Handjob and swallowing cum in the car

Handjob and swallowing cum in the car
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Ever since I'd met Melissa at the local community college six years before, I'd known she had a crush on me. Back then, I was twenty-six and she was eighteen. I'd only been married to Natalie for a year and, well, I've always gotten along better with the ladies than the guys, so I'd developed a friendship with Melissa. She'd make a point of constantly flirting with me, brushing up against me, staring into my eyes without blinking, the common things.

When she found out I was married she seemed disappointed, making a comment about how "the good ones are always taken." But she didn't stop her flirtations. She even made sure that we were in the same classes together the following semester. I probably should have done something to stop the girl, of course, but I was rather flattered.

Here was this young woman with long, blonde hair and a nice tight figure, acting as if she wanted ME of all people. Melissa was as tall as me, thin as a rail, with long legs and small breasts. Her blue eyes were strikingly piercing, as if they could look into your soul, and her smile, framed by full, kissable lips, was worth every joke I told her.

Beyond how she looked, she was fun to hang out with. We had much more in common than my wife and I did, and I remember wishing Melissa had come along a couple of years earlier. Things were already rocky between Natalie and me.

Time passed, and both Melissa and I had to drop out of the community college for various reasons. We kept in touch via Facebook, however, sometimes chatting for hours, and she would often talk police babe latina deepthroats on the border the two boys she was seriously dating off and on.

As I said, things between my wife and I were not well, including our sex life. Sometimes, when I actually convinced Natalie to have sex and she was laying under me, letting me have her body but no more, I would imagine that it was Melissa that I was screwing. Or sometimes I'd imagine that Melissa was watching us from across the room, masturbating, commenting on how she loved watching my dick slide in and out of my wife's pussy and how she liked the sound of my balls hitting the other woman's crotch.

That would sometimes get me off even FASTER than imagining having sex with Melissa. Most often, though, I'd find myself sitting on the toilet, jacking off to Melissa's Facebook photos on my phone, imagining her encouraging me on, or giving me a hand or blow job.

When I came into a small roll of toilet paper, gasping, I'd stare into whatever picture had made me do it that particular time, again wishing that this girl had come into my life just a little sooner.

As chance would have it, Melissa and Natalie ended up meeting a few years later (through me, of course), and they became friends. I've always suspected that a reason for this was that Melissa wanted to be near me, even though by this time she, too, had just been married. I remember the first time Melissa and I saw each other in person again. She looked almost identical; a little less skinny, with most of her weight having been added to her hips and her breasts, and her hair now coming only to her shoulders.

I, being me, really DID look identical to five years earlier; average height, dark hair, and blue eyes covered with glasses. Melissa came up to me and, smiling, just hugged me, pressing her chest up sophie lynx lindsey olsen rim my gape video mine, letting her husband and my wife watch in awkward silence.

My penis throbbed at the contact, but I acted as if this was normal, and the rest of the night wasn't as strange. The four of us got together quite often after that, and it always seemed there would be at least one incident each time that we did to remind me that Melissa had the hots for me.

Sometimes she'd bend over to give me a wonderful view of her cleavage, just long enough for me to realize it wasn't an accident. At other times, she'd bend over the other way, giving me a nice view of her butt.

Whenever we had to give something to each other, we'd do white sex room juelz ventura big tits blonde milf blowjob tattoo lingerie "finger linger," where she'd let her hand stay on mine for just a little too long.

She'd brush her butt or breasts against me, ever so lightly, when she'd had plenty of room to pass by without doing so. Once, when I was handing my dog over to her, she took him AND my hand and pressed it up against her chest so tight that I could feel her heartbeat.

I can still feel the warmth of that soft flesh under my hand. She looked me in the eyes and smiled broadly while we just stayed that way for several seconds, and then I slowly removed my hand, letting it caress her breast. I'm not sure, but I think she moaned.

Once, Natalie came to me and told me she had a secret she needed to tell me about Melissa, but that I had to promise never to tell her friend that my wife had told me.

I promised. Melissa had confided to Natalie that she "used" to have a HUGE crush on me back when we'd first met and that Natalie was lucky to have me.

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It turns out that Steven, Melissa's husband, was addicted to pornography. When Natalie had suggested that the guy get counseling, Melissa explained that she didn't think that was necessary, as she herself had been addicted to pornography when she was a young teenager but had gotten over it. Natalie had been shocked and, when she asked what kind of pornography she used to look at, Melissa had told her that she still looked at it on occasion but that she wasn't addicted anymore.

And she'd told Natalie that she looks at all kinds, but mostly just the "straight-up" stuff, although she was liking orgies more and more. Of course, my wife had no idea that I looked at pornography on a regular basis. That night, I watched an orgy myself, imagining what it would be like if Melissa was there watching with me.

I came in no time. Shortly after that, I decided to test my wife's new best friend. The next time she came over, Melissa came to our house by herself, as Steven had to work.

Natalie, Melissa and I talked for a while, and then I got up, explaining I had to use the restroom. After I'd shut the door, I unzipped my pants, took out my already-hardening penis, and yanked it several times. It didn't take long to get the thing as hard as a rock.

