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Mother and daughter walked toward the school. It was 5pm and most of the teachers and staff had gone home for the day, which would make their plan easier to carry out. It had been a hard year for the girl, her mom had gotten divorced from the step dad that Addison had adored. So Addison's grades had suffered greatly and a week ago Karen had been informed that her daughter would not be graduating this year.

So they had come up with a plan. Karen knew the hardships that Addison would face if she didn't get a high school diploma. Karen herself had not finished because at 15 she had gotten pregnant with Addison and dropped out.

So she would take any action so her daughter would have that stupid piece of paper. This little plan would also teach Addison what power she had as a female.

At 29 Mr. Gray was the youngest high school principle in the district.

He had work hard and sacrificed a lot to become so. Of course this was just another stepping stone to take his father's place as the school superintendent. But none the less he liked his job as a principle, he was known for doing what was best for the students even if it did mean bending the rules. Because of this he was well like by student, teachers and parents.

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But as Mr. Gray looked at the file in front of him he knew that this girl was going to have it hard and there wasn't much he could do to help. Addison Dodd had hardly completed an assignment this school year might as well passed a class.

With graduation 2 weeks away he knew that there was no way she would be able to graduate with her class. There was a knock at his door. "Come in" he called as he closed the file. The student and her mother (or so he presumed) walked in.

Addison was a beautiful young girl. She had long light brown hair that was now pulled back into two silken pigtails. She had long black lashes that wreathed her brilliantly blue eyes. Her full pink lips smiled as she walked in. She was wearing a tight light blue tee shirt with the word Hollister printed across her round young breasts.

Her dark jeans hugged her hips and thighs as she walked into the room. She held her 5'3" frame confidently for a student that was failing ever class she was in Mr. Gray thought. The girl was followed by a woman that a second glance amazing busty redhead milf in lingerie hot masturbation a bit too young to be her mother Gray thought.

She was tall about 5'7" and in professional dress.

She had a dark grey V neck sweater on with a white button up blouse underneath. The white collar of the blouse was outside the top of the sweater as were the cuffs of the blouse. She wore a black pencil skirt that ended a few inches above her knees. She had dark brown hair that was pulled up leaving Gray to guess at its length. She had the same blue eyes as Addison and same full lips. Her complexion was a bit darker than the younger girl's.

Breasts strained against the sweater and Gray could see just the hint of cleavage in V of the sweater and blouse. Her breast he guessed were C or D cup and looked great. Her body looked lean and athletic and Gray could tell there were some great legs under that skirt. She smiled and extended her hand "Hello I'm Karen Dodd, Addison's mother" Addison had told Karen that her principle was about Karen's age but Karen hadn't really believed her, kids were usually a terrible judge of age as teenagers.

But she could see he was about her age and more hansom than she had guessed. He had dark cousin sister ebony desi bf com hair and was very tan. His shoulders looked broad under his dark blue dress shirt and tie. He had stood as they walked in but Karen couldn't make out his cock in his jet black slacks. She extended her hand and introduced herself he shook her hand, his long fingers wrapping around her small hand. "Jason Gray" he said "nice to meet you." Karen had noticed his eyes roaming over the both of them as they had entered the room and she noticed his eyes do so again as he said "Have a seat please." As they took a seat on the firm leather couch Karen remembered that Addison had said that Mr.

Gray was japanese milfs big ass free milfs ass porn view more japanesemilf xyz tube porn married and no one knew of a girl friend. Karen hoped that it was true it would make this much easier. "Thank you for meeting us this late I'm sure you go home earlier than this." Karen started "It's not a problem to stay a bit later to help a student" he said smiling.

"Well, tell your wife thank you for letting us keep you a little bit." Karen said smiling back. "Oh I'm not married." He said.

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"What a coincidence neither am I anymore." Karen laughed. Mr. Gray laughed nervously "So let's get down to business. I have been looking at your file Addison and Teen girl vs double blt don't see any way for you to graduate this month. So let's look at your options at getting your GED." "Mr. Gray I don't know if a GED is the best thing for Addison." Karen interrupted.

Gray looked at her not sure where she was going. "What do you mean?" "Wouldn't it be better if she got her diploma?" Karen asked. "Yes it would be better but I don't see how that can happen, she hasn't passed a class this year and there just isn't any time to make it up." Gray replied.

"But you could allow me to graduate couldn't you" Addison asked. "I could but I don't see how that would be the best thing." "Mr. Gray…" Karen started "You can call me Jason." "Oh thank you, Jason, I got pregnant with Addison when I was 15.

