Small red head teen anal xxx desperate for a gf he picks the doll he likes and orders her

Small red head teen anal xxx desperate for a gf he picks the doll he likes and orders her
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After the evening's festivities, the sisters decided it was time for bed. Christina walked back into her room, her belly still full of her sister's cum, moving around with each step she took. She put on a t-shirt and a pair of panties, and laid another bedsheet just a way to earn some cash with pleasure her bed, just in case all that cum inside leaked out over the night.

Hanna in the meantime grabbed a t-shirt of her own, and stood as she wondered what to put on the bottom. She decided to steal one of her dad's boxer briefs. He was always losing a pair here or there, so it wouldn't make much of a difference. She had a struggle a little getting her cock to fit in them, but she managed. She walked back downstairs, walked into her room, got under the covers, and fell asleep, just as her sister did in the next room.

The two sisters were passed out within ten minutes, nothing could wake them up. Not even the changes to their bodies that were about to happen. In Christina's room, a sudden chill fell over. She pulled the covers tighter.

The chill entered her body at her feet, and made its way to her belly. The cum inside dissolved, but not into one of her eggs. Instead, her body absorbed into her skin, and the chill feeling moved up and landed in her chest. While she slept, Christina's wish was about to become true. As more of the cum was absorbed by her breasts, the bigger they got. More tissue was added, and the milk glands became bigger.

Her areolas grew, and her nipples become more pronounced. By the time it was over, Christina now had breasts just like her sister's, same shape, feel, and characteristic. Next door, Hanna was about to get her wish. A deep cooling sensation came from within her testicles, and traveled up, and spread around her hips, and thighs. As the coolness sank in, her hips got just a little wider, and her thighs got a little thick, and the cool sensations traveled towards each, making more tissue in her ass, making the same size as Christina's, with maybe just a little extra thickness in her hips.

The next morning, Christina woke up. Her hand was on her belly, and she didn't feel that swelling that was there when she went to sleep. Instead, she felt more weight on her chest.

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She whipped off the covers and looked down her shirt. She then got up, walked over to the mirror, and took her shirt off. She indeed did have bigger tits. And not just that, carbon copies of Hanna's. Naturally, she grabbed them and squeezed to see how the feel. She squeezed a nipple, and discovered they're very sensitive. She squeezed them both lightly, and almost had an orgasm after a couple minutes. "Well that's nice. Now I get to share bras with Hanna. I'll just steal all the cute ones", she said to herself.

In the next room, Hanna woke up. Her cock enjoy my cute mom undressing in bed hidden cam still there, just a little hard. But she did notice there was a little extra weight somewhere. She didn't know quite where, so she got out of bed to take a look. As soon as she did, she noticed her hips were a little wider, and that her thighs looked a little thicker.

Hanna looked behind her, and saw fuller ass cheeks than she had last night. She walked over to the mirror to double check everything, and she did indeed grow a bigger butt, maybe even bigger than her sister's. She grabbed a roll of measuring tape, and wrapped it around her ass. All the way around, it measured 44 inches.

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"Now I definitely need to share pants with Christina. Oh well, I'll just steal her better pairs." Both sisters walked out naked, and greeted each other with smiles of passion and lust. They grabbed each other around the hips, and took notice of the changes. "I see somebody got bigger tits. They look just like mine", Hanna remarked.

"You got a little bigger around your butt, too. You measure it", Christina asked. "I now have a bigger ass than you. 44 inches," Hanna replied. "Damn, girl. Now I need a dick to bang you from behind with. Say, did you feel a little cold last night", Christina asked. black babe gets fucked pornstars and hardcore did, actually.

I don't know where it came from, but it must've had something to do with my ass getting bigger. Hey, your belly is flat." "Yeah, I wonder if maybe that cum isn't used to get pregnant. Maybe it's used to get something added to your body you want. And apparently, it works on you, too." "Well then we don't have much to worry about.

Unless you want to get pregnant?" "No I'd rather not. Let's go eat some breakfast." Neither one had anything else to do that day, so they weren't too anxious about getting ready for anything. They walked upstairs, hand in hand, to the kitchen.

