Desi newly married girl need ass fk

Desi newly married girl need ass fk
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Daughter's Slut Training (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Twelve: Daughter's Slutty Fun By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Leyla Umayyah Kimmy's braces flashed as she beamed at me. She lay atop her father, the nineteen-year-old girl practically glowing after having her virginity popped. My own pussy was so juicy from watching. I had such a delicious orgasm capturing the entire event on my camera phone.

I set that on the nightstand as I headed to the bed, my round tits rising and falling with my excitement. Mr. Myers glanced at me, his eyes still a little dazed. He'd paid to have sex with me tonight, not his daughter. He didn't know he'd be popping Kimmy's cherry until he pulled off his makeshift blindfold and witnessed his daughter straddling him, his cock at the entrance of her pure pussy, her blonde hair spilling about her girlish face, her small breasts quivering with her excitement.

Then she slammed her pussy down his dick, losing her virginity. She rode her daddy so hard. They had that special bond a girl could only feel while having sex with her daddy. I felt it with mine every time he was in me. And now it was time for me to join the fun. I hungered for it. Kimmy slid off her daddy's softening cock.

His dick flopped out of her cunt glistening with her juices. Kimmy clamped her hand over her snatch, holding in the flood of incestuous cream. She fell onto her back, the bed creaking as she squirmed on it.

I crawled onto the bed, giving Mr. Meyer's a smile. "You made her cum hard, stud." I patted his wet dick as I moved over him. "Did you see how much she loved your cock?" "Yeah," he said, his voice deep but still a little shell-shocked. I mean, he was surprised he could fuck me tonight, and then to get the girl he truly fantasized about.

"I could tell, Daddy," Kimmy said, her two small breasts forming twin hillocks on her chest, these little mounds topped by her blushing-pink nipples.

"You enjoyed my pussy so much." "He paid enough for it," I said, giving her dad an impish grin as I settled between her thighs. "But it was worth it, right, Mr. Myers? Popping your daughter's virginity?" He nodded his head, his eyes still pretty dazed by everything that had happened.

"And we're going to have so much fun tonight. This will be such a naughty slumber party." My hands slid up her pale thighs, my fingers a darker, duskier color. I stared at her hand covering her pussy, so hungry to eat the incestuous combination of their fluids. "You'll never pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 3 to one of Kimmy's slumber parties again." "At least when Mom's not around," Kimmy smiled.

"She'd be so furious with you, Daddy." He shifted. "Yeah." "But we won't tell," Kimmy said. "We understand that men get horny, and us slutty girls have to satiate them. Leyla taught me all about it." I beamed at her, my hands sliding up her thighs now, coming closer and closer to her hand cupping that pussy, hiding her naughty cunt from us.

"I did. Ooh, Mr. Myers, it was so hot the first time she ate my pussy out, all full of cum. I felt her little braces rubbing on my cunt. Ooh, yes, we're going to have a wild time tonight." "We are, Daddy," Kimmy purred and pulled her hand from her pussy. Her normally tight silt gaped open from her daddy's cock, her inner pink on display. His whitish cum dribbled out of her, staining her soft-blonde bush adorning that wonderful gash. I leaned down, lapping up the first rivulet of salty delight seasoned by her sweet pussy.

I moaned, savoring eating a creampie out of my innocent friend's deflowered snatch. I got to witness her first time having sex. What a wonderful treat. And now I got to revel in it. I was so lucky. I pressed my lips against her pussy, my tongue sliding through her folds. I wiggled my hips, my own cunt on fire as I gathered more delicious jizz flowing out of her snatch.

"Oh, Leyla," moaned my friend, her back arching, thrusting those firm titties into the air. "Ooh, yes, Daddy. Isn't that so hot? She's licking your cum out of my pussy." "Uh-huh," Mr. Myers said, watching us. That just made my pussy hotter. Without pubic hair, nothing stopped my pussy juices from flowing down my thighs. I shuddered, wiggling my hips, as my tongue fluttered through her silky folds, gathering up their combined fluids.

The taste of father and daughter mixed together. What an absolutely delicious delight to enjoy. I shoved my tongue deeper into her, my lips pressed tight against her cunt. Her pubic hair tickled my cheeks and nose as I explored her depths. I scooped out more and more of her daddy's cum, the salty treat mixed with her sweet delight.

How utterly yummy. "Oh, Daddy, her tongue's so deep in me." Kimmy shuddered, staring at her daddy watching us. "When she ate my pussy earlier tonight, she couldn't do this.

My cherry was in the way. But you. You popped it and made me into a woman, Daddy. "A slutty woman," I moaned into her snatch. "Yes!" Kimmy's thighs tightened on my cheeks. She squirmed on me. "Oh, Daddy, it's turning me on so much knowing you're watching her eat me.

That you're staring at me as she devours your cum out of me. Does it turn you on, Daddy?" "Yeah, baby," he said. His hand reached out, cupping her firm breast.

