Ebony mai dulhan ki suhagrat blue film

Ebony mai dulhan ki suhagrat blue film
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(Escapades of a horny man part 6) Now that I was going to be starting a new business in San Diego I had many small details that needed to be taken care of. My new business partners on the other hand were ready to take their annual trip to Hawaii.

After signing the papers to become a partner I was informed that the company owned a small ranch with a large home on the island of Kauai. Since I was a very small partner the invitation had extended to me. It really wasn't much of an invitation as it was more of an order or a sense duty on my part to become better acquainted with everyone and their families. Now, John whom my father had mentored many years before was one of the partners and was gracious enough to buy the tickets for Faith and myself who was my new girlfriend.

John also had extended his generosity by also inviting my good friend Rob and Faith's girlfriend April who was dating Rob. John explained to me the reason Rob and April were invited was because Cindy his wife felt that I would probably feel more comfortable having them around because I didn't know everyone else all that way.

To me the only reason Cindy wanted Rob there was because Rob fucked her brains out one afternoon poolside at her house just a few weeks before. Cindy in confidence explained to me that John and her are swingers. So, I'm sure she is going to try to get some alone time with Rob once again.

I on the other hand could care less as long as it doesn't interfere with me, and my new business opportunity. Fun movies two german amateurs milking a cock was a second chance for to return to a mid to high six figure salary. Once I had taken care of the last minute details that had popped up in Philly; I was ready to move to San Diego.

Now, Faith helped me by changing our tickets to a new flight out on a different day than Rob 3 dick in one ass wow April, it just couldn't be helped. The new flight though meant that we had a ten-hour layover in LA. I flew in from Philly to LA and Faith's flight from San Diego was going to arrive about half an hour after mine.

I am not sure what it was but for some reason Faith was more excited to see me more than I was to see her. While we were separated by distance and time our conversations on the phone would eventually deteriorate to both of us talking dirty to each other on the phone.

Phone sex, we would be on the phone telling each other all the things we wanted to do with each other once we were in Hawaii together. I started to think that she was more excited about going to Hawaii than being with me. I felt like I was just the guy that just happened to be taking her to paradise. All that was quickly put behind me once I arrived in LA. There seemed to be change in my demeanor and I realized that I was going to Hawaii and that I had a hot girlfriend that was going with me and that I should be happy and not read into things too much.

Once I arrived I wouldn't have a lot of time since Faith's flight was only a half an hour behind mine. I quickly got my luggage then went to the arrival monitors and looked up Faith's flight and went to her gate. Now, for those of you who had forgotten before 911 you were allowed to wait at the gate inside the terminal for your loved ones. I was in the wrong terminal so I figured that I would have just enough time to get to her gate to meet her as she was getting off the plane.

Once I got to the gate and standing there waiting for Faith to come out of the jet way my heart started pounding harder and harder in my chest. The excitement of seeing her again started to build up inside of me.

At that moment I knew that there was something more to Faith and me than us fucking our brains out. When Faith finally came out of the jet way my heart seemed to burst through my chest. She looked so hot my cock got hard immediately as I gazed at her from afar. I had forgotten just how beautiful and sexy she really was. She had wearing this cute pink half top that had a white collar and exposed her flat belly, exposing a cute little butterfly bellybutton ring.

She wore a plaid miniskirt that came down to her mid thigh and stockings that just come above her knees that were white and white high heels. Her hair was falling down around her face and for me she was the most beautiful vision I had ever seen.

Faith was looking around for me and she hadn't seen me at first, so, I yelled out, "Over here baby." Then the biggest smile came over her face and her expression was priceless she dropped her carryon bag to the floor and started running towards me and with a little hop she jumped eva angelina is looking great as she gets fucked eagle legs and arms.

While in the air her skirt came up and I noticed she was wearing just a pipe g-string with a small patch covering her pussy. I wrapped my arms around her waist. Holding her close to me her tits snuggled up against my face and I could feel with my nose that she wasn't wearing a bra. With her hands she pulled my face away from her tits and then came flurries of kisses all over my face. She started to slip down off of me.

So as a reflex my hands slid down to her ass and I gave her a nice strong squeeze with both hands and pulled her back up, then finally our tongues met. After a minute of kissing each other and me groping her ass I heard a cough and a huh-hum and this guy who was standing next to us said, "Hey buddy, I know you two probably haven't seen each other for a while but I got kids here and we are waiting for their mother can you tone it down just a little." Faith's face got a little red and I let her slip down to the floor and I turned to the guy and said, "Don't you remember when you and your wife were just like us?

That's probably how you got your two good looking kids, right?" He smiled at Faith and me and we walked off together. We went over got her bag and we went down to the luggage carrousel and waited for her other bags.

Standing there hugging each other tightly I found myself not wanting to stop kissing her; also it didn't hurt that both of us were groping each other.

Faith had a surprise for me once she had her bags, she said, "Come on I got us a hotel room. Since we have about ten hours to kill we might as well fool around in a hotel room instead of here at the airport. The police don't like it when people fuck in public. I missed you way too much for me to wait to get to Hawaii before you and I do it again" Her face turned red and she was giggling but I couldn't wait to get her back to the hotel room either being just as horny as she was. We got outside the terminal area and we jumped into the cab.

Once we were inside and on our way Faith hopped up in my lap and said, "There that's more comfortable" The excitement of being together again was getting the best of us and we weren't thinking of where we were.

Our hands once again were all over the place. Her nipples were hard as a rock as my hand was making slow circular motions on both her breasts while our tongues were meeting each other inside each other's mouths.

Then Faith began sucking my tongue, which made my cock shoot up real hard and fast underneath her ass. Then a smirk hit her pretty little face feeling my hard on.

My hand fell down into her lap and I forced her legs apart. My hand went to her pussy and rubbing her thong over her pussy she began to moan. I wanted to finger her so bad, I slid her thong to one side and while rubbing her clit she began moving her ass overtop of my lap trying to line my cock up between her ass cheeks. With my free hand I pushed her shirt up and my mouth left hers and moved down to her breast.

Now, with my tongue flicking her hard nipples my two fingers slipped inside her tiny thin pink pussy lips. She was so fucking wet when my fingers entered her pussy. She spread her legs as wide as she could.

I moved my head back and smiled and Faith's face got red and said, "Yeah baby, once you slapped my ass in the terminal baby the water works started you making me fucking crazy baby now don't stop I want to cum on your fingers baby." With her legs spread nice and wide Ashley loves sucking big cock highdefinition hardcore could see that the cab driver Apoo was moving the rearview mirror and to get a good view of Faith's pussy.

A small smile came across his face he didn't notice that I saw him watching us. It didn't take too much longer as my fingers were penetrating her pussy as far inside of her as I could get them and my mouth working on her one breast there came this little whisper in my ear.

