Una ase el amor con perrcon mujeress

Una ase el amor con perrcon mujeress
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It was like any other Saturday morning. At least, that's what I thought when I stepped out of the shower and threw on some sweats and a t-shirt. As I was finishing my breakfast, I heard noise in the hallway.

I didn't think anything of it because I knew the new neighbors were supposed to be moving in this weekend. I went into the spare room where my weights were and started my daily ritual of lifting weights. I thought I heard someone knocking at the door, but by the time I got to the door there was a loud thud and a lot of swearing. "Hey, Neighbor. Can you help us out? We didn't have money for movers and we were trying to move our stuff in.

We ran into some trouble, though," one of the girls said hurriedly as she was trying to keep an eye on the things they had in the front yard. I replied, "Today is your lucky day. You just hired a moving man for the day. My name is Paul. Let me close my door and I will be right there." As it turned out, there were four girlfriends moving in. Their names were Maria, Selena, Christina and Mandy. All four girls were Latinas. I am terrible at telling what countries people come from, but I heard the girls speaking Spanish.

They were all starting their sophomore year at the women's college nearby. As the day progressed, I learned that they were all BFFs. Each of them had a amature fuck in chair intel she cums and cum in her pussy tube porn major ranging from psychology to theater to fashion design to nutrition. And they all were simply gorgeous and incredibly fit. After we got everything moved in, they invited me back to their new apartment by 12:00 pm.

(They didn't have a lot of stuff.) We ordered from the Pan Asian restaurant a few blocks away. I decided to treat them because they are poor college students and I do very well for myself in the computer industry. On the way back from the restaurant, I picked up several bottles of alcohol: everything from wine coolers and wine to the hard stuff.

I thought it would be a nice house warming gift. The girls didn't have a kitchen set, so we ate in the living room. I sat on the couch with Maria and Christina on either side. Selena and Mandy were across from us. It was already 90 minutes since I got back with the food and alcohol. Having finished our food a while ago, we were just getting to know one another as we enjoyed our adult beverages. "Do you have a girlfriend, Paul?" Maria asked.

I said, "Nope." Mandy asked, "What about a boyfriend?" I raised one eyebrow and said proudly, "I am very much a heterosexual. What about you, ladies?" Selena, speaking for the group, said, "Oh, we all like guys. We just decided that with school that we won't have time for any serious relationships until we graduate." Instantly, I felt like someone pulled the rug from under me.

I know that I just met these girls not even 6 hours earlier, but I was hoping to ask one or more of them out. They were simply stunning. It was getting quiet. You know, the kind of quiet that comes before people start excusing themselves to go home or saying that they needed to do something else. I really didn't want to go back to my apartment -- alone, not when there were four incredibly hot women here. "What about playing a game?" I asked. They liked the idea of a game, but they didn't have any games at their hairy oriental pussy sucked and screwed japanese and hardcore place.

And I am a guy. All I have are my Xbox games and I don't think they would want to play those. Oh, I do have some playing cards back at my place. I hesitatingly said, "I know this may sound lame, but I have a deck of cards. I'd be happy to get them. While I am gone, you can pick the card game." They seemed happy with the idea.

I said, "Hey, give me ten extra minutes. I would like to shower after helping move you girls in." Selena said, "How about an hour?

That will give us a chance to get cleaned up too." ===== I came back with the cards and poker chips just tied teen brutal hot family breakfast sex case they chose to play poker.

I am okay at poker. I know the rules and that. I am sure I would be able to teach them poker if they want to learn. Mandy said, "We aren't in the mood for anything that requires a lot of thought. We want to play a game like war." I was thinking, "This blows," but I guess I am still here with these beautiful ladies, so I should just go along with whatever they want.

I said, "Sure thing. It will allow us to still talk and laugh then." Mandy replied, "That's what we like in a guy. Someone who is agreeable and tries to please us women." And they all laughed. I guess I scored some points after all. After we played a game, Maria asked, "So, Paul, what's the craziest thing you ever did in your life." I thought for a while and said, "When I was in high school, I called Domino's (the pizza chain) and sent ten pizzas with all of these crazy ingredients to our principal's address.

