Friends mom fucked with me ebony dubbing

Friends mom fucked with me ebony dubbing
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My two closest friends and I were playing video games down in the basement after school, which was let out early that day because of a snowstorm. Bill was eighteen, like me, and Harold had just had his eighteenth birthday.

We heard my Mom come home but did not stop our playing. About fifteen minutes later we heard the doorbell ring and started up stairs to see who it was. We thought it might be another of our friends.

When we got to the top of the stairs we could see that Mom had gotten to it first so we stopped. We were kinda around a corner from the side so we had not been seen but we could see Mom go to the door. My mother opened the door. There was a man in a UPS uniform but we didn't see a package it his hands. He stepped inside and shut the door. Mom was standing close in front of him.

Then she dropped to her knees and reached out, unhooking his belt, unzipping his fly and pulling his pants and shorts to the floor. His cock stood erect in boys fucking outdoor tube porn of him pointing right at my mother's face.

She reached out and took it in her hand and she put her lips around the head. He put his hand behind her head and shoved himself half way into her mouth.

Mom started moving her mouth up and down on his shaft and you could see her cheeks pull in as she sucked. She took her hands away for a minute to unbutton her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra and her big D-cup tits were fully exposed. The UPS man reached down and started playing with her tits and rolling her nipples between his fingers while she put her hands behind his ass and pulled him deeper into her mouth.

Almost all of what I guessed was seven inches was now going in and out of Mom's mouth in a rapid fucking motion with them both moving.

This went on for about five minutes while we all watched her giving him a blowjob. Finally he threw his head back and groaned loudly and held himself still and buried deeply in her mouth. After a few seconds Mom stroked him several more times with her mouth and he pulled out, reached down and pulled up his pants and turned and went out the door. Neither one of them had said one word. Mom sat on the rug for a minute then got up and turned around.

Now we were in her line of sight and she saw the three of us standing there. She froze. We all smiled at her and waved at her. Her tits were still out of her blouse and there was cum dripping down her chin. Mom dropped to her knees, buried her face in her hands and sobbed. The three of us walked up to my mother. I reached down and took one of her big tits in my hand. She pulled back but I didn't let go. "Jimmy, no, don't do that.

I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to ." she cried. Harold reached out and cupped her other tit and stroked his other hand gently over the top of her head. Bill stepped in front of her and pulled his five-inch boy barely legal fucking cock pussy pigtail out and put it to her lips. He wrapped his fingers in her hair to get a good grip and control of her head and pushed his dick against her lips.

"No, I can't do this. It's not right. Please let me go." But as she finished speaking, Bill pushed himself sohotgirll a steamy fucking session is happening here liveteencamsco her open lips into her mouth.

He buried himself fully into her mouth till her nose was in his pubic hair. She gagged just a little but he was small enough that she could handle all of him with no trouble. Bill started fucking my mother's mouth while Harold and I squeezed and rubbed her tits.

I guess that Mom decided that there was no way out, that I would tell Dad if she did not do what we wanted or maybe she really craved cock so she started sucking. In about a minute she was rubbing Harold's and my crotch through our pants and Bill shot his first load of thin watery cum into my mother's mouth. He almost passed out as she sucked him empty. Bill backed away. My mother turned to me and shortly my pants were on the floor and my cock was in my mother's mouth.

I just stood there while she jacked my manhood with her mouth. I was just a little bigger than Bill. Mom was excited now and really getting into it.

I felt my cock head enter her throat.

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Again it did not take her more than a couple of minutes to have me coming and filling her mouth. None of us were virgins but we hadn't done much yet. In school there was one girl named Beth who had a reputation of fucking anyone with a cock.

One day about a month ago the three of us were skinny-dipping down at the creek when Beth came walking out of the woods. When she saw us she walked over to our blanket, stripped off all of her clothes and said, "Who wants to fuck me first?" I got there first and over the next hour or so we all fucked her twice. She must be on the pill as she never said anything about using a condom.

None of us had one anyway. We filled her pussy to overflowing and made a real mess of the blanket.

Harold was the only one of us that had done anything before this except for masturbating. About six months earlier, his aunt who is ten years older than him, came to visit for a few days. She could tell from the bulge in his pants when he looked at her that he was pretty well equipped so when nobody else was home she took him to her bedroom.

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He enjoyed telling us all about how great the sex with her was. We met Beth again, about a week after the first time. Her parents weren't home so we spent the afternoon drilling her in her bedroom.

Last week we had heard a story about a woman who was always out in her car behind this bar giving blowjobs for $10. We thought it was just a story but we went to check it out and it was true.

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She was in her 30's, real skinny and not real good looking but we all got our first blowjobs. Meanwhile, Harold had dropped his drawers and maneuvered Mom to her hands and knees.

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He pulled her skirt over her back and pulled her bikini panties to the side. He kneeled behind her. His cock was almost as big as the UPS man's. He lined it up to her dripping wet pussy and with one shove buried his tool fully into her belly. Mom pushed back and moaned. Holding her hips, Harold pistoned his man sized cock hard into my Mom's depths. She matched his thrusts and soon she was coming loudly and begging him to fuck her harder. Mom reached her hand between her legs and rubbed her clit as Harold fucked her.

He lasted several minutes and Mom came twice. Finally Harold unloaded himself into my mother's fuck hole and pulled out. She spun around and sucked the last of his seed out of his cock. Then she collapsed on the floor crying again. The three of us stood there, naked from the waist down smiling at each other. I looked her in the eyes and said, "That was wonderful, Mom.

The guys have got to go home now but they will be back after school tomorrow." She half smiled at me and said that we had to get cleaned up and dressed before Dad got home. "Let's share a shower and I'll get you nice and clean." were the words that started a couple of wonderful years of myself, and sometimes my friends fucking and sucking with my mother. I eventually went off to college but when I come home I still love to fuck all three of my mother's hot sexy holes, when Dad is not around of course.

I understand that reagan foxx im a total milf! still has some of my friends over for company on occasion and that there are now as many as five of them at a time to keep her sexually satisfied. My new girlfriend at college, Tina is great in bed and she can't get enough. She told me that she goes both ways. I wonder if my Mom has ever done it with another woman.

I'm planning to take Tina home with me for a couple days and seeing if I can get something going between myself and the two loves of my life. Cross your fingers.