An unforgettable knob riding hardcore and blowjob

An unforgettable knob riding hardcore and blowjob
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The Making of a Whore part 2 When Kara woke up the next morning, she was physically sore from one end to the other. She stretched as she lay there, thinking about what had happened. Had it really? The perversity of the things she remembered doing made her cringe one moment, then groan the next. She felt so far from her real life and all of the morals she had been raised to live by. She had experienced something that was so perverse that it had left her wondering how she could have participated.

But she had, and willingly at that! She thought about how the man she trusted enough to go out with, had taken her there. There was so much hot awesome girl enjoys unfathomable ass gang bang hardcore russian remember. She thought about all of the ways she had been fucked and used by the men.

How it felt to have 2 men fuck her at the same time in her pussy and ass. The act so perverted that she couldn't believe it had actually happened to her. She remembered the feeling of being between them, her body forced to move with them as they used her. Kicking the sheet off of her naked body, she reached back behind her and rubbed a finger against her tender asshole. She felt the soreness, but it was a good sore. She grabbed her tits and pushed them up remembering how it felt to have each nipple sucked by a different stranger.

She got out of bed and walked into her bathroom. She slowly studied her body and all of the hickies and bite marks on it. Turning her back to the mirror, she looked over her shoulder at all of the bruises there.

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It was then that she noticed the hickey right where her ass gang bang my sexy mom started. "That dirty old man!" She whispered, remembering how he had knelt behind her and pushed his face in between the cheeks of her ass.

She remembered his hot breath and then his tongue on her asshole, licking and pushing his tongue up into it. Bending over, she studied her rectum. It looked normal and undamaged. She quickly glanced at the clock and realized she had only 30 minutes until class started. There was no way she could make it. She ended up in the shower and got ready for her second class. The day seemed to drag and she was so glad when her last class ended. Whether she liked it, or not, she had gotten a taste of something and she desired it again.

The one thing she did know though was that she couldn't quit. Doing so would mean her going home to her parents. She knew that she had to somehow keep going to school. She was nearly to her room when she saw the note on the door. Pulling it off the door, she saw that it was from the deans office. Quickly she opened her door and got inside.

Dropping everything on the table, she quickly opened the envelope. 'Your name has been turned in by your teacher due to the number of unexcused absences.

At your earliest convenience, please drop by my office to discuss this wild hunks fucking chaste honey smalltits hardcore. Signed, Norman Smith, Academic Dean." Kara was floored as she looked at it. Quickly she left and walked to the administration building. Walking in the doors, she quickly searched for his office and then walked into it.

Kara quickly handed the note to an older women sitting behind a desk. Kara was very nervous as the women brought her information on her computer. "Let's see, Freshman first year, PE major. Oh, I see. You made the mistake of signing up for an 8 am class, huh?" "Yes ma'am I'm sorry, I'm just getting used to this." "It's ok, you are not the first.

Wait just a second and I'll see if he can see you. He's usually gone by now." The woman said as she walked towards his office. She opened the door and stuck her head in. Kara listened to the woman tell him that she was here. "Ok, I'll send her in, do you want me to stay late or go on? Ok, I'll see you tomorrow." Turning towards Kara.

"Ok sweetie, you can go in." The woman said as she walked by her. "Don't be scared, he won't kill you or anything!" She said with a smile. Kara watched her walk out the door then slowly walked to the open door and walked in. She had only taken a few steps when she suddenly froze. 'It couldn't be' she said to herself as she looked at him.

It can only be imagined that he said the same thing to himself. There she was, face to face, with the old man from the porn theatre! Neither said anything as they stared at each other, both realizing what was happening.

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The man that had knelt behind her and stuck his tongue up her ass and then fucked her with the other men was the Dean! Kara turned to leave. "Mam, please don't leave. We both are both in a very sticky situation here, and we both have an awful lot to loose if this is handled wrong. I'm afraid you were taken advantage of in a very wrong situation last night." "It's ok, I wasn't raped or forced to do anything." "Yes, I understand, I just don't want this to get out, for either of us, do you understand?" "Yes sir, my dad would kill me if he found out." Kara said as she looked at him, suddenly remembering how good it had felt to have his tongue in her ass.

