Xnxx mom and son bath

Xnxx mom and son bath
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This was the kind of place where adults brought their kids of all ages, from infants to teens. I was enjoying a pint at the bar and watching a game on the TV when a couple came in with their daughter and took a booth to my right.

I sat for a while with one eye on the game and one eye on this little high school girl who was fixated on her cell phone while her parents watched the football game and ordered drinks.

Soda for her. Grey sweater with some school name on it and black yoga pants that I had gotten a nice glimpse of as they first came in and sat down. Darling little ass but mostly what got me was her cascade of curly brown hair, honey highlights, falling over one eye in the front and all down back. Looked awfully cute. I had ordered my second drink when she got up and walked past me at the bar, heading to wife gangbanged by strangers in her car restrooms or something.

I gave her a good solid stare and she locked eyes with me.

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One second is a glance, two seconds gets a little twitchy but four full seconds of eye contact with a pretty stranger gets my blood pumping. I swiveled my head as she passed and got a good shot of those yoga pants.

Now it seems that lately yoga pants, especially those worn by teenage girls out in public, have gotten more sheer and contour fitting. Used to be that the fabric formed a bridge across the butt cheeks but I've been seeing stretch pants that go right geek hotty receives fucked schoolgirl and hardcore the crack, separating each lovely cheek and allowing a lot of independent jiggle.

Also they seem to give more lift than ever before. Either that or a lot more chicks are running track than when I was in school. This kid had a delicious little ass with it's underbutt crease and the tiny shake of a teen who's not thinking of a room full of men staring at her can as she walks through.

About 5'1" and barely over 100 pounds, that and her grey blue eyes that had met mine brought a warm smile as I turned back to my Guinness. She re appeared a few minutes later and I got to watch that ass walk back to the table to sit with her folks, both absorbed in the football game.

Checking with a sidelong glance every few moments I could see that she was looking at me. I pretended to scan her side of the room, without looking at her directly and saw that from where she was sitting, her parents couldn't see what she was looking at or how she was doing it. And she was doing it with great curiosity I might add. I began looking her way and holding eye contact for a bit at a time. I saw her smile, and then blush a little.

Seeing those eyes sparkle and her soft smooth cheeks color made my face a little hot too. I gave a roll of the eyebrows and she giggled silently like the schoolgirl she was. Checking her parents, she turned fully towards me and presented herself in a very flirtatious pose, not lewd at all but obviously interested.

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I looked away sexy slutty babe christy mack fucks her ex bfs best friend a moment and when I returned she gave me a good one, tossing her hair, dipping her forehead, narrowing her blue grey eyes and slowly licking her full lips.

Right at me! Brazen! I got the stirrings of a true lustful urge for this little girl. I wanted to see what she had up under that sweatshirt, wanted to feel her bubbly little ass through those stretch pants. She must have seen it in my gaze because she turned back to the TV for a time and pretended to watch the game.

I kept track of her out of the corner of my eye and in a few minutes when she turned back I fixed her gaze again. I could see the rise of her chest with her deep mouth breathing.

She straightened even more and thrust herself out towards me, her black legging clad knees opening and fanning back closed. We locked in a long stare that I felt trickling hotly down to my groin.

She turned away and I saw her talking to her parents. I resumed my beer and then saw her stand up from her table. Between us was the entrance to a hall way and also a staircase leading to the upper rooms of the Pub that they would rent for private events. My little curly haired angel hopped a few steps up the stairs and when no one could see her but me, beckoned with her finger in an unmistakable come hither gesture.

I weighed the pros and cons with great rapidity, put a twenty on the bar and followed her up the stairs. She was at the top as I reached the bottom and the look she gave me turning the corner made it easy for me to press on.

Hot little minx! Those slim little legs in the tight black yoga pants, the way she tossed her hair and the half grin that was threatening to burst into a childish laugh but fought itself to stay grown up sexy.

I clambered up the stairs, my beer in hand, as she bobbed out of sight. Outside of the room for hire was a utility closet and I entered behind her and shut the door.

It was populated by folding tables and stacks of chairs. She stood about four feet away and faced me. I'm 6'0" and go about 185. I'm pretty solid in the chest and belly, play a lot of rugby. She couldn't have been more than 5'1" and 105. "Sit, sit" she wagged her finger at a chair behind me.

It was two chairs stacked and when she walked up and was a foot away her grey blue eyes were level with mine. She bit her bottom lip and her cheeks reddened. "Hi…" "Hi there" "You're really hot. I like older guys." "Ya? You look delicious." Her eyes opened really wide and she smiled a huge smile and my stomach did flips.

Not to mention a thing in my pants that was striving to make itself known. "I told my parents I was going to play video games." "right… is that what you want to do?" "I want to play with you." She said in a voice that hinted both trepidation and confidence. My hand could no longer resist reaching out and amazing busty playmates showing off their hot bodies around her waist.

Lean muscle but also a tinge of baby fat under those delectable sheer tight pants. I gripped her right at the waistband and pulled her closer, between my legs. Her eyes closed right away as she fell toward me and her lips parted. She wanted desperately to be kissed. I met her lips with the same openness and her pointy little tongue darted right in.

I remembered that was how girls kissed back in 8th and 9th grade and let her go a while before endeavoring to slow her down. I taught her about tongue lapping, I taught her about lip biting. She stepped away slightly and then couldn't meet my gaze. I held my pint out towards her and she sipped it, smiled and then put it aside.

I had both hands free now and they went back to her waist, up enough under her sweatshirt to feel skin and then down to cup her tiny ass cheeks in my strong hands and pull her to me, all the way into my spread legs and up against my groin. My heart pumped blood to my cock and it began to throb, her abdomen pushed right up against it, very little cloth between us. As our lips locked again and our tongues wrestled my hands explored that ass that had so riveted my attention down in the bar.

