Mia khalifa bast sex storiescom 30 mint

Mia khalifa bast sex storiescom 30 mint
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These events are true. I had Zoe write this portion - the start of Day 2 of her slave adventure. If you wonder how anyone could enjoy this, take note of her comments at the end of the story. (Read Slut Slave for the start of the adventure) Zoe writes: I want you to cum. I can feel the tension in your body and know you are close. You are deep in my throat. Your cock and my face are covered with my saliva. There is no air in my throat, only thick hard cock.

I can't breathe, but I fight down the panic and take it as long as I can. I am still struggling not to pee. You are leaning over me, supporting yourself on your arms, your hands crushing my breasts.

I am overwhelmed with sensations, lack of air, mouth and throat filled, breasts crushed, bladder uncomfortably full. Just when I think I can't stand it anymore, you pull out and I gulp in air. You rub your cock all over my face, smearing the saliva in my eyes and my hair. Your face is intense, you are concentrating on cumming now. Suddenly, you grab me and pull me off the bed, forcing me down on my knees in front of you.

Holding and stroking your cock, you point to your balls, and I obediently take them into my mouth, gently sucking and swirling my tongue around.

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As you stroke your cock harder, I lick my way back towards your asshole, my nose and face buried in your crack. I inhale your scent, masculine and musky; it turns me on and the combination of throbbing clit and the need to both pee and cum is almost overwhelming.

You pull my head back and plunge into my mouth again. You start relentlessly fucking my face. I have no choice but to give up and take it. I have no resistance left and you totally own me.

Holding my head at the angle you want, you continue your assault on my throat; I reach up between your legs and find your asshole with my finger. I hear you gasp with pleasure.

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I push my finger in gently, as your rhythm grows more intense. Suddenly, I feel you tense and know you are cumming. You pull out quickly and spray your load all over my breasts. I am panting, desperate to pee and to cum. I am barely holding my pee in, but you are not yet done with me. When you can speak again, you command me to lick your cum off my nipples. I obey, sucking on my hard nipples, savoring the taste of your cum in my mouth. You watch, enjoying watching me devour myself as I try to get every last bit of your cum.

I Satisfied, you say "Good girl Zoe. . you may go pee now".

I am relieved and dash to the bathroom. As I sit down and the pee gushes out, the sensation of relief is so strong and I am already so aroused that I cum immediately, shouting out my pleasure, my head thrown back. I can't help myself, I reach down and rub my clit, and cum again.

It is so strong, I almost lose consciousness as the waves of pleasure take me. As they subside and I gather my wits, I look up and see you in the doorway. You have been watching the whole thing. "Make yourself cum again slut, I want to watch you cum for me" I obey, rubbing my clit and feeling my orgasm wash over me again. You control me. What I wear. What I do. When I piss. When I cum.

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You own me. Zoe is a very normal, attractive, business woman - if you saw her on a train, or on the street, she looks very typical of any 40 something professional woman. It's only if you could see her under her clothes would you notice anything, different. The shaved pussy, obediently not wearing panties, maybe a small bruise or two on her breasts, Zoe is very obedient and loves to be controlled. Sometimes I have her insert a vibrating egg into her pussy before work and then send her messages and have her turn it on at various times.

I have had Zoe walk a book store with the egg inside, me close by controlling the egg, making her cum in the aisle while men are nearby. The men who notice her shaking hands or amazing brunette is down for some dp crossing of her legs, or the scent of her pussy are always curious about her. Next: I need to take a shower and get ready for my meetings.

Zoe prepares the water and I enter the shower. She joins me. Washing my body, Zoe takes care in making sure that I am very clean. After washing me - I have her kneel in the shower to suck on my cock again. I push her against the shower wall and force her head back so that she cannot move, filling her mouth again I start to harden. As I begin to harden again, I pull out of Zoe's mouth, she looks me in the eyes and says, "May I please put my tongue into your ass?" I allow her to enjoy my hole, I turn around and press xxx sex stories ebony sex out door girl funk ass into her face, I feel her tongue probe at my hole, licking deeper and deeper.

I hear her moans as she is enjoying my taste and I feel her hand rubbing my cock. To be honest, I am not sure I can cum again so quickly after the first time this morning. . it just doesn't rebound that quickly for me. But, it does feel incredible and I do enjoy it so, I allow her to eat my ass for a few more minutes. I stop her and tell her to sit in the corner of the shower and play with her pussy for me while I finish up, Zoe rubs her pussy as she watches me.

I have her pull her nipples, twist them, lick and bite them. I have Zoe cum for me and I tell her to put her fingers in her pussy and taste her juice.

She does as I ask. The shower is over and I have Zoe dry me. I dress for the day and tell Zoe to make plans for tonight. I want her to find a couple or another woman to join us in our play.

She is the most sexual charged person I know, needs it constantly and is never at a point where she is asking me to stop. She will do almost anything and has. Next: The evening of Day 2