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Sunny lxxxx 2019 new xxx
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Carrie looked up at Karen, wide eyed, slowly nodding, and then back at her sister's leaking pussy. "He. he shot his cum inside of you," Carrie stammered out, slowly standing up. Karen giggled lightly and smiled at Carrie. "Mmm yes he did, and it felt incredible," she moaned. Carrie slowly shook her head.

"Bu. but what if you get pregnant?" She asked nervously. Karen laughed again. "So you do know something about sex. Well I am on birth control, brazzers hot mom cheting sex I won't get pregnant," she dual cutie slappers in mandatory slut wear. Carrie half smiled.

"Yeah I just know enough to know that if a guy's cum get inside of your vagina, you can get pregnant," she stammered out. "Yes, but I take pills to prevent it. Furthermore, I'm not going to tell you again, its not a vagina, that words for health class, it's a pussy, huge boobs horny sexy babe tori taylor big boobs pornstar, or twat," Karen said, looking at Carrie sternly.

Carrie continued to stare at Karen's leaking slit. She watched more of James' cum ooze out of sister, not knowing what to say. "Why don't you take a picture of it, it'll last longer," Karen said with a laugh. Carrie slowly looked up at Karen, a look of shock on her face. She didn't know what to say, just in awe at the sight of her sister's creamy slit. James had finally recovered, propping himself up on his elbow, looking at Carrie, a huge smile of satisfaction on his face.

He looked down her body, noticing her inner thighs still glistening. He looked back up at her stunned look, chuckling to himself. Karen smiled at Carrie. "So are you up for some more fun today?" She asked. Carrie nervously shrugged her shoulders, looking once again at her sister's leaking slit. "I. I guess so," she answered.

"Jeez, quit being so nervous, sex is supposed to be fun and relaxing," Karen scoffed. Carrie shrugged her shoulders again. "Bu. but I've never done any of this before," she said, looking at her older sister.

Karen was starting to get frustrated with Carrie, scoffing again. "Well duh, don't you think I already know that," she said. That made James chuckle aloud, shaking the bed as he laughed. Karen looked at her brother sternly, "you hush over there." James closed his mouth tight, looking at her with an ashamed look.

Karen looked back at Carrie, coming up with a devious idea, her pussy tingling as she thought about it. "How about you start by cleaning up the mess James made," Karen said, smiling seductively. Carrie looked at her in more shock, "wh. what?" Karen sat up further. "I didn't stutter," she scowled, grabbing Carrie's arm and pulling her onto the bed. Carrie gasped in surprise, falling onto the bed and landing on the wet spot Karen had made earlier. She looked up at Karen in fear, pushing herself up on her hands and knees.

Karen smiled deviously again, pulling Carrie towards her. She opened her mouth and began kissing her sister deeply. James laid there, his mouth agape, wide eyed, watching his sister's kiss. His dick began to twitch again, listening to Karen moan into the kiss, then pull back slightly, pushing her tongue into Carrie's mouth.

He continued to stare at the scene in front of him, his dick slowly rising again. Carrie felt her pussy beginning to tingle again, kissing her sister back.

Her tongue wrestling with Karen's, not sure why she was enjoying this, but was, moaning in pleasure as well. Karen broke the kiss, smiling at Carrie. "Now clean me out and we'll have more fun," she moaned.

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Carrie slowly nodded, watching Karen lay back down on the bed. She slowly moved herself back, moving her head towards her sister's cum filled pussy. As Carrie got closer to Karen's snatch she could smell the distinct scent of the mixed juices wafting from it. James pushed himself up to a sitting position, wanting to see this firsthand.

He watched Carrie open her mouth wide, moving it over Karen's pussy, a light groan escaping him as he watched. Carrie cringed a little when the mixture of juices filled her mouth.

She pulled away a bit, smacking her lips at the tangy taste. She noticed it wasn't as sweet tasting as yesterday, it was pretty salty, but bearable. She moved her mouth over Karen's pussy again, sucking at it, her mouth instantly being filled with more of the mixed juices, so much that it began to run back out and down her chin, dripping onto the bed.

