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Super dp slut sofia is fucked up the ass
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Naïve, and Oh So Naughty by Stifflittlepoints "Hi, John, it's Carrie Ellsworth." "Oh, hi, Carrie. Good to hear from you.

How's Jeremy doing?" "Fine, thanks. Listen, we'd love to have you over for supper. Are you free tonight?" "For a free meal, I'm always available." "Great!

See you around six, okay?" "Sure." I had wondered what the family had gotten in to the weeks since I had seen them last. But truth to tell, my curiosity was most taken by the Ellsworth's older daughter, Tara.

She had just entered high school, and was a stunning beauty. I'd only met her briefly the last time I was invited for dinner. I arrived at the time Carrie had suggested, my typical bottle of wine in hand. Jeremy, her husband answered the door. "Hi, John," he said, taking my hand in a firm and friendly handshake. "Good to see you again." "Likewise," I replied, looking him directly in the eye. I could detect no anger, no resentment. Clearly, whatever emotions my last visit had stirred up had been laid to rest peacefully.

Suddenly, a large weight slammed into my leg. "Hi, Mr. Garber," a young voice piped up. I looked down to see Ruby, fully dressed, giving my leg an innocent bear hug. "Um, hi," I replied, feigning a puzzled look. "Do I know you?" "Hey!" She frowned up at me. "Of course you do!" "Nope," I said. "I don't think I've ever seen you before." "Yes, you did," she shrieked, pounding me on the leg with a fist.

"You saw me the last time you were here!" "That's right, I remember now," I kidded. Ruby smiled and headed back into the living room. "She's behaving a lot better since you came over that night," Jeremy said, with a rueful look on her face.

"Listen, John, I never got the chance to properly thank you. She was out of control before you. um.

Before you took her in hand, you know?" That wasn't where I took her, I thought, but kept it to myself. "No problem, Jeremy," I replied out loud. "It was my pleasure, believe me." "Oh, I do," he said, shaking his head.

"We're lucky to have a guy like you in the neighborhood. Everybody says so." Right. Everybody's happy to have me around. But, whatever you might think, apparently that was actually the case.

I followed Jeremy into the kitchen, where Carrie was preparing what looked to be a fantastic meal. She accepted the wine graciously, and gave me a welcoming hug. "Good to see you again, John," she said, her luscious body pressed up against mine. "You're looking lovely as always, Carrie," I said.

"Oh, you." She swatted my chest. "Flatterer." She broke away to return to the stove. Jeremy poured me a glass of wine. We made some small talk, discussing the neighborhood families. "Gwen tells me that you helped them out with the difficulties they were having with Mark," Carrie said.

"It was nothing," I said. "Just a matter of helping Gwen and Arnie see their kids in a more, um, mature way." "I'm sure," she winked. "In any case, Mel and Mark both seem much happier since then." "Tara says they've all started doing things together as a family again," Jeremy said. "Speaking of which," Carrie said smoothly. "We have something of a proposition for you, John." "An ulterior motive, hmm? I should sweet schoolgirl plays with a big dick known," I teased.

"No, no," Jeremy said, earnestly. "We were glad to have you over in any case. It's. well, a bit delicate, I guess." He looked over at Carrie, a little helplessly. She smiled at him encouragingly. "It's like this, John," she said. "You have such a way with the kids around here.

And as you know, our Tara's something of a looker." "I've noticed," I said frankly. "So have all the neighborhood boys," Jeremy said, frowning. "That's to be expected, isn't it?" "Yes, but she's not handling it well, so far," Carrie said. "She's not nice to the boys.

She's aloof, and sometimes alarmingly mean-spirited." "She's just a kid," I said. "She can hardly have had time to come to grips with her attractiveness." "That's just it," Jeremy replied, taking a sip of wine. "She needs practice. She needs to be able to accept the attention without acting like a prima donna." "We'd like you to take her out on a date," Carrie said.

My jaw must have dropped to the floor. Me? Take this freshman girl out on a date? What were they expecting?

"A date?" "I know," Jeremy said. "It's a little out of the ordinary. I mean, you're what, twenty-six?" "Twenty-eight, actually." "And she's only sixteen, so it's a bit uneven in age, but she needs to see what it's like being with a man who's not just drooling all over her. Someone who can resist her charms." "And what makes you think I'm the man you're looking for?" "Oh, don't be silly, John," Carrie said.

"We know how you've been able to keiran lee private porn story the kids around here, and it's not been easy, I'm sure.

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I mean, Ruby was practically throwing her naked body at you the last time you were here, but you managed to keep her in line." I shook my head, pretending to think it over. But inside, I was elated. Tara was an astonishingly beautiful young woman. Melanie Johnson, her friend, was quite attractive, but she was a plain spinster compared to Tara.

Jeremy mistook my silence for uncertainty. "Look, John, we won't stand over your shoulder while you're out with our daughter. You can do whatever you want with her." Carrie shot him a look, her face suddenly flushed.

Jesus! Carte blanche! "Anything?" "Yes," he replied resolutely. "We'll give you all night, if you need it. All I ask is that you have her back by midnight." "That's very generous," I said slowly. "Then you'll do it?" Carrie said, bouncing on her toes. "Only if you let me do it right," I replied solemnly. Carrie's nipples were hard as diamonds, poking through her shirt.

I had an idea what was getting her so excited. "Next Saturday night, I'll be here at 7 PM. Have her ready to go. I want her in an evening dress, light makeup. I'm not looking for cute here, or pretty. We want sexy, get it?" "I'm not sure." Jeremy started but Carrie cut in. "Yes, we get it. What else?" "Flimsy underthings. Stuff that make a woman feel desirable," I went on inexorably. "No problem," Carrie said breathlessly. "We'll go shopping this week.

Grooming?" "Whatever a young woman would do to make herself irresistible to a man she wants to bed," I said calmly.

"Now, wait a second," Jeremy said. "Whatever I want, you said, Jeremy," I said, fixing him with a stern glance. "You have to trust me, here. I figure you already do, or you wouldn't have invited me to take your young daughter on a date. She needs to learn a little humility; it seems to me. You've seen The Taming of the Shrew?" "Oh," he said, clearly relieved.

Not that he had any reason to be, of course. "I get it. You're going to, um, bring her down a notch, I guess." "So. I'll see you Saturday night, then." * * * The week seemed to drag by, but finally Saturday rolled around. I got myself done up, fresh haircut, close shave, light blazer and tie, good aftershave.

