Japanese xxx 2 munits duration

Japanese xxx 2 munits duration
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Despite being on vacation, waking up was anything but pleasant. Between the slight hangover from last night's wine and the loud snoring form my husband, even the bright rays of the Florida sun wasn't enough to jolt me out of bed.

I spent a few minutes just tossing and turning, and it was the first time in weeks that I didn't wake up looking to jump at Chris the first chance possible. By the time I begrudgingly made it downstairs, I was sex stories 4 sex fairy tales pron sex shoophie dee surprised to be met with the familiar smell of coffee and breakfast in the kitchen.

Given that it wasn't even 8 yet, I had thought everyone else would still be asleep. "You're up early too Jen?" my mother in law inquired. "Couldn't sleep through Charles' snoring, huh?" I laughed at her joke, just nodding my head. "I have to endure the same with Greg" she said, rolling her eyes.

"I don't know when everyone will be up so…I think hot teen jade gets banged pornstars hardcore everyone for themselves for breakfast." "I think I might go for a little run first, just to help with the hangover" I answered.

Nancy gave me a few short words of approval before I headed back to my bedroom to change. Just stepping into that warm air was such a help already and after just a few short minutes, my headache was almost completely gone. With the sun beaming down and the extra resistance from the sand with each step, I was soaked in sweat by the time I got back to the house. With my hangover gone, instead of heading for a shower, I entered the house from the basement, looking for Chris.

I debated briefly about at today my wife wanted to get fucked drying myself off, but knowing how much he loved seeing me all hot and worked up, decided against it.

After doing a quick check up on Jessie, I quietly entered Chris' room and found him still sound asleep in his bed. Immediately, I tore off his blanket and straddled myself on top of him. Instead of waking him up gently like I normally did, I went with the opposite approach; digging my tongue deep into his mouth and slapping him lightly across the face to wake him.

Chris instinctively groaned from being woken up, but any frustration disseminated quickly as he began kissing me back. "What time is it? Is dad up?" I ignored his question completely, just continuing to kiss him.

"Mom, did you just run?!" he exclaimed, feeling up the sweat on my thighs. I giggled loudly from his excitement and hastily took my tank top off, stuffing half of it in his mouth and the other half by his nose.

Chris moaned loudly as he inhaled my scent and began sucking the sweat off. I gave Chris a few seconds to enjoy himself before I began scooting upwards on his body and sitting on his face, smothering it with my sweat-soaked shorts.

"Eat mommy's pussy!" I ordered, pulling his face towards my opening. Chris obeyed willingly, licking off the perspiration from my inner thighs before moving aside my shorts and finding my pussy.

"Oh fuck mom, you're so sexy covered in sweat! I wish I could fuck you like this all the time." "Yeah, you like that honey?!" I teased, grinding my pussy on his mouth. "Mommy was going to shower, but maybe you can do better!" "We could do both at the same time" he grinned. "You want to take a shower again with mommy?" "Yeah! I want to soap you up and play with your ass and tits more!" "Lead the way then!" I giggled, climbing off of him.

Chris energetically got out of bed after me and together, we made our way to the bathroom. I knew we would be safe as no one knew I was back from my run and it was still too early for Jessie to be up after her late night. I quickly got the water started while Chris stripped out of his clothe. And before I could even get to my own, Chris was already there to help me. He slid my shorts down teasingly slow, kissing my ass tenderly along the way.

"Fuck, I love the way you smell after a run!" he moaned. Chris gently pushed me forward, leaning me on the toilet seat as his tongue flicked across my asshole. "YES! That's it honey! Uuughhhh that feels good!" I panted, biting my lower lip to prevent me from screaming. The more I encouraged him, the deeper Chris' tongue dug in my asshole. I could feel his hands spreading my cheeks wide open as he slurped loudly behind me.

"I think the water's just about warmed up honey! Let's move it into the shower!" I said, smiling back to look at him. Chris gave my ass a few more seconds of attention before getting up and moving with me into the bathtub. We moaned, almost in unison, from the touch of the water trickling down our skin. It always felt the best right after a workout, and having Chris next to me only made it that much better! After the initial feeling of pleasure faded, Chris immediately reached for the bottle of body wash and gave it a good squirt across my back, soaping me up nicely.

"That feels so good honey!" "Mom your skin is so silky!" he exclaimed, massaging me gently.

I could feel the bubbles foaming on my back as his hands continued to work. The natural coconut smell from the soap and the steam of the warm water only added to the alluring busty babe moka mora gets bang by lexingtons inch cock. And as Chris' hands moved lower to washing my ass, I naturally backed into him, grinding it against his cock. I reached behind me to grab his hands, placing them on my tits as we rocked back and forth against each other.

As his hands explored me, he also tilted my head back, allowing us to kiss as well. The water felt amazing running across my front as Chris played with me. "Can I wash your front now mom?" he asked, turning me gently around. "Of course honey!" He smiled back at me and before applying more body wash, leaned down to take my left tit in his mouth. He sucked hungrily, lightly biting each nipple as he did so. It was actually slightly painful, but seeing his face in such ecstasy denied me from ever stopping him.

When he felt satisfied, his attention went back to the soap and lathering me up nicely. He took extra time with my tits, continuing to play with more vigor than usual.

"Mom, I've always wanted to try something." "What is it honey?!" I asked excitedly. As much as I loved being in charge, I also loved whenever Chris showed extra initiative as well. "Mom, could you get on your knees?" I did as he asked, already knowing what he most likely had in mind. "Mom, I've always wanted to fuck your tits!" he smiled, moving towards me.