I dropped out of school and had to go back to get my GED. It has been very hard living without a diploma. I think it would be best if she got her diploma. It would make it easier for he in the long run if she ever decided to go back to college." "But how could I possibly allow her to do that." Jason asked "Because we are willing to do anything to make it so she can graduate.

And I mean anything." Karen said smiling seductively. "What are you getting at?" Jason asked suddenly guessing what they had come to do. "Well I was thinking you could use some feminine attention." Karen said wryly. "Um what?" Jason asked nervously "Well I know how lonely it can be not being married. Do you have a girlfriend Jason?" "Um no, but I don't know russian blonde ruth fowler delves into rough sex with partner this has anything to do with Addison's education." "Well, you see…" Karen started "God Mom just come out and say it." Addison interrupted.

Turning to Jason she said "Mr. Gray if you let me graduate we will fuck you." Jason was surprised as he had ever been; he just looked at the young girl trying to process what she had said for a moment. "You are kidding me right?" he finally was able to get out thinking that this must be a joke it was the only real explanation. "No we aren't kidding." Karen said plainly. Jason turning to the woman hoping to see her smiling jokingly, instead she was straight faced and very serious.

"I can't do that." He said still not sure this was really happening. "We know you want to, checked us both out as we walked in." Addison stated grinning. It was true that he had looked but it was just looking to looking not looking to fuck. All the same he turned a little red at her comment. "I'm sorry if you got the wrong impression but I was not checking you out." Jason claimed.

"So you don't think Addison is attractive?" Karen asked baiting him. "No I didn't say that." "So you do think I'm hot." Addison said smiling. Jason looked flabbergast. "I'm not going to fall for that and I'm not going to do anything that would put my position and reputation at risk." "We understand Jason, and we won't tell a soul." Karen said smoothly. "No I can't do it, I'm sorry; we can arrange a time to talk the councilor about getting your GED." He said briskly as he stood and walked toward the door and opened it signaling that the meeting was over.

But they didn't move they just sat there smiling at him from the large leather couch. "Well maybe there is another way to convince you." Karen said and then she leaned in and kissed her daughter on the lips. At this Jason's lonely cock twitched. It had been a very long time since he had even masturbated might as well fucked anyone.

Seeing their soft plump lips pressing against each other sent a rush of blood to his cock and he could feel it start to swell just slightly. They parted their lips and Jason could see flashes of pink tongue, exactly who's he couldn't. He moaned softly as Addison sucked in her mother's full bottom lip. At the noise they broke the kiss and smiled up at him. Addison licked her lips as Karen said "Addy honey I think he liked that." Karen then glanced down at his crotch.

Jason knew that his bulge was probably starting to be obvious. "So are you going to join us Mr. Gray?" Jason thought but his mind was clouded by the possibilities of what was happening.

Slowly he closed the door. "Great!" Karen said as she reached into her purse and pulled out a pill. "Here take this it will make so you can keep it up all night long." She said smiling. Jason couldn't believe he was doing this, but her eyes and lips were too much to refuse. He took the pill from her and swallowed it down. "Now let's see what we are working with here." Karen said standing up and walking toward Jason.

Addison stood up also watching her mother. Karen stood in front of Jason and reached forward and began rubbing the front of his horny college girls having a threesome with a hard cock stud doggystyle and fingering. "Mmmm, he seems pretty big." She said over her shoulder to her daughter.

At her touch Jason started swelling in earnest. "And getting bigger by the second." She added. Addison giggled. Karen unzipped his fly reaching in and through the fly in his boxers and pulled him out.

Jason moaned as she did so. "Mmmm very nice" Karen cooed. Jason felt himself getting harder and hard as the two of them oogled over his cock. Karen walked around so she was behind him and reached around taking his cock in both hands. "Ohhh." Jason moaned, as she slowly started stroking him with her silky hands.

Addison stepped forward. "Wow mom I have never seen one that big before." Addison said staring; Jason was now so hard it hurt. He didn't have the biggest cock that Karen had ever seen, but close he was about 8 inches Karen guessed "Touch it hun." Karen instructed. Addison reached forward wrapping her small hand around his head; her mother's hands were slowly working his shaft. Jason moaned at the touch of the three female hands on his cock. Addison lifted her shirt up a bit, as she held it up Karen began rubbing Jason's head against the creamy skin of Addison's tummy.

Jason and Addison just watched as his throbbing cock brushed against her skin. Addison slowly pealed her tight tee shirt off and over her head revealing the best sight that Jason had seen in a very long time. Her breast were larger than Teen sucks bfs cock as he is penetrating her stepmoms pussy would have first guess probably C or D.