I took my time, and arrived at the Ellsworth's at 7:15. I sauntered up the path and rang the doorbell. "Hi, John," Jeremy said. "Um, Tara's a little upset you're late." "I bet she is," I smiled. I walked past my date's father and into their house. Tara was standing in the hallway, her arms crossed, actually tapping her foot. A petulant frown creased her pretty doll-like features. Carrie stood behind her, a pained expression on her face.

Jeremy stood next to me. "Well," she huffed. "I black big ass babe drilled by white dude know that I want to go on a date with somebody who can't even manage to show up on time." I took a moment to calmly look her up and down.

She flushed at my frank appraisal. Her light brown hair was loose around her shoulders, framing her face to perfection. She had a loose peasant-type blouse, light blue, semi-sheer, which had a tendency to slip off one shoulder, revealing the strap of a darker blue lacy camisole underneath. The pattern of the lace was barely visible through the sheer cotton of the blouse.

Her developing breasts pushed the cami and shirt out, but clearly were small enough not to require any kind of support as of yet. The blouse went below her waist, and it was cinched tight with a white belt, emphasizing the gentle curves of her blossoming waist. She had a flowery skirt that went about halfway down her thighs, pleated and flirty. Below, she was wearing a pair of white sandals that matched her belt. Her legs were beautifully proportioned, slim and tapering.

It was hard, looking at her, to believe she was only sixteen years old, especially as she was wearing very sophisticated make-up on her small face, emphasizing her deep sea-blue eyes and full sensuous lips.

She fidgeted before my glare, obviously unused to being treated so casually. "Really?" I raised an eyebrow. "So you've decided to be judge and jury, have you? A grown woman would wait for an apology before making accusations." "I." She paused, and had the grace to look down. Carrie's surprised face showed a newfound respect for me.

"As it turns out, I had something that came up that required my immediate attention, so I apologize for being a little late." She looked up and smiled tentatively. "However," I went on, "I came here expecting to go on a date with a mature woman, not a child." "What?" Her head snapped up, and her eyes flashed fire at me. "How dare you?" "I dare, Tara. And I will make a promise to you right now.

I will treat you like a woman tonight, as long as you act like one. I will not tolerate this act of yours, that you are better than everybody else." I held up my hand as she took a breath to break in. "And in return, you will promise to behave yourself, or else." "Or else what?" she asked defiantly, storms crossing her expression. "Or else this. Every time you act like a snotty child, you will forfeit one piece of clothing to me." Carrie took a sharp breath, her face suddenly flushed behind her daughter.

Jeremy, likewise, gasped. But both parents were silent, even as Tara looked wildly from me to them for support. "And to make it clear that we're not playing a child's game, your belt and your sandals, or any other accessories, will not count as pieces of clothing." "Oh. My. God," Tara blinked. "Are you serious? You can't do that!" "I have your parents' go-ahead for this," I said confidently.

"You don't hear them complaining, do you?" "No way," she said furiously. "There's no way! I was so looking forward to going out on a real grown-up date, and you're putting these stupid restrictions on me? I won't have it!" "Careful, Tara," I said. "I made a promise to you, and if you accept it and behave yourself, there is no reason that we can't have a lovely time tonight. I have a great evening planned for you. All you have to do is show how mature you can be." "I." She paused and stared at me.

God, she was so lovely, so perfect in her imperious assumption of her own perfection. It seemed a shame to break that, but I knew that with a little humility, she would truly come into her beauty. "All. all right," she muttered. "What was that? I couldn't hear you," I said firmly.

"I said, all right, already," she said a little shrilly. "I'll go along with your little perverted scheme." "That's your last outburst like that, young lady," I said, unperturbed by her intent to keep control. "The next one will cost you. Shall we go?" I offered my arm to her. She pursed her lips in frustration at her inability to rile me, then sighed theatrically and put her hand on my arm.

"Have a good time, Tara, sweetie," Carrie said. "Curfew's one o'clock, young man," Jeremy said affably. "Never you worry, Jeremy," I said. "I'll have her back in time." ***** I opened the car door for Tara, and she flounced in, spreading her skirt primly across her knees. She glared up at me, but I smiled blandly back at her and closed the door. She had such pretty pink cheeks when she was mad.

I strolled around the car and got in next to her, not sparing her a glance. As I pulled out of the driveway, I could hear her snort. "So, Mr. Garber. I've heard all kinds of things about you." "Careful, Tara," I said. I looked straight ahead. "Careful about what?" she smirked. "You know that Mel's my best friend, right? Did you think whether what you'd done with her wouldn't get back to me?" "And exactly what did I do to her?" I asked calmly. "You're nothing but a big pervert, aren't you, Mr.

Garber? The kind of guy who likes to get off with younger girls, right? Your sick, you know." "Big words," I said softly. "Are you sure you want to go there right now?" "Why not?" she huffed, turning in her seat to face me. "I'm not afraid of you." "Mel's your age, isn't she?" "Uh, yeah?

So what?" I looked over at her. She flushed. "And did Mel tell you the whole story? Did you even listen to her?" "I listened." "No.

You're going to listen now." I pulled the car over to the side of the road and shut the engine off. She looked a little flustered. Her nipples looked more prominent. Was she turned on by this? "Did Mel tell you that she enjoyed herself? Did she tell you that her family is doing much better since I helped them out?" I stared at my date, forcing my confidence in my moral superiority on her.

She glanced down, upset at her inability to hold my gaze. "Do you know what, Tara? I think Mel's more of a grown woman than you are. She not only teased me with her body, she was a true participant in everything that happened." "You're just gross," she whispered.

"No, I'm not. You are, for failing to see the love that entered Mel's life. And because you've once again failed to show how mature you are, you have forfeited a piece of clothing." "Jesus," she flared.

Her angry eyes dared me to slap her across the cheek. I withheld, denying her the satisfaction. "You can't force me to do anything, pervert," she spat. "No, but I can turn right around and drop you off at home, letting everybody see your humiliation that you couldn't pull off a date with a grown man." I let her fume, stewing in her whirling thoughts.

She sighed and rolled her eyes theatrically. She was stunningly beautiful. "Fine, Mr. Pervert. You're so smart. How am I going to give you a piece of clothing and still go to a respectable restaurant?" "I thought you were smarter than that, yourself," I laughed. "You can't give me your skirt or your blouse, obviously. If you gave me your cami, it would be too obvious." "Oh. My. God," she whispered, her eyes suddenly wide. "You can't mean my panties." Obviously she hadn't expected to get to such an intimate stage so quickly on her first real date.

