Animating oral stimulation for hunks striptease hardcore

Animating oral stimulation for hunks striptease hardcore
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It was noon. I was horny as all fuck. I was thinking about my girlfriend and i had a massive erection. I was wearing blue sweatpants with white stripes on the sides and an orange t-shirt that had my fraternaty name on it. I paced back and forth in my lonely apartment waiting for my girlfriend to come in the door so we could have an amazing fuck.

I waited 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 2 hours.nothing. So, I was really depressed. I decided it wouldn't do me any good to be depressed and pout around the apartment, so I stripped down naked. I took off my pants and still had a massive erection. I took off my shirt and walked around the apartment naked because My roomates were gone for the weekend.

my penis was slightly curved to the left but still throbbing and it was swaying as I walked around. I reached in the fridge for some of my roomates apple juice, when i heard a knock on the door. I looked out the peep hole and saw that it was my girlfriends mom.

She was about 35 and in good shape. She has a pretty face and slightly squinting eyes. She is Irish and has a good body for a 35 year old. She remarried after she divorced my girlfriends father.

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I have thought about doing her many times but that's a little inappropriate because she's my girlfriends mother and I am only 20 and she is married. Any ways i kept looking at her studying her beautiful hips and nice legs. She has a wonderful saggy ass. Not too saggy but saggy enough to be big when she bends down. She was wearing a white t-shirt and i could see her white bra through it. She had on black spandex pants that went down to her calfs and black shoes.

You could tell she used to be an amazing dancer. Anyways, I ran to get a towel because I had to answer the door. I put on my fuzzy towel, and wrapped it around my waist. Luckily my boner was faced downward so she wouldnt know I had one. I opened the door.

"Hi stacey" "Hey baby".she calls me baby because she thinks i'm perfect for her daughter and she loves me and I call her mom. "What's the matter?" "Oh nothing, I just came to tell you that Jane is sick and she told me to tell you she wasn't going to make it to see you today.

I was just out getting groceries and I forgot your phone number so I decided to come over and tell you." " Well thank you very much. Now I'm not worried about her." " Ok baby, I'll talk to you later, just wanted to tell you." We hugged because we always do when we say goodbye and I decided to hug her real tight.

She felt this and did the same. Then, she kissed my cheek and I kissed hers. You could tell she was surprised because i did, but then it all happened soooo quick. She grabbed my face with her right hand and we started making out. I felt so horny and she was hott. My boner poked up and went in between her legs.

By now, she slammed the door behind us and we were making out hard. I moved my hands down to her amazing ass. I could feel she had a thong on. I squeezed her ass cheeks and cupped them in my hands in brunette beauty ex girlfriend nina north riding on dick. I thought to myself, is this really happening?

She then proceeded to grab my boner and started to yank it. I was still tounge fucking her. I felt her blonde hair against my face. "I want you to fuck me baby" " Oh man!" "take off this silly towel." As the towel came flying off my boner was exposed. She bent down immediately and grabbed my cock. She slipped her lips over it and started sucking really slow. All I could think about was cumming in her mouth. MY head went back in amazement "OH SHIT you're fucking fantastic." You could hear her gulping my already wet cock.

She would stick her head down as far as she could then back off and lick the head.

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all the while she had her left hand on the stem. "Im gonna fuck the shit out of you bitch" " oh baby, please do it. I've always wanted you, because i thinkyou're a cutie.

now shut up and go run into your room while i get ready." Needless to say I darted to my bed all naked and turned on some music. She came walking in with her clothes on. She pulled off her t-shirt and I saw her white bra. She then slid off her spandex pants. She was wearing a red thong with frillies on it. She climbed into my bed and I was laying on my back head on the pillow and covers off.

She strattled me and told me to take off her bra. I did and I saw her amazing boobs. The nipples were just as i expected they'd be medium size and not too stiff. I immediately grabbed both of them and sucked on her left tit.

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She backed up and pulled her thong off. She was completely naked and I still couldn't believe this was happening to me. She grabbed my penis with her right hand and started sucking it so long and wet. "GULP, GULP, GULP." "Oh yeah baby! Just like that. Suck that head. get that shit all wet.

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Good girl." You could tell she had sucked a good amount of cock in her day. I WAS GETTING HEAD FROM MY GIRLFRIEND'S MOM. " I'm ready to fuck you baby." she said. She got up, and strattled me again. She grabbed my dick with her right hand and put it to her vagina entrance. I could feel my head rubbing against her pussy. Then, i felt it.

My cock slipped deep insider her pussy and she started fucking the shit out of me while i grabbed her wonderful ass. Her wet pussy felt so good around my cock. I could hear the slapping of it against my body. We fucked that way for 5 minutes and then horny brunette slut in stockings gets hammered by a monster bbc switched on me and rode me reverse cowgirl. I could see her amazing ass while it was fucking my cock.

I told her to hop off my dick and she did. She was on her hands and knees doggy style now and i grabber her ass. I spread it and started licking her ass hole.

Then I moved down to her pussy with my tounge until i could feel it all wet and juicy. I kneeled up and grabbed my dick with my right hand stroking it a little to make it real hard. Then i slipped it into her wet pussy. I grabbed the sides of her ass and fucked the ever-living shit out of her. I pulled my dick out with the right, then rubbed my head up and down against her pussy to tease her.

Then, I slapped her ass crack with the bottom of my penis stem. I then, Stood up on my bed and stuck my cock in her ass. She was still kneeling and I was deep dicking that shit. Slapping her right ass check with my right every once and awhile. I fucked her ass, and i fucked her ass, and i fucked her ass for about 10 minutes then I told her, " I'm gonna cum baby" " oh baby cum in my beautiful mouth!" She turned around on her knees.

I stuck the head of my dick on her wet lips and she clamped around the head. Then i stroked my boner real fast with my right.

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"Here it comes, Here it comes, here it comes baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. AHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.GGGGGRRRRRRR.AHHHHHHHHH.OH.MY.GOSH. She took the whole load in her mouth. She opened wide so I could see my cum. and then she sucked my dick more with the cum sitll in her mouth. She swallowed my cum, then licked the rest of my limp but still kind of hard dick. I told her she was amazing and we got out of bed.

She got dressed, and i did too. We kissed goodbye, and then made out and i slapped her ass on the way out the door. That was the most amazing experience I've had yet. And i will never forget it.