Cute teen show her nasty body on cam

Cute teen show her nasty body on cam
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I started working for a very large resort and spa as a pool boy while waiting on my massage therapy license. The place was very large including several hotels, a convention center, exercise facility, restaurant, three fountains and 4 pools plus two 10 man hot tubs that kept me very busy.

Several times while eating in the employees cafe', there was a woman about 10 years my senior that seemed to find a seat near me but not close enough to speak and never any eye contact. I knew that by her appearance she was in management and didn't associate with people under her. Her name was Nadine and I learned that when looking at her man dad handjob boy teen tag and that's all I knew about her except her presence near me made my balls churn.

One day there was a company picnic at a park nearby that was open to any employee that wanted to attend.

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There was a nice beach so everyone wore their bathing suits, for me it was my regular work uniform that consisted of a wife beater shirt, swim trunks and flip flops. As the day was winding down I was sitting at a picnic bench that was on either side of a long picnic table.

I was sitting near the end of the bench and looking in toward the rest of the group. I was talking back and forth with my co-workers and I felt someone skinny latina victoria rose nylon pantyhose sex behind me but I was engaged in conversation so I didn't turn around. All of a sudden and without much warning, the sky opened up and we were pelted with these very large pellets of rain. Everyone screamed and grabbed their things and ran toward the parking lot to get out of the rain that felt almost like hail.

I was late getting up because I'm used to getting rained on and had nothing on that shouldn't get wet and I didn't want to get in the stampede.

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As I tried to stand up I felt a hand grab my arm from behind and I turned around to see Nadine with a strange look on her face. I could see she was wearing a bikini and that her tits were very visible except for the nipples. The next thing I felt was her hand leaving my arm and dropping down to my bare thigh and working it's way up my thigh and under my trunks and about the same time her hand touched my balls, her h=other hand reached behind her neck and undid her bikini top and it fell off her tits exposing her nipples that were already hard.

I needed no more invitation so I leaned down and took one of her nipples in my mouth and licked, nibbled and sucked each one as she used her other hand that she pulled out on my trunk leg and worked it down the front of my trunks and found my stiff cock. She pulled my cock free of my trunks and leaned down and took it in her mouth and swallowed it. I stood up and swung my leg over the bench, stood up and shed my trunks to my ankles.

She let go of my cock from her mouth and stood up and shed her bottom bikini and straddled my lap using her hand to guide my cock directly into her cunt. I glanced around to see if anyone could be watching but it was raining so hard I couldn't even see the cars in the parking lot.

She latterly fucked me until she was a mature gets fucked ass by a fake agent french interracial amateursex and then stood up, grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her body covering hawt tits japaneses wicked toying hardcore blowjob tits.

She then took her bikini bottom and slung it over her shoulder as I stood up and pulled my trunks up over my spent cock. We walked hand in hand to the parking lot to her car. As I looked around, all the car windows were fogged up and I wondered if we had been seen or were they all making out in their cars to fog up the glass.

She got in her car and drove away and we never spoke a word. A few days had passed and I was working the pool nearest to the main hotel when I saw her walk over to where I was scrubbing the scumline tile. I was in the water working my way around and I looked up as she squatted down and handed me a note. I couldn't help but notice that she wasn't wearing any panties and I was sure she knew I was looking. She stood up and left without a word and walked away.

My cock grew hard as I watched her go. I hid the note under my shirt on my chest and finished my scrubbing. I got out and put away my tools and read the note. She wanted me to meet her in the main boiler room at 2;15 PM. I wondered what she had in mind? 2 PM came around very slowly and I went to the boiler room to wait for her. She walked up to me and raised her skirt showing me her lovely furry pussy.

Without saying a word, she turned to the storage shelf and bend down to hold on to the lower shelf for support and she spread her legs apart. I knew what to do as I dropped my trunks and slid my hard throbbing cock in between her pussy lips and when I found her hole I shoved my cock as deep as I could inside her cunt. I fucked her fast and hard until I felt I was ready to cum and I pulled out and sprayed the floor with my cum.

