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Xxx story xxx sex stories 2019
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Rob Holden, 15, 6ft 2, 200lbs, blond hair, brown eyes, it all sounds so routine. In fact it was, Rob's live was always the same boring circle over and over again.

He wanted to break free, live a little more, but he never knew how. Exploring didn't work; it just didn't help him fulfil his wants. But what you're about to hear sounds like a massive story of chance, when it's actually the 24 hours that changed two lives forever.

"I'm home!" "Oh.hi Rob." Mum hastily called from the lounge. God, could she never control herself? I wonder who it was this time. I wandered into the lounge bracing myself for the worst. I poked my head round the corner and saw Mum lying spread-eagle on the sofa with the cock of a well-toned black haired businessman right inside her. Well it's not the worst I've seen. "Don't mind us dear! Just go through to the kitchen for twenty min. Oh!" I didn't mom hd brunette milf gets some loving xxx the more badmoms the better asking twice.

Why did Mum always have to ruin my evening by showing me things far too early? I'd only just started my new school, and things weren't going great there either. And every evening, I'd always come home to see her getting fucked cheating blonde chloe contad riding dick in livingroom someone who wasn't Dad. Of course he knew, he knew a long time ago. That's why the house is half wrecked from the fights! And it's split down the middle, with me right in the firing line.

Of course, I basically prepared myself for the worse ever since I was 11. Catching Mummy getting screwed by her friends while Daddy was at work was never a good sign. Never helps when your Mum's a slag and your Dad's a loser. Ah well, it'll be over soon. I helped myself to some orange juice and braced myself for the long wait for the ecstatic groans and curses to end.

Mum had a rather good stamina though. She was at least 20 minutes before the climax. Once I had to wait a whole hour! Hope it's not like that today. Listen to me, talking about it as if it's normal. I've caught Mum with 20 different guys over the past 3 months alone. I swear that woman's going to turn me one day.

35 minutes of iPod and sipping orange juice later, Mum and her new victim came in panting and rather messily dressed: "Hi Rob, I'd like you to meet Stephen" "Will I have to remember this one's name?" "Oh Rob." "How did he do?" "Excuse me?" the newbie spoke for the first time. He was rather handsome I have to say. Despite his thick, greased black hair and poor dress sense, he had a fantastic body. She'd picked a good one here.

Oh shut up Rob. "Well did you do well enough for her to call you back for a second round?" I explained mockingly. "Or were you shit and she won't ever fuck you again?" "Alright Rob! That's enough! You know the drill." "Yes I do, £25 and I keep quiet" "£25? I thought it was £20" "Well we don't want Daddy to add to his law suit do we? You've always hot chick sucking and riding his dick that fridge!" "Wait a minute." Stephen spoke again.

"You're married?" "You didn't know? Bloody hell Mum, do you just fuck them and leave?" I grinned with sarcasm. "Look I can't do this if you're married Liz, I was hoping we could do that more often if you were single!" And with that, he left. No surprises there then.

"Aww! I was really coming to like him then!" "Listen Rob, if you don't keep your mouth shut, I swear I will make your life a living hell!" "Well maybe Mummy shouldn't be such a whore!" Whoops, had I really said that?

I never really said my mind so much to her before. She was completely dumbfounded by it though, so I took my opportunity there and got out quickly. There was never really anything to do in my house. Dad was a complete nerd so believed anything the papers claimed were dangerous, so no computers, no games consoles, and no unhealthiness. So the only way to distract myself from home was simply getting out. I'd known a fair few people in the neighbourhood, and I was very friendly with everyone.

So soon I found myself in a friendship group and seeing them every night. There's a rather empty park in front of my house that we normally meet up at. Tonight there was Jason, Megan and Ben. There were normally more, but they probably had some clubs of sorts to go to. This time, we bought chips to save going back to our dead-end families.

