Brokenteens vanessa cage has a crush on

Brokenteens vanessa cage has a crush on
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I was really and truly fully spent and I just laid back on the bed hoping to get a bit of a rest after being covered in love juice from both Dannielle and Chantelle, not to mention their mother Marlene, oh what a glorious way to spend a Friday night. I had Chantelle on one side of me, Dannielle on the other and Marlene was at the bottom of the bed gently massaging my balls as I lay there extremely contented without a care in the world.

Whilst Marlene continued to massage my balls, Dannielle started to rub her hands over my stomach. She then whispered in my ear that I had promised to fuck her younger sister and that I had to keep my promise otherwise she would feel left out.

I turned my head and looked at Chantelle who seemed to be sleeping with a smile on her face. She looked so young and angelic, it seemed impossible that just a few moments ago that she had cum all over my face, she certainly didn't look old enough to have sex let alone do what she had already done that evening. I turned back to Dannielle and told her of concerns as I didn't want to get into trouble if it came out that she was under 18.

I was assured that she was over 18 and although she was not a virgin that she had had only one boyfriend who had fucked her only once and he had made a mess of it and she needed someone a bit more mature and experienced to show her how fantastic good sex could be and Dannielle said that I was that person.

By this time Marlene had moved her hand up to my cock and was gently squeezing it back into life, something that I didn't believe could happen but there she was, smiling at me with her beautiful eyes and hand on my cock. As I watched her she slowly manoeuvred herself up the bed and lowered her head and took my semi rigid member into slim teen megumi shino takes double penetration mouth, all the way down the shaft until it disappeared completely.

This went on for a few minutes until I was hard again. Dannielle was gently sucking my nipple and I could feel my passion starting to rise once more. I turned towards Chantelle and saw that she was sound asleep, blissfully unaware of what was happening or about to happen to her perfect little, but well-developed body. Suddenly, Marlene stopped sucking on my cock and moved off the bed, calling for both Dannielle and me to do the same.

We got off the bed and all three of us stood looking down at Chantelle. Marlene then moved to the side of the bed and gently rolled Chantelle on to her back and gently parted her legs so that her divine golden pussy was displayed before me.

As this was going on Dannielle left the room and returned shortly after with a large vibrator which she plugged in to the socket next to the bed and turned it on. It was extremely quiet and not the normal one that one is used to seeing used by women. Marlene told me to very quietly, lay down on the bed with my head between Chantelle's legs, close enough to lick her pussy without waking her up.

As I did this, Dannielle very lightly placed the rotating head of the vibrator on her left nipple. Without causing too much disturbance I gently started to lick Chantelle's pussy, rolling my tongue up and down her lips searching for her clit.

As I continued to lick, Chantelle started to moan in her sleep which was quite erotic. I quickly found her clit which was becoming engorged with blood and took it between my teeth, gently rolling it around.

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As I was doing this Marlene started to suck on her right breast, teasing her nipple which had become hard and stood out quite a distance. Chantelle's pussy had become quite wet by now and she was starting to moan and groan in her sleep obviously having an erotic dream.

As we all worked on her it became obvious that she was close to having an orgasm. Her hands were gently rubbing her tits and moving quite quickly as she came to her climax. I kept on doing what I was doing and eventually her breathing became heavy and I knew that she was about to cum so I inserted a finger into her pussy just to add some extra pressure.

That was all it took as she suddenly woke up, groaned loudly and let open the flood gates to her pussy, shooting forth a mountain of hot steamy cum that covered my face entirely. After she came she said that it was fantastic, even better than when she masturbated herself, which was a regular occurrence since her boyfriend had no idea on how to please her. She then said that it would have sticky jizz gets into horny mayas horny pussy pornstar creampie better if I had put my cock deep inside of her and filled it with my cum!

Marlene said: "Not to worry Darling" he promised us that he would fuck all three of us before he left and we will keep him to that promise." My cock was rock hard by this time and there was no way that I was going to leave without having fucked Chantelle one way or the other.

Dannielle then asked: "Which way do you want it Chantelle?". Chantelle responded by saying every way possible if I blew my load inside of her at the end. Marlene then suggested that we start off doggy style as this would give her the best penetration and she could feel my entire cock sliding deep inside of her.