"Come on honey make me cum I can't wait for you to be inside of me pushing your hard thick cock inside my pussy and making me cum all over it kiss me and make me cum baby." With that I felt her pussy get real wet as we were kissing each other and she then she smiled at me breathing heavy and said, "Now, it's your turn baby I want to eat you." As she slid off my lap and unzipped my pants the cab driver Apoo said, "Okay, dat dis enough there you tdwo, no more tdis fooling round we are one block away from dthe hotdel please make yourself look nice again, thdank yoouu very much." We both looked at each other and smiled and laughed at each other.

We had no idea how far we had gone being that she was practically half naked and my cock peeking out of my jeans. Once we got to the hotel and were checking in Faith took a seat in the lobby waiting for me to get everything done so we could go upstairs.

I asked the young man behind the counter to send up a couple bottles of champagne because this was a special occasion for us. I put it on my credit card and left a generous tip. The hotel clerk gave me a little smile and said, "You're a lucky man." I said, "Thanks we're off to Hawaii in a couple of hours and decided for a pit stop if you know what I mean." When we made it upstairs and I tipped the bellman. We were a little surprised at how nice the room was, we were both checking out our surroundings.

I couldn't resist as I came up from behind Faith as she was looking out the window at the view of LA. I began kissing her neck and caressing her an epic handjob and blowjob skills before taking that dick in her wet and a nice large smile came over her face and said, "Baby you just flew five hours don't you want to freshen up a little bit and after what you just did to me in the cab I want to freshen up for you honey." "Yeah let me go first I have to use the bathroom first anyway." I walked over to my suitcase and opened it.

She came over and took me by the hand and pulled met around to face her and she said, "Come on let's check it out and see if the tub is big enough for the two of us." We walked in and both stood there looking at the tub and I said, "I think we both can fit in there but some one is going to have to be on top of the other hahaha so, what do you think?

Do you want to take a bath with me baby?" She said in a southern draw, "Well, I be, I never thought you never would ask." Then there came a serious look on her face and she looked me in the eye and said, "I have something to tell you I have to be honest with you I've been putting this off for too long." There came a long pause and I just waited for her to tell me and I tried to be as opened minded as I could.

Faith took a couple more seconds and drew in a deep breath and said, "Okay, here it goes. I just want to let you know that I don't tell this story just to anybody. In a minute bbc dominican macana man fucks petite mixed portia only other person who knows what I am about to tell you is my best friend April.

Now, Baby please let me get through this okay? If you ask me questions I will never get this out." I closed the lid on the toilet seat and sat down and pulled her down on my lap and said, "Don't worry baby whatever it is, it's in the past and I'm not guys blonde fucked hard in the forest to judge you about the past." She said, "When I was about 15 my parents split up because my mother was having an affair while she was married to my Dad.

She was having this affair with this guy for about a year or so. About a year or so after she divorced my father she married my now stepfather. My new stepfather is a real asshole. He would break thick black dick for white chick tube porn the bathroom when I would be taking a shower or going to the bathroom.

He eventually broke the locks so no one could lock any of the bathroom doors. He made it so that even in my own room I couldn't have any privacy because I came home high once. So, my mom and stepfather both felt that by entering my room unannounced at any time that this would prevent me from doing drugs. That I would not have enough time to hide anything; if I was doing something wrong. The fucker would open my bedroom door when I would be dressing or just doing homework.

The fucking guy just wanted to see me naked, I knew he wanted to fuck me but I wanted no part of him; he was a fucking pervert. I told my mom about it but she told me that I was just making things up because she thought that I hated my stepfather.

Even though it was true she couldn't see through his bullshit that he wanted to fuck me. On one Saturday afternoon my mom was called into work and left me a lone with him.

Later that afternoon I was in my room listening to music and talking with April on the phone when he burst through the door grabbed the receiver out of my hand and hung up the phone. He yelled at me about some bullshit thing.

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He told me that I needed to be punished. He proceeded to pull me onto his lap and pulled my panties down and spanked my ass. I was crying begging him to stop that and told him what he was doing wasn't right that I was too old for him to me doing what he was doing to me. Then with his fingers began groping my asshole and pussy and then finally he molested me. As much as I tried to break free from him he finally tied my arms and legs to the four posts of my bed.

Once he was finished cumming in side me he dragged me into the bathroom and made me wash him. He told me the best way to wash his cock was to put it in my mouth. So he made me suck him, then he came again but this time inside my mouth.

After I washed his entire body he pushed me down on my knees and told me he had to take a piss and he peed all over me to denigrate me even further.

He got out of the shower and dried himself and went out of the bathroom like nothing happened at all. For the next three years any time that we were alone he would do the same thing to me over and over. It was horrible what he did to me but the one thing I could put up with was the golden shower because it wasn't sexual. Now, I've lost a guy or two in the past when I tell them that I've been raped or molested by my stepfather and that I like golden showers. I don't want to lose you. That's why I'm telling you this now, so, that way if you want to get out now is the time.

I know you have to go to the bathroom if you love me you would do it to me. Please, pull it out and pee on me!" This was a little shock to say the least.

I hugged her and told her how sorry I was about what happened to her and that I promised I would never force myself on her and that I would only take her if she asked me to or let me take her. Then I asked her "The golden shower thing, is this something very important to you?" "Yes, it's my way of being submissive to my man.

I only asked a couple of guys in my life that I wanted to do this with him. I don't ask every guy. Any guy who's asked me in the past to let them piss on me I've turned them down. I have to be the one to ask not them. Now, I love you and I want to submit myself to you. I know we've only know each other for a short time but there is just something between us that I don't want to lose And I hope I haven't blown this already.

Have I?" I said, "If this something that you want I will do it for you but I'm going to be honest with you I won't let you do it to me." "Don't worry baby it's just for me.

Well, now that you know my secret do you still want to be with me?" I said, "Baby it must have been horrible for you. Just tell me if I'm doing something that reminds you of that asshole stepfather of yours and I'll never do it again.

Just in case you didn't know, I too have fallen real hard for you baby I love you too." There came a knock on the door and it was room services blonde mature sex bomb with huge tits the champagne.

The guy also brought some candles and he said, "Sir, the concierge said that this was a special occasion for the two of you before you go off to Hawaii. So the candles are on us to make things a little more romantic for the couple." I gave the guy ten bucks thanked him and sent him on his way.

Faith came out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe and said, "Here let me have the candles and give me a couple of minutes I would like to have some champagne baby." Faith went into fast forward motion around the room as I opened the champagne she was lighting candles all over the room and the bathroom.

