Kinky lesbians fill up their massive asses with whipped cream and splash it out

Kinky lesbians fill up their massive asses with whipped cream and splash it out
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I could feel him gazing at me from across the bar. Lifting my head so my blue eyes met his. Can he tell that I wanted him? His lips twitched into a rough smile. What was it about him that turned me on? I could feel my pussy begin to throb and get wet, as he undressed me with his eyes.

Enough was enough, I couldn't take it anymore. I downed my drink, told my friends I was leaving and headed for the door. I had just made it to my car when I felt a hand gripping my waist tightly. He spun me around and pressed his firm lips to my soft lips. I felt his hand on my cheek as his tongue entered my mouth. He always knew how to use his skilled tongue to turn me on. A small moan trickled out of my mouth. He stopped kissing me and pressed his finger to my lips.

"You liked that didn't ya? he asked. "I'm going to see if someone will take my women home. Then I'll meet you at your house in twenty minutes. You better be naked and ready for our usual four hours of pleasure." he said, as he turned and walked back into the bar. Damn that man! He always has his women with him. But I was use to being the other women. Have been for over a year now, and can't complain too bad. He always manages to end up in my bed two to five times a week for hours on end.

At least he doesn't rub her in my face. I got into my car and headed home. My thoughts drifting away to all the things I wanted to do to him tonight. Hand cuffs? Nah did that last night. Tie him down? Nah he enjoys that one too much. I think it's my turn for the pleasure. I could feel the naughty smirk come across my face. I pulled into my drive, and headed inside, slamming the front door behind me. I started to shed my clothing, making sure to leave it in a trail for my lover.

I opened my night stand drawer and pulled out my new glass dildo. I lay across the bed so he would have a complete view of everything I was going to do to myself when he came in.

I heard his truck pull up and his door slam. Then I heard my front door open and close, his footsteps moving closer to the pleasure that awaited him. He now stood in my door way with my black lace thongs in hand and a grin from ear to ear. "Hey, my naughty girl. You ready for me?" he asked. I smiled at him as I ran my hand slowly up the inside of my thigh and began to rub my clit. Just the fact that he was watching me turned me on more. I continued to rub my now wet pussy, a little faster with each stroke.

I took my other hand and began rubbing my breast. I was getting wetter by the minute. "Use sexy nude hot free models toy." he said as he walked towards me.

He stopped at the end of sexy blonde teen britney young railed by a huge black shaft bed and took his shirt off, revealing his sex story in mr jatt six pack and his guns. There was just something about those tats that turned me on.

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I picked up the toy and entered myself. It stretches my pussy open, but it feels so freaking good. I make the dildo move in and out of me slowly at first, then faster. My breathing gets faster as I continue to fuck myself with the toy. I use my other hand to rub my clit. I gazed up at my lover, as I bit my lower lip in pleasure. He was now fully hard and aroused. I felt his hand stop me and take the toy from my pussy.

He stared for a while at my shaved pussy, then took two fingers and shoved them into my hot, wet cunt. He lowered his head busty alexis rodriguez handstrokes enormous black cock interracial blowjob between my legs and inhaled the sweet, tangy scent of me.

I spread my legs wider giving him more access. I hiss with pleasure as he finger fucks me and his tongue flickers my cunt in all the right spots. He takes his time on me. I feel my tension building. I hold his head there, grinding my pussy into his face, moving my hips up and down as he picks up his speed.

He was causing me to start an orgasm. My body lifts off the bed as he holds me up. Hands behind my ass, arms wrapped around me, my legs draped over his shoulders. He does the best he can to keep me still as he continues to intensify my climax.

Not stopping his tongue or fingers but only moving them faster. He kept proceeding until I finally begged him to stop and have mercy on me. He pulled up from between my legs, my cum on his face as he looked at me with heated eyes. "That's my girl!" he said as he took his cum covered fingers from me and placed them in his mouth. "You taste so good!" A wicked smile formed on my face as I dragged my hands down his chest and stopped at the button to his jeans.

I unbuttoned his pants then clenched the zipper and slowly dragged it down, revealing his gray boxers. I pulled everything off him revealing his long hard cock. I pressed my lips against the head of the long shaft, my small tongue slipped out and caressed the plum shaped head of his manhood. Oh he tasted so good. I slowly ran my tongue down the length of his cock.

I wrapped my slim fingers around it and stroked up the length a couple of times. It leaked with anticipation. I took his warm flesh into my wet mouth. I could hear his groans of pleasure as I took him all in.

I felt his thick fingers in my hair, guiding my head. I could hear his groans of pleasure as Curvaceous vixen alison tyler intensely fucked and facialed deep throated him. Oh how I wanted him.

I slid my hand down my chest until I was caressing my wet pussy lips. I could feel the wave of pleasure go through me as I continued to rub my wet pussy and blow him. "Damn women. I'm not ready to cum yet." He said as he pulled his dick from my delectable ai shirosakia pleasured with many cocks. He slammed me back down on the bed, as he grabbed his dick to rub up and down my slit. He slowly thrusts his long hard shaft into me.

I could feel his cock stretching my tight hole. The warm shaft filled me completely. He was torturing me with his slow paced tempo. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pulled out and slammed back in. My body was trembling underneath his slow rhythm. I rocked my hips, meeting each thrust of his cock. He began to pick up the pace. Moving the length of his shaft in and out, faster and harder.

The pleasure was too much for me as I placed my lips to the side of his neck. He angled his hips and slammed back into me harder. He moaned at me as I bit into his neck. He continued to go hard, sliding out and slamming back in. My teeth tightened on his flesh. My actions caused him to get rougher yet. I felt the climax getting closer and closer. I bit my lower lip and whimpered. He paused and slid all the way out. I looked up into his eyes with a questioning arch of a bow.

He smirked at me. "Don't like my teasing do you?" he said in a tormented laugh. Then he slammed all the way into me. And I erupted into an orgasm. My body trembled as I tightened my legs around his waist, and arched my back to enjoy the orgasm to its fullest. Before I knew it he had grabbed my left ass cheek and turned me to my side. I felt his huge, long cock plunge deep into me in one push.

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The slapping sound of his pelvis on my ass got louder and faster. My eyes rolled back into my head as he went deeper and faster into me. He suddenly pulled out and ordered me to flip over. I did as I was told. Once I was on my back, he pushed my thighs wide apart, repositioned himself and amazing beauties get plowed in hardcore fashion his cock back into my pussy.

We were now rubbing belly to belly and sweat was pouring from both of us. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster, he thrusts into me. Then I felt it coming again. All I remember saying was "Oh my god, I'm going to cum again." He immediately pulled his cock out and plunged his face deep into my pussy.

Taking in every last drop of my cum. With my body still shaking from pleasure he was on top of me again, pounding his cock deep inside of me. I could tell by the look on his face that he was close. So I started to thrust my hips to match his thrusts. Then I could feel it, his cock throbbing and releasing his manhood deep into my body.

I could feel his warm cum run down the crack of my ass, as he pulled out of me. He lay next to me with his arms wrapped around me. We laid there motionless as we tried to catch our breath. Then he kissed me deeply. "That's why I come to you, my naughty horny girl!" he said. And all I could do was smile!