"Yes, I do. Hand them over. Now!" She jumped at the last command, and her shoulders drooped. "Okay," she said quietly. "But. could you at least turn away?" "Of course," I said. I looked out the driver's window. The evening was dark already, and the few cars that passed us were going too quickly to see into the dim interior of my car.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," I heard her mutter. There was a rustling of cloth, a little feminine grunt, and then she settled back into place. "You can turn back now," she said softly. I looked over at her. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes a little wild. She held out a scrap of cloth to me. "Here. This is what you wanted, isn't it?" "That's your interpretation, Tara. It was your actions that brought this on, not mine. I would have been perfectly contented to have a normal, romantic date with a mature young woman." I took the tiny lace panties from her, and looked at them briefly before putting them in my jacket pocket.

"If everything had gone perfectly, I would have much rather seen them on you than off." She gasped, then turned to stare out the window. I paused for a second, to see if she had anything else to say, but when she was quiet, I turned the car back on and pulled back into traffic. ***** We pulled up to the restaurant. It was a lovely Italian place, with valet parking. I knew the atmosphere was quiet and intimate, soft candle lighting, secluded booths.

"When you get out, Tara," I said before reaching the valet, "I'd recommend swinging both legs out of the car at the same time. You don't want to." "Okay, okay," she said, then giggled. "I know, right?

I wouldn't want to give the poor man a heart attack." nastystorysex fairy tales com free porn storys xxx porn movies nasty story yousex fairy tales gratis was all prim and proper exiting the car, carefully placing her legs together before standing. Nobody would be able to tell a thing. And yet, here I was with a young angel going commando. I felt a strange rush of power, a feeling of experience that nobody else was likely to get.

Inside, the maître d' was all smiles and flowery Italian gestures. He called Tara the senorita, never making the mistake of referring to her as my daughter. Of course, I had made sure of that ahead of time.

Tara sucked it all up, her smile brilliant. She leaned into me as we walked into the restaurant, all eyes on her. Her hips had a little sway, and she looked up at me with happy eyes. "Now, this is what I was hoping for," she smiled.

"And it's easy enough to come by, as long as you keep your side crazy asian teen fucks dildo on cam the bargain." She stuck her tongue out at me, then giggled. "Fine, you silly man. I'm just going to go powder my nose. I'll be right back." By the time she came back, the waiter had already placed two wine glasses flawless peach reveals massive booty and gets anal hole drilled front of our settings, and I was sniffing the cork of a lovely Chianti.

She settled into her seat, eying the glass in front of her. I nodded to the waiter, and he poured me a small sip, which I sampled. "Excellent," I said. He bowed slightly, and then turned to Tara. "If the Senorita would enjoy?" She looked at me, her eyes round. I nodded very slightly, and her face lit up. "Please," she trilled. I looked around as the waiter poured her a glass of the rich red wine and left us. As I'd recalled, the room was filled with small tables for two, and the candles poured small pools of soft light that captured couples in their own cozy worlds.

Nobody paid any attention to our table, where a grown man was plying a teen with alcohol. "I never much liked the taste of wine," Tara confided in me, drawing me back to our world.

"But it seems different here, doesn't it?" "Of course it does," I said, taking hold of her hand. "Because it's just us two, here." "Yes," she sighed.

"Yes, freckly red head wife screwed by two horny pricks is." She took a small sip, and closed her eyes as the bitter taste hit her tongue. She smiled at me. "You look lovely in this light, Tara." "Really?" She preened, brushing her wavy hair back over one ear. "You look very handsome, as well." "That was very nicely said," I replied.

Her hand was soft, small in mine. I could feel her pulse in her thin wrist under my thumb. I leaned towards her, her eyes half-lidded, and kissed her passionately on her lips. Just as I was suggestively moving my tongue into her mouth, we were interrupted. "Ahem," the waiter said.

"Would the two lovebirds care to hear the specials?" Tara giggled nervously, and shifted in her chair. I could guess at the feelings she was experiencing, especially given the precariously uncovered nature of her twat.

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I held her hand in mine, and smiled up at the waiter. "Of course." Dinner went swimmingly. I ordered Tara two large glasses of wine, and nursed mine through the salads and the entrees. We shared a tiramisu, laughing together over the custard on my nose when I took too large a bite. I realized, Wwhen she was relaxed, not caught up in her own physical perfection, Tara was a delightful companion. "Excuse me," she said, flashing her eyelashes at me.

"I need to go to the ladies' room." She walked off with a swing to her hips, a naughty glance back at me two ravishing playgirls have some lesbian fun her shoulder. I stared at that trim little butt sashaying away from me.

Her sudden wobble signaled that she was slowly getting very tipsy from the wine. . just as I had planned. Damn, what did I do to deserve this? A couple of minutes later, a loud crash echoed through the room, and an excited babble of Italian disturbed the quiet romantic atmosphere.

It was quickly hushed, as a waiter was pulled by the ear through the kitchen doors by the maître d'. There was a quiet susurration of conversation and nervous laughter, and then people returned to their meals. Tara came skipping over. "Oh. My. God. You will not believe what I just did!" "Tara? Did you have something to do with that waiter dropping those dishes?" "I know! He was all like watching me as I went to the restroom? And when I came back out, he was still looking at me, like he wanted to eat me right up!

So I totally lifted my skirt up . . and flashed him!" "Tara!" "I know; it was like completely crazy! And he stared at me, so I ran a finger through my pussy lips, just lightly, you know? Just to drive him insane, right? And he totally lost control of his tray, and dropped all those dishes!" Her face was alive, glowing with the power of the young female over the male. I shook my head. "Oh, Tara." "What?" she frowned. "You're not going to get all prudish on me, are you?

You, Mr. Famous Pervert himself?" "It's not a question of prudishness," I said seriously. "I enjoy sexy fun as much as any guy. But did you think for a second about that young man's livelihood? What if he gets fired or has to pay for all of those dishes out of his paycheck?" Her face fell. "Oh, shit. . " "And all of these customers, who came out for a romantic evening. How do you think they felt when it was interrupted so rudely?" She looked down.

"And how about the restaurant owners? They pride themselves on creating a quiet atmosphere. If it's disturbed like that, their reputation takes a hit.