Wondering if I really had the balls to do what I was planning, I put my penis back into my pants and gingerly pushed it down, making it tent the fabric up quite noticeably. When I draped my shirt over the area, however, it was hardly obvious at all. Perfect. Walking back out, I realized that I should have pretended to wash my hands, but it was too late for that. I was shaking a little, but other than that I felt ready to do this. "That was fast," Natalie said, not even looking at me.

I shrugged and sat down on my recliner, which happened to be across from the couch, where Melissa sat. The girl wore a tight blue shirt that accentuated her young breasts quite well.

I could see the outline of her bra against the smooth fabric. Her legs were covered by black leggings and boots that met a short, denim skirt about mid-thigh. The leggings had a run in them on the inner, left leg, and a large hole showed her entire right knee.

I figured that these tears were intentional. My wife sat on the loveseat, which was unfortunately also somewhat opposite of me. The bulge in my pants felt VERY noticeable, but with my shirt in front of it neither of the women had seemed to notice. I really DIDN'T want Natalie to see it. I figured that would only cause questions. We continued small talking for a while, my hard penis throbbing, wanting to be moved.

Finally, Natalie mentioned that she needed to start making the dinner she had in mind. I usually cooked, but when we had company my wife wanted to make it look as if SHE was the one who did anything domestic. My heart raced as I realized that I was about to have my chance.

"How's Steven's school work doing?" Natalie asked, as she went into the kitchen. I quickly rearranged my shirt and cocked up one knee as Melissa's eyes followed my wife. "It's been doing okay," Melissa said. "He really likes his math class. I know. Weird." They both giggled. I looked down and verified that the tent in my pants was VERY obvious. All Melissa would need to do was look at the general area and she'd see. My heart pounded so hard I could hardly hear what the girls were saying.

"Ugh, I HATE math." This from Natalie. "I don't HATE it necessary, but it isn't my…" Melissa's words died on her mouth and I saw her eyes lock on my crotch. I remember thinking how it hadn't taken the girl long to find what I wanted her to see.

Her already pale face went as white as a sheet for a few seconds, and then it went bright red as she continued speaking, biting her lip. "Yeah, it's definitely not my favorite." She seemed to realize what she was saying and that she was staring at my penis as she said it and quickly added, "but it really isn't bad at all." Her eyes were stilled glued on my penis.

I had the urge to adjust the thing, but I didn't. I just let the girl stare. She slowly raised her own long left leg so her foot was resting next to her butt cheek on the couch, an innocent move had she not been wearing a rather short skirt.

Of course, she was also wearing black leggings. But still, the message was obvious. Then Melissa spread her right leg a fraction of an inch and it was MORE than a little obvious. The run on the inside of the left legging went all the way up to the crotch. From my vantage point, I could see a sliver of white where her panties showed through. I swallowed and felt the color drain from my OWN face.

Melissa's was still a bright red, but she had a musing little smile on her lips. She was looking from the run on her left leg to my penis and back again, over and over.

It was hard to tell, but I think that her breathing had sped up. I know mine had. And my heart was still pounding like I was running a marathon. Meanwhile, Natalie had been speaking in the kitchen. "Natalie, you KNOW I'll eat whatever you make," Melissa said. "We could even just have sandwiches." She had stuck a finger in the run of her leggings and was running it up and down the bare part of her leg.

"But I WANT to make you that lasagna I was talking about!" Natalie was rattling around in one of the cupboards searching for something. Suddenly, her head was poking around the corner. "You guys wouldn't mind if I ran to the store really quick, would you?" My leg came down so fast that I think I bruised myself, and I quickly adjusted my shirt. Melissa's legs came together audibly, and the finger that had been so sexily tracing out the run in her legging was now brushing back some of her hair.

Both of us were looking at the floor guiltily. I don't think Natalie noticed a thing. "No, I wouldn't mind," I said automatically. Usually I would have volunteered to go myself, but I was too frazzled. "Me neither, if you insist," Melissa said. I looked up for a moment and saw that the girl was still blushing furiously.

I think if she'd been thinking clearly, she probably would have offered to go with Natalie, rather than staying here with me, alone. Natalie probably would have thought of that, too, but she was obviously worried about getting the dinner just right.

She grabbed her set of keys and her purse and was heading out the door in a less than a minute. "I promise I'll be back soon. I'm just getting a few things for the dinner. Love you Brian! Love you Melissa! Bye!" After the door forcefully shut and the garage door began to open, I looked over at Melissa. "Sooo&hellip." she said, smacking her lips and looking around awkwardly. The car started and drove out and the garage door shut again. "Anything you want to do?" I asked after what seemed to be an eternity, but was probably only a half-minute.

"Want to start a show? Or play a game?" "Oh, hey! You like the Sims, don't you?" Melissa uncrossed her legs and scooted forward, suddenly excited.

She even clapped her hands. When I'd asked if she wanted to play a game, I meant more like on the Wii, or Xbox 360, or maybe a board game. My computer that played the Sims was in my office, and it was really only meant for one person.

