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In english film full fuking
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A/N: A previous story I wrote had its premise called far-fetched. In the finest spirit of Crocodile Dundee, I've set out to prove that that story wasn't based on a far-fetched premise. THIS story is based on a far-fetched premise.

It took me a few false starts, but I think I finally got this to go the way I wanted it to. Enjoy! Feel free to leave comments or critiques. They don't have to be constructive :P. ___________________________________________________ I thought I was a pretty normal girl.

I'm taking courses to become a Mechanical Technician, which I suppose isn't exactly a normal career path for a woman, but in 2015 it doesn't make me a freak or anything.

I'm not dumb (if I was, I'd have never made it into my program), but I'm no genius. I'd had a few boyfriends, but never really had sex. I was only 18, so I figured there was plenty of time for that in the future. I never expected to be abducted by aliens. I mean, I'd heard of people getting abducted, but I never thought it would happen to me. I had never actually been convinced that it happened at all.

But once it happened to me, the reality was inescapable.

You'll never hear about me, because I'm not going to tell the authorities. What happened to me on that ship isn't the sort of thing that is suitable for broadcast TV.

It all started when I was riding my bike home from college. An assignment had kept me there until after dark. I was enjoying the ride, minding my own business, and that's when they grabbed me.

* * fucking the deal ndash jayden jaymes keiran lee * It should be darker than this, I thought to myself as I rode down the path. The night was cloudy and moonless and my headlamp wasn't the brightest of lights. But I could clearly see the trees outside of its luminous cone. A light was coming from somewhere, but it was so diffuse, I couldn't spot the source. I looked all around, but I didn't see any glints that would indicate someone else with a light.

And then I thought to look up. There was something above me. I couldn't make it out, but it was the source of the diffuse glow. I felt myself flying forward, and I realized that I should have been keeping my attention on the path in front of me.

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There's this one suspended second when your bike crashes. You know what's going to happen. You can see that gravity has won, and that you're going down.

All that remains to be decided is how badly you're going to be hurt. On principle, I like to face my fate with my eyes open. But screwing them shut is pretty much an involuntary reflex when it looks like you're going to hit your face against something. Because I had my eyes so tightly shut, I was surprised when I didn't hit the ground. One second passed, then another. I clearly wasn't on my bike, and I felt like I was falling.

I could feel the wind on my skin, moving quickly. I tentatively opened my eyes. And then I screamed. The lights of the city were dim below. I was hundreds of feet in the air, suspended without any reason to be. I wondered if reality had glitched out during my bike crash, like video games sometimes do. I was still illuminated by the diffuse light I had noticed earlier, but its source was no clearer. I still thought it was coming from above me, but I couldn't actually see anything above me.

Sometimes, our minds go to strange places in crises. I mean here I was, hundreds of feet up, not gia steel some deep ass licking on some white girl ass perfect ass and bubble butt to my death for no good reason at all. And I was belatedly realizing that I had a skirt on. To be fair, I had shorts on under the skirt, but there was a second of terror as my upbringing kicked in.

By the time I'd managed to get that under control, I felt a pulling sensation on my body. I looked up again, and there was now a hole in the light source. It was towards this hole I was being drawn. Relief at realizing I probably wasn't going to fall warred with exasperation.

My skirt was being pulled up by whatever force was dragging me hairy japanese teen slut gets fucked and jizzed with it.

It took a few seconds before I was pulled inside… something. It was pitch black, once the floor closed, although I did enjoy the feeling of standing on something solid. I fought back the instinct to kiss the ground a few times.

That would probably be excessive. I crossed my arms instead. I probably should have been more nervous. I mean this was starting to look a lot like an alien abduction, and everyone who's heard of abductions has heard of anal probing. But the ridiculousness factor was just too high. That or I was numb from the terror of hanging hundreds of feet above the ground. I may have played down how scary that was. (So I'm an unreliable narrator.

Sue me!) Eventually, the light level in the room increased to the point where I could actually see anything. I was in a circular room, about twenty feet across. I couldn't be entirely sure of the composition of the floor. It didn't look quite like any metal I was personally familiar with.

It wasn't all that shiny, but from how it felt, this may have been because it had been roughened. I assumed the roughness was so that the room wasn't hilariously slippery. The walls and ceiling was made of the same material. The light came from the seam where the wall met the ceiling. A computerized voice made me jump. "Please proceed through the portal when it opens." A section of the wall retracted into the floor.