What if these people don't come back, or worse, tell their friends not to come here because it's not what it's advertised to be?" A tear splashed off her cheek into her lap. I knew I was laying it on a bit thick. Likely none of this gigi allens and stevie shae bonding with my dads girlfriend going to happen, but it was time Tara learned the consequences of her actions.

"I'm sorry," she sniffled. "Not good enough," I said sternly. "You were doing so well, too." She looked up at me, her eyes large and wet, a picture of girlish beauty. "I'll take the cami, please." "What?" she gasped. She looked around wildly. "Here?" "Yes, here," I said implacably.

"You've not earned the right to do this in private." She stared at me, then bit her lip. "All right," she said softly. "Just. just give me warning if someone's coming over to our table.

Please?" I nodded. She glanced around. She pulled her left arm inside her sleeve, and slipped it down inside her cami, pulling the undergarment upward so it was bunched around her neck on that side. She put her left arm back into fucking next to sleeping boss cronys daughter getting naughty on grandpas shirt, and then repeated the action on her right.

When the cami was around her neck, she carefully lifted it over her hair and off her body. "Here," she whispered. I took the still warm garment from her hand and put it in my other jacket pocket. Her peasant blouse settled back into place, slipping off of one now bare shoulder. Her breasts were now shadowy mounds under the semi-sheer light blue cotton of the top. Her breathing was fast and shallow, her pupils dilated.

"Now, I think we need to go apologize to the maître d'." I left a large tip and led the shaking child through the restaurant. She busty pretty girl purchased as sex slave her eyes up on me the whole time, refusing to look at any of the other diners. We made it to the front, and found the maître d', who turned to us after finishing giving some orders to a different waiter.

"Yes, signor? Senorita? I trust everything was as you hoped it would be?" "Better than that, Gino," I replied warmly. "As always, you have outdone yourself." "I am so pleased," he responded earnestly. "And the Senorita?" "She has something she needs to say to you," I said. Tara looked up at me, and then squared her shoulders. She turned to the maître d', who, true to his excellent training, managed not to look down at her torso. From my vantage point, I could see the protrusion of her young breasts.

The details were obscured by the dim light, but they were clearly conic, the nipples extending in a little puffy excrescence. A divine picture of her teen beauty.

"Um, Mr. Gino? The waiter who dropped all those dishes? It was my fault. I. I surprised him, and he lost his footing." "My dear," Gino replied, his eyebrows high. "It could be no surprise, your beauty. But I am sure I, too, would have lost my footing had I been caught unaware by your lovely face." It wasn't her face that caught him by surprise, I thought to myself, but kept a stern expression. "Because you have apologized so prettily, I will let him keep his job. And he will know that he has a lovely young mature lady to thank for it." Tara beamed, and actually giggled, her hand up in front of her face.

I steered her out of the restaurant, where our car was waiting for us. "I'm proud of you, Tara," I said as I opened the door for her. She looked up at me, suddenly serious again. "Thanks, Mr. Garber. I never thought that I could be the cause of trouble like that." She looked down and twisted some hair in her finger. Again, I could see her developing breasts, the shadows caused by the streetlights creating a semblance of cleavage under her sheer blouse.

"I'm glad I was able to make it right." "It's never too late to undo what we've done before, Tara," I said gently.

I ran a finger down the side of her soft cheek, then cupped the side of her face with my hand. She pressed her cheek into my palm, and glanced up at me. Her eyes were without bottom, deep blue and violet.

She fidgeted suddenly, and a crease appeared between her eyes. "God, you're such a pervert, aren't you?" she said softly, but without much anger. I smiled down at her. She twisted away from my touch and sat down in the car, her skirt flipping briefly around her narrow thighs. I looked down at her for a few seconds. "What?" She glared up at me, now truly angry.

"You're just hoping I do something that allows you to take another piece of my clothing off, aren't you? Well?" I shook my head, and closed the door. She was feral sometimes, out of the blue, lashing at people around her. Clearly, she had issues with feeling vulnerable. I climbed into the car behind the wheel.

"So." I looked forward, not favoring her with a glance. "So? What do you have that's so special planned for us now, Mr. Garber?" Her voice was like a whip. "No. Never mind. I don't care what you have planned for us. I want you to take me to Victor's." Victor's was a local teen hangout, a classic diner and soda shop.

"Really? And why?" "I have real friends there," she snorted. "People who treat me nicely." "Are you sure about this?" I asked. "You know, you're not getting your clothes back before going in." "Like I care about that. I can carry it off." "All right," I said, and drove off. It was a short drive to the diner, and Tara kept her silence the whole way, nursing her anger with the stubbornness of the teen.

We pulled into the parking lot, and she flounced out of the car, and stood next to it, her arms crossed, her foot tapping with impatience. "Well? Come on." "You want me to love songs for teen couples in there with you?" I asked, one eyebrow raised. "I thought you wanted to see your real friends." "What's the point if they see me without my date?

Then they'll all say I couldn't handle it." She stared at me, her lips pursed. "No, you have to come in with me to show how mature I am." I wondered at her logic, but shrugged and walked with her into the diner. Loud music was playing, and nearly all the tables and booths were hug ass black grandmothe pussy squirting with teens.

Tara paused and surveyed the room with hauteur. I could see in her mind that the queen bee had arrived, pulling her drone in tow. She tugged me towards a corner booth. "Tara!" A girl's voice called out. "Hey, Tara! Hi!" Tara kept her face fixed forward, a furious flush on her cheeks.

I glanced over to see a girl, probably her age, waving at us, but Tara ignored her. She made her way to the booth and sat down. "Sit next to me," she commanded. "Tara," I said warningly. "What?" She looked up at me. "Do you have some kind of hearing problem?" I sat down next to her.

"I think I know what's going on here." "Oh, do you, Mr. Smartypants?" She stared at the opposite wall. "You're using me, Tara." "What?" She suddenly looked up at me, surprise on her face.

"You're using me to impress all the kids here, aren't you? The grown-up girl out on a real date with a grown man. And all your friends will just stew with envy, won't they?" "What? No!" She looked around desperately. "No, you can't." "Can't what, Tara? I thought maybe you'd learned a lesson at the diner, but I guess you haven't. These are your actions. The consequences come out of your decisions.

How do you think your friend feels now that you cut her in front of all of her friends? Does it make you feel good to know that they're laughing at her right now?" "No. I. I didn't mean." "What you mean is that you didn't think. And it's going to cost you." "No, Mr. Garber," she said wildly. "Not here!" "Your choice, Tara. Your actions, your consequences." "Oh my God," she whispered. "I am going to die." "I don't think so," I replied calmly.

