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Sorry but there is a lot of detail in this story before I get to the good stuff. So be patient or oldnanny hot amateur mature showers old chubby granny czech and fat. Invasion Ch. 1-August 21st 2008 Let me start this journal off by telling you about myself.

My name is Liam Jones, I was born at the Tri-City medical center in Ocanside, California on November 27th, 1995. I've lived my whole life here in Carlsbad, California with my parents, Leroy and Emma Jones.

For the most part I got my mothers great looks, nicely shaped body, long blonde hair cut similar to Justin Bieber's and I'm not the heaviest of all 15 year olds at 115 pounds. The only traits I really inherited from my dad are my height and relatively hairless/flawless skin. For example most 15 year old boys are beginning to grow facial hair, me on the other hand? I still have the looks of a ten year old, and the skinny frame doesn't help much.

Ch. 2-August 21st 2008 Today is the day of the attack, the last thing I would have dreamt of happening, the worst day of my life. Today is the Friday before my first day in high school, I had big dreams of becoming an NHL star after high school.

My mom had just gotten a promotion from a field technician to a project manager and as for my dad, well he was a lazy ass. At this point your probably wondering why I said "was" a lazy ass, it was the attack.

When I woke up on the last Friday of summer everything was looking up for me and my family, it seemed like nothing could go wrong. Our family only owned one car and it was an old run down soccer mom van, so my dad would normally take mom to work and pick her up after. On this day I had nothing better to do, so walked with them out to the car and watched them drive off down the street.

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At that point I had seen a bright spec of light out of the corner of my eye and I turned my head to look towards it. I thought it was a shooting star and thoughts filled my mind as you don't see one very often.

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I then saw a few more bright shining fireballs and the number of them just kept increasing at such a rapid pace my brain couldn't keep up. Within thirty seconds, almost the whole sky was littered with fireballs that looked like they were hurtling towards Earth. Usually shooting stars will burn up to nothing in the atmosphere before getting close the touching down. With the shear number of them and how they were growing as they got closer, I got more and more worried.

I realized that that one of the first stars I had seen looked like metal. I tried to focus as well as I could on a flaming object flying towards me. The closer it got, the more and more it looked like some sort of ship. I was scared for my life, at this point there was no way of it being an asteroid, it looked too much like some kind of super technologically advanced space ship.

Tension was growing in my chest, I could feel something awful about to happen. I looked toward my parents car and saw them just before they turned and BAM!

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Their car was crushed by the very first ship I had seen, I couldn't move, I looked on in terror, wondering if I would ever see my parents again. As the smoke and dust cleared, I could see that the ship had landed and made a crater the size of huge football stadium. There was not even a remote chance of my parents being alive.

By now people were coming out of their houses and looking at the sights all around them, in my eyes everything was in slow motion, my parents had died I didn't know what to do. Ch. 3-August 21nd 2008 I saw movement coming from inside the crater, for a second I actually had hope my parents were alive. It wasn't my parents, they looked like giant spiders and they were destroying everything in their path. They set cars and houses on fire, and if they saw people they shot them with weapons that sounded like advanced guns, kids were taken with them back to the ship.

My mind went from shocked terror, to survival mode in a snap. I dashed into my house to try and get anything I could, canned food, clothes anything to help me survive. I left the house, moving as fast as I could without being seen by the others.

When I was about a block away, I looked back at the house I had lived in for my whole life. The place of so many good memories being burned down to the ground like it was nothing. A tear fell from my face as my whole life was wiped away before my eyes. Fire balls filled the sky and you could only smell smoke as dozens of the ships landed on the planet we call home.

I had to find a hiding place, somewhere they couldn't slutty wife fucked hard in the ass girlfriends housewives me. I couldn't use just any building as they would all be burnt to the ground. My dad had served at a military base on the outskirts of town and he once told me that there was an underground room and the side of some small hills there.

I had no clue if it was still there, but it was my only hope of surviving the attack of the alien invasion.