"Then we agree, no one is to know about last night?" "Yes sir, do you think you can help me with the absence problem? I don't want to fail the class, it would kill my GPA. I'll do anything to not get in trouble." She said as she begun to relax a little. Suddenly she realized what she had just said. And what it must have sounded like to him.

Dean Smith quickly turned around to look at his computer. In a matter of seconds, his hands began to shake as he looked at his computer, and then at her. After another minute he turned towards her. "I didn't recognize cheater assfucked and creampie on casting couch girlfriend and cheating He said nervously.

"Well I didn't have time to recognize you either last night." She said half wittingly, "and if I had, it probably wouldn't have mattered." "Your father and I went to school here at the same time.

He's on our school board for God's sake. He'd kill us both! I'll fix your attendance right now. In fact, I'll just change your enrollment to online, that will solve your attendance problem.

If you need any help with your grades, let me know." "You can do that?" She asked sweetly, letting him know she was game for that." "You could be on the Deans list, if you wanted to.

uh, bad enough," Kara was caught off guard by his offer. She had never been in this kind of situation before and the realization of it being offered to her was overwhelming. She thought about what had happened last night and how she had perversely enjoyed it. Would he expect her to do things like that again? "You mean?." she asked nervously, realizing what he was offering her in exchange for sex. Her mind was spinning as she thought about the idea.

"No one would ever know." He said as he pretended to be working on his computer. Kara nervously looked around the room as she thought about it. "No one? You promise?" She asked after a minute spent thinking about it, wanting some kind of assurance.

"Neither one horny chicks screw the biggest strap ons and spray ejaculate everywhere us can afford to get caught." He said as he turned to look at her. "What would I have to do?" She asked shyly.

"I think the question is, what would you be willing to do for what I am offering you? Think about how happy your parents would be when they saw their daughter on the deans list. You'd have to do some studying just to look like you know what you are talking about, but other than that you would be free to enjoy yourself." For several seconds they stared at each other. Then it happened.

While he watched, she slowly moved her hands up to the front of her blouse and slowly undid all of the buttons. Then, she slowly pulled it open just enough to reveal the inside slopes of her young breast and the valley between them all the way to her waist. Then she stopped and stood before him, allowing him to gaze at her. "Do I need to lock the door?" She asked and he quickly nodded. She turned and walked towards it, knowing that he was watching her ass. She stopped and looked at the door.

Knowing that this was her chance to change her mind, if she wanted to. It only took her a few seconds to make her decision. When she had it locked, she slowly turned towards him. His eyes looked up at her for a second before returning to her breast. She could see the lust in his face as she returned to his desk, only this time she walked around to his side of the desk.

She paused for just a second before moving up to him. She watched his hands move inside her shirt. Fucking next to sleeping boss cronys daughter getting naughty on grandpas hands made contact with her stomach first, the slowly moved up to the bottom of her bra. He cupped her bra and gently squeezed her breast with both hands as his mouth touched her stomach.

Kara ran her fingers through the thinning hair on his head, pulling him into her as he kissed and sucked on her stomach. Releasing her breast, he ran his hands around to her back, searching for, and finding the snap of her bra. Both felt it release at the same time. She watched as his face moved up, pushing it up with his mouth as he sought out her stiff nipple. She felt it enter into his mouth and then felt his tongue swirl around it along with the gentle vacuum of him sucking.

To her, there was something so erotic about watching and feeling a man sucking on her tits. She had always thought about what it would feel like to have a baby suck milk out of her. But for now, she was excited about what the old man was doing to her.

She felt his hands pushing her blouse off and dropped her shoulders to help him. Once it was out of the way, she released his head just long enough to remove her bra. For some unknown reason she reached over him and laid it over his computer monitor. She knew she wouldn't leave with it and her panties on. Carefully, as to not stop him, she cupped ebony teen jizz mouth pov pornstars big dick breast and held them up for him as he switched from one to the other and back.

She arched her back as she watched him suck and bite on her stiff nipples. Each time his mouth moved off of one nipple to the other, the nipple was sticking out, the areola swollen and shiny from his spit and sucking.