That is about it. I am not that adventurous. What about you ladies?" They began to laugh. Maria said, "We play strip poker at school from time to time." Christina jumped in, "It's not as crazy as it sounds, though." Mandy said, "Our parents have sent us to schools for girls ever since we were in kindergarten." Christina continued, "&hellip.

so it's only been with other girls." I raised an eyebrow and said, "Oh really? Very interesting. But you have seen guys' bodies, though. Right? I mean, you have been with a guy before. Right?" "No, at least, not in person. We have seen pictures in our science books," one of them said.

Mandy said, "Maybe sometime we can play strip poker here with you." "Yeah, right," I said as I rolled my eyes, "Don't get me wrong.

I would love to play, but I really don't believe that you even played it at school. You don't look the type." They looked at one another and started smiling. Mandy said, "We were serious about not wanting to play poker today, so strip poker is out." I started to say something, but she interrupted and said, "so how about strip war?" My mouth fell open.

I was not expecting this, but I was so up for it. Or I will be. I asked, "Where should we play?" Mandy replied, "How about the floor?" I got down on the floor. I said, "So what should the rules be?" Selena said, "We only have 52 cards, so to prevent the game from going too fast, how about any time there is war, the loser takes off an article of clothing?" We all agreed to the one rule.

We started playing and they started teasing me saying the first one stripped bare was going to be me. "¿Estás poniendo nervioso, Pablo?" They were arguing about how big I was going to be. "¿Cuánto crees que su pene es?" The first war was between Christina and me. I took off my shirt because I wanted to give them a little to look at. I have been lifting weights ever since I was in high school, so I looked pretty good if I do say so myself.

They looked at one another and smiled. The second time was between Selena and me. I lost again. Selena came over and yanked my left shoe off. The other girls all laughed. I anal pov kg thai teen all in ass lover getting aroused. If only they knew, what would they do? I guess at this rate, I will soon find out. This time it was Maria's turn to beat me. She crawled over to me as the girls were telling her to get me and laughing.

She tugged at my right shoe until it came off. Several cards were turned over and I feigned a sigh of relief to suggest that I thought I was going to spared for a while. No sooner did I do this, Mandy and I were at war. She was smiling and winked at me. We turned over our cards and I lost yet again. I said, "Hey, I think I have been tricked! Okay, your turn, Mandy." As she was crawling over, I stuck out my foot, so she could pull off my sock.

She continued to smile, but started to shake her head "no". She told me to stand up. I did like I was told. The other girls cheered her on. Suddenly, Mandy's hands were at my waistband and she was working my sweats down. I stepped out of them. I decided that I had a thing for Mandy a few hours ago.

I really wanted her to do the honors of pulling my boxers off and get the first eye-full, so I threw my hands up and told Mandy, "You might as well do the other clothing. I know when I am beaten." Mandy's eyes were incredible as she close up exploration of the most perfect up at me.

She pointed to one foot and I lifted it, so she could take off my right sock. She pointed to the other foot, so she could take off the left sock. I bent down and whispered into her ear, "Am I really the first guy that you have seen?" She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and mouthed, "Si." I don't know why she did it, but she moved her small hands up my legs.

It felt so good. She grabbed the sides of my boxers as she kneeled up to where she could see my cock when it came out and started pulling my boxers down slowly. The other girls now were kneeling around us. Suddenly, my cock sprang up and hit Mandy on the lips. She gasped because it startled her.

Everyone started to laugh -- including Mandy. I caught her inadvertently lick her lips. Mandy and the other girls were still staring at my cock, going between laughing and becoming completely silent and back to laughing. They were all blushing. They all held their hands out like they were thinking about how big it was. I told them, "8 inches." They seemed very pleased. I heard, "Game over". I thought, "You've got to be kidding! I am so horny." However, I knew I better not act too upset.

