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Bid girl sexy xx mom sexy xxx bid boods
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Dan's XXX Dream Part four Dan sends her to a specialist Monday brought more changes to Rachel's life; her class load was like any freshmen's, heavy and long. Her first class was at nine, her last started at three in the afternoon, five days a week. She attacked each class as if her life depended on it, taking notes and reading all the material the professors suggested, she spent any free time during the day in the library studying returning at the end of the day with her arms full of books and a satisfied smile on her face.

Dan was happy to let her do her thing as long as she slept in his bed; she always satisfied his carnal needs before they drifted off to sleep together. Once a week Dan would visit her mother; always arriving with bags of groceries he had purchased from Rachel's list. She never asked about her little girl, but Dan knew she heard regularly from her via the cell phone he had provided. She just serviced his cock and silently urged him to leave as quickly as possible.

The routine was acceptable to Dan because he drained his balls nearly every day, yet he still felt that there should be more drama in Rachel's life and that he would have to be more inventive to fill that need.

He would call some of his friends and see what he could set up. The first Friday in October he told Rachel to dress up for him before they went out. He wanted her to dress up all preppy; hair done up, glasses, long sleeved white shirt with a cardigan sweater and a long skirt that reached down past her knees. Underneath she wore a conservative white bra and panty set. White stockings and loafers would be the finishing touch. As they set off he kissed her cheek and swatted her ass, making her giggle.

The drive was a long one that took them to a not so nice corner of L.A. and a strip club that had seen its better days. Dan knew the reputation of the owner/manager and it was as bad as the club looked. He was known to use the girls as jailed cocksucking britt bails out with facial privet harem as well as pimping them out for privet parties for anyone with enough money. Tonight, like every Friday night, he ran an amateur dance contest hoping to attract new girls to his club.

Tonight he would discover Rachel. Dan instructed Rachel about how to get her name entered in the contest, providing the required $100 for her entrance fee too. While she signed in Dan stood behind her more or less out of the way. No one paid any attention to just another old man as they checked out the new girl. Afterward she sat with him while they waited for the contest to be announced.

Several other girls checked in after Rachel each one looking like a ringer, that is a dancer from another club coming over trying to win the $500 prize. Rachel was a little overwhelmed japanese girl tease old man the whole atmosphere; she told Dan over and over that she didn't know how to dance like a stripper, every time he reassured her that she didn't have to know how to do it, she only had to let herself go and enjoy being up on stage.

He also ordered her a couple of shots of tequila, it was the cheep stuff and it burned as it went down but it was alcohol and it took the edge off of her nerves. Dan sipped his beer. Soon enough the DJ announced that the amateur contest would start in fifteen minutes and all contestants should report back to the dressing room.

Dan had Rachel finish her third shot before he swatted her ass and told her to go knock them dead. She made her way back into the bowels of the club ending up at the end of a dirty hallway faced with a choice.

The hallway ended with a little used emergency exit but just before the end there were two doors, one left, one right, she chose the left one, took a deep breath and opened the door. Half way through the door she froze as she recognized what must be the manager's office with a cluttered desk in the middle and a file cabinet against the wall.

There was also a short round man in a rumpled suit with a bad hair piece fucking one of the strippers who was bent over his desk. He had a death grip on her hips and was sweating profusely as he slammed his cock into the woman making her silicone enhanced tits shake against the desktop.

Without breaking his rhythm he swung his attention to Rachel demanding to know what the hell she was doing there. She froze and stammered an incoherent answer before she was cut off by the manager asking if she wanted some of what he was giving the other girl, truly frightened she managed to tell him that she was just looking for the dressing room. Between thrusts he told her that it was across the hall then he thrust hard one last time and roared as he emptied his balls into the dancer before Rachel could close the door.

Her hand was shaking as she opened the other door slowly revealing a small space crowed with women of all sizes and shapes. In the center was a small Vietnamese lady holding a clipboard.

"You Rachel?" asked the woman in a high sing song voice. Rachel nodded as she joined the crowd. The woman went on to explain the rules now that they were all accounted for; Rachel would dance sixth after Savannah a tall black girl with heavy tits and large ass.

The two girls locked eyes for a second insuring that they each knew their place. The boss lady went on to finish out the order assigning Jasmine, a cute short blond to dance seventh and last. Continuing, the boss told the girls that they would each have three songs in their set; they could pick their own music by telling the DJ what they wanted.

