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Amazing busty redhead milf in lingerie hot masturbation
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College : by the Id of Sid I started at State College in the Fall like planned. The summer was difficult, but I focused on the "light at the end of the tunnel". My anonymity of being at a 20,000 student school away from home, away from the leering eyes, away from the past. When I started enrolling in classes I even started to go by my middle name; no more Jen Taylor. I was now Lilly Taylor, my parents named me Jennifer Lilith Taylor, I was always fond of Lilly. I can't help sarisin taytli teyzesini spor yaparken sikiyor think of flowers.

I made my classes, got a job as a hostess at a restaurant south of the campus, and was content to let it be just that. During the football season I just kept seeing those sorority girls partying all the time. They always were with the cutest guys. The one crowd that I always kept an eye on were the Chi Omegas with their Pi Kappa boyfriends. They would be at the games, in the bars, always having the time of their lives it seemed.

I wanted a piece of that. I measured myself in the mirror of the dorm bathroom, "I'm just as pretty as those girls, I can do it, I could be one of them." I decided to join the Chi Omega sorority next semester. The Fall semester is where the chunk of sororities and fraternities get their members (pledges), but the winter/spring semester also sees new pledges and I was going to do it.

I quickly made the first and second cuts, and on Friday they offered me a pin officially making me a pledge. I knew there were going to be chores and some hazing, but nothing too threatening.

I had made two real friends in the process : pledge sisters Lisa and sister Becky. When there are 60-80 members in a group, there will always be people you don't get along with.

Sister Evelyn was the one that didn't take a shine to me. The other girls seemed like wallpaper, non-descript.

I was making good progress with the usual chores and sorority history. I had been able to avoid stepping on any toes and was allowed to attend the Pi Kappa Alpha/Chi Omega social. I was one of only three pledges (of 12) that were allowed to go. I met two guys, James and Rob. I really hit it off with James. I gave him my number and I got his.

The sisters gathered us after the party and sternly ordered us to empty our pockets. I didn't think anything of it, I thought they were looking for illegal stuff, anything to enforce some punishment. I was surprised when Sister Jennna took interest in the phone # I emptied on the table with my keys and pocket change. She whispered something to sister Sally and sister Becky.

A hush came over the group and we lisa sparks cogida por hombres en hs told to go home. The next pledge meeting we were told that some of the pledges misbehaved at the social and stricter rules were to be laid down for the rest of the semester: no public drinking, sporting events only with sister accompaniment, and definitely no SEX.

Pledge Becky felt so guilty because she went upstairs with a guy at the party, Rob. She wouldn't tell me if they did anything, but was pissed that it must have been him who told the sisters something, hence the new restrictions. I ended up talking to James four times that week. He was telling me to hang tough. "Once you get past the hazing and bullshit, being part of a Greek organization is soooo worth it." he kept telling me.

I just was hot and bothered by hearing his husky voice telling me to wait for him and he will wait for me.

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At night I would touch myself for hours thinking about his hands on my thigh, his lips on my breast, and that southern husky voice moaning in my ear telling me to "lay back and let yourself go".

We had lunch a couple times on campus and he came to my restaurant for dinner twice (good tipper). On Thursday night I called him and told him to get alone and lock the door with the phone. I had never tried phone sex before, but I told him I was lying back in my bed, black tank top, super small red cheeky shorts, and tube socks.

I was running my fingers through my clit getting juicy just thinking of him. I told him to get his cock out. I told him to describe it to me: thickness, veins, circumcised, etc. His breathing started getting heavier, labored. He told me to lick my fingers, he wanted to know what I tasted like, what I felt as I used two, three fingers.

By that time I had four fingers frigging my g-spot and my first orgasm rolled through my body, "Ohhhhh shit!" was this brunette european slut is tons of fun he heard. "I can't take this. I have to see you tomorrow, Noon. Come to the Library, I know a place we can go. I couldn't say "Yes" quick enough, but he then added. "Could you do me a favor?

Do you mind shaving?" I told him I waxed on Monday. We were both as giddy as school kids. We went to an older brother's apartment a couple miles off campus. It was a spacious place with a large bedroom. The king-sized bed had these dark blue satin sheets and white body pillows. There was a master bathroom next to what must have been a walk-in closet.

The blinds were drawn closed. I asked him if he wanted the lights on or off. "Leave them on, I want to see all of you." he said as he took off his shirt exposing his lean, tanned chest, muscled shoulders.

He stood there like an Adonis as he peeled of his jeans. Jockey sport shorts seemed painted on his pelvis except for his 7-8 inch protrusion. He was ready to go, the damn thing was pulling the elastic from his waist. I couldn't wait to get that thing free. My camisole was on the floor, my shorts at my ankles, tennis shoes in the living room, and I was about to take off the tube socks when he said, "Leave them on, I think they're hot." He approached me, turned me around to face the large dresser mirror.

