The charm of luscious virgin vagina hardcore and blowjob

The charm of luscious virgin vagina hardcore and blowjob
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Nicky did indeed get in touch… Although she was happily married - well married anyway her experience in the cafe had awoken long-hidden urges in her. She had gone to a same-sex school and in her mid teens had often been the subject of desire of some of the older girls. She had been innocent in the extreme, the girls telling her that this was "all part of growing up" and she had happily given into the various approaches made. Of course the changing rooms in the school's gym were a popular rendezvous and the fact that the school had its own indoor pool also gave rise to a great many opportunities.

She knew she was attractive and her mother had always told her she could go into modelling. She also attracted somewhat dubious glances from her older brother which she was careful to ignore.

There had been no serious relationships at school but one of the girls in particular had treated her as her "special" friend and more than once she had happily stood in the shallow end of the pool pretending to be chatting whilst under the water the girl's fingers were rummaging around under her swimsuit. It was these memories that were evoked by what Angela had done to her in the cafe and it was as much for the warmth these memories brought her than for any other reason that she rang Angela the following week.

Angela was obviously delighted that Nicky had rung and lost no time in inviting her round the following afternoon. Nicky knew where the house was and nervously rung the door bell at the appointed hour.

Angela answered the door with a glass of wine in her hand and beckoned Nicky in with a grin. "Brilliant! Glad you decided to join us. Glass of wine?" Nicky was not used to drinking in teamskeet sexy blonde babe victoria white hardcore sex cumshot afternoon but happily accepted and followed Angela through to the kitchen where she poured her a glass. "This way. Caroline's already here" Nicky followed Angela into the lounge and saw her friend sat on the sofa.

She immediately stood up and, to her surprise, gave her a hug. The intimate contact was surprising but welcome. She sat down next to Caroline on the sofa while Angela sat on a chair opposite and they looked at each other for a few seconds. "Well I guess we know while we're here don't we?" Angela exclaimed brightly. "A bit of girl on girl action?" Caroline replied eagerly. Nicky spluttered as some wine went down the wrong way and all three girls collapsed in giggles.

If anything this blatant admission relaxed them and once Nicky had recovered Angela confessed to her what she and Caroline had actually been up to in the changing room. "Although you had guessed hadn't you?" Nicky admitted this. "Sorry if I startled you in the caf?ut you were just so…gorgeous!" Nicky blushed and quickly took another sip of wine. seduction and then sexy fucking hardcore blowjob are you actually lesbians then?

Or do you just sort of muck about?" Nicky asked. Angela and Caroline exchange glances. "Well my husband died a few years ago and since then I haven't really been out with any other men." She went on to explain what Caroline already knew, that she had found herself enjoying the company of women socially and she had been "seduced" by a friend of hers one afternoon when they had both drunk rather more wine than they had anticipated.

Although the relationship had been off and on, she had found she had a taste for it. "And then of course this one," she waved her wine glass in the direction of Caroline, "Came into the gym shaking her wonderful tits about and milf showing lingerie to her step daughter rest is history!" Caroline laughed. "It wasn't quite like that!" she protested.

"It was!" Angela retorted. "You admitted you wore that skimpy outfit on purpose just for me!" Caroline smiled sheepishly. "So that was the first time for you two then?" Nicky asked. Angela and Caroline grinned at each other. "It was." Caroline admitted. "But we've had a couple sessions since then haven't we?" She turned to look at Nicky. "We thought you weren't going to ring. Why did you leave it so long?" Nicky put her glass down an explained that she had been nervous at first but then came round to the idea.

She told them about her experiences at school and Caroline nodded. "Most girls fool around that age.

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Most of them stop as they get older. But not all of us eh?" The girls chuckled in agreement and there was a brief pause as each decided how to proceed.

As usual it was Angela who broke the ice. "Shall we go upstairs?" she said quietly. The other two quickly murmured agreement and put their glasses down, following Angela up to her bedroom. She had kept the big double bed from her marriage and the bedclothes had been taken off leaving just the bottom sheet and a few pillows.

Although Nicky had been relaxed whilst chatting in the lounge she now became nervous again, unsure as to what would happen. She hoped she wouldn't feel left out and was therefore grateful when Caroline went to the far side of the bed and Angela stayed on the near side with her and turned to smile at her encouragingly.

"May I kiss you?" Nicky was surprised at so intimate a request. It contrasted with the forceful treatment she had received in the cafe and she helplessly allowed Angela to curl her arms around her waist and kiss her gently on the lips.

Closing her eyes it felt no different to A man, although a lot more gentle, and she involuntarily parted her lips to allow Angela's tongue to slip into her mouth. There was a vague taste of wine as, encouraged by Angela she slid her own tongue into Angela's mouth and soon the pair of them were kissing passionately, their bodies crushed together.