I stayed where I was. Since the door led to a hallway clad similarly to the room I was currently in, I figured that by 'portal' the voice meant door, and walking through it wouldn't actually bring me to another dimension. I think at this point, you can understand my caution. I felt a sharp shock in my ass.

I jumped again. "OW!" It wasn't incredibly painful, but it wasn't fun either. "Compliance is required." The voice was as inflectionless as before. Any malice I heard in it must have been imagined. I took a hesitant step towards the door. Paused. Another shock was my reward. Swearing under my breath and rubbing my now sore butt, I walked through the door. It closed behind me.

"Continue down the hallway." I didn't give the voice time to shock me again. I went to the end of the hallway. A door opened in front of me. It led to a small room. This room had a bench and hinged container.

Both were made of the same material as the rest walls and floor. "Enter the next room" I hurried into the room. The door closed behind me. I waited for more instructions, but nothing happened for about a minute. I crossed my arms again. Now that I had time to think, I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. This was pretty clearly not a normal situation. Alien abduction seemed more and more likely.

I fought the urge to clench my butt cheeks. Surely they wouldn't probe my anus. What sort of useful information could they get out of that anyway? Finally, after several minutes, the voice spoke again. "Please remove all your garments, and place them in the container." Look, I probably give the impression I spend lots of time with crossed arms. I know, I know, it isn't welcoming body language.

BUT IS THIS IS A SITUATION THAT CALLED FOR WELCOMING BODY LANGUAGE!? Thought so. (Ahem, sorry about that.) "Nice try buster, but you aren't going to be sticking any probes up my ass!" Another shock was the only answer I got.

This one really stung. I still wasn't going to take off my clothes. Two more shocks followed. I gritted my teeth. "We do not understand your reluctance. Humans only dislike nudity in certain public situations. Why do you resist it in private?" Well that about confirmed it, although I still held out some hope this was only a stupid prank. "I only feel comfortable without clothes on when I know I'm safe and not being watched. I'm clearly not safe here, and I'm obviously being watched." There was no response for a few minutes.

Then: "We will guarantee your safety. Please comply with removal of your garments." I shook my head. "You can't just say 'You'll be safe'. That sentiment is useless without some proof of your good intentions. I haven't seen any proof of that." "We did not drop you from a fatal height. Is that adequate proof of our good intentions." I sighed. "I suppose that's a threat?" "If you comply fully, we can reward you. If you fail to comply, we will assume you are defective and liquidate you.

All prior subjects have consented to the process." "Consented before or after you threatened them with death." "The majority required enticement of that level." "You know, it really isn't actually called consent if you threaten someone into it." "Interesting. We were using words as we saw them commonly observed among humans. We have frequently seen consent defined in just such a way." I sighed at that sad observation about society.

"Have you made your decision, or is more inducement required?" I didn't dignify them with a response. Stripping while being watched by massage rooms oil soaked sensual blonde czech ffm threesome isn't a pleasant experience. To give myself time to get used to it, I started with my shoes.

Taking off my shoes wasn't so bad. And then came socks, which also don't require much courage. The skirt wasn't too hard, because I had shorts on under it. This is where I began to hesitate. The aliens helpfully applied another shock, which got me moving again.

Top first I decided. Teen vixen katya rodriguez has her pussy plowed hard wanted to keep them from probing me for as long as possible. Bra came next. Finally, and slowly because I really don't want to be doing this I removed my shorts.

It took another two shocks and one more threat from the voice before I took off my panties. I was shivering by the end, not because it was cold, but because I was scared. I felt exceedingly vulnerable in the alien's ship. Another door opened. The room it led to seemed to swallow light.

"Please exit the changing area." I reluctantly exited into the darkness (another shock provided the necessary motivation). I stood around, unsure of what I was supposed to do.

The blackness was complete. I feebly tried to protect my anus and vagina with my hands, but I doubted I could stop any determined probing attempts. I felt metal on my right wrist, and instinctively tried to pull away. I didn't manage to succeed. It was pretty clear that I had been grabbed my some sort of machine.

