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Brunette katrina jade in hot lesbo action with horny jenna sativa fingering pornstar
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Lori could hardly believe how lucky she was to have been selected for this program. To be one of only two high school seniors selected to represent her state at the national congressional student congress was such a thrill, and it made all the sacrifices and hard work she breasty legal age teenager adores lecherous sex hardcore and blowjob put forth worthwhile.

This hotel was way nicer than anyplace she had ever stayed in her 18 (barely) years, and the schedule of speakers and activities planned for by the foundation hosting the event were going to put her head and shoulders above her future classmates at Harvard only 8 short months from now.

And her room mate Tracy seemed really sweet too. Lori could tell that after this week they would be such good friends. They really complemented each other. Lori was tall, slender, and a bit on the quiet side, with long hair and light features. Tracy was very outgoing, a little shorter, and with dark, voluptuous features.

Like Lori, Tracy was a just a few months past her 18th birthday. These thoughts were racing through her head as she finished up her shower. Both Tracy and Lori had arrived earlier that evening, and with the program not scheduled to go into high gear until early the following morning, the delegates had been given time to eat dinner and get acquainted and unpacked.

As she stepped out of the shower and stood in front of the mirror drying her hair, she couldn't help but think of all the great experiences she was going to have. While pondering all of this, she could hear Tracy out in the bedroom watching TV. The volume was up pretty loud, but it was still muffled through the door. Lori thought she heard her favorite program, and so she cracked the door in order to hear better.

What she saw through that crack shocked her. Whatever was on TV, Tracy wasn't paying even the least bit of attention. She was clearly using the volume as cover, for she was lying on her back, her robe open, with her legs splayed apart.

There was a look of ecstasy on her face, and as Lori's attention traveled down her very aroused room mate's body, she saw why. Tracy was pumping herself silly with a large pink dildo, and from the looks of it she was close to the edge of a powerful orgasm.

Lori was surprised at how much the scene aroused her. She had never had much sexual experience, and she certainly had never had anything to do with another girl. She did have boyfriends in high school, and in fact had gotten pretty good at giving blowjobs (the first time a boy spunked in her mouth, she wasn't really appreciative, but it didn't disgust her either.

She had actually learned to enjoy the feel of a warm, stiff cock unloading sticky cream in her mouth).

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Unfortunately, as far as receiving pleasure, it never had gotten past some clumsy fingering. She wasn't even sure she had ever even experienced an orgasm (though she thought she had a small one that time Peter was fingering her while cumming in her mouth).

But seeing this gorgeous girl whom she had just met writing on her bed with a fake phallus stuffed up her sloppy wet pussy was a whole new experience. Just as that thought crossed her mind, Tracy reached her climax.

Still unaware of her audience, she tried to muffle her load moans, but there was no mistaking the fact that she came when her whole body tensed up and she literally shook with pleasure. As she came back down, her eyesight hardest fuck in the kithen, and she saw Lori through the crack in the door.

"Hey, I hope that didn't freak you out. I sat next to this really cute guy on the plane, and I was just so horny! If I didn't get myself off there was no way I was going to be able to sleep!" Lori pushed open the door, feeling ashamed at having witnessed such a spectacle. She tried to play it off.

"Cool, no worries," as she tried VERY hard to concentrate on brushing out her hair. "Hmm. You aren't acting like there's 'no worries.' You are acting like you are really embarrassed.

Don't be. Our sexuality is just part of why getting older is so much fun. It's not like we all don't do it." "Hm-mmm," Lori grunted, still feeling a little odd. "Look, you have touched yourself before, haven't you? I mean everybody does it…" Lori's hesitation gave her away. She had in fact touched herself a few times, but it just never felt good.

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"Ok, have you at least been with a guy before? Steaming hot masturbation session with cute eva, mean, like, penetration, fucking?

Not just kissing or groping?" Lori was a little uncomfortable with this, but this was her room, and it wasn't like Tracy was going to tell everyone. Lori had just seen Tracy frig herself off, so there was at least a little trust established. "Well, I have been with a few boys, but not sex.

Just handjobs and blowjobs. Just haven't been ready for sex yet." "That's totally cool. You need to go at your own pace." Tracy responded. "And giving a good handjob or blowjob is an art form. I personally like to pump the guy's cock slowly with my hand as I suck just the tip of his cock. No guy can last long against THAT." Lori nodded, feeling a little better.

Her robe had sort of loosened as she talked, but since Tracy was still naked, Lori didn't feel uncomfortable at all. "Hey, look who's a natural blond!" Tracy noticed with a smile. Lori looked down, and her blond tuft of pubic hair was visible through her robe. It was a stark contrast to Tracy's dark black mound, still moist with the juices of her pussy. Suddenly, she felt a little embarrassed again, and closed her robe quickly.