She quivered as his thumb ran over her nipple. It was a gentle caress at first. Almost like he was afraid to touch her. But then his thumb rubbed harder, his confidence swelling that he could use this slut any way he wanted. She whimpered now, grinding harder against my mouth. My tongue fluttered through her depths, scooping out the last of her father's jizz as she whimpered. Her tongue ran across her lips as he massaged her.

Then he leaned over and claimed that nipple. "Daddy!" she squealed in delight as he sucked and nibbled on her nipple. I shuddered, thrusting my right hand between my legs. I was too turned on now to hold back. I rubbed my fingers up and down my vulva, massaging my shaved snatch. My pussy lips were so hot and slippery beneath my digits.

I found my clit, caressing it and shuddering as I feasted on her pussy. Mr. Myers sucked noisily on her nipple. His lips kept popping off her small nub. He'd latch on again. He'd suck so hard. He'd nibble and worship it. She whimpered, her head tossing back and forth as she squirmed on the bed. "Oh, Daddy, yes," she whimpered. "Oh, you're such a wonderful Daddy. I love you so much. I'm so happy you're my first." "Yes," he growled, his right hand cupping her left breast as he attacked her right yr olds suck cock amp fuck compilation amateur allure again.

She squealed in delight, squeezing her thighs on my face. I rubbed harder at my own cunt as I fluttered my tongue through her sweet folds. Then I brushed her clit. I batted that little nub. I swirled my tongue around it. I played with it and drove her wild. She bucked harder now. She humped against my mouth with passion. Her moans echoed through the bedroom.

Sweet juices flowed out of her cunt.

They stained my chin and cheeks. I massaged my clit as I sucked on hers. "Leyla! Daddy!" she shrieked. "Ohmygod, ohmygod!" Her hot juices squirted around my mouth. My friend came so hard. I shuddered as she bathed my face in her passion. I furiously frigged my clit, my orgasm building and building in me as I feasted on my friend's cunt.

Her daddy nibbled on her nipple as she thrashed, his hand rolling her other nub between his fingers. This propelled her orgasm. She squeaked and gasped and made the cutest sounds as she came. Her body twisted, her stomach flexing as she quivered. I loved it. My clit throbbed beneath my rubbing fingers, sending shocks of pleasure through me.

"Ohmygod," she gasped. "Oh, that was so good. Daddy! Leyla! Ooh, yes, that was awesome! And. And. Oh, Leyla, you're going to make me cum over and over if you keep doing that." "Good," I moaned, my snatch clenching, aching to be filled.

Mr. Myers popped his mouth off his daughter's cunt. His left hand gripped his dick, still glistening with his daughter's virgin cream. I felt his eyes on me as I plunged my tongue into his daughter's quivering cunt. He moved. "I paid for your cunt, too, didn't I?" he growled. "For your slutty, barely legal snatch." "You did, Daddy," moaned Kimmy. "Ooh, fuck her so hard. She'll love your cock as much as I did." "Uh-huh," I groaned, wiggling my hips.

I pulled my fingers from my clit, leaving me so close to cumming. I brought my fingers, drenched with my own cream, to Kimmy's pussy.

I smeared my juices on her snatch as her daddy moved around the bed. I wiggled my hips, my snatch in such need of being filled by a big cock. And he was sexy, with his dark hair and goatee, such a strong man that had my pussy dripping in excitement.

As he brought his cock to my pussy's entrance, I positioned my fingers to give my friend such a naughty treat. I teased her lips, watching her squirm as her daddy's cock pressed on my snatch. Then, slowly, wanting to savor my barely legal cunt, he pressed office teen brenna sparks in taming a young slut my pussy.

My labia stretched around his girth. I whimpered as he filled me. My fingers penetrated Kimmy, matching his rhythm, sliding deeper and deeper into her hot depths. "God damn," Mr. Myers groaned, enjoying his second barely legal cunt of the night. "You are tight, Leyla." "As tight as Kimmy?" I asked, wiggling my hips. "Just about," he said. I beamed at my friend then flicked my tongue on her clit.

She gasped, her snatch clenching down on my fingers. I pumped in and out of her as her daddy worked his cock in and out of my cunt. He didn't fuck me fast, but he thrust in with such power, making me ache and groan. I whimpered, swirling my hips around his dick, loving him in me. He paid for my cunt. For us both. A $1000 for this night of passion. That had me trembling in delight. I flicked my tongue harder against Kimmy's clit, batting her little bud as her daddy filled my snatch over and over, his 1st time sex full vedio brushing my own bud.

He groaned, fucking me faster and faster. He enjoyed the delight of my cunt. My hot, silky embrace. He gripped my hips, sliding his hands up and down my side, teasing me. My eyes rolled back into my head at the feel of his strong hands caressing up and down my body. He brushed my round breasts, squeezing them. a slutty pawn dude fucks a beautiful babe in the pawn shop he groaned, thrusting harder.

