep these awesome nipples of yours!" As RJ said that, he drew one of her nipples between his lips and started to suckle like a baby.

Candy's knees almost buckled from the sensation. RJ pulled aside the gusset of her now sodden panties, and thrust his middle finger into her wet and wanton confines. His cousin produced a lot of lube so his finger slid easily to the hilt. As RJ made a 'come hither' motion with his finger impaled in his young cousin's pussy, Candy's knees did buckle and she fell on top of him. RJ attempted to continue to finger-fuck his beautiful cousin but she was frantically wrestling with his belt and trousers, trying to free her prize from its confines.

Finally RJ kicked his pants free of his ankles and Candy immediately grabbed his erection, which was prominent through the fly in his boxers. The two started making out, each trying to masturbate the other, which was futile with all the thrashing about and kissing. Candy had a death grip on RJ's magnificent manhood and was stroking him furiously.

The two finally came up for air, while Candy slowed down her ministrations on his cock. "RJ. . I want to ask you a big favor" Candy whispered softly. "Sure, what is it?" "RJ, I want to feel you in me, without that damn condom. I want to know what your cock feels like in me.

. please." "Candy, you know that is dangerous. . and you know the rule, until you get on birth control." "RJ, Kayla said you had excellent control about when you cum, and that you can go for a long time before you ejaculate. So just put it in me for a little while. Please" she pleaded. "Candy, even that is dangerous. The pre-cum, which is a sort of lubricant, contains sperm all by itself.

So a girl can still get pregnant, even without the guy cumming in her!" "OK, but I just finished my period four days ago. So I am not ovulating and if you don't cum in me. we should be exchange of delicate oral service games hardcore blowjob. Please RJ, I really need to feel you, to feel what it's like, without a rubber" she pleaded her case.

"Just for a little while" RJ relented, "but when I pull out, that's it. . I'll be careful" he said, but thinking this was a terrible idea. Candy lay on her back and lifting her hips, took off the ruffled panties. Her thighs formed an inviting indian couple having sex on cam indian wife fucking indian pussy i tube porn to her now hairless womanhood and RJ carefully positioned himself above the girl, while she smiled and her green eyes twinkled.

The anticipation was killing her. RJ leaned down and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and meeting hers. As collared daddy girl all dudes want to do is ravage anyway did so, the tip of his penis touched the delicate outer lips of her vagina, causing electricity to surge through the aroused girl.

RJ gripped the base of his rock-hard cock and ran the head up and down her slit. Her sex-lube flowed so freely she was soaked. The slickness of her slit, allowed RJ to move his cock-head all about and bump into her erect clit.

RJ hadn't noticed, but as she became more and more sexually aroused, her clit became quite distended. He continued to tease while Candy tried in vain to buck the monster into her hole. RJ slapped the head of his cock hard against her clit, and she went off like a fireworks.

He'd not yet penetrated her, and Candy started to orgasm, crying out, convulsing and desperately trying to get him to stuff his enormous cock in her. He nails dug into the flesh of his back as she shuddered again and again from sexual release.

RJ swore that as she orgasmed, she became even wetter, discharging more liquid over the head of his penis. RJ held still, the large head of his cock poised pressing her outer petals open. In one slow, continuous motion he slid his entire 9" cock into her cunt. As he did so, Candy again cried out in orgasm, strictly from the invasion going on in her pussy.

She bucked upwards as hard as possible and felt his cockhead bottom out inside her. Once all the way in, RJ remained still, but Candy made humping motions and was breathing so fast he feared she would hyperventilate. Finally still, RJ looked down in her eyes and she smiled saying "Fucking-hell RJ, you feel so good in me. I can't believe what it feels like to have a cock in there without a condom on it. I love it!" RJ remained still for a long time. Candy, for her own self, was savoring the feeling of fullness.

RJ was having a different problem. Although he normally had excellent control, and would provide Kayla with multiple orgasms before he allowed himself to ejaculate, Candy was a different matter. Candy was tight as a velvet glove around his penis, and the urge to pump in her for all he was worth, and shower her insides with his seed, was overpowering! RJ finally overcame his urge to cum in the young girl, and slowly started sawing in and out of her young cunt.

Each time he would withdraw he brought his cock out until the large purple head, was barely contained by Candy's inner lips. Each time he would drive all the way forward, Candy would let out an audible 'oommmph' as he hit bottom. "RJ, what is that you are hitting in there. It hurts when you do it, but at the same time it feels so good!" "It's your cervix. If I am hurting you, we can stop" RJ offered. "NO. Don't stop. I like it." "Let's try something different" RJ said.

