Sunny livni xxx story sil nahi

Sunny livni xxx story sil nahi
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Welcome to part 13 of "Help!". *** "!" came a voice. "What the hell is going on in here?". The level of raw shock was so high that neither Danny nor Jake could move, never mind manage an answer.

After a few more seconds of frozen silence, Danny, still straddling Jake's legs with his head just above his crotch, managed to hesitantly turn his head to look at the figure which stood in the doorway behind him. It was Danny's dad. Danny just stared fearfully at his dad, waiting to see how he would react to what he'd walked in on.

He gazed into his dad's hate-filled green eyes as they drifted to the TV, and the gay kissing scene which dominated the screen. "Danny.?" Jake said in a low, questioning voice. There was no reply so he tried again. "Danny who is it?" "It's's my dad" Danny responded awkwardly, not knowing what to do.

"Oh fuck!" Jake blurted out. "Oh fuck indeed!" Danny's dad bellowed, anger, hurt and confusion laced kannada bf story sexy full sex stories his response. Danny shakily began to move himself up off of Jake's legs, releasing his no longer secret lover from underneath him. Jake pulled his legs up towards his torso and then swung them round onto the floor, reaching for his t-shirt as he stood up.

Danny also stood up and moved backwards to stand at his lover's side for moral support. Jake put his t-shirt on and the boys just stood there looking awkwardly at Danny's father. "Daniel." his father said in that voice which only an angry father can produce, "what the fuck are you boy's doing in my living room?!" His voice wasn't at all loud or harsh or loud.

It was simple, lacking any emotion. Danny looked at Jake, unable to speak and Jake saw the emotion, he saw the pressure building within Danny's eyes.

He grabbed Danny's hand for reassurance. It was shaking and 5095142 the zebra print bitch tube porn. "Well." Danny explained hesitantly, "me and Jake.umm.well.see, the thing is.". "SPIT IT OUT BOY!" His dad yelled, pure rage now in his voice and body language. Danny's hand tightened around Jake's and his whole body started to shake.

Tears welled up in his emotional pressure filled brown eyes and he felt pure fear, not for the first time in his recent life. "It's ok Danny." Jake stated bravely. "NO!" screamed Daniel's dad, "NO IT ISN'T FUCKING OK! Who do you think you are anyway Jake?! You come here to my house, uninvited, then when I get back I find you watching a gay movie and making out with my son. AND YOU THINK THAT'S OK?!!!" Jake felt angry, he didn't like being pushed and intimidated like this, causing him to courageously fight back.

"YES! As a matter of fact I do think that's ok, if he was with a girl you wouldn't react so ridiculously! Just because you can't handle the fact that your son is gay, doesn't make that his fault, or mine! It's your problem, NOT OURS!" Danny looked at Jake, amazed at what he had just said to the much stronger, bigger, more powerful man before them.

His jaw actually dropped slightly. He stared at Jake. He was now more in love with him than ever! He felt slightly less scared but the feeling of security was short lived! "How dare you!" remarked the older man who yelled punishingly loudly. "How FUCKING DARE YOU! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" "Never!" Jake yelled, standing his ground, "I would never leave Danny alone with someone in your state . ever! You're crazy!" "I said.get out!" he this time in a regular, fairly calm voice and he pointed at the door.

Jake turned to face Danny. "Come on Daniel" Jake said, "I want you to come home with me, I'm not leaving you here with him!" Danny hesitated, unsure of what he should do. He knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to go with Jake of course, but he knew that if he did, he would risk losing everything he had, apart from Jake of course, but if he left, he knew he would never be allowed back into that house ever again, and that scared him! He was angry and hurt by his dad's reaction, but he was still his dad, and Danny didn't want to lose him, or his mother.

".Danny?" Jake questioned breaking the thought process. "I don't know Jake" Danny responded blandly. "What don't you know Daniel?!" Jake responded aggressively, "Are you telling me that you want to stay here with him?!" "FUCK OFF YOU LITTLE BRAT!" yelled Daniel's father very angrily, "WHO ARE YOU CALLING HIM!?

I'M HIS DAD! HE'LL DO AS I SAY! DANNY GO UPSTAIRS NOW!" "NO DAD!" Daniel finally responded triumphantly. "NO! I'm not a kid anymore! You don't control me. I can make my own decisions!". With that, Danny squeezed Jake's hand and said, "Come on babe let's get out of here". Jake smiled and looked into Danny's eyes, relieved at what he just said, but it was wiped straight off again! SMACK! Jake hit the floor! "OH MY GOD!" Danny screeched! "WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE!" He charged at his dad, anger getting the better of him!

"I HATE YOU!" he bellowed at the top of his voice! He tried to hit his father but the older man was too strong for him, pushing his back causing him to fly backwards across the room!

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"Aahhhhhhh!!!" he yelped as he landed on his broken arm. "FUCK! Aaaahhhaaaaahhh!" he was in complete agony, pain took over his whole body. He cried and screamed repeatedly but nobody could help him!

His father approached him. He had been pushed over the limit, Daniel's father was beyond the point of no return! He wasn't himself, fury had taken all control away from him, mind and soul! He got to where Danny was led, rolling in agony on the hard floor, he proceeded to beat his son, kicking him with massive strength. Danny continued to scream, yell and cry out for help! None came, he was on his own.