Already Nicky was starting to relax and finding herself aroused by the intimate contact. She felt Angela ease her back until her legs touched the bed and she quickly sat down. Angela sasha grey old glenn ends the job her and guided her back on to the bed until the pair of them were lying full length. She sensed Caroline behind her but was lost in the feelings that Angela was bringing to her.

The two girls were now kissing and cuddling quite freely, Angela's hands roaming up and down Nicky's body. Then Nicky tensed as she felt Angela's fingers toying with the buttons of her blouse but did not object as gradually she undid them.

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Angela eased Nicky on to her back and lying next to her gazed into her eyes as her fingers roved over her now-exposed body. Nicky held her gaze as Angela's fingers slid gently underneath the lacy material of her bra and then, as if to avoid her gaze and leaned down and kissed her again, whilst her hand snaked under Nicky's body and fumbled for the catch.

Her bra was expertly unclipped and then Angela's hand was under the straps and round to the front of her body. Nicky gasped as Angela's hands slipped under her bra and started to massage and caress her breasts. She suddenly realise that perhaps she ought to be doing something to reciprocate so brought her hands up under Angela's tee shirt where her fingers met Angela's own bra.

This was soon unclipped and she felt the bra come free. The two women seemed to sense they were getting into a bit of a tangle so Angela, who hawt sex session receives started hardcore and blowjob now was almost on top of Nicky, quickly knelt up astride her and grinned down at her. "Shall we get these off?" Nicky nodded as she watched Angela pull her tee shirt over her head, her bra coming with it.

Nicky herself struggled out of her blouse and took off her bra, watched by Caroline who was lying on the other side of the bed, still fully clothed. She had almost forgotten Caroline was there and as she glanced across Caroline was gazing charlee chase and bruce venture i Nicky's breasts and, without a word, she leant down and gently planted a kiss on her left nipple. This brought forth an involuntary gasp from Nicky who again tensed but then gently relaxed as Caroline began to carefully run her tongue around the taut nub.

Nicky was now losing herself in these wonderfully intimate feelings as Angela started to work on her right breast, the two women sharing her. So much for feeling left out! She forced her eyes opened to watch the two women tonguing and nibbling at her nipples, until she felt she was going to explode. She brought her hands up and started to caress her two friends, her hand sliding over Angela's naked torso and reaching round until she could touch her breasts.

She marvelled at how pert Angela's breasts were, her nipples like two stalks. This seemed to encourage Angela who worked her mouth up Nicky's neck them to her lips as once again they kissed passionately. This seemed to be a signal to Caroline as Nicky sensed her climbing off the bed. She was too involved with Angela to see what was happening but within seconds Caroline was lying by her side and this time she was unmistakably naked.

"About time too!" Angela exclaimed, having pulled away from Nicky. Nicky admired Caroline's body, so different from her own and Angela's. Her breasts were wonderfully full and although not as big as Maria her body was beautifully developed.

Angela move to one side and Caroline took her place, actually climbing on top of Nicky. It was now their turn to kiss and Nicky's hands roamed up and down Caroline's back as their tongues entwined.

Then Caroline started to move down her body and Nicky closed her eyes as she felt her breasts cupped and brought to Caroline's tongue. Once again she worked on her nipples, and then started to move down her belly. Nicky opened her eyes and gazed down as Caroline reached her waist and then began to fiddle with the buckle of her jeans. Nicky now was past caring as these were undone and Caroline hooked her fingers into the waistband and pulled her jeans and panties down with one swift movement.

Lifting her hips up enabled Caroline to pull her jeans off completely and she now lay naked. She looked up as Caroline knelt between her legs, completely unabashed. Caroline held her gaze with a grin as she stroked her fingers gently up and down the inside of her thighs.

Nicky shivered. Angela snuggled up to her and Nicky extended her arm to pull her friend closer, Angela's head nestling in the crook of her shoulder and her fingers gently playing with her breasts.

Nicky felt she was in heaven. Her eyes were closed giving herself up to the wonderful feelings coursing through her as Angela's fingers worked their magic on her breasts and Caroline's fingers moved slowly but inexorably up towards her pussy.

Then she felt the first intrusion of Caroline's finger between the lips and she gave a gasp as slowly but surely the finger entered her. This was followed by a second finger, sliding gently in and out of her pussy. Of course she was used to Joe inside her so easily accommodated this second finger and started to shift her hips up towards Caroline.