Without withdrawing from Candy's soppy cunt, he lifted her legs up so they were draped over his shoulder. This had the effect of turning her cunt hole, and her cervix, upward in a more direct line with his cock head. He started his descent back to her depths and as he neared his entire length, felt the soft pliant membrane of her womb.

He felt the resistance and Candy yelped slightly. "If it feels good, and doesn't hurt you too much, push up hard" RJ encouraged her. The hurt didn't matter. The urge to impale even more of this wonderful cock in her was overpowering. Candy pushed up with all her might, and sensing her desire, RJ pushed down hard. Both teens felt the sensation as Candy pushed up even harder and the massive head of the penis within her pushed through the entrance of the young girl's womb.

Her mind exploded like a thousand rockets. She screamed out in pleasure and her nails raked RJ's back from the top of his shoulders to the small of his back, causing large welts.

Candy's orgasm seemed to go on forever, and she could not fathom that RJ had just brought her off for the third time in such a brief period. RJ suddenly withdrew with an audible plop and Candy whined for him not to take it out. "RJ was trying to catch his breath, and whispered "Sorry, but you don't know how close you came to getting a sperm-bath in there!" Candy looked up at her male cousin and was crying. "Oh RJ, thank you" she blubbered. "You make me feel so wonderful." The two cuddled.

Each was lost in their own thoughts. Candy loved her brother sure enough, but the feeling she had for RJ were undeniable. Being with RJ was so different, slutty blonde honey receives an anal pounding could not explain it. "RJ, I haven't been fair to you. . .you haven't cum yet. I could give you a blow job" the girl said hopefully.

"Let's just rest for a minute" RJ said. "You really took a lot out of me, Candy." The two just cuddled and RJ spooned to Candy's back for a long time. RJ eventually started kissing on Candy's neck, which was a real erogenous zone to her. Candy reached behind her and started to fondle RJ's flaccid penis. Even though it had only been 10 or 15 minutes, RJ's manhood answered the call and Candy felt him become erect in her hand.

Candy rolled over to face him. Her eyes filled with tears. "What's wrong? What are you crying" he wanted to know. "RJ, we go home tomorrow and then I don't know when we'll see each other . . when we'll be able to do this. . .again" she cried softly. "Don't worry, we'll be seeing a lot more of each other.

Promise" RJ said. All this time Candy had been stroking his erection, which was now like steel. "RJ. . .I know you can't put your cock in my pussy any more without a rubber on it. But. "she let the thought pause. . "I have one more virgin hole. . and I want you to be the one to take that cherry. . .that is if you don't think it's too gross!" RJ caught her drift immediately. "Candy, ass fucking isn't for everyone. Some girls find it very uncomfortable" RJ said matter-of-factly. "I know" Candy said, "Kayla told me all about it.

I know it will hurt, but I know you will be gentle also" She smiled at him in such a way that it melted his soul. "Are you sure Candy?" "Never more sure of anything" Candy again smiled. RJ went to the Galley and found the bottle of KY. Candy said it was too cold as he first applied it to her anus. Candy had excreted so much sex lube previously; RJ was able to smear that around also and stuck a finger in her nether region. Candy winced and, and then he put in two fingers. Candy was overcome by the excitement of her cousin fingering her ass.

Kayla had said it could hurt, but with two fingers in her bowel, all she felt was excitement! Candy knew that RJ and Kayla had ass-fucked. Kayla had told her about it and that it caused an orgasm that was indescribable. RJ was now sawing his two fingers in and out of Candy's backdoor and was purposely spreading his fingers in an attempt to 'loosen her up.' RJ got between her legs once more and positioned his rock-hard cock-head at the pucker of her anus.

His cock was smeared with KY and Candy's back door was ever so slightly open from RJ's recent fingering. RJ knew she would be very tight for one thing she was built pretty petite. He pressed the head of his cock against her sphincter and said simply "try to relax, Candy." Candy felt the pressure and she willed herself to relax. RJ was making little 'nudging' motions and if his penis was entering her, Candy could not feel anything except the resistance. At one point RJ stopped, and put two amateur granny gang bang party amateur milf tube porn in her anus again.

As quickly as he withdrew his fingers, he pushed at her pucker in earnest with his erect penis. Candy felt pressure and it DID hurt, causing her to groan. RJ sensing her discomfort immediately stopped pushing. "NO don't stop RJ. I'm trying to relax, beefy cock gets sucked with excitement hardcore and creampie your cock is so damn big" the girl lamented.

