Denise everheart a the first porn experience

Denise everheart a the first porn experience
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Lara & Jack to Melissa - the 1. day continues When I came back from shopping some hours later, first thing I did was looking for Melissa. She still slept so I went back into the living room and checked my new bought stuff. I got some new and bigger butt-plugs, dildos and strap-ons which i really wanted to try.

3 new latex-outfits, one for me and 2 for Melissa. One new whip and two new wooden paddles, a package of bondage robes, lots of short and slutty dresses, skirts and tops and of course new shoes for her. After I unpacked everything, i changed my dress again.

This time i chose another latex-outfit, a black latex slip, a fitting black latex bra, black latex stockings with a latex suspension belt, black plateau high heels, my black latex opera gloves and a tight black latex evening gown. I once again changed my make-up and when I was ready it was time to wake up Melissa. For that i belted one of my new toys, a 8" long and 2,5" thick strap-on with a remote control for 8 different vibration functions. Amazing round ass while make you cum of the tight gown it was viewable and I loved it.

I took the new whip and went into the bedroom. I pulled away the bedspread and whipped her ass hard. "It's time to wake up, bitch!" and I whipped her again. Melissa jumped out of the bed shocked "What the fuck are you doing?" "Melissa, you must be insane to speak to me in such a way! Remember who you are and what you are!" She looked a bit dumbfounded but after some seconds in which she looked at me and my outfit, her face went white and she went down on her knees.

"That's much better, beg for mercy! You are not allowed to speak with your mistress in such a way, you little whore!" with that i slapped her face. "Beg for mercy! NOW!" Tears emerged in her eyes and with her lowest voice she started to beg. "Please, Miss Lara, I am so sorry. All of this is completely new for me. For one moment I forgot my new life.

I did not want to insult you. Please punish me hard but fair. I am your little slut now and I deserve your rightful punishment." With that she started to kiss my feet and shoes and I have to say I loved her. Melissa got 5 more hits with the whip onto her nice little ass and she bearded it. She had tears in her eyes but did not say anything. After caressing her butt in such way it was time to drill her ass another time. "Melissa, pull your slip and string down, climb the bed and be my dog." She did as I said and she actually took out her plug.

"That's the good girl I love. Now spread your ass cheeks and present your nice little ass-pussy." While she did that, I opened the front of my gown and got the strap-on in position.

As soon her ass was gapping I rammed my new toy in. This time she did not say anything because the dildo was a bit smaller than the plug she wore. I started to fuck her slowly but quickened up and humped her faster and deeper.

After some minutes I switched on the first vibration and Melissa almost instantly started to moan.

I switched to another vibration but Melissa did not like that one because she stopped to moan. That did not matter me so I continued to fuck her ass. "Melissa, do you like being fucked into your ass-pussy? Do you admire that feeling?" "Yes. Mistress. . I love. being . fucked. . This is . my pur . pose in .

life." "What are your other purposes? Why do you live?" "I . live . to . serve . you . Mis. tress. . I'm . your's." "That's what I wanted to hear, good little sissy-whore." I switched to vibration 3 and Melissa started to moan loud. "Yes . Mistress.

this. is. per. fe. . AHHHHHHH!" was all she could say before a hard orgasm rolled through her body. Her legs started to spasm and she bit the pillow. I had not enough yet so I switched to vibration 4 and did not stop to fuck her. While she had her orgasm I fucked her all the time. I even speeded up my movement and power and fucked her harder and deeper.

I don't know if it is possible to have multiple anal-orgasms but Melissa seemed to have at least three. Her moans pitched up and down all the time while I rammed my cock into her and after her maybe forth orgasm i finally pulled out. She collapsed instantly and went sleeping. I stuck the butt-plug back into her ass and pulled the slip and string back up. After that, I unbelted my strap-on, pulled down my slip and started to penetrate my hot and wet pussy.

At first I used two fingers but soon I needed more. I entered my pussy with another two fingers and fucked me harder and harder. With my other hand, i pushed the still vibrating dildo into my butt. Lying on the other side of the bed I double-penetrated myself with the dildo and my fingers. I realized that I was on my way straight over the edge rough sex ending with facial for tied girl fingering hardcore I slowed down my fingerfucking a bit.

I did not want do end that event so quickly. This slow fucking made me calm down a bit and I had another idea what I could test. I wanted ro try to penetrate my pussy with my fist and after some minutes I got all my fingers into me. I had to use more force to get my palm into me too, but after stretching and pushing I got my whole fist in. This feeling I will never forget. To be filled completely is breathtaking.

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I can't describe that feeling but I promise it is fucking good. I again started to move my fist and fingers inside me and the additional tightness because of the dildo in my ass sent me over the edge.

I felt my pussy and even my ass spasm while my pussy shot sweet juice all over the bed. I could not control my legs anymore and they shivered like hell. Then everything went black and I fell asleep. On Sunday morning I woke up and found Melissa sleeping beside me. I stood up but my legs almost quitted their job. I got undressed and made it to the shower. After at least 30 minutes letting hot water run down my body I was ready for the next day. I got dressed, this time in a normal way and went to Melissa, who was still sleeping.

I gently kissed her and she woke up.

"Good morning sweetheart. It's time to stand up. Go get a shower, I will put out your outfit for today. It will be a long and hard day for you." I unlocked almost all the padlocks she was wearing and helped her stripping.

Only the one locking her chastity belt lasts locked. Melissa was surprised by my pleasantries and went to the shower. While she was away I put some new clothes onto the bed.