"Oh STOP," Tracy chided. "The female body is a beautiful thing, and yours is more beautiful than most. There is no need to get all prudish on me. Look at me, I'm stark raving NAKED and not the least bit self conscious about it." Lori couldn't believe the compliment that Tracy had paid her.

"You really think I'm beautiful?" She couldn't believe that someone as hot and experienced as Tracy would think she was anything special. "C'mon Honey. Of course you are. C'mon, let's see it. You got it, flaunt it." Lori decided to go along with the game. She opened her robe again and began to sway around the room. With Tracy cheering her on, she began to get more into it, swishing her robe back and forth, and striking provocative poses. "You GO girl," Tracy encouraged, as she clapped out a beat.

Lori got more and more into it, and flung off her robe. She was now completely naked, dancing around for a complete stranger, also naked, and loving every minute of it. She began to stroke her breasts, and occasionally her hand would brush her pussy ever so lightly, and she could feel herself getting turned on by the excitement of the moment. She would dance closer to the bed where Tracy lay, then back away, then approach again, playing the tease but not really knowing why.

At one point, she was near where Tracy lay, and as her hands brushed her own pussy, her whole body just tingled. Tracy noticed it, and nodded her approval.

"There you go, now you are loosening up!" and just watched in fascination as Lori grew bolder and bolder as she stroked herself. Tracy stopped clapping, and asked in an almost husky voice, "Lori, have you ever been touched by another girl before?" Lori stopped dancing, looking intently at Tracy and wondering how far this should go. This was definitely uncharted ground. "N-no," she stammered. Tracy pushed on.

"It's a lot different from when a clumsy boy pushes his hand down your pants. Most of the time they just grab and poke, with no sensitivity or style.

Only another girl knows exactly how to touch you. If you like, I can show you." Lori hesitated, but inside she knew she wanted this.

She stepped closer to the bed, and stood before Tracy. Tracy gently pushed Lori's thighs apart, and rotated off black big ass babe drilled by white dude bed so she was kneeling on the floor, face to face with Lori's tingling young pussy.

Ever so slowly, she ran her hands up the blonde's thighs, and at the top of her legs delicately stroked the trembling Lori's pubic hair. Lori let out an involuntary gasp; she couldn't believe how she was reacting to being touched by a girl she had met only hours before! "Boys don't know a pussy like we know a pussy," breathed Tracy as she began to apply firmer pressure with her thumbs. Lori spread her legs a little more, and Tracy's fingers encountered wetness. Well, Tracy thought, at least she's enjoying this… "Does that feel good, Honey?" asked Tracy, more to draw out Lori than because she really needed to know if Lori was happy.

Tracy's sticky fingers told her all she needed to know about Lori's sexual pleasure. Did it EVER. "Um-mmm," breathed Lori. "Please don't stop…" and she meant it. She didn't want to be anywhere but grinding onto this stranger's hands like a cat in heat.

She had NEVER felt so sexual. Tracey continued pressure with her thumbs and forefinger, and Lori's hips started to rock. Tracy took this as a good sign, and licked her finger to get it nice and wet, and ever so gently pushed it up her new friend's pussy. Lori let out a long gasp, and her whole body locked.

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Slowly, she relaxed, and Tracy began sliding her finger in and slowly, still working the outer lips as she did so. Lori gently grabbed handfuls of Tracy's hair, and drew her closer. Tracy accepted the invitation, and began stroking Lori's clit with her tongue instead of her thumbs. Lori's moans became louder, and she pushed her cunt hard onto Tracy's face. To Lori's disappointment, Tracy suddenly stopped. Tracy saw the look on Lori's face, and reassured her, "Don't worry honey, the show's not over yet." With that, Tracy gently guided Lori to the bed, and rearranged some pillows before bending Lori over them.

Lori was now face down on the bed, with her ass and pussy propped up on the pillows and wide open. Lori was a little uneasy, until she remembered how GOOD Tracy's hands had felt, and she relaxed as she realized she could trust her new friend. Tracy began kissing Lori's back while gently rubbing her thighs and butt. It was simply heavenly, but at the same time Lori wanted more of Tracy's tongue on her very aroused pussy. She didn't have to wait long. Soon she felt Tracy's tongue begin to snake its way up the back of her thighs and tease her soft folds.

Tracy obviously knew what she was doing, alternating between flicking Lori's clit and burying her tongue in her VERY wet snatch. It wasn't long before Lori was grabbing handfuls of bedspread and moaning loudly into the pillow.

Tracy began a full-fledged assault on Lori's box, licking harder and faster, applying pressure sometimes on the clit and sometimes on her wet hole. If her tongue was on her clit, then two fingers were shoved up her box.

If she was sucking on her outer lips, her fingers were making circles on her button. Lori could feel herself begin to lose control, but as she had never really experienced an orgasm, she didn't know what to expect.

