Seductive katya rodriguez sucking cock and pounded

Seductive katya rodriguez sucking cock and pounded
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I had tried to contact Lexi the next week but her phone had been shut off. After our amazing time together, the best sex I had ever had, I wanted more. I was dreaming of her at night and waking up with painful hardons that I would have to sneak to the bathroom to relieve. I tried not to call her phone too often but I figured that since it was not even connected there would be no problem calling multiple times, she would never know.

By the next week I had all but given up on seeing her again so I started to look on the review sites again. My searches kept coming up with the same three girls.

There were others but I inevitably found myself drawn to them. I decided to call Heather, the older (in her early 30's) girl with D sized breasts.

I considered waiting until the weekend but I wanted to be sure I could see someone. On Thursday in the evening I closed the door to my personal office at home and called her number. She picked up on the second ring. "Hello?" Her voice was soft and amazingly sexy. "Hello, is this Heather?" I asked, still unsure of how to start these phone calls. "Yes, who is this?" She asked.

"Uh, Mark." I answered, again using my real name. "What can I do for you Mark?" She responded. "Well, I was hoping to see you at some point." I said. "Are you a new friend or have I seen you before." "I will be a new friend." "Ok, can you come over right now?" She asked. It caught me off guard; I was expecting to set something up in a few days.

My cock twitched, I had not masturbated in two days and I was horny as hell. My brain was just catching up with my little head and started to try and figure out a way for me to leave. "Maybe, where do you live?" I responded. If she lives within 10 minutes then I sir and girl student collage xxx storys in class do this, otherwise I will have to make an appointment for this weekend.

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She told me her cross streets and I smiled. She was about a 5 minute drive from my house. "I can be british car blowjob and old dad fucks friends daughter no girls except your stepsis in 15 minutes." I said feeling my heart start to beat harder and faster.

"Great, call when you park and I will come out and meet you." "Ok, great." We said goodbye and I hung up. I paused for a moment to collect my thoughts, then walked out into the living room where my wife was sitting and reading.

I thought about what would usually get me out of the house for an hour or so. I had already worked out today so another trip to the gym would seem strange. I walked to the kitchen and opened the cabinet my mind working. "Hey, do we have any kidney beans?" I asked after looking to make sure there were not any. "If jamming biggest tits asian awesome chick japanese and hardcore are not in there then no, unless you are accusing me of keeping hidden stashes of beans from you." My wife answered sarcastically.

"I was just thinking of making chili for tomorrow night and I wanted to get it all started cooking." "Do whatever you want, I am reading." She dismissed me.

I gathered my keys and walked to the front door, "I am going to pick up what I need at the store. Do you need anything?" She shook her head, still reading the paperback romance novel on the front couch. I paused for a moment to look at her. Why was I even worried at all, our lives were so separate, connected only by our kids who were growing up quickly and would be gone soon anyway.

There had once been passion but now only sadness and apathy mixed with sarcasm. I did not feel sad about it anymore, I was just tired of living in a sexless, loveless house however, even with all that I did not want to leave.

I closed the door and walked to my car, checking the time. 10 minutes until I was to be there. I pulled away quickly and out onto the main street. With one hand I counted out the money that I had hidden under my seat, ensuring I had the proper amount that was alexis may gives blowjobs and takes facials on the review site. I started to get excited and nervous, my heart beating and my palms sweating a little on the steering wheel.

I pulled up to the cross streets and texted to her number that I was in the area. It took a moment but I got a text back with the name and number of the apartment. I looked up and saw the apartment complex across the street. Quickly I pulled into the middle lane and started to move across into the turning lane when a horn blasted in my ear.

I swerved back into my lane just in time for a large truck to speed past, inches from my bumper. The driver flipped me the bird and honked again. I nearly pulled in front of him without even looking I was so focused on the apartment and the time.

I had also missed the turn, which was not a big deal as there was another entrance less than 100 feet down the road. I shook my head at my foolishness. What would happen if I crashed my car this far from home pulling into an apartment building. I vowed to be more careful from now on. I scanned the building numbers as I pulled into the apartment building.

It was a confusing maze of building and parking structures with the building numbers obscured with trees or low lights. It was a nice apartment complex but not designed to make finding anything easy.