When she came back out of the bathroom I gave her some champagne she smiled at me and said, "A toast?" I said, "Here is awesome girl with precious ass bounces on knob us, let this be the beginning of a special life together." We kissed each other and she took a sip and pulled my shirt off and then she put her glass down and she undressed me.

As I stood there naked and my cock standing at attention wanting her pussy that was now just inches away only being blocked by her robe was now rubbing up against her, then she let her robe drop to the floor.

Faith turned and busty lesbians laura orsolya amp dolly fox share gigantic red double dong into the bathroom and on the way in she said, "Baby don't forget the champagne." Grabbing the bottle of champagne I followed her into the bathroom and Faith was on her knees inside the bathtub with her left hand playing with her pussy and said, "Come here baby if you love me give me a golden shower, spray my body with your piss." I said, "Its hard for me to pee when I'm rock hard like this baby I Faith said, "Just pretend your shooting a load of cum on my face like you've done so many times before, relax it's okay this is just between you and me." Stepping into the tub and really having to pee I put aside any aversions that I might have had and tried to relax and do as she asked.

She has already done so much more for me sexually than I had ever done for her. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend that I was just going to the bathroom with nobody around.

Then I couldn't hold it in anymore and a nice stream of piss was hitting her on the face. Now when you cum on a chicks face there are maybe four or five good squirts and then it's over. When you take a leak you don't really know how piss there really is or how long you piss.

With the lights off and just seeing her by candlelight this was going to be a real golden shower. Faith then opened her mouth and took some in her mouth and then moved closer grabbing my rod, then aimed it on her tits. When I finished she looked up at me and said, "I love you, thank you for doing this." She took me in her mouth and gave me a blowjob.

The exhilaration of pissing on her face and then her swallowing my cock it took only a minute or so and I ended up exploding a load of cum on her face. Faith was right, there wasn't too much difference between me Cumming on her face as pissing on her face. Looking down on my beautiful woman it was time to clean her up.

Turning on the water I pulled the small hose and washed her face with some warm water. Handing her some champagne she gargled with it, she spit out cum and piss which I just deposited in her mouth. Faith stood up kissed me and said, "Lets make love honey." As the water was filling up in the tub we started lathering each other up cleaning every inch of our bodies and kissing different parts of each other as we cleaned ourselves.

When the water was half way I lay down and Faith got on top of me and with her feet she started launching herself up my body. She started with my cock between her tits then she pushed with her feet sliding up to my face.

Then my cock end up between her pussy lips and her face up against mine and we kissed. It felt so fucking good and the way she did it over and over was awesome. After she launched herself like this a couple more time she spun around and now with her pussy in my face. She now launched the other way slipping down my body. I would flick my tongue between her thin pink pussy lips as fast as I could and when she had enough she slid away from me. My cock would go between her tits then she would try to get my cock into her mouth as she sprang forward.

If she missed it didn't matter she grabbed my cock with her hands and shoved my cock in her mouth. Not able to take anymore I wanted her in the worst way. I wanted my cock inside of her.

I got to my knees and my cock standing at attention and ready for duty. Faith stood up and slowly straddled me and as she came down on top of my cock it slipped in quick and fast. There was so much lather on my cock and around her pussy it was like greased lightning as she rode my cock.

large woman walking around with a fake cock My mouth went down to her breasts and sucked her nipples one at a time.

Then I moved the tip of young student wants to earn some money with old ed tube porn tongue around her nipples, and then I would open my mouth as wide as I could and sucked as much of her breast inside of my mouth. Spanking her ass as hard as I could Faith rode my cock as I continued to suck on her tits.

She said, "Yes, baby let me ride that special tool you've got the right tool for this job baby that's it drill my hole with that toooool baaaabbbyyyyyyy." Then she came all over my cock. Faith stood up and said, "Let me suck your cock honey I want to clean it for you. I came all over you it's my job to clean it. Please honey let me clean my cum off of your cock." Faith slowly rose up off of me and got down on all fours and with her mouth opened as wide as she could get it began sucking my cock.

Her mouth felt so good sliding deep inside of her mouth. Faith has a way when she sucks my cock, it's like her mouth is making love to it just like her pussy. When Faith finally had her fill of my cock and I hadn't cum yet. I pulled her up on the edge of the tub. Faith pushed her legs up around my neck exposing her tight looking pussy and my cock once again ached to go back inside of her.

Faith looked me deep in my eyes and said, "Fuck me lover take your pussy I give it to you whenever you want me you can have me one hundred percent yours." I leaned forward and kissed her very slowly and passionately at the same time my cock slid very softly and gingerly inside her pussy. For some reason I just could not get enough of her wet pussy.

I picked her up and from the edge of the tub. As I stood there and her legs straddled around my waist my arms holding her legs Faith was able to propel herself up and down on my cock. She French kissed me as I probed her asshole with my middle finger. I could feel my cock inside of her pussy through the small membrane of skin separating her pussy and asshole.

She said, "Sweetie don't be upset but you're going to make me cum again all over your cock. Your cock is so deep inside my pussy and you're hitting my G spot baby let me fuck your rod baby Oh baby, Oh baby yeah, yeah baby let me fuuuuucckk yooouuu." Then she came on my cock. She looked down on me and said, "Please honey no more right now I have fucked your cock the best I know how but my pussy is so sore right now can we stop for a little while?" "Sure baby let me clean you and let's take a nap." After she cleaned her pussy and I dried myself off.

When she was finished washing her pussy I helped drying her off then I carried her to the bed and we fell asleep in each other's arms. We woke from our deep sleeps as the phone rang letting us know its time to get to the airport. We arrived about thirty minutes before our flight.

Once we on board we had about six hours before we landed in Oahu. This was an overnight flight. To my surprise the flight was not full it was about half full.

We had a window and aisle seat but nobody in front or behind us and no one in the seats to our right. After an hour or so we moved over to the center seats so that Faith could lie down.

We pulled the arms up and Faith fell asleep with her head in my lap. After an hour of stroking her hair I too fell asleep. As I slept I felt a warm sensation on my cock and I felt like I was going to piss my pants and I came out of my slumber to see a blanket over my lap and underneath it was Faith's head bobbing up and down.

Once I realized what was going on I pushed her head down on my cock and thrusting my hips up to bury my cock as deep as I could. The excitement of getting blown on an airplane while in flight got petite blonde freak emily kaerh finger fucks her wet pussy so hot that I squirted my load into her mouth rather quickly. I never knew a woman who loved the taste of my jizz as much as Faith.

When she finished sucking and swallowing my cum she came up and said, "That was for the taxi cab, my plan was ruined by that guy from India I really wanted to give you a blowjob before we got to the hotel.

Excuse me I want to wash the rest of your juice from my mouth." She smiled at me and kissed me on the lips and the little trollop stuck her tongue inside my mouth and I got to taste cum for the first time.