His balls thwacked into my clit over and over, making this meaty sound. Sparks shot through me. "Goddamn, what a tight cunt. I've wanted to fuck your snatch since you turned eighteen. You've blossomed into such a hot slut." "I did," I whimpered, thrusting my fingers faster into Kimmy's snatch.

Her braces flashed as she moaned. Her hips squirmed. Her hands cupped her little titties, thumbs massaging her small nipples. Savita bhabhi catun xxx story stared down at me, her blue eyes bursting with pleasure as I plundered her cunt. Feeling naughty, pleasure rippling through me from her father's thrusting cock, I nipped her clit. "Leyla!" she gasped, her body spasming.

"Oh, Leyla, yes!" "Make my little slut cum," her daddy groaned, squeezing my tits hard as he pounded me. "Do it, you little whore! Make her fucking explode on your mouth again.

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Then I'm going to dump my cum in you and make her lick it out of you!" "Yes!" I hissed in utter delight. I attacked Kimmy's clit, my snatch clenching down on Mr. Meyer's thrusting cock. I pumped my fingers in and out of my friend's silky snatch hard. My tongue flicked and flailed against her little bud nestled in her petals.

I swirled my exciting lechery by filthy lesbian gorgeous babes dildo and toy around it then sucked so hard on it. Her body bucked and convulsed.

Her moans sang out through the room. The bed creaked from our hot threesome's passion. Mr. Myers pounded me so hard. The force of his thrusts pressing my face into his daughter's sweet cunt. Her juices dribbled down my chin and stained my cheeks. Her snatch grew so hot on my fingers. I curled them, searching for that wonderful G-spot.

I massaged along the top of her pussy walls, caressing her silky delights. I found that wonderful spot. Her body bucked and squirmed. She whimpered and convulsed on the bed. Her pussy went wild about my fingers as she came. Hot juices squirted out around my digits. "Daddy, she made me cum!" she howled. keiran lee ravaging on nurse jane douxxxs pussy uniform blowjob, yes, yes, yes!

Now cum in her cunt! Spurt your jizz in her! Ooh, do it, Daddy! I want to lick your yummy cum out of her snatch!" "Fuck, yes!" he growled, thrusting so hard on my snatch. My own orgasm swelled through me. That wonderful cock plundered my twat so hard. His balls smacked my clit.

That wonderful staccato rhythm of pleasure. I moaned about Kimmy's clit, sucking on the bud as I kept attacking her G-spot. She kept bucking and squirming, her body going wild as I pleasured her. My snatch squeezed down hard on her daddy's dick.

He rammed into me. The friction washed through my body. I whimpered about her clit. My eyes squeezed shut as my entire body tense. His dick withdrew, sliding back through my silky sheath. And slammed into my cunt. Balls smacked my clit. My orgasm exploded. My pussy convulsed about his dick.

I moaned about Kimmy's clit as rapture surged through me. I joined my friend in rapture. Dizzy delight rippled through my mind. stars danced through my closed vision. I opened my eyes, staring up my friend's body as she writhed with me, watching me cum on her daddy's cock. "Shit!" Mr. Myers grunted, savoring the delight of my young cunt spasming on his dick. "Just flood her, Daddy!" howled his daughter. "Just spurt all your jizz into her.

She's such a slut! She needs it!" "I do!" I whimpered, still ramming my fingers into her cumming snatch. "Yes!" he growled and buried into me. "Kimmy!" I moaned as cum spurted into me. "He's doing it! He's flooding my cunt." "Yes!" she howled and bucked so hard, her pussy convulsing as another orgasm burst through her body. "Fill her up with all your yummy jizz, Daddy!" "Fuck," he grunted. "Milk my cock, you little whore." "I am!" I moaned, so glad he recognized that.

His cum pumped into me. My snatch convulsed about his cock as the rapture surged through me. I shuddered, my eyes rolling back into my head. He grunted as the final spurt of jizz filled me. Then he pulled out of me, sinking back onto the bed. "My turn!" Kimmy shouted with so much excitement despite her orgasm just surging through her. "Yes!" I moaned, just as eager.

I squeezed my cunt closed, holding in Mr. Meyer's cum. I turned around, landing on my back right before Mr. Meyer's. His dick glistened, limp from being drained by my pussy. But I knew what would get him hard again. I shuddered as Kimmy's braces rubbed on my pussy lips as her tongue dived into the depths of my cunt. I whimpered, my snatch clenching down on her tongue as she scooped out her daddy's cum from my well-fucked snatch.

Buzzing in rapture, I turned my head just enough to brush my lips on his cock. I nursed on his limp dick, making him groan. He tasted so good bathed in my tangy snatch. A hot shudder ran through me. This was the best slumber party ever! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah Sunlight streamed through the hotel curtains. Morning had come. What a I night I had. I was so sticky with Carter's cum. My student had used my body all night.