RJ again applied pressure and felt the ring start to admit him slightly. With all of his will power he fought the urge to just ram his cock as far into Candy as it would go!

Candy felt the slight sensation of her anal ring loosing and said out loud "Oh, fuck it!" As she said this she thrust her ass upwards and with a searing pain, the head of RJ's penis popped through her elastic ring and about 2 inches more went in her ass. "Oww. . oww. . Hurts. . HURTS " Candy cried out at the new invasion. RJ started to back out, but Candy held his butt with both hands and said "RJ. . be STILL. . DON'T move!." After a couple of minutes, Candy went from hurting like hell, to horny as hell.

She started the humping motion and RJ quickly responded, with each effort edging more of his KY coated dick up her rear entrance. Candy quickly lost control and was thrusting as hard as possible each time he moved his tool back and forth in her. RJ too was panting like a stallion breeding his mare. Motion was a blur and suddenly RJ cried 'Oh Christ Candy. . can't hold back much longer.

you're so fucking tight. . " And at that instant, despite his wanting this to last forever, RJ blew a huge load in his young cousin's ass. Candy felt the flare of his cock head raking her bowels as she heard his warning. When the first bondage spread your legs theres not much that is hotter than a sizzling florida summer of cum seared into her, it sent her over the edge. She cried. She flailed. She screamed out.

Her whole body went rigid and once again she raked RJ's back with her fingernails. There were now a total of 16 bright red streaks across his back some of which were bleeding slightly.

RJ pounded her for all he was worth and neither teen realized that he had ejaculated 6 different legal age teenagers vs one manhood hiddencam and hardcore into her receptive ass, or how much fluid he had pumped into her. Both teens collapsed in a heap. As RJ lay on top of her heaving for air, and his erection softening, Candy realized she had a new problem. She pushed him off her and made a dash for the Head. Candy returned to the sun deck where RJ remained and she was walking very gingerly.

As she lay down beside RJ she said "God Baby, I don't know how you can make so much cum." Both were silent for a long time. RJ got up and went to the Head to get cleaned up. As the two teens snuggled together, Candy said "RJ, I'm happy you got one of my cherries." "Yea, I did didn't I?" "And RJ, I guess anal sex with you is pretty messy sex. . but I want you to know that you can fuck my ass any time you want.

God, that was awesome RJ. Thank you, baby." As she concluded she lightly kissed him and snuggled, both still nude. As they lay there savoring these new feelings felt for each other, they heard Kayla loudly cry out in ecstasy from the front of the boat.

  Chapter 27 of 35 [Revised]. Candy awoke and padded to the Head. After peeing she looked at her watch to see it was about 4:30.' Damn, only about 30 minutes before everyone got up and they were to leave' she thought. The thought of going home made her sad and more importantly, sleeping all night with RJ, even discounting the sex part, gave Candy this all-over warm glow. She had the conscious thought, 'God, what has this guy done to me in such a short time?' Returning to the Sun Deck she saw her lover still sleeping naked.

However, RJ had yet another erection. Candy felt could not let a good erection go to waste! She wanted to spend all day making love with this guy, but she was more worried in what they could accomplish within the 30 minutes left before the alarm went off!

She started sucking on his cock and working her hand up and down the shaft. RJ moaned, deep in dreamland.

Candy realized that RJ might take some time to ejaculate - or was that true when he was dreaming tight teen pussy and anal banged by bbc not in conscious control?

RJ sputtered awake as Candy sucked on the engorged head of his penis. "Morning. . What are you doing there Baby" he said to his young cousin.

"RJ, make love to me one more time before we have to get up and go home. Please?" Candy picked up a condom and rolled it onto RJ's hard cock, complying with the rules. Boy, she secretly wished that RJ could fuck her 'bare-back', as he called it, one more time before they parted. Perhaps if she begged him with sad puppy-dog eyes he would relent?

She shivered at the thought of how wonderful that felt last night. Candy started to lay down anticipating missionary-style sex. However, RJ stopped her. "Sweetie, why don't you get on all-fours and we'll try something different?" Candy did as she was told and knelt on the sun deck cushion.

RJ paced a pillow and told her to put her head down on it, as he knelt behind her. RJ grabbed onto her hips as he placed the head of his condom-covered prick at the entrance of her love-channel. The girl was already lubricated, getting herself aroused from giving him the blow job.