A white and pink short pleated skirt, a matching white armless and thin turtleneck, white stay-up stockings with pink lace, a black push-up bra and white 4" PVC sandals. Melissa got a new blonde long wig, some matching white and pink plastic trinkets and new make-up.

A special white slip with a cache to hide her thing and a hole at her ass completed her outfit. On these things I put a white leather collar with a pink "slut" on it and a note that she should dress up and do her make-up. I left the room and watched TV. After one hour Melissa finally showed up. "Good girl, now make us something to eat, I am hungry." was all I said. Melissa went into the kitchen and after a while she came back with some nice pancakes.

We ate and after that Melissa had to clean up the kitchen and of course the bedroom. Until late in the evening I once again taught her important things of being a woman, she had to train walking in high heels, sitting with short skirts and so on. At about 9pm I changed my outfit. I wore a black long gown with a plunging neckline, a black collar, a black push-up, a really tiny g-string, matching black stay-up stockings and of course my 8" black PVC sandals. "Melissa, it's time to test your newly learned stuff.

Tonight we will go out." She looked at me shocked. "Oh come on bitch, did you really think I will keep you in curvy hottie banged in hotel room czechsuperstars all your life?

It's time to show your sweet little ass to the world." "But Miss Lara. I'm not ready yet. I have to learn much more. Please! Let us go out in one or maybe two weeks but not today. I beg on my knees." with that she went down on her knees and once again kissed my shoes. "No way, you little whore. We will go out this night and you will enjoy it, you will see." I once again gave her a slap into her face and she understood. We left my apartment and drove to a small club. After we parked Melissa once again tried to persuade me to drive back but I did not accommodate that.

"Melissa, wait in the car, I have to do something, then I will come back and we go." I left the car and went away only to come back five minutes later. I came not alone with me there was a tall guy. I opened Melissa's door "Have I described her correctly?" I asked the guy. "No' you haven't.

She really is beautiful." He turned to Melissa "Ok bitch, I heard you love to suck dicks. Suck that!" He opened his pants and took out a nice 7" cock.

"Melissa, as you see that gentleman has a half hard dick and you love to suck dicks. I think you should start jerking that fucking dick, right?" Melissa said nothing but she put her hand around that boner and started to jerk it.

After only a few strokes his dick was hard as woods and Melissa took the head into her mouth. The guy immediately started to facefuck her and all she could do was sucking. The guy quickened up his fucking and after only some seconds in Melissa's mouth he started to grunt. Melissa noticed the movements of his balls busty blond lady sarah vandella dped by big black cocks dick and let the dick pop out of her mouth. His face turned red and with a loud grunt his dick started shooting cum.

Thick white cum shot out of his dick and right into Melissa's face and open mouth. Spurt after spurt hit her face and mouth and the dick did not stop. Melissa could not do anything but to swallow the cum in her mouth. Finally the dick stopped cumming but not only Melissa's face even her top had cum on it. The guy put his dick back in and handled me 10 bucks. "That's a good slut. Would like to let her blow me again.

You know where you can find me." with that he left us. Melissa stared at the cum on her fingers. "Melissa, what's wrong with you?

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You should be happy. this was your first real dick. And by the way, you made a really good job. Now, clean your face, fingers and top, check your make-up and she rides her son in law cock go.

Melissa looked at me and on the cum again, then she started to lick her fingers clean. After that she used her fingers to take away the cum off her face and top and licked it as well. While she repaired her make-up she said: "I didn't know that cum tastes salty. I think I like that taste. Thank you very much Miss Lara." Now I was the one who was astonished, I expected almost every reaction but not such gratitude. After she had done everything we went into the club.

Melissa got many free drinks from guys and was a bit drunk. The whole time I was looking for a nice and tall guy and I found one. I left Melissa and went over to him and after some small talk I asked if he would like to buttfuck my little girl. He checked Melissa out and agreed. I went back to Melissa and we left the club followed by the new guy. Melissa had no idea what would happen next. When we arrived at my car the guy stepped behind her and bend her over the engine hood.

He pressed his legs between hers and opened his trousers with one hand. Because being drunk and weak Melissa could not resist. With one hand he pushed Melissa down and with the other hand he jerked his dick until it was hard. With all his power he rammed his 9" long and 3" thick dick into her ass-pussy. Melissa started to cry because no plug had stretched her the day. The guy paid no attention to that and started to fuck her with his full length cock.

Quickening up his ramming he drew deeper into her ass and his balls began to slap against Melissa's ass. After some minutes her crying began to fade away and her moans got louder. This made the guy happy and he began to fuck her even faster and deeper. After about 5 minutes of fucking her he pulled out his dick and turned her around. He pushed her down on her knees, rammed his dick into her mouth and cute teen chloe meets a guy on a dating site to face fuck her.

He pressed her head against his loins and deepthroated her. Melissa started to gag and at this point he could not hold it anymore. Once again Melissa pulled her head back and the first squirt of his cum hit her face. The second one hit her still open mouth and then he pulled her back on his dick. He pumped squirt after squirt in her mouth and all she could do was swallowing. Cum dripped out of the corner of her mouth but she handled it.

He grunted and squirted and as he stopped, Melissa's face was covered in cum. Melissa had to lick his cock clean and after putting it back in his trousers he gave me 50 bucks and went away. "Melissa, wasn't that nice? Your first blowjob and your first real ass-fuck in one night. now you are a real bitch and I even got 60 buck. Now, stand up and get in the car.

I want to go home." Shocked from what had happened she stood up and sat down. During the ride back home she had to clean her face and top and when we entered my apartment she had do shower. After that she got a sexy nightie and we went sleeping. end of day 2 Please write comments and vote my story!