He'd paid enough for the honor of plowing my married cunt, so he could fuck me as much as he wanted. But the truth of it was, I'd have done it for free. The money was just the excuse I used because I didn't want to admit I was a slut like my daughter. But I was. Clint had shown me that yesterday when he fucked me in his aunt's classroom while I watched my daughter and her friends service their clients through a peephole.

Clint didn't pay to use me. He just took what I secretly wanted to offer to all those hot studs I taught. Young men. All so hard and eager to fuck my mature body. I clutched the pillow to my breasts as Carter moved behind me. I groaned, his muscular chest rubbing against my back. My husband had no idea I was here all night with Carter. He thought I was chaperoning Leyla's slumber party at the Myers'. I couldn't wait to see the video of Kimmy loosing her virginity.

I had such plans for it. Her brother brought his cock to my butt-cheek. He smeared his precum across my rump as he moved it between my thighs. He groaned, feeling my messy bush, stained and matted with our juices, with his dick's tip.

I breathed in deeply, my nipples throbbing against the pillow I hugged, and reveled in the musk of our lovemaking. That scent of cum and pussy and sweat. That wondrous, naughty aroma. It left me so heady. I was such a bad Muslim woman. Such a naughty wife and slutty mother. I was a wicked college professor. And I loved it. "Ooh, yes, Carter, I need you in me again," I tow gril one man wash rom xxx, my cunt aching for more.

To be pounded by him again and again. It was a drug. Never had I done any illicit substance or even had a glass of wine, but I imagined this heady rush must be like getting drunk or high.

My brain craved it. I whimpered as his dick found my married cunt, his tip rubbing against my folds, stimulating me. "Pound me!" "Goddamn, but you're insatiable, Mrs. Umayyah," he groaned, his dick nudging my clit now. "I am," I whimpered. "Good thing you're so young and can just fuck and fuck and fuck." "It's easy with a woman as hot as you." He shuddered.

"My dick feels like it's about to fall off, but I just got to fuck you again." I let out a purring, satisfied moan, shuddering as he lined up with the entrance to my married cunt.

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I squirmed, hugging the pillow so tight to my tits, staring at the windows. The light spilled into the dark room, illuminating our naughty sin. Carter thrust. "Yes!" I moaned, my back arching into his chest, my big tits jiggling against the pillow's linen case.

My nipples absorb the feel of the thread count while my pussy reveled in being penetrated by Carter's wonderful, young cock. The nineteen-year-old buried to the hilt in my sloppy depths. "Ooh, fuck me! Pound me! Show me everything that I taught you, Carter!

Please me!" "Yes, Mrs. Umayyah," he growled, drawing back his hips, pulling his cock through my sheath. My pussy clenched on his girth. I whimpered. My eyes rolled back into my head at the feel of him in me. His dick pumped in and out of me. His crotch smacked into my rump, the sound echoing through our hotel room. The bed creaked and groaned, adding its passion to ours. I trembled, the rushes of delight surging through my body.

His every thrust sent another wave of euphoric bliss through me. I cooed as my brain drank it in. My mind loved it. I worked my hips, matching his rhythm as he pounded me harder and harder with all the passion of a young man.

I loved it. "That's it!" I moaned. "Fuck my cunt! Ooh, yes, Carter! You are such a stud! Kimmy's going to love being fucked by you." "I'm going to fuck her first at the gangbang," he growled.

"Then I'm going to enjoy your daughter. See how she stacks up to you." "She takes after me!" I one girl three boy stap, able to be honest now. My pussy clenched on his dick, aching to witness my four whores getting gangbanged in a few hours.

"You'll cum so busty pretty girl purchased as sex slave in her cunt." "But she doesn't have these tits!" His hands slid up my body, diving beneath the pillow I hugged to my breasts, and grabbed my soft mounds. "God, you have the best tits at the college.

Better than Ms. Samuels." I shuddered, remembering all the times I watched Clint fuck his Aunt, my fellow professor Vicky Samuels. She had big tits, too. But mine were the best at my college. Such a surge of delight rippled through me. My pussy clenched down so hard on his dick. His fingers twisted my nipple as I rode high on his words. The electricity shot from my nubs right to my married cunt filled with his dick.

I shuddered, my eyes widening at the swell of pleasure suddenly rising in me. And then drowning me in orgasmic pleasure. I moaned and spasmed in his embrace. My cunt writhed about him as my sudden climax spilled over me. I cried out in bliss, stars dancing before my eyes caused by the ecstasy surging through me. The wondrous delight of being filled by his cock. I whimpered and groaned. I shuddered in abject rapture.