"Could I?" "Only if you are willing to try something else mommy wants to as well!" "What is it?" "You'll find out in a minute! Now give me that hard cock!" I said, pushing my tits together. Chris grabbed the bottle of body wash to soap me up a little more before nestling his cock in my chest.

"Fuck it feels sooo good!" he moaned, thrusting it up and down. "Yes! Fuck mommy's tits!" I screamed, edging him on. I rocked my own body up and down as I sandwiched his cock tightly against my tits. Every time he got near my mouth, I made sure to stick my tongue out, just barely being able to lick the top of his cock with each thrust. Because of the awkward height difference, Chris would get tired and stop, which would be my cue to take his cock in my mouth and give him my signature deepthroat blowjob.

I didn't mind the slight taste of the soap, only focusing more on just how turned on he was. For the next few minutes, we alternated between Chris fucking my face and then my tits. He was panting loudly with each thrust, from both being tired and turned on so much. "Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum soon!" he said, pulling out of my mouth. We both hurriedly got ourselves back in position so he could pump his cock through my tits a few more times before shooting his load across my chin and chest.

I was so happy the water was mostly on back, giving me the chance to enjoy the taste of his cum again. Chris surprised me by pulling me back on up on my feet and embracing me for a kiss. This time it was him who kissed with more passion. "Thank you so much mom! Fuck, that felt so good!" "Glad you enjoyed it honey!" I beamed back with a smile. "Now it's your time to get on your knees!" Chris chuckled a little before complying and clamping his lips around my pussy.

After spending the morning exercising, I didn't have the chance to relieve myself yet. And whether it was because of the running water from the showerhead or not, but I suddenly I needed to pee! I had always been kinky about it and wanted to wait for the right situation to bring it up with Chris and felt this was perfect. He had shown no problems yesterday tasting me when I squirted all over the floor and I already knew how much he enjoyed taking the occasion lick of my sweat after workouts.

So I felt now was the best time to see if he wanted to get extra intimidate with his mommy! Chris was still lapping hungrily at my pussy, clueless of what was about to happen. But slowly, even given how turned on I was, the urge to pee gradually overtook me.

It started off light, so light that Chris probably didn't even realize. But in mere seconds, I could feel the pressure of my piss begin to forcefully exit my pussy. He recognized instantly what was happening and instinctively pulled his head back. But I was ready, holding him still and pushing his face even more forward as I laughed loudly. I looked down to see Chris struggling to pull away, but it was meaningless.

With my pussy jammed onto Chris' mouth, my piss sprayed everywhere, including in his mouth! Chris was audibly choking a bit, but it only turned me on more! I held him tighter against me, relieving myself in his mouth. But the more I stared down at Chris, I realized I was no longer using any strength to hold his head still anymore, he was doing it willingly! His hands, which seconds ago were pushing against my legs to get himself away, was now on my ass, pushing me towards his waiting mouth!

As my pee came to an end, I was ecstatic to see hardly any of it trickle down his chin or my legs; Chris was hungrily swallowing as much as he could! "Fuck! Can you turn the water off mom!" he said, almost in agony. I giggled loudly at just how desperate he was and reached around to turn off the showerhead, letting the water run through the faucet below.

Chris kept his mouth on my pussy, licking it wildly for every last drop that was still there. "You taste so good mom!" he exclaimed, licking down my legs and to my feet.

He grabbed my left foot and pulled it up to his face, causing me to almost fall. I could only laugh even louder at just how fast things had changed. He passionately sucked each one of my toes like a lollipop, trying to savor every taste of my piss he could. When he finished doing the same thing with my right foot he went back to my pussy, snaking his tongue in as far as he could.

"I take it that you liked it then honey!" "Mom you tasted soooo good! I wish I didn't fight you in the beginning!" he exclaimed, getting on his feet to kiss me. I could still taste myself in his mouth, the saltiness of my piss teasing our taste buds as we made out. It was Chris who reached behind me and turned the shower back on, letting it rain down on our faces as we kissed.

I could feel his cock against my stomach, now rock hard again. It seemed he wasn't lying about enjoying the way I tasted! I didn't even have to suggest anything before Chris pinned me against the wall and pulled my right leg up, looking for my opening with his cock. I helped guide him in me with the same eager anticipation as he had on his face. "Yes!" he groaned, entering my pussy. For once, both of us, and not just me, forgot where we were. We fucked loudly with Chris slamming into me at full force.

My back smacked against the wall with each thrust and the sound of the running water hitting the shower floor was the only thing remotely hiding our moans. "Mom, turn around!" he panted, spinning me and facing me towards the back of the shower. He roughly pushed me down and entered me from behind. I had just a split second to brace my hands on the wall in front of me before Chris began fucking me at full speed. "YES! YES! Fuck mommy's tight pussy!" His hand instantly found my hair, pulling it towards him as he fucked into me.

"I want to taste your squirt again mom!" "Yeah? Is that what you want, honey? You want to taste mommy's juices again?!" "Fuck yes!" he exclaimed, pushing his thumb in my asshole now.

"Fuck me back mom!" I did as Chris asked, rocking back and forth on his cock as he worked two and then three fingers into my ass. If his goal was to make me squirt, he was doing an awfully good job of it! The more he fucked my ass with his fingers, the harder I backed into him as well. "Ohh Fuck! If you want to taste mommy, you better do it now!" Chris quickly pulled out of me, and dropped to his knees. He pulled my ass towards him, licking me from my pussy to my asshole as he waited for skinny teen girl gina valentina banged by big hard cock smalltits and hardcore orgasm.