Jason's were criminals, Megan's were druggies, and Ben's hated him. Great lives we all have. But to be honest, I thought I was the only one who didn't reflect my parents. Resting on the climbing frames, we started our usual chatter, until Jason brought up a strange topic: "Oh shit Rob! I saw your Mum the other day!" "So?

What's wrong with that?" "Well I saw her through the window and." "Oh God, you saw her giving oral didn't you." "Yeah!" he seemed stupidly excited. His young face lit up as he said it. He was always a strange boy, not just the fact his body looked older than everywhere else, but the fact that he was always looking for trouble.

And he was certainly looking for it next "Your Mum's well hot at sucking off!" Here go the hormones again! "Yeah Rob, why does your Mum have to be so fit?" Ben agreed. Well to be honest you don't notice your own Mum being attractive, but this was just too far. Ben too seemed to have raging hormones and often commented on how he'd "shag anything on two legs". He certainly seemed desperate by his figure. Probably never had a girl in his life. "Listen to you two, drooling over someone's Mum!" Megan just giggled.

She always loved how they'd talk filthy. I swear she normally gets turned on by it. "But she's a blonde wench!" Jason said crudely "I'd fucking have her any day" Ben said, followed by a squeal of a giggle.

"Any chance of some piccies Rob?" "Oh shut up both of you! You make me sick sometimes!" I exploded. It wasn't the first time the two had commented on Mum. Everywhere I seemed to go nowadays was full of the sickening images of my own mother. There was an awkward silence between us until Megan brought up: "I bet you two must be pretty horny thinking of her" Again, not unlike her usual self. "Yeah, like I said, I want to pound her hard one day!" Jason got worse.

In fact, he was bouncing up and down now in, excitement was it? I've no idea. "So, you'd want to let it all out now I'd say" she said "Fuck yeah!" "Well how about I." Oh God, this can't be happening. I knew that Megan seriously fancied Jason, and with good reason. The odd glimpse of her lightly masturbating in the corner bared testament to that. But she wasn't even in our school! She was probably barely 14 too! "You want it, you go and get it!" Jason demanded cockily.

And Megan was down in a quick pounce and undid Jason's trackies. What the hell is wrong with the world? I can't be about to witness adultery and underage sex in one night! "Oh my God Jason, you're so big!

I'm not sure I can take it!" Megan toyed with him. He was indeed hard, but I'm sure the slag could take it in. I had to look away; it was starting to make me feel bad.

I knew my stuff of course, but I was so confused over the years, any sex in any form made me feel awkward. But looking away didn't help, as the chubby Ben had already got his own dick out and was gently fisting it. I was stuck. "Oh you fucking cunt, you suck Jason's nice hard dick!

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Shit, your mouth's hot. Keep going! Keep pumping! Oh yes!" Jason went on and on. I couldn't even close my eyes without it being there. Megan was going for it too as her hair brown hair bounced madly with every suck. This was an innocent young girl sucking off a young man. This twisted world or what? It didn't take long before they both got bored, and Megan rammed Jason up against the wall behind him.

"You want that inside my nice juicy pussy?

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Come on! You know you want to!" Beside me Ben groaned at her words. As Jason made off with her underwear and quickly mounted her, I almost gagged at the screams of Megan. Jason made it look easy to fuck a young girl; his thrusts were fast and hard. But Megan loved it and Ben even more so. He sweet teen gapes juicy honey pot and gets deflorated worked up a frenzy in his wanking next to me. He got up at long last and stood next to Jason.

"Me next!" he grinned slyly. Jason thankfully didn't last long, and Megan wasted no time boarding her next orgasm. I was almost in tears at the sounds of her ecstatic but almost tortured screeches. Jason egged her on all the time, ordering her to fuck Ben as hard as she could.

Oh God, her screams. They were awful! And the boys didn't help either! It reminded me so much of.of.Mum. But Ben didn't last long either. And then they approached me.

"Come on Rob! Your turn!" the slag known as Megan invited. I turned round to the most nauseating sight of 3 teens, all gasping in ecstasy with their pants undone revealing all.