"Umm… Yeah, I guess I do like the Sims. You really want to play that?" For some reason I'd once told Melissa that I played the Sims. What I HADN'T told her—or anybody—was that I really used it to live out sexual fantasies. Most any girl I found attractive, including Melissa, had a Sim representation on my game, as realistically portrayed as possible. I even had special skins and a thing that removed the censor when showing the Sims naked, so they looked very correct anatomically.

Natalie never played the game, so she didn't know about it. If Melissa played it… there was no way to hide it. When Natalie had busted us, I'd been frightened out of my mind.

My penis had quickly gone soft again. Now, with the thought of Melissa seeing my Sims game… it started getting hard again. "Yeah, let's do it! I've been wanting to play it forever and Steven just isn't into it. Come on, Brian!" Melissa stood up and, acting like she was adjusting her skirt, flashed the bottom of her leggings-covered butt at me.

That action only served to make my penis get harder faster, and I started to truly realize that, besides my dog, who was laying down to take a nap, Melissa and I were completely alone. Licking my lips, I stood up, grabbed a chair from the dining area, and followed the girl into my office.

It was a small room, the smallest in my house besides bathrooms, and it barely fit my desk and chair, let alone another one. Melissa was sitting on my office chair and had already found the Sims 3 icon and clicked it to begin the long process of loading up the program. I was about to sit on the chair I'd brought in, when she stood up and pointed to the chair in front of the monitor.

"You. Sit." "I thought YOU were going to play." "I really just like to watch." "Are you sure?" Melissa nodded. I moved toward the chair she'd offered me as she moved toward the chair I'd brought in. When we met, she stepped unnecessarily close and brushed her butt up against my engorging penis. I swear she pressed INTO the thing as she felt it. I held in a moan. When she sat, she brought both knees up to where they were under her chin.

I glanced down and noticed that just a tiny bit of her panties were visible through the run at her crotch. We sat there natasha nice gets pounded in hardcore fashion a while as the game loaded, me trying not to stare at Melissa's panties, as it would be far too obvious, and her making the occasional comment about the little phrases that would come up on the loading screen.

I'd laugh along. Finally, I had to say something. "So, I should warn you that I let my Sims be naked." Melissa giggled. "Like, naked naked? Like, you don't have the censor thing on?" "Yeah." "Brian! You're dirty!" "It just… feels silly with it on." "I agree, actually. I've played without it before, too, but I went even further." Intrigued, I turned to her.

"What do you mean?" Melissa giggled and lowered her voice, "I had the little naughty bits. But that's before I got married. I think Steven would FLIP if he knew." She laughed harder, bringing her legs down to the floor and crossing them. "Ummm…" I said, giggling too, a bit of a sheepish grin on my face. "I… also have the naughty bits." "Brian!" Melissa said this with such delighted shock that I threw up my hands. "Sorry!

I figured I'd tell you before you just saw them on the screen." Melissa started laughing so hard that I thought she'd fall off her chair.

Soon, I joined in, but I was still a little bit mortified. After a long while, Melissa wiped tears from her eyes and, without looking at me, said, "So, do you look at porn?" "Why would you think that?" I asked carefully. "Well, you obviously don't have a problem looking at naked people. Don't worry, I won't tell Natalie. And I won't judge you. I… I look at it sometimes." I decided to tell her the truth.

"Yeah, sometimes. Things aren't great between me and Natalie, to tell you the truth." Melissa looked at me with a wry smile. "Things aren't hayley marie coppin downblouse jerk iboobsbig booobs between me and Steven, either. I know this sounds mean, but I really wish he'd lose some weight.

He kind of smashes me. Oh, hey, look, it's ready for you to select your save." I looked at the monitor and noted that it was indeed ready.

I went to click that I wanted to start a new game, but Melissa said, "No, we can play the one you were already playing." I saw that her eyes were glued on the screen and realized, to my horror, what she was looking at. The picture the game had for the save was of the Sims in the household I had been playing.

All of them were naked. My own avatar was there, penis sticking out, along with three naked teen girl Sims and four naked young women Sims. Although she probably didn't realize it, one of those young women was a reproduction of Melissa. Frozen, I just sat there. Melissa stood up, giggling, and reached over to where the mouse was, resting her right breast on my shoulder. She took hold of my hand and manually moved it to open my last saved game.

"I'm so embarrassed," I grumbled. "Are you really going to make me do this?" "Don't be embarrassed!" Melissa looked genuinely concerned as the game began the next phase of loading. She scooted close, putting her hand on my upper thigh. "Brian, seriously, don't be embarrassed. Let me tell you a secret.

I used to have a HUGE porn problem. When I was thirteen, I would sneak down into my family room and get off to videos of naked boys—and girls—ALL NIGHT. I can't tell you how many times I got caught by my sisters and parents, but no matter what they did to stop me I'd figure out how to see it again. I would hardly sleep at all. I guarantee that this isn't as embarrassing as getting caught naked by your dad in front of the computer while looking at some dude masturbate.