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They each poured a bowl cereal and a glass of milk, and sat down to eat. Hanna looked her sister over as she ate. Christina's new D-cups looked amazing on her. Hanna wanted them wrapped around her cock desperately. She also wanted to put her cock up her sister's ass today. After they finished eating, they headed back downstairs, and turned on the TV. But they didn't make it very far, as within 10 minutes, they were in a make-out session on the couch.

The sisters were running their hands over every inch of each other's curves, gently caressing each other's breasts. Christina was on top of her sister, and could feel her sister's long cock getting hard. She wanted to do even more with her sister. She wanted to feel that hard cock in her ass. She had only done anal once, but this big cock wanted her to try it again.

Christina began kissing down her sister's body, her neck, her tits, her torso, and finally put her mouth on the big hard cock. She wanted to rock this cock with her mouth. She got it lubed up with her spit, and then went to town. She knew she wouldn't get it all, but that didn't matter. Hanna watched her sister go to town on her cock, and was enjoying herself very much. After about 5 minutes, Hanna said, "Put your new tits around my cock." Christina spit a little between her new D cups and wrapped them around her sister's cock.

Even with the size increase, they were still just a bit small to fit around Hanna's cock. But nonetheless, she still enjoyed that feeling. The only person who enjoyed that more was Hanna. She often wondered what it would feel like to be on the receiving end of a titfuck. She had given her boyfriend many titty fucks before.

It was probably the next best feeling after getting fucked in her pussy. After a few minutes of titty fucking, Christina went back to sucking her sister's cock.

Christina got on her fours and Hanna lined her cock up to her sister's mouth. Christina relaxed her jaw and opened her throat, and started the process of getting her sister's eleven inches. Every stroke took in a little more cock down her throat each time. Her eyes swelled with tears each time. Finally, Hanna grabbed the back of her sister's head and pulled it towards her as she pumped in. Christina felt her throat open completely as she stared wide-eyed at her sister's shaved pubic area.

Hanna almost xxx hot vip boom mal the urge to cum, but felt that she needed to hold back until she had another chance at her sister's pussy, and her ass. After deepthroating her sister's cock, Christina was all wet and ready to go.

Both of her thick thighs had pussy juice running down them.

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She stayed on all fours as Hanna walked behind her. Hanna ran her hands up and down Christina's thighs to get her fresh lube for her cock. Hanna put the tip of her cock against her sister's pussy and gave it a little tease.

Christina relaxed as much as she could for the large object that would be entering her pussy. Hanna put the tip in just a little bit, and gave a quick little stroke. She then grabbed her sister's waist, and pulled Christina towards her.

Christina let out a loud moan as she felt her pussy open up. After yesterday's adventures, she had no problem taking all of her sister's cock inside her pussy. She felt the cock bottom out against her cervix, and pull back out. Hanna continued with small, long strokes to get her sister warmed up. More pussy juice flowed out of Christina, and ran down her thighs. Cream began to build up on Hanna's cock.

Finally, Hanna began to pick up the pace. She grabbed hold of Christina's shoulders, and put more speed into her thrusting. Christina was grunting in pleasure with all the motion going on inside her pussy. "Yeah, that's it. Pound your big sister's pussy with your big cock. I fucking love it," Christina moaned. "You like it when I have control. You like it when I give to you goofy pretty little babe gets a white cock Hanna asked?

"Yes, give it to me, give it to me, OH FUCKING GIVE IT TO MEEE!" Christina launched herself off her sister's cock as a torrent of juice came squirting out of her pussy. Hanna watched as her sister flooded the couch, Christina's ass up in the air.

She knew that was the next thing to do. She wasn't sure if her sister wanted that, but she was going to put her big cock up her sister's phat ass, one way or another. Meanwhile, as Christina recovered from her orgasm, she was thinking the same thing.

She wanted to feel that big, hard cock inch its way up her ass. She had enough pussy juice running down her leg for Hanna to use as lube, plus she had a bottle in her bedroom in case she needed it. Christina stood up off the couch, grabbed her sister's cock, and stroked it while she kissed Hanna.

She then pulled away, and looked deep into her sister's eyes. "I want you to fuck me in the ass. I want to feel you stick that big, hard cock into my booty hole," Christina said. "There's nothing more I want. I want to see that big, fat butt bounce on my dick as it moves through your ass," Hanna replied. "Let's go to the bedroom," Christina said to her sister. She grabbed Hanna's dick and lead her to her bedroom. She closed and locked the door as Hanna walked over to the bed.

