Big ass blonde gets it up the ass tube porn

Big ass blonde gets it up the ass tube porn
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CHAPTER 1 Max was 22 years old, unemployed & smoking a joint while sitting on the living room sofa. Beside him as a smooth jazzy porn like song played ,his mom Carol(52) was 5ft 8 135 pounds with 38dd juggs danced a sexy dance in her 5 inch spiked heels while in her yellow bikini. His stepmom Joyce who dispised him only a month ago was now sucking on his 9inch penis.

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As Max got high from the pot Carol swung her hips gently to the music. Max had hypnotized her 6 weeks ago. He was a man in heaventhings were looking up as he watched 39 year old Joyce's head bob up&down at a more rapid pace. This bitch had broken up a happy home 2 years ago when she had seduced his father Bill a local accountantwho was now only a shill of a man whose only pleasure came from watching his son dominate, use & humiliate the women in his life.

Max made him payonce a year his father could fuck Joyce on their anniversary.Carol of course was off limits Chapter 2 Joyce had her mouth full & was now gagging on her tormentors prickher pussy was wet above her though Max was fixated on momCarol was stripping for him & Max loved it he had her take lessons on pole dancing & now shook her tits &ass like a pro.In appreciation he was gonna fuck the shit out her soonHis stepmom Joyce would have to make do with licking his balls & ass .And thats what happened, Max positioned mom in the doggy style position as Joyce got behind him & sucked his balls & gave him one her patented rimjobs.

Max was about to explode a load so he had both wenches lay head to head as he jerked off & gave them both a jism facial. After which he took some photos of their jizz covered faces. He put one new photo bedside in both bedrooms of his 2 bedroom apartment. Chapter sexual and wild dick riding hardcore blowjob had gotten a phone call to come by Max's place he hadnt seen his wife Joyce for 4 days nowbut he hoped Max was having fun with Joyce.

He knew that Max had called so he could film him with his stepmom and or possibly his mom. Anyway as he arrivedhe knocked on the door. Carol opened the door she was wearing nipple rings, a collar & leash & 7 inch thigh hooker boots (nothing else ) plus cum was running down her face. "Oh Hi Bill she said as if all was normal, the master is waiting for you in the living room, As Bill journeyed into the den he could see his wife was busy sucking on Maxs toes." Oh hi pops Max exclaimed "you can see that Joyce has a bit of a foot fetish he laughed.

Did you bring the camera ? Yes i did sir Bill responded obediently. Great Max said. "Yo CUMSLUT he yelped at Carol go get me a beer i wanna gulp one down". "Yes son "Carol said obediently Chapter 4 Max had drank his third beer and now had to take a wicked piss. So both ladies who were now covered in facial jism, were lead by their collars & leashes by Master Max as pops filmed the goings on.

Max was wearing a hood cuz he didnt want anyone to know he was a motherfucker (he laughed ).Bill had a hardon as they all headed to the small washroom. Max first lead his stepmom over the toilet and unloaded a vast amount of urine all over her face,tits and hair.

Bill asked Max if he could jerk off while watching Max said no Joyce can jerk you off when you get home (it was his gift to dadhe was feeling generous todayMax smiled).

After the golden shower was complete he had Joyce kiss his cock & balls.

"Thank you master " Joyce said after kissing Maxs privates.You are welcome pissbucket Max responded " now go get the mop & clean up the piss on the bathroom floor" yes sir his stepmom responded obediently. Chapter 5 After Joyce had cleaned up the piss on the floorhe had Joyce stinking of his pee stand beside Bill as Pops filmed scene 2Carol had some of his cum still on her face all crusty & shit so Max had her kneel in the bathtub as he peed all over his moms face & tits but not her hair.

Covered in piss. He decided to have both moms stand on either side of Bill & he took a family photo of the three with his cellphone.

This would be his watching horny blond action at the pool possession ,His pissbucket moms standing with his wussywimpy father. Oh what a family reunion they had had today. Too bad tomorrowwas Monday & Bill had to work to support everyone.

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Tonight he would allow Joyce to go with her husband & wack him off, Tuesday she'd be back for more sex slave training. In the meantime Carol his mom should keep him horny & occupied. Chapter 6 Before Joyce left, Carol & her took a shower together. Both had huge knockers Joyce 40d & Carol 38ddboth washed the cum & piss off their faces, titshair, body & then sucked on each others nipples and tits. Meanwhile Bill kept filmingas the ladies started fingering one another.Max had completely dressed and was now watching these brainwashed lezzies go at it as he smoked caroline chojnacki and ashley schappert tube porn joint.

This video he would watch tonight he planned to be lying on his kingsize bed as mom licked his balls & sucked his cock. "Bill get all the angles" he said as he watched Carol begin to fistfuck Joyce. "Pops do a good job & you maybe able to fuck Joyce before your anniversary" Bill liked that idea, but he liked what Max had just done to the ladies even more. Max had hypnotized him to become a hardcore cuckold.