Chantelle quickly turned over, got up on all fours and offered her extremely wet pussy to me. She looked back over her shoulder as if to say, "Hurry Up" get on with it. I moved up on the bed and placed the tip of my cock near her pussy lips and gently rubbed them up and down between the lips, making sure that she could just feel the tip.

As I did this she tried to push backwards trying to force the head of my cock into her love hole but I kept adjusting myself so that it didn't enter. I played this game for about five minutes before it became obvious that she wanted me to enter her so I gave in and gently pushed the tip of my cock into her pussy until the head was inside of her and then I slowly sank the whole shaft deep within her.

Boy, was she tight! She felt extremely warm and wet for a supposedly inexperienced girl but I guess the events leading up to this had got her in a good mood. As I slid in and out of her I played with her tits and her mother and sister gave her encouragement from the sidelines (which I don't think she needed!). As I rode her she became more vocal and her breath came in gasps as her pleasure mounted.

"Oh fuck" she said as I rammed deep within her and then she quivered as an orgasm ripped through her body. She let her hands and head fall to the bed leaving her ass in the air with my cock still imbedded in her. I was still erect and wanted to continue fucking her but Marlene told Chantelle to get off the bed and then told me to lay down so that my cock stood erect.

Once this had been done Marlene told Chantelle to straddle me and then she and Dannielle slowly guided her down so that the tip of my cock was resting just inside her pussy before they both allowed her to sink on to my shaft. The feeling was magnificent, all wet and a warm. Marlene then told her to move her hips back and forth on my cock and at the same time to clench her pussy lips so that they gripped my cock.

Chantelle took the advice on board and was gently rocking back and forth enjoying the sensation as I was but she wanted more, she wanted to go faster but her mother told her to slow down and girls fuck bfs anus with big strap dildos and ejaculate semen the experience and that there was more to come, a better position that gave much more pleasure.

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I could raise my head a little and was fortunate that I could take her cute little nipples in my mouth and suck on them as we swayed back and forth, slowly climbing to an orgasm for both of us. I told her I was about to cum and her mother told her to sit still and clamp her pussy lips together tightly to reduce the possibility of me cuming inside of her, it worked.

Over the next ten or fifteen minutes she did this technique a few more times until I thought that my balls would explode with all the stored-up cum. Both Marlene and Dannielle could see that I was nearing my end so told kidnapped euro cum mouth european and glamour to get off and lay down on the bed which she did.

Then she was told to open her legs wide so that her juicy pussy was exposed fully and then told to wrap her arms around her legs thus pulling her legs back even further so that her pussy rotated upwards. I was then told to kneel between her legs and put my cock into her open pussy, slowly inserting it into her body so that my balls rested on her ass. The pleasure was immense as I could feel myself deep within her.

All she could say was: "Oh Fuck. That is sensational!". I started to slide in and out, pushing my cock deep in to her body and she responded by gasping loudly and gripped my cock by clamping her pussy lips together but due to the amount of moisture in her cunt was impossible to make a firm connection, instead I just slid in and out making her even hotter and wetter.

By this time, I knew that I couldn't stop no matter what anyone did so I decided to keep on going until I exploded in the hope that I would fill her pussy with my hot cum. Marlene and Dannielle sensed that this was on the card and again started giving her encouraging words kinky lesbian threesome session in the kitchen make her cum as well.

As I rode her, I could feel the pressure in my balls building and knew that it wouldn't be too long before I blew my load once more. Chantelle started to moan and groan, moving her ass back and forth and encouraging me to fuck her harder and harder. We started to move faster until finally I couldn't hold back and shot my load inside of her pussy. On and on it spurt filling her up so that it came gushing back out of her pussy all over my balls.

With one last moan Chantelle also came, spewing forth a fountain of hot sticky cunt juice that coated everything. It was like a dam bursting! As we both collapsed on the bed Marlene said that she promised that the feeling would be fantastic and Chantelle agreed with her. I was then thanked by them all for fulfilling my promise to fuck each one of them before I left and all I could say was: "My pleasure", and it had been.

I was then taken to the bathroom and gently washed by them all and in return I washed them and after we were all dry we got dressed. It was after midnight and I was completely contented and said that I should go as it was getting late. They all agreed but not before I promised to come back and see them again in a couple of days if my time allowed it. Since that first night I have been back four times.

Twice with just Marlene, once with all three and once without Chantelle as she was off teaching her boyfriend her new tricks that she had learnt. To say that each visit was a totally new experience would be an understatement, but that is another story! The end