I just said, "Awww, really???" Everyone reluctantly began to nod their heads and say, "Si." Mandy mouthed, "I'm sorry." I shrugged and began to bend over to picked up my clothes. I heard, "No, no, no. Until further notice, this is a CLOTHING OPTIONAL area -- our option.

And we want you to stay like that any time you come into this apartment, you are required to strip out of Redhead sweetie gets fucked by a friend of your clothing.

Is that understood?" I nodded and said, "Understood." I am pretty sure that I am going to enjoy this a great deal. I found a barstool in the corner and pulled it up where everyone else was sitting and sat in such a way to have my cock displayed the best.

Nobody complained. Any time I caught one of the girls look, I made my cock jump. Sometimes they jumped. Sometimes they giggled.

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Mostly, they blushed. I thought, "This is going to be so much fun. I wonder what they have planned for me." Someone said, "Paul, you just became OUR novio, er, boyfriend." "I did what???" Christina said, "Like we said before, with school, we will have no time for serious relationships. Our parents are expecting straight As from all of us. However, we do have desires that are impossible to suppress. And we don't want to be distracted by our passions." Whoa!

I don't believe this. Insatiable proxy paige gaping her ass with brutal dildo has to be a dream.

Mandy continued, "We all drew straws to decide who would choose the man. And I picked you. You can have all of us for the next three years or longer if we decide to go on for more education. What do you say? Would you and your friend down there like to be ours? You would be allowed to make love to each of us and expected to regularly. And if we say it's okay, you could have sex with our female friends from school." I replied, "We would love to." Mandy said, "You will have to extra patient with us, though.

We are all virgins. We have not even kissed a guy before. We all read steamy novels, so we know a little. Would you be willing to be very careful with us?" How could I not agree to this??? I said, "It would be my honor." One of them blurted out, "We were NOT kidding that we expect you to be without ANY clothes on.

You can only wear them in this apartment when we say. That includes any parties or get together we have with our female friends." I laughed and said, "I got it." Maria said, "Paul, you have a magnificent body and you are full audrey bitoni tonights girlfriend birtsex storiesay gift download good looking, but I noticed that you have some scars and you broke your nose.

What happened to you? Were you in an accident or something?" Everyone got quiet and they stopped smiling as they waited to hear what I was going to say. I began, "It happened about 10 years ago when I was still a freshman in high school.

I saw a bunch of young thugs entering an alley laughing about 'finding' another one. I didn't like the sound of that. If I had any brains, I would have minded my own business. Anyway, I followed them to see what they were up to. They had this very young girl cornered and I just knew that they were going to rape her at the very least.

I couldn't have lived with myself if I didn't try to help her. From the looks of these guys, I was sure that they would killed me. But like I said, I knew that I couldn't live with myself." Selena then asked, "What happened then?" I continued, "Well, I didn't have time to get help or devise a plan.

I basically stepped out of my hiding place and told the thugs to let the girl go. They said that if I knew what was best for me, I better leave NOW. I didn't want to go through all this and still have that little girl get hurt, so I got the guys to come for me and I yelled, 'Run away, darling. Go home to your family!!!' And she did run. But I had to take the 4 guys on. And I lost.

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I am just lucky that they didn't have weapons on them. They had to use their fists and then when I went down, they started to kick me. The only thing that saved my life was the sirens that were coming closer. The guys ran away. I spent the next week in the hospital and even time at home. I think I missed 3 or 4 weeks of school. I had broken ribs, internal bleeding, a concussion and my nose was broken." "Wow!!!

Do you know what happened to the little girl? Do you know if she was ok?" Maria asked. I answered, "When they ran away, the little girl came out and hugged me until the police came and the paramedics took me away.

I never saw her again." I saw Mandy shed a few tears, but didn't think anything of it.

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The other girls were saying things like "Wow" and "Dios mio". I had forgotten that I was naked. And the girls seemed to too. My erection had subsided!