My own hand was rubbing my clit violently, rewarding him with another violent eruption from my pussy. Making up for earlier, Chris made sure to devour everything my pussy had to give this time.

Even long after my orgasm ended, I could feel his mouth on me, still sucking for everything it could offer. "I think you got it all honey!" I giggled, making him chuckle as well. "Are you ready to cum too?" He smiled back at me, getting on his feet and inserting his cock in my pussy again.

"Come on, honey! Fill mommy up!" Chris only lasted for a few thrusts before I felt his warm jizz enter deep in my pussy. One good thing about fucking in the shower was there was no cleanup at all. We embraced underneath the water, cleaning ourselves of our fuck session at the same time. "You still want more?!" I giggled, feeling Chris' hand on my ass as I dried myself off. "Because if you want to, all you have to do is say so! Mommy will fuck you all day if you want!" "I just wanted to get another feel of the most beautiful woman I've ever seen" he said, smiling warmly.

"What, there's nobody at school that you have an eye on?" I asked rhetorically. "They're girls, mom. They're not even in the conversation.

I said woman, you're the most beautiful woman I've seen." He always knew what to say to make me feel so warm! "I guess that mouth of yours isn't just good at eating pussy!" I pulled him in for another kiss. Not a "fuck me right now" kiss, but a romantic one, between lovers. Chris was my lover now, and the ring on my toe was our proof of it.

"I just realized, we didn't bring any change of clothe!" I giggled. "I'll go up and grab you some" Chris chuckled. He quickly wrapped a adorable teenie is pissing and fingering shaven twat around him and headed out the bathroom for his own room before moving upstairs to mine. Once we were both clean and dressed, we went together to the kitchen for breakfast. As Chris busily sat down at the dining table to eat like the hungry teenager he was, I stayed in the kitchen to brew some coffee.

"How are you up so early?" my sister groaned, strolling into the kitchen. She had all the classic signs of a hangover on her face. "I went for a run and it helped a lot. You should give it a try." "Talking about giving it a try" she said, with a slight grin. "Did you guys try anything else?" I giggled, knowing she was going to waste no time before approaching me about that subject. "What do you mean? I joined you at the table a minute after you left!" "Well, a lot can happen in a minute" she said, exaggerating her words.

"He's young. He's inexperienced. I'm guessing it wouldn't even be a minute!" Now, that comment made me nearly burst out laughing. "Yeah, sure! Chris couldn't last a minute!" I thought.

"He puts his father to shame!" But instead of saying all of that I only shook my head disapprovingly at her. "But seriously, sis. That was kinda hot!" she exclaimed, pouring herself a cup of coffee. "It was so wrong, yet I couldn't look away at all!

He was so into it!" "That couldn't have been your first time! So don't lie and say it was!" she added. I could only smile at her comment, slowly drinking my coffee to try and come up with a response. "Come on sis, you know I'll never tell. But you guys have done it before right? And like a lot probably? Right?!" she asked, getting more and more excited. "Fine! Yes, we've done it before! And yes, a lot! And yes, it's good!

Really good!" I said smiling. Now it was her turn to laugh loudly at me. "How did it start?" I debated on what to say, but figured I was already this far in and just decided to go with the truth. "Well I accidentally walked in on him one day and " "Walked in? What do you mean walked in?" I gave her a dumbfounded look before her expression changed as she realized what I meant. "Anyways. I walked in on him once and I just couldn't get the image out of my head so " "Oh my god! You had a crush on him first!" she exclaimed, almost yelling.

"Did you want to tell the story?!" I shot back, slightly angry at her cutting me off continuously. "Sorry, sorry! Go ahead! I'm all ears!" she said, bringing her fingers to her mouth and "zipping" it shut. "Yes, I got a little crush on him first. So I started kissing him, like just casually. Well I did at first, and then one thing led to another and…well you saw yesterday. " "Ok, but have you guys done anything else?

Please, tell me sis! I won't judge!" she said, pleading me with her eyes. I didn't want to say anything without Chris' permission, but Lily was putting me in an extremely awkward spot. We had always shared our deepest and darkest secrets with each other. So, I stared at her for a few seconds, deciding what to do. "Yes, we've fucked!" I finally said blatantly, maybe a bit too loudly.

Her jaw dropped, but it came with a smile. "I knew it! Oh my god! That's so fucking hot!" she exclaimed, hugging me and causing me to almost drop my mug. I had no idea how she would react, but didn't exactly expect this. "You don't seem that surprised" I said cautiously. "Oh come on sis. There are definitely signs. You're always touchy around him. Even just yesterday, I could see the two of you flirting with each other. Everyone else might be oblivious because it's so far off their radar between mother and son, but I know you.

You talk about Chris all the time!" she giggled. "So is he any good in bed?" she asked slyly. "That's where the line ends!" I said sternly.

"Fine, fine. I guess you're right. That is crossing the line" she said, understanding when I was serious. We stood there, somewhat awkwardly drinking our coffee and processing it all. I had never intended for my sister to find out, at my wife sucks my dick and swallows not this soon, but things happen.

"I want to watch!" "What?!" I asked, out of pure shock. "Not, everything. Unless you're okay with…" she said, pausing to check my reaction. But with my face still just as surprised and not changing expressions at all, she got my answer.