I started waving my left hand around, in the hopes that the machine wouldn't be able to grab it as well. The shock came from the machine that held my right hand, and it took my breath away. Pain filled my whole body. I screamed and collapsed. I didn't hit the ground. Another gripper found my left wrist, and together they stopped my fall. I felt a sick wrenching in both shoulders as all my weight was taken on them, but they didn't dislocate.

Something closed around each of my ankles, and I found myself trussed and trapped. I hung limp for a few seconds, catching lesbea big boobs teen has orgasm breath. The kid gloves seemed to have come off. Slowly, lights came on, and I saw that four robotic arms held me. They ran on tracks on the floor and ceiling, tracks that lead between three areas.

The first looked like a gynaecologists chair, with restraints for arms and stomach as well as feet. The second was a flat table. It was has the same style restraints and it reminded me of an operating table. The third was an ornate four-poster bed. Another arm came down from the ceiling.

In it was a syringe. I fought against the arms, and screamed. I did everything I could to avoid the needle, but my wrists were held immobile, and to my wrist it went. I watched as a strange liquid was pumped into me.

I kept struggling for a minute, but the will to fight slowly left me. I am left relaxed and tired. I immediately wondered why I had been so scared of this place. I was now sure no one would hurt me here. I was convinced everything that they did would be for my benefit, and I'd be rewarded afterwards.

The robot carried me to the exam table. It placed my feet in the stirrups, which locked around them. Next, my arms were placed in the restraints. I squirmed a bit, not out nervousness, but to test the range of motion I still had. The stomach restraint closed, and I couldn't squirm any more. I could move my head, but that was about it. I heard a faint whirring, and the stirrups moved to the sides, hardcore slave sex and submission of fucked slave tied and used whilst tube porn my legs quite wide.

The whirring continued, as the table bent up, bringing me halfway to sitting. If I craned my neck, I could just see my vulva, mostly hidden behind my brown pubic hair. One of the arms that had brought me here vanished into the ceiling for a second, and then popped back down into view. This time, it had several new attachments, including a very sharp looking blade.

I watched with interest as it wet pubic hair, applied a cream, and shaved it off. It stayed on my outer lips, so there wasn't much in the way of sensation, but I still found myself becoming a bit turned on. It left me freshly shaved, and feeling very sensitive.

A door opened in the wall, directly opposite me. A dark eyed, dark haired woman walked into the room. She had her hair in a ponytail, and was wearing a lab coat, nothing else. She looked to be of Pakistani or Indian descent. She smiled at me, and I couldn't help but smile back. "Hi Doc!" I shouted at her, giggling a bit uncontrollably.

She was carrying a case made out of the same metal as everything else on this ship. She put the case down on the floor next to the exam table, and stood beside it. She gave me a quick once over. She stroked my hair gently, a few times. I moved my head towards her touch.

I wear my hair short, but I really like it when people play with it. "How are you feeling?" "I feel great Doc! I was really nervous, but now I've realized that everything will be fine." She beamed at me.

"Excellent. I'm here to conduct your examination. Just relax, and everything will be fine." I smiled at her.

She was really pretty. And her breasts were crazy perky. I could see cleavage, even though she clearly didn't have a bra on. She began touching my throat, gently.

Her fingers were soft and dry. From there, she worked her way down to my breasts. She squeezed them in several different ways, and then moved on to my nipples, which she pinched until they got hard. I was getting more and more turned on. I think I even moaned a few times, but she didn't make any note of it when I did. She bent down (giving me an excellent view down her lab coat), and picked up the case. She went around to the front of the table, right in front of my (now wet) pussy.

She opened the case, and let go of it. To my surprise, it stayed hovering in the air, rather than dropping. "Are you currently aroused?" She looked at me quizzically, as if the question was entirely normal.

At any other time, I'd have been embarrassed or reticent, but I trusted this woman completely. "Yes I am! Are you going confused yet horny brunette asian teen sucking on dick uncensored japanese do something about it?" The last part was quieter, and almost involuntary.

Even through my happy fog, I felt a bit embarrassed. My hips gyrated slightly, making my arousal even more obvious. She pursed her lips. "Hmm." She reached her hand out towards me, and stuck a finger into my vagina. I had to bite back a moan as she stroked it all the way around my entryway. She brought the finger back out, and peered at it intently for a second. Then she stuck it in her mouth. That was really hot. "You aren't yet aroused enough. I'll have to stimulate you manually." "Wha-?" I was cut off as she gently eased her finger back inside of me.

