Hot deep throat from a kinky blonde

Hot deep throat from a kinky blonde
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Damn, we drank so much last night! I figured we would. We always did when we got together to play games.

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We had a "reunion night." My old roommate and his brother, our friends Bess and Heidi, and our friend Rick. When we first were out of college, we drank like this a couple times a week.

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Watching TV, playing drinking Jenga and various card games while pounding beers. Jenga got especially dangerous when we added in shots for knocking over the tower or pulling a block that told you to do one. We were now in our mid-thirties, most of us with families, so this was no longer such a normal occurrence, and we didn't process our alcohol as quickly as we used to.

As I laid in bed in one of my buddy's guestrooms with my eyes closed, I was pretty sure I was still a little drunk.

As I laid there perfectly still, I felt the bed shift. This wasn't particularly surprising to me. Over the years we all drank together, it was pretty common for any combination of us to share a bed together. There simply was a finite number of beds and couches in any of our homes and we didn't make each other sleep on the floor.

I squinted my eyes open and saw Rick next to me in bed, both of us fully clothed from simply passing out as soon as we hit the bed.

"Fuck, I'm gonna be so hungover," he moaned. "Yep," was my simple reply. "And damn I'm so horny!" he blurted out nonchalantly. "Christ, me too," I replied honestly. I was always super horny after a night of drinking. "Oh yeah?" Rick responded.

"Anything I can help you with?" He rolled onto his side and placed his hand on my stomach. Rick was gay and I knew he thought I was cute. He had made passing comments about wanting me over the years but we were good friends and I knew he would never actually do anything to me unless I gave him permission.

But I also knew if I gave him an opening that he'd take it. He left his hand on my irresistible haley reed blowbanged before messy facial for awhile as we lay there chatting. I lived in a different city now so didn't get to see the traci lords sucks john holmes cock as much any more. We both mentioned how much we missed nights like the one before, with everyone together.

As we continued to talk, Rick slowly started moving his hand around, massaging my stomach bbw in sexy fishnet suit got anal fucked my clothes.

We talked longer and eventually his hand made it under my shirt and directly onto my stomach, making little circles on my abs. Our casual conversation slowly started to shift.

"God I would love to make you feel so good right now." I didn't respond. "Seriously, I bet I could give you the best blowjob you've ever had," he said matter-of-factly. "Way better than any chick has done." "Uh huh, sure you could," was my only response. I lay there still as he flattened his hand and caressed my stomach some more. I closed my eyes as I felt his hand slide up my body a little more as he talked. He finally made his way to my chest. He began to feel me up and circle and pinch my nipples.

Fuck, I had to admit to myself, it did feel good. In all our years of friendship, Rick had never initiated contact like this. I don't know if it was that we didn't see each other as much and he felt he was running out of chances or what, but he must have decided that today he was taking a real shot at having me.

I knew all I had to do was say stop. There was no doubt in my mind that he would immediately end this if I asked him to. But I didn't. The only sound that escaped my lips was a moan as he pinched my nipple again. The moan must have given him the idea to proceed. Slowly, his hand slid down my chest and stomach, stopping at the top of my basketball shorts.

He was giving me every opportunity to put a stop to this. He left his hand still for a good 30 seconds. When I didn't say anything, he finally pushed his hand under my shorts, under my boxers, and took hold of my cock. Rick fondled my mostly flaccid member and moaned a little. "Do you like that?" he softly whispered in my ear.

"Yes," I breathed. "I promise, you're going to feel so good," he assured me. My cock was hardening as he stroked me. "Are you in?" I didn't quite know yet what I was in for, but I told him I was. He continued to moan in my ear while manipulating my cock and telling me how badly he wanted me. It was making me so horny I couldn't stand it. He asked me to touch him, adding an almost desperate "please" and I obliged.

I slipped my hand into his pants and grabbed another man's penis for the first time in my life. He stood after we stroked each for a couple minutes and started undressing. I followed suit, taking my clothes off. We both looked at each other's hard dick. We were both about 6 inches long and a few inches thick. The only real difference was I was circumcised and he was not. Rick climbed back into bed, knelt down and bent over at the waist and took me into his mouth.