Faith got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up when she returned I did the same. We finally landed a few short hours later in Oahu and we had one more flight to Kauai. I called John to let him know that we were going to land in Kauai on time. Once we landed I expected John and Cindy to pick us up but Rob and April had done the honors.

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It had been more than a week since I seen my best friend and about a month since I had seen April and she looked prettier than I had remembered. Rob started telling us some stories about what had happened to them while they were here. Rob said that he flew over with John and Cindy and once they got there they had swapped their women for the night. The next day Bill and Kim showed up followed by Jay and Amy with their two kids Matthew who is 21 and Janeane who was 15.

Once the kids got their they took off just as soon as they were unpacked. Matt went camping with some of the friends he had there on the island and Janeane was asked by one of her girlfriends who lived there part-time as well for a sleep over.

Jay and Amy then asked the two of us if we wanted to go to a swinger's party and that John and Cindy were going too.

We said yes and you couldn't believe that there were like 20 couples that were there and it was one massive orgy. I can't tell you how much pussy I got in one night. Then April chimed in talking to Faith and said, "Yeah all the guys wanted to do was fuck me in the asshole. All night long I was fending off cock from my ass but I didn't let them.

I guess I fucked about eight or maybe nine guys that night. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be." When we finally got to the house it was massive. When John described it as a small ranch with a house I was expecting something from a middle size house to maybe a little bigger but this place was bigger than his house on the mainland it had to be about 15,000 square feet.

It was three stories high glass everywhere meticulous gardens in the front and back, water fountains everywhere and small statues, the pool was large that had a waterfall that came from the big White crack the big black scene powerhouse and a large pool house.

There was a stable with horses as well. Inside everything was just as beautiful tile floors, artwork and statues everywhere. The house was meticulously planned down to the smallest little details. It would take too long for me to describe each room.

John met us at the front door and introduced Faith and me to everyone and then we got the 50-cent tour of the place. Finally when we got to the third floor there were just three bedrooms on this floor. There were two guest rooms and when John led us into the last room he turned and said, "Okay, partner this is your room.

Now, when I say this is your room this is your suite here at the house. When you come here by yourself this will be your suite and the other bedrooms on this floor are yours as well for your guests.

Each partner has his own suite and this one is yours. If you want to redecorate that is up to you but when you come here by yourself we have a simple agreement between the partners that we do not invade the space of our partners suites unless you have confirmed that they are willing to give you their key.

We have five additional guest bedrooms so you should have enough room for all your guests." The suite was large enough there was an open area with a couch and a couple reclining chairs facing a TV that had a stereo and surround sound. White tile floors throughout. There were sliding glass doors that opened up to a wrap around balcony just for the suite.

There was a private Jacuzzi on the deck and several chaise lounge chairs. There was a small bar next to the TV.

Down a small hallway to the left was a powder room with a toilet. After that there was a small kitchenette that had a small stove, oven, microwave, frig and a sink and the glass doors that went out to the balcony. The back room was a large bedroom with walk-in closet's one for him and one for her.

There was a make-up counter brunette on mat controls her submissive man facesitting and ballbusting the lady and a bathroom with a shower and a Jacuzzi tub. The bed was a California King able to sleep at least four people if you wanted to. There was a loveseat and two recliners as well and a TV with stereo and again sliding glass doors that opened up to the balcony. There were hanging blinds that when they shut blocked out all sunlight even in the middle of the day would make it seem like it was three in the morning.

We put our luggage down and he said, "Come on guys there is one more section of the house that I need to show you." We went down into the basement where there was four other bedrooms and John said, "These are the kids rooms Jay and Amy have two brezzar com mom kichn sahwar xxx san full sex stories story Matt and Janeane these are their rooms here and here.

I have two girls Nicole and Mandy but they are not here this time but these are their rooms. The laundry room is around the corner and there and down the hallway the big room here as you can see is an arcade room with a large TV.

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Now, I'm sure you guys want to get unpacked and rest a little from your long flight. Do you think that you guys will stay in tonight?" Faith said, "Yeah it's been a long day we'll probably stay in tonight." "Okay then. Would you mind just popping in on Janeane from time to time tonight because the rest of us are going out. She pretty much takes care of herself she's 15 and usually she's no trouble she's a good girl. There is a large party my friend giving tonight.

You guys are invited if you change your mind I leave the phone number and directions to his house but if you're tired there will be other parties to go to throughout the next ten days or so." I said, "Yeah, no problem we'll check in on her from time to time, what about Matt?" John said, "He just booked himself on a two day scuba diving trip so he won't be around for a while.

Are you sure it's okay? Rob and April will be around but they did mention they were going out to one of the clubs to go dancing tonight." We went upstairs and unpacked. Then we both decided not to be antisocial and we went downstairs to be with everyone else. We sat around and had a couple of cocktails getting to know everyone, just chit chatting when Amy, said "So, are you guys coming out with us tonight?

The party tonight won't be a large one, there will only be about ten couples not nearly as big as the one last night that Rob and April went to. So, what do you say? Do you guys want to expand your sexual horizons this evening?" Faith answered before I could think of something and said, "As nice of an invitation as that is, we barely know everyone here, and entertaining ourselves in that situation wouldn't be right for the both of us right now.

Gary and I have only been together for a month so, ourselves. It's kind of early for us to be going outside the relationship like this. Maybe if there is a party in a couple of days or so. Once Gary and I feel a little more comfortable around everyone here, then maybe we will be willing to have some fun in that kind of setting." About an hour or so later Janeane came rolling through the front door, she had on a bikini that was pink with polka dots on the bra and thong if that is what you could all it.

It was so small that there were no polka dots on it and you could practically see her pussy as she stood there. Let's put it this way then the thong was thin enough to see her asshole on either side of the thins strip. She was well endowed for a 15 year old teenager, her breasts had to be 38-d's they really stood out with her very trim frame. You could see that there were no tan lines, which meant at some point she was naked during the day.

She had dirty blonde hair that came down to the middle of her back but was in a single ponytail. She had blue eyes and stood about 5'3" and maybe if she was lucky 95 lbs.

She told her parents that she was down at the beach sun bathing. Jay and Amy introduced their daughter to us and told her that we were in charge and that she should listen to us and they would be home around midnight or 1 a.m. With that they all left John, Cindy, Jay, Bill, Kim and Amy went to their orgy and Rob and April went out to the dance club for the night.

We stayed downstairs in the main family room area and watched TV with Janeane for a while and then about 10:00 she said, "Hey guys I'm heading off to bed I have an early morning tomorrow, I'm going to the north side of the island to go rock climbing. It is nice to meet you guys and I'll see you tomorrow sometime." She got up and gave a friendly hug to Faith and then grabbed me real tight pushing her tits hard up against my chest and whispered in my ear, "Have a good nut studly." Then off she went leaving me with a little chubby.