I pulled around again and the building numbers seemed to jump over the one I was looking for. I continued to drive around until I was at the entrance again.

Frustrated I stopped and texted Heather. "I can't find the building…" "Back far left as you come in." She answered. I drove around again and looked, still not seeing the building number. In the far back left of the complex I stopped and texted again. "I am in the far back left but I still can't find the building, sorry." "Ok, I will walk out.

Look for me." I looked around for anyone walking out but there was no movement. I pulled ahead and slowly moved looking for anybody. I started to round the corner when I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a short, skinny girl step out between two cars and look left and right. I stopped and waited. A moment later my phone buzzed. "Did you just stop in that car?" She asked, I could see her look up from her phone.

"Yep," I texted back. She waved to me and pointed at an open parking spot down from her. I backed up and pulled into the spot and parked.

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She was walking back to her apartment as I closed my door and followed her. I could not see her face but her body was amazing. She was short, and very fit. Her ass had that wonderful slim but full look to it. Her hair was brown with highlights and hung halfway down her back.

As she turned back and waved me toward her door I saw the profile of her breasts, they were big for her body and stood out noticeably. I jogged a little to catch up with her as we neared her door. "Sorry about that," I said, "I feel dumb getting lost." "Don't worry; it's normal for people to not find my building.

Come on it." She opened her door and stepped into the light where I could see her full smiling face. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I was worried that she may be not as cute in the face as none of her pictures showed her face. She did look older than Lexi but still much younger than me.

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She had big lips that looked like they had injections but did not look ugly or done poorly, just bigger. Her tits were large and stood up on their own, the nipples poking out through the fabric of her shirt.

I ogled her a bit as I walked into the apartment and she smiled and winked at me. She locked the door and took my arm, leading me into the kitchen.

"Would you like a drink?" She asked. "Sure," I answered, loving the feeling of her arm on mine. I love being next to such naughty lesbian gals indulge in oral sex short sexy woman. Her head came up to my chest and it made me feel taller than I am. She took two shot glasses 10eiyar xas com indin xas the counter and poured tequila into them.

Handing me mine she tapped the glass with hers and we both took the shot down. It was very smooth tequila and went down very easy. She poured one more for each of us and repeated the toast and we drank. She set her glass down and stepped close to me and reached her arm around my head, pulling my face close to hers. Her lips were soft as they came in contact with mine and I felt her tongue as her lips parted. It was gentle and nice as we lightly touched tongues and lips.

Her taste was sweet with the hint of tequila and some kind of lip gloss. Her body pressed into mine and we kissed deeper, her tongue intertwining with mine. I could feel her breasts against me and I shifted my hands down her back to her wonderful ass and gave it a little squeeze as we kissed. She stepped up on her tip toes as I took my other hand to her ass and felt its firmness.

Her kiss deepened and her other hand moved around my neck. As lightly as a feather she moved her legs up around my waist, still kissing me and using her arms to hold onto me. My hands cupped her ass poisonous penny sexy teen beauty masturbates on cam pulled her pussy against my stomach, feeling the heat. She ground against me and moaned into my mouth, her head now above me as her legs held around my waist. I was dizzy with excitement as she moved her crotch against me, getting more and more worked up.

Her moans of excitement as we kissed increased in volume and intensity until she released my face and pulled my head between her tits and held my head there, grinding against me with her thighs.

My hands moved under her and I felt the heat from her pussy through her thin pants. She extended her legs to the floor and slid down my body, smiling up at me as I set her gently back down. Taking my hand she led me though the living room into her bedroom.

There was a large king sized bed with a heavy dark wood headboard and deep red cover on top.

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On the table next to the bed I saw a few condoms, a bottle of lube, a cold bottle of water and a towel. She shut the door behind us and locked it. "Make yourself comfortable," She said as she walked toward the master bathroom, "I am going to change into something more exciting for you." I smiled and watched her walk to the bathroom and close the door. I opened the water and took a drink before taking my shirt off and setting it on the chair next to the bed.

I removed my shoes and socks and then my pants. I was unsure if I should be fully naked or leave my underwear on.

They were stylish and my cock filled the pouch in front nicely so I opted to leave them on for now. I sat on the bed for a moment and waited, taking another sip of water. Her apartment room was much nicer than Lexi's, very well decorated and very clean. There was a nice cinnamon scent that fit the season very well. The lights were low and layered nicely giving the room a nice warm glow without being too bright or too dark. The bathroom door opened and Heather walked out in a small black pair of panties and matching bra.

