Beautiful girls have lesbian joy hardcore blowjob

Beautiful girls have lesbian joy hardcore blowjob
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Lynn and Eric My best friend, Eric, had a sister, Lynn, with whom he had incest. They played a game called "Get Your Rocks Off" whereas she would lie beside him and they would mutually masturbate each other until orgasm. Of course, being a young girl, she wasn't able to have a real one, and my friend hadn't been producing sperm at the time, so it was just to make each other feel good. Well, as time progressed, the siblings became more daring and he was beginning to produce semen.

He got to where he was squirting his baby batter on his sister's bare chest aggressive s antonella sex porn 21sextury com belly while he fingered her "tickle button" while straddling her stomach.

This game was played in her bedroom when their parents were sleeping and in his basement bedroom after school when their parents were still at work. It began when Eric was in 5th grade and continued until I met him our freshman year as 9th graders.

The last time they played their game, they had gotten so bold that Eric was rubbing his teenage cock into his sister's wet opening. She just started menstruating and knew just enough to be dangerous.

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After Eric dumped his load at the xstorys with touching boobs watching free of her hymen between her open labia, she feared pregnancy by her own brother and told him they would have to stop. However, Eric's mom had noticed the telltale sign of cum stains on Lynn's bed sheet and confronted him about her discovery. He spilled the beans, but also said they had xxx story of shruti hasan their fun just a week before due to the risk of pregnancy.

Being an understanding parent, she let Eric off the hook and went to speak to Lynn. At first, she denied everything out of fear of punishment, but when her mom said she was willing to provide them condoms if she wanted to continue, Lynn confessed and agreed that she enjoyed the feeling she got from her brother's touch and "acting sexy" with each other. She told her mom that she would like to go all the way with Eric, but didn't want to have a baby yet.

Knowing her mom was willing to give them rubbers to keep her safe, she was ready to proceed with her incestuous relationship. She didn't care that it was with her brother or anyone else.

She simply knew it felt good and it made her feel loved when he showed her the attention he gave her body. Her mom had promised Eric and Lynn to keep this their little secret and not mention anything to her husband or anyone else. They were both satisfied with that.

They thought their dad would have a conniption if he knew his son was spewing his adolescent semen on and into his daughter's naked and now fertile body. Eric was excited and a little nervous knowing he now had his mom's permission to have real intercourse with his sister as long as they used the provided protection. His mom gave him a dozen condoms and said to see her when they were running low, but she expected they would last several months.

Eric told me he had no idea what he was doing with them, but he said Lynn was knowledgeable and took control. They made sure to hide the rubbers and wrappers. He said the first four times he never got inside her before blowing his wad. Just the sensation of the tight condom on his young pecker, added to the warmth of his sister's hands rolling it down his stiff penis had him emptying his prostate in the condom inside of 2 minutes.

In order to get him back to an erect state in order to play again, Lynn did something she had not done before; she put his rubber-covered dick into her mouth. Seeing the top of his sister's head in his lap and feeling her warm lips sealed around the tip of his cum-coated penis, he sprang back to life quickly.

Although the directions say to only use the condom once, he reused it and released another load in it while she was still sucking on the blue rubber and he diddled her clit. After nearly a handful of continued masturbation games together and wasting four condoms in the process, he finally got to pop his sister's cherry.

He chose to wait until Lynn was about to start her period so it wouldn't be as chancing to impregnate her if he happened to break the rubber inside her. I only learned about the special moment years later when I was dating Lynn, but she said it was well planned.

It was a Wednesday night and there wasn't school the next day because it was Thanksgiving weekend. After her parents went to bed at 10:30, she waited until she heard her dad snoring through the walls and crept down to Eric's room in the basement.

He was lying in his waterbed, his eyes closed, and his headphones on listening to music from his stereo sitting on the headboard. She had an opened condom in her teeth and gave him a grin that reached ear to ear as she quietly walked in the doorway.

She was ready to become a woman with the help of her brother and the rubber she brought down to cover his potential baby maker. Lynn climbed into his bed and immediately got prepared for his entrance into her vagina by kissing him fully on the lips. He knew what she wanted and kissed her back with the kind of passion reserved for lovers.

Forget that "like kissing your sister" line. Eric, according to Lynn, was kissing her with his entire heart in it. Their bodies entwined and rode up and down as the waterbed waved from the commotion they created. Soon enough, Lynn and Eric had stripped each other top to bottom. She crawled down to his groin, kissed the overly sensitive helmet of her sibling's penis, and used her mouth to unroll the condom down his finger banging college pledges during wild hazing party. She then laid on her back and told him to take her virginity.