Tracy was enjoying every minute of the education she was giving. Her pussy had long since recovered from its dildo workout, and she could feel her juices trickling out of her hole and running down her legs. She began to want something in return, but at the same time wanted to make her new friend cum first. She took a wet finger out of Lori's sopping pussy and gently pushed it into Lori's tight asshole.

At first Lori resisted, never having felt any kind of anal pleasure before. But she soon relaxed and accepted Tracy's finger up her backdoor. Coupled with Tracy's tongue shoved up her pussy, Lori's restraint let go, and her entire body tensed up with her first full orgasm. Tracy could feel the juices flow out of her friend's cunt into her mouth, and at the same time could feel Lori's asshole spasm on her finger.

Lori forgot all about covering up the sounds, and let loose with a long loud moan, bordering on a scream as her body shook uncontrollably and she pounded the bed with porn punjabi girls sex story fists. It lasted for a full 7 seconds, and when it was over her whole lower body felt like one big nerve. She shuddered as Tracy lovingly withdrew that wonderful finger from her exhausted asshole.

She couldn't speak, and didn't try as Tracy pulled her into a spoon position and just held her. She don't know how long she lay like this, but youthful recovery and the desire to repay the favor kicked in, and soon she was staring into Tracy's eyes. "Show me what I can do to make you feel that good." "Oh honey, don't worry about it. Happy to teach you." "No, I'm serious. I want to make you cum like you made me cum. Please TELL me what I can do." "Ok, Lori," Tracy answered.

"I was never one to turn down a good tongue-lashing. Get on your back." Lori complied immediately. With Lori flat on her back, Tracy straddled her head with her thigh, and propped herself up over Lori's blond, glistening fuckhole.

Lori was getting excited again, and drank in the scent of Tracy's arousal, but really didn't know what to do. She didn't have to wait long, as Tracy, sensing Lori's inexperience, quietly offered a suggestion. "Lori, gently lick my pussy. Not hard, and not deep or fast yet. Just soft, gentle licks across my outer slit." Lori was eager to began, but did as she was told and gently parted Tracy's folds with her tongue, tasting pussy for the first time.

It was even more exciting than the first time she tasted spunk! She pulled Tracy's hips closer to her face, so she could gently work her face in deeper to Tracy's wetness. "Oh, Lori, you're a NATURAL," breathed Tracy. Lori could feel the soft touch of Tracy's fingers on her pussy again.

Tracy, knowing that Lori was still very sensitive, was going very easy on her mound, and the result was that Lori's pussy began to moisten with a new warmth. This continued to increase as Lori's tongue continued to softly lick Tracy's folds.

Tracy would occasionally pass quiet instructions to her neophyte lover. "A little bit deeper," or a "Not so hard," or "suck lightly on my clit," and each new request was answered quickly.

Lori knew she was doing a good job, as Tracy's breathing began to grow sharper, and occasionally a soft moan would escape her lips. Lori was rewarded for doing so well by the flick of Tracy's tongue over her cunt, spread open by Tracy's fingers. Soon both girls were breathing heavy and moaning, faces and fingers buried deep in each other's honeypots. Lori, even though she had never been here before, sensed an orgasm building in her friend, and wanted very much to make that happen.

Borrowing a page from Tracy's book, Lori moistened a finger and worked it into Tracy's rectum, bringing a loud gasp of approval. To show her appreciation, Tracy grabbed the dildo off the bed where she had discarded it and filled Lori's young cunt with it.

Lori reveled in the fullness of it, and bore down hard squirting fun with busty brunette teen babe pissing pussy piss drinking her cunt muscles.

This feeling was amazing, and she knew she was seconds away from another orgasm. Knowing she wanted to take Tracy with her, she began sucking harder on Tracy's erect clit while continuing to finger fuck her ass, increasing the tempo. Tracy ground down on Lori's face, and pushed the dildo in farther, lapping at Lori's cunt with snakelike motions of her tongue.

"Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop," Tracy begged as the fire in her pussy grew hotter and hotter. No worries, Lori had no intention of stopping. Tracy came first, grinding down on Lori's face and almost smothering her. Now it was Lori's turn to feel what is a cappuccino fetish threesome sex you ask well asshole spasm out of orgasmic lust, and she also tasted a load of cunt juice from Tracy right into her mouth.

This, coupled with the feeling of the dildo stuffed up her cunt for the first time led Lori to her second earth shattering orgasm, and she shuddered so hard things started to go black. Lori lost all track of time, but eventually was aware of Tracy's body on top of her, breathing heavily. The changed positions so that they were holding each other, and they kissed gently, each tasting their own juice on the tongue of the other.

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As she fell asleep in Tracy's arms, Lori knew this was going to be an awesome week. The next day, the maid was puzzled as to why in a room with two occupants, only one bed was disturbed. Little did she know…