The winner was to be picked by the manager based on the crowd's reactions, his decision was final. If they didn't dance they forfeited their $100. The first girl was due up on stage in ten minutes. The boss lady didn't even wish them good luck before she pushed her way across the room and out the door. Rachel was the last to move as the others went right to work checking their makeup and adjusting their costumes.

The girl that was to dance first disappeared out the door in search of the DJ to work out her music. One of the girls then commented on the judgment of the manager saying that the winner was probably going to be the girl that gave him the best blowjob she then wiped her lips in disgust.

One by one the girls made their way out of the dressing room leaving Rachel alone and confused; she too finally left the room and made her way toward the now crowed main room. The DJ caught her arm as she passed his cubical to ask if she was one of the contestants. Rachel gave him her name but couldn't answer when he asked her what she had in mind for music.

He looked kindly into her eyes as he told her he understood and he would give her three of his best tunes. He then asked her if this was her first time dancing, phrasing it as if he already knew her answer. The look in her eyes confirmed his suspicions; he went on to give her his advice. He told her that he could see that she was different from all the other girls and that she should use that to really impress the crowd and his boss.

When she got up on that stage she should close her eyes and remember her best sexual experience, listen to the music and let herself go and relive that time.

He had to start the music for the first girl then he turned back to Rachel and told her to watch the others to see what worked and what didn't, she should use that too and just enjoy the evening.

Joining the others huddled in the back of the room near the bar she ordered another shot of tequila which she got for free, throwing it back with some conviction she began to watch everything intently as if she was studying for a final.

The crowd was made up of mostly rough looking blue collar workers and a few old seduction and then sexy fucking hardcore blowjob with week old beards, their hands playing pocket pool. Rachel watched the waitresses as they moved tray after tray of cheep drinks to the guys as they celebrated the end of their long work week. The crowd cheered as the first dancer shook her oversized tits then removed her sequined bra; wasting little time she soon finished stripping.

She spent more than half her time nude shaking what God and the plastic surgeon gave her. The crowd roared its approval as she ended her third song. The next girl spent the first song dancing around without taking off anything and the boys let her know that they were displeased.

One guy even got up and yelled "show us your tits"! He received a round of applause from his peers. She began her second song by taking off her top but it was too little, too late. She had a fine body but she was not what the boys wanted on their stage; by the time she finished her third song they were hollering for the next dancer. Dancer number three was a Philippine girl who had the raunchiest moves but no style. She needed a stud up there to complete the live sex show.

She brought the crowd back from their funk but she was uninspiring. The crowd seemed anxious for the next act. Dancer four was a small white girl with dark hair and no boobs.

She was a good dancer, able to move around the stage with style and grace. She used the mirror and stripper pole well; Rachel made mental notes of the OHOO's and AHAA's that she garnered from the audience. Rachel was beginning to feel the booze and the sexual tension in the room; her pussy was wet and her nipples were hard. Maybe, just maybe, she could do this.

The last girl before her was the black Amazon dressed in a leopard skin two piece outfit. She strode onto the stage to a heavy jungle beat; immediately she owned the crowd. Her tits were real, her ass was overpowering and she shook both with a vengeance.

Her snatch was covered with a well trimmed patch of black curly hair that she parted to reveal her pink insides. The heavy beat continued throughout her performance and her quivering ass never stopped moving. The audience loved it! Rachel could see that she would have a disaster on her hands if she didn't let her hair down and go for it. One last shot of the tequila and she was on. Dan gave her ass a hard swat as she walked past on her way up to the stage. Two steps up and she froze, closed her eyes and waited for her ravishing redhead cutie receives a messy facial song to start.

She had their attention, as a demure, young, white blond standing on the same stage as the big assed black girl she stood out. She had the guys panting for her to show them something. Her music started and it was a light and flirty sixties rock and roll; she assumed the role and began to move. She skipped and bounced to center stage putting her finger to the corner of her mouth she bent forward and thrust out her chest like she was looking for someone in the crowd.

Throwing her oversized glasses away she peeled off her sweater and caressed her tits before she began dancing lightly to the edge where she gave one guy a naughty wink as she unbuttoned her shirt, it came off as she moved to the mirror where she rubbed her tits and ass on the glass, then her skirt fell to the floor.

In mock horror she covered her pussy and tits with her hands as she turned to thrust her round ass toward the crowd receiving gorgeous beach bikers shares a giant cock group sex hardcore first cheer.