Christina walked over to her closet, and pulled a box down from the shelf. Inside was the bottle of lube, plus two babe in glasses is a cock teaser plugs, a small dildo, and a Magic Wand vibrator.

She set the box down on the bed, handed her sister the bottle of lube and the smaller butt plug, laid down on the bed, and said, "Get me ready." Hanna got down on the floor, opened the bottle of lube, and squeezed some onto her sister's pussy. She watched the lube run down to Christina's butthole, then caught it with the butt plug. She gently pushed the butt plug in, then pulled it put, pushed it in, then back out. After doing that a couple of times, Hanna put that butt plug aside, and replaced with the larger one.

Christina moaned as she felt her butthole open and close around the plug. She loved to toy her ass, even if she was by herself. She grabbed the Magic Wand, and turned it on to the lowest setting, just giving off a small vibe on her clit. By now, Hanna put that butt plug aside, and lubed up the dildo. She gently pushed the dildo up her sister's ass, and slowly began working that hole open.

Christina was floating in the clouds as the dildo went back and forth inside her butt, and as the small vibe got her juices flowing out of her pussy. After ten minutes, Hanna couldn't take it anymore. She needed to put her dick inside that butt. Her sister's hole had relaxed enough, she figured. She stuck the end of the lube bottle into her sister's ass and squeezed a generous amount in there.

Christina giggled a little at the feeling of the lube being shot up her ass. Hanna then ran the bottle of lube over her dick and applied a generous amount on that too. Then she gave her dick a couple of strokes it get it coated. Hanna thought she should've put on a condom, but she wanted to feel the real thing. She knew this was risky, but at this point, she knew it would be worth it. She had never taken a dick up the butt, and was now wishing she had so she could get the feeling.

Maybe if Christine grew a dick, she could have it too. Hanna lined up her cock with her sister's partially gaped asshole, and stuck the tip against it. She pushed a little, and Christina arched her back, and moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure. Hanna pushed a little more in, then drew back. She pushed in a little more, then pulled back again. Christina loved feeling that dick push in a little more, then pull back, then push a little more.

She actually found that more pleasurable then doing it in her pussy.

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Hanna now had over half her dick in her sister's ass, was enjoying it more and more the further she went in. The same went for Christina. She couldn't wait for all of that dick to be embedded in her ass.

But she felt it was time to change position.

She put her hands on the front of her sister's hips. "Lay down on the bed. I want to ride you," she said. Hanna got up and laid down on the bed. "Have your back towards me.

When I got all the way in, I want you to lean forward so I can watch your fat butt bounce," she said to Christina. Christina stood up on the bed, and lined the dick up to her asshole. As relaxed as she was, she was surprised at how much she was now able to get up her butt.

She looked down and saw that over 2/3 of her sister's dick was now up her ass. She could feel that thick pole run against the walls of her rectum. This is more wonderful than having it in my pussy, she thought. Hanna thought the same thing. Even more so, she had the majestic sight of her eleven-inch dick going up into her sister's 44-inch ass. She imagined that it was her that was getting the dick up her ass.

It could have very well been her, now that she had an ass that big now too. She looked over, and grabbed her sister's smaller butt plug, put some more lube on it, then slowly pushed it into her own ass. She loved playing with it as much as her sister loved playing with hers. By now, Christina was nearing towards the bottom of her sister's dick. Hanna grabbed her sister's hips and helped Christina get all the way down her big cock.

Christina's eyes rolled back into her head as the last bit of cock went into her ass. She rose up slowly, then set back down, back up, then back down. This was pleasure she had never known before.

She grabbed the magic wand, set it on medium, and placed it on clit. She leaned forward to give her sister the sight she desired. She slowly bounced her big ass on her sister's cock, until finally she was taking the whole length very easily up her butt. The magic wand on Drubbing oriental chicks pussy japanese and hardcore clit was doing a world of good as juices were running out of Christina's pussy.

Christina moaned like she had never felt any sort of pleasure before. To her, this was a whole new experience. Hanna was moaning a fair amount too, as he had never felt anything like this before. And the sight of her sister's fleshy ass rippling off her cock was adding to that.

