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Bondage porn videos search watch and download bondage free sex
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It had been a while since I had drank, but while visiting my cousins from out of state my cousin Abby convinced me to go out for a few drinks with her, her brother Devon, and husband Andrew by making fun of my naivete. I was the youngest in the group of four.

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Abby and her husband were five years older than me. Her brother was seven years older than me. I pretended to be more experienced than I was, "Well I haven't gone out in a really long time, but I guess I can katya rodriguez sweet latina gets fucked on cam up with the smoke and guys grabbing on me." Abby just smirked and announced to the group I was willing to go and told her brother to look out for me because I was worried about being mauled.

I was embarrassed that she had announced to the group that I was scared and it made me look conceited. I know I am not ugly, but I am not sure how men view me. I have gotten compliments on my firm, rounded butt, full lips, and my friends were always telling me that they wished they had my abs. My breast have received no such compliments and I don't know if that's because it is too intimate?

Well, we got ready to go and Abby commented on my lack of make-up. She convinced me to put on more than I like. My policy has always been less is better, but there I was in full make up and in one of her shirts which was a little tight.

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I was also convinced to wear heels an not flats like I normally do. We got into Devon's SUV and went to a bar. It was not at all like the few bars I had been to before.

There was a smoking area was outside, and it was very sleek and modern. It had a huge dance floor and tables all around it. Abby was in her element and began mingle with people she knew telling Andrew to get us keiran joined rebecca and jordi and pounded her hard and deep table.

Andrew laughed and said, "Well, it may be a while before she turns up. I see a table over there." He walked across the outer edge of the dance floor. Abby and her husband were well matched because he was smiling and nodding to a lot of people on his way to the table. I was a little uncomfortable both by setting and having to walk across a large open space in heels. I must have looked nervous because Devon put his hand on the small of back and pushed me forward.

He looked at me and smiled. He said, "Your walking in Abby's shoes. You better play the part." I tried to channel Abby and made my move. Once we were able to sit, and it was just us I relaxed.

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I let Devon and Andrew order the drinks because I had no idea what anything was. Abby joined us and we were soon talking about our family and basically catching up. I didn't pay attention to how much I was drinking and I started to get a slight buzz. I told them I better slow down. Abby said, "Aww, baby cuz, can't hold her liquor." I was slightly annoyed but I didn't say anything.

She then announced, "Let's dance!" And grabbed Andrew. He said, "Baby you know I don't dance." Devon laughed and said, "You know she always gets her way. Do you want to spend the night with Crabby Abby?" Abby swatted Devon and Andrew smiled and said, You're a smart man." They left. Devon then ordered me another drink.

I tried to stop him and he told me he said if he was going to be sitting here all night we had to do something. I asked him, "Am I holding you back?" He said, "Well, I have been divorced for a few years and your thirties are the new twenties." I was slightly buzzed and feeling high on life.

I stood up downed his shot and took a drink of whatever the waitress had just set on the table. And walked to the dance floor. I wasn't even self conscious. I let the music take me and I was dancing with my cousins and more and more people were going us. I danced with a few different guys and a slower song came on and a guy started grinding on me.

I tried to push him off, but Devon came up and cut in. Devon put a possessive arm around me a dropped to my hips.

He pulled me close and we started dancing. Devon was a good dancer. We were not grinding or anything but I sort of liked how possessive he was holding me. I have not had many boyfriends and none were very serious. I doubt any of them would be so protective or were as attractive and self assured as Devon.

The bar was closing and Andrew and Abby said we should come back to their house (I was supposed to bestaying with my aunt and uncle.). The assured me that I was a grown woman and there parents wouldn't mind.

Abby pulls out her phone and declares, "They have been notified you are not in a ditch. Besides we have enough alcohol at the house to survive a drought and Andrew can make a margarita that's die for." We went back. Abby and I ended up trying to outdrink each other.

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I don't remember much of the evening. I blacked out during the contest. I have a few flashes of memory: being helped off the ground, laughing at the table, and that's it. The next thing I know I am waking up in a guest room? The horrifying thing was that Devon was laying on top of me, and not just on top of me but he was limp inside me.

My nipples felt raw and my vagina was on fire. I could see hickies on his neck that were definitely not there before. I had no idea what happened and what to do next.

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I tried to slide him out but he was too heavy. I started to wiggle trying to get out from under him. Every wiggle burned because I was completely dry and even limp he felt large. I had only had sex one other time. I felt him stir and I froze. He moved a little and I heard him start grumbling. He layed still again. I wanted to get out from under him and into some clothes before Andrew and Abby woke up.if they hadn't already. I did not want him to waking up while he was still inside me.

God how big was he anyway? My first story ever. Chapter 2 will continue the story and allude to the night before. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!