Capri cavanni gets plowed in hardcore fashion

Capri cavanni gets plowed in hardcore fashion
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"Have you been fucked yet Girl?" Anthony asked Michele. "No Anthony, no bodies les threeway ho fists ass lesbian fisting fucked me. Nobody ever wanted to." She answered. "You telling me the truth girl?" "Yes Anthony, of course, like I said I'd never lie to you.

My mother use to fuck and suck cock all the time in front of me. So did my sister and my older brother to, sometimes. But nobody ever seemed to want to fuck me." Michele wasn't just saying this. Her self esteem and sense of identity was about as low as possible. Anthony was still skeptical however, his past experience had lead him to always doubt his whores, and everyone else for that matter. "Sit down here on the couch girl and spread your legs open. Brenda, eat Michele's pussy and get her good and opened up.

I want to see if she still has her cherry." Anthony ordered. Brenda immediately moved between Michele's legs and began eating her out. Michele just kind of took this in stride but soon began to enjoy Brenda's tongue work on her. She started moaning softly and sweetly and then deeper as Brenda licked her clit, labia and then moved her tongue inside as she began to tongue fuck her.

Brenda loved eating pussy. She was an ok looking white girl. Brunette hair, medium size tits and average face and body. But she was now in her mid 20's and having been a street whore for several years her age was beginning to show.

The streets had made her callous toward men over the years and while not really gay she was bisexual. She found herself attracted to Michele and was enjoying pleasuring her. While not Anthony's "bottom bitch" she did serve in a role similar to that and realized Anthony was using her to assist in his training of Michele.

Soon Michele was moaning deeply and getting close to orgasm. Anthony however intervened as he was careful sweet blonde has sex in the bath when and who caused his whores to orgasm. He looked deep into Michele's pussy and saw her cherry intact. Although Michele had fingered herself from time to time she had avoided going deep enough to break her hymen. Anthony almost jumped for joy seeing this as he knew he could sell her virginity for a very high price.

"Brenda, take Michele into the bathroom and show her how to shave her pussy hair all off. Michele, I want you to learn how to keep your pussy nice and clean shaven." sandra and ariana sucked cock deepthroat and nailed in the ass Anthony, if that's what you want. Can I stay here tonight? Please." She asked "Oh yea, for sure. In fact go ahead and move in. You have anything besides that bag you brought?" Michele had a medium sized sack with everything she had and, having no permanent place to live, she carried with her.

"No Anthony, this is all I have." "Brenda, Michele will be moving in with you in your room. Latrice" Anthony said to the black whore, "you move into the room with Cindy and Patty." Cindy was the other white whore and Patty was another of Anthony's whores who was out working. "It's about time for you and Cindy to go out for the night so get that done soon." "What about me?" Brenda asked "When do you want me to go out?" "I'll tell you when just go do what I said and get Michele settled in." Brenda led Michele back into the bathroom and told her to sit on the toilet and spread her legs.

Michele did and then said. "That felt really good when you licked my pussy. Can I lick yours sometime?" "Have you eaten pussy before?" asked Brenda. "No, I saw my mom eat a pussy once. It was a friend of hers who was a lesbian. They were both drunk and her friend ate my mom's pussy and then my mom ate her." Answered Michele. "Has anyone eaten your pussy before?" Brenda asked. "Oh no, nobody ever seemed to want to. I never really had any friends or anything." Said Michele rather matter of factly.

"You have a really sexy little pussy and I'll be your friend. Let me ask Anthony if he's ok with that." Said Brenda. "Should I ask Anthony for permission to do everything Brenda?" Asked Michele "Yes, absolutely." She answered.

"Is Anthony mean sometimes? He seemed so nice but he hit you and yelled at you and you seemed scared." Asked Michele "If you obey him and don't piss him off he's ok. He takes good care of his whores." She answered. "Are you one of his whores?" "Yes" answered Brenda "and so are you." "What's it like being a whore?" Inquired Michele "I've known a few, in fact I think my mom sold herself a few times when things got a little rough." "It's just who we are Michele, it's what we have to do to get through life.

I've been a whore since I was 19. I'm almost 27 now.

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It was a little scary at first but I got used to it and judging by the way you took to Anthony's cock I expect you will also. Don't worry, I'll take good care of you and show you how it's done.

Now, just relax and keep your legs spread while I shave your pussy." Brenda then proceeded to shave Michele's pubic region. Then her lips and told her to stand, turn around, bend over and spread her asschecks so she could shave her asshole as well.

"Am I going to have to keep my pussy and asshole shaved all the time?" She asked. "Probably, yea I think you will." Answered Brenda. "I might have some trouble shaving my asshole Brenda. Could you help me with that?" "Sure, you have a really sexy little asshole and pussy." Brenda finished shaving and cleaning her asshole and then she said.

"Stay here, I need to ask Anthony something." Brenda then left the room and Michele set back down on the toilet. Brenda went out into the living room and told Anthony that Michele had asked her if she could eat her pussy.

Anthony thought for a second and then said. "Yea, I want you to train her, you know, take her out tomorrow and get her some better clothes than this shit she has now. I'll give you a little cash to take care of that.

She seems to have taken a liking to you so make her feel at home. Go ahead perverted stepfamily shares well hung lawyer pornstars and hardcore teach her how to eat pussy and help her learn to stretch her pussy out to get ready to fuck.

Latrice!" Anthony shouted "Yes?" Latrice answered from the other room. "Come in here." Anthony ordered Latrice came in immediately.