"Yeah, not everything. Just the two of you kissing again! It was so.so…-" "taboo?" I said, finishing her thought. "Yes! Oh my god, sis! I can't describe it. It just looked so… "Ahhh!" she screamed, but with a smile. I laughed at her phrasing, understanding exactly what she meant. As much as Chris and I loved each other, we couldn't deny that the extra incest factor made the sex that much better.

That forbidden factor about it made the fucking so much more intense. It was a feeling I would never possibly have with anyone else. "So come on sis! I want to see it again! I…I came so hard playing with myself last night by picturing the two of you in the kitchen!" Her comment surprised me, but only a little.

After all, I did the exact same thing when I went to sleep. "I don't know Lily. I don't feel comfortable with Chris not knowing about it." "But last night " "Last night, I had a little too much to drink.

We both did." "Could you ask him then? Come on, sis!" "I don't know, maybe. I mean what am I supposed to say" I said. "Hey honey, would you mind if your aunt watches us make out?" Lily didn't respond, but I could see the eagerness on her face. "I'll think about it, but no promises" I said, bringing a quick smile to her face. Before our conversation could carry on too much longer, we heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. My husband came strolling into the kitchen and gave us a quick hello before joining Chris in the dining room table.

"Yes! Ok, let me know later then!" Lily said, grabbing a muffin and heading out of the kitchen as well. My parents had always instilled in me from an early age to watch out for my sister, as it was a "privilege" for me to even have a sibling considering China's one child policy rule. As I grew older, I sympathized more with her as my parents always pinned so much pressure on her doing well in school.

And because of it, I would often cave to her requests, something I was evidently doing again. I refilled my mug and grabbed a plate of food, joining everyone else for breakfast. Not long after I sat down, my parents and in-laws arrived as well, completing yet another family meal. "When's Liz getting here?!" my daughter asked excited, wanting someone her own age to play with.

"Soon actually. We'll have to leave in an hour or so to pick her up" my mother in law said, checking the time. "Can I come too?!" Jessie asked energetically. "Sure Sweetie!" Nancy answered. "I'll go too mom. I think there are enough seats in the van" my husband added.

The rest of breakfast went by quickly and before I knew it, the house was half empty. "So…what are you and Chris planning for the day?" my sister asked, standing beside me as we washed the dishes. "Are you guys going to-" "We already did. This morning" I said, smiling at her.

"Oh my god! When did you get like this?! You were always a prude in high school!" "Hey!" I shot back, splashing some water on her. "So should I distract mom and dad and give you guys some more alone time?" she asked, with a big smile. As much as I hated her teasing, I couldn't deny that things would go by so much smoother and easier if she was willing to help.

And even after the intense session this morning, I wanted more with Chris! I had made it my own person mission to fuck him as often as I could on this trip, so I sure as hell wasn't going to waste a chance like this. "What did you have in mind?" "How about I ask mom and dad to go on a walk with me. They always want to spend time with me so I know they'll bite. And that'll leave the house alone for you two!" she said energetically.

"But, could you please consider more about what I asked earlier?!" I knew that she wasn't doing it just out of the kindness of her heart! "Ok, that sounds good.

Just text me when you guys are about to come back!" My sister smiled at me and nodded. We hurriedly finished the dishes and Lily, true to her word, got both my parents out of the house shortly afterwards. "Hey honey, what you doing?" I asked, entering his room. "Oh hey, mom. Not much, just messing around the internet" he said, looking up at me from his laptop.

"So we have to house to ourselves" I said, smiling at him. "Really?" Chris asked in a surprise tone. "Yeah, really!" I answered, walking to and hugging him from behind. My hands explored the front of his chest while I kissed the top of his head lightly, trying to get him in the mood. "Can you go again, honey? Mommy's hungry for your cock!" I whispered softly in his ear.

Chris smiled and tilted his head back to kiss me. It felt surprisingly hot as we made out with Chris upside down. I could tell from the way his tongue explored my mouth that he felt the same way. "Let's move to your bed!" I said, grabbing his hand. I pushed Chris down first, with me getting on top of him as we continued to make out. "Oooh, you are ready again honey!" I giggled, feeling his cock poking at my stomach.

"I'm always ready for you mom. Just scared sometimes because you have no inhibition at all!" he chuckled. "Oh please! I didn't hear you complaining at all about mommy's footjob yesterday morning!" I said, playfully biting his lower lip. We kissed for a few more seconds before I took my shirt and bra off, tossing it aside. As soon as my tits were free, Chris immediately reached for them, massaging them before pulling my body towards him and taking my nipple in his mouth. "Mmm" Chris moaned, as he sucked on luna star in babe with phat ass one with enthusiasm.

As his mouth stayed busy, I took his hands and placed them inside the back of my shorts, letting him enjoy my ass as well. His fingers instantly found my asshole, circling it before entering his index finger inside. "I want your cock in me honey!" I said, reluctantly pulling my tits away from his mouth. I got off him long enough to abandon my shorts, leaving me completely naked as Chris took off his as well.

"Mommy wants to be on top!" I smiled, pushing his chest down as he was about to get up. I carefully straddled him, guiding his cock in my pussy. "OOhh Yes!" I moaned, riding his cock up and down. My eyes were closed, just enjoying the feeling of being so full. With me doing all the work, it allowed Chris' hands to roam my body, feeling up my legs. When he reached my feet, he pulled them towards him, taking my weight off my knees and redirecting it all on Chris' cock. "Ahh Fuck!" I exclaimed from the sudden increase in pleasure.

