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My First Lover King Hi, my name is Joey. I'll be 15 in three months. I am presently a freshman in High School. I am now and have always been sort of small for my age and with a very fair completion. A couple of my friends tease me and call treating yr old to some grown man dick p a girl. There are times I wish I was a girl, like most of the time.

I have a brother, Ned that is two years older than me. And he is a real stud. Great at sports and with the girls. We live about 6 blocks from school so I usually walk.

Once in a while I'll get a ride with one of Ned's friends but usually I just walk. There is a kid that lives just down the street from us named King.

He is a black dude, named after Martin Luther King. He and Ned are sort of friends because they play all the sports together. King has always been nice to me, doesn't tease me like a lot of the guys do. I have always liked King for this, and I guess because I wonder what a black cock would look like. And that brings me to the subject of sex. It seems I am addicted to sex and I'm only 14. I keep wondering what I will be like when I'm older.

I have two really close friends, James and Curt. The three of us have played around and experimented with each other but have never sucked or fucked each other. Not that I haven't wanted to but it just has never happened. Mom and Dad and Ned all have jobs and all three work on Saturday. That leaves me home alone all day. I just mess around, do my chores and study. And I love to dress up in Mom's cloths. I have taken things from the bottom of her drawers, thinking she won't miss them.

So far I have been right.

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I enjoy putting on a bra and panties or thong and parading in front of her full length mirror. Then I usually lie down on her bed and jack off till I cum. I was walking home from school. It was Friday and Mom would be home in about a half hour, Ned in an hour or so and Dad, who knows. He works so damn hard like 50 or so hours a week. I noticed a car pull up beside me and looked and it was King. I waved and he lowered the window and asked if I wanted a ride. I said, "Sure," and climbed in. We were only a few blocks from home and when we got there I was sort of surprised when he pulled in the driveway instead of letting me out on the street.

But he did and turned off the car. Then he sort of turned and faced me pulling one leg up on the seat so his crotch was spread out. "How you doing at school?" he asked. "OK," I replied sort of curious about what was going on. "You and James and Curt are great buddies aren't you?" "Yes we are, we get along exhib en alsace avec amatrices francaises a poils well." "Do you jack off?" "Well, uh yes," I replied, "Why do you ask?" "Do you guys jack off together?" "We have, yes, but why do you want to know?" "Do you ever do more than jack off?" "No!" I said quickly, "We jack our selves off and sometimes jack each other off but nothing else." He started to ask something else but I noticed Mom's car coming down the street so I opened the door and jumped out and said, "Thanks for the ride." Mom gave me a hug and asked how my day had gone.

I told her OK, that I got an A on a math test and that teacher had given me my book report back saying it was good but knew I could do better. Mom smiled her big smile at me and I went up to my room.

I had some chores to do and then dinner then we watched some TV so I really didn't have time to think about my time with King. And when I went to bed I was so tired and went right to sleep. The next morning we all had breakfast together and then the three of them left for work. I was alone again, for the day. I decided to check things out in Mom's room.

I looked in her closet and there was a box on the top shelf. I pulled it down an inside was a very asian babe sucks dick like a pro one piece swimming suit, a bikini and some other stuff. The bikini looked really small so I just had to try it on. It fit me beautifully, I loved it, it made me feel so feminine.

I pranced around in it for a little while then looked for other stuff of Mom's. I looked in her cloths hamper and found a pair of dirty panties.

They were very brief and somewhat stained. The crotch was damp and smelled really strong. Like strong and wonderful. I rubbed them on my face and even licked the damp spot. I was wishing it was Mom's pussy. I took of the bikini and put on the dirty panties. I had such a boner as I looked at myself in the mirror. And then the doorbell rang. I thought Oh Shit who the hell is that as I rushed to my room and pulled on a pair of shorts.

I didn't realize that Mom's panties were above the shorts on my back. I opened the door and King said, "Hi, what's going on?" "Nothing much," I replied and as I did so King sort of pushed is way in. I turned and led him into the living room. He pulled up Mom's panties in the back and said, "I like your underwear." I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to do.

King just smiled at me and said, "I have a favor to ask." "What's that?" Well I asked all those questions yesterday because I wanted to know what experience you've had. I have this really busty tattooed babe likes some hard shagging sexual need and I haven't had a date in about two weeks that would help me out. When I say you walking down the street yesterday I thought well just maybe.

"So, what favor do you want?" I asked.

"Would you jack me off?" I couldn't believe what I just heard. My breath left me; I almost passed out from the thought of what he wanted me to do. He wanted me to play with his black cock. He wanted me to stroke it, to rub it, to make him cum. "Well?" King looked at me and put his hand on the bulge in his pants.

And I so wanted to but didn't know how to say yes yes yes. I just sat there and watched. King continued to hold his cock. Then he looked me straight in the eye as he undid the top of his pants and unzipped them.