"Do you want to order something?" the waitress asked. "I'll have a root beer," I replied. "Tara?" She shook her head dumbly. The waitress rolled her eyes and moved away. "All right, Tara," I said firmly. "Your skirt, please." "No. no, no, no," she said, looking up at me with pleading eyes.

"I could leave right pretty cute babe hailey gets crempied in cowgirl position I said.

"How would you look then?" "Oh, no, no, no," she continued. But her hands slipped down her sides to her hips. She looked around my body, but I was shielding her from anybody's view, and the high back of the booth prevented anybody from accidentally seeing in.

I nodded. "Okay. okay," she muttered. Her hands slipped under her blouse, and did something at the side. A zipper came down, and then her skirt was loose around her waist.

She looked up at me, her eyes wide and frightened. "You can do it, Tara." "Um. Right. Okay." She blinked several times, and then lifted her hips as she pushed her hands down in a jerky motion. Her skirt slid down her coltish legs, and she picked it off one foot and held it out to me. "Here." I took the garment from her hand and put it with her panties in my jacket pocket.

This was unreal. I was sitting in a diner with a young girl who was dressed solely in an oversized light blue semi-sheer peasant blouse. Her belt held it in around the waist, and she desperately tugged at the bottom to cover her lap. "Oh. My. God," she whispered. "This is insane." She was shaking, her fingers fidgeting in her lap. "I. Mr. Garber, I'm so confused." "That's okay, Tara," I said.

"I'm here. I won't let anything happen to you, okay?" "Okay," she said, her eyes wide and trusting. "I'm also, like. um. like, excited, or something. Is that weird?" "Not at all," I replied. "Just relax and go with it. Sometimes it takes a real leap of faith to find out something about yourself you never knew before." "God." She giggled suddenly.

"I mean, who's the real pervert here? The grown man who has a freshman nearly naked in a public place, or the girl who kind of wants to be caught nearly naked?" "Tara?" Tara squeaked as the girl from before peeked around the side of the booth.

"I thought it was you," she giggled. "Who's this handsome man?" "Oh, hi, Fiona," Tara said, biting her lip. She burrowed into my side, trying to keep her bottom half out of sight.

"This is Mr. I ebony gf plays with huge toy and cock, John. He's my date tonight." "Totally awesome," Fiona said. She was a cute girl, with gleaming blonde hair and brown eyes. Her wide mouth and full lips were sensual, but her open gaze and easy laugh made her seem more girlish than Tara despite her extra years. Nonetheless, her chest was fuller, and her hips had more of a curve.

She slid into the booth opposite from us. "That's really cool, going out with an older guy." "Thanks," Tara said, her voice shaking. She kept herself curved up against me. "Also love your look tonight, Tara," Fiona went on. "I could never pull off that kind of thing." "Um, what kind of thing?" Tara blinked several times, her cheeks red. "You know, the sheer blouse without any kind of bra or cami or something.

Totally sexy. If I did that, my nips would, like, completely poke out, you know?" She giggled, and looked up at me. "What are you going to do with such a sexy girl?" "Ravish her, of course," I said evenly. "Oh, threesome with babes in stockings and pantyhose Tara, you are seriously like the luckiest girl alive," Fiona gushed.

"Anyway, gots to go. See you around school! By, Mr. John!" She slipped out and waved cheekily, before going back to join her friends. "Do you. um, do you think she knew about my skirt?" Tara asked quietly. "Why would she know?" I asked. "You were well hidden." "Bet she's going to laugh about me with her friends," she sulked.

"Why don't you take a peek and see what they're doing?" I said. "I think you might be surprised." She looked up at me, and then turned around and got up on her knees, her head peeking over the top of the booth behind me. In this position, her blouse pulled up over the back of her legs, so the bottom crease of her ass was showing. It was a glorious sight, rounded, soft, the crease of her butt showing as a darker line through the blouse.

"Um, they're, like, whispering all together," she reported. I put my hand on her calf, the warm skin tender and pliant. "Geez, pervert," she giggled. "Get a room, or something." "You just keep telling me what's going on over there, and I'll take care of what's going on over here," I said. I ran a finger up the back of her knee. "Um. Okay. Anyway, Fiona's totally engrossed with Sam and Malta, their heads real close to each other. God, I hope they're not gossiping about me." I let my hand wander up to her thigh.

The muscles were tense, but she didn't seem about to jump and run. "Oops," she said, ducking down. My hand slipped up with her movement to cup her ass. "They looked over here." She glanced down. "God, you're such a pervert." But she made no move to get away from my touch. My fingers curled into the space between her cheeks. I squeezed gently, and she smiled. "What's going on now?" I asked. She smirked, and straightened back up. My hand stayed on her ass as she moved. I arranged my growing erection in my pants with my other hand and bravely elected to let the stiff head poke out of the zippered opening I had pulled south.

The song on the overhead changed, and the laughter and conversation around us carried on as if nothing untoward was happening in this last booth. My middle finger searched and found the crinkled skin around her moist pussy. "Oh!" She wriggled involuntarily, pushing her bottom back into my hand. "Um. So, Fiona and Malta are still talking, but I don't see Sam anywhere." I circled her little hole with my fingertip, with only the slightest pressure.

She didn't seem to mind in the least. "Oh, there she is," she breathed. "She must have gone to the bathroom. Now they're paying the bill." I was fully hard now, my erection pushing out of my pants. I lifted her blouse with my free hand to see how I was progressing.

She was lovely under there, so free and naked. From my angle I could only see the side of her. I wondered if she had any hair on her mound. I hoped not. "Eep!" She ducked down. "They're all of them coming over here! Jesus," she blinked, looking in my lap. "Perv much?" "Uh huh," I said calmly. "Got a problem with that?" "Uh, no.

No, I guess not," she grinned. She curled into my side again, her arm around my waist, her elbow just an inch or so away from the extended cock out of my pants.

The three girls came around the corner. "No way!" one of the two I'd not met said, an Asian girl with shoulder length arrow-straight black hair. "Seriously, Tara? You're on a date with a grown-up?" Before Tara could even draw breath, the other unknown girl giggled. "You are so awesome, girl!" She had curly red hair and a spattering of freckles across her pert nose.

"I would totally grab me one of those if my parents would let me!" "I know, right?" Fiona piped. "No more of those stupid little boys who have no idea what to do with a girl." "It's only our first date," Tara said shyly.

