Gia derza in my new black stepdaddy

Gia derza in my new black stepdaddy
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I was starting college, fresh out of high-school and barely eighteen. My family lived out of town, about a half hour commute to the school. I couldn't afford a car nor would I be able to afford the gas, my friend and her family invited me to live with them. Sarah had always been there for me, even if I hadn't always been available to her. Her and her family treated me like I was their own. They often took me to dinner, out to see movies, even to really expensive concerts that I would have never been able to experience without them.

I did love them, but being the loner I was I hardly ever gave Sarah the time of day. Regardless I felt enough for them all that I called Sarah my sister and referred to her parents as 'mom' and 'dad'. Two months in and I was bored out of my mind. Sarah and I shared a room and she was home the majority of the time.

I constantly felt myself catering to their every whim and need as none of them did much, aside from her hard working dad. My classes didn't offer me much excitement. No one really talked to me, not that I would usually mind that, but I had been curious about college parties and adventures.

However I aryas peachy tight cunt fucked by a massive jmacs cock stuck with my old friends from high school, mostly boys. Out of our small group I had probably slept with a third of the men and two of the girls.

I was always careful and knew better, but I'm often horny and bored and we all know what happens when those two are combined. The past week I was hiding from my friends. They were all as broke as I was and therefore useless, because none of them were good enough to fuck sober. So for the most part I did homework, listened to music, and watched shows on Netflix (which is obviously the devil at work). For the first time in a while Sarah, mom and her brother (Chuck) were all gone.

Sarah and mom were on a mother-daughter bonding mission and Chuck was at his lousy fast-food job. Did I forget to mention that both of these kids are in their twenties and still living at home? Anyhow, I had done about everything I could do with Sarah gone. I cleaned my side of the room, I went through all my clothes and my poor lingerie that I never got to wear any more and even painted my nails. A hot bath sounded nice.

I stripped myself hot teen lesbian having sex with busty asian and pulled on my silky black robe, a present I had received from one of my male friends that got too attached (which happens more often than I'd like to admit). I headed to the bathroom. Charles, the man I refer to as Dad, was in the living room.

He peeked up over the newspaper. It was a little odd, I don't think I've ever been alone with him before. Then again, he was usually pretty busy. I gave a small smile and he returned it, then hid back behind his paper.

I was in the bathtub for maybe twenty minutes just relaxing then spent the next twenty minutes doing my beauty routine. Shaving my legs and lady parts, exfoliating with my own concoction making my skin smooth as a baby's butt, and then began the process of applying lotion all over myself.

I dried and brushed my hair and blonde babe blows cock and rides like cowgirl hardcore and big dick myself with some of my favorite perfume (another gift), simply because it relaxed me. Finally I was fit for a good night out, except I had no where to go.

Exiting the bathroom I ran into Charles. I apologized, he only chuckled. I noticed him glancing repeatedly at my chest. My robe had loosened and one of my breasts was exposed. I blushed and tightened it quickly enough. "I'm so sorry," apologizing again I could feel just how hot and red my face was. "That's ok, Clair." He hushed out. Charles was the nicest man I knew, but I had no doubt that he was a pervert. He was always glancing at me when I was wearing this short robe, or my tiny pj bottoms, or even when I was dressed in my revealing and tight fitting party clothes.

I awkwardly slid between him and the wall and went to the room. I sighed with relief that Sarah wasn't back, because then I'd have to explain why I looked the way I did.

I couldn't help to feel a bit excited. I guess I had always been a bit of an exhibitionist. I loved the idea of people looking at my naked body, watching me play with myself or others.

I felt myself contract slightly and I knew exactly what I'd do to cure my boredom. I leaned against the door and ran my hands across my hips and then to my lady parts.

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My crotch was hot and slightly moist. I let out a tiny whine as I ran my finger over my clitoris. I was really horny, I wanted to be fucked so badly.

I began rummaging thru my black bin next to my bed and pulled out my favorite vibrator. It was very realistic at 6", a pale flesh color and extremely soft. The tip was curved up and I loved when it would rub against my g-spot. I had just sat down and spread my lips with one hand, rubbing my clitoris with the toy using my other hand when the door opened.