Carrie continued to suck at Karen's cum filled pussy, swallowing the juices fast as she could. Karen began to writhe on the bed, Carrie's nose pushing against her clit. She put her hands on the back of Carrie's head, pulling her sister into her pussy harder. Carrie drove her tongue into her sister's pussy, as far as she could, sucking at the tangy nectar. She moaned into Karen's pussy, beginning to enjoy the taste now. Karen begin to grind her pussy against Carrie's face feeling another orgasm coming on.

"Oh fuck you're going to make me cum again already, yes make me cum again," she moaned. Carrie could feel Karen's pussy begin to squeeze at her tongue knowing that her sister's orgasm was near. She rubbed her nose hard against Karen's clit, noticing it becoming more engorged with blood. Russian teen nikky perry rides her sugardaddys old hard cock dick had grown fully hard again, watching his older sister writhe on the bed, and listening to Carrie moaning into Karen's pussy.

He slowly stroked his erection, leaning over and sucking on one of Karen's nipple. Karen arched her back off of the bed, feeling her orgasm getting closer and closer. "Oh my god, oh my god," she moaned over and over as her orgasm drew nearer. Carrie pulled her tongue out of her sister's pussy and covered her clit with her mouth.

She sucked hard on her sister's clit, hearing Karen's moans getting louder. Karen's back arching higher as electrical shocks shot through her body, her orgasm beginning to course through her body.

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"Oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm cumming, you're making me cum, yesss," she groaned loudly. James moved away from her tit, watching his older sister's body bounce and thrash on the bed. He looked down at Carrie, her mouth still on her sister's clit. His dick throbbed harder, enjoying the lesbian scene in front of him. Carrie's chin was being covered with her sister's juices, spraying from Karen's pussy and splashing against her chin and onto her shirt.

She didn't pull away though, sucking harder on her sister's clit. Karen's orgasm slowly began to diminish, her body still jerking as Carrie continued to suck on her sensitive clit. She used her hands to push Carrie from her clit, looking down at her younger sister. "I can't take anymore of that," she said, out of breath. Carrie knelt up, her legs spread slightly. She stared at her older sister, unsure of what Karen meant by that.

Karen smiled at her again. "You're a mess now, you better take your shirt off," she said with a giggle. Carrie looked down at her shirt, feeling it sticking to her neck and upper chest. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slowly began lifting it up. James watched with interest, watching Carrie slowly pull her shirt up her smooth body.

He let out a soft moan when her shirt was lifted over chest, exposing her firm tits to him. His dick throbbed in his hand, staring at her erect nipples.

Carrie took her shirt completely off and dropped it behind her, on the bed. She looked back at Karen and James, noticing her brother licking his lips. "Mmm, so are you ready to learn more, and take his dick in your pussy?" Karen asked, sitting up on the bed and putting her hand over Carrie's soaked panties. Carrie slowly shook her head.

"N. no," she english cutie sophie dee gets pounded by black dudes wtf with a soft moan, feeling her sister lightly rubbing her covered pussy. Karen snickered. "Why not, you just watched him put his dick in my pussy. Plus it looks like someone is already wet and excited," she said with a moan, pushing her middle finger into Carrie's slit. Carrie uneasily shrugged her shoulders. "I. I sinful pigtailed girl fucked on the couch it hurts when a guy puts it inside of you," she replied softly, and pushing her hips into Karen's hand.

"Who told you that?" Karen asked, looking at Carrie in shock. Carrie looked down at her sister's hand rubbing pussy, beginning to turn her on. "M. my friends told me that," she said, softly moaning. Karen looked at her younger sister sincerely.

"Yes that maybe true, but after awhile it feels really, really good. Plus James' dick isn't that big, so it shouldn't hurt that much for your first time," she said, moving hand from Carrie's panties. Carrie looked up at her sister. "You. you promise it won't hurt?" She asked nervously. Karen smiled, slowly nodding. "Well I can't promise you that, but it shouldn't hurt that much," she said sincerely. Carrie nodded once, swallowing hard, "okay I guess I'll give it a try." Karen looked at her excitedly.

"I promise you will like it. Now get off of the bed and take your panties off," she said, hopping off of the bed herself. Carrie slowly climbed off of the bed, putting her thumbs in the waistline of her panties. She let out a deep breath, and quickly pushed her soaked panties down, bending over and pushing them to dude is lucky to fuck with ebon floor.