Her elbow dropped an inch and came into contact with the thick head of my cock. "John, this is Malta and Sam." "Hi, girls," I said shaking their hands. Tara pushed down more, her arm resting along the side of my erection. "Actually, my parents set it up," she said. She moved her arm down so her hand came to rest right over the head of my cock.

"Totally cool," Sam breathed. She glanced down at Tara's arm, but I couldn't tell if she could see what was going on there. "I wish my parents were so easy-going." "Anyway," Malta said, "better hang on to him, Tara. I could think of a dozen girls who would line up to go out on a date with such a hunk, and I'd be at old age mom sith son front of the line!" She smiled at me, her pretty Asian features exotic.

"Nice to meet you, girls," I said. "Tara and I would love to have a little privacy now." "Oh, right," Fiona said. "See you at school, Tara!" The three of them trouped off, their heads together, giggling and whispering. Tara squeezed a little, feeling the thickness of my cock with her small fingers.

"Oh, man, that was too hot," she giggled. "I was so feeling you up right in front of them!" "I think it's time for us to get out of here ourselves," I said. I took her hand off of my erection and put it back in her lap. "Are you ready to walk out of here?" "Oh, geez." She bit her lip and took a deep breath.

She looked down at my lap, and sighed deeply. "I guess. I guess if you're going to go out like that, I can walk out like this." I stood up, facing into the booth area. Tara's eyes were fixed on the front of my pants and the stiff cock that was now out in the open. She scooted to the edge of the bench, bringing her face within a foot of my shaft. She stared at my erection and licked her lips.

Her blouse was around her waist, but her legs were together, and I couldn't quite see her sex. "I." She peered around the corner, the busy diner suddenly seeming louder than before. "I don't know if I can do this." "Sure you can," I said. "When you stand up, it'll look like you're wearing a minidress. If you're confident, you can pull it off." "Aren't you scared?" she asked, looking directly at my erection once again.

"I mean, you're like totally obvious, here." She reached out and touched my erection, her little fingers trailing along my length. "Anybody who looks at you, will know you're like completely hard." "And they'll know you were the reason why I am about to shoot my load, also," I said. I made no move to stop her caressing me. How hot was this, to be touched by a nearly naked girl in the middle of a hopping restaurant?

"If it doesn't bother me, why should it bother you?" "But. but I'm just a young girl," she whispered. "You shouldn't be so turned on by me." "I don't see a young girl," I said. "I see a mature young woman, one who has been awakened to the consequences of her actions, and who is accepting the responsibility of following through on those consequences." "Oh, God," she murmured, and pulled in close to me.

She put her arms around my waist and pressed her cheek right up against my cock. I could feel her hot breath through my pants. "You're soooo hard. And it's because of me." She kissed me right on my erection, and then looked up at me, her large deep blue eyes gleaming.

"Gotta put him away for now, okay? Let's go." I quickly stuffed my cock into my pants. She stood up and my heart nearly stopped. The blouse was shorter than I'd thought, even after she tugged it down through her belt. It only came about an inch below the curve of her ass, while in front, the last button was just at the top of her mons. The tails fell apart below that, and as she fidgeted in front of me, she flirted with showing everything she had. In addition, with pulling the shirt down, it was completely off one shoulder, and the gentle swell of her left breast was almost entirely uncovered, her areola just barely hidden.

She was the picture of pubescent sexuality. "Hold my hand?" she asked querulously. "Remember," I said, taking her small hand in mine, "you're my date.

I'm with you, and I support you." She squared her shoulders, took a deep breath, and gave me a brave smile. God, the wonders that deep breath did to her young body, pushing her young chest out, lifting the bottom of the blouse a fraction of an inch. She glanced at my erection still poking out the front of my pants and giggled. "We're quite the pair, aren't we," she said sassily, and then breezed forward.

As she stepped past me, I heard a gasp from the table opposite. It didn't take long for conversation to falter and then stop completely as we walked through the diner. All eyes were on us, but nobody seemed upset. Tara walked confidently through the room. As we neared the door, somebody started clapping. In no time, the diner was filled with applause and cheering. We made it to the door, and Tara turned and waved.

Then she bolted out the door, dragging me with her. We made it to my car, and she turned towards me. "Oh. my. God," she sighed. Her legs were shaking. She looked up at me, breathing fast.

"That was. awesome!" She jumped up and into my arms, her legs wrapping around my middle. I suddenly found myself with my arms full of an excited teen and nearly naked girl. She wriggled her groin up against me, and my cock was nestled against her hot sex. "Mmmmmm. you feel. soooo gooooood," she moaned, writhing against me.

"Tara," I said. "Wait." "No," she groaned. "I gots to have it. now." "Tara, not here." "No, no, you can't." She humped desperately on my cock, her groin sliding along my length obscenely. "I said, not here." I disengaged myself and deposited her on her feet. Unconsciously, her pelvis moved back and forth as if seeking the stimulation I'd deprived it of.

"You. you bastard!" she hissed. "What. how could you be so mean? You're the fucking pervert here. You're the one that made me do all this. How can you stop me now?" "Get in the car, Tara," I said ominously. She stared at me, then flung herself into the passenger seat.

For the third time that night, I found myself getting into the driver's seat next to a bundle of furious self-involved teen. "I hate you," she fumed. "You. you pervert! How can you get me so worked up and then not let me. you know!" "Because, Tara, there's a time and a place for everything, and here in the parking lot was not the right place or time.

Because," I went on, forestalling another interruption, "you still don't trust me to take care of you, after everything that's happened tonight. Because, in the end, you care first and foremost about what you want, damn the consequences." She stared up at me, her young chest heaving with emotion. Her anger started to drain from her pretty face. "Oh." She looked down at herself, and then up at me.

Hope started to suffuse her expression. "Oh! Does that mean." "Yes, Tara. I'll need you to give me your blouse now." "Oh, wow. no way." She bit her lip, little helpless giggles starting to take over. "That means I'll be totally naked. Naked in your car, you meanie." Her fingers started working at her buttons.

"Little me, all naked. What will you do with me, mean Mr. Garber?" "We'll see about that," Lesbians dillion harper and sinn sage achieve strong orgasms using strapon toy replied. "First things first." My cock was as hard as it had been, and that was saying a lot, considering my activities of the last months. "Is this what you wanted to see?" she teased, pulling her blouse to the side so I could see almost all of one amazing tit.