Her hair was pulled back a bit and framed her face and shoulders wonderfully. She walked to the side of the bed and posed for me with a smile. She turned in a circle showing me her body from all sides with little poses until she was facing me again.

She then stepped up onto the bed over me and straddled my legs. I looked up between her legs at her pussy and could see the outline of the lips through the thin material. I put my hand on her calf and felt the smooth skin. Moving my hand up her leg I felt her thigh, the muscles and the smoothness. My cock hardened even more as I moved my hand higher to her pussy and gently rubbed over the outline of her pussy lips. She watched me with a smile the whole time, standing over me. I pushed my thumb against her hard clit and rolled it around.

Her knees bent as she groaned and pushed back against my thumb. Our eyes were locked as I brought my other hand to her perfect little ass and ran my hand under her panties. She placed her hands on the wall and spread her legs a little, poking her ass out as my hand drifted into her crack. I felt the smooth skin give way to her butthole two horny girls having sexing on red couch pantyhose and lesbians I gently rubbed my fingers over it making her gasp.

She moved to sit and I put my hands around her waist, guiding her over my cock, still clad in my underwear. Even through both of our garments I could feel the heat from her pussy as she pressed against me. We kissed again, I had never kissed fake lips but I loved the way hers felt, soft and supple. Her tongue played with mine as her hips moved, massaging my cock. I moved my hands around to her breasts and felt her orbs in the thin bra that was stretched over them.

She sat back and released the clasp, letting the bra shy nervous first time casting into our lap before tossing it to the side on the floor. She leaned bazarrs com by mia khilaf and pressed her arms together, big tits cum creampie xxx alone with a drone her large tits push out for me.

They were fake but wonderfully done. Spicy sweetie was brought in asshole asylum for harsh therapy nipples were sharply accented light brown against her skin and perfectly round.

The nipples were eraser shaped and stood out proudly from her breasts. I took her nipple in my mouth, my hands cupping them both, the fingers teasing the nipple on the other side. She cooed her pleasure as I licked and sucked, playing with the hardening flesh with my teeth and lips.

I moved to the other breast and she bent her head down and licked my ear, kissing deeply and sucking the lobe into her wet mouth. Her breath was hot and loud in my ear and spurred me on. I sucked harder and flicked the nipple with my tongue. My cock felt wet against my skin as my precum was milked out by Heather.

I continued to lick her tits, alternating as my hands moved to her ass and gently played with her tight asshole. She seemed to really respond to any pressure against it, getting even more excited.

She pushed my head back against the pillows and kissed me hard. Her kissed moved to my neck and down my body as she inched down my legs. My nipples hardened as she licked and sucked on them. Her hands tickled my sides as she moved them under my back and pulled my underwear down slowly.

Her lips trailed from my navel down to where my cock was just being exposed. With extraordinary skill she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and pulled my underwear down my legs, hooking her toes into the band.

As she lowered her body onto my legs my cock disappeared into her mouth and her legs extended, pulling my underwear off my legs and onto the floor with her toes. She gently raked her fingernails down my chest as I felt my cock extend down her throat and her face buried in my trimmed hair.

I could feel her tongue lapping at my balls as she held me in her throat. It was heaven and I involuntarily moved my hands to her head. She released my cock and sat up, taking my hands in hers and smiled. "I don't like my head being touched, sorry." She said with a smile and kissed my hands and placed them on her shoulders. I nodded as she lowered again to my cock. I gripped her shoulders as she sucked me into her mouth again, deep and slow.

Her hands held my balls and juggled them softly as her extended tongue licked them again. I could feel her spit dripping down my balls making her hand slippery. She started to bob nicely on my cock, her wet hands stroking and twirling in expert fashion. I pulled her deep with my hands on her shoulders, wanting so bad to touch her head and hair but obeying the rules.

She sat back and groaned looking into my eyes, while she masturbated me. Spittle dripped from her lips onto the head of my cock in a long clear rope. She spit hard onto my cock and wiped her hand over the sensitive head making me jump a little each time her hand rolled around. It was almost too much sensation. When I was about to say it was too much, she moved her head down again and bobbed my cock in her mouth for a few strokes.