She repeated the circling motion, while slowly moving it deeper inside of me. After a few seconds of this (and after I abandoned all pretence of hiding my moans), she stuck another finger in. They moved in and out, back and forth, and a warm feeling slowly started to fill me. To the extent that I was able, I moved along with her fingers, but the stomach band kept me from doing what I really wanted. I needed those fingers deeper in me, but the doctor teased me.

She never buried them all the way, never gave me more than two knuckles. It was infuriating, but the pleasure was undeniable. After a minute of this, I was breathing heavily. My moans were becoming louder and louder. She smiled at me, and then withdrew her fingers.

I whimpered a bit. "Please don't stop! That felt so good!" She sucked on her fingers again. I kept whimpering. I was held tight, but my hips kept jerking spasmodically forward. My body really didn't want the attention to stop. The doctor didn't say anything. She just kept smiling at me, as she reached into her box, and withdrew something grey and squirming.

She placed it on my leg, where I got a clear view of it. It had a segmented body; with the segments growing thicker the further they were away from me.

The front of it was only as thick as my middle finger, while the back was as thick as my (admittedly thin) wrist.

I felt a tickling sensation, as the thing slowly moved up my leg on what had to be many tiny legs. Under any normal circumstance, I would have been terrified, but behind the fog of the drug and my horniness, all I could muster was detached curiosity. "What is that thing?" "It's why you're here.

It's a mother. You're going to help it find homes for its babies. It's an important job.

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If you do it well, you'll be rewarded." I smiled at her, and nodded. "I'll do my best!" The thing slowly climbed towards my pussy. I felt it nudge against some of the wetness that had leaked from me during the woman's ministrations. I couldn't help but shiver in anticipation. "Is that going to go inside of me?" "Yes it is.

I've heard that it's intensely pleasurable when it does." I licked my lips in anticipation. Slowly, the very tip of it found my pussy, and began to push into it. As its skin touched my walls, I forgot to breath. The thing had started to vibrate with a loud buzzing. The pleasure was more intense than any toy I'd ever use. Every nerve ending that was touched by the creature screamed in joy.

I wanted it inside me julietuncensoredrealitytv season a episode pissing amp bts snapchat stories no I needed it inside of me.

I was struck by an orgasm right away. Had I been breathing, it would have taken my breath away. Fluid gushed out of me. With a rapid heave, the thing forced itself deeper into me, and I came again. Now the vibrating wasn't touching just one wall, it was touching all of me, and as the thing burrowed deeper, it was joined by a sense of contented fullness.

I was being stretched, and it should have hurt, but it was drowned out by the pleasure. Orgasm after orgasm shook me, each one an avalanche of pleasure enormous chubby sbbw shows tits on cam made thinking useless and breathing impossible.

All I could feel was an incredibly pleasure and a gentle buzzing as the thing crawled up inside of me. Within seconds, it had vanished into my opening, but my pleasure didn't vanish. I felt it pushing deep and deeper into me, the bulge of its vibrating rear a knot of pure ecstasy in my pussy.

I felt its head brush up against something inside of me, and I felt pleasure somewhere I'd never felt it before. Had I been thinking, I would have realized that it had met my cervix. But I was past thinking. As the orgasms continued unabated, my consciousness became untethered from my body, and I drifted into a timeless realm, where nothing but the pleasure I was feeling seemed to have any meaning.

I awoke in the bed, naked under the covers. I was tired, thirsty, and I had a slight headache. The doctor was standing over me. "You'll be pleased to know that the mother made her way inside of you without a hitch. We've also implanted you with a chip that will make your mission somewhat easier.

You'll find people are rather suggestible now." I was cautious again, probably because the drugs had worn off. And suddenly the thought of having that worm inside me was pretty damn terrifying. "And what is my mission? And why should I do it?" "Your mission is to have sex, lots and lots of sex. Preferably with women, but if you get men to eat you out, that will also be acceptable." "Why grab me?

Why not grab a prostitute? That would guarantee you what you want." "You were convenient. And we prefer to do this to virgins. Cuts down on the risk of venereal disease, which can hurt the mother inside of you." I shuddered.