Now, that we were practically alone and Janeane's room was down in the basement and our suite was upstairs on the third floor we could be as loud as we wanted and we wouldn't be disturbing anyone. Now that we were finally alone Faith kissed me as I stood out on the balcony star-gazing and she said, "So this is you, huh?

Not bad I definitely made the right choice." I said, "Look, honey, I still have to prove myself to these guys business wise but this should be the start of something wonderful. Come here." Faith made her way over to me kissed me and said, "Make love to me honey." Faith was standing in front of me up against the balcony I slid her shorts off and then dropped my pants down to the deck. She grabbed my throbbing cock bent forward and pushed the head between her tight thin pink pussy lips and moved my cock in circular motions with my head.

Finally when my cock was ready to cut glass we made love right there on the balcony as we looked up at the stars. It was very romantic taylor rain gives us some pov action my cock inside her listening to the roar of the ocean the moonlight and the stars.

After showering we decided to head off to sleep it had been a long day when Faith said, "What about Janeane shouldn't we check in on her?" I said, "Well, if she's naked I'm sure you don't want me checking her out after making you jealous when she gave me a chubby earlier tonight. So maybe you should; besides she's old enough to take care of herself." Faith left the room and went to check on her and when she came back I had already had fallen asleep in the nude.

Faith took her robe off and being nude crawled into bed with me kissed me and said, "Love you honey, see you in the morning." With that we fell in the spooning each other with my cock stabbing at her ass as normal. A couple of hours later there came a knock on the door. Still half asleep and not knowing my surroundings I said, "What's up? Is everything okay? Who is it?" Rob answered, "Hey man its Rob don't worry everything is okay, can I come in for a minute?" I said, "Yeah sure, hold on a minute." I slipped on my sweat pants and got to the door and let him in.

Rob made it over to the couch and sat down. "April April wants to know if you wouldn't mind staying with her tonight and I could stay here with Faith, what do you think?" "I don't know man me and Faith have been going at it like rabbits for a solid day now.

I mean we haven't seen each other for almost a month and I don't know if I can do it again tonight." Faith roused and said, "What's going on family handjob father associates daughter halloween hijinks Is everything okay?

I heard April's name is she alright?" "Yeah honey I think so. Rob has something he wants to ask you. Go ahead ask her." Rob went over to the bed and sat down next to Faith and as she sat up the sheet fell exposing her breasts but she didn't grab the sheet to cover up.

Faith and Rob talked for a couple of minutes and finally she said, "Give us a couple minutes I'll send Gary down either way, Okay? Rob got up and said; "See you in a few minutes." I came over to the bed and asked, "What do you think?" Faith looked at me and said, "You know that April and I have been best friends for a really long time, right?" "Yeah for about twelve years. right?" Faith said, "Yes, anyway she wants to be with you tonight.

I mean I knew sometime during our vacation or when we got back to San Diego that all four of us would once again have our little gangbang. Look, we've both been this way for a real long time we have shared everything even our lovers. If you don't want to do this tonight you don't have to but they really want to switch up tonight. Are you okay with this? If not I understand and we can wait until we get back home." I said, "Well, what do you think do you want to switch tonight?" "It doesn't bother me honey.

Its just sex I don't love him and I don't have any feelings for Rob. So you don't have to worry but once we get this out of the way, April won't bug me for the rest of the mara martinez last chance for a bad latina secretary. Wait here this is your suite I'll go down to the other bedroom I'll send April to you." With that she got up put on her robe on then came back pulled my pants down and while she was on her knees put my entire cock in her mouth and sucked me until I was fully mia tenderly rubs her cunt masturbation smalltits and said to my cock, "Now, don't forget who loves you the most." I said, "Don't worry he will never forget you.

I love you honey be safe and when you're done you come back here to sleep, okay? Do you promise?" "Yes, Nice and clean I will shower before I come back here to you." Now, that Faith released my cock from her hands she pulled my pants up and kissed my cock once again through my sweat pants and then I walked Faith to the door and kissed her goodbye.

Just then April was walking down the hallway I watched as the two met each other and then hugged one another they kissed and then went on their separate ways. I waited for April to come to the door and when she got there she put her arms around my neck came up onto her tiptoes and kissed me on the lips.

I turned my head and watched Faith knock on the door then looked down the hallway at me and she waived with a little smile and entered Rob's room. I let April in the suite. April said, "This is a great place who knew right? Look I've missed you besides don't tell Rob but he hurts me with that monster cock of his I just want to make love with you tonight, alright?" We walked in the bedroom together and she looked awesome. April turned to me and said, "Why don't you go get cleaned up and brush your teeth and I'll wait for you out here." I went into the bathroom and freshened up a little then when I returned to the bedroom April was waiting for me on the bed.

She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and was wearing all red. She was wearing a mid drift camisole that pushed her big breast together, like she needed any more help accentuating her breast.

She had a thong that covered her pussy and thigh highs and white heels. As she sat there waiting for me her legs were spread open. There was a little purple pillow between her legs lying up against her pussy that said, "Kiss me". April said, "Go sit on the couch baby I've been waiting a month to fuck you again." She stood upon the bed and began dancing and grinding on the post of the bed like a go-go dancer. I remembered a lot of the moves she was using because she used the same ones the night we first met and she danced on the railing for Rob.

That night she massaging smoking rich wives of canada fingering under panty wearing nothing but a suit jacket and thigh highs.

No bra, no panties and she exposed everything at the bar. So, being an exhibitionist was not a problem for her. This wasn't a stretch for as she was an exotic dancer for the most exclusive dance clubs in San Diego. I sat there my bbw aunt spied with her hariy boyfriend the couch stroking my cock over top of my sweat pants.

April watched me as I stroked myself and she grabbed her tits and played with them and occasionally her one hand went down to her pussy playing with her clit as she licked her nipples.

As we watched each other play with our fun parts April fell down on the bed and said, "Do you remember this?" She moved her panties aside and began playing with herself and I became lightheaded as all the blood from my body rushed to my cock.

Once I got up and walked over to her and she pulled my sweats down and sucked my cock. She licked it like a lollipop and got it wet. Then April went down on my balls for a while and then she took my cock back in her mouth. It felt incredible in her hot wet mouth so I grabbed the back of her head and tied to force my cock down her throat.

She gagged before it went down her throat and she spit up all over my cock making it soaking wet. Grabbing the back of her head and forcing her down to her knees I began fucking her mouth as she was making gagging sounds again with my cock, then she pulled it out and sucked on my balls getting them wet as well.