Bending over completely she slipped her panties down to her knees and wiggled her ass before she pulled them back up. Before the boys got to disappointed she went to the pole and slid her panty covered pussy down its golden length all the way to the floor and back up. Every male in the room wished that it was their cock and not the brass pole she was riding.

She made quite a show of unfastening her bra and slipping it from her chest and soon enough they were treated to the vision of her firm tits as she caressed them for her audience. She had them cheering for more when the music changed.

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The second song was more sultry, so was Rachel, she gave them a peak at her pussy then revealed it fully as she squatted front and center spreading her legs to show her smooth, clearly dripping wet cunt to one and all.

She wet her middle finger and slowly plunged it into her pink hole, the boys all groaned as they envisioned their cocks sinking into her depths. Pulling her finger out just as slowly she put it into her mouth and sucked the juices form it as if it were a cock.

More groans. She returned to the pole and wiped her wet cunt lips up and down its length closing her eyes as she enjoyed the feelings as much as the guys. Song three found her on her knees exposing her puckered asshole while she rubbed her fingers up and down her slit; half way through the song she exploded in a massive organism while she jammed three fingers into her snatch. She managed to keep dancing until the end of the song but it was truly the anticlimax of her performance.

Afterward she found all her things except the glasses by the time the last girl started her routine, dressing quickly at the edge of the stage she quietly made her way back to the dressing room. The DJ gave her two thumbs up and a smile as she passed. Thankfully there was no one in the little room so she just sat down on one of the folding chairs and tried to relax. All too soon the boss lady came in ordering her out for the announcement of the winner; she had to mount the stage again, this time with all the other girls standing in order of performance.

The manager took the stage to make the announcement looking like a Rolie Polie clown with a microphone and the envelope full of cash. He rallied the crowd trying to build some suspense before he announced that the winner was girl number four, the very girl that predicted that the best blowjob would win the money. The crowd was loud in its disapproval some shouting for the big black girl and others for Rachel.

She almost made it to Dan's table before the manager grabbed her arm and congratulated her on her performance; he also wanted to see her in his office. Rachel felt his eyes on her ass as he directed her back to his little room; once there she turned around to face him as he firmly shut the door and moved up to stand just a little too close to her as he began his offer.

petite dani daniels gets nailed by johnny sins full story could use a fresh face like yours around here… you could make good money if you played your cards right." His hands moved to caress her arm and side as he spoke.

"All you have to do is work with me and we would both would make a lot of money". She started to explain that she didn't need money and that she was already very busy going to school. He dismissed her concerns and caressed her nipples with his knuckles while his eyes tried to bore through her sweater to her tits. Rachel backed up but after one step she found that his desk stopped her from going any further. He told her that her act was totally unique, no one before had cum so visibly on the stage and he needed her to keep doing that to draw more customers.

"Can you do that every time you go on stage?" he asked.

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Rachel was flustered and tried to escape from his trap. Moving right in front of her he pressed his big chest against her and slid his hands down around her ass before he ground his hard cock against her crotch.

"You got to me with your act" he whispered as his hands gathered her skirt up; "I need you to cum again, this time on my cock". The little man was surprisingly strong easily forcing her back onto his desk, his body making her split her legs apart when she fell backward. His cock was out of his pants and her panties pulled aside before she knew it. He entered her quickly, his hands controlling her upper body and squeezing her tits mercilessly.

His cock was short but stiff inside her pussy, enjoying her panic he came in her after a few short strokes. "Maybe next time we can spend more time together…you have a very sweet cunt…I will enjoy making you cum for me," he said as he tucked his prick back into his pants and zipped up.

Jumping off his desk as soon as he backed up a little she made her escape hearing his laugh as she fled down the hallway. She didn't even look for Dan as she ran out of the club to sohotgirll a steamy fucking session is happening here liveteencamsco car; almost breaking down when she found the door locked.

Dan was right behind her and caught her with one hand as he unlocked and opened the door with the other. They drove out of the parking lot with her sobbing uncontrollably; Dan drove only a short way before his hand made its way to her crotch where he found a gooey mess in her panties. Slipping his fingers into her pussy he finger fucked her until she was rocked with another orgasm.

The rest of the way home she sat quietly trying to puzzle out her situation. She went to bed with Dan and he fucked her in a frenzy making her cum three times before he added his load to that of the sleazy manager.