She stood back, stepping out of them, looking at Karen nervously. James' eyes went directly to his middle sister's exposed pussy, groaning lightly, staring at it. He looked at her slit, noticing her pussy lips were slightly swollen, and the small patch of pubic hair glistening with her wetness. Karen looked at James. "Okay lay on your back in the middle of bed James," she said sternly. James excitedly moved to the middle of the bed, his young dick fully hard, pointing straight up towards his face.

He held his head up, looking at his sister's in anticipation. Karen turned to Carrie. "Okay climb on the bed and straddle his legs, up on his middle thighs, and then move up towards his dick," she ordered. Carrie did as instructed, nervously climbing onto the bed.

She stared at her brother's dick, watching it bounce up, as he continuously made it throb. Carrie, a little reluctantly, straddled her brother's thighs, feeling his legs trembling a little. James' legs began to tremble, getting more excited with the thought of having his dick back inside a hot pussy. He smiled at Carrie, keeping his hands at his sides, looking up at her perky tits. Carrie gave him a nervous smile, slowly moving up his legs. She looked over at her older sister nervously, Karen looking back at her with excitement.

She moved up until she felt her brother's dick brush against her virgin slit, sending a shiver through her body. James let out a soft groan, making his dick throb against her tight slit. He could feel the heat coming from her, going through his dick and throughout his body, exciting him even more. Karen looked at Carrie sincerely. "Okay here we go, lift yourself up and I'll guide him into you," she said softly, moving onto the bed next to them.

Carrie slowly lifted her ass up, feeling her brother's dick slide across her slit. She lifted up until his dick was no longer touching her, looking between her legs and watching Karen grab James' dick.

Karen softly cooed, lining her brother's dick up with Carrie's entrance. She put her other hand on Carrie's lower back, pushing her down. Carrie watched the head of her brother's dick getting closer to her slit.

Her breathing hastened, becoming even more nervous as it neared. She felt the tip of his dick push against her labia, watching her swollen lips open up around the head, as it began to disappear into her. James closed his eyes, making his dick throb, feeling the head of his dick prod and stretch his middle sister's tight hole open. He nasty blonde loves huge cocks and billiard balls in asshole out a long groan, feeling her muscles constrict around his dick, massaging the head.

"Yeah that's it, nice and slow," Karen cooed, moving her hand away James' dick, and putting on Carrie's hip. Carrie had her eyes closed tight, wincing as her brother's dick stretch her tight hole. She continued to lower herself down until the head of James' dick pushed against her hymen.

She opened her eyes, looking at his dick in her pussy, feeling it throb and twitch in her. "I can't go any further," she gasped, looking at Karen. Karen looked at her brother's dick in Carrie's pussy, noticing he wasn't even halfway in. She looked back at Carrie, smiling. "That's because of your cherry," she said, lightly rubbing Carrie's back, trying to relax her. "Are you ready to become a woman?" She asked, smiling wider.

Carrie slowly nodded, still trying to get used to the feeling of having something filling her pussy.

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She looked down at her brother. "Wow it feels a little weird with your dick in me," she softly moaned. James gave her a half smile, making his dick throb even more. "But it feels really good to me," he groaned in response. Karen put her hands on Carrie's hips, lifting her sister up a bit. "Okay here we go Carrie, time to become a woman," she said softly. She pulled down hard on Carrie's hips, pulling her sister down hard on James' dick, until her ass smacked against his thighs.

Carrie's face contorted, her mouth opening wide, pain shooting from pussy and throughout her body, her hymen being shredded. She let out a long, silenced, gasp of pain, falling forward on top of James' chest, breathing rapidly. She could feel his dick touching every part of her pussy, stretching her muscles out. James wrapped his arms around her, lightly rubbing her back.

"Oh my god Carrie, your pussy is so tight," he groaned, feeling her muscles massage the entire length of his dick. Karen looked at their union, seeing a small amount of blood running down James' tiny ball sack, knowing her sister was no longer a virgin. She grabbed Carrie's night shirt, using it to wipe the blood up. She leaned down next to Carrie. "Mmm, you're a woman now. How does it feel?" She whispered. Carrie turned look at her older sister, tears welling up in her eyes. "It hurts but feels kind of weird big tits blonde sucked cock and get fucked threesome and stockings good at the same time," she slowly moaned.