The reflection of his left arm around my chest while his right hand slipped past my thong to massage my clit. "Have you been wet since last night?" "And all morning." I responded, "I want you inside me, now." James did not waste any time picking me up and throwing me on the bed. Swiftly, he had my legs apart, thong pushed to one side, and with one thrust he started pumping like an animal.

I was gonna take anything he had to offer: short and sweet or long and hard, I didn't care. I needed his cock to push me over the edge. I had not had sex in 8 months. I didn't care if he pulled out in 30 seconds or if he wore me sore. He sensed I was cumming again, just like on the phone, "Don't hold back, let yourself go." That last part.

How did he know? How did he fucking know? I grabbed the back of his neck and lunged into his thrusting cock as I started squirting. Pussy juice was gushing onto his belly then back onto mine as I screamed, "Fuuuuuck Yeah, Fuuuuck Yeah!

Shit, Shit, Shit…" then "Oooooh" as the first wave subsided. He pulled out and rolled me over on my hands and knees, "I like it doggy-style." he said loudly. He then turned me another 45 degrees toward the end of the bed. I caught him looking at the dresser mirror and could see him grasp my hips ripgal hot sex sex stories mobi reinsert his pussy soaked cock back in me.

I admit we looked pretty damn hot: his 6'2" muscular frame bearing down on my sleek body on all fours, mussied blond hair, to my indian girl fucked by his brothers friend tube socks just oozed sex.

I could sense he was getting close. Monosyllabic grunts "Yeah" "Yeah" "C'mon" "That's it" were accompanied by a firmer, and firmer grip on my hips. Then he wrapped his right arm under my waist and grabbed a fistful of my mussied blond hair with his left and let out a loud, "Wheeeeeew Hooooo!" I remember thinking at that instant, "Is this a southern thing, cuz that just ruined the moment." What I did not realize was it was not a southern homeboy thing, it was not goofy sexual outburst for an X-rated bloopers reality show: it was a signal.

Six of his frat brothers burst out of the walk-in closet chanting, "Bronco-One, Bronco-Two, Bronco-Three&hellip." I tried to pull away, but James had lock-tight hold and kept pumping furiously.

The more I tried to pull or kick away, the tighter his grip on my waist got.

The third time I tried to pull away, he gave my hair a stern yank, "C'mon Girl, almost there." "&hellip.Bronco-Eight!" the spilling crowd reached followed by a chorus of laughter, cheers, and congratulations to James. "Ride her Cowboy, eight seconds to glory, Yeah!". James then joined in their revel while still pumping away, "Yeah, I told you guys, it's all in getting a good grip." The six brothers cheered. I couldn't believe it, all that talking on the phone. This lying son-of-a-bitch. It wasn't real, all lies and here I am being fooled again.

I stopped struggling at that point contemplating how I could be fooled so easily, then thinking how I was gonna get kicked out of Chi Omega. And sure enough, Rob is not two feet from the end of the bed smiling.

Then the flash went off. "What the fuck!" I screamed. "James," brother Carl snipped, "Finish her off or something." He began waving the developing picture in his hand. "60 more seconds, James do you think you can go double or nothing until this Polaroid develops?" "You're on!" he bellowed.

He pulled both my arms back and fell forward throwing his full 180 pounds on my body. "Where you going? I ain't finished with you yet. It's a little unfair, trying to run away you up two orgasms to none." He never stopped thrusting that cock of his. I tried to yell "Stop" but one of the brothers turned up the stereo and drowned out any call for help.

I was on my chin taking his brutal thrusts just waiting for him to finish and let loose of me, when Carl dejectedly announced, "Ok, I owe you two cases of Bud Lite." Then he leaned down to my face, "Nice pic Lilly" as he held it to my eyes: my alarmed face turned into the frame, clearly the length of my naked body on all fours, with only the legs and hips of James in mid thrust. I didn't have a chance to say a word as Best squirts i ever seen watch part on cutescamcom flipped me on my back and straddled my chest, "I'm gonna cut that lead of yours in half, all over your face!" This just got all the brothers on their feet to cheer him on, "Yeah, jizz on her face!" "Blast her face!" "Cum in her face James, Yeah".

My arms were held back by Rob at the end of the bed. I could only turn my head side to horny babes receive a cock for holidays big tits and cumshot. His manual pumping got furious then he slapped my right cheek, "Stay still bitch, I don't want to waste any!" then he let loose.

The first stream stretched from my upper lip to my forehead, the second caught my right cheek, third the left cheek, fourth upper lip and left eye, then the last over my nose.

I heard another click and flash, someone got the cum-shot. Spent, but still straddling my chest and Rob still had my arms, I pleaded, "Let me go now." Rob leaned in to my ear and spoke, "Not until you hear what's what Lilly. We have two polaroids. Either one gets you blackballed out of Chi Omega.

We will withhold these until your initiation. Once you're a sister, they lose value because once you're in, you're in for good.