I didn't think that was even possible with these stunning girls. Christina had bent down to move stuff from the couch and I was hard again. The girls were amazed at how my cock changed. They understood why, of course, because of their science classes and the fiction they read, but they had never saw one in real life. I wanted to talk to Mandy alone, so I had to get her attention somehow. I thought for a minute and all I thought of was going for dessert or running an errand and asking for a volunteer to assist me.

I said, "I am in the mood for dessert. Anyone else up for dessert? This will be yummy. I promise you." They all said they would have some. I said, "Great! Hey, can you assist me, Mandy? I need to go to the store." As I hoped, Mandy said, "Si, I would be glad to." I said, "Well, first., do I have permission to get dressed any time I need to leave the apartment?" Mandy said, "Ordinarily, you will.

Let me help you this time." Mandy walked over to where my clothes were. I know I continue to use stunning to describe these girls. However, they really are. Simply beautiful. When she got near where I was, she got on her knees and proceeded to put my clothes on for me. She indicated that I was not to do anything unless she said.

First the boxers. She asked me to lift my feet and she slipped the boxers the way this is going to end is all already known for everybody fingering licking kissing and just l my feet. She then said, "Paul, please stand up." She raised up on her knees, so she was eye-level with my very erect cock." She hesitated there for what seemed to be 10 seconds, but it was probably he didnt make you cum youre gay 4 or 5.

She pulled up the boxers up to the bottom of my cock. Pretending to think about how to get my erect cock into the boxers, she continued to maintain eye contact with it. She looked up at me with those beautiful brown eyes and she smiled as she winked at me. She took her right hand, grabbed my cock and directed it towards her lips as she opened her mouth. She moved her opened mouth close to my cock, quickly kissed the most sensitive part of the head and put it back into the boxers.

Without her saying I could, I plopped back onto the stool. She smirked at me as she lowered herself back, so she was sitting back on her heels. She asked me to lift my feet again and she slipped my feet into my sweats.

Mandy asked me to stand up again which I did. She pulled them up and pushed my covered cock into my sweats. The socks and shoes were uneventful with the exception of her demeanor.

She looked completely content with serving me. When it was time for my shirt, she stood up and after adjusting the shirt in her hands, she stood near me and she slipped the shirt over my head.

She motioned with her eyes to lift my left arm up and she slipped my arm into the shirt. She did the same for my other arm. After that, she seemed to be embracing me, but she was pulled my shirt down in back. I smelled her hair and it smelled like some sort of flowers. Stepping back, she pulled the shirt down in front. Maria cleared her throat to let us know that they were still there and they were watching all of this.

She said to Christina and Selena, but intentionally loud enough for us to hear, "Girls, now Paul will want to come and go several times a day after the performance Mandy just gave us." They started laughing and applauded. Mandy just blushed.

I just nodded. And they laughed even harder. I bent down and kissed Mandy on the forehead. I whispered, "Gracias. That was incredible." My Spanish stinks. I took Mandy by the hand and grabbed my keys. "I have a confession to make," I told Mandy, as we left our floor. She asked, "Oh?" with an inquisitive look on her face.

I said, "I didn't really want dessert. I really wanted to talk to you in private -- away from the other girls." Mandy said, "Is it that you don't like me? And you want to let me down gently." "No," I said, "that's not it at all, Darling.

. . I don't know what it is, but I feel like we have known each other for ever. I don't understand that because we just met today. I know what you girls said earlier about not having time for serious relationships. It's just that I would give up everything I think I will have with your other roommates and potentially any of your other girlfriends if I could be only yours." Mandy started to tear up.

I continued, "In fact, I also am a virgin. Don't get me wrong. I am a very horny guy. You saw how I got an erection just seeing Christina bent over. I really like the idea of having sex with a lot of women. It's just that I guess I have been saving myself for the woman I will love for the rest of my life. I think that you are that woman. I am probably embarrassing myself.

You probably wouldn't want to be with me. But I really would like you to be my very first. And I wanted you to know that before anything else happened with any other girl." What happened next just about knocked the wind out of me. Mandy started to cry.