I was in heaven. I had never had such an expert blowjob before. It was like watching a porno as she spit and sucked and moaned. She put her head to the side against my thigh and sucked my balls into her mouth as my spit covered cock slipped through her expert hands.

Her tongue dipped lower to my taint and I arched upward. It was a weird feeling as her tongue dipped lower toward my asshole. I felt a little self-conscious about it and clenched a little in response.

Her wet tongue however was more powerful and slick as it wormed past my cheeks and lapped my asshole as she massaged my cock. I released control and pulled my legs up a little, giving her full access to my most private spot.

She moved her head and spat on my balls, letting it drip down between my cheeks where she then used her tongue to spread it around my taint and asshole again. I could feel my cock start to throb as she rimmed my asshole and jacked my cock off. There was a bang and we both startled and sat up looking for the noise.

"What the fuck was that?" She asked me as she stood up and walked to the drapes that were drawn across some sliding glass doors. She pulled one gently to the side and looked out into the night. "What is it?" I asked, suddenly very nervous. What if it is the cops, I thought, here to bust me and her. I realized that it would be a bit crazy to have the cops busting in just for this, two consenting adults, however I would not be surprised with how crazy they could be.

She walked over to the end table and picked up her phone, "I am sorry about this; I think I know what this is." I stood up and got my underwear and put them on.

If something was going to happen I was not going to be naked when it did. She placed the phone to her ear and held up a finger to me and smiled with apology in her eyes.

"Hey, Troy," she said into the phone, "if you are the one outside my house then you are breaking the protective order and I WILL call the cops on you. Fuck off and leave me alone." She hung up the phone and dropped it onto the bed as she quickly came over to me and put her hands around me.

"Don't worry, it is just some asshole that is stalking me, he is harmless. You are way fucking bigger than him anyway so do not worry ebony slut kandi kream fuck her old teacher all." She kissed my chest as I stood there thinking of what to do. She could sense my hesitation and pulled my underwear down again taking my semi hard cock into her mouth for a moment. I was worried. Some stalker out sunny lenoy xxx story sex could happen.

I imagined him breaking in and getting in a fight, the cops coming, him having a gun…my mind was running wild. My fears were quickly fading as she sucked me back to full length. She stood up and lay down on the bed spreading her legs wide, her small panties stretching over her pussy. "Do you want to fuck me?" She said sweetly.

I leaned down and pulled her panties off her ass, she helped me get them off her legs and I set them on the night table. "The condoms are on the table." She said pointing with a hand on her pussy. "I want to taste you first, is that ok?" I asked.

She smiled and opened her legs again moving her hand from her pussy. It was bare and her pussy was the picture of perfect. The outer lips were smooth and slightly puffy and her inner lips were pink and sat out like a small butterfly.

I wondered if she had gotten them fixed as well, it was all just so symmetrical. I lowered to my knees next to the bed and took her legs in my hands as I licked her pussy, softly at first.

She tasted sweet and perfect. Emboldened with her nice flavor I licked again, longer with a flat tongue. She pulled her legs wide and urged me on with her mewing. I licked lower, touching my tongue to her cute asshole and licked up to her clit where I paused and rolled my tongue around it. "Shit, you know what you are doing," she said.

I smiled and licked again, allowing the tip of my tongue to dip into her pussy, tasting the outer part of her hole. I could feel her pussy flush and open to me as I licked again and again in long deep strokes. Her head was back and her legs splayed into almost splits as I moved up to her clit and pressed my tongue against it. I brought my fingers up and caressed her outer lips moving them together as I sucked on her clit.

I pressed my finger against her pussy and felt it slip into her tight little hole. She moaned deeper as I pushed another finger asian teen suspected and fucked by a mall cops hard cock and curled them against her g spot and rubbed. I placed my thumb under her clit and applied pressure as I fingered her and licked.

Her wetness increased as I kept moving my hand and I felt her start to jump a little, her sounds getting louder and louder. Her hands grabbed my head and pushed my face into her cunt as she twitched and convulsed around my fingers. She was groaning and gasping as she came on my face. She pulled away and sat up, kissing me deeply and licking her xxx sex stories full storys paley from my face.

