Pretty babe craves for a fat dick

Pretty babe craves for a fat dick
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I had just moved into my first house with no roommates to help me to take care of it. With my work schedule and studies, I had very little time to do all the cooking and cleaning on my own. A buddy of mine said that I needed to hire a young freshman to do the cleaning and shopping for me in exchange for free room and board. I thought about this for a day or two and then thought … why not?

I placed an ad in the school's news's paper, it read as follows: Male grad student looking for a young male to help around the house with chores and shopping. Privacy and secrecy a must! Call 555-1234 to set up an interview. The paper comes out on Friday mornings so I was going to have to wait a few days for a response. Friday afternoon I got the first call, but he wanted to know if it would be okay if his girlfriend stayed there too.

Not a chance! Then a few more calls came in and I set up some interviews for Saturday after-noon. The first one was not very clean and did not smell any better. The second one was a possibility, but the third one blew me away. He showed mean girls bondage gangbang xxx hatefuck my hippie asshole about 5 minutes early and was dressed well.

He had on a pair of tight fitting jeans and a polo shirt, white socks and sneakers and had on a pair of wire-rimmed glasses which were the same shade of carrot-red as his curly hair. He had a nice quiet demeanor about him and he noticed that I had my shoes off so asked me if he needed to take his off too. He then introduced himself as Joseph Sovak. I smiled at him and told him to make himself comfortable so he took his shoes off and placed them next to mine beside the door.

As he did I could not help but notice that he had a nice bulge and a tight ass. I explained that I wanted him to clean the house daily from top to bottom and to do my shopping for me.

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I gave him a tour of the house starting with the kitchen and dining area which included a wrap-around breakfast bar and table with 6 chairs. Then I took him down the hall and showed him my office area with a sleeper sofa, my daughter's room and then the master suite which was attached the main bathroom. I made sure that he stayed in front of me so that I could enjoy the view of his toned body.

Then we went out back through the kitchen to the back door where I showed him the patio and pool area. I explained that when it got warm enough he would also be responsible for maintaining and cleaning the pool. I explained that my daughter did no live with me but stayed with me every month for the weekend and when her mother had to go out of town on business.

I asked him to sit down and tell me some more about himself and I explained why I said privacy and secrecy was a must! I told him that I was gay and that because of my daughter I did not want a lot known of my private life. He sighed in relief and told me that he was too and that is why he wanted out of the dorm. He felt awkward looking at the other guys and was afraid that the guys might see him checking them out.

After a few minutes, he spoke in a much softer voice and stated that he liked to wear as little clothing as possible at home and asked if I minded if he just wore his underwear at home.

I said no problem then asked him when he wanted to start. He smiled at me and said "How about now? I can have my stuff over here in an hour, I do not have a lot." I said that would be great and that I would clear the office up while he was gone.

We smiled at each other and shook hands for the longest, neither of us seemed to want to let go of our grip. Finally, I gave him the keys and he went on his way. As he young guy gets pleased by a friend, he was back in big boobed french slut gets ass fucked hour this time with about 4 boxes and two suitcases. I had already taken my laptop and papers from the office and made up the sleeper bed.

As we were bringing in the last two boxes I noticed that this time he had on loose fitting sweats and a tank top. Man was he built! I could also see that he had a bit of chest hair and a nice bubble butt. As he set the last box down, he looked at me and smiled. "You look a lot younger than I thought you would be!

I think this will be a petite little babe ripped open by giant dick place to work and live." "Well I hope so, I think you will be good company to have" I smiled and felt a bit faint when I said that.

I said for him to make himself at home and get settled in while I make us some dinner. I went to the kitchen and started to make the chicken primavera (one of my specialties) dinner when he waked in only in his orange and red plaid boxers.

He looked at me and said "Why don't you get comfortable too? I don't mind if you do!" then he smiled and licked his lips. "That looks good enough to eat." and he winked. I wonder what he meant buy that? But I did not miss a beat and went to my room and pulled off my shirt and jeans and came back.

He had already found his way around the kitchen and set the table. I smiled and told him he was already learning fast. I got two wine glasses from the china and pulled a bottle of red wine from the cabinet underneath. When I set the bottle down he had already put the condiments on the table.

I went back to the stove and put the finishing touches on the dinner and brought it to the table and noticed he had moved his place next to mine. We sat and I poured us each a glass of wine, sat down and toasted "to new friends and a house-boy}. He clicked my glass and laughed. "I am not a boy, if you have not noticed, I am a man!" and his leg brushed against mine and stayed there. As we were fishing up he started clearing the dishes and rinsing them. I walked up behind him and patted him on the butt and told him that he did not have to do that now.

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He smiled and said that he did not mind and that it was part of his job. When we finished, he turned to me, looked me in the eyes and thanked me for a wonderful meal and told me that I would have to teach him how to cook like that. Then he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I was in shock and awe. I put my hand behind his head and pulled him tighter and decided to explore his amateur hottie gets wild on my dick with my tongue.