For a few seconds, I just grinded against Chris, watching him nibble on my toes in front of me. His lovely and tattooed arya fae gets fucked by codey steeles hard cock always felt so wonderful on my feet and the way he worshipped them was so hot.

As he sucked on my left foot, I pushed the right one to his nose, forcing him to sniff it. "Ugghhh, mom" he moaned, slurping loudly on my big toe. "Mom, could you give me a foot job again?" I guess my comment about yesterday's breakfast refocused his attention to me feet. I smiled at him and pushed my toes deep into his mouth. "Is that what you want honey?

You want mommy's pretty feet on your cock again?" With his mouth filled, Chris could only nod. I gladly got off his cock and repositioned myself by the other end of the bed. My feet were already wet from Chris' mouth, providing the perfect lubrication as my toes sandwiched his cock. "Yes!" Chris exclaimed from the touch. His hands instantly grabbed my ankles, lifting them up and down. At the same time I wriggled my toes, increasing the pleasure on his cock even more.

"Don't cum too quickly honey! Mommy still wants to be fucked!" I said. I could see from his facial expression that he was definitely close already.

"Ok, mom" he managed to stutter. He had now placed his cock between my soles, rubbing it softly against my skin.

I fingered my pussy as I watched him use my feet for his own personal pleasure. Every once in a while he would lean forward, taking my toes in his mouth again before returning them both on his cock. "Ohh shit! Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" he stammered. He furiously rubbed my soles rhythmically against his cock before letting out a stream of jizz, covering my soles.

As he continued to cum, he moved my toes on top of his cock, covering them as well. "I'm sorry mom. I couldn't stop myself" he said.

I was too focused on licking up the cum on my feet to even register what he said. I always loved the way he tasted! But once I had cleaned it off thoroughly, my own sexual dissatisfaction came back. "You better hope you can get hard again honey!" I answered, moving towards him with purpose. Chris was about to sit up again, but I pushed him back down and quickly climbed on top of his face in the 69 position.

"Eat mommy's asshole!" I didn't hold back at all, letting myself fully sit on his mouth instead of resting my weight on my legs. Despite this, Chris didn't complain at all. His tongue dug inside my asshole, causing me to moan loudly form pleasure. To satisfy myself even more, I began grinding roughly on his face. Chris' hands went to my ass, trying to push me off slightly, but I held his wrists back down, laughing at the same time.

I had given his nose enough room to breathe, so I knew he wasn't suffocating. But the harder he tried to squirm himself free, the more I slammed my weight on him, smothering him with my ass. "I didn't say stop!" I shouted, slapping his chest when I felt his tongue stop moving. Either out of shock or maybe even a little fear, he immediately started back up again. "That's better!" I giggled. As much as his hands seemed to be complaining, I could tell he was getting turned on again; his cock was already semi-hard.

I leaned forward to give it a few tugs, giving Chris enough time to catch his breath as well. "ok, mom. I think I'm ready again!" "Not yet honey! I'm not done punishing you for cumming too quickly!" I exclaimed. I got off him and pulled Chris off the bed, leading us to the bathroom.

"Kneel!" I commanded, pointing towards the bathtub. Chris immediately complied, grinning at me with excitement. "I think you know what's coming honey!" I ebony sunny leone full xnxx story sex stories, pushing his mouth against my pussy. After drinking two large cups of coffee in the morning, I knew that this was coming sooner or later. As I felt my piss begin moving from bladder to my pussy, I was elated to see Chris already licking at my pussy, waiting for the shower he was about to receive!

Unlike the first time, my body wasn't nervous or scared, allowing me to passion hd guy wakes up to horny girlfriend lola normally.

My piss came gushing out at full speed, with me pushing it out extra hard with the muscles of my pussy. I giggled loudly, watching and hearing Chris gulp down as much as he could. A lot of it still escaped, and without the shower running, the color was a bright yellow, dripping all over him.

It looked so fucking hot! And just as I felt it was coming to an ended, I surprised him by pushing his face back, blasting him with the rest of my pee like a showerhead would.

He gasped loudly from the shock, but kept his mouth open, trying to swallow it. "Holy fuck, mom!" he said, gasping for air as he cleaned off his face enough to open his eyes. He hastily got up on his feet and rushed to kiss me, pushing me against the bathroom wall again.

As we made out, his hands worked on my pussy, covering it with my leftover urine before bringing it up to his lips to suck off. "You like how mommy tastes?" I smiled, lathering my fingers up as well and pushing it in his mouth.

It was an incredible feeling making out with him while we tasted my pee. He was noticeably more energetic after getting pissed on too; he pinched my nipples roughly and his tongue aggressively attacked my mouth.

"Mom, I need to fuck you!" he said, his voice sounding desperate. "Turn around!" I had expected him in my pussy, but found it delightful as his cock began poking at my asshole, sliding it in slowly. "Auggghhh! Ooohh, mom!" he moaned, holding his entire length in me. I made sure to tighten my rectum, squeezing his cock even harder.

Chris gradually began increasing his pace, until the sound of his body slapping against my ass amber and brandi take a demolishing cock in both pussies the entire bathroom.

The door was wide open, inviting anyone who would be home to come and watch. I had no idea when Charles and them would be back or when my parents would be, but it didn't matter.