We kissed as she pulled me to my feet and turned me around, my back facing the bed. Pushing me backward onto the bed she told me to scoot to the center. I did as told, lying flat on my back in the center of the bed.

She stepped up and turned, straddling my face and taking my cock in her hands in the 69 position. I quickly started to lick her pussy again as I felt her mouth close over my cock. I brought my hands to her tits and tweaked her stiff nipples as I licked at her hot cunt. I could feel her deep throating me over and over, holding it as long as she could before releasing me and taking a deep breath.

"Put your finger in my ass," I heard her say as she gulped air. I moved my hands to her ass and wet my finger in my mouth before laying back and watching as I pushed against her little hole. Her hand appeared between her legs and she started to rub her clit as my finger popped past her ring and into her twitching asshole. "Yessssss," she hissed as I pushed it to the first and second knuckle. Her fingers extended into her pussy as I started to pump my finger in her ass. Her mouth found my cock again and she sucked it quickly, keeping time with her fingers on her pussy.

Our speed increased as she started to writhe, her mouth frozen with my cock still deep inside. "Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhhh," I could feel her hot breath on my balls, my cock still in her open mouth as she started to cum.

I wiggled my finger when I pressed deep, feeling her fingers inside her pussy. That was it, she cried out and came. I felt wetness on my chest and pushed my face against her hand in her pussy, extending my tongue between the digits to taste her cum.

She held the position, frozen in climax, my cock deep in her open mouth as she gasped around it. When she was finished she rolled to the side, my finger slipping out and let out a big sigh. "You need to fuck me now." I sat up and got a condom from the table and tore into it. Rolling it on my cock as I stood up and walked around the bed. I took her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I had to squat slightly as I lined my cock up with her pussy, I did not want to wait, I just pushed into her folds feeling my cock slide into her tight depths.

Her legs wrapped around me as I thrust into her. Her hands moved over her head and she took two handfuls of the blanket, holding herself in place as I started to piston into her pussy. It was tight and perfect. Her large tits bounced as I fucked her harder and harder. She lifted her legs and crossed them, pulling them to her chest giving even a tighter feel to her pussy as I fucked.

I held her tight ass and watched my cock penetrate deep into her pussy. "Hold on a second," she said and rolled over, my cock spilling out and she crawled across the bed, "Stay there." I stood with my cock bouncing with my heartbeat as I watched her open the drawer and pull out a small bottle of lube.

Scooting back on her elbows and knees she positioned sweet blonde teen plays and bone with brother on a dare at the edge of the bed in front of me again.

She put some lube on her hand and reached around spreading it on her asshole, her finger slipping in briefly. "Do you want to fuck me in the ass?" I stepped forward and she used her lubed hand to wet my cock. I placed the head at her puckered hole; it seemed too big& would it ever fit.

She pushed against me as I took her hips in my hands and pressed forward slowly. It was magical; her ass resisted for a moment then opened up, swallowing my stiff meat. I could feel the tight ring slip around the head and lower down my shaft. The incredible velvet feeling of her insides hugged my disappearing cock.

The ring was the best feeling ever. I started to stroke in and out of her feeling the ring massage my shaft. She seemed to go to a different level with her excitement, a true anal slut. I was starting to sweat and I could feel my balls tighten a bit. I had to struggle to keep my eyes open as I did not want to lose the vision of this moment, this small thin, stacked pornstar quality girl taking my full cock in her asshole and loving it.

I felt myself starting to peak when another loud bang sounded from behind me and we both jumped. My cock slipped from her and she leapt up off the bed and darted to her phone. She was texting angrily, and breathing heavy, her face flushed with anger, exertion. I took the water bottle and drank some a little frustrated at the timing of the interruption. Heather set the phone down and took my hand smiling and led me into the bathroom.

"Come with me, I have it taken care of but I don't want any more interruptions." She closed the door of the bathroom and kissed me quickly then turned around and bent over at the waist and looked back at me. She thrust her fingers in her pussy. "Fuck my ass more." My passion took over and I forgot about the interruption and stepped forward, lining up with her asshole again.

I pushed into her and began to roughly fuck her, pulling her hips hard into my hips. She had a look of surprise on her face and had to reach forward with one had to grab the counter for balance.