She could feel herself getting wet between her legs and knew what she wanted to happen. The dean looked both surprised and disappointed when she suddenly pulled her breast away from him. But then watched as she slowly turned away from him.

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Kara arched her back, which pushed her ass out, and stood still. Reaching up, he undid the snap on the waistband of her skirt, then grabbed the short zipper and pulled it down.

Kara wiggled her ass from side to side, helping him as he pulled it down.

Slowly it slid down to reveal her incredible ass encased in a simple pair of white cotton panties. Dean Smith slowly grabbed the waist band and started pulling them down. As he did he watched as the tan lines on her ass appeared and he realized just how little she had covered up when tanning. He quickly thought about what this young woman must look like, laying out under the sun in her skimpy bikini. Her skin oiled up with little left to the imagination to what she looked like naked.

Kara felt movement behind her as the dean went to his knees. Slowly he finished pulling her panties down until she felt them around her ankles. She raised one foot, then the other, letting him remove her skirt and panties.

She felt his hot breath on the back of her legs, then slowly moving up until it was on her ass. She leaned forward until her hands could grab her knees, bowed her back first time sex sperm inside vagina and then pushed her ass back towards him.

She relaxed as he used his hands to spread her stance. Once finished, her feet were several feet apart, revealing her pussy to him. Kara jumped like she had been electrocuted when he forced his face in between the cheeks of her ass and his mouth found her.

He immediate began to lick all around her asshole before trying to push his tongue up it. Kara kept tensing up each time his mouth made contact with her, but she was slowly able to relax and accept what he was doing. If she thought the feeling of his tongue up her ass was something, she was totally blown away when he pushed his face lower. The contact of his mouth on her cunt was unbelievable! Quickly she went face down on his desk and spread her legs even wider and arched her back deeply, presenting him with her entire crotch.

He went crazy eating her out, not believing his luck. He had the 19 year old daughter of one of the schools oldest board members and a close friend bent over his desk. This girl was royalty here at this school. Yet, here she was, totally naked, offering him everything she had in exchange for grades. After several minutes of pleasing her, he stood up behind her and dropped his pants. His cut dick was harder than ever, the head was the size of a plumb.

The head flared out a good half inch all the way around its base. As odd as it looked, women went crazy when he fucked them. Quickly he moved into place behind her. With one of his hands, he separated the outer lips of her pussy, and with the other he grabbed his dick and guided it into her as he slowly mounted her.

He was surprised when she quickly began to push back against him, wanting his dick deep inside her. Kara kept pushing back until she felt his abdomen hit her ass. He was balls deep in her! The feeling of being so full and stretched around him was incredible. It wasn't until he started to pull out, that Kara felt the head flare in her, stretching her from the opening of her cervix to the outer lips of her pussy.

She couldn't help but to groan with each stroke as he slowly moved in and out of her. After a minute or so, he started to push into her faster and harder. Kara had to grab the edge of his desk and brace herself as she was fucked hard. She could feel her tits rubbing against the the cool top of his desk, teasing her nipples. She loved the way it felt to be used for nothing more than a whore. The way his dick felt in her was mind boggling.

She felt as though she couldn't get enough of him. Like she was addicted to him and his dick. She thought about the night before and suddenly wished they were in the adult theatre, letting others watch them as they fucked.

Hell, even letting them join in! She felt the Dean grabbing her by the hips and pulling her back onto him as he sped up.

Each thrust made their hips slap together making a slapping noise. Suddenly he seized, quickly pushing his dick deep inside of her as he squirted his sperm deep into her womb.

He held her still as he sporadically thrust into her.

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Each thrust made the young women groan as she felt the incredible feeling of his dick coming in her. Kara relaxed and let him finish. He released her hips and stood still behind her. Both could feel his dick shrinking and after a few minutes he began to slowly slide out of her. Suddenly it just fell out of her and she felt the sudden void in her.

Slowly she stood up straight and turned around. Dean Smith stepped back to give her room and beautiful babe receives wild doggy style sex when she saw his dick.

Hanging limp between his legs, it had to be 7 or 8 inches long and thick. Behind it hung his huge scrotum and nuts. His bag was shriveled up revealing his golf ball sized nuts, their contents pumped deep into her cunt.

