Foxy ebony takes a hard black cock in her pussy

Foxy ebony takes a hard black cock in her pussy
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Jace's mother ran her fingers through her son's hair while he whimpered from his headache. Despite not having any allergies it seemed every so often he would get these migraine style headaches that would cause him excruciating pain.

"It'll be alright Jace, I'll go get the medicine" she told her son. The medicine was your typical sinus decongestant which did the trick every time, the only side affect was Jace's tendency to become very drowsy and fall into a comatose-like sleep. However, it was near the ten year olds bedtime so she didn't see much of a problem as well as it would relieve Jace of the pain.

As she walked out of the kitchen and gave Jace a glass of water with the two red pills her eldest daughter Jenna walked through the front door. "Where have you been young lady?" she prompted at her daughter who was far past her curfew. "I was with Lance, I told you I wasn't going to be sex hot sexy blue movies com for a couple hours!" Jenna curtly replied back.

"And I told you to either be back by curfew or you'd be grounded. I don't care if you are 18; you still have two months before you go off to college. Until then, you're living under my roof and you'll be subjected to my rules. From now on, you'll only be seeing Lance at school and if you even think about leaving the house outside of school then I'll remove your computer and TV privileges for the next two months." Jenna couldn't believe her ears.

She was two hours past her curfew, which in her eyes was way to early to begin with, and her mother just ruined her life! The last few months for Jenna had been bliss, she had finally gone all the way with her lovely boyfriend and was enjoying all the things they did together at his place and that was all gone. She would miss the taste of his.

"Mom, please no! I promise I won't miss curfew again! Please, it was just that Lance…" she retorted in hopes of gaining some mercy. "It's always Lance something, I don't care anymore.

You've promised too many times for it to be worth anything anymore. Now stop your yelling, your brother has a headache and I'm not changing my mind." Her mother stated, finalizing the argument." --- Jace woke up the next day with the same ill feeling as the previous day; his headache hadn't left and was just as painful.

'Man, this is gonna be a loooooong day' he thought to himself. He walked to the bathroom and started to take a leak and noticed his penis was not only straying from the normal stream and spraying all over, but it was sort of red and sensitive too.

Before putting too much thought into it, he was done and hurried down the stairs to go spend the rest of the day sitting on the couch watching the television with his sister and his headache. Jenna kept glancing periodically at Jace but kept silent until it was near Jace's bed time and asked if he wanted her to get him his medicine.

"Yeah!" he said with relief knowing that he wouldn't have to put up with the pain for a while. She walked off and returned with water and the two pills then sat back down while he gulped them down, said "good night", and ran off to go to sleep.

--- The sun shined brightly on Jace's face as he opened his eyes and toyed around with his mind to see if it still hurt. "Yahooo!" he breathed with a sigh of relief.

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While going to the bathroom he felt a twinge in his groin again. He took a careful look at his penis and found it was still red in color and his stream was just as unsteady as yesterday and going all over the place.

'Whatever' he thought to himself as he ran downstairs to head outside and stopped in his tracks from what he saw outside. Rain was pouring in sheets, blanketing the shadowed ground ruining his chances about going outside. The ten year old moseyed back into the living room, greeted his sister who stared at him and then pretended not to notice him, sat down, and started watching TV. Their mother came home early and Jenna left to go to her room and get away from her terrible mother while Jace kept watching the stupid CSI show that was on.

"Jace honey, is your head still bothering you? Jenna told me last night that you still had your headache…" she asked. "Nope, it all gone, just been watching TV all day raunchy rebeca rides a long meat pole of the rain" he said glancing toward the window where he saw nothing but the sun fading behind the clouds.

"Oh, I think it stopped raining a while ago dear, you shouldn't watch so much television" she chided her son in a jovial manner then told him he should head to sleep as she got situated herself to watch the evening news. --- Jace opened his sleep-glazed eyes from a slight noise he heard from his door. No lights were on in his room or anywhere else and the window contained only a faint gleam from the moon above.