Another button came undone, and hardcore sex love nasty slut milf vid another. There were only two left protecting her modesty, if any was left. "Did you want to see me all nudie? You're such a dirty old man!" "It's not about what I want," I said calmly.

"It's about you accepting the consequences of your actions." "Oh, I accept them," she said huskily, the last two buttons coming undone. She pulled the tails of her blouse out from under the belt, and slipped an arm out. "I realize it was because of what I did tonight, that I'm naked, under your power now." She pulled her other arm out, and paused, her shirt still around her thin shoulders. "But how about you?" She shrugged her shoulders and allowed the shirt to pool around her waist.

Her puffy nipples stood out from the small swellings of her breasts. She made no move to cover them, staring at me aggressively. "This is what you wanted from the beginning of the night. Maybe from before that, huh?" She fixed me with a steely glare, and pulled the blouse out completely from her belt. Her legs were together, but I could see the beginning of her slit at the junction of her thighs. There was no hint of hair on her mons.

"Don't pretend that you're not getting something out of this also. I can see the evidence of it right there." She pointed into my lap. "You're right," I said. "I am absolutely getting something out of this. I'm hardly a disinterested participant. But then, on the other hand, I am on a date with you. And I don't know a single guy in the world who doesn't hope to get a girl he's interested in naked, even on the first date." "And once he gets his girl naked? What then?" she asked intently.

"Depends on the guy," I said. "Some would be only interested in a fuck and then would never see her again." She gasped at my frank language and blushed.

"But not me." I reached out and caressed the side of her face. "Tara, I think you're a pretty special girl.

I hope I get to go out on a date with you again, if you're interested." "Oh." I was fucked hard and then i had to swallow loads of cum looked stellar czech hottie lexi dona pleasures and climaxes, then looked down.

"Why is it, every time I think I have you figured out, you throw me for a loop?" "Because you made a bunch of assumptions about me before you'd ever spent time with me, right?" She bit her lip and nodded. "You thought that, because I fucked your best friend, that all I was interested in was sexing up girls. You thought this was all just a pretense to get you to let me fuck you as well.

And then, when I seemed to reject you right when you were most desperate for a good cum, you got angry. I don't blame you." She looked up at me hopefully.

"You don't?" "No. When you start from false assumptions, you end up with false conclusions. You simply followed your own logic flawlessly. So let's start afresh, okay? No more assumptions." "Great starting point," she giggled. "I'm naked and you're hard." "Yes, you are, and yes, I am. I think it's time I take you home." "Oh, no!

Really?" She pushed out her lower lip. "It was just getting to be fun!" "We'll see, once we get you home, if anything else can happen. But for now, it's getting close to your curfew, and I promised to have you home by then." "Okay," she said. "But is it okay if I lay my head in your lap?" "No hanky panky while I'm driving. That could be dangerous." "No," she said. "It's not that.

I just don't want anybody to see me in here like this right now." "Okay, Tara." I took my jacket off and laid it across the center console, and she snuggled down. The street lights poured in, highlighting her young curves enticingly.

I laid my hand on her hip, caressing the soft skin gently. "Maybe I could just give it one kiss before you start driving?" she asked hopefully. What I wanted was to let my monster out, just to see it up against her youthful face. But that could lead to some serious trouble.

"Through my pants," I nodded. She smiled up at me, and then lifted up on her elbows, to look down at the lewd protrusion in my lap. "Geez, it looks really big, Mr. Garber." "Only because of you." I stroked her flank, my fingers curling around the front of her thigh. "Did you really fuck Ruby with this?" She stroked the length of me with one finger.

"Ha! More like she fucked me," I joked. She wriggled under my hand, and I found my finger right up against the crease of her abdomen. Just inches away from heaven! "I can't believe I'm getting leftovers from my sister," she smirked. "Not to mention my best friend, and God knows how many other girls in the neighborhood." "Actually, Tara," Lesbians suck pussies and finger fuck each other said seriously, "you're not like the others.

I think maybe you're special." "Really?" Her eyes were shining as she looked up at me. "I think maybe you get an extra special kiss with sugar on top." She maintained eye contact with me as she bent her head closer to my lap. "Mmmmmm." she murmured as her lips made contact with the side of my shaft through my pants. "Sooooo hard," she husked.

She sounded ten years older than her age, but in the indirect light, she looked an innocent little girl. I felt a soft indentation beneath my fingers, the beginnings of her pre-teen slit.

She laughed throatily, and her mouth traveled up my erection, until her soft lips were pursed right over the tip.

"Mmmmm-wah," she smooched loudly. "I wish I could do that right on the skin." "Me too, sweetie, me too," I sighed. "Maybe another time." I put the car in drive, and she settled back down, her head safely on my thigh. I left my hand on her side, the fingers no longer in contact with her sex. I had to concentrate on driving, but my erection never flagged the whole way back to her house.

I pulled up in front, and killed the engine. "Here we are, sweetie," I said. "Home sweet home." "Already?" she pouted. She glanced at the clock. "But it's only 11:30! We have another half hour." I glanced up at the house. The porch light was on, as well as a few lights inside, making a warm and inviting picture. It was a pleasant night, not too hot, not too cold.

"Do you have a bench on your porch?" "Uh huh," she said hopefully. "We could sit there together until midnight." "Awesome," she enthused. "Do you want your clothes back?" She paused. "No," she said finally. "I don't think I've earned the right to have them back yet." "And if your parents see you like this?" I knew they had given me free rein, so I wasn't too concerned, but I wanted to be sure she was okay with it.

"Then they'll see I've learned my lesson," she said firmly. "Let's go." She opened the door and stepped out into the gentle night air. Her sweet ass was bathed in the soft ambient light, the deep cleft emphasized by the shadows. Her belt looked like a joke around her waist, and her white sandals only served to highlight her nudity.

She looked over her shoulder a wide smile on her curved lips. "You coming?" "You have no idea," I muttered, but stepped out on my side. My erection was as hard as ever, and I wondered if it would ever go down if I continued to spend time with Tara. I walked around and offered the naked girl my arm. "Come on." We strolled up the long walk to the porch, the grown man returning his teen date to her home without clothes. Her nipples were puffy and hard, and she walked with a sway to her hips, as if she were trying to increase the pressure between her thighs.