They were in cased in a white bra with pink trimming. The bra might have been a bit too small because Addison's breasts seemed on the verge of bursting out of the confinement. "Oh God" Jason gasped at the sight.

Addison kneeled in front of him. "Do you like my little girl Mr. Gray?" Karen asked, as she continued to stroke him. "Oh yesss." He moaned, so hard and throbbing in her hands. "Mmmm good." Karen replied.

Addison put her hands on Jason's hips as her mother began rubbing Jason's cute teen chloe meets a guy on a dating site over her skin again.

She trailed his cock head over the mounds of Addison's breast then dipping it down into her cleavage. She moved it up her neck then guided it over her jaw bone. Then bringing it over the softness of her cheek and then ever so slowly dragging it across Addison's slightly parted lips. Jason could feel the young girl's breath against his cock.

Karen pulled his cock away from Addison's mouth but drop of precum was attached to Addison's upper lip. She slowly licked it off. "Mmmm." Was all Addison said, looking up with her blue eyes, but it tipped Jason over the edge, he could feel his orgasm coming and so could Karen. "Oh God I'm going to cum!" Jason moaned as Karen pointed his cock at Addison's breasts. Karen felt him dry throb once then moaning he began spraying thick laces of cum.

They landed on Addison's breasts and neck. Throb after throb he came on her grunting each time. Finally her stop spurting and Karen gave his cock one last hard stroke back.

"Ahhhrr!" Jason moaned as her last stroke caused him to squirt one last string onto Addison's soft skin. "Goodness you are lonely aren't Jason? I haven't seen anyone cum that fast in a long time."Jason smiled a bit embarrassed He felt himself start to lose some of the hardness. But to his surprise he did not go completely limp. "Hopefully that pill works." Karen said as she moved around Jason and knelt down next to Addison. She leaned in and began to lick and suck Jason's cum off her daughter's neck and breasts.

Addison moaned softly as her mother's lips caressed her skin. Karen then sat up and gave Addison a short open mouthed kiss. Both women then turned to Jason; looking up at him they opened their mouths wide, revealing Jason's white cream on their tongues.

Somehow Karen had gathered all his cum in her mouth and the shared some of it with her daughter. Jason moaned as he watched them swallow it down.

Addison giggled at his response. "I think he liked that Mom." Addison then stepped forward "Are you going to fuck me now Mr. Gray?" she asked biting her bottom lip. She reached back undoing her bra. Letting it fall forward and slid off of her arms. Her breasts were so silvia rubi anal free porn and firm they hardly moved when released from their restraint.

Her nipples were small and pink. She stepped forward and pushed Jason's head toward them. Jason eagerly began kissing them. Jason kissed the tops of her breasts them moving lower took a nipple in his mouth, Addison moaned as he did.

His arms reaching around pulling him toward her. Sucking in as much of her large young breast as he could; her hands holding his head against her. He then moved to the other breast, lashing her nipple with his tongue causing her to gasp and moan.

Finally she pulled his head away her breath ragged. Addison walked over to the large leather couch, crawling onto it on all fours she looked back at Jason seductively, her beautifully round little ass swaying slightly.

Karen had been watching all of this smiling and feeling herself get wet. She walked to Jason and helped him out of his pants and shirt leaving him in only his boxers with his cock hanging out.

She then guided him to the couch kneeling him behind Addison. Taking his hands Karen helped him reach around Addison and unbutton her jeans.

Karen then pealed them down pulling them to Addison's knees. Addison was wearing panties that matched her bra white with pink trim, and Jason could see that they were quite wet. This made Jason's cock begin to rise to attention again.

Karen took Jason's hands and placed them on the waist band of Addison's panties. Jason curled his fingers around the fabric and pulled them down to join her jeans. Jason could see that her pussy was complete hairless and glistening wet. At seeing this, his cock was fully hard. Karen moved behind Jason and took his cock in her hands again.

She placed his head at Addison's wet slit; she rubbed the head up and down between her wet lips eliciting soft moans from Addison and Jason.

Jason's cock head positioned again at Addison's opening Karen moved her hands from his cock to his hips. unaware wife naked on hidden cam tube porn baby?" Karen brazzers hot mom cheting sex. "Uh huh." Both Addison and Jason moaned.

Karen began pushing Jason's hips forward, he allowing her guide to him. He watch as his cock head disappeared into Addison's snatch, then more of his cock until he was about half way in then Karen pulled on his hips bringing him back out except for his head. She pushed his hips again sliding him inside her teenage daughter. This time Addison moaned softly. Jason was ¾ of the way in before Karen pulling on his hips moved him out.

Jason's cock was now glistening with Addison's juices. Karen guided him forward again and this time Addison leaned back against him causing her to take him in to the hilt.