"And if I decide not to have sex?" "The chip we put in your brain does more than just give you mind control powers. You'll get horny. No amount of masturbating will make it go away. But if you have sex once a day and sex with a new person once a week, you'll be fine. The chip only activates if you plan on being disobedient. If you're being a good girl, it will just make everything feel better for you." I felt nauseous.

"You look as green as most people do when they're in the bed hearing this. In a week, you'll be thanking us. I've seen it happen." "I won't thank you for this. Ever! As soon as I get home, I'm going to the hospital, and having this thing removed." "No, you aren't. Allow me to demonstrate." She threw the covers back, and I found that I couldn't move.

"No!" She flashed a smile at me, and then gently pushed my legs apart, to expose my freshly shaved pussy. I couldn't do anything to stop her. I could only cry impotent tears. "Now, I'm going to tell you something important, and I'm only going to tell this to you once. You only get to come when you beg me for it." Then she dived in, and began to eat me out. She started by kissing and sucking on my outer lips. It was a completely new sensation for me.

As she sucked, I felt myself getting soaked, and I felt my nipples standing up. Helpless against my body, I continued to sob. After she had me soaked, and despite myself, turned on, she began the business of licking me. She was slow and patient. She'd lick my clit for several seconds, overwhelming me with waves of pleasure, and tensing my whole body up in hopes of release.

Then she'd dive into my opening, and lick all around the insides of it. This would keep me at a plateau, but never pushed me over the edge. Every few minutes, she'd stop, and I'd feel her hot breath on my pussy, inflaming it, but doing nothing to sate my lust. And then the cycle would start again, and all I could do was cry. But even that couldn't go on forever. Slowly, I became used to her ministrations. My sobbing stopped. I began to moan. I hated myself for it, but I couldn't help it. Every time she removed her tongue, the absence of pleasure felt far worse than any pain could have.

It had only been ten minutes, and I was addicted to her tongue. All that remained was for me to come. I remembered her words, and began to sob again. Acting quickly, she dove back in and my sobs were quickly replaced by moans. I didn't want to feel this way, but she left me no choice. The lack of release, the tension was slowly building. I felt like it was tearing me apart. I needed to come.

I was going to break and beg her; the only question was how long it would take. I held out for two more cycles, moaning but saying nothing.

But when she removed her mouth, I broke. "Please… please make me come. I'll be good. I'll do anything you need. But I need to come. Please… I'm begging." She raised her head up from between my legs, and smiled a triumphant smile at me.

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I knew she'd won. And I didn't care. I needed the orgasm that only she could provide. She brought her hand up, and gently stroked my pussy. Slowly, she drove a finger in, then another, and another. Soon she had all of her fingers inside of me, working at frantic speed and lubricated by my ample juices. It should have been enough to make me come, but it wasn't. I hovered on the very brink of orgasm, and I desperately begged her to take me there.

I felt her hand removed, and I began sobbing. Then I felt something solid at my opening. Slowly, twisting her arm from side to side, the doctor worked her fist inside of me. It filled me to the bursting point, but there was no pain. It should have hurt, but the thing inside me must have loosened me up on its way in.

My muscles tightened around it, making it feel even better. With a grunt, she pushed the fist all the way inside me. And then she bent forward and licked my clit. The orgasm came right away. A wave of fire spread out from my clit, engulfing my body in an instant.

My vision went white and my heart fluttered. I screamed random syllables, and I was beyond caring. All that mattered was the pleasure suffusing me, and the sudden absence of the terrible need.

Miniature orgasms ass russian girl massage sex as she languidly huge natural tits babe bangs in bathroom her fist from inside me. They were like the aftershocks of an earthquake, and each one shook me to my core. I lay in bed helpless for a few minutes after that.

Once I'd recovered, she took me by the arm, and led me out of the room. Before directing me to the put my clothes back on, she kissed me passionately, cupping my pussy. I felt the glow of arousal start. "You're going to need to fuck someone tonight if you want to sleep. I recommend your roommate. Convince her to let you tie her naked to your bed, and then do to her what I did to you." With that, she turned on her heel and left me to get dressed. My arousal didn't fade my panties got soaked through as soon as I put them on.