Karen lightly laughed. "I know what you mean, it felt the same way to me my first time," she said softly. She looked down at James, smiling. "Now remember, you can't cum inside of her, we don't want her to get pregnant," she said sternly. James quickly nodded, starting to move his hip under Carrie, wanting to move his dick in and out of her now. He moved his hands down to her ass, squeezing and trying to pull her up. Carrie lifted her hips up a bit when James pulled on her ass, feeling his dick exiting her pussy.

She lifted her head up, looking at James, moaning softly. James pulled on her ass until his dick was still halfway inside of her. He smiled at her, pushing down hard on her ass, and lifting himself off of the bed, driving his dick into her, groaning loudly. Karen sat there watching her siblings start a slow and steady rhythm.

"Mmm yeah Carrie, you like that huh?" She moaned, lightly rubbing her own pussy. Carrie quickly nodded, starting to feel incredible pleasure coursing through her.

She started moving her hips on her own, lifting herself up until her brother's dick was just inside of her, and then dropping herself down onto him. James was grunting loudly, driving his hips up into her downward thrusts. "Oh my god, I love this, I love having sex with you," he groaned, already feeling the familiar feeling in his balls before he shoots. Carrie pushed herself up, putting her hands on his chest. She started grinding her hips into him, enjoying the feeling of his dick rubbing against every part of the inside of her pussy, i was bored tube porn her clit rubbing against his pelvic bone.

Karen could tell Carrie was going to cum soon. She moved closer to them, putting her hand on Carrie's clit, vigorously rubbing it. "Are you going to cum Carrie, huh are you going to cum on brother's dick?" She moaned, urging her sister to cum. Carrie had her eyes closed, feeling her orgasm coming. "Uh huh, uh huh, I can feel it, I'm gonna cum," she gasped, grinding harder against James, and focusing on Karen rubbing her clit.

James looked up Carrie, reaching up and squeezing her firm tits, moving his hips under her, feeling her pussy getting even tighter. He knew that if she didn't get off of him soon he would shoot his cum into her pussy. "Oh no, I'm gonna shoot, get off, get off of me," he groaned, trying to push her off of him, feeling his dick growing harder. Carrie was lost in her own world, not really hearing what James had said. Her body beginning to violently tremble, feeling like she was going to explode.

Karen had heard what James had said, but didn't tell Carrie to get off of him. She looked down at James in lust. "Do it, shoot your hot cum inside of her, let her see how it feels, fill her up," she groaned, rubbing Carrie's clit harder. James let out a low growl, feeling his cum rush his dick, spilling into his middle sister's tight hole. His hips were bucking up into Carrie, a long groan coming from him, his dick throbbing and shooting more cum into her. When James started to cum in Carrie, it set off her orgasm as well.

She fell forward onto his chest, her body shaking and trembling, her being rocked with some of the most pleasurable feelings ever. She let out a long moan, grinding her pussy on James' spasming dick, feeling his cum spilling into her.

Karen knelt there, watching her younger sister and brother experiencing mutual orgasms. She looked down at James' dick in Carrie's pussy, watching his tiny ball sack raise up when his dick throbbed. She saw his cum beginning to ooze out of Carrie's overfilled pussy, running down his dick and ball sack, and drip onto her bed.

James lay limply on the bed, slowly trying to recover from his orgasm. His dick continued to twitch inside of Carrie's pussy, slowly beginning to soften. "Wow, that was totally amazing," he said, out of breath. Carrie lightly laughed, lying limply on top of him, breathing heavily.

She had never felt anything more incredible than her orgasm from this, and couldn't wait to experience that again. "You're telling me," she finally said. Karen continued to stare her sister's freshly fucked pussy, watching her brother's dick slowly softening. She watched as James' dick slipped out of Carrie, followed by a dollop of his creamy cum, dripping out and landing on his abdomen. "Mmm, you two looked so hot cumming together," she moaned, laying down next to them.

To be continued. Constructive criticism please.