Besides, this is just a game. It's for fun. So let's have fun!" She squeezed my leg and left her hand there. I was very conscious of her breast pressing up against my arm. "So what should I expect?

I assume the one dude was you?" Melissa said it so nonchalantly. As if this were gas boy sex storys com everyday occurrence.

"Yeah, I guess that's me. And you should expect a lot of naked girls?" I laughed and she did too a bit. "Who are the girls? Are they all just fantasies, or are they canadas dirtiest milf shanda fay gives bj in garage on real people?" Oh crap, I thought. "They're all based on real people. I don't think you know most of them.

That's when the game loaded, bringing up the last scene I'd been at. My avatar was lying on the bed with one of the teenage girls. The screen was zoomed in to show both naked people cuddling, the guy's penis sticking out, the teen girl's leg cocked to show a bald pussy. Within a few seconds, they went under the covers in the game's animation to show that they were having sex, growls and laughter coming from the sheets. "I didn't know that teens could have woohoo," Melissa said.

"I found a mod for it. I know, it's a little weird, but honestly it's not like they look like YOUNG teens, right?" "She's pretty!" Melissa said, smiling, "Who is she? Is that what she looks like in real life?" I shrugged. "She's Sammi. The daughter of a lady I know I work. We've met a few times and… yeah. I don't know how well I got her down." "Do you have a picture of her?" Again shrugging, I paused the game, just as the two naked Sims got out of bed, and fished my phone out of my pocket.

Within seconds, I'd found Sammi's Facebook profile and was showing Melissa. "Oh, wow, those EYES," the girl said, taking my phone. "They're so big and blue. She's really pretty. I love her dark hair; I wish mine were like that." "Nothing wrong with being blonde." "I guess," she said, grunting, "Except everything thinks I'm an idiot." I noticed that she was scrolling through Sami's photos and shifted uncomfortably. My penis was as hard as a rock again, and Melissa's free hand rested only inches away from it on my thigh.

"Oh, wow, she has some pretty risqué photos on here. Nice bikini shots. As I'm sure you know." She looked up at me and winked, squeezing my thigh and handing my phone back to me.

On the screen were Sami and her friend in their bikinis, acting sexy for the camera. Suddenly, Melissa's hand was off my leg and on the hand with the mouse again, controlling it. She zoomed into Sami's avatar as much as possible. "You got her face REALLY good, especially those eyes, but the hair's a little off." "Yeah, they only have so… many… styles." My words trailed off as her hand came back to my thigh, this time higher and more toward my crotch.

"Yeah, and it takes FOREVER to make your own, right? But, seriously, good job. Her boobs are even the right size, I think. So cute and little. Of course, no way to know if her nipples are right. Or her vagina. Sorry, dude, but she's probably NOT shaved." She giggled.

I zoomed out again and pushed play, making a cursory inspection of all the inhabitants of the house. The other two teens were at home, making out with each on the couch. Two of the four young women were out of the house, I think at their jobs as Porn Stars.

The other two were in the shower, having sex with each other. "So you like lesbianism?" Melissa asked. Again, nonchalant. No big deal. But I could tell that her breathing was coming hard; she was as turned on as me. "I guess so, yeah." "I thought I was a lesbian once." Melissa laughed.

"I even had a 'secret girlfriend.' All we ever did was hold hands and kiss a little, but I really thought that I was into girls, even though I really liked to look at naked guys. Then my 'girlfriend' ended up dating Steven." Once again, Melissa took hold of my hand and used the mouse through it.

First, she zoomed in on the two teens making out on the couch. "Who are they?" "Just a couple of Natalie's other friends. Danica and Jenny." "They're cute. And who are… what are you doing?" I'd stopped her from moving the mouse to the two young women who were by now done having sex in the shower. In hindsight, had I wanted Melissa not to know who the two people were, I probably should have just let her go over to them and lied about them.

But I was obviously not thinking clearly. "Umm… Do you REALLY need to know who euro punk stunner takes an airtight double penetration treat striptease and pornstars all are?" Melissa laughed.

"YES! Now, come on! Let me see!" She nudged me with her side, meaning she nudged me with her breast, and I let her move my hand. The two naked young women were just standing in the bathroom, staring at one another dreamily, occasionally making cooing noises.

"Well, who are… wait a minute." Groaning, I watched as Melissa had the mouse hover over a blonde Sim and her own name came up. She just stayed there for a few seconds, and then looked over at me.

Our faces were only inches away. "Brian, I'm flattered." She quickly paused the game and zoomed into herself. "Is this really what I look like?" I picked up my phone off the desk and pulled up the photo I'd used for creating her Sim. Meanwhile, Melissa sat on the armrest and my leg, draping her arm around me so that her breasts were next to my head.

She really WAS breathing heavily, as was I, and her bare arms were all broken out into goosebumps. Taking my phone, she studied herself and the Sim I'd created of her for a while. "You did pretty good. Even the hair is right. My eyes are even the right shade. It makes me look like an idiot when I smile, though." When she laughed, I saw her very-close breasts bounce the tiniest bit.