I felt the tiny triangle of her thong panties at the top of her ass crack and I delved my fingers deep into that crack, following the string down and kneaded her supple butt cheeks. I slid myself out farther from the chair and she humped against me. My cock was rigid. I straightend up a bit, facing legal age teenager awesome hottie in hardcore at her and she kept contact with my mouth. There was space between our bodies and I brought a hand around front and slipped it between her legs cupping her mound.

"Uunf." She moaned into my open mouth. I felt her lips through the thin layer of her strech pants and the thinner layer of her thong underneath. I pinched her labia entirely between my thumb and curved forefinger and tugged it gently out from her body. "God! Ya!" She broke away but ground her crotch against my hand. "I wanna…" "Yes?" I continued to manipulate her hot vaginal entrance rather forcefully. My other hand worked towards the front from between her butt cheeks, grazing her booty hole and massaging her taint as my front hand lodged between her labia and lifted, bringing her to tiptoe and eliciting a gasp of lust deepened pleasure.

"I wanna… I…" She collected herself, pulled her head back and her blue grey eyes burrowed into mine. "I want to fuck you!" I took a deep breath then and collected myself, "Get my dick wet" Her face brightened and she moved back a tiny bit. "You mean with my mouth." She said matter of factly. She wanted to show me what she could do. "Your pussy's already wet" "It REALLY is " Busty pierced babe oiled up and pussyfucked big tits giggled and her hands went to my button and zipper.

My thumbs were hooked into her waistband and I was pulling her tight leggings down over her sweet ass and her little thong came with them. I needed to stand and let her pull my jeans down quickly followed by my boxer briefs. The top of her head was well below my chin. I sat on the stacked chairs again and she stared wide eyed at my cock, her hand wrapped around it.

I'm about 7 inches and quite girthy but I looked enormous in her little hand. "This looks… really big" she said slowly with a nervous pause. "Get some spit on it and it'll slide right in" She looked me in the eye on more time and then bent forward, hands on my thighs, and darted her tongue out at the head of my dick. It was thrilling, it was wildly erotic.

She soon went farther, nowhere near taking my full length but letting it fill her mouth, taking it in and out and slobbering all down my shaft. She stood back up and I kissed her quicly to show her that there was no boundary.

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She straddled and clambered up onto my lap and I pulled her forward until her wet gash pressed my cock against my abdomen. "I'm not a virgin," she volunteered "I use my hairbrush a lot" "It's time for the real thing" "Oh yes" she kissed me and ground against my shaft. "It is" I put my hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her up. She squirmed and reached down and took me in her hand to line it up with her lightly fuzzed cunt and suddenly she was sinking down and I was penetrating the syrupy inside of her vagina.

No resistance. It slid right in and she enveloped me and was all the way down to my balls in an instant. "OHMYGODDDD" I lifted her again and set her back down and did it again and again and she moaned and it looked really sexy but my arms were going to get tired and I thought I needed a better angle. Sometimes when I fuck I can get overly sensitive and only last a few minutes but some times, especially when my dick is crazy hard, I can tell that I'm gonna last for a mature filthy talking mother fucks both holes long while.

This was one of those times! I gripped her and stood up. "Wow" she gasped and clung to me as I pivoted to set her down on an adjacent table top. She lay back and I adjusted and began plowing into her tight pussy with long strokes and looking at her face.

She was really damn cute! Her mouth was open, head back and eyes closed. I looked down and watched her inner lips stretch with each withdrawal of my shaft. I put my flat palm on her lower abdomen and rested my thumb on her clit. "OOOhhh! Ya! Do that, do that!" "Your pussy is so tight " She just moaned and writhed as I went to town on that young cunt, looking down at her and watching my engorged cock slide in and out.

Her sweatshirt was still on and I ran my hands up her smooth, taut tummy and found her breasts under a thin satiny bra, not a big padded pushup like girls all seem to be wearing, false advertising. She had supple handfuls that I bet would grow into a nice c cup in a few years. She opened her eyes from time to time but mostly had them closed. I was staring right at her as I fucked into that creamy hole, rocking those hips and her legs wrapped around my waist. I pictured her with her friends at school, in her cheerleading outfit, in her room at home with pink walls and stuffed animals.

I thought about her parents sitting downstairs as I pounded their daughter. I picked up speed and she started to cum. I thumbed her clit and angled my rod at her gspot which I felt engorging. The texture of her vaginal walls changed and became more gripping and I felt my sperm start to rise. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes tight shut but no sound escaped as I felt her muscles twitch and contract and my own load threatened to erupt. The first spasm came as I was withdrawing for the final time from her sweet sanctum and I'm sure I left a gush of seed in her honey hole.

The second contraction blasted white fluid up her abdomen and into her navel, a hot babe takes on two hard boners jet from the angry red head of my penis. I leaned into her wet slit and dragged the shaft of my cock back and forth as a third and fourth spurt of semen decorated her belly which was heaving from her own orgasm. I pulled back a bit and she sat up on her elbows, looking down at the mess and my gleaming cock.

I reached and scooped up a dollop of my goo from her vag lips and brought my curled finger to her mouth. She accepted it and her lips wrapped around and her tongue licked it clean.

I repacked and refastened myself as a sudden fear took hold. I had just fucked and come inside a high school girl of indeterminate age while her parents sat downstairs.

I was suddenly quite glad I had paid my tab and not left a credit card open at the bar! I could go down the back stairs and exit through the kitchen into the back alley and not visit this place for another year or more. I did all these things in short order but not before looking for one last time at the cutest curly haired teen girl and seeing her curious fingers slide through the rivulets of sperm dripping down into her crotch and raising them to he lips for a taste.

It was a vision I will never forget for the rest of my life.

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