RJ slid his cock to its root all the way into her in one fell stroke, eliciting a loud moan from the appreciative girl. He then pulled his penis all the way back out. Again, placing the tip at the entrance, he rammed it home. He repeated this action again and again. The sensation of getting fucked 'doggy style' for the first time was intoxicating to Candy, who felt her guts beginning to churn in sexual excitement. After several minutes of this thrusting Candy suddenly felt herself slipping into the abyss.

She cried out that she was cumming, but RJ just maintained his thrusting. The girl's sexual release drug on and on. Candy whined and cried feeling the depth of it all She could not believe how much different this felt from the sex she had the evening before. She wondered what it would be like to have RJ's cock in her ass in this position. Candy had the thought that she was truly becoming a cock-hound. She wondered if she was a whore at heart and would soon be jumping on any cock that was available to her.

Candy had the thought that she was a 'very, very naughty girl. . and should be punished!'. Odd, that at that very instant, she should have the thought about how naughty she was and that she should be punished for being such a slut. For just then RJ slapped her ass pretty hard. The 'smack' sound shocked Candy, but nowhere near as much as did the sexual excitement that having her ass spanked rocked through her body. "RJ you spank like a girl!" Candy taunted him. As he withdrew his cock from her love channel on the next trust, his right hand again fell very hard onto her upturned ass-cheek.

"Swack" the sound echoed in the early morning stillness. "Geese RJ, is that as hard as you can hit? You call that punishment" Candy spat at him. She had goaded him and had gotten under his skin. 'Swack, smack, SMACK!' RJ's hand fell unto her right buttock with all his might.

Her ass was now beat red and she had a tear in her eye from the stinging. While she was lost in thought about how naughty she was, and that she DESERVED to be punished, AND how much sexual excitement having her ass spanked brought to her, RJ's pace had quickened and he was now ramming her from behind with all his might. His entire 9 inch organ was sawing her in and out and she was again nearing release.

RJ leaned down and took both of her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, and started rolling pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 331. Candy bit her lip at the sensation and started to go off in bliss. RJ squeezed her pale pink nipples.

. pretty hard. . Candy saw stars and the white light of orgasm all at once, but with SO much more intensity than the previous orgasms she had shared with RJ. RJ stiffened against her back side and was crying out in his own release, as wave after wave of potent baby juice filled the condom.

Shortly, both teens toppled to the cushion, spent, but with Candy totally 'out of it!'. Candy carefully removed the rubber from RJ's deflating cock and wondered at the sheer amount of ejaculate in it. "Baby I don't glamorous chick is peeing and rubbing shaved vagina how you make so much cum" she said peering intently at the liquid trapped in the rubber.

She got a wash cloth and cleaned him up. "Candy, I'm sorry if I hurt you. I feel bad about getting carried away like that." "Are you kidding RJ? I think that anytime I get mouthy with you, or do things that displease you, you should probably put me over your knee" Candy said in a serious tone. "RJ, look I need to tell you this.

. I like it when you are forceful with me. . in fact you can't believe how much it turns me on for you to be in charge!" Both of them were still lying beside each other when the alarm clock went off at 5 AM. The four teens hurriedly dressed and got everything stowed. RJ warmed the engine and verified both fuel tanks were in fact full, plus the 5 gallon Jerry Can, as today's run beautiful full bush babe leia pounds her hairy pussy and ass stretch the limit of his fuel range.

It was decided that once they cast off the girls and Kenny would make breakfast while underway, with RJ driving. Once clear of the breakwater RJ turned the Party Hut down the lake. The sun rise was spectacular coming up over the mountains to the East. The girls decided to start breakfast, while Kenny continued to re-pack dirty clothes and tidy up. RJ was going to run at a much faster rate down the lake then when they came up, but he had to watch fuel consumption closely. He estimated it would take about 3 hours, without stops, back to the launch ramp and his truck.

While the girls worked in the kitchen to make eggs bacon and biscuits, and wait for the coffee to come down, there was a bit of discomfort evident. Kayla finally turned to Candy, took a deep breath, and decided to broach the subject that was on her mind. "Candy, we heard you guys last night. It seems like you had a pretty good time with my brother?" "Yea, we heard you guys too.

Seems like you and Kenny really got it on?" "Candy, you aren't upset because Kenny and I had a lot of sex last night, are you" Kayla asked with genuine concern.

"What? Wait. . no. . I was worried that you might be mad at me for having like non-stop sex with RJ last night" Candy replied. "Why would I be mad at you? We agreed to this whole thing!" "Kayla gave Candy a warm hug. I was so worried that you might have gotten concerned, or changed your mind. So, how WAS my brother in bed?" Kayla asked with a grin. "He was wonderful" Candy exclaimed. I lost track of the number of times he made me cum. And then we did it again early this morning!" Candy had this silly grin on her face.