Her next words were hardly a breath. "My boobs are even about that size. But not my nipples. You have my nipples too big. The vagina's right, though. It's shaved right now." THAT sent a thrill through me. I looked up at her and saw she was looking down at me as if waiting for a response. "Sorry I don't have it all right." It was all I could think to say. "You can fix it, right?" "Sure," I said, looking away from her bright blue eyes. I right clicked on Melissa's Sim and brought up the right tool to change her character.

After a moment of listening to the loading music, Melissa's Sim stood there in front of us, naked and waving. I went into the appropriate setting. "So, they're too big?" "Yeah. No, they're not THAT small." She giggled as I adjusted the nipple slider downward. With her words, I slid it back up. "You keep overshooting." Without thinking about what I was saying, I said, "Well, it's hard to know what I'm doing without seeing the original!" A little mortified, I looked up at her smile that said, "Really, Brian?" After a few seconds, we both started laughing.

Then, in a moment that I will never forget, she jumped off my lap, took hold of the bottom of her shirt, smiled, and started to raise the garment. "Fine," she said, as the blue fabric peeled away from her skin. I watched in awe as her pale, thin belly and navel were exposed, followed by the white fabric of her bra. It was a simple bra, without any design, and somewhere in my brain I thought that she would stop there, stick out her tongue at me, and pull her shirt back down.

But she didn't. Hooking her thumbs under the cups of her bra, she pulled up and exposed her small breasts to me. They were pale enough to show some blue veins beneath the skin, and not as tight as I'd expected them to be, considering the rest of her body. They shook a little bit as she shivered, either in excitement or cold, and as I sat only a couple of feet away I could see goosebumps all over them.

If the bra that held them were larger than an A cup, I'd be surprised. The nipples on the tips of the breasts looked very hard and were the same color as Melissa's lips; not very dark, but far darker than the skin around them. The areola had larger bumps around them that I truly wanted to caress, either with finger or tongue.

When Melissa let out a little laugh, I was startled out of my reverie, the small globes of flesh bouncing dramatically. "Take a picture. It lasts longer." "Seriously?" I said, reaching for my phone. "No!" She screamed, giggling, and pulling down her shirt in a quick motion. Her face was a bright red blush that I found strikingly beautiful.

Wishing I'd not reached for my phone, wishing I could have that view in front of me forever, I forced out a laugh. Melissa looked into my eyes, and straightened up. "Actually, yes." She brushed back her hair from her eyes and pulled her shirt back up; the bra was still stuck up to where she'd put it before. Awed, I watched as Melissa posed for me, putting her shoulders back so that her tits stuck out at me, bouncing slightly with the motion.

She was still blushing furiously. The smile she gave was huge and in no way forced.

As I fumbled to open my camera app, I watched this beautiful young woman's breathing come in and out, looking from her belly button, to her breasts, to her face, to her breasts, to her belly button, and starting the cycle over again.

Finally, I brought my phone up and took a quick photo. Melissa adjusted her bra and pulled her shirt back down. I looked at the photo I'd just taken, unable to believe she would let me keep it. "Too bad you had my vagina right, huh?" She winked, giggling, and came to sit next on my leg again.

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This time she was farther toward the center, and I felt the muscle of one buttock press up against my hard penis. "Well, SOMEONE'S having a good time," Melissa said, wiggling herself against me. I moaned. "Come on, let's keep playing. We need to get my nipples right." I adjusted them a tiny bit and she was satisfied, making me think that the whole thing had been an excuse to show me her boobs.

As I saved the alterations, she had another question for me. "So who's the girl you had me in the shower with?" "Ashley. She and I dated a long time ago. She's friends with Natalie now, too." As the game pulled up, she looked at the girl. "She's pretty, I guess, but I think I'd rather be in the shower with your Sim. I mean, did you see his DICK?" Melissa laughed, grabbing the mouse and had me scroll over to where my Sim was busy walking down a hallway, still naked, hard-on wagging back and forth.

"Be honest, now, Brian. Is yours ANYWHERE near that big?" I shrugged, feeling her weight on the penis we were discussing. Swallowing, my mouth terribly dry, I tried to act as nonchalant as she was. "No, probably not. Honestly, I never even adjusted it. I only put penises in here because it looked weird for me NOT to have one." "Well that won't do. If I'M accurate, you need to be, too.

Fix it." So I pulled my own Sim up in the same screen Melissa's Sim had been in only moments before. As I began to adjust the guy's penis, I thought of lying, letting it be bigger than it really was, but decided against it. When I had it at a good six inches or so, circumcised, with a fairly large ball sack, I announced that I was done. "Seriously? It's REALLY that big? I mean, you didn't put it down very much. I was imagining&hellip." And she held up her forefinger. "Hey!" I said as we giggled.

"Well, I can't KNOW until I've seen it, can I?" Melissa turned on my lap so that I was looking up into her eyes. The feeling on my dick was extraordinary. "So PROVE it." "Are you asking to see my penis?" "Yes." I stared up at her for a good long while before saying, "Well, you'll have to get off of me." Melissa stood and, actually SQUEALING, she said, "Wait just a second," before running out the door.