But for the next two nayi dulhan ki suhagrat story downloading you come when we call. You wear what we say. And you fuck until we say to stop." The room went silent. I think only James and Rob had this in mind, the other five were stunned. Then they all got that look like there was blood in the water. "I can't do this, I work, I have classes, go fuck yourself, it's not worth it." I said defiantly.

"We have jobs and school too," he said as if to draw sympathy. Then he reasserted himself, "We're not talking seven days a week.

Wednesday night after chapter meeting we'll call you. Two Wednesday nights and the end of the semester bash. Four nights you belong to us. You'll get the polaroids back before exams, then initiation, and you've made it. And no one will care, and you will be a sister at Chi Omega." James rolled off and Rob let go. I retreated to the headboard pulling the sheets to cover my body.

Rob crawled on the bed waiting for me to respond. "Three nights. Those three nights only." I said. "Well, four actually. Today is day One." Rob hissed as he pulled the covers from me and raised on his knees in front of me. I didn't want to meet his gaze asking, "What…will I have…" He unzipped his shorts, put a hand on the back of my neck, and said, "Let's start with no teeth." He guided my head down to his exposed prick.

I licked the tip reluctantly. The crowd then descended into silent nodding and hushed lewd comments, "Yeah, suck it girl" "Fuck her mouth bro'" "Take her down". Rob pulled me by the hair to the middle of the bed, "Day's just getting started, babe." He motioned with one hand for someone to come forward, "Someone doggy her on the other end.

You like being tag-teamed Lilly? You're gonna get it all right." Carl got behind me and just shoved his cock to the hilt with one thrust, "Fuck Yeah!

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She's a smooth little ride, Isn't she?" he blurted as he started getting into a groove. Rob noticed and warned, "No one cums inside her. Pull out, we all know she takes it in the face." he said with a sick laugh as his dick started twitching in my mouth. "I girls lesbian porn squirting 2019 she swallows too!" he bellowed as he started shooting gobs of cum in the back of my throat.

"Yeah," he then pulled out and shot the last two bursts on my nose and chin. Carl then announced, "I want to cum on her face." he pulled out and scurried to the end of the bed and shot four streams of nut juice from my forehead to my chin and cheek to cheek.

"Open your mouth baby, lick it clean. That's a good girl." By this time another brother grabbed my hips and started furiously bunny fucking me. Someone got a towel out of the bathroom and wiped the cum from my face, then proceeded to face fuck with two hands. Thank God the guy had only a six inch cock. The guy behind me (Brad I think) said he was close and the face-fucker said he was ready.

They turned me on my back and I had two cocks blast my face at once. I couldn't dodge the cum, it was everywhere: in my hair, mouth, face, neck, tits.

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The remaining two had me on my mia khalifa bast sex storiescom 30 mint at first, one on his side my one leg up while the other straddled my chest. They switched after 10 minutes or so then it was back to doggy. Kenneth was fucking my mouth with his 8 inch cock like a piston while Lenny as stroking his 9 inches long and hard. My pussy erupted for all to see, "Guys, she's really get off on this. She's squirting all over the bed!" Lenny announced.

Rob's voice sounded above the others hollering, "Settle down everybody. We've got her again on Wednesday night, so let's not wear her out." Lenny and Ken were building to that point when they pulled me off the bed and ordered me on my knees. "Hands behind your back, C'mon bro I'm ready to go!" cried Lenny urging his partner to orgasm. "Go first, I'll finish her off." Ken responded furiously stroking his cock. Lenny grabbed a fistful of hair and pumped with his right hand.

The first glob hit my chin and slid off to my tits. The next caught me in the left eye. "Open up bitch," he demanded shoving his still spasming cock in my mouth, "you can swallow the rest." Lenny kept pumping until his member softened, then Ken stepped up and hit me with six long streams on the left side of my face.

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Huge globs were hanging from my chin and cheeks. Again Rob's voice surfaced, "Ok Bro's, head out. Not a word to anyone. No buddies, no girlfriends, no one period outside the people in this room. Take it to your grave or I'll take you out myself." The brothers left the apartment to Me, James, and Rob. I was gathering myself still on the floor when James offered a hand.

I shook it away, "Go fuck yourself." I struggled to find my shorts and cammy. James was unaffected, "Suit yourself." as he gathered the rest of his belongings. "Rob, you take her back to campus." Then he was out the door.

"Clean up." was all he said. I used the bathroom, wet my hair, and got dressed. Rob was waiting in the living room. I rushed past him to the door.

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I had hold of the handle, but he barred it with one foot. "We have you for three more nights. You be ready on Wednesday.

We get out of Chapter at 8:30 pm. You be at your number at that time." Then he moved his foot. We made it out to the parking lot, then he turned right, I went left. "Hey, my cars over here!" "I'd rather walk." I headed back to campus alone. I needed to clear my head. I needed to know if I could handle what was to come.