"Brenda's going to teach that new girl how to eat pussy. I want you to help her, ok?" "Sure Anthony, what do you want me to do, just help her out?" "Yea, you know, she's got some serious skills but needs some breakin' in.

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But she's a virgin and I want to keep her little cherry in place. No fucking. You both got that? If that cherry gets broken both your asses are in some big trouble." "Yes" "Yes, very clear" "Good" he said, then turning back to Latrice he continued.

"I want her broken in but don't let that little stupid bitch go to falling in love with either of you. I'm going to bring a couple of guys in and have her suck their dicks some and I'll have her eat all y'all out also. I want her thinking she suppose to just be fuckin' and suckin' any and everybody I tell her to.

But no fuckin' until I sell her cherry. Got it?" "Yes" again they both answered. "Go get Michele and bring her in here" Anthony said to Brenda. Brenda hurried off and returned shortly with Michele, still naked, following her.

"Michele, Brenda says you want to eat her pussy." "Yes, I guess, if that's ok with you?" Answered Michele "I want you to eat Latrice out first. Lay down on the floor on your back. Latrice pull your drawers down and straddle her face." Anthony ordered Latrice was a slim, sexy very dark skinned black girl just out of her teens with straight hair and was one of Anthony's top girls.

She pulled her jeans and thong off and placed one foot on each side of Michele's head and squatted. Michele immediately went to work on Latrice's pussy with her tongue. She began by licking her dark labia which caused Latrice to get wet very soon. Latrice really enjoyed this. When Brenda went to get Michele Anthony had told Latrice he wanted her to queen Michele. Which was Anthony's way of keeping his girls in place.

Latrice loved queening and Anthony knew it. Which was why he choose her. "Oh yea girl that feels good. Eat my pussy white girl, eat my black pussy." Latrice said. And Michele gladly did. Just like sucking cock Michele took to eating pussy like a natural. Using her tongue she serviced Latrice's entire labia, then moved up to her clit. Michele knew from masturbation how sensitive the clit was and just as she suspected Latrice loved this. "Yea, lick that clit girl, lick that clit four boys having fuking one girl had squatted on Michele's face so that her asshole was just over her nose.

Latrice purposely did this to further dominate Michele. "Put that tongue up into my pussy girl.

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Fuck my pussy with your tongue." Ordered Latrice Michele of course did so which placed her nose right at Latrice's sphincter. She could smell Latrice's aroma very strongly and Michele found the combination of Latrice's pussy emo teen getting her cunt dildo fucked hard ass to be very arousing.

After getting her pussy well prepared and ready to finger Latrice then moved into her final phase of queening. "Ok girl, my pussy is good and ready. I'm going to finger it and I want you to lick my asshole." Michele did so without even thinking. In fact she had almost wanted to. She went to work on Latrice's sphincter with her well lubricated tongue.

Michele especially liked this. As much as she loved eating pussy this was even better. She not only ate her asshole but licked Latrice's ass crack as far up as she could and also placed tiny kisses all around her small, but sexy little ass.

Then returning to her asshole and forming her tongue into a tight little dart began to dig as far as she could into Latrice's asshole. "Fuck yea girl! Eat my asshole out white girl, eat my ass out!" Latrice was fingering herself very diligently and soon began to near orgasm. Michele continued to tongue fuck her asshole and soon Latrice orgasmed. After orgasming Latrice moved her pussy back over Michele's mouth and ground her pussy on Michele's tongue.

"Yea girl, eat my pussy juice. Lick all that pussy juice up girl. Eat me all over down there." Latrice ordered. Michele licked Latrice's entire bottom of her girl cum. Then Latrice rose back up and Anthony told her to go ahead out to work for the evening. "Now" said Anthony beauty learns to suck ampride schoolgirl hardcore to Michele "I want you and Brenda to eat each other out at the same time.

Brenda you get on top so Michele can eat your asshole out." Brenda sixty-nined Michele on top and they both went to work on each other's pussies.

Michele liked eating her pussy and Brenda liked eating Michele's. Then Anthony told Michele to lick Brenda's asshole like she did Latrice's Michele raised her head for access to Brenda's sphincter and went to work on her bottom. Soon Michele was close to an orgasm but Anthony ordered Brenda to stop. "Sit up Brenda and let Michele eat that pussy some more while you bring your pussy in her face.

Eat that pussy Michele. Lick her clit until she cums. You hear me?" "Yes Anthony I will." "Good, now shut up and go to work on that clit." This was Anthony's way of training his whores to serve not be served. Soon, due to Michele's talented tongue Brenda had orgasmed. "Ok Michele. Don't you eat any pussy or suck any dick unless I tell you to, you got that!" "Yes Anthony, I understand I will obey you." "Good, and most of all I don't want you sticking anything up your pussy until I tell you to.

You got that?" "Yes, I won't Anthony" "I want you naked when you here. You ain't to wear any clothes unless I tell you to or you go outside and don't go outside unless I tell you to, you understand?" "Yes Anthony, I understand completely." "Good.

Now I'm going out for a while. You stay here with Brenda. Brenda you stay here for the night. Don't let anybody in except me or the other girls. You got that." "Yes, Anthony" Anthony knew that he had Michele mostly under his control, that she just needed a little more breaking in and training. Keeping her totally naked while at home was one way of doing so as was having his friends and others come by and have her suck their dicks.

He also would have most of the girls queen her to some degree as that would psychologically place her at the bottom of the hierarchy which was where a new whore belonged.

But most of all Anthony wasn't going to allow Michele to have an orgasm except by him. At least until she was well bound to him. Michele, for all intents and purposes was now Anthony's property to do with as he wished.