I could feel her fingers in her pussy against my cock as I fucked her. I started to feel myself tighten up and I fucked faster, feeling the band of her asshole milk my cock.

She had loosened up a bit and I wanted more friction to get me off. I pulled out and quickly removed the condom, dropping it to the bathroom floor. I took my cock in my hand and stroked my full length. "Cum for me," Heather said, as she bent over at the waist and grabbed her ankle, spreading her pussy with her fingers.

I put my free hand on her ass and let my thumb rub on her asshole as I jacked my cock faster. I looked down and Heather had her mouth open, head upside down between her legs as she fingered her cunt, as if to catch my cum. I pressed my thumb into her asshole feeling her soft inside flesh and held her small ass with my palm. My balls tightened and I stepped forward as a stream of cum spurt from me before I even felt the pulsing in my cock. The cum landed on the underside of her tit and dripped down.

My body flexed and a deep pulse started in my ass and rolled forward as I felt my cum release. I cried out, the feeling of my thumb in her ass as I came was exquisite. My cum hit the back of her thigh and dripped down.

The next pulse hit her stomach and underside of her breast again. The third landed on her chin. I took my thumb out of her ass and squatted, my face level with her pussy. She took her hand out and reached out to my leg. In a feat of flexibility she pulled herself between her legs and took my lynn stone loves the feel of a thick cock in her mouth as I finished cumming in her mouth.

I placed my tongue against her pussy and licked as she sucked the last spurts of cum from my cock. I sat back on the floor breathing heavy tasting her cunt on my lips. She turned and sat on my lap, both of us a sweaty mess and kissed me again.

We held on to each other as we came down from the exertion of cumming. "Holy shit," I said. "Holy shit is right," She answered with a smile. She kissed me and stood wiping the cum from her tit and smiling at me. "I think we both need a shower." She walked to the shower as I stood and looked in the mirror.

I was flushed, covered in sweat, my hair messed and my cock at half mass with cum still leaking from the tip. It was like seeing another person standing in the mirror, some strange man who looked like me. I smiled at myself and winked. Heather stepped in the shower, "Join me," she said. I walked over and stepped in. She had a washcloth and soap and stepped to the side to let me under the water. Her reina mizuki has dark vagina and mouth frigged by hard penises washed my body, my cock, my ass and legs.

I felt absolutely drained as I let the water cascade over me and felt her gentle hands caress my body. I stepped out to dry as she washed herself, the shower was half opened and I casually watched.

She was a very beautiful woman, the plastic surgery she had was done so well I almost wanted to ask who the doctor was who sculpted such perfection. I finished drying and stepped back into the bedroom to dress. Her cellphone was vibrating on the bed and she stepped past me with a towel wrapped around her body to pick it up. She smiled as she read the texts and responded, "Well," she said with a smile, "he is getting a talking to from my neighbor friend." "Crazy," I said, it was the only response I could think of.

She picked up my shirt and handed it to me as I got my pants on. "I am sorry for the interruption, did you have fun anyway?" "Oh my god yes," I spurted out with a smile. "I just don't know what to say about, whoever that was but this was fucking amazing!" She gave me a smile, "Good, I was worried, that has never happened with a client here before, I am really embarrassed." I put my shoes on and gathered my phone and keys.

I looked at her again as I sat on the bed and eyed her slim legs under her towel. She noticed my eyes and opened her towel and stepped toward me. I put my hands around her waist and pulled her breast to my mouth, kissing the nipple and tasting her clean freshly washed flesh.

"Oh, that is nice." She said. I leaned my head back and looked up at her, "you are perfect." My cock was hardening again. "How about one more drink for the road." I stood and followed her to the kitchen. She poured two more shots. As I drank mine down her hand went to my crotch and felt my hardness.

She set her glass down and looked up at me. "Do you want me to suck you off before you go," She said with a shy smile. "It would have to be quick, I am not sure I can again and I have to be somewhere soon." I did not want to say I needed to go home to my wife and kids. "Let's try," heather pushed be back against the wall and dropped to a squat in front of me. She unzipped my pants and reached her small nimble hand into my pants and fished my cock out the opening.

I had to up button the top to get it out as it had hardened all the way again. I was unsure if I would be able to cum again after the powerful orgasm I had experienced earlier but my concerns were quickly washed away when her lips closed over my cock again and she started the most amazing two handed, aggressive blow job I have ever had.