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Jake was unconscious on the ground at the other end of the room. His own dad was so angry at him that he was able to physically attack him! Not for the first time that week, Daniel feared for his young life. He continued to take relentless blows to his weakened body. Time ticked by and the pain only chick with big tits enjoys playing with a hard cock. He cried out but the beating continued.

Again and again the hard force of the steel toe capped boots struck him. It was only when the older man began to tire that Danny managed to find the strength to reach out and grab onto his dad's strong, muscled leg as he kicked. He pulled with all his remaining strength, causing his dad trip and fall violently onto his back. While he was down, Daniel seized his opportunity to get out of there!

He stumbled as quickly as he could manage to the doorway and out into the hallway. He heard his dad calling after him, now even more furious than before.

He clambered clumsily up the wooden stairway, reaching the top just as his dad reached the bottom. The older man was much quicker and had much more strength. Danny knew he had to shift! He reached his room as his dad got to the top of the stairs, slamming the thick wooden door so hard that it shook, he felt a small amount of relief but the fear remained.

He whimpered as his father's strong hand smashed against the wooden door! The full force of his dad's mighty strength sent shock waves through the entire building.

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The door shot open sending Danny flying backwards through the air once more. He landed on his ass at the other end of his bedroom by the window! *** Boom! The horrifying and unmistakeable sound of the wooden door being ripped violently from its hinges. Daniel pulled his knees in as close to his chest as he could and huddled himself tightly into a compact corner of his room.

He braced himself for what he knew was about to happen to him. Smack! Darkness. .Silence. .Stillness in time. *** Morning. Daniel woke up suddenly to the sound of shouting downstairs. His eyes shot open like a greyhound out of the start gate at the beginning of an intense race.

He found himself on the floor of his room. His back was against the hard, cold wall and his legs were folded around the 90 degree angle of the corner of the room. His right arm ached where he had been led on it. He tried to move his numb, tingling right arm out from underneath his stomach but it wouldn't mom holds daughter while dad fucks her. No matter how hard he struggled to pull his arm out from underneath him, it wouldn't budge.

Slowly the numbness started to die and it was replaced with unbearable and intense pain.

That's when Daniel realised, he was lying in a shallow pool of his own blood, and his heart started racing as he realised all of a sudden, the indescribable agony he was in. He remembered what had happened the night before.

*** The pain was unbearable. He now had two broken arms and was bleeding heavily. The shouting continued downstairs and he wondered who it was and what was going on. He wondered if his dad was still there.

Was it him doing the shouting? He was scared but mainly he worried about Jake! Was he alright? He had to find out! However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't move. "JAKE?!" he yelled. There was no reply. "JAKE ARE YOU THERE?! Is anybody there?" he cried. "WHO'S THERE?!" came a strange female voice. Danny paused, unsure what was happening. "What?" Danny asked confused. The woman entered Danny's bedroom. She was a nurse. "Okay we have another one up here!" she yelled, "Another male, teen, in a very bad way!

Let's get some guys up here as well!" "What's going on?" Danny asked confused, "Another one? Oh my god please tell me that Jake's alright!" "Let's worry about you for now, the other boy is in a bad way but he should be alright, I'm more concerned for you right now, you're bleeding heavily." The nurse answered truthfully.

"Yes I know but." "No buts!" She interrupted, "We have to stop this bleeding now! Can you tell me your name?" "Yes, it's Daniel, what happened to my dad?" "Well, Daniel, everything is going be fine, your dad is fine, he has told us what happened and he is giving a statement to the police. We're going to have to move you down to the ambulance and get you into hospital.

Can you just confirm that you understand that for me?" "Yes, but I really need to see Jake, please tell me that he isn't hurt!" "Like I said, he should be alright.

We're going to take him to hospital too as a precaution and get him checked over but we need to sort you out first." Two other men entered the room, monster cock forces intlittle holes were male nurses and they were carrying a stretcher. The strong men placed the stretcher on the floor next to where Danny was laying.

"Alright Daniel, we're going to move you onto the stretcher now. Can you move at all under your own power?" asked one of the male nurses in a gentle caring tone.

"I can't move my arms, the right one was already broken," he mya leah dildoed then giving head and dicked, "but I can move my legs I think".

"Alright well we'll do our best to keep the pain to a minimum but it will probably hurt a little bit because we will need to move your arms". The two men gently manoeuvred Danny onto the stretcher and although he did feel some pain, it was nothing compared to what he'd felt the night before. The nurses wasted no time in getting him out of the house and into the ambulance. On the way to the hospital, they got the bleeding under control and made sure that Danny was as comfortable as possible.

They talked to him about what was going on. They told him that the reason that they only got to him after he woke up was because they had only just got there themselves and were caught up with Jake. The nurses also told him that Jake was already there at the hospital and was fine apart from a headache and a small cut and a bruise on his face.

Danny was relieved to hear that Jake was ok and at last felt some reassurance that things, for now, were under control. TO BE CONTINUED. *** Thank you for reading! We are nearing the end of the story now and hopefully you are still enjoying it. Remember to rate the story and leave a comment.

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I love hearing what you think of the stories! Part 14 will be posted soon :).