"Ooooo," she murmured. "We're being so bad!" "Nonsense," I returned. "We're two loving people back from a date. Your parents will understand." "Do you want to make out?" Tara smiled wickedly up at me as we walked up the steps of her family porch. "Here?" I asked. I found the bench and sat down. She stood in front of me, her legs slightly apart.

For the first time, I had an unencumbered view of her sex, the chubby lips parted with excitement, the inside glistening a little. "Why not?" She giggled. "All across America, teens make out on the porch." "Only I'm no longer a teen." "Spoilsport," she snorted. She moved closer to me, and I put my hands on her waist. She felt so alive, so feminine. "All I want to do is make out with my date. Is that okay on a first date?" "Can we start with a kiss?" I asked.

"Sure," she giggled, and climbed up onto my lap, her knees on either side of my legs. I pulled her into me and my lips found hers.

The sounds of the night slipped away, and I lost myself in the honey sweetness of her mouth. The kiss was soft and gentle at first, and then she moaned deep in her throat, and thrust her tongue into my mouth. Tara was wildfire in my arms. Crazed, sexed up beyond her ability to manage, she attacked my mouth with abandon. Her lithe body moved under my hands, until I found myself with one hand full of her ass and the other cupping a small breast and puffy nipple.

"Mmmmm." she groaned, pulling away from our liplock. "God, Mr. Garber. that feels soooo good!" "Yes, it does," I agreed. "But this should feel even better." I pushed my groin forward as I pulled her onto me, and my hardness found her sex through the barriers of my pants.

As Tara groaned and pushed herself hard into me, I saw a shadow pass over the light. I glanced up and saw Carrie looking out through the window.

She smiled briefly, and then nodded, before retiring away to give us more privacy. "Ohhhh, wow," she said, wide-eyed. "Mr. Garber! I love this!" She ground her pussy up against my mom and son slipping fuce, working up and down. I gently caressed her nipple, tweaking it to fullness. "Work it, Tara," I encouraged her. "Go for it." "God, I feel sooooo. so slutty," she breathed, smiling. Her hips moved along me, seeking out the most pleasurable spots.

"You're no slut, sweetie," I said. "You're not throwing yourself at just anybody." "Mmmm. no. just you and that amazing cock you have in there." Her eyes closed and she concentrated.

"Oh. oh! Yeah. right there. oh. oh! Oh! Yes!" Her body shook as she came on me, her young body trembling with the intensity of her orgasm. "Oooohhh. oh, wow. oh. That was too cool," she breathed finally, slumping against me, her face lightly sheened with perspiration.

"Was that what you were looking for?" I smiled. "Mmmmm. yeah. just the thing." She giggled, and lifted up off of me.

"Did I leave a total mess there?" "Just a little moisture," I said quietly. "Nothing compared to what I would have done if you'd gone on much longer." "Oh, geez!

What about you?" She looked up with genuine concern on her face. "I messed up again, didn't I? I only cared about my own pleasure, and here you are with nothing to show for it!" "No, honey," I said.

"That's not true. I enjoyed it very much, and I wanted you to get yours. Mine can wait." "No." She said it very firmly, a little crease between her pretty eyebrows.

"No. That's not how I want it to be from now on. I want to think about what you need, too. And I'm not leaving you with that beautiful big erection." Her hands were suddenly busy in my lap, and before I knew it, she had my belt unbuckled and my zipper down. She delved inside and pulled my cock out into the night air. "Now, that's a gorgeous sight," she breathed, and leaned in to see my erection from up close.

"I bet Mel never had you so hard, did she?" "No, Tara. Only you." She grasped me with her cool hands, and started moving up and down my length. The contact against my skin was intoxicating. Little drops of pre-cum kept beading at the tip, and she used these to lubricate my shaft. "I've never done this before," she confided.

"Never even seen a guy hard. You're my first one." "That makes me proud," I said. "Can I lick it?" "Do whatever you want." She tucked her hair behind one shoulder and leaned in, her kitten tongue lapping out to touch me on the head. "Mmmmm. tastes good," she giggled. Her soft lips pursed around the head, and she started kissing down the shaft.

"So long and hard, and all for me." She moved back up and took the tip inside her mouth. Her tongue laved around the tip, circling me with insistent scratchy softness.

One hand started jerking along my shaft, while her mouth encircled my glans. "Do you like watching me?" she asked, pulling back for a second. "Honey. Tara, you are the sexiest girl I've ever met." "Flatterer," she laughed.

She stuck her tongue out again and laid the tip of my cock right amateur european couple bondage blowjob deepthroat bdsm top of it. Once again she took me into her mouth. She could only manage an inch or two, but she made the most of it, moving her head back and forth while her hand jerked me. The sight was too much. curly hair teen orgasm with sextoy masturbation and small tits. Oh, God, Tara.

I'm going to cum." "Mmmmm." she moaned, and kept going. Jesus, this girl was going to take my cum! It was more than I could manage. I thrust forward, and the first explosion of sperm rocketed out of the tip, deep into her throat. I saw her eyes widen, and her throat gulped as she swallowed convulsively.

I had a hand on her head, and I pulled back before pushing forward again for the second rope. She pulled off, gasping, as the third and tijana sucking cock and getting ass fucked squirts cum ropes spurted onto her face and lips.

It was thick and pearly, rich with the excitement of the evening. In no time, her face was covered with my spend. The last rivulets of my ejaculation drooled out and over her young hand. "Oh, wow," she said quietly. "I'm, like, totally covered!" "Yes, you are," I said affectionately.

"Are you okay?" "Uh huh," she laughed. "More than okay. I took care of you, the way you deserved." She wiped her cheek with one finger, and looked down at the thick cum all over it. "And you taste pretty good too. Not a bad dessert." She sucked the finger clean, before using it to once again wipe off her face.

"I could get used to this stuff." "Let me see inside your mouth," I said, suddenly struck by the obscene picture in front of me. She opened and streamers of cum strung from tooth to tooth. "Beautiful," I sighed. "I guess this means the date's over, huh?" she said a little sadly.

"I think so, Tara. But japanese brother and sister share bed doesn't have to be our last one. Can I see you again some time?" I tucked myself back into my pants. "Please," she said happily. "I'd really like that, Mr. Garber." "Call me John," I chuckled. "It's hard to have you call me that when I've painted you all over with my cum." "Okay," she smiled.

"John." She stood up and I walked her to her front door. She stood up on tiptoe and kissed me on the cheek. "Good night." She opened the door and walked in, a teen sex goddess, fully naked, her face decorated with her lover's sperm.