Jace noticed Jenna slowly taking baby steps into his room and wondered why. Then it hit him, 'She's playing a game!' he thought excitedly.

'I wonder what's going to happen!' So Jace waited and waited, minutes passed before Jenna finally reached his bed while he carefully peaked between his hardly open eyes to spy on Jenna. His sister bent over to look at his face and he quickly shut his eyes and pretended to be asleep. Suddenly, he felt hot breath on his neck and then Jenna's mouth over his. He used to kiss his sister good night so he thought maybe that was what she was doing then he felt her stick her tongue in his mouth and swish it around.

As fast as she started she was done, her breath and taste lasted for just a few moments longer on Jace's mouth before the warmth was gone completely.

He opened his eyes slightly again to find Jenna slowly clasping the blankets that rested over his body and yanked them down. She glanced back over to his face but didn't notice anything and then moved her hands to his pants. 'This must be part of the game' he slowly thought while Jenna carefully pulled down his pajama bottoms leaving them at the bottom of his feet and revealing his whitey-tighties.

His sister then moved both hands down and with even more care slid down pregnant bitches need a good fucking too underwear revealing his small penis. Jace laid there stunned as Jenna stared as his shriveled cock. Never in his life had anyone since he was a baby seen him naked especially not his sister and he was extremely confused.

'This must be some weird game, first she sticks her tongue in my mouth, and now petite promesita rides on a big dong pornstars creampie looking at my penis…' he thought. Slowly Jenna moved her head down to his crotch and he began feeling her warm breath on his cock. His sister then did something as strange as kissing him, she startled licking his balls.

Jace had no idea what was going on, first the kiss, and now this, but he figured if he was to win the game he had to stick to "sleeping" so he kept faking it.

Jenna moved her tongue all around his ball sack, lapping at the hairless tender skin and then took each ball in her mouth and slightly sucked on each sending a twinge up Jace's spine. Beyond being bewildered by what his sister was doing, he began noticing his penis was changing shape. It wasn't as small as it normally was; it was slowly growing in size!

His sister tucked her brown hair that had gotten in her way behind her ears and moved her body slightly higher up positioning her mouth above Jace's cock. She was amazed at it's size for her brother only being ten.

Her boyfriend's was a nice six inches and her brother who was eight years younger than Lance was probably around four inches already. 'A nice start for someone who probably just started puberty' she thought happily as she moved her lips around Jace's small cock head. She licked her brothers slit slightly not wishing to aggravate it and then proceeded to take his whole member into her mouth. She came back up for a quick breath and then went back down and started a quick and steady up and down motion.

The previous two nights he hadn't lasted much longer then this so she steadied herself and applied more vacuum to her mouth and gyrated her tongue around his dick while she bobbed up and down even faster. His eyes opened a little wider while he watched his sister's head travel up and down his now huge penis.

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Jace had no clue why she was doing this all he knew was he suddenly had to go to the bathroom very badly.

However, he figured one if he did he'd lose the game and two she'd think he was a baby who wasn't potty trained as she always would make fun of him so he figured he'd just have to hold it.

Jace strained and strained trying to hold it in but couldn't anymore as his hips began jumping back and forth a little bit and Jenna suddenly sucked even harder on his cock and then did something that confused him even more.

She started drinking and gulping down his pee! The feeling that washed over Jace though was beyond anything he had ever felt before and no longer cared what Jenna did; he simply laid their in bliss while she kept sucking on his penis.

After a few more gulps and tugs with her mouth, Jenna got back up licking her lips and pulled his underwear and pants back on. She then covered him back up and moved a little closer to the bed and bent down again to his head. Jace once more felt her warm breath which now smelt a little weird and again he felt her mouth close around his. Her moist tongue entered his mouth again and slightly grazed over his and tumbled into every corner and crevice. After what seemed like a dirty blonde fucked and hardcore fetish fucking is not a game she removed her mouth mumbled a "good night Jace" and walked out the door.

--- - Zaraki