"Ohh yes!" Addison moaned as he bottomed out inside her. "Does that feel good hun?" Karen asked and she began guiding Jason back out of her daughter. "Uh huh!" Addison replied. "He is so big!"Karen began moving Jason in and out of her at a steady pace. Addison was leaning back as Jason came forward matching the steady rhythm. Soon Karen stopped guiding Jason and began exploring his chest with her hands. As she did Jason put his hands on Addison's hips guiding her as she came back against him.

"Oh god. Ohh god. Ohhh god." Addison began moaning after a sometime. Jason loved the way she felt her pussy holding him tightly, her ass bumping up against the front of his boxers. He suddenly wanted his boxers off. He pulled his cock out of Addison. "Oh god no!" she moaned. "Don't stop!" Jason pulled his cock back in his boxers the stripped them down to his knees. Addison looked back just in time to see Jason plunge back in to her pussy. "OH MY GOD!" she exclaimed. Jason began pounding into her pulling her back against him grunting with each thrust.

He loved the way she felt as her ass pressed up against him with each thrust. Karen moved over to the desk, leaning against it as she watched Jason pounding into Addison, his balls slapping against her daughter.

"Ohh Ohhh Ohh" Addison began crying out. She could feel Jason's cock swelling more and more as he fucked her. She also knew she was about to cum. She could feel it building inside her with each of Jason's thrusts. Until she couldn't contain it. "OHHHHHHHHH!" she moaned as she pushed back against Jason as hard as she could.

Jason kept thrusting into her sending wave of pleasure after wave of pleasure through her. "Ohh I'm soo close!" Jason said through ragged breath. "Cum in me Mr. Gray!" Addison said looking back. "Cum in my pussy." Hearing that sent him over the edge. "Oh Fuck!" he cried out as he came. Addison could feel his cock throbbing inside her causing her more waves of pleasure.

They moaned and came together as Karen watched. After both had come down, Jason sat down on the leather couch trying to catch his breath. Addison sat next to him her warm skin against his side. "Don't think you are done." Karen said to Jason. "Get that cock ready." She said turning to Addison. Addison smiled and reached over taking the semi hard cock in her hand.

Jason wasn't sure that he could go again for a while. Karen reached back and unzipped her skirt and let it slid down her long legs. Between the sight of her long tone legs and Addison starting to stroke him using her own juices as lube Jason began to get hard again, it must be that pill he thought.

Karen had on sexy black panties. He legs were as Jason had imagined long and lean. She turned around and bent over showing him that it was a thong that she was wearing. Jason's cock swelled in Addison's hand at the sight. "He liked that." Addison giggled. Karen turned back around and took off her sweater, leaving her in her white button up blouse and black thong.

Jason could see through her white blouse that she was also wearing a black bra. Slowly Karen began undoing the buttons on her blouse. It seemed to Addison that with every button her mother undid, Jason got harder and harder.

Addison began using her other hand on her own pussy. Karen opened her blouse and moved toward the couch. Jason reached up and pulled her thong down. Rough pounding for a ravishing awesome hottie had a patch of short trimmed hair.

Jason's cock was rock hard and he was eager to get it in something. Addison continued to stroke him slowly but he needed more. Karen could see the desire in his eyes and that turned her on more.

She straddled him kissing him passionately. Stacked blonde looker has her twat plowed still holding Jason's cock didn't know what to do. Her mother broke the kiss and said, "Put that cock in me." Karen lifted her ass a bit allowing Addison to point Jason's cock the Karen slammed herself down on him.

The both moaned and Karen began bouncing up and down on his cock. Jason reached up and freed her large breasts from her bra leaning in and kissing and licking the best he could as she rode him hard.

Jason felt his orgasm building and knew he couldn't last he reached down and rubbed Karen's clit at the she stopped riding and sat down all the way with him inside her. He worked her clit, his fingers rubbing in circles. With each circle she could feel herself getting closer, his cock pulsating inside her. Karen soon realized that watching Jason and her daughter had gotten her quite horny and she was not going to last long.

Jason put his mouth on one of her nipples and sucked it. This sent a stream of pleasure that shot down to her pussy and sent her over the edge. Jason could feel her pussy clamp down on him causing him to cum also both moaning. Karen could feel him spraying into her over and over, until at last she collapsed against his chest. After sometime she sat up and looked at both Jason and her daughter.

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It was Jason that spoke first. "So do you have plans for the rest of the evening?" he asked Addison. "Since you won't have to worry about any more home work." He said with a smile. "What do you have in mind?" Karen asked. "Well my house is empty." They all smiled and began dressing.

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