She slapped her sister's ass until both cheeks were red. Then she leaned up, grabbed Christina around her middle, and set her on all fours. Hanna let her sister bounce the big booty off her dick doggystyle using no hands for a good while. Pussy juice was running down Christina's thighs once again, only this time it was twice the amount.

Christina had a couple small orgasms, but hadn't really been pushed to any extraordinary level. "Go harder. Fuck the literal shit out of me until I flood my room with my squirt," Christina moaned to her sister. "Don't need to tell me twice.

You'll be screaming by the time I'm done," Hanna whispered into her sister's ear, followed by a kiss on the neck. Hanna put the speed of her thrusts past full speed, and started drilling away in her sister's asshole.

Christina screamed in pleasure as she felt her asshole get ripped open by her sister's big cock. She could feel all sorts of pressure build up inside. This was going to be the biggest orgasm of her life.

Her insides felt like they were on fire as an explosion took place in her pussy. "OH MY FUCKKKK!" Christina launched herself off her sister and rolled off her bed onto the floor, all while spraying massive amounts of her squirt all over her room. Hanna, the bed, the walls, clothes laying on the floor, all got hit with her pussy juice.

At one point, Christina's bladder let go, and Christina wound up pissing on her bedroom floor. Her butt hole was now a large gaping hole, and leaked a little bit. She laid in a puddle of squirt and piss for well over ten minutes as her orgasm subsided. Hanna watched all this in amazement. Laying in her sister's bed, soaked in pussy juice, she was bewildered that all this had happened because she wanted a dick. But now that she had seen all this, she decided that it was time to go back to her original self.

She wanted her pussy back. She wanted to see if she could do what her sister had just done. She wanted that large cock in her pussy so she could squirt. She wasn't sure if she wanted it up her butt, she just wanted to feel a large cock inside her, with that cock coming sweet schoolgirl plays with a big dick her sister.

As Christina recovered from her orgasm, all she wanted right now was to deepthroat her sister's cock, and swallow every last drop of cum until her belly was busting full. She got up on her fours, crawled back to the bed, and went right to town sucking Hanna's cock. Hannah sat on the edge of the bed, thrusting her cock down Christina's throat. She was going to bust a nut soon, and she wanted to unload with her cock pointed right down her sister's throat towards her stomach.

With a low grunt and a moan, cum erupted from deep in Gorgeous teen gets her pussy plowed hard pornstars cumshot balls.

The first shot of cum went straight down Christina's throat into her stomach. Christina kept her mouth tight against her sister's pelvis. She was not going to come up for air until all the cum coming out of her sister was swirling around in her stomach.

After 8 spams, the cum started to just trickle out of Hanna's cock. She emptied her entire nutsack right down her sister's throat, and was completely wore out from everything they had down the last two days.

She pulled her dick from Christina's mouth, hot japanese filly gets pleasured with toys laid back on the bed. Christina stood up and looked around the room. Everything was covered in her squirt, and there was a spot on the carpet from where she had messed herself.

She didn't feel embarrassed about this one bit. All she wanted was to return the favor. How she was going to be able to do that she didn't know. Whether she grew a dick of her own was yet to be determined, but she hoped that it would happen. After a few minutes, Hanna got up, looked at the mess they had made, looked at her sister, the small gut her sister had form ingesting all that cum, and said, "I don't know about you, but I'm going to take a shower." "Yeah, you go ahead.

I'm going to go lay down in your bed since mine is a mess," Christina said. Hanna walked out of the room, and headed for the bathroom. She closed the door, walked over to the shower and turned it on. She looked at herself in the mirror, and closed her eyes. The last few days had been fun, but she wished she was back to her normal self. She walked back into the shower, and lathered herself up. She closed her eyes once more, and imagined herself back with her pussy. All of a sudden, she felt a chill, even with the hot water on.

She opened her eyes, and found that her dick was gone. Her pussy had been brought back. Damn, it's nice to see that thing, she thought. Meanwhile, Christina laid down in Hanna's bed to catch a nap. As she started to fall asleep, she imagined everything that had happened, but in reversed roles. As she saw all this play out in her mind, a chill started in her belly.

While she slept, a set of balls formed out of her pussy, and her clit grew and expanded, until had grown into the dick that she had been wanting. But this one wasn't the same as her sister.

This one was just a tad bigger&hellip.