Slowly he sat down in his chair, then using both hands moved all of the things on his desk over to one side. Then he reached for her and moved her over into the middle.

"Hop up on the desk and lay back." He said as he helped her. Kara awkwardly laid back on the desk as he asked. Then she felt his hands grab the back of her knees and start pushing them up.

She groaned as he spread her open, totally exposing her crotch to him. "Spread your legs for me, show me your pussy and your tight asshole." He said, wanting to see if Kara was willing to do what he wanted.

He wanted to see how far he could push the young woman. He smiled as he watched her reach up and nina terror in tartan alternative and striptease behind her knees and then pull them up towards her chest. Then slowly she spread them into a V.

What he didn't know (neither did her dad) was that she had seen women posing like this in her dads fuck books and knew what he wanted. Quickly he moved up close to her. He could his sperm leaking out of her just fucked pussy. Some of it was coating her asshole. "You like showing me what you have between your legs, don't you?" "Yes, I want you to see my. cunt and my butthole." She replied as she pulled her legs up further.

"What else do you want?" He asked as he used his phone to take pictures of her. "I want you to lick my asshole like you did in the theatre last night. I want to go back there." He groaned as he pushed his tongue up against her pucker and began to lick her. He watched the way she moved her abdomen each time he pushed his tongue up in her, grinding against his tongue. He listened to her groan and hiss. He'd take her back there for sure, but she'd go back as a whore men would have to pay for.

All of his girls were that way. She just didn't understand what she was getting into. He knew men that would pay a lot to fuck her. He watched her arch her back, pushing her tits up, each begging to be sucked. This young woman was unlike anything he'd ever been with. Kara didn't answer him, she didn't have to. He knew where she wanted to go!

And he knew he'd take her back there. He just had to be careful when he did though. If anyone recognized them all hell would break loose. Kara lay there enjoying what he was doing to her. She continued to pull her legs up, giving him total access to her. The cold air tickled her asshole each time he pulled his mouth off of her and she began to groan louder and louder. The dean became concerned someone would hear her and began to search for something to put in her mouth.

That's when he found her panties on the floor. He grabbed them and pushed them up to her mouth. "Open your mouth sweetie, you're lizzie tucker this sexy white girl has a juicy ass too loud." Kara didn't hesitate to do what he said and suddenly got a mouth full of her panties.

Quickly she bit down on them and pretty hottie exposes anal aperture for fuck hardcore and russian rewarded with the taste of her own pussy juice. After a few more minutes of pleasing her the dean stood up between her legs. She watched him as he opened a drawer and pulled a tube of some type. She heard the top snap open and waited.

Suddenly she felt his oily dick being pushed up against her hole. She calmly relaxed as she felt the head squeeze into her rectum. This was what she wanted! Slowly he pushed more and more of his dick up her butt, slowly sodomizing her. The feeling was incredible when he started fucking her harder and faster. She felt his hands under her ass, holding her in place. Neither said a word as they coupled.

The sound of their bodies slapping together and heavy breathing filled the office. Kara released her legs and slowly grasp her tits. As he watched, she massaged them, pulling and pinching her hard nipples.

She felt his thrust start to change, becoming harder and harder. She knew he was fixing to come and watched his face. "Coming!" He suddenly said, grabbing her strongly and holding her in place as he filled her ass with sperm.

She grunting from behind the mouth full of panties as she enjoyed his sporadic thrust as he finished. Slowly, they both relaxed and she felt him pulling out of her. Reaching up she pulled the panties out of her mouth as she watched him back away and sit down.

"So, am I on the deans list now?" "Phi Theta Kappa." He whispered. "So how often do you need me to come check on my grades?" She asked as she sat up and then hopped off his desk. "Let me figure this out and I will let you know." "What about your secretary?

Will she get suspicious?" She asked as she got dressed, sans her panties and bra. "You don't have to worry about her, she's my wife." He said, watching the shocking look come over her face. Once she was dressed, Kara wrote down her number on a piece of paper and left it on his desk.

He let her out of the office and she quickly left the building. As she walked to her room, she could feel his cum leaking out of her used holes. She was glad that it was nearly dark. No one would be able to see his sperm running down her legs. She had no idea how her life was going to change.