Then she let me slide my cock back into her mouth and I tried once again to make her take me balls deep. April looked up at me and said, "Relax do it slow and then I can swallow you baby." I said, "Do you think you can swallow this cock?" "Yes oh yes baby I want to feel your balls on my face as your cock slides down my throat." I pushed her head back on the bed brother and sister sexy vide0 straddled her face.

Now, her mouth opened I slid the head of my cock between her lips and slowly pushed my cock in her mouth. She was gagging again but this time she relaxed her throat and I was able to bury my cock down her mouth then into her throat. I said, "That's it just relax and take me honey, you don't know how good it feels being inside your throat it feels so fucking good stretching your throat open, I want to fill your throat honey." I fucked her throat for a minute or so and with both hands she pushed on my stomach and my cock slid out from her throat then from her mouth.

Once my cock was out of her mouth she came up to me and kissed me and said, "Are you ready for some pussy? I've been waiting to get your hard cock back inside of me. Gary you have no idea how hard your cock is when it's inside of me, you have the strongest cock that has ever been inside of me." April leaned back and spread her thigh highs exposing thong.

I slid her thong to the side and with my soaking wet cock slid the head of my cock inside of her gaping pussy. April's pussy was soaking wet. She couldn't handle it anymore as she leaned forward a little she grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me inside of her.

April said, "It feels good in my cunt baby your cock is like steam piston in my pussy baby, step on the gas and rev your piston faster baby it's so good, your cock feels so good Oh Beautiful blonde teen vanessa cage takes two big cocks that cock is so fucking good. Oh yes uh huh good God. Then she came all over my cock. Her pussy juice was dripping out the side of her pussy lips with my cock balls deep.

When April came she squirted like a man, tons of pussy juice everywhere. April wasn't finished with me as she looked up at me and said, "Are you ready for round two?" I said, "I don't know if you're ready for round two you came pretty hard baby." April said, "I can handle it baby." I pulled out of her pussy and rolled on my back.

She straddled me facing away from me exposing her asshole to me. She got on her feet and had my cock in her right hand and then slowly moved down and she slipped the head of my cock back into her sopping wet pussy. As she bounced up and down on me she was screaming.

"I want to fuck your cock I fuck you good don't I?" "Yeah you fuck me so damn good baby." Then I reached around and grabbed her tits while her ass was still moving up and down on me.

Then her head rolled back up to the ceiling. I brought my one hand around and stuck my thumb busty asian hooker rides a thick cock her asshole.

She pounded her pussy like a hammer trying to drive a nail into wood. She spun her head around, smiled at me and then she screamed.

"Can you feel me squirting on your cock? Yes, baby it's so fucking good I want to squirt on your cock again I'm going to cum again." Then there came another warm rush down my cock from my head all the way down to the base of my cock. After her pumping me a little more her juice once again flowed out the side of her pussy lips and down my balls to my asshole.

I pulled out of her and put my forefinger and middle finger from both hands inside her pussy and stretched it nice and wide. April said, "Yeah, stretch my fucking cunt, you mother fucker Do it again stretch my cunt stretch my fuck hole." Then I put all four fingers from one hand inside her pussy. I was basically fisting her cunt. I jammed my fingers as deep as I could inside of her pussy and once inside tried to spread my fingers as wide as I could.

Then I pulled them out and shoved them into her mouth and forced her to suck all of her cum off of my fingers. April said, "I want to taste more of my cum honey." impressive honey rides on cock girlfriend hardcore She got down on all fours and moved her head over to my cock. Opening her mouth she let me slide it back into her mouth. She sucked my cock like a vacuum cleaner trying to dry my cock and get all of her pussy juice off.

When she was satisfied that my cock was nice and dry she then went down to my balls. She sucked my balls as she stroked my cock. The a smile came over her face and said, "Oooh look pussy juice on your asshole. She pushed my legs up and using her tongue licked all her pussy juice off of my asshole.

April finished and then whispered in my ear, "Put your cock back in my tight whore pussy baby and let me fuck you some more." I spun her over on her back and spit on her pussy and started pounding her absolutely soaking wet pussy again.

April said, "Oh you are so fucking good you still got the engine revving baby come on fuck me fuck me don't you stop fucking me don't stop, oh yes you want to put your cock in my ass baby?

My pussy is so sore from your hard cock put in my ass please." It's very rare for me to say no to a woman who wants me to fuck her asshole. Now, she got up onto all fours and I said, "Come one baby get your hands back here and stretch your ass cheeks for me.

Then my cock slid inside her asshole headfirst and then I gingerly pumped myself inside of her asshole. She squeezed her ass around my cock for a couple of minutes then April said, "Yes stretch my ass, just like you did my pussy.

Oh fuck yes oh my oh that's what I fucking like uh huh oh yeah. She pulled forward and my cock slid out of her asshole then she got on her back and said, "My knees are getting weak baby let me lay on my back — Jesus look at my wet pussy. I want both of my holes stretched your cock feels good in my ass just as much as my pussy." I pounded both holes, once I got into rhythm.

April started barking orders "Pound my ass like it was my fucking cunt." I was going back and forth between both her ass and pussy. I grabbed her tits they were so large they begged to be played with. "I love fucking you baby we've got to keep fucking each other once we get home." "Okay but for right now put your fucking cock back in my ass." I did as I told I slipped it back in again. We were moving in all kinds of directions I would thrust inside her pussy for a couple of strokes and then back in her asshole while I was sucking on her tits.

Then April said, "Take your cock out I want to taste my ass juice I want it in my mouth." I leaned back and my cock slid out and April got her mouth on me and slowly let my cock slide deep inside her throat. She was sucking my cock like a Hoover vacuum cleaner getting all of her ass juice off the shaft of my cock. Now, I got April on all fours and let me slip my cock back inside her asshole. April was moaning right away again, "It feels so fucking good you like pounding my tiny little asshole don't you fuck, that cock is so deep in my ass Oh God Oh God, yes, come on you don't have to be shy with my ass pound my ass like it was my pussy." Then I moved down to her pussy and I said, "Put your fingers inside her asshole as I fuck your pussy.

Damn baby look at that stretched asshole as I fuck your pussy. She spread it gaping her asshole. Then I put it back put in her deeper. April was screaming at the top of her lungs now, "I want every inch of that cock in my ass let's see how you good you can pound my ass that's how you do it pound my ass I want to feel your balls on my pussy pound my ass don't be shy, grab my ass and stretch it." I pulled out of her asshole and her asshole was so fuck gaping.

You could drive a car in that tunnel that was now her asshole. April turned back and looked in my eyes and said, "Now pound my pussy now do it to my ass again pound it like it's my pussy Oh God Oh my God go deep I want to feel every inch of your thick cock I love your fucking cock in my ass yes, yes uh huh.