"Clair, I made us some dinner-" Charles looked up and just stared for a moment. I didn't know what to do, when the teenager in me kicked in. "Get out!" I screamed, scrambling for my blanket and attempting to cover my naked body. "Oh, I'm so sorry. Yes, right away." He shyly left the room, his glasses fogged up and his cheeks flush. I'm not sure if I was more freaked out or turned on. Of course until the anger hit me.

He bigtits stepdaughter rides cock outdoors reality and amateur that on purpose! I know he did, at least he must have. In my rage I pulled my tiny robe back on and stormed out of the room. Charles was in the kitchen, staring down into the sink and washing dishes as if nothing had happened. I calmed myself, remembering that this was his house, he was allowing me to live here rent free and also that he was the nicest man ever.

I slowed down and quietly stepped into the kitchen. He looked up, entirely calm with that honest smile on his face as usual. "Listen Charles," I began, knowing something needed to be said, but wishing I had thought it over more first.

"I do appreciate you letting me stay here, but we have to set some boundaries." I crossed my arms over my chest, uncomfortable as he just stood there and stared. "I know you peep at me and it's just not okay. I'm your daughter's best friend. I call you Dad!" I bit my lip and looked away. He was just so quiet and kept on smiling. "I. I . I just need a bit of privacy is all." I looked up at him, he didn't move.

I nodded and turned around, extremely uncomfortable. "Don't worry, I won't tell Mrs. Rite." Mr. Rite suddenly began to chuckle. First it was quiet and then grew into a bellowing laugh. My eyes grew wide and I stared at him. Was this funny to him?

"You sure are a confident little bitch," my jaw dropped. I have never been so shocked by something in my entire life. "I don't care if you tell Margret, go right ahead. She won't give a damn, because she has no where else to go and no one else to take care of her." He was probably right about that, but I certainly had never expected something so wrong to come from his mouth.

He took a step toward me. I was frozen where I stood. "Mr. Rite?" I gulped, fear creeping upon me as I got a gut feeling that I should leave. "I never asked to be your father. I'm not interested in that type of thing. but if it's what you like, go ahead and call me 'daddy'." His smile morphed into an evil grin. "You're just a simple whore.

Everyone has seen your body, why not flaunt it a bit more for me?" He took another step forward and finally my body listened to my brain. I turned and began running toward my bedroom. The bedroom that I shared with his daughter. I had barely gotten into the living room when he grabbed the back of my robe. The loose tie came undone again and my robe was yanked off of me as I fell to the floor. I stared up at Charles, his eyes latched on my bare ass.

"Stop acting like you don't want me. I know you get off to the idea of an old man like me raping you." He licked his lips, chills ran across me. "Mr. Rite, please! Get a hold of yourself!" I cried out. His huge juggs stepmom and teenie horny trio on the couch came down onto my ass.

He put most of his weight onto me as he leaned in, "I told you, Clair, you can call me 'daddy'." I felt tears begin spilling onto my cheeks. "Oh, Clair. I'm sorry. I never meant to make you cry." His foot came off of me and I pulled myself to my knees.

He backed away slowly, while staring at my robe in his hand. I bolted for my room and slammed the door shut behind me. I fell against it and began to sob. "Clair, darling, I'm so sorry. Please open up. Are you alright?" I breathed deep, gathering myself. "Go away, Charles!" I screamed, huddling my knees to my chest.

I could tell he was just behind the door. It was disgusting, but my crotch was even wetter. Was he right? Of course not! I'm not an animal, I'm not gross like that! I gulped and covered my crotch with my hand. My clitoris was swollen and my vagina aching to be fucked. Charles stepped away from the door, and it sounded like he left. I couldn't hear the car from this side of the house, but he very clearly shut the front the door and the dogs were whining at it.

Quickly pulling my hand away, I got up to crawl into my bed. How would I even deal with this? Obviously I was going to have to move, but where would I go?

My toy was sitting on my bed, I picked it up to put it away when the door flew open and Charles came in. "Get out!" I screamed, a new set of tears began to bubble over. "Be quiet, you'll disturb the neighbors." I shook my head in anger and disbelief.

"I will scream for help if you don't leave me alone!" He chuckled. I saw what he had in his hands. A ball gag, that soft polyester rope I had read so much about, and other things tucked into a black bag.

"We'll see about that." Before I could really react he was on me, forcing me back onto my bed. He forced my head down into my blanket as I screamed out for help.

He held my wrist against the small of back. "Be a good girl for Daddy, or I'll have to punish you." I tried to shake him off. His knee came down and he put all of his weight onto me, pinning my wrist against my back using his knee and body weight.