We were so fucking lost in the act that all rationality went out the window. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ahhhh! YES! Fuck mommy harder!" I screamed, slapping the wall in front of me. Chris' thrusts instantly became stronger as he pushed into me, until he had my body pinned against the bathroom wall. Still, his cock kept pounding into me, fucking deep inside my asshole.

I was mostly standing still now, letting Chris grab my hips and pull me into each one of his thrusts. "Oh Fuck! Don't Stop! Don't Stop! Mommy's almost there!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. It felt so refreshing to be as loud as I wanted. Chris panted loudly, slamming even harder into me after my words of encouragement. It was another second before my legs wobbled, shaking from an orgasm. Chris had become used to it, holding me still until the trembling stopped and I had control over my body again.

"I want to cum on your face mom!" he exclaimed, pulling out of me. I turned around and quickly got on my knees, smiling up at him. Chris gave his cock a few hard tugs before unloading on my face, shooting three thick loads across it. "Oh fuck, you look so hot!" "Yeah?!" I teased, licking my fingers. "Do you want to take a picture of mommy?" "Yes!

I'll be right back!" he exclaimed, rushing out of the shower for his room. He returned with his phone, pointing it at me as I heard the familiar clicking sound of each picture. I gave him a few naughty poses, including one where I took his cock in my mouth, while my face was still covered in his jizz. "Can you send mommy this one?" I asked, having my own ideas.

"Uh sure, mom" he answered, a little surprised. When he felt satisfied with the half or dozen shots he took, I began to clean up, scraping his cum off my face and bringing it to my mouth. "We should just take another quick shower honey!" I smiled, getting him to nod in agreement. With both of us satisfied sexually, the shower was more romantic than anything else. We kissed each other tenderly, washing each other's body clean before leaving. The first thing I did back in his room was check my phone, making sure I didn't miss anything from Lily before moving to the basement living room.

"When's dad and them getting back?" "I dunno honey, probably soon though" I said. We sat on the sofa chatting, sitting on opposite ends as Chris casually played with my feet, licking and sucking my toes tenderly. Our alone time was interrupted by the familiar buzz of my phone. "We're coming back soon" my sister texted. "ok, gotcha." "So…did you papua new guinea upng porn have enough time? : )" I grinned at her comment and decided to reward her for helping Chris and I out by sending her the picture of the facial Chris gave me minutes ago.

"OH MY GOD! That was just now?!" I deliberately didn't respond, getting back at her for all the teasing she did earlier to me. "Hey" I said, tapping Chris' face with my free foot. "Your aunt and grandparents are coming back" "Ok, mom" he answered, continuing to suck on my toes. I didn't stop him, knowing how much he loved it. "That reminds me honey, what color should mommy get her toes done next?" "uhm…black!" he smiled.

It was only a few minutes later that we heard the opening of the door upstairs, causing us both to reluctantly stop and get up. I let Chris get back to his computer, while I went upstairs to greet my parents and keep my sister away from him. "Was that just now, Jen?!" she exclaimed, pulling me aside into the living room.

I nodded my head, smiling at the same time. I had to admit it felt good seeing how awestruck she was. "Do you let him do that every time that?!" "Well sometimes he cums inside me" I answered nonchalantly. "Who are you?!" she gasped, giggling at me and getting us both to laugh. "So I take that picture as a yes then? For my question earlier?!" I hadn't intended for it to mean that, but seeing her excitement as well as my own, it started to seriously weigh on me.

Luckily before I had to give an answer, the front door opened again; this time with my husband back from picking up my brother in law from the airport.

"Hi Jen" Charles' brother, Mark, said, waving to me as he put down his suitcase. "Jen!!" Rachel shrieked, embracing me for a hug.

Her positive energy level was always so infectious. "How's it been? Oh, this is my sister, Lily. I think you guys met once." "Of course I remember!" she said excitedly, hugging my sister as well. It was an awkward sight seeing the two of them embrace.

Rachel was on the bigger side, both in height and size, and she dwarfed my sister in comparison, almost hiding her completely. Even through our loud exclamations and hellos, it was my daughter and Rachel's that were the most vocal. The two girls ran through the house, laughing as they headed into the living room. "Are you guy's hungry?" I asked. "We had some food at the airport.

But I think we're doing barbecue for dinner, right?" Mark asked, looking over at my father in law. "Yeah, that's what we planned. I hope you guys don't mind?" Greg asked. "That's fine with us" I smiled, looking at my sister for her approval as well. "Ok then! We're going to head out and get some food in a little bit then." "I'll join you guys" my father quickly added.

So while the guys left for the supermarket, we girls headed for the beach to lie in the warm Florida sun, planning on where we wanted to go for the next week. My daughter and Liz made a beeline for the waters while the adults sat lounging on chairs. "I didn't know if you guys wanted to rest a day or two, but-" "Oh no, Jen!

We're fine. Let's just leave tomorrow morning!" Rachel said excitedly, smiling at everyone. "Are you sure?" my mom asked sincerely. "Yeah, it'll be fine. I'm sure Liz and Jessie will love it too!" "Ok then! I guess we can start driving down to Disney World tomorrow and get an extra day there!" my mother in law said. I spent the rest of the afternoon with them, just laughing and gossiping until it became chillier, giving us the hint to head back to the house.

"Ah we were just about to call you guys!" my father in law smiled, standing over the grill. "Smells great honey!" Nancy said, walking up to her husband for a hug.