Then he pushed them down until the tent in his undershorts was exposed. Then with a smile he reached in and pulled his hard black cock out into the open. I almost flew over to him. He had a big grin as I got to my knees between his legs and wrapped my hand around his beautiful black meat. I was about 8 inches long and fairly thick. He was uncut which for some reason turned me on. I put both hands on his cock and stroked, first holding it very tightly then loosening my grip and stroking it some more.

I didn't want this wonderful happening to end too soon so I just held his cock with one hand as I played with his balls with the other. I started stroking him again and he started moaning and telling me not to stop, don't stop.

A minute or so later he started moaning again and saying he was going to cum. "Don't cum until I get a towel," said. But as I started to get up King grabbed my shoulder with one hand holding me down perverted stepfamily shares well hung lawyer pornstars and hardcore my head with the other, forcing my face down and his cock into my mouth.

I will never be able to tell how wonderful his hard cock felt in my mouth. But just as I was enjoying it he started filling my mouth with his cum. "Don't let any seep out and we won't have a mess," he whispered. "Swallow it all." I did as I was told, holding his cock in both hands and swallowing as fast as I could. Only a little drizzled out of my mouth and onto my hand. As soon as King collapsed from his orgasm I lifted my head and looked at the head of his meat.

There was a little cum still coming out so I put my mouth back on it and sucked him some more. "That's all there is my friend," he said with a big smile on his face. "That was awesome; are you sure that was your first time?" "Yes, I'm sure," I replied as I licked his cum off my hand. I noticed a little cum on the side of his cock so licked it off and then sat back on the floor.

"Well I better get going," King said, "Maybe we could do this again sometime." I looked at the clock and it said 10:45. "Would 11 o'clock be OK? I said with a smile. "I don't think I'll be ready that soon.

You did too good a job relieving my tension." That afternoon James and Curt called to see if I wanted to do something. I asked what they had in mind and they just said whatever.

I said sure come on over. It wasn't long before there was a knock on the door and in they came. I was really horny and looking for some relief. They both had boners putting tents in their shorts so I suggested we go up to my room. As soon as we got there I stripped down and they joined me. We were setting on the bed stroking out dicks but I wanted more. I reached over and took each of their dicks in my hands. They looked a little surprised but sort of sat back and enjoyed my efforts.

Then I reached over to my side table and pulled out a deck of cards. "We're going to play a new game called "Do What I Tell You" I said."Whoever draws the high card gets to tell the others what to do for an hour.

Then we'll draw again." I spread the deck out and each of them took a card. I took the bottom card because I knew it was an ace. Of course I was highest so I put the cards back and said, "OK, start stroking each other's cocks." They did as I told them so I said, "OK, Lay down so we are all in a circle." We did and I said, "OK start stroking the cock that is nearest you." Of course the way were lying that cock was very close to our faces.

And then I said, "OK suck it." I had James' cock in my hand and immediately took it in my mouth and started sucking. The guys must busty pretty girl purchased as sex slave been thinking about that to because Curt's mouth was on my cock and James' mouth was on his. "You have to keep sucking until your mouth is filled with cum. No stopping when you cum." I instructed. I was really enjoying sucking but too soon it came to an end.

My mouth was filled with boy seed and I had a real limp dick in my hand. I blew my load and rolled over on my back.

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hurny girl hard fuk mature It took a little longer for James to get thru with Curt. "MMMM, that was nice," I said with a big smile. "How did you like that hard meat in your mouth and the taste of the cum?" "Does this make us queers?" James asked.

"I don't think so," I replied, "I still would like to fuck a girl so I would say we are bisexual." We laid there for a while and chatted and then Curt said he had to get home so the guys left. It would still be a couple hours before everyone got home so I decided to snoop around Mom's room again.

The first place I checked was the cloths hamper but came up with nothing. Then I noticed the two bedside tables that I had never looked in before. The one on Dad's side had nothing but when I opened Mom's, Bingo, two dildos and a tube of lube.

I lifted the dildos, one in each hand and smelled them and licked them. It was definably a similar taste to the panties I had found earlier. I sucked xxx nigru story big black both of them like they were my guy's cocks. Then the feeling rushed over me that I just had to try one, in my boy pussy. I used my finger to rub some lube in and around my pussy and then pressed the business end of the small one against the hole and pushed.

Asian amateur jayden lee tries ass fucking what a feeling as I pushed it as far in as it would go, about 7 or 8 inches. And what a feeling as I pulled it out and then pushed it in again. I fucked myself for several minutes and then decided to try the bigger one. I was equally as wonderful. I felt so full, but the thing was, there was no pain. Only pleasure.

I continued to fuck myself for some time until I realized that the family would be coming home soon. I rushed into the bathroom to wash off the dildos in clear water, not wanting them to smell like poop but also not wanting them to smell like soap.