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I was practically drowning in sickness and tears. All I could do was run, and never look back. After several hours of crying myself to sleep, morning came. I was woken as per usual by my parents throwing dishes at each other for breakfast. At least the arguments washed away the images of last night.

Ducking in and out of fights, I just caught the bus in time to be missed by the slags from last night. School was too dull to even mention, until lunch when sadly I was caught by Jason. He saw me walking to the canteen when I was walking the other way "Hey Rob! Where did you fuck off to last night?" Jason sniggered "Anywhere to get away cum cum cum multi compilation 3 tube porn you fucking." I mumbled "Aww, you missed all the fun!

I tell you what, that Megan's slit is so warm to be inside! You should try it sometimes!" "Oh fuck off!" I just shouted "Ooh, what's up with you?" he taunted "Life's shit, that's what!

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I've got a slag for a Mum, a Dad who hates everything, 33 possible new dads, a friend who fucks young girls, a friend who wanks over it and a friend who's a slag! I just can't live with it anymore!" "Well sorry!

But she is hot!" "GAH! I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU!" And I lashed out, much harder than I thought I did. Jason was out stone cold with a throbbing back eye. It was then when I panicked. Jason wasn't the guy to be on the wrong side of. If he got his act together quick enough, I'd be dead by tomorrow. I just ran, ran as fast as I could to the canteen.

I sat eating my lunch alone, mulling things over. Well at least I won't be part of a shit life if he kills me. But then, what if he just makes it worse? I'll be in an even worse state than I am now. Bloody brilliant. Well, what can I get out of life now? Nothing! So I'd best just get what I want now while I can.

Ooh, there's something I haven't thought about before. What do I actually want? Well.I guess something I've never really had in my life.

Someone who cares; someone who doesn't just think about themselves all the time and someone who is addicted on sex. But in a high school, where the fuck do I get that?

My family let me down, my friends let me down, and it's too late to start a fresh. I guess I'm just going to see how things pan out. Thankfully, riding a horny pecker hardcore and big butt lessons went swimmingly by, and the bus ride didn't involve me getting thumped.

So all I had to do was survive my parents. Which went well, until dinner. The rain started to come down heavily when we started eating, which I will give you a handjob as an apology joi guess made a change to the heavy snow we had last week.

The three of us shared some form of stew which Dad had concocted, but Mum pussy squirting moms solwifes nasty hairy puszy close ups voiced her opinion: "Well that's another great meal you've churned up here Graham!" "Mum, don't start." "What's wrong with it?" "It looks like you've just shit in a dish!" "Look, it's good for you.

Just eat your fucking food Liz. You're acting like a child" Here we go again. "Oh it's always so healthy healthy healthy for you isn't it? Liven up a bit! Give your glasses a clean and come down to the real world!" "The real world where you sleep with 7 men a week?" "Oh fuck off." "For the last time Liz you always." "It's always the last time!

You said the last time last night! And the night before!" "Well why don't you just stop it?" "Why don't you just liven up?" "It's not always about you!" "Speak for yourself!" "GAH! I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU!" Dad screeched and throttled Mum. I almost fell off my chair in shock. I'd never seen Dad lash out with such violence before; normally it was Mum who did that. Thankfully, the doorbell rang before it got painful, and the two of them calmed down a tad: "Who the fuck is that?" Dad screeched "Rob.go get.the door." Mum panted, and I hurtled off.

Anyone would please me to get me away from them. Once I got to the door, I got the shock of my life, as a big flash of thunder illuminated a white figure.

It was a boy, in torn clothes, black hair and lifeless features. All he said before he collapsed onto me was: "" I had no idea what to do. He was soaked to the skin and clearly in need of help. Best if I didn't tell the parents, they'd be too occupied.

I carried him on my shoulders up the stairs to my room. He weighed a tonne, yet he was surprisingly slender. Someone must have been doing his work outs. Once I got him onto my bed, I stripped him bare so his clothes could dry.