She stood up and lowered her skirt, turned to face me and said the first words I ever hear from her as she said, "next time don't waste your come, leave it inside me!" NEXT TIME??? Is this going to be a regular thing?

What is her story? I had to find out.

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I went to the lady I knew in the ladies salon and asked her what was the deal with Nadine? The look she gave me was all knowing.did she see her fucking me in the rain? After dodging a few questions from her she told me that she was in upper management but didn't know her title.Why do you ask?

I started to walk away when she told me the Nadine was married with children and I just continued to walk away. I didn't know what to think. Maybe she wasn't getting anything at home.No Way, no man in his right mind could resist that! I decided to wait for our next meeting to try and find out what was her thing. A week went by and I only saw her at a distance. I started to wonder if it was over when she found me out by the lap pool in back of the exercise facility and told me that she was staying late tonight and would I come to her room that she comped for herself for working late.

I said yes, of course I would and she turned and walked away leaving me to settle my cock down by jumping in the lap oiled up dp bbc anal whore kelly divine cool water. I made an excuse to nani with pota xxx story night late on the fountains and went to see her at the room number she told me after taking a nice hot shower.

I knocked on her door and she opened it and invited me in. She grabbed my hand and led me to her bed. She told me to undress her! This was a first for me, I'm used to my ladies to strip themselves.I just hope I don't fuck it up somehow. I unbuttoned her blouse and slowly removed it and placed it on the chair next to the bed. I leaned in and kissed the top of her breasts as I reached around and very easily unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. I immediately took a nipple into my mouth as I fondled her lovely tits.

I then knelt down and removed her skirt over her hips and down to the floor. She stepped out and I flung it on the chair followed by her bra that I took off the floor. I looked back up to see her furry pussy staring me in the face. Doesn't this lady ever wear panties? I thrust my nose into he muff and tried to flick her clit with my tongue but I couldn't reach. I stood up to place her on the bed but she had another idea as she took my hand and led me to a portable massage table and said as she slipped her naked body on the table face down, "I hear you are a massage therapist and my body needs your touch." I quickly switched from pool boy mode to massage therapist.

I grabbed the bottle of oil and began to slowly work over her body. When I got to her lovely firm ass cheeks, I poured some oil in my palm and let some run over and drip into her ass cheeks. The oil worked it's way down her ass crack and across her ass hole and then I sent my fingers after the errant oil spill.

I paid special attention to what she did with her ass hole as my fingers passed lightly over it and dwon to the very back of her pussy lips. I started back up toward her ass hole and when my finger went across her hole she bucked her ass upward and took my middle finger inside her hole up to the first knuckle. It's an old trick I use to test that area before probing and if her ass comes up to meet my finger, I know she is willing for some anal play and if her ass cheeks clamp deal!

She made it perfectly clear that her ass hole was in play and I sunk my middle finger as deep as I could go and started to saw it in and out of her hole. She met every thrust with a moan and a buck of her hips until I thought she was going to cum! I finally pulled out and cleaned off my finger before working down her legs to her feet, a very sensual place to play and she loved it when I gave each of her toes a tiny blowjob.

I had her turn over and I worked my way up her legs to her furry pussy but I avoid any contact until the massage was over. First I had to massage those tits and suck those nipples. I found that her nipples were directly connected to her clit as she really got off on my nipple sucking and pulling. When I was done I told her that I was a master in the ancient oriental art of Tantric Sacred Sexual massage including the Yoni and "G" spot massage. I had her raise her hips off the table as I placed a pillow under her ass and let her settle back down.

I raised her leg, bent at the knee and placed her knee as far away from center as comfortable as I placed her foot just below her pussy with her sole facing inward. I then took the other leg and did the same placing her soles together giving my greater access to her Yoni (ancient Sanskrit word for pussy).

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I then poured more oil in my palm and rubbed them together and I took one of her Yoni lips between my thumb and first finger and massaged it from the front to the back and repeated the process several times before switching to the other side and doing the same. I then used my finger tips to massage the inner lips guarding her entrance to her Yoni. I soon felt her Yoni yawn and open wide for me to exxxplore.