I tried to comfort her. Suddenly, she threw her arms around me and said that I don't know how happy that makes her. She said, "I have waited a very, very long time to hear that, Paul." Not believing what I just heard, I said, "You waited a very long time for a guy to tell you that?" She said, "No, I have waited a very long time to hear YOU say that to me." I said, "How could that possibly be?

We met for the very first time today." Mandy said, "Not exactly. . ." I looked utterly confused. She said, "I have loved you for 10 years ever since you rescued me. You gave your life to save me. Even though you lived, it was your intention to save me even though you knew you would probably die. I am that little girl from the alley." I sat down wherever I was at the time when I heard this revelation.

And Mandy hopped on my lap, threw her arms around me again and this time began arresting one eyed monster satisfying hardcore reality shower me with kisses.

Slowly, it started to dawn on me what Mandy was saying. I still had a ton of questions, but Mandy just said she loved me. I started to return her affection.

We kissed passionately for several minutes. Mandy said, "I would absolutely love it if we could be one another's first lover. But, please, stay in our agreement. I will be yours and only yours until one of us dies. However, I have worked so hard to arrange this for you. These girls are really my BFFs. I told them about what happened pale cutie with perky boobs gets handcuffed and fucked by border patrol agent us practically right after it happened." "They really did mean it when they had no time or interest in have anything serious.

We all are horny just like you. They just want to have a guy around to 'play with'. They don't want to have the drama. They just want the sex. It would make them happy which would make me very happy." I told her, "Alright. If it would make you happy, I am up for it. However, you have to promise me that the instant you want it to stop, you will tell me. Promise?" She said, "Yes, I promise. I have a gift for you when we get back. It's something that will make your erection remain for hours a day.

You are going to need it in the coming days, mi amore." I said, "I have an idea for dessert. I can get some whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and so on." Mandy said, "And we could put it all over you and us girls could eat it off?" I smiled and nodded.

I said, "Let's get to the grocery store before it closes." ===== As soon as we came into the girls' apartment, I heard, "Remember the rules, Paul," coming from the living room.

The beautiful body of a young swiss in nylon pantyhose and leather I put down my bag, I said, "Thanks for the reminder, girls. Mandy, would you please help me take off, um, everything?" Mandy said, "I would be more than happy to help you. Please, come in here, though." After our talk, I felt so much better.

I didn't know what all she had planned for me, but I knew that we were of one mind now. I knew that she loved me and she wanted to be one another's first lover. I decided that I would put myself completely in her hands and let her direct everything from here on -- at least for tonight. I took my barstool and brought it to the middle of the living room. After I sat down, Mandy brought a pillow with her and knelt on it in front of me.

The other girls gathered on either side of her. Mandy directed Selena to take off my shirt. After it was off, though, she ran her hands over my upper body. I decided to have some fun with it too, so I started to flex different muscles to give her a nicer experience.

She whispered in my ear, "Mmmm. I think I am going to enjoy you a lot." As Selena was finding her spot on the floor, Mandy directed Christina and Maria to take off my shoes and socks. Getting undressed by four beautiful girls is exhilarating -- knowing that they want me as much I want them.

Mandy said, "Please, stand up, so we can remove your pants." When I stood up, the girls all had my sweats at different spots. Mandy had both of her hands near the front at the waistband. They came down easily. The other girls were moving their hands over my legs checking out the muscles. Mandy started talking to my cock, "We will be seeing you very soon. And then you will get a VERY WARM welcome." It was as if my cock really did understand because it bobbed in my boxers.

The girls laughed, but they also started licking their lips. I don't know if they even realized that they were doing it. Mandy said, "Please, sit down and lift your feet." The other girls dutifully slipped the sweats over my feet.

I was getting extremely excited -- both emotionally and my erection. I was mere moments away from a lifelong fantasy coming true. And I saw it was true for the girls as well. They were staring at my boxers or rather at the massive bulge in my boxers with their big brown eyes opened so wide. Mandy was clearly the one in charge. All of us were following her lead. BEST DAY EVER!!! With the girls' attention on me, Mandy took the opportunity to wink at me and mouthed "I love you." I had to smile.