It was so amazing. So stupendous. I gasped and moaned and whimpered. "Jesus, Mrs. Umayyah," he groaned. "You're already cumming?" "You're just such a stud!" I howled, the pleasure quivering through my flesh, my cunt spasming so hard on his thrusting dick. "I am," he grunted, sounding so cocky and confident, his ego bolstered by his prowess. "Goddamn, I love fucking your cunt!" "Whenever you have the money!" I moaned, my eyes rolling back into my head.

"Yes! Just keep ramming that dick into me!" The bed rocked harder. He pounded me with such furious passion. His hands gripped my tits as he plundered my married cunt. Orgasms spilled through my body. I gasped and groaned, drunken passion surged through me. I loved it. I embraced every moment of it. I never wanted it to stop. I wanted this young stud to keep pounding me. My breasts jiggled and shook in his hands.

He kneaded them so hard. My moans grew louder and louder. My orgasms burned hotter and hotter. "Jesus," he groaned. "You're so eager for my cum, aren't you? Just a slutty teacher for my jizz!" "I am!" I moaned. "Give it to me! I need it. Flood my cunt! Cum with me!" "I will!" he snarled. Then he ripped his cock out of my cunt. I gasped, feeling suddenly so empty, my flesh spasming over nothing. I endless longing of a lesbian is pleasured dildo toy in protest, squirming on my side.

And then my eyes widened in delight as I realized his goal. His wet cock pressed between the cheeks of my asshole. His thick tip found my puckered asshole, still sore from being pounded by him last night.

Lubed by my cream, he pressed forward against it. Then he thrust hard. My sphincter stretched and stretched and stretched. "Carter!" I screamed as his dick buried to the hilt in my asshole. "Oh, Carter, you stud!" My bowels writhed about his dick. I was still cumming as he filled me. My orgasm still raged through me. I whimpered and groaned. I bucked on him, my eyes rolling back into my head at the ecstatic rapture he churned through my body as he pounded my asshole. He plundered my anal sheath.

He rammed his dick so hard, so fast into me. My juices lubed his dick to glide through me. His hands squeezed my tits so hard as he enjoyed my bowels. He grunted into my ear. "Damn, Mrs. Umayyah. Damn, you are such a whore!" He shuddered. "You're still cumming as I sodomize your asshole!" "I am!" I moaned. "Bugger me! Cum in me!

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I need it! Ooh, yes, Carter, I need it so badly!" His hips thrust forward. His crotch smacked into my rump. I felt his wiry, blond pubic hair on my rear. With a grunt, his cum fired into my asshole. Hot jizz spilled into me. My eyes rolled back into my head, another orgasm rippling through my body. "Yes, yes, yes!" I hissed as my bowels milked his dick.

"Mrs. Umayyah!" he growled. "Oh, fuck, yes!" He shuddered behind me. His fingers found my fat nubs. He stretched them, twisted them.

My pussy convulsed so hard. Juices flooded across my thighs. He groaned as he played with my tits, his cum spurting the final time into my bowels. I whimpered, my orgasm peaking through me. I stared at the window, the daylight funny xxx story sex stories free towards the bed across the floor.

I shuddered, my pleasure dying through me. It left me buzzing. I just savored his strong, young arms around me. What a night. What a wondrous night. He fucked me as hard as Faizel did.

Part of me wished my baby boy, Jalal, was here now. I just wanted to cradle him to my breasts. To hold him and feel him nuzzling at my tits as I came down from my orgasmic high.

Tonight, I would spend time with my gentler boy making love to him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah "Your dad is still passed out," I giggled as I walked into the kitchen, a pair of panties trapping in the last deposit of cum he fired into me late last night.

I just liked the naughty feel of a man's spunk trapped in me. "We drained him dry, slut." Kimmy giggled, sitting at the island in the center of the large kitchen, a bowl of Fruit Loops sugary cereal before her.

"Yes, we did." "Your little pussy drove him wild," I said, snagging a box of Grape Nuts out of the cabinet. I loved them, the only one in my family. Luckily, Mr. Myers and I had similar tastes. After all, we both loved Kimmy's pussy. I poured my cereal, added sugar, and then the 2% milk. I didn't need to go with nonfat at my age. I joined Kimmy at the island, digging into my cereal just as the doorbell rang. My naked tits quivered as it gonged through the room.

Kimmy shuddered, her cheeks going red as she looked down at her naked body. "Oh, slut, it's just my mom," I told her. "But it's cute that you get so embarrassed." "I'll go get it," Kimmy said, slipping naked off the stool. Her cute rump wiggled. I liked the sight as she headed naked to the door. I dug into the Grape Nuts while hoping it wasn't my mom just so Kimmy could expose herself to a stranger.

"Well, look at you," Mom purred from the entryway. "Just a precocious little slut, aren't you?" "Yes, Mrs. Umayyah." "So I see the plan worked wonderfully." "Didn't you see the video Leyla sent you?" my friend asked as she led Mom into the room. I arched an eyebrow at Mom. She positively glowed, her face still flushed, that obvious sign of just been fucked. Her dark cheeks looked so naughty with her face framed by her dark hijab, which only made her rumpled, disarrayed dress look even hotter.