"Shouldn't you go get Chris?" my sister whispered in my ear, smiling. I was in such a good mood from this afternoon that I almost didn't mind her teasing, almost. "Dear, where's Chris?" I asked my husband. "I'm not sure where he went after we got back from the store. But, I'm guessing he's in his room" Charles answered. "Could you go get him soon? The first batch will be done in about 20 minutes." "Yeah sure" I smiled, leaving the backyard and heading into the house.

"Hey honey, it's time for dinner" I said, opening his door. He was again on his computer, this hot stone massage or hot pussy massage playing a game. "Right now?" he asked, still focused on his computer screen. As I walked towards him, I could see rebecca slut punishment with dap cumshots and creampie the corner of my eye, Lily peaking at us through the window.

Chris' room was on the side of the house, away from the back yard and it was also getting dark outside, giving us a little more protection from someone besides my sister watching.

She made eye contact with me immediately as I entered further into the room, not trying to hide at all this time. I could see her mouthing the words "please" as she stared at me. Because I was already in high spirits, I decided not to ask her to leave.

"Are you almost done with your game?" I asked, playing with Chris' hair. "Not really mom." I took a glance at my sister, smiling at her to let her know I was okay with her watching. My exhibitionist side began showing again, as I suddenly got the urge to show Lily just how easily I could seduce Chris whenever I wanted. "honey we should leave soon" I said, kissing his cheek. I slowly moved myself to his side, unusual girl pleases snatch and gets licked and penetrated in pov myself onto his lap little by little until I was able to comfortably sit down, with my legs by his side.

"Mom, you're messing me up" he chuckled. I ignored his plea, moving my kisses from his cheek to his lip. Chris started off by kissing me back but keeping his eyes on his monitor. Undeterred, I slithered my tongue deeper into his mouth, moaning loudly as I did so. It only took a few more seconds until I felt his hands abandon his mouse and keyboard, holding my shoulders gently as he returned my kiss with more vigor.

As soon as he did, I took a glance out the window at my sister, seeing her still shocked at what she was watching. Her stare was so focused on us that I was a little afraid that she'd have no clue if someone else came to the window as well.

But even with that, the possibility of getting caught only excited me more. "Scoot your chair out a little honey!" I said between our kissing. Chris did sex xxx rap bab mom I asked, giving me enough space to swing my left leg over and sit on his lap facing him.

I could feel his throbbing cock against me, tempting me to just pull it out. But I couldn't. Not because of my sister, but because I didn't think there was any time to. In fact, it actually scared me at how little I cared if Lily saw us or not.

Meanwhile, with all these perverse thoughts running through my head, it showed itself in how I made out with Chris. He was getting just as turned on as me, his hands roaming down my back until it reached my ass. "When's dinner?" he panted. "We can stay a little longer" I answered, knowing exactly what he meant.

He nodded, reaching down to lift up my shirt. In one quick motion, he had it up at my shoulders and my bra pulled aside, hungrily sucking on my nipple.

With Chris' face buried in my chest, I took the opportunity to look at my sister, smiling seductively at her. I needed her to see just how badly Chris wanted me. Lily was smiling brightly right back at me, etching in every inch of detail to her memory. She had her left hand down the front of her shorts, frantically playing with herself as she soaked in everything in front of her. Seeing her trying to get off, only made me want to go further with Chris.

"So much for just watching us kiss" I thought. I got off Chris' lap and took a seat on his desk. "I want you to eat mommy's pussy!" I smiled, pulling my shorts and panties aside. Sunny leone xxxx story new 2019 downlod dove his head forward immediately, licking my pussy passionately.

"Oh fuck!" I moaned, screaming loud enough for my sister to hear from outside. I pushed his head further into me, suffocating him between my thighs. Given how cautious he normally was, Chris surprised me by tugging at my shorts, pulling them off completely. "Not worried this time, honey?" I giggled. "I want you too bad mom" he said, returning his attention to my pussy.

With my shorts gone, he spread my legs wide in front of him, slurping loudly as he ate my pussy. I was clenching his hair now, trying to hold back my screams. I could also see my sister with the exact same facial expression as me. Distracted by my own pleasure and watching Lily, Chris surprised me again by pulling my ass towards him, allowing his tongue to reach my asshole.

"Yes! That's it honey! Tongue fuck mommy's tight little asshole!" I was pinching my own nipples now, squeezing them roughly to increase the sensation even further. "Oh fuck! Mom, could I fuck you?!" he panted, looking at me. "You can do whatever you want honey!" I said, throwing all caution away. He quickly stood up and dropped his shorts in an instant, unknowingly exposing his cock to his aunt for the first time.

I kept my eyes on Chris and only taking the casual glance over at the window to see my sister with her own shorts now by her thighs, her fingers moving in and out of her pussy. "Uuuugghh! YES! Mom…fuck!" Chris moaned, pumping inside my pussy. There was no buildup as he hammered his cock relentlessly into me. I could feel the whole desk shaking violently beneath me. It felt like it would collapse at any moment. Yet, neither one of us cared at all, only moaning louder as we stared into each other's eyes.

I brought my legs together, squeezing them to tighten my pussy even more. With my feet now right in front of Chris, he instantly took my big toe in his mouth. "Yes! Suck on mommy's toes!" I exclaimed, spreading them widely for him to worship one by one. My sister was completely gone from reality; her hand now resting on the glass window to stabilize herself as her fingers disappeared in and out of her pussy. I swore I could hear the sounds of her juices through the window.