This really was all about Mandy and me. She mouthed, "ready?" I took a deep breath and nodded. Mandy said, "Paul, please stand up." I stood up. My heart was pounding. She said, "Girls. . ." They looked at Mandy. She asked, "Are you ready to help me to officially welcome our newest member to our group?" Maria asked, "Don't you mean the ONLY member?" as she looked directly at the bulge in my boxers. The girls chuckled. Ignoring Maria's silliness, Mandy repeated her question. And this time, all of the girls became serious and in unison said, "Ready!" Mandy put her hands on the waistband on either side of my cock and instructed the other girls to take their positions.

Wow, this was actually turning into an actual little ceremony for them. I didn't think I could possibly get any hornier, but I was wrong. Hey, if it makes the girls hornier too. Christina and Maria moved to either side of me breathtaking czech girl is tempted in the mall and penetrated in pov put their hands on the boxers on the sides.

Selena moved next to Mandy. Altogether they lifted up onto their knees so Mandy and Selena would be eye-level with my cock. After a few sexy year old sweetheart gets fucked hard, they started to slowly lower my boxers.

They were expecting my cock to spring up and bounce up into their faces. They didn't move, though. When xxxponwith black guys de ni a hit Mandy underneath her nose, she simply smiled. She gently took a hold of it and she started to kiss the head as she looked up into my eyes.

Mandy moved over to her right, but she never gave up control of my cock. She continued to hold it for the other girls to kiss while she caressed my left leg. I guess it was understood by everyone that I was really hers and they seemed content with her sharing me with them.

Mandy got back into position, kneeling on her pillow. With the other girls on either side of her just watching what she was going to do to my cock, she took in more of it into her mouth. "Mmmmmmm," came out of my mouth. And it seemed to encourage Mandy. She started to flit her tongue on lisa ann gets penetrated in hardcore fashion bottom of the head. I reached for her head and caressed her head. She then twirled her tongue around as the other girls watched and started to touch themselves.

Mandy suddenly took more of me in her mouth and started to bob her head. She seemed to really getting into it. She closed her eyes and increased her speed. It wasn't long before I felt like I was going to cum. I told her that softly and she started to bob even faster as she stroked my cock. She looked up into my eyes as I exploded in her mouth, but she didn't let me out. She just continued to suck and stroke me with her hand -- slowing as the seconds passed.

When she sensed that I was done, she let go of my cock, but she was still holding my leg and swallowed. She moved the pillow behind her and stood up in front of me. I noticed some of my cum on her long black hair and on the top of her chest.

I tried to wipe it off for her, but she said to leave it. I have to admit that I kinda liked seeing it there. She then embraced me. Standing on her tiptoes, she whispered, "Te amo con todo mi corazón." She said, "I think you should rest for a bit. Please, come, sit with me on the couch.

We have big plans for you," winking to me. I liked the sound of that very much. Based on what just happened, I thought I had just won life's lottery of sexual gratification.

===== It was a very strange feeling having been completely naked with these girls for a couple of hours and I still haven't seen them even in halfway revealing clothing, much less naked.

I even had my first blowjob in front of the other three girls. They all had their mouths on my cock, too, and there has been no nudity other than mine. Just not what I had expected! But I am not complaining -- not in the least. It's just strange. Anyway, I was sitting on the couch next to Mandy.

She was on the end and I was to her right. She had her head resting on me and I put my arm around her. It felt so right. Maria and Selena were sitting on the floor and Christina was sitting in the chair across from us.

We had some cheese and fruit. I guess they (or Mandy) thought I needed something to keep up my energy (among other things). After 15 or 20 minutes of eating our snack and talking, Mandy said she would like some music on. Maria put on some music through her tablet and it played on speakers that I hadn't seen in the room. A few seconds into Christina Aguilera's "Express", Maria got up from the floor and started dancing suggestively.

At first, I didn't understand what was happening. Girls like to move to songs they like. But it didn't take long before she began stripping for us, or I should say, for me. I started coughing on my food.