It was the same one she wore last night when she dropped me off. She must have just been in a hurry to pick us up and threw on whatever was at hand. "Well, Mom, you got laid last night," I grinned. "I did," she said with a shudder. "Mmm, it was a wonderful night. I took care of your father for you." "I'm sure daddy still loves your hot bod, Mother," I said, wanting to reassure her.

"I mean, you have those huge tits." "I know," Kimmy said, cupping her little mounds. "Ooh, mine will never grow." "They will dear." Mom looked around.

"And where is your father?" "Still asleep upstairs." I grinned at Mom. "We wore him out. Want to see his cum in my pussy?" Mom licked her lips then said, "No, no, we have to get going. After you eat, you two need to shower. You need to be clean and fresh for the gangbang." "We won't be by the time it's over," I giggled.

"Faizel texted me that he has at least twenty boys showing up. Maybe more." My cut was only $5 a boy, since it was $50 to get in. 10class sex girl and boy, still, that meant at least a $100 to do something that made me so wet.

I loved being a whore. Mom nodded her head and strode out of the room, presumably to talk to Mr. Myers. I glanced at Kimmy. She still frowned, cupping her little tits. "Your dad loved your tits," I told her. "He spent more time top big boobs pornstars names and pictures on yours than mine." "But what about Jalal?" she asked, her voice so tight and quivering.

"I mean, your mom has those big tits, and yours are nice and round. How can I compete?" "Because Jalal has a crush on you," I said. I wanted to watch them have sex. I just knew it would be such a cute sight. They were both so sweet and innocent. "Just don't get jealous when he's playing with my tits. Or Mom's." I had come to accept my mom was a slut, but one who kept it in the family. So I would conceal from Daddy that she had sex with my brothers to protect him from being hurt and to preserve their marriage.

It would break Daddy's heart if he learned she was a slut like me. I couldn't do that to him. "Relax," I told her. "You'll see. Jalal will brighten up when he sees you today." "You think so?" she asked, squeezing her little titties. "I know so." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah "Todd," I said, shaking Mr. Myers hard as he snored on his mussed sheets, the room reeking of hot, young pussy.

"Todd, wake up. We need to talk." "What?" he asked, sounding groggy. "Mrs. Umayyah?" I gave him a hard look. I found White people were intimidated by angry Arab women. They could be so sensitive about treating minorities with respect they would overcompensate to be accommodating.

It was useful at times. "This!" I hissed, holding out my phone and playing the video my daughter made last night. Kimmy appeared on screen, straddling him. You could hear her moan as he took her cherry. "You fucked your daughter last night." "Shit," he groaned, the evidence as clear as day as Kimmy rode cute cutie is geeting urinated on and ejaculates wet cunt dick, moaning and gasping, her little titties jiggling.

Leyla had done a wonderful job filming.

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"It would be a shame if your wife saw this," I said. "She'd destroy you in divorce court if she didn't have you arrested for incest." California had some liberal incest laws, allowing first cousins to marry, but fathers with their daughters was never allowed.

"You'd lose so milf eva notty fucking with teen couple in the divorce settlement." He swallowed. "But, if you pay me $200 a week, you will get to fuck your daughter as much as you want." Bawdy cleft of a darksome beautiful babe gets rammed leaned over him, grinning. "You can pump your dick into her holes all you want.

I'll make sure she's available for you. She's my whore, after all. You paid good money to enjoy her cherry, now you can pay more to keep enjoying her." "You set me up," he gasped.

I grinned at him. "Just making sure you're not enjoying my whore for free. And don't say that $200 a week to fuck your daughter's tight cunt whenever you want isn't worth it. And if Leyla or one of Kimmy's other friends are over, well, you can enjoy their holes, too." Despite the outrage on his face, his dick was now rock hard.

He was as hung as his son Carter. What would the father be like.? "Well, do we have a deal?" I asked. "Yes," he growled. "Good, "i smiled. "Now it will all look like a charitable donation to your daughter's college club. See, your wife can't even complain about that.

Now let's get your automatic payments set up." Jalal was such a good boy for showing me how to do all of this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah Kimmy and I rode in the back seat of Mom's car from the Myers's house. Both of us were freshly showered and ready to be violated over and over by horny boys. Every guy at our college would know we were such sluts after today. I hoped Clint would be there. I know he had that huge harem of his, but that just made me want to enjoy him once.

To find out what made all those girls, his own sisters and cousins, fawn over him. His cousin Lee, pregnant with his child, was even his own sex slave. He fucked her in the ass in the middle of the boys' restroom on Monday. In fact, that was how this all started. Mom caught me masturbating pretending to be Lee getting fucked in the ass by Clint.

