Brrazzer and nauty america fuck

Brrazzer and nauty america fuck
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I had known about Sue's office escapades for several months now and still kept it a secret. I had seen Bill and Michelle several times and no one acted strange in any way, although I secretly had a massive desire to have sex with Michelle. We were invited to a cocktail party at Bill and Michelle's house, with some of their friends and neighbors. Sue was the only person from the office invited and the party was a semi-formal get together that they hold every fall. I wore a dark suit and Sue dressed in a very nice black cocktail dress.

Her dress was very sexy, but classy at the same time. We arrived at Bill and Michelle's and found most people were dressed in very similar attire. Michelle was wearing a gold cocktail dress that made her look incredible. We mingled with everyone for a few hours and had a couple of drinks.

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No one drank much, as this was a more of a formal get together than a drinking party. Around 11:00pm most people started to leave, and everyone but Sue and I were gone by 12:00am. Sue offered to help Michelle tidy up a little, so Bill and I went to his bar for a drink.

Bill and I chatted for a while about sports and stuff, and he gave me a tour of their home.

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They had a very nice home, but not over the top. He had a detached garage with a man cave above in the loft with a bar, big screen tv, dart board and poker table. He also had a change room at the side of the garage with a separate door out to his back yard. Bill and I went outside and he showed me his impressive deck, pool and hot tub area. The pool was closed for the season, but I could hear the hot tub running. The hot tub was perfectly placed to provide privacy and you could only see one corner when you came out of the garage.

We went back inside grabbed a couple more drinks and Bill turned on the tv.

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Sue and Michelle joined us shortly after. We all had a few drinks and started to lose track of time, when I suggested that it was late and maybe we should head home. Michelle told us that although she enjoys the little cocktail parties, she would like to have a couple more drinks and relax. We agreed to stay a while. Bill refilled everyone's drinks and suggested we jump in the hot tub.

Michelle said, "Great idea." I looked at Sue and she smiled, meaning sure. Bill told us we could grab a couple of robes in the change room. Sue and I went in to change and put on the robes. I left my boxers on and thought Sue left her bra and panties on. We came out of the change room to find that Bill and Michelle had already gone outside. We grabbed our drinks and headed out to join them. We rounded the corner and came out to the hot tub Bill and Michelle were already in the tub.

I could see that Michelle was at least topless, but her impressive tits were not in full view.

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I hoped I could get in the tub without my hardening cock giving away what I was thinking. I dropped my robe and got in. As I sat, I looked up at Sue. She dropped her robe and started up the steps to get in the tub. She was completely naked and looked incredibly hot. Michelle bounced around teasingly a few times, allowing me very quick glimpses of her tits.

We had changed seats several times in the tub, depending on who each of us were talking to. I sat beside Michelle a couple of times, but to my disappointment she didn't touch me, and I didn't dare try first. Sue and Bill were talking as well, and I couldn't help but wonder if there was a little more going on than I could see.

Michelle said, "Who needs a drink?" We all did…I was hoping Michelle was going to get the drinks and I would finally get my show. But unfortunately, Bill jumped out of the tub.

He was naked and his cock was semi-erect. This partially answered what I was thinking about when he sat beside Sue. When Bill came back with the drinks we continued talking until the drinks were empty again.

I had to use the restroom anyway, so I got the refills. I got more drinks and before I came outside I got rid of my boxers. When I came back out, I could see that they had changed seating positions in the tub again. I could see Michelle in the one corner, but Bill and Sue were hidden by the privacy fence. Michelle was looking intently in Bill and Sue's direction, and I assumed she was listening to the conversation.

When I came around the corner I got an amazing surprise. Bill was sitting on the edge of the tub and Sue was gobbling on his cock like a mad women. Michelle smiled as my cock sprang to attention. I sat the drinks down and jumped in the tub. Sue didn't even look at me and sucked harder on Bill's cock. I sat beside Michelle and watched the show.

I waited for Michelle's invitation, but it never came. So we just sat there and watched. Bill said he was going to cum. Sue sucked him until he was done, swallowing every drop. Sue turned and smiled at me, then grabbed her drink, Bill did the same. Then they all started talking as if nothing had happened. I sat there in innocent teenie is gaping tight snatch in close up and climaxing tub dumbfounded and hard as a rock.

Michelle finally said, ``Sue I think we are killing poor Jeff." She asked me to stand, and I did so quickly exposing my hard-on.

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Michelle reached up and gave my cock a little tug and said, "Nice cock". With that she sat up on the edge on the tub.

I finally got to see her body, and she was hot as hell. Sue had told me about her beautiful dark nipples and pretty pink and shaved pussy, but now I finally got to see for myself. I was about to go to Michelle, when she said to Sue, ``Let`s give the boys a show." Sue quickly came over and started to lick Michelle`s pussy, as Michelle squeezed and played with her tits.