We kissed like that for a few minutes and I guided him to the living room sofa. We sat close together and continued kissing as we started to explore each other's bodies. It did not take me long to realize that his cock was rigid and poking out of his boxers. His hand went right into my boxers and he grabbed my hard cock. We both moaned softly and kissed more passionately. We moved around so that our bodies were pressing hard and grinding together.

When I was finally able to catch my breath, I took his hand and said let's get your first cooking lesson started.

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We waked back to my bedroom and I pushed him onto the bed. I leaned down and pulled his boxers off and took his cock gently in my hand and moved my head down to it. I licked up and down the shaft then swallowed it all the way down my throat. He gasped and moaned loudly putting his hand behind my head and thrust upward.

I looked up into his eyes and he smiled at me. I came off his cock and liked my way up to his bellybutton. Then I slowly move up his chest to his nipples which when my tongue touched them they got immediately hard. Then I pushed his arms over his head and sucked on his arm pit.

He looked at me as he squirmed with pleasure and said, "I never had anyone make me feel so good!" which I responded with another passionate kiss.

I looked at him, stood up and pushed my boxers down then laid back on top of him. Our cocks and bodies grinding together and we were getting sweaty.

He took the lead and rolled me over and worked his way down my body in reverse of what I had just done to him. When he got to my 9" cock he looked at it and said, "I don't know if I can take it all in like you did, but I sure want to try!" It took him a few tries but he finally took it all the legal age teenager pretty nymph endures hard ramming hardcore and blowjob to my balls. I was in heaven; it had been a long time since anyone ever took me like this.

While still in his mouth I repositioned myself so that we were on our sides and I had engulfed is 8" cock into my throat.

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We sucked each other in this 69 for a long time when finally, I started licking his balls. I could felt him shiver and shake as I did and he started yelling "Oh Yeah! Fuck man that feel so rite!" I slowly let my tongue move to his ass and rimmed around his tight pink hole. Gradually I pushed my tongue into him deep to hear him moan with pleasure. "Oh God!" was all he kept saying repeatedly. He finally pulled me off him and leaned down and kissed me so deeply and passionately.

When we stopped, he whispered to me "I want you inside me so bad! Would you like that?" I kissed him again and shook my head yes. I guided him to the top of the bed, reached in my nightstand and pulled out the lob and some condoms.

He gave me a devilish grin and threw the condoms across the room. "I want to feel the real you inside of me Trey." (He called me by my name; It felt so nice) So I obligingly slowly worked a finger into him, then two. When I felt, him relaxing enough I gently place the tip of my cock against his hole.

He grabbed my waist and pulled me into him harder then I was planning on taking him. With every thrust I made he pushed into me even harder. "Oh yes! Take me like a man! Use me for your pleasure!" We must have done that for at least a half hour and we were wet from sweating so much. As we got more into it our breathing became heavier and Qu ickier. I felt his insides tighten up and I knew he was about to have an orgasm and I was not about to stop him.

I held him tighter and kissed him as passionately as I could. As our tongues wrestled I felt a hot stream of liquid flow between our bellies.

"Oh no! I am Cumming! Not yet … please not yet!" he screamed out so loud I thought they could hear him in the next state. This just intensified me even more. I pulled out and shot my load on top of his; it was the largest and strongest I have done in years. I collapsed on top of him as we held each other in a warm embrace of satisfaction.

We smiled at each other and no words were needed but we felt the bond we just created. I finally rolled off and he curled up in my arms and we kissed and snuggled for a while. I looked in his eyes and said, "We probably need to go get cleaned up." And his reply was "What is your hurry, I like the way you're cum feels on me." So, I kissed him and said that that was fine but he had to stay with me the rest of the night.

He gave me a coy smile and said, "I was hoping you would say that." We fell asleep in each other's arms and rested well. The next morning when I woke up I was alone and had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. What had I just done? Did it really happen or was I just dreaming?

I got out of bed and went to his room, but the bed had not been touched then I saw him coming down the hall interracial couple learns the secrets of masturbation on this hot swinger party fingering hardcore with two cups in his hands.

He smiled and said, "I hope you like coffee in the morning." and continued to my bedroom. I walked in behind him and winked "I hope you made it sweet and creamy." which he did perfectly. We spent most of the day happy, naked and having sex.

He confessed to me that he was a cum freak and loved to see it and to taste it. I told him that I too sex stories bp friend sex pilot addicted to cum and making other guys cum weather I did or not. We sucked each other off several times and would share our loads together.

His was on the sweet side and mine was more salty and bitter tasting then his, but mix them together you had one exceptional cocktail.

By the time, we went to bed that night I told him that he could move into my room if he wanted. He said he would sleep with me but would prefer to make it look as if he had his own room for his parents' and my daughter's sake. The next day came and I had to go to school and get my schedule from my advisor and my teaching assignment.

He had the day off but would have to do the same on Tuesday. He noticed my schedule on the kitchen counter and took it to our room and put it on my night stand which I did not think much about other than he was doing what he thought was his job. Again, we went to bed early and made love a couple of times before we drifted off to sleep.