To her disappointment she felt her fingers removed but then suddenly she felt the unmistakable soft wetness of Caroline's tongue. Her eyes shot open and she gazed down between her legs, Angela laughing at her reaction. "Believe me she's good at this." Angela whispered. These were almost the first words she had spoken since they had climbed on to the bed and Nicky welcomed them.

She turned to grin at her friend but she was gazing down at what Caroline was doing. Nicky followed her gaze and watched as Caroline's head bobbed up and down between her legs.

However she could take no more and lay back, closing her eyes as Caroline's tongue worked its magic. Joe had never been very keen on this although he had done it a couple times. However the gentleness and expertise of Caroline brought her slowly to a peak. Then she felt the soft tongue on her clitoris and that was enough. With a gasp and then a cry Nicky thrust her hips upwards to meet Caroline's tongue stabbing between the lips of her pussy as she came, waves of almost relief flooding through her.

Despite her earlier nerves she now felt so relaxed, so open so…happy at what was happening to her. This was heaven! All too soon tight blonde teen railed by her stepbro in the bedroom feelings ebbed away and she found her body gently relaxing back onto the bed. She opened her eyes and peered blearily down at Caroline whose face was beaming wetly back up at her.

"That was wonderful!" She whispered. Caroline grinned. "My pleasure, my darling. You've got a great little pussy there!" "What's wrong with mine then?" Angela protested with a laugh. Caroline slid off the end of the bed and then stood up, walking round to climb back on and lie next to Nicky.

She leaned forward and gave Nicky up a on the lips. Nicky winced as she tasted her own juices the first time. "You'll have to get used to it if you're joining the circle!" Nicky immediately felt guilty and pulled Caroline to her to kiss her again. How could she refuse after what this girl had done for her? There…it wasn't so bad. Caroline turned to lay back on the bed and Nicky suddenly realise that perhaps something was expected of her.

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She turned onto her side and tentatively reached out to run her fingers across Caroline's breasts. She marvelled at their softness and weight as they lolled sleepily on her chest and it felt quite natural to massage her breasts and, as she liked to do to herself, rub the nipples between finger and thumb. This was obviously something that Caroline also appreciated as she arched her back with a sigh.

Nicky guessed she was doing the right thing and thus encouraged she leaned over and started to kiss and lick at Caroline's nipples. "That's it Nicky…" Angela encouraged her as, with guidance from the two women, Nicky eased herself on pornstar emma strips and plays with her hotgvibe of Caroline.

Caroline's legs parted and Nicky found her head between her breasts and her tummy nestling against the warmth of her groin. She brought her breasts together with her hands and continued to suck and chew at her nipples.

Caroline's hands were now on her head, pulling her closer to her, still rubbing her groin against Nicky's belly. Nicky realized that Caroline was trying to bring herself off against her and she toyed with the idea of doing to her what Caroline had done between her legs. However she felt she wasn't quite ready for this yet so quickly slid her right hand down Caroline's flank and between their bodies until it was sliding across the soft pad of her pubis.

Caroline gave an encouraging murmur as Nicky's fingers sought her pussy and suddenly two of them were sliding wetly between her lips. This was the first time that Nicky had touched another woman's pussy but she happily slid her fingers up and down the warm wetness and then tentatively slid her finger into her.

Caroline gave a grunt as Nicky started to slide her middle finger in and out and Nicky brought her thumb up towards Caroline's clitoris.

She soon found it and her wet thumb flicked back and forth across it as Caroline continued to writhe beneath her. She had now lifted herself up slightly so she could reach between Caroline's legs and supporting herself on one hand which was starting to ache slightly. "Hang on a minute…" she muttered, as she carefully eased herself up until she was kneeling between Caroline's legs and quickly returned her hand to her friend's pussy. She found herself excited gazing down at Caroline's body, knowing that it was purely her fingers between her legs that was causing her so much pleasure.

She used her left hand to caress the soft flesh of Caroline's inner thighs and leaning forward stroked her fingers delicately up Caroline's tummy and back down again. Angela was still lying alongside Caroline and watching but now she leaned over and started to play with Caroline's breasts, as she had done for Nicky. Suddenly Caroline started to thrust her hips to meet Nicky's fingers and then with a gasp she brought her hand down, grabbed Nicky's own hand, clamping it tight against her pussy as she came.

Her other hand was curled around Angela's shoulders, pulling her tightly against her chest.

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She jerked several times as she came, surprising Nicky had with the force of her orgasm and the clenching of her pussy around her fingers.

Eventually she calmed down and Nicky felt her hips settle back on the bed. She carefully withdrew her fingers once Caroline had released her grip and as Angela turned onto her back Caroline gazed up at Nicky gratefully.

"Excellent for your first go!" Nicky felt relieved. She gazed at the two women. She also felt accepted.