He got up on his knees, moved between her legs, ran his hands over her thighs and up to her growing breasts as she took his protected prick and aimed it to her hymen and encouraged him to push gently. He did exactly as she asked and that was the moment my best friend and my former girlfriend took each other's virginity. As Eric later told me over some tequila, she was so incredibly tight and wet that he said he couldn't help it, but he only lasted about 45 seconds before flooding the condom while implanted deep inside his sister.

He said he had waited so long for that day, but was sorry it didn't last longer than it did. Because he was so horny, though, he never lost his stiffness and continued to plow away inside her. Lynn had moaned when he busted through her maidenhood, but due to all the stimulation, anticipation, and excitement, it didn't hurt the way some girls say it does.

She didn't even notice when he exploded the first time because she was enraptured in her own world of bliss. When she opened her eyes, he was still pushing his hard rod into her and smiling down at her with a tear of joy in his eye.

She grabbed him and kissed him again. Her virginity now taken, she was anxiously awaiting her first orgasm while penetrated. Eric told her he was about to ejaculate (for the second time) and wanted her to join him in a simultaneous orgasm. He then spilled his baby-making seed into the tip of the condom, which combined with his first creamy load making it look like he blew a quart of semen at once.

Luckily, the rubber held it all in and stayed clear of Lynn's vagina.

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After he peeled it off, he handed it to her and asked if she wanted it for a souvenir. They laughed and hugged. She spent the night cuddled up naked next to her brother. The next morning, being Thanksgiving, she put her nightgown back on and claimed to be down in his room to wake him to watch the Macy's Parade on TV. Everything was going along well for them until a week before Christmas when Eric made a crucial mistake.

He got careless and left the condom wrapper on the bathroom floor when it missed the trashcan. His dad happened to be downstairs in his tool room when he used the restroom and saw it.

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He had quickly realized his son was having sex, but didn't know with whom, but he found out a few days later. Apparently, following his discovery of the empty wrapper, he kept his eye on Eric's movements and whereabouts. It was on Christmas Eve that he noticed how touchy feely his offspring were getting with each other, and deducted that since Eric didn't have a girlfriend, he was either masturbating with a condom on or using them while screwing his sister.

Well, to be honest, it was both of those things, but had only been the latter for the past month. That night, after putting the presents out under the tree and settling into bed for the night with his wife, he kept his door ajar in order to hear any movement of Eric coming upstairs to "visit" Lynn. Well, he didn't have to wait too long because the unexpected sound came through the doorway.

It was Lynn's door creaking open! He got up and looked through the opening as he saw his daughter tiptoeing down the stairs to Eric's room. His wife was crashed out in bed, so he decided to go see what was going on. He wanted to give her time to come back up in case she went down there for a legit reason, but after ten minutes, he knew there was something going on, so walked down to see for himself. Sure enough, he noticed a light under the door of Eric's room and quickly sprang it open.

Lynn and Eric were spooning on his waterbed facing the door. There was no way to deny what was happening. Lynn screamed and Eric grabbed her tit and pulled her closer to his chest. Their dad had caught them red-handed. He knew he had them in such a compromising position that he decided to use that to his benefit.

He told Eric to stop what he was doing and go get dressed. Eric immediately did as he was told in order to keep from getting into any further trouble. Lynn grabbed the blanket to cover herself, but her dad walked over and told her it was okay for her to show off her body to him because he used to bathe her and thought she looked attractive for a young lady.

He caressed her arm and bare thigh, then said to both kids, "I will not say anything about this to anyone, but I need to be a part of it if you want me to keep quiet. Otherwise, you two could be in a lot of trouble.

Do charlee chase puffy jacket pov cock sucker cumshot not know that incest is illegal and the police could arrest you for this?" Of course, this scare tactic worked well for the teens and they agreed that he would be able to participate. He asked Eric where he kept his rubbers and told him to get one for him. Lynn started to cry because she was afraid of what it would be like to have her father enter her since he was bigger than 245 krasotka s bolshoj grudyu poziruet na kuxnehtml not as romantic as Eric was toward her.

Eric returned from his secret hiding spot with a condom and handed it to his dad. Lynn was told to get on top and ride her dad after he had removed his pajama pants and rolled the rubber down his thick dick.

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She climbed over him and with her eyes still welling with tears of fear, she lowered her young pussy over his cock and moved slowly down. Eric stood by the side of his bed and watched as his sister was fucking his dad on his waterbed. His dad was groaning in ecstasy as his daughter was pulling him into her tight vagina, which was now being stretched by his girth.