That was when Mom recognized that I was a slut and started my training. And now. Now it culminated in a gangbang! Faizel's car was parked at our college's gym, the side-door propped open. I shuddered as Kimmy and I scrambled out of the back of the car. Such excitement shivered through me. My nipples were so hard against my bodice. "We're really doing this," Kimmy said. "In an hour, we're going to be fucked by so many guys." "Yep," I smiled as we darted in ahead of mom.

My two brothers had been busy. Faizel and Jalal had spread out those blue tumbling mats across the gym floor and unfolded the bleachers.

Jalal was now busy setting up a table with big kegs of Gatorade on tap like you'd see at a sporting booth. Beside it, an open cooler was filled with bottled water and energy drinks.

He also had set out a bowl of bananas and pretzels. The boys needed to keep up their energy. Kimmy shivered as she stared at Jalal. I nudged her. "Why don't you go over and talk to him. You could slip into the open supply room and see what happens. We have time before the gangbang starts." "Oh, gosh," Kimmy said. She gave a nervous titter. "You fucked your daddy last night.

This should be easy." "But." She bit her lip. "I really like your brother. And I'm such a slut now. What if." "I think my brother gets off on watching," I told her. "I think it excites him that you get fucked by other guys. Plus, I promised that he'd get second dibs on your pussy. So you can't make a liar out of me." "I can't," she said, nodding her head, her spine straightening.

"Okay. Here goes." Then she marched over to the table to speak to my little brother. Mom had wandered over to Faizel as he dragged out the last mat. He had his shirt off and looked so handsome, his swarthy body rippling with muscles that had a gleam of sweat on them. I sauntered over to join them as Mom looked like a bitch in heat panting after her eldest child. I didn't blame her. Faizel was a younger version of daddy. He just lacked the experience age had given Daddy and his thick beard.

Mmm, I loved that beard rubbing on my flesh, tickling my titties, caressing my pussy. "Looking good, big brother," I said, sauntering over to him. His eyes flicked to me. "Aren't you a little overdressed? I mean, I can't see those tits." "You're such a perv," I grinned, my fingers going to the hem of my top. I peeled it off, unveiling my dusky tits. They bounced before me. My brother grinned his approval. He reached out, fondling my tits. "That's better." "Where is your brother going with Kimmy?" Mom asked as I squirmed, my pussy growing so hot.

"Oh, you know," I said to Mom. "Jalal has such a crush on Kimmy, and she likes him too. Ooh, they're going to get so close together. Isn't that wonderful.? I would love to have Kimmy as a sister." "What?" Mom said, her voice going tight and icy.

I blinked in surprise. Did Mom have a problem with Kimmy and. Of course, she was a slut like me. Mom wanted her sons to marry good, Muslim girls. She never approved of Faizel's girlfriends.

She tolerated them because she knew he needed to release his sexual urges. And so long as he just fucked them and wasn't dating them seriously, she never said anything. Now she stared at the door Jalal and Kimmy vanished into looking like she would go over their and bust them.

I had to do something. So I sex dot com sexx storys janwr to my knees and shoved up mom's dress. She gasped in shock as I raised her dark modest skirt up her legs to expose her legs slicked with cum. There was so much of it. Her bush was matted with cum. She wore no panties beneath. She must have fucked Daddy right before coming to pick us up. "What are you doing?" Mom gasped. "Leyla!" "I missed Daddy," I moaned.

"I figured you needed to be cleaned up. And you are leaking so much cum. How many times did Daddy fuck you last night." "A few," Faizel said. "You should have heard them." Mom looked at Faizel and gave him a motherly smile. "That's right. But, Leyla, you don't have to—" I buried my mouth into her pussy, cutting off her words.

I licked through her snatch. I devoured her cunt. She gasped and groaned, squirming her hips on my face, her bush so matted with Daddy's cream. It sent such a hot thrill through me to eat this creampie. My pussy clenched as I devoured Daddy's jizz out of Mommy's pussy. Ooh, what a treat. Her tangy musk mixed with his salty cum. It was as exciting to eat as Kimmy's creampie was last night. My tongue danced through my mom's folds, scooping out every drop of cum I could, the spunk smearing on my lips as she squirmed.

"Damn," Faizel groaned. "She is just going to town on you. Fuck, I wish I could stay and watch. But the guys will start arriving. I want to gather the money before I let them in here." "Yeah," Mom nodded. "Oh, Leyla, you little slut! I know what you're doing!" "I'm eating your pussy!" I said with complete innocence. "You are," she moaned, staring down at me with such hot eyes. "Lick out every drop of cum, you fucking slut. Eat it. Clean me up! Ooh, yes, dig that tongue into my snatch. Yes, as deep as you can go, you nasty whore!" I plunged my tongue so deep into her sloppy pornpros francesca james big ass and fat pussy are fucked hardcore brunette. There was so much jizz in her.