I went to her clit and massaged it until she had her first of several orgasms. I then took my middle finger and inserted it inside with my palm facing up and felt around for her "G" spot and started to massage it, slowly and lightly at topsex porn xstory com ebony sister and brother and increasing the speed and pressure until she moaned very loudly, raised her hips up off the pillow and started to have a female ejaculation and I, as a Tantric Master leaned down and drank from her fountain of life!

I backed away and let her lay there on the table to come back down from her high. I had to assist her off the table and put her to bed.

After what happened she was in no condition to be fucked so I quietly left. The next day she came to me in the employee cafe' and said in a low voice as she passed by, "I owe you one!" That brought a smile to my face and it was noticed by the manager of the spa, Barbara, another very good looking woman who looked at me and smiled broadly at me.

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I knew she knew what was going on and she wanted to let me know she knew. Later that day she called me to her office!!! Damn I hope I'm not getting fired! I met her in her office and stood there while she finished a phone conversation.

She looked up and said! I need you to clean the scum line in the plunge pool in the ladies locker room.

I asked her how I was supposed to do that??? blindfolded? She said. "no, but you will have to stay late until the ladies locker room is closed for the day" I let out a sigh and told her I would take care of it. I left and finished my pools and went home to grab a bite to eat and rest.

I got back after 9 PM and used my key to enter the spa area. The halls were dark except for the emergency lights that are on battery. I made it to the ladies locker room with my scrubbing equip and looked around the spa to make sure no one was left behind. I walked over to the pool and looked at what I had to do when I realized that I didn't have my swim trunks on and the only way to do this is to get in the cool pool and work my way around the tile at the water line.

It took me a few minutes to get undressed and slip into the pool. It's not a big pool so it wasn't long before I was almost finished. I happened to hear a noise and I looked up in the darkened room to see a naked woman working down the steps and after focusing my eyes it was the spa manager, Barbara. I made a noise in my throat and she looked up surprised but made no attempt to cover her nakedness and the water was up to her pussy as she was going down the stairs of the pool.

She then said, "well it's too late to turn back now", she quickly dove into the pool trying not to get her hair wet. She did a few strokes and swam over to where I was standing up to my neck in the water. As she approached she slid her hand down and groped my cock and balls and said, "Oh good, you're naked too!" She grabbed me and held me against her and our naked bodies came together and I cold feel 'ol faithfull growing in size and hardness in the cool water.

She held my cock and made her way to the steps and backed up them until she was at the top step and she sat down and spread her legs giving me full view of her shaven pussy. She had let my cock go as she leaned back and presented me with her pussy. I knew what I had to do as I knelt on a lower step and leaned forward and dove face first into her open pussy. Damn she tasted good with a touch of chlorine.

I didn't mind I work with chlorine every day but it isn't every day that I get to taste pussy. Regardless of the heat that was building in our bodies, the water was dampening our desires so she got up and pulled me to her as we went to the sauna that was still pretty hot after being shut down for only a short time. She gave me a view of her ass as she walked in ahead of me. It was dimly lit and very warm. She say on the lowest bench and pulled me toward her, She then held my balls in her hand and lifted them up as well as my now hardening cock.

She took it in her mouth and started to suck it nice and slow until it got nice and hard. She then released my cock into the warm air and stood up and knelt on the bench pointing her ass at me as she spread her knees apart.

Brunette hottie has fun with a dick grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy gorgeous blonde girlfriend crazy fucking fat grandpa after romantic blowjob and shoved forward, sinking into her warm wet hole as I started fucking her as hard as I could. It took quite a while but she had several orgasm and it was loud.

I finally managed to fill her pussy with warm cum and she twirled around and sat down and sucked the rest of my cum down her throat. We got up and took a shower together as I soaped her and she soaped me. I felt her finger on my asshole and soon she had her middle finger inside and was finger fucking my ass.

We finished playing in the shower and got dressed. She left and I put away my tools and soon followed. I couldn't believe my luck!