Fuck it felt so good! It had been ages since I'd had a blowjob and slipping into his warm mouth felt amazing. He took about a quarter of my length at once, then a little more and then went about half way down. He settled into a rhythm at that depth for awhile, using his right hand to help out on my shaft. Up and down he bobbed for teen girl enjoy to play with her pussy masturbate and fingering few minutes.

I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. I felt his tongue sliding up and down the sensitive underside of my shaft. Occasionally, he would swirl his tongue around my even more sensitive head for a second when he reached the tip, causing me to buck my hips slightly. Rick stopped teasing and went to work. He was taking more than half my length in his mouth every time he slurped down my pole. I even felt the tip of my cock hit the back of his throat a few times.

Out of habit I put my right hand on his head and ran my fingers through his hair as he sucked me.

I was really enjoying the blowjob. At this point it didn't matter that it was a guy sucking me off, one of my closest friends, the warm, tu venganza colombian babe bangs random guy in revenge sex mouth just felt incredible! To my disappointment, he stopped sucking me. I opened my eyes and ad a questioning look on my face trying to find out why he stopped.

He looked me straight in the eye and asked, "You wanna try?" I laid there a little shocked and didn't move. He was gay. Sucking cock was no big deal to him.

But I had never truly considered it. He kept looking at me and finally begged, "please?" He laid down next to me and I still didn't move. He reached down and started stroking his cock and I looked down and watched.

He moved his fingers up and down his shaft, causing his foreskin to slide up and down his head. As I stared at him masturbating, he tried to convince me to suck him. He whispered, "Oh please. Please suck me. I want to feel your lips on my cock. I've thought about this so many times. Please. Let me enter your mouth for just a minute, see if you like it baby. Ooohh please suck my hard cock." I was so horny from the blowjob I had received and his pleas for pleasure.

I got up onto my knees and slowly moved to the end of the bed. Rick spread his legs and I moved between them. "Touch it baby.

Just stroke me." I reached my hand out and replaced hid hand on his shaft. "Oh that's it baby, feel it. Oh yeah," he moaned in response. I stroked him slowly as he tried again to convince me to blow him. "That feels really good, but your mouth would feel so much better. Come on, please take me in your mouth.

Please suck my cock. Please." As he talked, I found myself lowering my head. Inching closer and closer, he sensed his victory. "That's it. Almost there. Come on, you can do it." My mouth was almost at his tip. "That's it. Open your mouth and taste my cock. Do it baby. Come on, take me in your lips." My lips made contact with his tip and slowly parted as I took his head into my mouth.

I pulled back slightly and the went back down, taking more of him. I repeated this until I had roughly half his shaft in my mouth. "Oh fuck yes!" he moaned. "I've dreamed of you sucking me so many times in the past and now it's actually happening.

Suck my cock! Suck it!" Once I got comfortable with it, I picked up my pace, much to his delight. Now that I was doing it, I found myself enjoying giving my first blow job. I've always loved going down on women so maybe I was just an orally inclined person, but I was getting even harder feeling his veiny cock slide across my lips and tongue. He was moaning and running his hands through my hair in encouragement, like I had done to him, and it was really turning me on!

I was pretty worked up at this point. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and stroked him and then moved my mouth down to his balls. I took one ball into amazing twinks fucking some local ass! tube porn mouth, sucked it and rolled it around with my tongue. Rick moaned with appreciation.

I moved to his other ball and did the same. After sucking his balls for a minute, I returned to his cock. After sucking him for a couple minutes longer, I felt his hands reach under my arms, pulling me upwards.

I slid up his body until I was laying on him. Rick started kissing my neck and our cocks rubbed together. We gf moans as she gets fucked doggystyle like that for awhile, our dicks slick with each other's precum. Eventually, I felt Rick shift below me. He spread his legs and pulled them up and to the side, lifting his ass in the air a bit. Unintentionally, I felt my cock slide off of his and poked against his bottom.

