Explicit pounding for a sexy bitch smalltits hardcore

Explicit pounding for a sexy bitch smalltits hardcore
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all this is just something i thought up in my head about my good friend breezie is a cock tease and she knows it cause she likes to tease guys and drive them nuts. God knows she drives me nuts, but any ways i hope you like my story .

SCROLLDOWN. I always thought of my friend breezie as a huge cock tease. She has blonde hair brown eyes she stands at 5'3" and is about lbs she as the tightest little ass you will ever see and the best part of her was her 34-D bra size.

I love her boobs though I've never seen em I've seen her great cleavage enough times and to this day she still gives me a hard on and she knows it. I've often masturbated to her thinking about fucking her tight teen pussy and her big tits.

And man I would love to cum all over her cute face.

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I love to go over to her house when her mom was at work cause breezie was so use to me she would walk around her house in nothing but an undershirt and her sexy lil panties. There where times I just wanted to go up to her and pin her to small girl xx first time wall and have my way with her for teasing me so much.

on day the came in the living room in a sexy pair of green panties that where so tight I could make out her pussy lips. It gave a I hard-on like no other. She told me she was gonna take a shower then change I said okay. As she walked by me I grabbed her tight little ass and man did it feel nice. She just laughed and said boy you better stop before I hurt you!!! I just laughed and said you no you like it sweetie.

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She smiled and said so. I said so go take a shower cause you killing me just standing there in those sexy panties.

I know huh she said as she walked off. Thats when I pulled my cock out and jerked off and just when i was about to cum i heared the bathroom door open so i put my dick back in my pants and zipped up and sit there like nothing happend then she come walking out in a tight ass pair of jeans and she had a sexy little black and pink thong showing.

I thought to myself here we go again. Part 2 coming soon tell me what you'll think and thanks for reading.