My free hand gripped onto my sheets. "You're hurting me!" I bawled, choking slightly on my own spit. "I told you to be a good girl!" His voice became more stern. I couldn't tell what he was doing, my crying was too loud. It seemed to take forever, but beautiful latina bangs stranger at his home he had a loop around my each of my wrists and in the bathroom faith leon kelly madison of my thighs.

He got off of me. I couldn't move my wrists. I think I started crying even more. "Please Mr. Rite, please let me go! I promise to be good.

I'll be a good girl, just untie me." I begged. He shook his head. "How stupid do I look? You'll have to earn my trust." Grabbing the rope between my wrists he yanked me to my feet.

My knees quickly collapsed and I feel to the floor. I began screaming, but he had already forseen this. The ball-gag was in my mouth and tied around my head. I stared up at him. He smiled, seemingly satisfied with himself.

His hand came down and roughly grabbed my breast. I flinched away from him. Charles frowned. Grabbing a leather dog collar he put it my hot horny black stepmom complete series my throat and attached a leather leash. He yanked my head forward. "Unzip me." I stared at him in horror. "Use your mouth you stupid whore and unzip me." I tried pulling away, but he kept yanking me back with the leash.

He reached back and grabbed a whip with several strands, a jav collection big boobs breast milk digital o' nine tails to be precise.

He brought it down on my breasts, hard, then pushed the ball gag out of my mouth and let it fall around my neck. The instant stinging of the whip made me choke on air.

"Now, unzip me," I was in too much shock to comprehend and I paid for it, as he quickly brought it down on my breasts from the opposite side. My nipples were so hard, and I could tell I was sopping wet.

What the hell is wrong with me? Hesitantly I slowly got closer to his crotch. His hand shoved the back of my head into his crotch. He was rock hard, and hot lesbians with hairy cunts enjoy oral sex I don't generally use my face to judge, he seemed very big.

He had already unbuttoned himself, I just had to use my tongue to get the zipper piece to stick out. I then used my teeth to yank it down. It took a few tries and I could tell Charles was becoming impatient. Finally I got it undone. He shoved his pants and boxers down, never letting go of the leash. He made me keep my head right near his crotch. His cock flopped out, erect and at least eight or nine inches long.

I gulped, I never would have expected his penis to be so large or his balls so big. "Now suck it," he commanded, whipping my breasts again. I flinched, but did as I was told. I tentatively put my mouth around his head and began doing the up and down motion I'd do when I was lazy. He shoved my head forward and held me there, I gagged and coughed, fearing for my life.

I somehow found a way to breathe thru my nose and followed his hand motions, going back and forth. "Use your tongue more, whore." He groaned out. I used my tongue as much as I could as he thrust into my mouth. He pushed my head back, pulled his dick to lean against his stomach and then shoved my nose and mouth against his balls. "Lick them," He kept his hand on the back of my head, I obeyed him, disgusted with myself.

He sighed, relaxing. I knew this was my chance. I suddenly bit down on his ball-sack and went to stand. He yelled and just as quickly as I acted, he reacted. The whip came down on my back. I instinctively released and he pushed me onto my back. "Stupid cunt!" He shoved his bare foot onto my lips, and roughly rubbed his foot back and forth. "I told you to be a good girl!" It hurt so bad, my clitoris was literally being crushed and his toes were digging into my bald mound. I cried out, trying to crawl away to no avail.

"Please! I'm sorry, daddy! I'll be good, I promise!" I begged him. I could tell he was pleased. He smirked, adjusting his balls and removing his foot. I lay there in pain, tears streaming down my cheeks and onto the floor. "Get on the bed." The leash yanked me up and I clumsily found a way to my knees and then my feet. I crawled onto the bed. "Put your head down and stick your ass up high." I obeyed, crying into my sheets. The whip came down on my ass cheek. "Count aloud," the whip came down again.

"Two." I yelped out, turning my head to the side so I could breath. "Three. Four. Five." The whip seemed to be coming harder and harder, or maybe it was because by this point my ass was bright red and covered in welts. I continued to boys fucking outdoor tube porn until finally the tenth strike. My cheeks burned.

He had even gotten my lips on the last one and I had screamed out the number 'ten', biting down onto my blanket. His hand busty blonde babe enjoys riding big black rod caressed my cheek, Charles ran his fingers across some of the welts.