My own pussy clenched. I wiggled and squirmed, licking and lapping through her folds. I scooped out every drop of Daddy's cum I could, savoring the incestuous delight. Mom squeezed her tits through her blouse. Her face twisted, framed by her hijab. She looked so proper and yet so whorish as she moaned in ecstasy.

She squeezed her breasts harder, grinding her hairy cunt on my face. I loved the tickle of her pubic hairs on me as I devoured her cunt.

"Ooh, you go girl!" the familiar sound of Kendra, my Black friend, called out. "Just eat her muff." "That's so hot to watch," my other friend, Izzy, said. I saw the pair out of the corner of my eyes, Izzy already naked, her red hair falling down to her shoulders, her big tits swaying.

They were both so eager for the gangbang, too. Kendra stripped off her blouse, exposing her dark breasts. I shuddered, swirling my tongue through my mother's snatch. I searched out for more of Daddy's cum from the depths of her cunt. Her tangy juices poured into her mouth. Her back arched as she squeezed her tits through her blouse. "Such a nasty whore!" she moaned. "Ooh, yes, you are.

Just eating all that cum out of your mommy's pussy!" "She is," Izzy groaned, kneading her own big tits. They almost were the size of my mother's melons. "Yes!" Mom groaned and then came. Hard. Her juices squirted into my mouth.

I shuddered, gripping her hips, holding up her skirt, as my own cunt demanded attention. But I would get that soon enough. So I concentrated on drinking down my mother's juices and my daddy's cum flooding out of the core of her.

The two delicious flavors mixed and swirled in my mouth. I gulped them down. They warmed my belly. Mom quivered above me. She gasped and groaned. Her body bucked hard. Then she stumbled away from me. I panted, her cream trickling down my neck and racing towards my naked tits. Mom reached the bleachers and sank down on them, panting.

"She just did that," Mom moaned to herself, sounding almost delirious. "Ooh, she had no idea. The little slut had no idea at all." I frowned, wondering what I didn't know about. Before I could ask, Kendra said, "Where's Kimmy? Did she chicken out?" My eyes widened.

"No, no, come on. We have to see this. I just know it will be so cute." I stood up, wiggling out my of skirt as we crossed the gym to the supply closet.

My garment fell off my legs, left behind on the mat, before we reached it. Through the door, I could hear the sweetest sighing. I cracked it open and the three of us peered inside.

Kimmy lay beneath Jalal, the pair kissing, their bodies entwined. His dusky ass flexed as he made love to Kimmy. That was the only words I could use "make love." He didn't fuck her like a whore. They kissed with such tender passion as their tight amateur blonde babe gets pounded by pawn keeper moved together.

"Oh, wow," Izzy whispered. "That's so hot. They're so into it." "I know," I said, my heart swooning. It was so romantic. As much as I wanted to watch, they deserved their privacy. So I closed the door, leaving my friend and little brother to love each other. I shivered in delight, hoping to find that someday. I'd never stop being a slut, but if I could find a guy who could accept that I loved fucking my daddy, plus any man who'd pay me, what a treat that would be.

And then the boys began entering. The three of us shuddered as they came in through the same side door, paying my brother the fifty dollars. I recognized many of them: Sean, Evan, Mitch, Vince, Adam, Pete. Even Carter, Kimmy's brother, sauntered in. He headed for mom, sitting beside her on the bleachers.

The boys spread out on the stand, staring across the gym at the three of us naked and quivering with anticipatory lust. "Oh, Jalal," Kimmy moaned through the door, her orgasm rippling through her. "You go, stud," I whispered. My little brother was not nearly as useless as I once thought him to be.

"Kimmy!" he groaned, the pair sharing their love in passion. My pussy clenched. More boys entered. I saw Issac from my English class. Then Rich from small teen drips with cum smalltits hardcore biology class walked in with several of his friends. More and more boys flooded in. More than the twenty I'd expected. A lot more. I shuddered, my pussy dripping with juices.

Then something real hot happened. Clint strutted in, the dark-haired senior leading two naked women by leashes clutched in his left hand. They leashes didn't attach to collars about the women's throats, but to clamps pinching their nipples. One of the sex slaves was his cousin, Lee, her body slender and gangly. The other was Ms. Samuels, his aunt and Lee's mother. The MILF's tits were as big as my mom's, and just as pillowy soft. She looked a lot like her daughter, both padding after Clint amateur teen gf home pov action with cum hardcore european perfect submission.

"Jesus," I groaned, my pussy clenching as Faizel closed and locked the gym door after him. "This is going to be so hot." My three friends nodded in agreement while Faizel marched to the center. I took a deep breath.

It was about to start. The gangbang. Holy cow, this was real. All those boys would be using our bodies. Just plowing us. Fucking us. Dumping their cum into us. I almost swooned in delight. To be continued.