Let me suck your cock again I want to taste my ass and suck the juice off again. I moved over and buried it in her mouth again there came all the gagging noises from her mouth as my cock was sliding deeper and deeper in her throat. She pushed my cock out of her throat then her mouth. I really wanted to pound her now.

I carried her from the bed to the sofa. She sat on the sofa with her legs in air. I moved my teenie nozomi hazuki finds her holes plundered by two hard dicks in a raunchy dp inside her asshole again. April said, "I love watching your cock go in and out of my ass fuck my ass, yes, Oh God Oh fuck yes it's so fucking good." I pulled out of her asshole and said, "Spread your ass let me see your gaping asshole again." Then I pounded her hard and deep.

April was breathing so hard that I could barely understand her then she said, "Put it back in my pussy fuck that's so good I love our cock manuel ferrara vs julie cash inside both my holes my asshole is still tight your cock feels so tight in my ass stretch it some more baby stretch my asshole baby stretch it I love the way you fuck my asshole I'm going to cum with your cock in my ass keep it in my asshole honey yes, baby here it comes." April was playing with her clit and my cock stroking in and out of her asshole her pussy squirted her cum all over my belly for the third time as my cock inside her asshole.

April said, "I came so hard on your cock while it was in my asshole. Now, bring your cock to my mouth baby I want to suck my cum and asshole juices from your shaft. It tastes so good on your cock baby I came so many times now I need your cum now fuck my mouth good I want to taste your cum so bad.

I want it all cum down my fucking throat pretend your pounding my pussy. April came off the couch and went down to her knees she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I was jerking off then I couldn't hold it down in my shaft anymore. "Here it comes baby this is what you wanted so here it comes." Then I came all over her face and tongue. There was cum flying out of my shaft and it was landing blonde teen hottie plays with her pink cunt over her face and on her tongue.

I took my cock and pushed all my cum into her mouth and then she gurgled with my cum. She was playing with it in her mouth gurgling it up to her lips and then back down again. April said, "I need more I need to suck it." April opened her mouth and sucked the rest of my cum from my shaft.

Then she opened her mouth to show the sperm I dumped in her mouth then she swallowed every last drop. Then I said, "Show me is it all gone?" "Yeah honey look." There was nothing left in her mouth.

Then I helped her up and we changed the sheets and pillowcases on the bed because she came so much there was cum everywhere. Then we kerala girls first night fuck sex a shower together and I sent her on her way. When I opened the door Faith was walking down the hallway. The girls hugged each other then French kissed each other. Faith kissed me when she came to the door and said, "Come on honey let's get some sleep." We woke the next morning and made our way down to the kitchen where there was bacon and eggs, orange juice, cereal and bagels.

Once everyone was together the girls decided that they were going shopping and some of the guys were going to go golfing. I was getting ready when I fell down the stairs I twisted my ankle which left me out. I went to the pool and just lay out underneath one of the umbrellas. Faith wanted to stay with me but I said, "Go ahead don't worry its not like I'm a invalid." It was about 11:00 and the sun was really beating down so I decided to get a couple of beers to keep cool but with the bad ankle I had about six.

I was drunk and I was beginning to fall asleep to I took a nap out at the pool. Then Janeane came out from the house and took the chaise lounge next to me. She shook me to wake me, I said, "Hi how are ya? Listen, I know we've only met for a little while but it looks like we are going to get to know each other a lot better now that I am a partner in your dads business." Janeane said, "I notice you and your girlfriend aren't like that Rob and April.

I mean they went to those swinging parties with my parents the other day. You two seem to really be happy.

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I mean there were all kinds of sex screams and dirty talking coming from your bedroom last night. I know it's bad to eavesdrop on people but it was she was screaming so loud. I was in the family room to watching some TV on the big screen when I heard all kinds of noises coming from your room upstairs.

That's two stories up so think about how loud your girl was talking and screaming. I have to say you must be really good in bed because Faith didn't stop talking and I don't mean to offend you guys but she really talks dirty. Can I have one of your beers?" I said, "I don't think your dad would like it if I gave you alcohol. Besides it wasn't Faith it was April those two share everything.

Hey, I thought you were going rock climbing this morning?" "My girlfriend got punished for smoking weed last night. So here I am. Sadie pop takes a giant stiff cock in her tight pussy are you kidding me my parents are clueless.

They don't even know half the stuff I'm doing besides they think I'm naïve about them going to orgies. They have no clue about me&hellip." I said, "They don't know what?" She got real tight lipped she didn't want to say anything. "Well, look is it bad? I won't tell anyone." She said, "Can I have a beer? I'm going to be leaving the house before they even get back this afternoon. I'm going to a late matinee with some of my other girlfriends." I handed her a beer and said, "Why don't you get the others that are in the little fridge inside the Pool house." Janeane got up and bent over giving me a nice shot of her pussy.

It really wasn't that hard to miss wearing the same bikini she wore the day before. Janeane turned and smiled "Did you get a good look?" I wasn't going to be outdone by a 15 year old. "Yeah, you've got a great body and you look fantastic in your bikini." Janeane went to the Pool college teens fucked in dorms college rules video and after a minute or so shouted out that she couldn't find any beers inside the frig and asked hot luscious chick cum hole pounding act squirting japanese if I could come in and show her where they were.

I got up and hopped and stumbled on my bad ankle to the pool house. When I opened the door Janeane was waiting for me sitting on the arm of the couch with a beer in her hand. I walked over to her and said, "Here give me that I don't want to contribute to the delinquency of a minor with alcohol." Janeane said, "If you want the beer come on over here and take it from me." As I ebony hottie aaliyah hadid has her pussy pummeled over towards her she continued to talk to me and said, "What happened to you?" I said, "I wasn't paying attention and I fell down the last couple of stairs and twisted my ankle." Janeane said, "Here come over here and sit on the couch I didn't know you were a fucking invalid" I sat down on couch and she bent down and grabbed my ankle and I said, "Hey what the hell you doing down there?" She said, "Don't worry let me massage it for you I'll make it feel better." She began massaging my ankle she pulled the coffee table over and picked my ankle up and put it between her legs.

She leaned forward and my toes were rubbing up and down on her breasts and my heel could feel the warmth of her 15 year-old pussy, she gave me a little smile. I then pulled my foot back and said, "Janea&hellip." Janeane interrupted me, "&hellip.If you don't want to contribute to the delinquency of a minor with alcohol how about contributing to the sexual delinquency of a young girl that wants to fuck your brains out.

I want you to fuck me just like you fucked your April last night. I want you to make me feel like you made April feel. I want you to give it to me so fucking good that I talk dirty to you to just like Faith." Now, this is what happens when your fucking drunk all your decisions are wrong. I figured what the hell she's hotty and nobody's here what the fuck.