They were rather smart despite being torn and dirtied. On him was a white shirt with a red tie, black trousers and a blazer. Odd things for someone who wanders the streets at night to be wearing. He looked so weak, as he lied unconscious a sopping wet on my bed.

But he did have an impressive body with a defined chest and waist, and a far better organ than I any I saw last night. I went to get towels from the bathroom, but when I returned he was awake again. There was an awkward pause, disturbed only by thunder until I said: "Erm, these are for you." he took the towels slowly, eyeing me all over "Am I in heaven?" he asked.

I thought he was delirious "No. You're in Chadlington." "Where?" "Chadlington!" "Oh.are you sure I'm not dead?" "Yes! What makes you say that?" "But you're so.beautiful." Oh my God, did he actually say that? "And I've been going for so long now." "I'm sorry?" "Who are you?" "I'm Rob" "Rob.that's nice. I'm.I'm Gabriel." "That's a nice name.

Nice to meet you Gabriel!" "Yeah, same! Oh" "Oh, erm, what would you like?" "Anything! Just get me.anything." And he xxx hoot story student class out again, still clinging to his towel. Can this really be happening? A complete stranger is lying naked on my bed and he called me beautiful. Sure he was delirious, but maybe.just maybe. I took up a huge bowl of Dad's infamous stew (who by the way was still arguing with Mum so didn't even notice me).

Once again, he'd woken up while I was gone. And he was talking more sense now. "Oh great! Thanks!" he took the bowl politely. He must have been starving, the bowl lasted barely seconds! "Oh God, that feels so good, I can't tell you how happy I am now!" "You're welcome Gabriel!

So erm.why are you here?" His amazing grin died away. "You'd never believe me if I told you" "Oh I'd believe a lot of things now." "OK. I come from this private school. Royal High Hill? Ever heard of it?" "Oh yeah, all the posh gits go there!" "Yep that's the one! Well I was on this trip and I was caught.misbehaving on the bus ride on the way down. And I was expelled on the spot." "Oh God, really?" "Yeah, didn't help when one of the teachers hated me.

Even worse, I was kicked off the bus there and then. On a motorway, in the middle of nowhere, in thick snow, without food or water or a coat." "Oh my God. Wait.snow? That was.8 days ago!" "Yep" "Fuck! You mean you've been homeless for 8 days?" "And my parents don't even care!" "And I thought I was hard off. But sex teen cheerleader ends with accidental creampie here?" "Well this was the first town I got to.

I didn't know where to start, I looked everywhere, but people just kept closing the door on me. I was to them just a wreck, and I probably seemed it to you too!" "You did look like you needed help" "Well your parents shouting certainly made me think I needed to dive in and save the day!" So my parents helped.for once. "Well I.I guess you could stay here." "Oh God, really? I hope your parents don't mind!" "I'm sure if we keep it quiet they won't notice!" "Thank you so much!

I can't say how grateful I am!" "Trust me; I've been praying for something like this to happen for days!" "I don't blame you!" "Well, I'd best just take this downstairs. Feel free to look through my clothes!" "OK!" But when I came back he wasn't changed. He was just staring out of the hard rape xxx ebony story download. Why did he always have to change when I left? "You alright?" He turned around with tears in his eyes "Shit, I've been crying." "You miss it back there." "It was such a stupid thing for me to do.

Why couldn't I just control myself? I'll never see any of them again! Not even." he wiped his eyes again. Then he stared straight at me, making me tingle. "You know when I said you were beautiful before? I meant it. You really are so beautiful." I didn't know what to say. He was so helpless; I couldn't help but feel for him. And for some reason, he started to feel for me. "'s ever said that before." "Well they should do!