"So did you enjoy my brother? How was it?" "Candy, I don't know how you get Kenny's cock in you. That thing is huge" Kayla grinned at her cousin. "But I will say, once you've had that monster in you, you definitely know that you've russian teen nikky perry rides her sugardaddys old hard cock fucked!" The girls laughed, now clear that no one harbored any guilt.

Breakfast was laid out and RJ lashed the steering wheel so the boat would head straight into the center of the lake, while he took time to eat. While they ate breakfast Candy sat, uncomfortably because of her reddened ass, beside RJ and Kayla sat beside Kenny. Candy cleared her throat and said "So you guys" directing herself at Kenny and RJ, "Kayla and I talked to make sure everything is cool between us for having slept with each other's boyfriends, just so you know.

How are you two with everything?" "Candy, we told you girls we were cool with everything last night. We are. Right RJ?" "Right on" RJ said simply. "Good, because the day isn't over yet!" Kayla said with a laugh. The four chatted amiably about how much fun they had experienced on this trip. Everyone lamented the fact that it would be over soon. After breakfast was cleaned up the four watched the scenery hardcore teen ass gangbang and amateur huge boobs assslave yoga by.

Candy sat next to RJ on the Captain's Bench Seat, while Kayla and Kenny were in seats up front. After 30 minutes and again at 60 minutes, RJ meticulously checked his fuel consumption against distance traveled on the GPS.

At the speed they were running, he would not make it on the two internal fuel tanks, but with the extra 5 gallons in the Jerry can, they should be safe. A little over an hour after they had finished breakfast they saw a familiar boat coming up the lake. It was the Four Winns owned by Carlo and Gina. As the two boats slowly closed the distance between them the four teens waved to get their attention.

RJ throttled back to idle and Carlo swung his boat around in a wide arch to pull up beside the Party Hut. As Gina thru a line to the girls, the four realized for the first time that she was topless. She wore the smallest black bikini bottoms the teens had seen, so small it was not even the size of a thong.

Gina's breasts had hardly any sag which was phenomenal for her 36 'D' chest. The two boys ogled her tits which were topped with two very dark and very much erect nipples and areolas about the size of a silver dollar. Gina's olive skin had a sheen to it from the sun-tan lotion she wore. "I like that look on you" Kayla said, nodding her head to the Italian girl's naked breast.

"Oh, Carlo likes me to not wear a top when we are alone on the boat. I do it to please him. . and because I like it too!" The girls looked down at Carlo who was smiling, and noted that his ample cock was semi erect and looked like a coiled snake inside his every-present speedo trunks.

"I spoke to Mama this morning, and she said you declined to stay at the hotel rooms?" "We just couldn't impose, Gina. The Dinner was wonderful and the scenery is gorgeous.

We wanted to thank you both again, so much, for everything you did for us." "It was nothing" Gina said. "It was great to meet you all. I hope we have the opportunity to all get together again sometime. Carlo and I would like to get to know you better and show you some other magical spots here on the Lake." "Carlo, we must be off to home. . where Papa will be very unhappy we have again spent the night together on the lake" Gina concluded.

As Carlo engaged the drive, Gina said "Ciao" and the four teens waved goodbye to their new friends. As RJ started the boat back down the lake, Candy said to no one in particular, "that girl has the biggest tits I've ever seen!

I wonder how Carlo can keep his hands off of them?" "Guys, you don't mind if Kayla and I go topless like Gina do you? Candy asked this as she shucked her blouse and bra off. "NO" both guys answered in unison. "Didn't you say that you and RJ got to have early morning sex before we all got up this morning to leave, Candy" Kayla asked out of the blue.

"Yes, why do you ask?" "Oh no reason" Kayla said with a laugh. Handing Kenny a condom she said "Come with me stud" and dragged him back to the sun deck where she would again ride his 9" monster.

This time Kayla decided she would ride him 'Cowgirl Style' and get in one last round of sex before they reached the launch ramp and headed home.

Kayla thought that she would ride him as slow as she could go making this last as soon Kenny & Candy would depart for home. 3 hours and 20 minutes after leaving Sand Point they entered the breakwater for the marina and launch ramp where they enjoy my cute mom undressing in bed hidden cam started way last Friday.

Everyone was subdued as they loaded the Party Hut back on its trailer and their personal things in the bed of RJ's Toyota Tundra. The four sent their parents text messages after not being able to reach any of them on their cell phones. The messages said they had arrived safely and were headed back home.