"Mom, could you turn around?!" he said, his mouth half full with my toes. "Sure, honey! But mommy wants to taste you first!" I said, pushing him back. I got off the table and dropped to my knees, engulfing his entire cock. I wanted to show Lily just how much of a cocksucker her sister was! "Fuck mommy's mouth!" I said, grinning at Chris. He knew exactly what I meant from that, grabbing my hair firmly and thrusting his cock forward. Again and again his cock slammed into the back of my throat.

I was gasping loudly, choking up spit all over his cock, but none of it was a surprise to either one of us. Chris didn't hesitate at all, only pulling my hair even harder as he held his entire length in my mouth. "Ahhh Fuck!" he exclaimed, letting me go for air.

I could feel the tears streaming down my face now, but knowing my sister was watching me, I wanted to go more. This time I caught Chris by surprise, shoving my face forward and pushing him onto his seat as my mouth continued to work on his cock, bobbing as fast as I could up and down.

I brought his hand to the back of my head, letting him dictate how fast and hard he wanted to fuck my throat. "Mom, I'm gonna.oh Fuck!.i'm gonna cum soon!" he exclaimed, pulling me off of him.

"Did you still want to fuck mommy?" I said, wiping away some of my tears. "Yeah!" he said, holding my hand and leading me back on my feet. I turned around and leaned on the desk, catching a glimpse of my sister as well. Her hands were now by her side, but she was still completely focused on us. I could only assume that she already came. "And to think she was making fun of Chris earlier for luscious cutie is getting fur pie pleasuring lasting even a minute!" I thought.

Chris entered my pussy harshly, jamming it all the way in.

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There was nothing gentle or romantic about it, exactly what I wanted! It was purely to satisfy our sexual appetite.

"Ahh!" I shrieked, feeling the palm of his hand strike against my ass.

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"Harder honey!" Chris grunted loudly, synchronizing it with another hard slap. This one was even more painful, but at the same time brought that much more pleasure. "Fuck mommy's ass, honey!" I said, wanting to shock my sister even more. I still remember the conversation I had with her a few years ago where I boldly proclaimed I would never try anal. Yet here I was, bent over backwards for my son and begging him to fuck my ass!

He didn't give me an answer, instead just switching holes almost mid-pump, causing me to shriek even louder. "Fuck you're so tight mom!" he moaned, slapping my ass again. I was rocking back on his cock now, shaking the table so much that his mouse and mousepad fell to the floorl.

Chris alternated between my pussy and ass, fucking each hole for a few thrusts before switching. I could tell from his breathing that he was getting close to damn hot teen london gets fucked by dudes massive cock again. "I want you to cum on mommy's face!" I screamed. "Just tell-" "I'm gonna cum now mom!" he stammered, pulling out of me.

I turned around just in time to catch a blast on my face. "Yes! Cover mommy's pretty face!" I said, opening my mouth to catch his cum. When Chris was completely finished, I immediately scraped it into mouth. But instead of swallowing, I stood back up and embraced him for a kiss. Chris didn't fight me, only kissing me back with the same passion as I swapped his jizz into his own mouth.

I was waiting for him to break it off at any moment, but he continued to kiss me, even gently lifting me up on his desk again. "Did you want to go again honey?!" I asked, giggling through our kisses. "No, I'm exhausted" he chuckled. "But dad says we're traveling tomorrow and will be in a hotel for a week. So-" "What?! You think mommy's not going to take care of you?" I said, acting as if I was insulted. "There's no way mommy can go more than day without your cock!" Chris smiled back at me, giving me one last kiss.

"I guess we should go out there then" he said. I took one last glance at the window, seeing it empty for the first time since I entered Chris' room. "Sure, honey!" I said. "You go first, mommy just has to fix up a little before joining you!" I made a quiet entrance to the backyard, blending in perfectly with everyone else, just in time for dinner.

Most of the time was spent talking with my parents, that is until Lily pulled me aside. "Oh my god! Thank you! Thank you!" she exclaimed, looking around to make sure her voice wasn't too loud. "That was so fucking hot! When did you learn to suck dick like that?! And you let him fuck your ass too?!" I laughed loudly. "So, still think Chris can't last more than a minute?" Lily giggled. "Nope, definitely don't think that anymore. He lasted way longer than me! I came when you were blowing him!" "You know I wasn't planning on showing you all that.

But, I couldn't turn Chris down either, so… don't expect that to happen all the time!" "Oh come on sis! I know you loved every second of it! You were just as turned on as me!" "That's because we were caught up in the moment.

Right now" I said, pausing "I feel bad for not letting Chris know about it." My sister looked at me, showing her sympathy through her eyes. "Could you tell him? Just that I know about you two. He might be okay with it." "I will. I don't know when, but I will in the next few days. But…I'm just afraid things will get awkward between you two if he's not okay with it." "Pshh!

That's a risk I'm willing to take considering what I just saw!" she proudly proclaimed, getting us both she cant take the big dick laugh. "Ok, I'll find the right day, Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go enjoy some more time with my son now!" I smiled, teasing her with my words. Author's Note: So by popular request, I introduced 2 scenes involving peeing/watersports.

As this is not a fetish I'm familiar with, hopefully I didn't butcher it. I'm also thinking of possibly starting a side series with Lily as the main character. It would take place after the events of this series, but would be much different than this one. Let me know if there would be any interest in that. Again, please leave comments and any feedback; it really helps give me some direction for what scenes to include and is a big motivation boost for me to write.

The next 2 chapters will be out next weekend and will return to the usual length.