White booty for black cock interracial hardcore

White booty for black cock interracial hardcore
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It had been a few weeks since Ken and I last played and between his time away at home or traveling to clients outside my area. He'd continued to write stories regularly which continued to intrigue and arouse me. I was trying to hold out from playing with my new found desires with others and hoping that soon he would return to my hometown.

The stories now had two main themes, one was making love or fucking me in various places, with various methods and under various conditions. The other was most slanted to my discovery of how much I wanted to be submissive and how I can and would submit to sensual encounters. Here is where I was really starting to get myself heated up. However, that tale will be told another day. Today, I was awaiting the arrival of my erotic story writer.

Well, he's been a bit more than that, if you have read the previous 4 parts to this thread. But, even though I've read some wonderful stories and had some erotic experiences with him and my own hands, we still hadn't had conventional sex. I wanted to be under this man who so captivated my senses, to feel his hot, pulsing cock stretching my pussy lips and finally feel him cum inside me.

It was one way to thank him and another way for me to release myself further into the eroticism that so captivated me these days. Then Old young hd more years of schlong for this spectacular brunette received the fateful e-mail that would finally start the culmination of events leading to my desire.

He would be in town in two weeks. Two fucking long weeks! And he asked that if I could refrain from bringing myself to orgasm from stories and other things that he'd hope to have a surprise on this trip for me. It was a long first week, longer second, but finally Sunday arrived and he would soon land and e-mail me the hotel room he's be at. I showered later in the afternoon and lingered there longer than normal.

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I conditioned my medium length brown hair with a citrus based product, knowing how much he seemed to like smelling scents like this on my in our previous encounters. I also conditioned the small patch of hair that Greywood entertainment all lesbian storys keep near my sex.

Neatly trimmed, I too hoped his nose would be buried in it at some time tonight. I caressed my 32c breasts and washed them thoroughly knowing they would be on full display today. My nipples started to get hard and realized I was lost in thought and would soon be fingering myself in the shower if I didn't get a grip on myself.

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I still took an extra long time rinsing my pussy but resisted playing further as I knew I might not be able to stop. After drying off I put on a blue lacy corset with black outline and frills along with black pantyhose. I felt so sexy.

However, to keep up appearances I put on comfortable blue jeans and sweater over it to look as I normally would before leaving to meet him. The appointed time came and I drove confidently to the hotel.

Gone was most of my previous apprehensions in meeting this man. I was comfortable and wanted this and somehow knew that no matter how good or great this would be, I would be happy.

I had no thoughts other than having my needs met, my itch scratched, my cravings satisfied. I bounded to the hotel entrance and practically skipped to the hotel room. It was late afternoon when I knocked on his door, room 210. When he opened the door I stepped in and he gave me a nice long hug and a couple kisses then let me completely in the room.

Although more naturally demur, I reached out my hand and brushed his pants covered crotch so he knew I was ready, willing and able. These would be more times to be shy and/or submissive but this wouldn't be the time or place for that. I didn't have to wait long as he was right behind me and reached around me to pull me closer.

His head went right for my neck and he nibbled there passionately and moaned as he nuzzled around my shoulder length hair. He cupped both breasts and I heard him exclaim, "Laura, it's so nice to see you again." "I have something to show you," I replied and stepped away, pulling off my sweater to reveal my corset from behind at first, then from the front.

I think I heard an audible gasp. I know he'd seem them before but I think he really appreciated how I looked. Some people just seem to say the words, he seemed to be able to express those thoughts better, whether it was his writing or in person. I kicked off my shoes and removed my jeans to model my lingerie for him. He smiled knowingly and said, "I want to make love to you with that on." Who was I to say no! Whether he walked over to me or I to him, I don't know.

We were just soon in an embrace that was warm and passionate. He somewhat towered over me as I was just 5'2" and he seemed about 6', although he was a bit shorter than that. We both cupped each other buttocks and started to grind into each other. After a few moments he engineered a path to the bed for me and slowly led me down backwards.

And as he's done before, both in person and in his novellas, he slowly slid his way down my body, caressing and massaging me, until he came to my honeypot. Voluntarily I spread my legs and he pretty gf kat dior first time anal sex and caught on tape kissed and licked my pussy. I knew I was wet and could smell my sex. He reveled in it. He gently spread my legs wide and kissed up and down my thighs, returning to my box when a renewed vigor each time.

His tongue was amazing. Due to the time away from playing with myself I found that I was on the fast track to an orgasm. I was all too soon starting to hump towards his face, trying to get his tongue deeper inside me. He paused. I looked down and realized that we was undressing.

He had stood up and already had his shirt off. His firm chest with slightly greying hair and firm but not completely flat stomach. He bend down and pulled down his pants and shorts revealing his cock, his lovely cock.

I was still breathing heavy and confused as I was in the throes of a budding orgasm before he stopped. I waited. He stroked his hard cock a few times as it jutted out from his hairy but neatly trimmed crotch. Continuing to stroke he reached for something then realized he had a condom in his hand. He quickly opened it, spread it on his member and knelt back down between my legs to resume licking me.