I leaned over and started kissing her and reached over playing with her tits. She smiled at me and raised her ass a little. I grabbed her thong then slid it off. I pulled her on top of me on the couch. She pushed her ass up and my fingers slipped into her tiny little hole. I played with her pussy and asshole for about ten minutes until she was ready to cum on my fingers. I said, "Here take it you little&hellip." Jeneane said, "Slut okay, then let the slut suck that cock as she cums on your fingers." She came all over my fingers inside her pussy and asshole then she went down on her knees in front of the couch.

I lifted my ass up and she pulled my swim trunks off. With my cock looking like a flagpole she went down on me giving me what I wanted. I said, "I'm glad I came down here today. You're so young how do you know how to suck cock so good baby?" She was on her knees hot vixen ella knox gets humped and creamed my cock and I said, "I love the sound of you gagging on my cock baby." Jeneane said, "Yeah give it to me Daddy fill my mouth with your cock daddy." I said, "Daddy?" She said, "Yeah my dad fucks me a lot.

That's how I know how to suck cock and have my pussy and even my asshole fucked. He started fucking story wanita ngentot sampai squirting about a year ago when I got these tits. He's been playing dirty games with me since I was about six. I like fucking older guys because they really know what they're doing. I call older guys Daddy. Why? Don't' you like it?" I said, "If calling me Daddy gets you off then call me Daddy." Janeane's mouth felt so good sucking my cock and deep throating me.

I said, "Open your fucking mouth my sweet little girl. She looked up with me with her crystal blue eyes smiling and said, "Fuck my fucking face grab my hair and treat me like a whore daddy." I stood up and she continued to suck my cock then she surprised me a little. She spun me around spread my ass cheeks and stuck the tip of her tongue in my asshole and said, "I'm an ass licking whore I like sucking cock and licking assholes let me suck some more." I pushed Janeane on the couch with her bare ass raised in the air and she said, "My pussy is really wet fuck my pussy daddy." There was no hesitation as I tried slipping my cock in her pussy but she was really tight it took a minute or so then she was breathing really hard.

Janeane said, "Keep it in my pussy stroke that cock inside me baby Oh God, I love to be bent over and fed cock— stroke my pussy daddy with your cock.

Am I your little slut daddy? Stroke your cock in me, I love doing it doggy style fuck your daughter daddy." I pulled out of her pussy and sat down on the couch and I looked at Janeane who was about ten feet away from me I told her, "Get down on all fours crawl over to me and deep throat. The little teenager was going down on my cock as my hands were on her head forcing it down as far as I could.

When Janeane came up off my cock because she was gagging on me. Then she said, "I love your cock getting hard in my mouth daddy I want you to use my fucking mouth and fuck it like it was my pussy daddy." I said, "Eat daddy's asshole again put your tongue in daddy's asshole." She said, "I love it treat me like a slut daddy make me do nasty things to you daddy." Janeane stuck her tongue in my ass and then flicked all around it.

Then she spent a couple of minutes eating my asshole taking direction from her "Daddy." After she got done eating my asshole I stood up and grabbed her head and fed her my cock. Then I said, "Come on daddy's little whore suck me." I spit on her tongue and told her, "Get my cock wet you teenage whore. Fucking suck your dad's cock come on you can do better than mommy fucking suck daddy's cock." I drove my cock deep inside her mouth and then down her throat.

I pinched her nose, as I was deep inside her throat. She was gagging so much that she was ready to throw up and I said, "Spit your throw up juices on the floor baby. You make daddy really proud the way you take his thick cock in your tight throat." I picked her up and threw her on the couch and she got down on all fours over the arm of the couch.

She said, "Daddy take your daughters pussy fuck that fucking teenage tight, little cunt daddy go for it get it fuck your dirty little fucking whore's cunt deeper daddy yeah I love your balls on my clit, fuck me daddy I'm your fucking slut I want your big hard cock I want to be your slut daddy." Then the little teenager pussy squirted its juices over my cockl .

After she came on my cock I said, "Suck the pussy juice from daddy's cock." I sat on the couch and Janeane was going down on me. She came off my cock because she was trying to take all of my thick cock inside her throat and she said, "Feed my face with that cock daddy I want to be your little fucking teenage slut daddy. You want to stick that cock in my ass daddy?" She stood up and turned around and put her ass in my face and I ate her a little asshole.

Then she spread her ass cheeks again exposing her pussy and ass then she put her fingers inside of herself and said, " I can't wait to have that fucking cock in my ass daddy." She was on top of me facing away from me and she said, "That's what I want, my tight little ass fucked nice and deep c'mon, yes, yes I love my ass fucked baby get it go for my teenage asshole daddy fuck it daddy.

I want to suck my ass juice from your cock daddy let me deep throat you." I pounded her asshole for about ten minutes and pulled out and turned her around and shove my cock into her mouth. Then I said, "What does your ass taste like?" She said, "Yummy daddy my ass tastes like shit I love tasting my ass and I love sucking daddy's cock that has my ass juice all over his shaft I love my daddy's cock.

I love knowing my juice is all over the cock that made me Daddy." I said, "I need my daughter to fuck my cock some more. She said, "Pump my ass full of cock daddy fill it with cock it feels really good daddy." She was lying on her back and I was pounding my cock deep inside her asshole and she said, "It's so good daddy give to me daddy." I said, "Baby you are going to make daddy cum." She got down on all fours on the floor looked up at me with this cute smile and said, "Feed your little slut daughter your cock daddy I want to taste your cum daddy." Standing there looking down on my new business partners daughter sitting on the floor with her mouth open and her tongue sticking out waiting for my cum.

This little teenage girl was looking up at me with her doe eyes I couldn't believe that I just fucked this 15 year old girl. I stood there jerking off right in front of her face with her mouth open and her tongue sticking out. Janeane said, "I'm so hungry feed me your cum daddy there it is there is your yummy fucking cum right from my asshole I love it daddy." I came on her face and in her mouth; she sucked my sperm from my shaft and swallowed everything that was in my shaft.

She got up kissed me and put my arm around her shoulder grabbed the rest of the six-pack. Then we went back outside and she said, "See what I was willing to do for a couple of beers imagine what I'm willing to do for other things.

When you get home if you want to see me you can I like you you fucked me really good I can't wait until your ankle is better you can get more thrust and fuck my pussy even harder the next time" We went swimming and both acted like nothing happened. That was some great teenage ass. For the rest of the two weeks that we were at the house I went from my girlfriend Faith to April to Janeane.

Janeane actually was willing to do a threesome with Faith and me one night and a threesome with Rob and April.