Nobody let on that they noticed, but I felt Mandy laughing. She had her head down, but I had my arm around her still, so I felt her body shaking. When I realized what was happening, Mandy started to caress my leg. In no time, everyone had noticed my growing erection and they smiled with approval. Mandy picked up her head and got close to my ear. She whispered, "Your welcome, mi amore," and put her head back down, so it was resting on my chest. I realized how much I am starting to love my new girlfriend.

She had to have been planning all of this for a long time. And if today was any indication, she had much more in store for me. I bent down and kissed her head and caressed her arm. Remember that we moved the girls in today, so they were in "work clothes". Maria began to unzip her baggy sweatshirt which revealed a busty, yet incredibly fit body.

Maria had a yellow tank top with no bra underneath. She walked towards us and turned around. She bent down as she lowered her baggy sweatpants. She looked just like one of those dancers from hip hop music videos with her beautiful bubble butt Latin women are known for. Mandy slowly stroked my hard cock while I was watching Maria strip down to her tank top and thong.

She bent over me and Mandy nudged me to help Maria take her remaining clothes off.

Maria then sat down next to me as naked as I was. Mandy unbelievably released my cock and Maria picked up where Mandy left off. Mandy got up from the couch and started walking towards Selena and Christina. Before she got 5 feet from the couch, she turned and winked at me. I guess she wanted to reassure me that what Maria was doing and what was going to happen with other girls was all part of her delicious plan. Next was Christina's turn to strip for me. She too had a baggy sweatshirt, but hers had a hood.

Unlike Maria, though, Christina was wearing baggy jeans which completely distorted her trim, yet busty figure. She repeated what Maria did and Maria nudged me to help Christina out of the rest of her clothes.

She sat down where Mandy sexy babe love anal vibrating her tight ass erotica movies sitting and helped Maria stroke my cock. Selena was next.

She was also wearing something equally as unflattering. Just like Maria and Christina, a simply gorgeous body was revealed. But this time, I was nudged by both of my couch mates to help Selena with her remaining clothes.

Instead of sitting on the couch with the three of us, Selena was given a pillow. The other two girls gently parted my legs thus making room for her to kneel before my cock.

Soon, I had these dark-skinned beauties giving me a blowjob all at the same time.

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As one girl was stroking my cock, another was going down on me while the third gave my balls attention. Mandy came behind the couch and caressed my chest. Before I came, though, they stopped and got up. Maria did the "come here" sign with her index finger. Once I got up, Christina was behind me nudging beauty blonde teasing in webcam pubchat masturbation and privateshow forward and Selena took my cock into her hand and led me to the middle of the floor.

I was instructed to lie down on my back. Instead of getting a pillow for my head, Mandy was there and she put my head on her lap. And once I was situated on the floor, the other girls went back to work on my cock. Even though they said they have never been with a guy nor watched porn, they learned from other girls how to avoid making the guy come too soon.

Finally, I told them that I was going to come. Maria started to bob furiously and I started shooting cum into her mouth. Instead of just swallowing it like Mandy did, she started to kiss Selena and Christina. She wanted to share my cum with them. And then they swallowed together. I was worn out and I woke up about 20 minutes later. My head was still on Mandy's lap. She was playing with my hair as I slept. She told me that the girls went to bed already, but they wanted her to tell me that it was their best day ever.

Mandy informed me that I had a LOT more to look forward to. I took her by the hand and told her that I wanted her to consider my apartment her home whenever she wanted to come. I told her that in the morning, I was going to make her a copy of the key. Mandy asked, "What about now? I know you are worn out and you probably want to do nothing but go home and go to bed. But may I sleep with you tonight?" Without saying a word, I lifted her and carried her to my apartment.

After opening my door, I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. I gently laid her in the bed and climbed in next to her. I fell asleep within 2 minutes with Mandy in my arms. (Yes, I had forgotten my clothes in the girls' apartment. But you will have to wait until part 2 to find out what happens next.)