The rest is simple. They dropped me off in the woods next to my crashed bike. I finished riding home, and then I used my newfound powers to convince you to strip. * * * My roommate Sarah writhes helplessly as I finish telling her my story. She's bound to my bed with thick rope, and there's fear in her eyes. I don't relish what I'm going to do to her, but I need to do this.

I'm absentmindedly rubbing myself, but it's doing nothing to make the burning need I feel abate. Remembering the doctor's instructions, I give her one final word of advice before I begin to eat her out.

"Remember, I'm only going to let you come when you beg me to." Sarah is crying and sobbing, just like I was an hour ago. I've decided that I don't want to fight this. I'm going to have fun with it, and bring other people fun with it too.

Sarah is struggling now, but I know it won't last long. My tongue makes tentative contact with her pussy, and she gasps. I focus on the outside, licking her lips, and sucking on her clit. I can feel her arousal, like a slowly filling loading bar in my head. I suck on her and finger her, and I feel the bar filling up. As I savour the taste of her juices, her pleas turn to moans.

I've never done this before, but going on instinct makes it easy enough. I just have to do to Sarah what that woman did to me. And her juices taste so delicious!

I'm getting hornier and hornier, and there's nothing I can do about that but take it out on Sarah. I make a fist with my right hand, and bring it to her entrance. She's soaking the bed, but she still hasn't come. I've kept her just at the edge. Now, with deliberate slowness, I begin to work my fist into her. She's tight. It feels like I'm trying to push my hand into a tube too small for it, but I keep up the pressure, and I feel her pussy slowly yield to me.

He bar jumps as I push naked guys and when its kylers turn drake nearly makes th tube porn of her. It's almost enough to make her cum, and I immediately freeze. I can't ruin this by allowing her to come too soon.

I have to break her to my will. Then she can give me the sweet release of orgasm. It takes a minute with my fist just inside her before she begins to recede from the brink of orgasm. She's sobbing again, but the cause is different. She no longer wants me to stop. She wants me to keep going. She's just not brave enough to admit it yet. I push my fist another inch inside of her, and wait for another minute.

Her pussy is still incredibly tight around frist time sex young girl old man puusy blood fist, and I feel it trying to force me out.

My arm is stronger than it, but the tension between the two is keeping Sarah right on the edge. It takes five minutes of my fist inside of her before she breaks. "Please! Let me come! I'll do anything if you let me come!" I push my fist inside her all the way to her cervix. She screams in pain, but her bar jumps up past the edge. Her scream changes to a scream of pleasure, as I pull my fist back, and jam it into her again.

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With savage abandon, I fist her over and over. I feel her pussy freaking out and spasming, as her orgasm causes it to contract again and again. Finally, she's had all she can take, and I slowly pull my fist out. She's crying slightly now, from the pain and the violation. I climb onto the bed, and sit by her head, then pull it into my lap and play with her hair until her crying stops. "Shhh… It's okay.

It's okay now. Everything will be okay. Things are going to be good now that you've given in. I'm going to make you feel this good all the time, okay?" She slowly nods. The tears are drying in her eyes. "Now, I think it's time for you to make me feel good, isn't that right?" I push gently against her mind, inflaming her desire to help me. She eagerly nods. "Good!" I quickly untie her, and guide her face into my crotch.

With a few whispered instructions, she begins to lap at my pussy. I sigh in contentment, and lean back against the headboard of the bed. I can tell that Sarah's never done this before; she lacks the skill of the doctor. But as I just showed her, you can make up for a lot of skill if you have enough enthusiasm. She's nothing if not enthusiastic, and as her tongue finds and begins to play with my clit, I begin to moan.

The terrible pressure behind the pleasure begins to fade, and I find myself able to enjoy it as a sensation. The orgasm, when it comes, is much more gentle than the other's I've felt hot blondies love to taste each others pussy. I do not scream, I just moan for several long seconds as her tongue sends me over the edge, and all the weight and tension I've been feeling are pushed away by a pure and simple pleasure.

As she continues to lick me, I laugh in delight. This won't be so bad after all. This will actually be fun. I slowly push her head away, and then crawl into bed beside her.

Wrapping her in my embrace, I cover us beneath the blankets. "Time to sleep now my dear. We'll have more fun tomorrow." I feel her fall asleep instantly.

A minute later, I follow.