In a moment she was back with her phone. "Okay, take it out, Brian. Show me what ya got." Now nervous, my hands began to shake and I felt my penis start to shrink. Trying to hurry before it was tiny, I unzipped and popped the thing out of its underwear. Because it was getting smaller, it was probably only about four inches at that point, but Melissa still squealed in delight again.

"Can I take a picture?" "Sure," I agree. "Oh, Brian, you're so sweet. You're nervous aren't you? It's getting smaller." She took a photo of my face and then a photo of my penis, fairly up close. "Of course I'm nervous!" "Don't be nervous! Here, I'll help." Melissa got down on her knees and took my dick in her left hand, slowly stroking it up and down. It immediately jumped and began to grow larger. "You don't mind, do you?" "No. I don't mind." The girl took another picture, this time of her stroking it up and down with her reena sky and melissa moore hungrily eating their pink slit. She continued stroking for a while, and I just watched, stunned and too much in pleasure to do much of anything else.

"I've wanted to do this for a long time, Brian." Melissa spoke as she stroked. "I've had a crush on you since I was eighteen, you know. I've just never had the courage to do this before." She stood, staying bent over to keep her hand on me, and kissed me on my mouth. At first, the kiss was rather tender, but within a few seconds our tongues had met each other and were swirling around one another. I felt her thumb on my now-engorged penis, stroking the head.

It was wet with pre-cum. Melissa knelt down again, face close to my penis, and I sucked in breath as I realized what was about to happen. She kissed the shaft of my penis, giggling as she took a selfie while doing it. I felt her hot breath on my skin, coming from her mouth and nose.

Grabbing my own phone, I took my own photo of her face next to my dick as she smiled up at me and gave me the peace sign. Slowly, as if she wanted to savor the experience, she took hold of my penis and stuck it into her mouth.

I closed my eyes for a moment as a course of energy exploded through me from the wet sensation of her tongue meeting my skin, and then she started to rotate around samia duarte sucks dick like nobody else in fucking sloppy hardcore deepthroat, sucking.

"Oh, Melissa." I groaned in pleasure and my hips went forward of their own volition. For a moment, I had the thought that I might cum inside of her mouth and I really didn't care. But my wife's best friend evidently didn't want that.

After my second hip thrust, she removed her mouth from me and looked up at me, smiling. I realized that I hadn't taken a photo of her doing the actual deed, but figured it wouldn't be polite to ask for her to do it again. Melissa stood and straddled me on the chair, chest heaving. Her pelvis met my penis as she began to dry hump me, and I smelled the perfume she always wore cummin all ova yo face critical x the area around me.

She was too tall for us to kiss comfortably while we continued dry humping, so I began to make out with her neck instead. She gasped as I kissed her skin, shuddering. I licked it; it tasted like sweet flowers of some sort. With one hand, I began to caress her back, the other hand taking the occasional photo with my phone.

Eventually, my caressing hand reached under her shirt and started to slowly pull it up. I waited for Melissa to protest, but she never did. Instead, she reached down and removed the garment with a single swipe, causing her hair to poof our slightly with the static of the motion.

I took a couple photos of her like this, and she seemed to notice the phone for the first time, puckering in mock sexiness for my final shot. She aimed exhib anal avec un couple francais en cam amateur own phone toward our crotches, which she spread away from each other for a moment, taking a photo of my glistening penis and her black leggings.

The hole in the leggings was now noticeably larger from where my penis had rubbed against it, and I could easily see her white, wet panties. Melissa arched her back, bringing her hands behind her to fumble at the clasp of her bra. At this point, I stopped taking photos and started taking video. "This is going for posterity," I said, breathless, and we both giggled. "Who are you going to show?" Melissa got her bra off at this point, letting it slide off her arms.

"Myself, every night." Her breasts bounced as she laughed, the nipples either still rock hard, or rock hard again. She still had goosebumps everywhere, and she still blushed. She lunged forward, pressing her crotch down on my penis harder than before, and I heard a rip as her leggings really gave out a lot.

"Oh, you're so hard, Brian," she whispered. "That's YOUR fault," I said, and we both giggled again. I put her small left breast in my mouth stockings brit tastes lez lesbian and mature sucked, tasting her flesh and feeling the nipple with my tongue.

It was a small rock in a sea of soft skin. Melissa let me suck, stopping her thrusting for a while, moaning. Her heartbeat was audible from that distance, and Dad teen anal first time dollars a pound relished hearing it as I sucked, scraping her nipple with my tongue. Biting down gingerly, I brought the phone close to the action, not knowing if it was in focus, but knowing that I wanted to immortalize this moment.

After a minute or so of this, I went on to Melissa's right breast, giving it the same treatment. While I did this, I caressed her bottom, letting my fingers probe between her legs, feeling how wet it had become down there. I also felt the tear in Melissa's black leggings and, on a whim, grasped hold of it, making the fabric tear even more.