Sue was bent over eating Michelle and we had a great view of her fingering herself. Michelle pulled away from Sue and pulled her up on the edge and quickly started to lick her pussy. Michelle was lapping eagerly at Sue`s pussy and started to finger herself as Bill and I watched. I couldn`t wait any longer and quickly moved to Michelle and started to gently kiss and lick her pussy.

Sue came first, and pulled away. I turned Michelle on her back and continued to eat her pussy. I flicked and tickled her clit with my tongue and gently started to finger her. Michelle squeezed her tits and arched her back and had a very intense orgasm. Michelle slipped back into the tub and pushed me towards the edge, as I sat up I glanced towards Sue and Bill. Sue was once again giving Bill a blowjob, but I didn`t watch long as Michelle had already started to work on my cock.

Michelle was very skilled and worked on my cock with both her mouth and tongue. We moved to the edge of the tub and went into the 69 position. As Michelle sucked my cock, I ate her pussy and occasionally flicked her asshole with my tongue.

I knew I would cum soon, so I really went to work on Michelle`s clit. I felt Michelle shudder into a climax, so I let go at the same time. Michelle almost choked on what must have been a massive load, but she managed to swallow every drop of cum.

As we rolled over to get back to the warmth of the tub, we noticed that Bill and Sue were gone. Michelle and I got out of the tub to go find them. We went hot amateur babe fucks her pussy and ass way until she creams webcamchat live sex into the man cave to find a porno on the big screen and Bill fucking Sue from behind while they watched the show.

Michelle didn`t hesitate and quickly went over and sat in front of Sue and pulled her head to her. I watched briefly as Bill fucked my wife from behind as she ate Michelle's pussy. It was awesome!! I didn`t watch too long and went over and dangled my cock in front of Michelle. She quickly grabbed my cock and started giving me a blow job.

I looked at Michelle and told her, "I really want to fuck you." She smiled and got off Sue`s face. Michelle squatted over me and slowly inserted my cock in her pussy. She felt incredible. Michelle slowly rode me allowing my cock to go deeply into her.

Bill and Sue switched positions and Sue started to ride Bill as Michelle was riding me. Michelle started pounding herself onto me at an incredible pace.

I was trying not to cum, but Michelle was a maniac now riding my cock very fast. Michelle was about to cum and grunted,"I want you to cum inside me." I exploded my load deep in her pussy. I heard Bill say, "I am going to cum." He groaned loudly as he shot his load inside Sue. As Sue got off him, Bill said, "I am done. I am going to bed." Huge juggs stepmom and teenie horny trio on the couch then asked Michelle to show us to the guest room, because we had too much to drink to drive home.

Bill got up and left the three of us in the room. Michelle was still straddling me with my cock still inside her and said, "No problem, I'll be right up Bill." As she got off me Michelle said to Sue," look at the mess your husband made." We could see my cum starting to ooze out of her pussy.

Michelle suggested they clean each other up. With that Sue started to eagerly lick my cum from Michelle`s pussy. I was already hard again, so I went behind Sue and started fucking her from behind as she licked Michelle`s pussy. After a short time Michelle told Sue she wanted my cock again, so they changed positions. I fucked Michelle very hard as she ate Sue`s pussy. I pounded Michelle as hard as I could and she groaned loudly between licks at my wife`s pussy.

Sue and Michelle both came, then I rolled Michelle onto her back and continued fucking her. This time I teased her, pulling my cock completely out and rubbed it on her outer pussy lips.

I made her beg me to fuck her, and Michelle was screaming, "Fuck me, give it to me hard!" I started fucking Michelle harder again, and said to Sue, "Get on Michelle`s face I want to see you cum on her face as I fuck her".

Sue grinded herself on Michelle`s face a I pumped into her pussy as fast as I could. Sue came loudly, I knew that Michelle was close and I was also about to cum. I told Sue to finish off Michelle, so she came and started to eat her. I remember how I found Sue the day she came home from work covered in cum, so I thought here is my chance to pay back Michelle.

Michelle started to cum as Sue licked her pussy and I jerked my cock over Michelle`s face. I blew my load, making sure most of it shot into Michelle`s hair.

We all laid there smiling for a few minutes, then went to bed. Then next morning we all got up and had breakfast as normal, and then we went home. On the drive home I said to Sue, "Michelle did have a nice tasting pussy." Sue could see my cock get x factor uk week story in my pants, so she leaned over and undid my fly.

Sue gave me a great blow job in the car on the way home. Later that day Sue and I discussed the party. I knew she had been to other get gatherings and events, but had never told me about what happened. Sue told me that there had never been any other sexual encounters except at the office meetings and, as per our agreement, Sue told me about every time. Sue then smiled and said, "I have one confession to make. I promise that I have not had any encounters with anyone at the office, including Bill, other than at the meetings I have told you about.

However, to be truthful I have eaten Michelle's pussy several times during the work day." I certainly can't blame Sue. Michelle is gorgeous with an incredible body, and absolutely great tasting pussy.

We are certainly hoping that this adventure doesn't end, and will keep you posted.