Everyone who knows you should say it every day!" "Gosh." "I know it seems a bit early for us, as we've only just met. But I've been so lonely.and I." "If you want to, come and get it." I was falling. My confusion was fading at last. Gabriel slowly started to walk towards me. I closed the door as he touched my body. I looked into him, and he looked into me. This was it; he was the answer I'd so desperately needed. We embraced in the biggest collision of passion I had known.

My mind cleared and at that exact moment I knew that I wanted him and him alone. His lips expertly caressed again my own, and he let the towel fall to his feet.

Then my hands joined in and tickled his sides and back. As he pushed harder against me, I reached to his hips and buttocks. He squealed in delight in our kiss and threw me lightly onto the bed beside us. His creamy white body was dazzling in the lamplight and he never stopped wanting me to have it all.

He never broke the kiss no matter how many times he moaned. And my hands were set loose. I pulled his body tighter on top of me, thrusting his groin into mine, making even me emit a sharp groan.

Suddenly I was transforming from love to lust, and Gabriel had never seemed so sexy! When he did let our tongues relax, he was undoing all my clothes.

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He wanted to get to the prize in the middle. It didn't take long before he saw want he wanted. "Fuck, you're body's more beautiful than your face! How can you be more attractive?" His warm lips against my cold meaty penis hammers wet snatch hardcore and creampie made me shiver, but still gasp at the contrast.

He must have done this before, how else could he have known where all the right places were? After relishing at my abdomen for what seemed like hours, he made for the flies. Tantalisingly, he unzipped my jeans, all the time rubbing at my expanding boxers.

His hands were ice-cold and made me go rock-hard instantly. He looked at me lustfully before revealing the skin. "Oh yeah, that's how you can be more attractive! Fuck that must be at least 10 inches!" He placed his tongue on my head and licked all around. This felt like heaven on earth!

I'd never known such ecstasy! I bet Jason never felt this good. Then he shoved the rest of it straight down his mouth and I shrieked with joy. His mouth was so warm and tight, I nearly spilled my load then and there.

But I just about controlled my spasms so only precum came squirting out of the end. He loved it though! Every time some more came out, he got more excited with blowing! But he hadn't even done his part piece yet.

"You want to feel like you're on top of the world?" "Shit Gabe, I don't know whether I." "Trust me, you'll love it!" All my clothes were now on the floor and we collided once again in a fully-naked snog. He bent my knees back and pointed his own thick rod at the gaping mouth of my entrance. He wasn't even near entering before my ass started contracting excitedly. When he did eventually thrust into me, it was the best feeling in the world!

Hormones raced, worries died and ecstasy built all instantaneously. I screamed. I just didn't care about anything anymore. My parents could catch me, and I wouldn't flinch.

I just never wanted Gabriel to stop! "Fucking hell Rob, you can't half scream! You alright?" "Yeah! Just don't stop! Keep going! Faster!" And he did, like a whore! Not even the guys I'd caught shagging Mum were this good!

In and out, in and out it rocketed. My ass could barely hold onto the intruding member. Gabriel then bent over and kissed my neck. Fuck he was good with the guys! It was then I let go and shot my load straight onto our waists.

He then shortly followed as my ass convulsed and squeezed his juice right into me. He was so overcome with joy, he screamed one last time before passing out for a third time. It wasn't until 9 that he black girl raven wants to try out the glory hole ghl up again.

By that time I had already wrapped him deep into my duvet and I couldn't help but stroke his black hair softly as he opened his eyes. "Don't stop! That felt nice!" "Sorry. I hope you don't mind sharing a single bed." "Course not!

It makes it cosier!

Plus I get to hold onto you more!" "Now I'd love that!" "I hope you don't mind me just barging in like this" "The pleasure is all mine! Tonight was the best night of my life! I never want you to go!" "There's nowhere else to go." "Then looks like you're stuck with me! "And there's no-one else I'd rather be stuck with!" "'s to it! Life anew!" "And it's gonna be one hell of a ride Rob!" He pulled my head towards me and we kissed long into the night, never letting go of each other to think twice.