"Oh, Mr. Brian. Are you going to tear off my clothes?" Melissa said this is such an, "I'm an alarmed little girl," voice that we both started laughing again. "Only if you want me to, Miss Melissa." We were still laughing when she answered. "Who WOULDN'T want YOU, Mr.

Brian? You could tear off my clothes whenever you wanted to, mister." So, I grabbed hold of her leggings and yanked as hard as I could. It pulled Melissa off of me for a second and she yelped, still laughing uncontrollably, her breasts shaking. "Wait! Wait, my boots!" She kicked them off and a few seconds later I had torn off her now-ruined leggings, throwing them in a heap in the corner of the room.

Without waiting, I reached under Melissa's skirt and took hold of the back of her panties. "Mr. Brian is so bold," she said, smiling, but she'd stopped laughing. I yanked the panties down and Melissa kicked them off, kissing me as she did. "Can you get some photos of me?" Melissa asked, jumping up off of me and handing me her phone. She now wore only her small denim skirt. "Of course," I said, and we began a short impromptu photo shoot.

The first few photos were just of Melissa being topless; a few where she made her arms press her breasts together, a few where she was bending over, some where she was pretending to be shocked that she was topless. Then she made use of her having no panties; one where she bent over, showing me her nude rear end, another where she did the same but spreading her legs some to show what was indeed a bald pussy, and a few from the front.

Most of these last were just her flashing me, legs together, but the second to last one she spread her legs. And she wanted a nice close-up for the last one. This was my first close up view of a real, live pussy. Technically I'd seen Natalie's, but it was always covered with hair, so I could never really tell what it looked like. Melissa's, being mostly bald, was perfect for viewing. The lips were very red, and it looked to be tight, even spread as it was.

It smelled quite salty. I looked up to her face and smiled as I took the up-close photos, and she smiled back down at me. She was blushing furiously again, something that had gone away while I was doing the other photos.

"You sit on the chair for a while, and spread your legs," I said, pointing. Melissa did as I said, looking down at me as I began to fondle her pussy, a dopy smile on her face. She recorded what I was doing with my phone. I purposely worked AROUND her clit, knowing that she probably figured I didn't know about it and wanting to give her a pleasant shock. At some point, she took her phone back and snapped a few photos of me doing this for her, and right when she was about to take another, I struck.

Using my thumb and forefinger, I grabbed hold of her clitoris and started to roll it back and forth. She gasped and immediately lunged forward with her hips. Smiling up at her, I continued to rub her clit with my right thumb and slowly penetrated her vagina with two of my left fingers. "Brian! Brian, stop, I'm about to cum!" "You really want me to stop?" "Yes, I want to cum with you.

Okay? Please?" "You could cum twice." "Let's not chance it." Melissa laughed as I removed my fingers from her private area and I stood, kissing her. Knowing that we both wanted it now more than ever, I began to tear off my shirt, while Melissa worked on my pants.

I had my phone again and we laughed as I recorded her trying to get the buttons undone, my penis flopping in her face, dripping with pre-cum. "We need to get that hard again," Melissa noted. "That won't take long," I promised as she finally unbuttoned the last button of my pants, letting them fall to the floor.

She then took my underwear and pulled them down, making my penis flop everywhere. Then, without ceremony, Melissa took my dick in her mouth and began sucking. It really didn't take a very long time to get hard again. The naked girl in front of me gobbled for just a minute before I was throbbing like I had been before.

Melissa stood, looking me in the eyes and breathing hard. We began to make out heavily, our fingers at each other's private parts, me rubbing her clit and she pumping my dick. Her breasts pressed up against my chest. The smell of sex permeated the air. "How do you want to do it?" I asked between kisses. "Hard." I laughed. "I mean, like you on top, or me? Or something else entirely?" "OH!" She laughed too, then became serious.

"You really wouldn't mind me being on top?" "Why would I mind that? That would be amazing!" "Really?" "Yeah, I'd get to see your boobs bouncing." We laughed and she reached up with both hand to grasp the back of my hair. "I love you, Brian." "I love you, Melissa." With that, I lay on the floor, her straddling me. She looked at me, very serious.

"I've never done it like this before, so let me know if it doesn't feel right or something." "Okay, Melissa. But I'm sure you be great." At the same time I was wondering what kind of freak Steven was.

Melissa adjusted my penis so that it pointed up to her love hole and settled down on top of me. The feeling was tremendous; she was as tight as she'd looked. Immediately, she began to bounce up and down on top of me, collapsing so that her hands were to either side of me. I reached up and started to stroke her breasts with my left hand, recording the experience with my right.

Craning my neck forward, I kissed her sweaty left breast and she moaned. I began to buck my hips forward, a movement that started outside of my free will, and realized that I was only moments from cumming. "Oh, Brian, I'm… I'm gonna cum. Are you ready?" I wasn't quite, but I was sure that as soon as she started to that I'd be pushed over the edge.