After being satisfied that Mom wouldn't be able to tell I had used them I put them and the lube back in the drawer. I had just gotten dressed when Mom got home. I didn't have a chance to get together with James and or Curt all week and had only been with King once. He picked me up and talked me into giving him a blowjob as we drove along.

When he was ready to shoot his load in my mouth he pulled over and stopped. I thanked him for that because usually he has such a letdown after cumming that we might have been in a wreck. After everyone left for work Saturday morning I tried on a bra and thong I found in Mom's drawer.

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I filled the bra with her undies and danced around in front of the mirror. I so wanted to be fucked I opened the russian college girls fucking sex and got the dildos and lube out. I was about to put some on my rosebud when an idea hit me. I went to my room, grabbed my cell phone and put in a call to King.

When he answered I asked, "Could you come over naughty beauties in sex scene masturbation smalltits hesitated a minute and then answered, "Yeah." "See you in a few," I said as I hung up. I was still in Mom's bra and thong and went down to answer the door when King rang. He did and I did but I hide behind the door until he was inside. Then I closed the door and said, "Dah, Dah!" as I lifted my arms and sort of danced around.

I grabbed King's hand and led him to the living room and pushed him down on the sofa. I straddled him like a lap dancer and looked him in the face and said, "Our sexual relationship started when you asked me to do you a favor, which I did. Now I want to ask you a favor." I was looking right into his face and eyes as I rubbed his hard cock with my butt.

He looked so wonderful and I decided I really loved this guy. Without hesitation I lowered my lips to his and pushed my tongue into his mouth. I knew he was either going to hit me or return the kiss.

I am so glad it was the latter. We kissed for several minutes and then he turned his head and asked, "What is snny leon hot xxx story favor?" "I want you to take my virginity, I want you to get me ready and then fuck me." "Wow." Is all King could say but that was enough.

I kissed him again and continued to rub his hard cock. Then I got up and led him to my room. I had laid out the dildos and the lube. I lowered my thong and got on my hands and knees on the bed, facing King. I asked him to strip for me and then asked him to push his beautiful meat down my throat. He fucked my face for a little bit until I said, "Time to get me ready." "What do you want me to do?" King asked.

"Take the lube and put some on my boypussy. Then fuck me with the small dildo." Kind is as I asked and I was getting so hot, thinking about what his cock was going to feel like. "OK, now use the big one." And it felt even better. I told him to push it in until it stopped but no further. He was a good student and after a few minutes of mr big I told him to fuck me with his monster meat.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" "OH yes man, I've been thinking about it for days and I so want it." I replied. "But won't it hurt you?" "Not if you are easy.

Just start it in and be real slow to start with. After I get used to the size of your cock I want you to fuck my brains out." King pushed the head just barely in and stopped. I pushed back against him until it was in an inch or so. Then I told him just to remain still and I would push back against him and take him in. He did and it worked fine. I was surprised at how little pain there was and it went away as I pushed against him then moved away.

After awhile I stopped my action and whispered, "Fuck me lover, fuck me hard." King took hold of me and started really moving in and out, with speed and with power. There are no black hunk spanking his white submissive tube porn to explain how wonderful it felt.

That big beautiful black cock filled my little boy asshole so full and the feeling was so intense I started shooting my cum on my bed. I could hear King's grunts and groans and knew from experience that he was about to cum too.

I didn't want my first fuck to end so soon but then he rammed his cock home and I could feel his cum fill me. He collapsed on the bed and so did I. After a pleasant rest I asked him if he would like to shower. He said yes so we headed for the bathroom. I could feel his cum running down my leg as I walked.

We showered together and I washed him completely, taking special care of his cock. I dried him off and he dressed and was gone by the time I dressed. I was a little hurt and some surprised. I saw King in the halls at school a couple of time the following week but he didn't even acknowledge me, just looked right through me. I didn't know what to do or what to think.

On Thursday afternoon I saw King's car in the parking lot as I left school. I sat over by a tree until I saw him coming out. I put my hand on his arm as he was opening the door. "What's going on King?" I asked. "Go away, I don't want to talk to you, I don't want to be around you." "But why?" "Because I fucked you and because I think I love you," he stammered I looked him right in the face and said, "King there are two things for sure. No one, if we never get together again, if we never have sex again, if we don't even speak again, I will never tell anyone that we were lovers.

And No 2, I will never do anything when other people are around that would give even the slightest hint that we could be considered lovers. I love you, I love having sex with you and I love being around you." With that I turned around and walked away.

I didn't look back, left the decision in King's court. I was about halfway home when a car pulled up beside me. "Want a ride?" a voice said. I looked at King. His face was very firm so I really didn't know if I wanted a ride or not but I got in. He pulled into my driveway and asked how soon anyone would be home.

I told him a couple of hours. Then I said, "Would you like a soda?" "That would be good," he answered as he opened his door. I hope you enjoyed this little story. If you would like to comment give me an e at itsbeenfun99 at