I threw my head back against the bed when he did that. He licked me now with hard, long strokes, feverishly. I started humping back again and when I did that I felt him stop licking me again.

However, he quickly used my outstretched legs to pull me to the end of the bed where he put his cock along my slit and rubbed much as he was licking moments ago. Needless to say it felt great.

But I wanted more. He seemed to realize this and within moments aimed his cock at my hole and pressed firmly and with a purpose. My lips started to spread and ahhhhhhhhhhh they parted. He was in. Then he continued pushing and it was like my pussy completely gave up, it just let him sink his hard cock all the way in and I felt his pubic bone crush into my own. He just let it sit there for a few moments. Then he pulled all the way out and then all the way back in, very, very slowly.

I was starting to shake. Once again sunk to the base, he moved as high on me as he possibly could while he was still inside me. He started grinding and rubbing my clit and bone with his body without pulling out. There was just ever so slight movements in and out, mostly just grinding. Then he started a rhythmic humping high on my clit with the base of his crotch with his bone firmly entrenched inside me. He was massaging my clit hard and I was trapped underneath him while he did this.

My orgasm gold skinned beauty cant get enough cum building hard from within again and if he didn't stop soon I'd be cumming. He didn't care. That's what he wanted. That's what I wanted. I let go. I curled my hips up towards him and gave him the best angle on which to rub my clit and I could no longer stop my impending climax. It came hard and it came long. If I could squirt I would have soaked the both of us.

I exclaimed, "Fuck me." And he did. On that moment he held me hard with his arms and began to pump in and out of me. On the first few pumps I felt the breath leave me then return for a few pumps.

He was driving into me harder. I hit level 2 of my orgasm as I started shaking, grabbing and clawing. Sounds came out of me that I'd all babes american beautiful girl xxx rape story teacher heard before.

And he didn't stop. I'm not sure how long it was but eventually the orgasm subsided a bit and we settled into a nice, heavy pounding. I found myself grunting a little. A few minutes of this and he pulled out without notice, pulled my left leg up towards the ceiling and re-entered me straddling my right leg. He alternated between the rhythmic in and out with moments of deep grinding.

He was finding spots in me that hadn't felt these sensations before.or within recent memory. A few minutes later he switched to straddle my left leg while holding the right one in the air. Instead of just repeating what he had just done, he found two new positions in which to penetrate me from this angle. Then he flipped me on my face and entered me from behind while I was fully prone. His cock pressed firmly inside me pussy and worked my pubic bone from the inside.

Oh god!. He just rubbed it and I couldn't help myself.

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I came quick and hard, backing up against him trying to force his cock into my stomach and up my throat. He pounded away when I did that.

I rose up on my knees and let him just take me from behind and admiring the ass he loved to write about so much. He slowed down into a more purposeful and steady stroke. I also came down a bit from my second orgasm.

Two. And had he come? I hadn't noticed or perhaps even cared to have noticed. I assumed not but wanted it. I was tiring a bit even though I wasn't really working at this much. How long has this been already. I didn't really want to know. I was still enjoying the feeling even if this wasn't as intense as before.

I was feeling warm and comfortable.

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Then I felt his presence leaning over me with minimal stroking with his cock. He was reaching around and under me for my breasts.

My nipples still hard he massaged them wantonly. I think he could even feel the aureolas as he seemed to be tracing them around and around, occasionally brushing a nipple. At some point I felt his cock slip out of me and run up the crack of my ass and rest there. I thought he may try to fuck me there but he just slowly dry rubbed my around there but not near my rosebud. He asked me to roll over, which I did. He pulled me close and re-entered me fully. Looking straight into my eyes he started long, careful strokes.

Teasingly he would pause before entering me each time. Sometimes one beat, sometimes three, sometimes two. It was delightful. I started building up that warm feeling from within again. This lasted for some time and I found myself panting again. I also discovered he was talking to me. He had been telling me how beautiful I was and how wonderful I felt. I was glowing. And the embers inside were equally heating up.

I was opening up to another orgasm. I was his slut. I started to forget his needs and just wanted to cum once again. And somehow he was going to let me. I closed my eyes and let the feelings of the orgasm build and build. My heart was racing again and my breathing was becoming more labored.

Then something happened that surprised even me. He reached under each side of my back from above and grabbed a hold of my shoulders from behind. He pulled me fully onto his throbbing cock. Instead of how we were earlier, instead of more of a lovemaking endeavor this was going to be a german wife sex club fisting. He started pounding hard, He was using his cock to move fully inside me and to raise me up on the back and less than a moment later his arms pulled me back down the bed.

I was his piston. Was this for me or for him. Was he just using me now to get himself off? Distracted momentarily, my new orgasm hit me slowly. I recognized it and started riding the wave.

I then asked him to cum for me. No, I didn't ask. I begged. "Cum for me, cum with me, use me, I need it, please." Moments later his panting turned to inaudible and unrecognizable grunts. Still keeping a fierce pace he pounded harder than before then tensed up and punished my pussy a few more times as he jerked and spasmed above me.

It was just a few more strokes until he finally collapsed next to old school amateur porn 3 tube porn with his hard cock flopping out then slowly deflating, still encased in the condom.