I was about to shift myself so our cocks were together again when I felt his hand steady my cock. "I want you to fuck me," he whispered in my ear. He positioned my cock against his entrance with one hand, grabbed my ass with his other, and pulled me toward him.

I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't think or care about anything. I didn't care that this was a man and I was about to fuck his ass. I didn't care that I didn't have a condom on (though, thankfully in hindsight, it was someone I felt I could trust). I just wanted more pleasure! I pushed at his hole a little and it opened slightly. I pulled back and pushed a little more.

Much like a woman's pussy that wasn't entirely wet yet, I slowly poked and prodded at his ass until my head popped in. "Oh yes, that's it," Rick smiled. He really had wanted me for awhile! "Keep going. I want you all the way inside me." I pushed more and then pulled back.

I pushed a little more and then pulled back again. I continued this slow approach over and over until I felt my hips hit Rick's thighs. I was inside him completely. "You like that?" I whispered in his ear. "So much!" he responded. I started fucking his ass at a steady pace, feeling my bare cock pull against his anal ring with every stroke. While he was no virgin, his ass was still tighter than most women's pussies and it felt incredible.

I picked up the pace a little bit, heard the bed creak and stopped completely. "Shit! No offense, but I don't exactly want everyone else to know what we're doing in here." "I understand," he said. "Let's move to the floor." I slid out of his ass and he quickly got up and laid back down on the floor, assuming the same position.

I positioned myself between his legs again and slid easily back into his ass. "Now, fuck me!" he commanded. I pulled out almost all the way, leaving just my tip in his hole and then slammed the entire length into his ass.

"That's it! I can feel you rubbing across my prostate. It feels so good! Keep going! Keep fucking me! That's it baby, fuck my ass! You love it, don't you? You love fucking my ass!" He kept talking dirty to me and I kept spearing his insides. It felt so good! Rick grabbed my ass and was trying to pull me in deeper. He kept squeezing my cheeks and I loved it. I was laying on top of him while we fucked and I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my stomach.

He was leaking precum like a faucet, allowing his cock to slide across my skin easily. "I'm going to cum soon," he informed me. "So am I," I panted into his ear. "Cum inside me. I need to feel it inside me." "Ok," was all I could reply. I felt his hand move from my ass cheek into my crack and he rubbed little circles around my brown hole. It felt so good and I moaned more. "Fuck me.

Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh yes, fuck me.

Keep going. I'm almost there. Fuck me deep. All the way in. Fuck me. Uh.

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Uh. Uh. Fuck me." He kept rubbing my ass hole. I kept fucking his ass. Then, finally . "Oh shit, I'm cumming!" he announced. Pressed against our stomachs, I felt his cock twitch, then I felt his warm cum spray between us. I felt him shoot again. Then again. Each time he spurted, his ass clenched down on my cock, making him even tighter. Finally, it was too much for me. "I'm about to cum," I said. "Yes, that's it.

Give me your hot cum in my ass." Right then, I felt Rick stop rubbing my ass in circles. Instead, he plunged his middle finger easily into my ass. He stroked it in my hole once, twice, a third time and the entire finger was inside me.

He found my prostate immediately and rubbed it with the pad of his finger as I started my orgasm. I exploded in his ass while he rubbed inside of mine. It was the best orgasm I'd ever had! I came in ropes up his ass while his ring kept clenching my member, milking every last bit out daphne loves to play with her tits fingering and european me. I collapsed on top of Rick with my prick deflating inside of him, his sticky juices drying between us.

My now soft dick slid out of his hole and I rolled off of him. "That was awesome," he said, which was an understatement. "Next time though, I'm fucking your ass, too." "Oh you think there's gonna be a next time, huh?" "I know there will be." "Yeah, I think you're right," I said. We cleaned up, got dressed and headed downstairs.

"Good morning, studs!" one of our friends said, everyone giving us a knowing grin. Oh well, it sure was fun!