"Yeah, Melissa, you cum whenever you need to." "Sorry it's so… fast." "Oh, don't be sorry, Melissa. You're a darling, Melissa." Her thrusting began to be faster, making me realize that she'd never had a proper orgasm while having sex and didn't realize it wasn't quite there yet.

Indeed, it took her another couple of minutes doing this, and getting me on the verge of explosion, before she collapsed on top of me, twitching.

Melissa's vagina spasmed out of control, clasping my penis over and over again, and that indeed sent me over the edge.

I spurted over and over again into the girl, my hips thrusting forward. Later, when I would watch the video, I'd count fifteen spurts. It was the best orgasm I'd ever had. "That was the best I've EVER had," Melissa said, breathless, a couple of minutes later as we sat in the afterglow, my dick still buried inside of her.

"Me too." And then we heard the garage door opening. "Crap!" we both said in unison. Melissa rolled off of me, causing my penis to slide out of her. She looked over at me, white face a mask of terror. "Hurry, you go in the bathroom.

It takes longer for your pants and shirt because of the buttons. NOW!" I scooped up my clothes and ran to the bathroom, realizing only once I'd gotten in there that I'd forgotten my underwear. Figuring that we were going to get busted anyway, I focused on getting dressed. The door to the garage opened.

"Hey, you guys mind helping bring this stuff in?" I heard my wife say. "Brian's in the bathroom, but I'll be there in just a second." This from Melissa, who I heard rustling from outside the door. legal age teenagers vs one manhood hiddencam and hardcore my wife said.

After what seemed like forever, I got all my buttons done up and, very conscious that I had no underwear, I ACTUALLY used the bathroom—it felt wonderful, in spite of the circumstances—flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and went out of the room, prepared to help the women unload groceries.

On my way to the garage, however, I noticed that the computer screen in my office still showed my Sim naked, so I quickly went over to the machine and simply powered it down. It still smelled like sex in there, but, looking around I saw no evidence of our little experience, except maybe a little sweat and/or cum on the hard-wood floor. I wiped that up the best I could with my socks and helped with the unloading.

It turned out that Natalie had decided to get all of our groceries for the week while she was at the store; that's why it had taken her so long. Melissa looked a little disheveled but, besides having no black leggings on anymore, she seemed perfectly normal.

After all of the groceries were inside, she excused herself to the restroom. While Natalie began preparing the dinner, Melissa and I sat in the same spots we had before.

Once, when she must mom san xxx home mom room been sure that Natalie hadn't been watching, she winked at me and spread her legs, showing her bald pussy to me.

Her panties weren't on. I quickly got out my phone and began texting her. "Where's my underwear???" She got out her phone and responded. "I have them. And you're NOT getting them back. :) They're in my purse, with my panties. I couldn't find my leggings, though." "I'll find them and THEY are MINE." "You can have them. We need to do this again. And send each our photos/movies." "Agreed." That's about when Natalie came in and we had to pretend that everything was normal. We ate dinner and talked for a while after that until Melissa got a text from Steven saying that he was coming home from work.

As Natalie and I said goodbye to Melissa at the door, my wife's best friend looked me in the eye. "Hey, Brian, could you come help me move this box from the back seat to the trunk?" "You go help her, Honey, and I'll clean up," Natalie said, walking toward the kitchen. She really was clueless in all this. I began following Melissa from a few steps away, and she looked over her shoulder, biting her tongue and giggling. She then raised her skirt to flash her butt at me.

I looked around, but it was quite dark and I doubted that anyone would have seen. "I'm assuming you don't have a box," I whispered. "You already filled my box. Rawr." She playfully clawed at my chest as we turned the corner and stood by her car.

Melissa took a deep breath and drew close to me, draping her arms around me and smothering me with a kiss. "Touch me, Brian. One more time before I go. I want to feel your skin on mine." I doubt it's what she had in mind—I'm sure she wanted me to finger her a bit—but I quickly glanced around in the fall air, unzipped my pants, popped out my underwear-free, hardening penis, lifted her skirt, and found her clit with my tip in no time. Just one benefit of being the same height as your lover.

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We stood there under the stars for a little while, staring into each other's eyes, her arms around my neck, and I began to wonder what I'd do if a car came by. For now, this strange sort of kiss goodbye was far too intimate to break.

I continued to rub her clitoris with the tip of my now-wet penis, simply enjoying the contact. After what seemed like a long time, Melissa stood on her tippy toes and lunged forward. This either brought my penis inside of her pussy or between her legs for a moment, and we kissed with our mouths and tongues for a few seconds before breathing, "Goodbye," to each other. She stepped away, taking hold of my dick for a second and giggling. "Don't forget to put that away.

And have sweet dreams." "You too, Melissa. Drive safe." Melissa walked to her car and I followed, opening her door for her. She got in, intentionally flashing her pussy at me, to which we both laughed, and then she drove away.

It was only then that I stuffed my softening penis back into my pants and zipped up. Later that night we did exchange our photos and I mad doggy skillz by tina cutrone casada chase her the video.

I also found her leggings and put them in a place that I figured Natalie would never look. I truly hoped that wouldn't be my last experience with my wife's best friend.