I put my hands on my head, remembering her rule of no touching her hair, and watched as she worked my cock. She was slim slut wishes rough sex smalltits and homemade and energetic and within a couple of minutes I felt my balls start to tighten.

Heather sensed it also and began to speed up and moan. Her towel fell away, the roll that held it in place had come lose, it did not even faze her and I was blessed with the vision of her wonderful body. My hips began to pump as I neared orgasm.

The pulsing in my cock started and she placed pressure on the deep underside of my cock and jacked me off with short fast motions. My cock head was still in her mouth as she rolled her tongue around the sensitive head wide hips big butt double penetration my sperm shot into her mouth.

It was powerful and had happened so quickly I was a bit surprised. As my orgasm subsided she sucked me fully into her mouth and twirled my half hard cock around with her tongue making me jump with the sensitivity. I was finished, done, she had sucked all the cum from me. Sitting back on alexa nova getting pounded by massive meaty dick heels she swallowed my cum and picked up her towel to wipe my cock clean.

I buttoned up my pants and took a deep breath, my head a little dizzy. Heather hugged me to her and looked up with a smile.

"How was that?" "I don't think I have ever came that fast." I answered. "I am glad you did, will you come and see me again?" "Absolutely." I said leaning down to kiss her lightly on the forehead.

I then remembered that the cash that I owed her was still in my car. "Crap," I said out loud, "My cash is in the car…I am so sorry, I almost forgot." Heather smiled at me, "I am glad you remembered, I was about to ask. Let me put on some clothes and I will walk you out." I felt like such a moron.

Heather slipped on a pair of yoga pants and a light shirt with a pair of flip-flops. We both walked out the door and she took my hand in hers. The moon was out and the night was cool as we walked in silence to my car. I opened the door and got the cash I had set aside and counted out the proper amount, I added a large tip and handed her the money.

"You don't have to, I feel bad for the interruption," she said. I did notice that she did not attempt to give the tip back and slid the money into her yoga pants. "Smart girl," I thought to myself. She hugged me and stood on her tiptoes and kissed me one last time, our tongues lightly touching.

"Come and see me again, no interruptions next time." I smiled and got into my car as she turned and walked back to her apartment. I watched her walk away as I started my car and pulled out to head home.

I had been gone an hour and a half and I feared my wife would be wondering where I was. It was a little of a frantic rush as I stopped by the store and quickly grabbed all the ingredients for chili. I grabbed a six pack of beer also and rushed home. I killed my lights and pulled into the drive and parked quietly. Taking the food and the six-pack of beer I went through the gate to the backyard and peaked in the windows, there did not seem to be any movement in the house.

I set the food by the back door and took the six pack over to the table by the pool. I opened one and quickly downed it. The next I could not drink so fast so I poured it out and crushed the two cans.

I sat and drank the third a little slower watching the house for movement. If my wife came out I would say that I had been sitting here for a while watching the moon. As I finished the third beer there had still been no movement in the house.

Did she even know I was gone, I wondered. I opened another beer and walked to the sliding doors, picking up the groceries. Quietly I opened the door and the chime of the alarm we had to know when the kids were coming and going rang though the house. My wife walked in from the front room as I set the groceries on the island.

"When did you get home?" She asked. "A while ago, I was sitting out back having a beer and watching the moon. You should join me, it is really nice outside." I answered, pointing to my beer outside as evidence. "Yuck," she scrunched up her face, "you know I hate the smell of beer. Also, I don't like having alcohol in the house and we agreed you would not bring it home." I looked at her for a moment, "I did not agree, you just decided.

Anyway I need it for the chili, AND I am drinking it out back…not in the house." She sneered at me and turned on her heel to walk upstairs. "Throw the cans away in the outside trash, I don't want the kids to know the kind of father they have." She stomped away. If you only knew, I thought to myself. I cut up the vegetables and started to cook the meat remembering the wonderful sex that I just had with Heather and the wonderful sex with Lexi.

I felt warm and relaxed and I let the argument with my wife go as I reveled in the post orgasm joy. My phone chimed and I picked it up to check the messages, it was a number I sort of recognized but not in my contacts.

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Opening the message my heart jumped a little. "This is Lexi; can I see you again soon?"