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She cried out as her pussy was giving way to the new cock being inserted and Eric was concerned, but their dad said it was okay and that it was just getting adjusted to the size. Lynn soon was able to get about ¾ of her dad inside when he grunted and let loose of his load. He thanked Lynn and took the blanket to cover her again as he removed the rubber and tossed to Eric telling him to get rid of it.

Eric did as he was told, then climbed back into his bed beside his sister to comfort her from her unwanted invasion. Her dad left them alone and returned to his bedroom. Eric and Lynn discussed their new partner and concluded it was best to let him continue for the time being. Seeing his sister being molested was not a turn on for Eric and he felt if he continued to have sex with her that night, it would be totally inappropriate, so they just held one another and drifted off to sleep.

As time marched on, Lynn and Eric had accepted their father into the relationship. On occasion, he would just sit on the couch and jack himself while his wife was out shopping and the kids were enjoying each other on the floor of the living room. He would finish by having Lynn catch his sperm-laden cream on her growing breasts as she rode Eric or dump his load on her back if Eric was filling her hole in the doggy position.

He used her and Eric as a live sex show and would join them at least once a week. This continued for four months at which time, Lynn said she was tired of the games and ready to move on to other things like softball and hanging out with school friends, so that new girl xx story com her incestuous relationship with Eric and her dad.

What amazed me is that I was Eric's very close friend during this time and had no idea it was going on. They hid very well.

When I started dating Lynn a few years later, I got my first glimpse into what she had endured and enjoyed, but was told not to mention it to Eric or bring it up around her parents, so I didn't. However, when I had the opportunity to join Eric's family RV trip as his friend and boyfriend of Slutty teen gets fucked and cum facialed by hard man meat pornstars big dick, I got more of the story revealed.

Their parents had gone to bed at the back of the Xxx sex stories vi nin 2019 leaving the three of us outside with the campfire, junk food, and alcohol. Lynn was lying back in my arms and Eric was getting hammered on Patron. It was then that I chose to delve deeper into the truth. As I was stroking her bra-covered breasts and sporting a nice boner in my sweatpants at the base of her spine, I noticed Eric looking over at me.

I looked up and said, "What's the matter? Jealous?" "No. I've had my fair share of those moments with her, Dude." "Oh, really? When?" He looked over at Lynn and realized he had opened Pandora's Box.

She just rolled her eyes at him and grinned. He didn't know I knew.

He came out and told me more than Lynn had and said he regretted nothing, except that he wished they had taken some risks just for the sake of kinkiness. That got Lynn glancing over at him and she said, "Well, how about one more for old time's sake? No holds barred. Anything goes, but just this one time, Eric.

Never again, though." It wasn't one minute later that the three of us were naked by the fire. Angie se fait enculer par le plombier, drunk as he was, was still able to maintain a stiff dick. Lynn had gotten on her hands and whopping tits dances for fun in bangkok philippines asian woman and placed him in her mouth as I took my fingers to her slick cunt and circled her clit.

When I got her completely wet with her juices, I fed my own dick into her waiting womb. We didn't have any protection, but she didn't seem too concerned. She said it was "anything goes" and we sure followed that rule!

It was the first time for me to ride her bareback, and the sensations of her drenched pussy walls squeezing my naked cock pushing me out and pulling me back in to the warmth of her womb.

Eric was getting a blowjob from his sister on his own bare cock and even through his drunkenness, he was still relishing the feel of her tongue and the suction of her pursed lips over the base of his manhood. He knew he wouldn't be able to last long. I had grabbed Lynn's hips and held her close against me as drained my potent sperm into her the welcoming recesses of her young baby maker. Knowing I was the first guy to empty semen into her for the first time since her brother got some in her when she was still a virgin drove me to try my best to impregnate her.

Seeing a look of anguish on Eric's face, Lynn released her lips from him and laid back on the flannel shirt I had removed. He quickly maneuvered himself between her legs and entered her unprotected for sunny leone 2019 sexy story first and only time.

She recognized the historic significance of this moment, as did Eric, and their desire to achieve a simultaneous orgasm took place just two minutes after he pressed his engorged penis until the same vagina that he had played with for years and was now filled with his best friend's cum.

He exploded into his sister as she held him to her chest and shook with orgasmic fireworks inside. Her convulsions sucked his seed further up to her uterus and potentially made her pregnant with either him or me. That was, as she promised, the one and only time he got to fuck his sister bareback. She didn't get pregnant, but it certainly wasn't from a lack of trying that night. I'm still friends with them both, but they haven't, to my knowledge they haven't had any further experiences.

Eric is now married and has two kids. Lynn got married and has four kids, and although their lives aren't similar to a fairy tale now, they seem content. I wonder, though, how often they think of one another and the fun they had as teens when they are fucking their spouse. Maybe one day I'll ask them.