"Mmm," He sighed then moved his fingers to my lips. "Spread you legs," I did as I was told. My clitoris and opening now feeling the cool breeze of the ceiling fan.

"Whats this?" His fingers ran from my clit to my anus. "You're soaking wet!" He laughed heartily, "What a fucking whore you are!

Did you like it that much? Should I punish you more?" He was practically yelling at me as he laughed. "Please, no." I cried quietly, my face red. I was already so embarrassed. I really am disgusting. He looked down and saw my favorite toy beside my pillow. He grabbed it up and turned it on the lower vibration setting.

"Is this the toy I hear so often?" I cringed at the thought of him listening to me masturbate. He ran the head of it against my clitoris. Despite myself I let out a small moan of pleasure. "Does that feel good? You repulse me, getting off on an old man playing with you." He chuckled. The toy went from my clitoris to my vagina. He shoved it into the opening, then pushed it again, forcing the somewhat thick toy into me. I yelped as I felt myself stretch to the size of it.

"Please!" I cried, "please be gentle with me, Daddy. I'm trying to be a good girl." He shook his head. "Stop lying you slut!" He began thrusting the toy in and out of me. I cried out, but I only became wetter.

"Fuck, I just can't take this any more." He hastily yanked the toy from me. I breathed heavily into my sheets. I honestly didn't want him to stop, even if it did hurt. Mr. Rite climbed onto the bed behind me.

His clammy hands grabbed my thick hips and he began poking me with his cock. He did this a few times until he finally found my hole, leaving my lips sore, and began shoving himself inside me. He was just as thick as my toy, but I knew he was longer.

"Please Mr. Rite--" He yanked my leash. "You should refer to your daddy in the correct manner, cow!" He smacked my ass, making me scream out. "Please daddy, please don't!" He chuckled. "Oh yes," I shook my head. "No, please, you don't have a condom on!" He threw his head back laughing. "It wouldn't feel as good if I did have one on!" He held my hips and pulled me back as he pushed forward. "So. tight! I expected you to be much looser, whore." I cringed, my finger nails biting deep into my palms.

"It hurts!" I exclaimed. Charles pulled back, leaving just the head in. I knew what was coming. I tried to crawl, but he had a hold of my waist and suddenly thrust into me, forcing his member all the way inside.

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I gasped for air, he groaned out and then pulled back and then pushed in again. Tired of my crying, he shoved my head into the blankets and began fucking me. I cried and cried. His hand eventually left my head and found its way to my hanging breasts. He roughly fondled them, his sweaty body against my back. He slowly dragged his hands from my breasts, to my stomach and waist and then finally he stopped at my cunt.

He rubbed his fingers against my clit. I tried so hard not to, but I couldn't contain myself. I moaned out, and continued to do so. It felt so good.

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He was filling me with his dick, continuously rubbing against my g-spot, and now he was rubbing my clitoris and it was just too much. "Tell daddy how much you like it!" He commanded, rubbing me even faster, now slinking his free hand into my hair and grabbing a handful close to the roots.

"I love it, Daddy! More, please, more!" He laughed. I was beside myself. It felt so good, so wrong. I wanted it to stop, but I wanted more. "I'm going to cum!" The reality hit me. "No, please! Please not inside of me!" He laughed more. "Enjoy it whore!" He rubbed my clit, and thrust faster, grunting. "Stop! Stop, please!" The dried tears on my cheeks began getting wet again as new ones started. I don't think I've ever cried so much in my life. "Be quiet! I'm . I'm cumming!" He slowed to a stop.

I felt the warm liquid rush into my womb. I hated it, but it was warming and soothing to my sore crotch.

His hand started again and I couldn't contain it. My walls contracted against his softening dick and I moaned out.

Again and again and again I tightened around him, my legs shaking and feeling weak. I collapsed. He pulled out of me and stood tall. "Mmmm, that felt great." Charles sighed out, rubbing his cock, letting it become limp. He turned to find his boxers and stumbled back. "Chucky!" I lifted my head and stared at Sarah's older brother in the door way.

He stood there, staring, his mouth open and his cock in his hands. "I'm. I'm sorry." He stammered. Charles again let out a hearty laugh mom and son dad out xnxx I buried my head, misery and embarrassment flooding over me. Things couldn't get much worse than this.